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What is Vortex Based Math? A mathematical map that codifies how physical and metaphysical forces/energies operate.

It uses simple lines and numbers 1-9. With these numbers in place, all functions of math can run through them and show consistency, symmetry and beauty.

What is Vortex Based Math? (Continued) Numbers represent energy harmonics, colors, geometry, etc. and hence describe the underlying pattern of the universe. The VBM diagram hence is called the Mathematical Finger Print of God. VBM was discovered by Marko Rodin, a follower of the Baha'i faith. Its principles are common to most religious mystic teachings. The slides don't delve too deep in to mysticism. Multi-digit numbers in this system are reduced to single digit numbers by finding the Digital Root, which is obtained by adding the digits together. For example, 323554 reduces to 4. Or 15 reduces to 6.

What are some uses of VBM?

VBM is said to explain the underpinning geometry of the universe. It explains the fabric of time itself. It reduces all higher mathematics calculus, geometry, scalar math to discretenumber mathematics (contains all functions of mathematics). One single map to do every function of math and it models:

Physics e.g every principal in physics Chemistry e.g. The periodic table Biology e.g. genetics Energy generation and cycle

What is the VBM symbol made of?

Looking at the symbol, we see two sub-graphs (circuits): the lazy eight connecting 1-2-4-8-7-5 as well as and the red graph connecting 3-9-6.

What is the Purpose of the Lazy Eight? If you look at the lazy eight, at the center we have the Center of Emanation, which is a higher dimensional energy gate a.k.a Qi, Prana, Aether,Orgone, etc. From the Center of Emanation, we can go to 1 and then start doubling. 1 2 4 8 16 (7) 32 (5) or 14 (5) 64 (1) or 28 (1). This is a doubling circuit. And why is doubling significant? Look at cell division, music scales, nuclear reaction, etc. Note: One cycle of the lazy eight is complete at 64 which is 1 on the diagram and we know that at 64, cell division produces specialized cells (heart, brain, lung, etc.).

Like doubling but backwards! Every motion has a trailing motion associated with it.
0.125 8

0.25 7

0.03125 11 2

0.5 5

0.0625 13 4

What about 3-9-6?

Connected almost like a triangle but not connected at the bottom. Start doubling beginning by 3. What do you get? Whether you double/halve, it oscillates between 3 and 6 (similar to a magnetic pulse. In metaphysics these are called Yin/Yang). They represent moving in/out, back/forth, opposing forces, etc. They connect to 9 which polarizes everything. It represents non-duality and control for everything else. Multiplications on 9, always becomes 9. 9 is the king. The Center of Emanation lies on the axis of 9.

Can you see the mirroring pattern? Note that numbers across the symbol of enlightenment add up to 9. 9 forms a central axis that separates and polarizes everything and makes them in to mirror images. E.g. going up in 1 increment, is going down by 8. Pos on one side, means neg on the other.
9,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9

The Multiplication Table







Powers of 10
Look at the halving diagram two slides back. Replace each decimal with its power of 10 in the denominator. Example: 0.5 = 5/10 10, 0.25 100, 0.125 1000, etc. Notice that these powers of 10 line up horizontally. First round of halving starting at 1. Keep halving! You only add zeros to previous #'s.
0.125 1,000 0.25 100 100,000

0.5 10 1,000,000,000 100,000,000

0.0625 10,000 1,000,000 100,000,000,000



Fibonacci and Vortex Based Mathematics Many more properties and variations of geometry exist. Try to look at Fibonacci Series and VBM.

Fibonacci Wheel

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