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fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {from the street. It is a large building of the Greek temple type that was the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {vogue in the first half of the nineteenth century. A white wooden portico with }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {six tall col umns contrasts with the wall of the house proper which is of gray }\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {cut stone. There are five window s on the upper floor and four on the ground }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {floor, with the main entrance in the middle, a doorway with squared transom }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {and sidelights flanked by intermediate columns. The window shutters are }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {painted a dark green. Before the doorway a flight of four steps leads from the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 66\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ground to the portico.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {The three plays take place in either spring or summer of the years 1865-1866.}\par\pard\li2600\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs 18\cf0\par\pard\li2600\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2600\ri0\sl-213\s lmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2600\ri0\sl-373\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b {HOMECOMING}\b0 \par\pard\li2506\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2506\r i0\sl-320\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b \i {A Play in Four Acts}\b0 \i0 \ par\pard\li2360\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2360\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b \i {Part One of the Trilogy}\b0 \i0 \par\pard\sect\ sectd\sbknone\cols3\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw1720\colsr-0\colno3\colw5 706\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {{\field{\*\fldinst{ HYPERLINK ""}}{\fldrslt {PART ONE--HOMECOMING-}}}-A Play in Four Acts}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK " ks04/0400141h.html#p02"}}{\fldrslt {PART TWO--THE HUNTED-}}}-A Play in Five Acts }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {{\field{\*\fldins t{HYPERLINK ""}}{\fldrslt {PAR T THREE--THE HAUNTED-}}}-A Play in Four Acts}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slm ult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213 \slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -440\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHARACTERS}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-320\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \b \i {MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA}\b0 \i0 \par\pard\sect\sectd\sbknone\cols2\colno 1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {General Scene of the Trilogy}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {The acti on of the trilogy, with the exception of an act of the second play, }\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {takes place in or immediately outside the Mannon residence, on the outskirts }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {of one of the smaller New-England seaport towns.} \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {A special curtain shows the house as seen from the street. From this, in each }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {play, one comes to the exterior of th e house in the opening act and enters it in }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the following act.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {This curtain reveals the extensive grounds--about th irty acres--which }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {surround the house, a heavily wooded ridge in the background, orchards at }\par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the right and in the i mmediate rear, a large flower garden and a greenhouse to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the left.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {In the foreground, along the street, is a line o f locust and elm trees. The }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {property is enclosed by a white picket fence and a tall hedge. A driv eway }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {curves up to the house from two entrances with white gates. Between the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {house and the street is a lawn. By th e right corner of the house is a grove of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs

22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {pine trees. Farther forward, along the driveway, maples and locusts. By the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {left corner of the house is a big clump of lilacs and syringas.}\par\column\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRIGADIER-GENERAL EZRA M ANNON}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE, }\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {his wife}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA, }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {their daughter}\i 0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CAPTAIN ADAM BRAN T, }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of the clipper "Flying Trades"}\i0 \par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CAPTAIN PETER NILES, }\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {U.S. Artillery}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL NILES, }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {his sister}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH BECKWITH}\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AMOS AMES}\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LOUISA, }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {his wife}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MINNIE, }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her cousin}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\ slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl333\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SCENES}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-320\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {{\field{\* \fldinst{HYPERLINK ""}}{\fldr slt {ACT ONE: }}}Exterior of the Mannon house in New England--April, 1865.}\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPER LINK ""}}{\fldrslt {ACT TWO: }}}Ezra Mannon's study in the house--no time has elapsed.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "http://gute"}}{\fldrslt {ACT THREE: }}}The same as Act One--exterior of the house--a night a week }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {later.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK " 0400141h.html#a104"}}{\fldrslt {ACT FOUR: }}}A bedroom in the house--later the s ame night.}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbknone\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghs xn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn280\cols2\colno1\colw7613\co lsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li2853\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2853\r i0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2853\ri0\sl-386\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\b {Homecoming}\b0 \par\pard\li2973\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pa rd\li2973\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b {ACT ONE}\b0 \par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {SCENE--}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Exterior of the Mannon hou se on a late afternoon in April, 1865. At }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {front is the driveway which leads up to the house from the two entrances on }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {the street. Behind the driveway the white Grecian temple portico with its six }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {tall columns extends across the stage. A big pine tree is on the lawn at the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {edge of the drive before the right corner of the house. Its trunk is a black }\i0 \par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {column in striking contra st to the white columns of the portico. By the edge }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of the drive, left front, is a thick cl ump of lilacs and syringas. A bench is }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {placed on the lawn at front of this shrubbery which partly screens anyone }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {sitting on it from the front of the house.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {It is shortly before sunset and the so ft light of the declining sun shines }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {directly on the front of the house, shimmering in a lu minous mist on the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {white portico and the gray stone wall behind, intensifying the whiteness of }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the col

