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1. What is an enquiry? An enquiry is a business letter that is, in most cases, an introduction to business transaction. 2.

What is a circular considered to be? A circular is considered to be a kind of offer, being one approach to our prospective buyers. 3.How long an enquiry can be? An enquiry can be from one sentence up to four paragraphs long. 4. Which business partner does send an enquiry? A potencial buyer sends an enquiry. 5. Do enquiries only differ in length? No, they differ in style and details. 6. What does it mean the first enquiry? The first enquiry means that we have never had business with the supplier. 7.How all the required information in the special enquiry is given? Special enquiries: reference to source of information; stating what is wanted; some details if necessary; a courtesy phrase. 8. How all the required information in the reply to enquiry is given? Reply to an enquiry thanking for the enquiry; information given or regret to have to reject; some details if necessary; a courtesy phrase. 9. What information does the potencial buyer ask for? He asks for catalogues, leaflets, booklets, brochures, price-lists quotations. 10. What further information may interest him? He may also ask for terms of payment and delivery, samples, discounts 11. When does a post-card can do? It can do when we are dealing with the supplier we have already had business with. 12.How many types of business letters are there? There are three types of business letters: from a private person to a business organization, from an organization to a private person, and from an organization to another organization. 13. Why are circulars written? Circulars are written to promote business. 14. Do circulars vary in content and why? They vary in content because they deal with all kinds of information and are not generalized. 15. Who are circulars written by? Circulars are written by bilingual secretaries. 16. Who are circulars sent to? Circulars are sent to all our prospective buyers. 17. How many different forms of business letters are there? There are three main forms: indented form, block form and modern form. 18. How many different enquiries are there? There are several kinds of enquiries: those sent to former clients, those responding to an advertisement in a newspaper or a circular, then if the firm you are writing to has been recommended to you and finally the so-called first enquiries. 19. Who in tourist industry does not write enquiries? Hotels don't write the enquiries. 20. What things are usually discussed during negotitations? Things that are usually discussed are the price, the methods and terms of payment, the currency, the quantity of goods involved int the transaction, the time and place of delivery and methods of transportation.