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Reading The Akashic Records super-highway that makes upthe Akashic Records!

What Information is Available to us in the Akashic Records? Just because informationexists in the Records doesntmean its all available to us ata conscious level! First of all,there is simply too much for our li le minds to process if we were to access everythingall at once, we would be in a state of u er information overload! Just from living inthe information age, we allknow what that feels like n ow imagine it going on inyour head all the time! Obviously, then, the ow of information from the Records needs to be ltered and managed. Our own HigherSelf is in charge of the detailsof this process it manage s our Record for us. In the end,however, the information wereceive is governed b y our intent.We create our human, physicalexperience through choiceand free will . Our intentionleads the way in this process!While we are incarnated, ourHigher Self can guide us,nudge us, and inform us but our choices are made atthe conscio us level, and ourHigher Self cannot interferewith our choices. Our HigherSelf fo llows our intention andsupports us in creating thelifetime we want.The problem i s, of course, thatmost people who enter theAkashic Records have no ideawhat they are looking for! Itstough to create a clear intentionabout gathering information when you have no ideawhats available. This is whyaccessing the Akashic Recordsacc urately is tricky unlessyou have proper trainingand a comprehensive way ofproces sing the information intoa format that the consciousmind can work with. create our lives.Its important, when we accessthe Records, to understand thatwhat we discover is a mirrorof our intent. If we access theRecords out of curiosity, wewill receive information thatmakes us even more curious,creating a never-endi ng quest for answers that have li le to do with our Souls journey ofspiritual development. Can We Access Other Peoples AkashicRecords? Unless we are given expresspermission, we are also notempowered to access theacc essing a celebrities Soulhistory? Or discoveringwhat really happened to JFK?Unfor tunately, the motivation behind this kind of AkashicRecord research is ego- based curiosity. This is notinformation designed to moveus forward on our highestpath and purpose. It does not directly in uences our ability to make decisions today.This sort of inquiry into theRecords, if we are honest w ithourselves, is motivated by athirst for information just forthe sake of inform ation. Itsnot information that can serveus in any productive way,making the decis ions that The Ultimate Importanceof Intention Many a empt to access the Records and feel they areresearching historical events,galactic issues and all k indsof other things. They willgather information aboutthe 2012 phenomenon, thefu ture, and the Soul history ofcelebrities. At best, this kindof information is im possible tovalidate.The Akashic Records mirrorour intention back to usat all tim es. Remember,intention is what determines the information ow. And what is the intent behind Reading The Akashic Records Andrea Hess, 2010 Page 6 the experience we want. Inthe end, information is uselessunless it is applied to thechoices that present themselvesto us.The Akashic Records maycontain informat ion buttheir true purpose is to be asource of

wisdom . Wisdom isexactly the right information,received through our clearand conscious intent, applied in alignment with our highestpath, to express our Divinityinto this human exper ience.The Akashic Records can tellus about our Souls origins,Divine gifts, and hi story,thus allowing us to step into How Can We Use the Akashic Records? The Akashic Records, whenused correctly, can be anincredible resource. We areher e as the powerful Creatorsof our human experience. Thisis why our Soul incarnate d toexperience itself as Creator, topractice self-determination inthe physical w orld. We createat all times through choiceand free will. We choose ouractions, t houghts, feelings,words this is how we createour lifetime.The information contai nedwithin the Akashic Records canassist us profoundly in creatingAkashic Record of anotherSoul. Of course, if in ourintention we are bound anddetermined to acce ss someoneelses Record, we will thinkwe are receiving informationabout that perso n. However,this information is likely to beinaccurate.In Soul Realignment wework within strict ethicalguidelines of whose Records we are permi ed to read. The intention is always to accessthe Records in alignmentwith the highest good of th eindividual we are reading for,as well as the highest good ofall. Reading The Akashic Records Andrea Hess, 2010 Page 7 themselves as they are.Once we have consciousunderstanding of thecircumstances l eading to negative in uences, we can clear these energetically and signi cantly change our life circumstances, or do the samefor our clients.I hope this report has givenyou a n ew perspective onthe wisdom of the AkashicRecords. If youd like toknow more about accessingthe Records through SoulRealignment, you can download the rst audio lesson of the course here: h p://www.soulrealignment. Healing Through TheWisdom Of The AkashicRecords In Soul Realignment wetake our work beyond simplyreading the Akashic Records.Perh aps even more powerfulthan gaining understandingand insight is to also engage in energetic healing and clearingof energetic blocks and restrictions that are a ecting us because of past or present-lifenegative choices.As Soul RealignmentPractitioners , we investigate,from a Soul-level perspective,WHY our present-lifeexperiences a re presentingour most sacred, powerfulDivine aspects. We uncoverchoices we have made in pastlifetimes that are responsiblefor negative consequences thatremain w ith us to this presentday. In this way, we canunderstand our present-lifeexperie nces through a Soul-level perspective.When we look at ourselvesfrom this Soul-le velperspective, then so much ofwho we are in this lifetime becomes clear. We und erstandour purpose, our lessons, andour struggles in a way that alsoallows us to own our Divinenature. Reading The Akashic Records