umns, the somber grayness of the wall, the green of the open shutters, }\i0 \par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the green of the law n and shrubbery, the black and green of the pine tree. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The white columns cast black bars of shadow on the gray wall behind them. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The windows of the lower floor reflect the sun's rays in a resentful glare. The }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {temple portico is like an incongruous white mask fixed on the ho use to hide }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {its somber gray ugliness.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {In the distance, from the town, a band is heard playing "John Bro wn's }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Body". Borne on the light puffs of wind this music is at times quite loud, then }\i0 \ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sinks into faintn ess as the wind dies.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {From the left rear, a man's voice is heard singing the chanty "Shenand oah"--}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a son g that more than any other holds in it the brooding rhythm of the sea. }\i0 \par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The voice grows quic kly nearer. It is thin and aged, the wraith of what must }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {once have been a good baritone.}\i 0 \par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {"Oh, Shenandoah, I long to hear you}\par\pard\li773 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {A-way, my rolling river}\par\par d\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Oh, Shenandoah, I can't g et near you}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Way-a y, I'm bound away}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Across the wide Missouri."}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The singer, Seth Beckwith , finishes the last line as he enters from}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { around the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { corner of the house. Closely following him are Amos Ames, his wife Louisa, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and her cousin M innie.}\i0 \par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Seth Beckwith, the Mannons' gardener and man of all work, is an old man of }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {seventy-five wit h white hair and beard, tall, raw-boned and stoop-}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shouldered, his joints stiffened by rheuma tism, but still sound and hale. He }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {has a gaunt face that in repose gives one the strange imp ression of a life-like }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {mask. It is set in a grim expression, but his small, sharp eyes still peer at life }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a shrewd prying avidity and his loose mouth has a strong suggestion of }\ i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {ribald humor. He wears his earth-stained working clothes.}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Amos Ames, carpenter by trade but now taking a ho liday and dressed in his }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {Sunday best, as are his wife and her cousin, is a fat man in his fi fties. In }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {ch aracter he is the townsfolk type of garrulous gossip-monger who is at the }\i0 \ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {same time devoid o f evil intent, scandal being for him merely the subject }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {most popular with his audience.}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {His wife, Louisa, is taller and stouter than he and about the same age. Of a }\i0 \par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {similar scandal-bearing type, he r tongue is sharpened by malice.}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {Her cousin, Minnie, is a plump little woman of forty, of the meek, eager-}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i

{listener type, with a small round face, round stupid eyes, and a round mouth }\ i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pursed out to drink in gossip.}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {These last three are types of townsfolk rather than individuals, a chorus }\ i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {representing t he town come to look and listen and spy on the rich and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {exclusive Mannons.}\i0 \par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Led by Seth, they come forward as far as the lilac clump and stand staring at }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the house. Seth, in a mood of aged playfulne ss, is trying to make an }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {impression on Minnie. His singing has been for her benefit. He nudg es her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with his elbow, grinning.}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--How's that fur singin' fur an old feller? I used to be noted fur my }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {chanties. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Seeing she is paying no attention to him but is staring with open-}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {mouthed awe at the house, he turns to Am es--jubilantly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) By jingo, Amos, if }\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that news is true, there won't be a sober man in town tonight! It's our patriotic }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {duty to celebrate!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AMES--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a g rin}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) We'd ought to, that's sartin!}\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LOUISA--You ain't goin' to git Amos drunk tonight, surrender or no }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {surrender! An old reprobate, that's what you be!}\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {pleased}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Old nothin'! On'y seventy-five! My old man lived to be }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {ninety! Licker can't kill the Beckwiths! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He and Ames laugh. Louisa smiles }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {in spite of herself. Minnie is oblivious, still staring at th e house.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MINNIE--My sakes! What a purty house!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Wal, I promised Amos I'd help s how ye the sights when you came to }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {visit him. 'Taint everyone can git to see the Mannon place clos e to. They're }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {stri ct about trespassin'.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {MINNIE--My! They must be rich! How'd they make their money?}\par\pard\sect\se ctd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn 213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Ezra's made a pile, and before him, his father, Abe Mannon, he }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {i nherited some and made a pile more in shippin'. Started one of the fust }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Western Ocean packet line s.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MINNIE--Ezra's the General, ain't he?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {proudly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) Ayeh. The best fighter in the hull of Grant's army!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MINNIE--What kind is he?}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {boastfully expanding}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) He's able, Ezra is! F olks think he's cold-}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {blooded and uppish, 'cause he's never got much to say to 'em. But that's onl y }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the Mannons' wa y. They've been top dog around here for near on two }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hundred years and don't let folks fergit it.}

