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This news reached the palace and someone secretly informed Musa (PBH) that the Egyptians were planning to kill him in retaliation. He therefore escaped to Midian 28:14-22. [Musa (PBH) probably realized that the whole system was corrupt and there was no use in surrendering and pleading Not guilty because the murder was neither planned nor intentional] On reaching Midian he found two ladies waiting for water for their cattle because many men were busy doing this at the watering place. Musa (PBH) helped these two ladies who were probably the daughters of prophet Shuaib (PBH) and who later on took him to their father to whom he narrated his story. Musa (PBH) was married to one of the two sisters and he stayed at Midian for 8 to 10 years 28:23-28. He was once traveling with his family when he saw a fire on Mount Tuur. When he came near to the fire Allah (SWT) spoke to him and ordered him to go to Firawn and deliver Bani Israel from the tortures they were undergoing. As proof of his prophethood he was given two of the total nine miracles (17:101). His wooden staff became a live snake and his hand became white, He was permitted to take Haruun (PBH) his brother to help him in his mission 28:29-35 Firawn and his chiefs saw the miracles but considered them to be magic, therefore to defeat Musa (PBH) he arranged for his competition with magicians. The wooden staff of Musa (PBH) ate away all the items of magic of the magicians who realizing the truth of the miracle of Musa (PBH) fell down prostrating before Allah (SWT) 20:56-70. Firawn and his people witnessed the whole affair and were later involved in various calamities still they did not allow Bani Israel to go with Musa (PBH) 7:130-135. One day Musa (PBH) took Bani Israel secretly across the Red Sea when Allah (SWT) had caused a dry path in it, holding the water like huge walls. Firawn and his army followed Bani Israel but when they were midway, the water held in the form of walls flowed in their direction. Thus Allah (SWT) saved the Bani Israel and drowned Firawn and his army 26:53-67. Before his death Firawn declared that he believed in the God in whom Bani Israel believed and that he was of those who submit (as Muslims) Firawns dead body was saved 10:90-93 and was later on preserved as a mummy in Egypt (Encyclopedia Britanica), Bani Israel later did many things which pained Musa (PBH). They took the calf for worship 20:80-98. They wanted to see Allah (SWT) 2:55. They requested Musa (PBH) to make for them idols for worship 7:138-141 and they rejected prophet Muhammed (PBH) and the Quran 2:89-91 213. LAYLAH (Night) 2:51