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The most compact drawworks in class The lowest weight

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Advantages of drawworks UPET SA The most compact drawworks in class. The lowest weight. Integral body provides the lowest height. Removable grooved sleeves from Lebus, decreases the rope wear. Drawworks reliability is achieved by simplicity of transmission, structural stiffness, well matched components and qualitative assembly. All control and power systems of the drawworks are assembled in drawworks module (air system, oil-lubricating system, fault-detection system). Failure-free operation of brake system is guaranteed by 4 independent brakeactuating elements and 3 independent brake systems. Self-contained lubricating system with innovative reduced resistance filtration system. Innovative air system is mounted in one pneumatic cabinet of drawworks. The drawworks is manufactured in two modifications: single-geared without emergency drive and double-geared with independence emergency drive. Module of drawworks (width 3200 mm, length 8100 mm, height 3000 mm) is easily transported by rail. The drawworks and control system modules are connected to each other with quickrelease couplings.

Drawworks specification
Drawworks type Maximum pulling force, kN Wire line diameter, mm Drum diameter, mm Drum length, mm Main brake Electric motor capacity within drawworks mode, kW Wire line string-up Generating force on the hook, t Hook maximum speed, m/s Weight of drawworks with motor, t Dimensions of drawworks with motor (LxWxH), mm Weight of drawworks in the module, t Dimensions of drawworks module with the roof (LxWxH), mm TF 25 25 29 640 1287 TF 30 30 32 640 1287 TF 38 38,4 35 686 1340

Electric with energy recovery 1050 5x6 200 1,5 16 1365 5x6 250 1,6 18(20,5) 1295/2000 5x6 320 1,5/1.7 24,4 6327x3326x2946 -

5000x2800x2300 28 30(32,5)


Note: in the table specifications of single-geared drawworks are presented, within the brackets - double-geared drawworks data.

Advantages of control system, produced by UPET SA

Control of all main and auxiliary mechanisms of drilling rig. Redundancy of all critical components. Integrated system for drilling parameters control. Additional bypass wiring for main mechanisms control. Complex approach on energy saving. System factory testing. Customizing - ability to fulfill customer's requirements.

Drawworks control
Continuous control of traveling block location. Drilling bit feed automatic controller. Dynamic braking system. Reduction of round-trip operations time. Emergency shut down system and parameters archive system. Can be used for single - and twin - engined mechanisms.

Certified Quality System

A P I I S O 9 0 0 1 / 2 0 0 8 A P I I S O / T S 2 9 0 0 1 A P I S P E C Q 1

A P I S P E C 4 F

A P I S P E C 7 K

A P I S P E C 8 C

I S O 9 0 0 1 / 2 0 0 8

I S O 1 4 0 0 1 / 2 0 0 4

O H S A S 1 8 0 0 1 / 2 0 0 7




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