\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MINNIE--How'd he c ome to jine the army if he's so rich?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Oh, he'd been a soldier afore this war. His paw made h im go to West }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {P'i nt. He went to the Mexican war and come out a major. Abe died that same }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {year and Ezra give up the army and took holt of the shippin' business here. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {But he didn't stop there. He learned law on th e side and got made a judge. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {Went in fur politics and got 'lected mayor. He was mayor when this w ar }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {broke out but he resigned to once and jined the army again. And now he's riz }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to be General. Oh, he's able, Ezra is!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AMES--Ayeh. T his town's real proud of Ezra.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {LOUISA--Which is more'n you kin say fur his wife. Folks all hates h er! She }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ain't the Mannon kind. French and Dutch descended, she is. Furrin lookin' }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and queer. Her father's a doctor in New York, but he can't be much of a one }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {'cause she didn't bring no money when Ezra married he r.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {his face growing grim--sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) Never mind her. We ain't talkin' }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {'bout her. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then abruptly changing the subject}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Wal, I've got to see Vin nie. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I'm goin' ro und by the kitchen. You wait here. And if Ezra's wife starts to run }\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you off fur trespassin', you tell her I got permission from Vinnie to show you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {round. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He goes off around the corner of the house, left. The three stare }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {about them gawkily, awed and unco mfortable. They talk in low voices.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LOUISA--Seth is so proud of his durned old Mannons! I couldn't help givin' }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {him a dig about Ezra's wife.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AMES--Wal, don't matter much. He's allu s hated her.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LOUIS A--Ssshh! Someone's comin' out. Let's get back here! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {They crowd to }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {the rear of the bench by the lilac clump and peer through the leaves as the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {front d oor is opened and Christine Mannon comes out to the edge of the }\i0 \par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {portico at the top of the s teps. Louisa prods her cousin and whispers }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {excitedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That 's her! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine Mannon is a tall striking-look ing woman of }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {forty but she appears younger. She has a fine, voluptuous figure and she }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {moves with a flo wing animal grace. She wears a green satin dress, smartly }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {cut and expensive, which brings o ut the peculiar color of her thick curly }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hair, partly a copper brown, partly a bronze gold, each shade distinct and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {yet blending with the other. Her face is unusual, handsome rather than }\i0 \par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { beautiful. One is struck at once by the strange impression it gives in repose }\ i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of being not l

iving flesh but a wonderfully life-like pale mask, in which only }\i0 \par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the deep-set eyes, of a dar k violet blue, are alive. Her black eyebrows meet }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a pronounced straight line above her st rong nose. Her chin is heavy, her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {mouth large and sensual, the lower lip full, the upper a t hin bow, shadowed }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {by a line of hair. She stands and listens defensively, as if the music hel d some }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {meani ng that threatened her. But at once she shrugs her shoulders with }\i0 \par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {disdain and comes down the steps and walks off toward the flower garden, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {passing behind the lilac clump without having noticed Ames and the women.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MINNIE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {in an awed whisper}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) My! She's awful handsom e, ain't she?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LOUIS A--Too furrin lookin' fur my taste.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {MINNIE--Ayeh. There's somethin' queer lookin' about her face.}\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AMES--Secret lookin' --'s if it was a mask she'd put on. That's the Mannon }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {look. They all has it. They grow it on their wives. Seth's growed it on too, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {didn't you notice--from bein' with 'em all his life. They don't w ant folks to }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {guess their secrets.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MIN NIE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {breathlessly eager}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) Secrets?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { LOUISA--The Mannons got skeletons in their closets same as others! Worse }\par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ones. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {lowering her voice almost to a whisper--to her husband}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {) Tell Minnie }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {about old Abe Mannon's brother David marryin' that French Canuck nurse }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {girl he'd g ot into trouble.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AM ES--Ssshh! Shet up, can't you? Here's Seth comin'. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {But he whispers }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {quickly to Minnie}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That happened way bac k when I was a youngster. I'll tell }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {you later. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Seth has appeared f rom around the left corner of the house and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {now joins them.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { )}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--That durned nigger cook is allus askin' me to fetch wood fur her! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You'd think I was her slave! That's what we get fur freein' 'em! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then briskly}\i0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {Wal, come along, folks. I'll show you the peach orchard and then we'll go to }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {my greenhouse. I c ouldn't find Vinnie. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They are about to start whe n the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {front door of the house is opened and Lavinia comes out to the top of the }\i0 \par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {steps where her mother h ad stood. She is twenty-three but looks considerably }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {older. Tall like her mother, her body i s thin, flat-breasted and angular, and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {its unattractiveness is accentuated by her plain blac k dress. Her movements }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {are stiff and she carries herself with a wooden, square-shouldered, m ilitary }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {bear

