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ESA Education Resources

Helen Page Head of Primary & Secondary Education Unit ESA Education & Knowledge Management Office

Objectives and Strategy ESERO Project Classroom Resources o Human Spaceflight o Space Science o Earth Observation o Diverse topics Hands-on Projects o CanSat o International Space Station Some useful links
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ESA Education Office

Objectives Use Space as a theme, (i) to enhance the literacy of young people in science and technology (ii) to motivate young Europeans to pursue a space related career Target audience: students aged 6 to 26 and their teachers / professors
6 7 8 9 10 Primary 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26

Lower secondary Upper secondary Tertiary

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ESA Areas of Activity

Space science Human spaceflight Exploration Earth observation Launchers

Navigation Telecommunications Technology Operations

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Primary and secondary target audience

Challenges o 80 million school-age pupils, 7 million teachers o 19 Member States o 14 languages o Numerous different education systems and curricula Corporate approach since 2006: ESERO o Long term commitment o Adapted to needs of each Member State o Based on relevant partnerships o Supporting teachers/educators community Support from Programme Directorates o Content, expertise and facilities o Ad hoc actions, e.g. mission-specific
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ESERO Project
European Space Education Resource Office
a network of national contact points in ESAs Member States co-funded by ESA and national funding bodies supporting primary & secondary STEM education using space as a theme based on synergies with existing national educational stakeholders and networks (formal & informal) delivery tailored to the needs of different national school systems and curricula

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ESERO core tasks (1/2)

Management Contact point for ESA Management of activities Establishing partnerships and joining networks Monitoring trends Reporting and evaluation Fund raising Raising Awareness Promoting existing space-related projects, events, resources, etc. Promoting ESA and ESERO Organising / participating in events (open days, science weeks, exhibitions, careers fairs) Dissemination through websites, newsletters, brochures, etc. Space Ambassadors

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ESERO core tasks (2/2)

Creating Resources Develop and produce new curriculumbased resources (online, printed, movies) Translate and adapt existing resources Teacher Training Introduce ESA material to existing courses (CPD, workshops, conferences) Organise & deliver own courses Special Projects Adapted to national opportunities and demand

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ESERO highlights

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Classroom resources: Human Spaceflight (1/4)

Enhance appreciation and understanding of the benefits, challenges and importance of space for Europe ESA ISS Education Mandate: Increase awareness of Human Spaceflight through education

To stimulate the interest of youth in science technology, engineering and mathematics

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Classroom resources: Human Spaceflight (2/4)

ISS education kits Primary ISS kit Secondary ISS kit > Translated into 12 languages DVDs Mission 1, 2, 3, 4 Newtons laws Body in Space Materials in Space Space Robotics Other Ingredients for Life Nutrition on Earth and in Space Space Travel: An ATV perspective
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Classroom resources: Human Spaceflight (3/4)

Online lessons Upper secondary school students Space-in-bytes movies 4-8 mins Primary and Secondary (> 12) Convection Foam stability Life in Space A drop of water ATV Radiation Gravitation and weightlessness etc.. Online clips and YouTube videos
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Classroom resources: Human Spaceflight (4/4)

Mission-specific Take Your Classroom into Space experiments Lessons and hardware for schools On-orbit video of experiment Live In-flight Call at 4 European locations

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Classroom resources: Science Programme (1/5)

Objectives: To aid engagement of students in STEM-related subjects using the contexts of astronomy and space science. To utilise the wealth of publicly available data from ESAs Science and Robotic Exploration missions in the classroom. Target groups: Primary and secondary students and their teachers.

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Classroom resources: Science Programme (2/5)

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Classroom resources: Science Programme (3/5)

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Classroom resources: Science Programme (4/5)

Science@ESA video podcast series Episodes 1-6, electromagnetic spectrum, astronomy and astrophysics missions Episodes 7-11, Solar System missions

ESA Science Data Archives Training teachers to access and use real space data in the classroom Using professional data analysis tools including the Virtual Observatory

Competitions for school students Be an INTEGRAL astronomy (2009) Explore the high-energy Universe (2011-2012)

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Classroom resources: Science Programme (5/5)

Materials Teacher Notes (including use of data from ESAs Hipparcos mission) Hubble Space Telescope astronomy exercises Online interactives demonstrating numerous astronomical phenomena Teacher training In collaboration with the Galileo Teacher Training Programme (GTTP) (established in International Year of Astronomy 2009) Focus on use of new materials to teach astronomy and the physical sciences Three ESA/GTTP workshops so far (2009, 2010, 2012)
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Classroom resources: Earth Observation (1/2)

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Classroom resources: Earth Observation (2/2)

ESA School Atlas CD-ROM Planet Earth: Heavens Above! Space and major disasters factsheets Space Basics: Earth Observation lesson Watching over the Earth teacher pack

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Classroom resources: Diverse Topics

Science in School journal produced by EIROforum collaboration

Lift-Off exercises in physics and maths IMPRESS resources for pre-university level

Ariane 5 for Kids website Cassini Huygens comic book ESA Kids website with information, games, news and competitions
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Hands-on Projects: CanSats

Working model of a real satellite Fits into volume & shape of soft drink can Launched to 1km by small rocket or dropped from balloon Perform experiments during descent, such as atmospheric measurements or GPS positioning Exciting project opportunity in physics, mathematics, design & technology Students experience complete process of designing, building and operating a satellite Students develop practical skills

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Hands-on Projects: International Space Station

Space Lab Student experiments on the ISS with Google/YouTube, NASA, ESA, JAXA

Mission X: Train Like an Astronaut Six week programme targeting health and nutrition SPHERES: ZeroRobotics Competition Students operate free floating satellites on the ISS with NASA and MIT

NEEMO: NASA Extreme Environment Mission Ops ESA astronaut performing educational experiments
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Some useful links

ESA Education portal

ESA Kids Website

ESA Human Spaceflight Education

ESA Science Programme Education

ESA Earth Observation Eduspace

ESA Education on Facebook & YouTube
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ESA Education Portal

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Example Educational Material

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ESA Kids Website

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Helen Page Head of Primary & Secondary Education Unit ESA Education and Knowledge Management Office

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