ing. She has a flat dry voice and a habit of snapping out her words like }\i0 \p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {an officer giving o rders. But in spite of these dissimilarities, one is }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {immediately struck by her facial resemb lance to her mother. She has the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {same peculiar shade of copper-gold hair, the same pallor an d dark violet-}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {blue eyes, the black eyebrows meeting in a straight line above her nose, the } \i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {same sensual mouth, the same heavy jaw. Above all, one is struck by the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {same strange, life-like mask impr ession her face gives in repose. But it is }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {evident Lavinia does all in her power to emphasiz e the dissimilarity rather }\i0 \par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn1 2240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn280\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr -0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {th an the resemblance to her parent. She wears her hair pulled tightly back, }\i0 \ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as if to conceal its natural curliness, and there is not a touch of feminine }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {allurement to her severely plai n get-up. Her head is the same size as her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {mother's, but on her thin body it looks too larg e and heavy.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {seeing her}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) There she be now. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He starts for the steps--then sees she }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {has not noticed their presence, and stops and stan ds waiting, struck by }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {something in her manner. She is looking}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {off right, watching her mother as }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {she strolls through the garden to the greenhouse. Her eyes are bleak and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {hard with an intense, bitter enmity. Then her mother evidently disa ppears in }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {t he greenhouse, for Lavinia turns her head, still oblivious to Seth and his }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {friends, and loo ks off left, her attention caught by the band, the music of }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {which, borne on a freshening br eeze, has suddenly become louder. It is still }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {playing "John Brown's Body." Lavinia listens, as her mother had a moment }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {before, but her reaction is the direct opposite to what her mot her's had been. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {Her eyes light up with a grim satisfaction, and an expression of strange }\ i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {vindictive tr iumph comes into her face.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LOUISA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {in a quick whisper to Minnie}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That's Lavinia !}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MINNIE--She look s like her mother in face--queer lookin'--but she ain't }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {purty like her.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--You git along to the orchard, folks. I'll jine you there. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They walk }\i0 \par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {back around the left of the house and disappear. He goes to Lavinia eagerly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Say, I got fin e news fur you, Vinnie. The telegraph feller says Lee is a goner }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {sure this time! They're only wai tin' now fur the news to be made official. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You can count on your paw comin' home!}\par\pard\li53\

ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {grimly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I hope so. It's time.}\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {with a keen glance at her--slowly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) A yeh.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turning on him sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) What do you mean, Seth?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {avoiding her eyes--evasively}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Nothin'--'cept what you mean. }\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lav inia stares at him. He avoids her eyes--then heavily casual}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) Where was }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {you gallivantin' night afore last and all yesterday?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {starts}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Over to Hazel and Peter's house.}\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Ayeh. There's w here Hannah said you'd told her you was goin'. That's }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {funny now--'cause I seen Peter up-street ye sterday and he asked me where }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {you was keepin' yourself.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {again starts--then slowly as if admitting a secret understanding }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {between them}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I went to New York, Seth.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {SETH--Ayeh. That's where I thought you'd gone, mebbe. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {then with deep }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {sympathy}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's durned hard on you, Vinnie. It's a durned shame.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stiffening--curtly} \i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I don't know what you're talking about.}\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {nods comprehendingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) All right, Vinnie. Just as you say. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pauses--then after hesitating f rowningly for a moment, blurts out}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) There's }\p ar\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {somethin' been on my mind lately I want to warn you about. It's got to do }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {with what's worryin' you--that is, if there's anythin' in it.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stiffly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) There's nothing worrying me. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then sharpl y}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Warn me? }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {About what?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Mebbe it's nothin'--and then again mebbe I'm right, an d if I'm right, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {th en you'd ought t'be warned. It's to do with that Captain Brant.}\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {starts again but keeps her tone cold and collected}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {) What about }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {him?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Some thin' I calc'late no one'd notice 'specially 'ceptin' me, because--}\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then hastily as he sees someone coming up the drive}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) Here's Peter and Hazel }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {comin'. I'll tell you later, Vinnie. I ain't got time now anyways. T hose folks }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {are wai tin' for me.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINI A--I'll be sitting here. You come back afterwards. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {then her cold }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {disciplined mask breaking for a moment--tensely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex

100 {) Oh, why do Peter and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {Hazel have to come now? I don't want to see anyone! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {She starts as if to go }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {into the house.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--You run in. I'll g it rid of 'em fur you.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {recovering herself}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\b {--}\b0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {curtly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) No. I'll see them. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Seth goes bac k }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {around the corner of the house, left. A moment later Hazel and Peter Niles }\i0 \par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {enter along the drive from left, front. Hazel is a pretty, healthy girl of }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {nineteen, with dark hair and eyes. Her featu res are small but clearly }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {modelled. She has a strong chin and a capable, smiling mouth. One gets a }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sure impression of her character at a glance--frank, innocent, amiable and }\i0 \par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {good--not in a negativ e but in a positive, self-possessed way. Her brother, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Peter, is very like her in character-straightforward, guileless and good-}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {natured. He is a heavily built young fellow of twenty-tw o, awkward in }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {movement and hesitating in speech. His face is broad, plain, with a snubby }\i 0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {nose, curly bro wn hair, fine gray eyes and a big mouth. He wears the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {uniform of an artillery captain in the Union Army.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with forced cordiality}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Good afternoon. How are you? (}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {Hazel kiss and she shakes hands with Peter.}\i0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Oh, we're all right. But how are you, Vinnie, that's the question? }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Seems as if we hadn't seen you in ages! You haven't been sick, I hope!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Well--if you call a pesky cold sick.}\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Gosh, that's too bad! All over it now?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {LAVINIA--Yes--almost. Do sit down, won't you? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Hazel sits at left of bench, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia beside her in the middle. Peter sits gingerly on the right edge so that }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {there is an open space between him and Lavinia.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Pet er can stay a while if you want him to, but I just dropped in for a }\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {second to find out if you'd ha d any more news from Orin.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {LAVINIA--Not since the letter I showed you.}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage \pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\c olno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {HAZEL--But that was ages ago! And I haven't had a letter in mont hs. I guess }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {he mu st have met another girl some place and given me the go by. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {She }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {forces a smile but her tone is really hurt.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Orin not writing doesn't mean anything. He never was much of a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hand for letters.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25

3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--I know that, but--you don't think h e's been wounded, do you, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {Vinnie?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {L AVINIA--Of course not. Father would have let us know.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Sure he would. Don't be foolish, Haze l! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then after a little pause}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Or in ought to be home before long now. You've heard the good news, of }\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {course, Vinnie?}\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Peter won't have to go b ack. Isn't that fine?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {PETER--My wound is healed and I've got orders to leave tomorrow but }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {they'll be cancelled, I g uess. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grinning}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I won't pretend I'm the sort of hero }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {that wants to go back, either! I've had enough!}\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {impulsively}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, it will be so good t o see Orin again. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {embarrassed, forces a self-conscious laugh and gets up and kisses Lavinia}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Well, I must run. I've go t to meet Emily. Good-bye, Vinnie. Do take care of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {yourself and come to see us soon. (}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {with a teasing glance at her brother}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {) And }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {be kind to Peter. He's nice--when he's asleep. And he has something he's just }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {dying to ask you!}\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs20\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {horribly embarrassed}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Darn yo u! (}\fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Hazel laughs and goes off down }\i0 \par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the drive, left front. Pe ter fidgets, his eyes on the ground. Lavinia watches }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {him. Since Hazel's teasing statement, she has visibly withdrawn into herself }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and is on the defensive. Finally Peter looks up and blurts out awkardly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Hazel feels bad about Orin not writing. Do you think he really--loves her?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stiffening--brusquely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I don't know anything about love! I don't }\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {want to know anything! ( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {intensely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I hat e love!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {crushed by this but trying bravely to joke}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Gosh, then, if that's the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mood you're in, I guess I better not ask--som ething I'd made up my mind to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {ask you today.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {LAVINIA--It's what you asked me a year ago when you were home on leave , }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {isn't it?}\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--And you said wai t till the war was over. Well, it's over now.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {slowly}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I can't marry anyone, Peter. I've got to stay home . Father }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {needs me .}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--He's got your mother.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVIN IA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) He needs me more! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {A pause. Then she turns pityingl

y }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and puts her hand on his shoulder.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm sorry, Peter.}\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {gruffly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, that's all righ t.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I know it's what girls always say in books, but I do love you as a }\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {brother, Peter. I wouldn't lose you as a brother for anything. We've been like }\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that ever since we were little and started playi ng together--you and Orin and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {Hazel and I. So please don't let this come between us.}\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--'Course it won't. What do you think I am? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {doggedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) Besides, I'm }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {not giving up hope but what you'll change your mind in time. That is, unl ess }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {it's because y ou love someone else--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {snatching her hand back}\i0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't be stupid, Peter!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--But how about this mysterious clipper captain that's been calling?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {angrily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) Do you think I care anything about that--that--!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Don't get mad. I only meant, folks sa y he's courting you.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Folks say more than their prayers!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Then you don't--care for him?}\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {intensely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I hate the sight of him!}\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Gosh! I'm glad to hear you say that, Vinnie. I was afraid--I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {imagined girls all liked him. He's such a darned roman tic-looking cuss. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { Looks more like a gambler or a poet than a ship captain. I got a look as he }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {was coming out of your gate--I guess it was the last time he was here. Funny, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {too. He reminded me of someone. But I coul dn't place who it was.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {startled, glances at him uneasily}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No one around here, that's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {sure. He comes from out West. Grandfat her Hamel happened to meet him in }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {New York and took a fancy to him, and Mother met him at Grandfat her's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {house.}\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Who is he, anyway , Vinnie?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA-I don't know much about him in spite of what you think. Oh, he }\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {did tell me the story of his life t o make himself out romantic, but I didn't pay }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {much attention. He went to sea when he was young and was in California for }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {the Gold Rush. He's sailed all over the world--he lived on a South Sea isla nd }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {once, so he say s.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {grumpily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) He seems to ha ve had plenty of romantic experience, if }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you can believe him!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {bitterly}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That's his trade--being romantic! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {then agitatedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But I }\par\par

d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {don't want to talk any more about him. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She gets up and walks toward right } \i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {to conceal he r agitation, keeping her back turned to Peter.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {with a grin}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Well, I don't either. I can think of more interesting }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {subjects. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine Manno n appears from left, between the clump of lilacs }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and the house. She is carrying a big bunch of flowers. Lavinia senses her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {presence and whirls around. For a moment, mother and daughter stare into }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { each other's eyes. In their whole tense attitudes is clearly revealed the bitter }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {antagonism between them. But Christine quickly recovers herself and her air }\i0 \par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {resumes its disdainful aloo fness.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Ah, here you are at last! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {Then she sees Peter, who is visibly }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {embarrassed by her presence.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) Why, good afternoon, Peter, I didn't see you }\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {at first.}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkp age\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols 2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Good afternoon, Mrs. Mannon. I was just passing and dr opped in }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {for a se cond. I guess I better run along now, Vinnie.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with an obv ious eagerness to get him off--quickly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) All rig ht. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Good-bye, Pet er.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Good-by e. Good-bye, Mrs. Mannon.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {CHRISTINE--Good-bye, Peter. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He disappear s from the drive, left. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {Christine comes forward.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I must s ay you treat your one devoted swain pretty }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {rudely. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia doesn' t reply. Christine goes on coolly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I was wonde ring }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {when I was g oing to see you. When I returned from New York last night you }\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {seemed to have gone to bed.}\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I had gone to be d.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--You usually read long after that. I tried your door--but you had }\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {locked yourself in. When you kept yo urself locked in all day I was sure you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {were intentionally avoiding me. But Annie said you had a headache. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {While }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {she has been speaking she has come toward L avinia until she is now within }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {arm's reach of her. The facial resemblance, as they stand th ere, is }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {ext raordinary. Christine stares at her coolly, but one senses an uneasy }\i0 \par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wariness beneath her p ose.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Did you have a headache?}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--No. I wanted to be alone-to think over things.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {CHRISTINE--What things, if I may ask? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then, as if she were afraid of an }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0

\charscalex100\i {answer to this question, she abruptly changes the subject.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Who are those }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {people I saw wandering about the grounds?}\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Some friends of Set h's.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Be cause they know that lazy old sot, does it give them the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {privilege of trespassing?}\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I gave Seth permission to show them around.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {CHRISTINE--And since when have you the right without consulting me?}\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I couldn't very we ll consult you when Seth asked me. You had }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {gone to New York--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {she pauses a second--then adds slowly, staring fixedly }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {at her mother}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) to see Grandfather. Is he feeling any better? He seems to have }\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {been sick so much this pas t year.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {casually, avoiding her eyes}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) Yes. He's much better now. He'll }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {soon be going the rounds to his patients again, h e hopes. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as if anxious to }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {change the subject, looking at th e flowers she carries}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I've been to the }\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {greenhouse to pick these . I felt our tomb needed a little brightening. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {S he }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {nods sco rnfully toward the house.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Each time I come bac k after being away it }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {appears more like a sepulchre! The "whited" one of the Bible--pagan temple }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {front stuck like a mask on Puritan gray ugliness! It was just like old Abe }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mannon to build such a monstrosity--as a temple for his hatred. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with a }\i0 \par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {little mocking laugh}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Forgive me, Vinnie. I forgot you liked it. And you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ought to. It suits your temperament. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia stares at her bu t remains silent. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {Christine glances at her flowers again and turns toward the house.}\i0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I must }\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {put these in water. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She moves a few steps toward the house--then turns }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {again--with a studied casualness}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {) By the way, before I forget, I happened to }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {run into Captain Brant on the str eet in New York. He said he was coming up }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {here today to take over his ship and asked me if he migh t drop in to see you. I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {told him he could--and stay to supper with us. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {without looking at Lavinia, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {who is staring at her with a face grown grim and hard}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Doesn't that please }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you, Vinnie? Or do you remain true to your one an d only beau, Peter?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Is that why you picked the flowers--because he is coming? (}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {Her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {mother does not answer. She goes on with a threatening undercurrent in her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {voice .}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You have heard the news, I suppose? It means

Father will be home }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {soon!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {without looking at her--coolly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) We've had so many rumors }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {lately. This report hasn't been confirmed yet, has it? I haven't heard the fort }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {firing a salute.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {LAVINIA--You will before long!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I'm sure I hope so as much as you.}\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You can say that!}\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {concealing her alarm--coldly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Wh at do you mean? You will }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {kindly not take that tone with me, please! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {cuttingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) If you are determined to }\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {quarrel, let us go into the house. We might be overheard out here. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She turn s }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and sees S eth who has just come to the corner of the house, left, and is }\i0 \par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {standing there watching them. }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) See. There is your old crony doing his best t o }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {listen now! (}\f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {moving to the steps}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) I am going in and rest a while. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She walks }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {up the steps.}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) I've got to have a talk with you, Mother--before long!}\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {turning defiantly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Whenever you wish. Tonight after the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {Captain leaves you, if you like. But what is it you want to talk about?}\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You'll know soon enough!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRIST INE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {staring at her with a questioning dread--fo rcing a scornful }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You always make such a mystery of t hings, Vinnie. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She goes into the }\i0 \par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {house and closes the door b ehind her. Seth comes forward from where he }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {had withdrawn around the corner of the house. La vinia makes a motion for }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {him to follow her, and goes and sits on the bench at left. A pause. She stares }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { straight ahead, her face frozen, her eyes hard. He regards her }\i0 \par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {understandingly.}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {abruptly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) Well? What is it about Captain Brant you want to }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {warn me against? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {then as if she felt she must defend her question from some }\i0 \par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {suspicion that she knows i s in his mind}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I want to know all I can about h im }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {because--he see ms to be calling to court me.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {managing to convey his entire d isbelief of this statement in one }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {word}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ayeh.}\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You say that as if you didn't

believe me.}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\ma rgrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--I believe anythin g you tell me to believe. I ain't been with the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mannons for sixty years without learning that. (} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {A pause. Then he asks }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {slowly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) Ain't you noticed this Brant reminds you of someone in looks?}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {struck by this}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes. I have--ever since I first saw him--but I've }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {never been able to place who--Who do you mean?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Your Paw, ain't it, Vinnie?}\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {startled--agitatedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Father? No ! It can't be! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then as if the }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {conviction were forcing itsel f on her in spite of herself}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes! He does--}\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {something about his face--that must be why I've had the strange feeling I've }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {known him before--why I've felt--(}\fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then tensely as if she were about to break }\i0 \par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {down}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) Oh! I won't believe it! You must be mistaken, Seth! That would b e }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {too--!}\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--He ain't only like y our Paw. He's like Orin, too--and all the Mannons }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I've known.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {frightenedly }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But why--why should he--?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--More speshully he calls to my m ind your Grandpaw's brother, David. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {How much do you know about David Mannon, Vinnie? I know his n ame's }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {never been allowed to be spoke among Mannons since the day he left--but }\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you've likely heard gossip, ain't yo u--even if it all happened before you was }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {born.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {LAVINIA--I've heard that he loved the Canuck nurse girl who was tak ing }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {care of Fathe r's little sister who died, and had to marry her because she was }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {going to have a baby; and that G randfather put them both out of the house }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and then afterwards tore it down and built this one bec ause he wouldn't live }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {where his brother had disgraced the family. But what has that old scandal g ot }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to do with--}\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Wait. Right a fter they was throwed out they married and went away. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {There was talk they'd gone out West, but no one knew nothin' about 'em }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {afterwards--'ceptin' your Grandpaw let out to me one time she'd had t he }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {baby--a boy. H e was cussin' it. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then impressively}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's about her baby I've }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {been thinkin', Vinnie.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a lo ok of appalled comprehension growing on her face}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--How o ld is that Brant, Vinnie?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca

lex100 {LAVINIA--Thirty-six, I think.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Ayeh! That'd make it right. And here's another funny t hing--his }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {name. B rant's sort of queer fur a name. I ain't never heard tell of it before. }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Sounds made up to me--lik e short fur somethin' else. Remember what that }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Canuck girl's name was, do you, Vinnie? Marie Bran tme! See what I'm }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { drivin' at?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINI A--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {agitatedly, fighting against a growing convic tion}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But--don't be }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {stupid, Seth--his name would be Mannon and h e'd be only too proud of it.}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {SETH--He'd have good reason not to use the name of Mannon when he came }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {callin' he re, wouldn't he? If your Paw ever guessed--!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {breaking out violently}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No! It can't be! God wouldn't let it ! It }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {would be too horrible--on top of--! I won't even think of it, do you hear? }\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Why did you have to tell me?}\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {calmingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) There now! Don't take on , Vinnie. No need gettin' riled }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {at me. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He waits--then goes on insi stently.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) All I'm drivin' at is that it's }\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {durned funny--his looks and the name--and you'd ought fur your Paw's sake }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to make sartin.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--How can I make certain?}\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Catch him off guard sometime a nd put it up to him strong--as if you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {knowed it--and see if mebbe he don't give himself away. (}\f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He starts to go--}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {looks down the drive at left.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) Looks like him comin' up the drive now, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie. There's somethin' about his walk calls back David Mannon, too. If I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {didn't know it was him I'd think it was David's ghost comin' ho me. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He turns }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {away abruptly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) Wal, calc'late I better git back to work. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He w alks around }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { the left corner of the house. A pause. Then Captain Adam Brant enters from }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the drive, left, front. He starts on seeing Lavinia but immediately puts on his }\i0 \par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {most polite, winning air. One is struck at a glance by the peculiar quality his }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {face in repose has of being a life-like m ask rather than living flesh. He has a }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {broad, low forehead, framed by coal-black straight ha ir which he wears }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {noticeably long, pushed back carelessly from his forehead as a poet's migh t }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {be. He has a big aquiline nose, bushy eyebrows, swarthy complexion, hazel }\i0 \par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {eyes. His wide mouth is sens ual and moody--a mouth that can be strong and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {weak by turns. He wears a mustache, but his he avy cleft chin is clean-}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {shaven. In figure he is tall, broad-shouldered and powerful. He give

s the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {impres sion of being always on the offensive or defensive, always fighting life. }\i0 \ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He is dressed with an almost foppish extravagance, with touches of studied }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {carelessness, as if a romantic Byro nic appearance were the ideal in mind. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {There is little of the obvious ship captain about him , except his big, strong }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {hands and his deep voice.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {bowing with an exaggerated politeness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) Good afternoon. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {coming }\i0 \par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and taking her hand which she fo rces herself to hold out to him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Hope you }\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {don't mind my walking i n on you without ceremony. Your mother told me--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I know. She had to go out for a while and she said I was to keep }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {you company until she returned.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gallantly}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {) Well, I'm in good luck, then. I hope she doesn't hurry }\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {back to stand watch o ver us. I haven't had a chance to be alone with you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {since--that night we went walking in the moonl ight, do you remember? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {has kept her hand and he drops his voice to a low, lover-like tone. Lavinia }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {cannot repress a start, agitatedly snatching her h and from his and turning }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {away from him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\sect\sec td\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn2 80\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {regaining com mand of herself--slowly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What do you think of t he }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {news of Lee su rrendering, Captain? We expect my father home very soon }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {now. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {At s omething in her tone he stares at her suspiciously, but she is }\i0 \par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {looking straight before her. }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why don't you sit down?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--Thank you. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {He sits on the bench at her right. He has become wary }\i0 \par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {now, feeling something str ange in her attitude but not able to make her out--}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {casually}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes, you must be very happy at the prospect of seeing your father }\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {again. Your mother has told me how close you've always been to him.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Did she? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then wit h intensity}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I love Father better than anyone i n }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the world. Ther e is nothing I wouldn't do--to protect him from hurt!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {watch ing her carefully--keeping his casual tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You care more }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {for hi m than for your mother?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {LAVINIA--Yes.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--Well, I suppose that's the usual way of it. A daughter feels closer to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {her father and a son to his mother. But I should think you ought to be a born }\par\pard\li53\ri0

\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {exception to that rule.}\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Why?}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--You're so like your mother in some ways. Your face is the dead }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {image of hers. And look at your hair. You won't meet hair lik e yours and hers }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { again in a month of Sundays. I only know of one other woman who had it. }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You'll think it strange w hen I tell you. It was my mother.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a start}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ah!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dropping his voice to a reveren t, hushed tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes, she had }\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {beautiful hair like your mother's, that hung down to her knees, and big, deep, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {sad eyes that were blue as the Caribbean sea!}\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What do looks amount t o? I'm not a bit like her! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {Everybody knows I take after Father!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {brought back with a shock, astonished at her tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But--you 're not }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {angry at me for saying that, are you? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then filled with un easiness and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {resolving he must establish himself on an intimate footing with her again--}\i 0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with engaging bluntness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You're puzzling today, Miss Lavinia. You'll excuse }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me if I come out with it bluntly. I've lived most of my life at sea and in }\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {camps and I'm used to st raight speaking. What are you holding against me? If }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I've done anything to offend you, I swear it wasn't meant. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She is silent, }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {staring before her with hard eyes, rigidly upright. He appraises her with a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {calculating look, then goes on.}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {) I wouldn't have bad feeling come between us }\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {for the world. I may only be fl attering myself, but I thought you liked me. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Have you forgotten that night walking along the shor e?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a cold, hard voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) I haven't forgotten. Did Mother tell you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you could kiss me?}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--What--what do you mean? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {But he at once attributes the question }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {to her navet--laughingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) Oh! I see! But, come now, Lavinia, you can't }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mean, can you, I should have aske d her permission?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {L AVINIA--Shouldn't you?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {again uneasy--trying to joke it off}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Well, I wasn't brought up that }\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {strictly and, should or shouldn't, at any rate, I didn't--and it wasn't the less }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {sweet for that! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The n at something in her face he hurriedly goes off on }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-24 0\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {another tack.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) I'm afraid I gabbed too much that night. Maybe I bored you }\par\pard\li

0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {with my talk of clipper ships a nd my love for them?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dryly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) "Tall, white clippers," you called them. You said they }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {were like beautiful, pale women to you. You said you loved them more than }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {you'd ever loved a woman. Is that true, Captain?}\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {with forced gallantry}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Aye. But I meant, b efore I met you. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {thinking he has at last hit on the cau se of her changed attitude toward him--}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a laugh}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) So tha t's what you're holding against me, is it? Well, I might }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {have guessed. Women are jealous of ships. They always suspect the sea. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {They know they're three of a kind when it comes to a man! (}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {He laughs again }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {but less certainly this time, as he regards her grim, set expression.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes, I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {might have seen you didn't appear much ta ken by my sea gamming that }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {night. I suppose clippers are too old a story to the daughter of a ship builder. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {But unle ss I'm much mistaken, you were interested when I told you of the }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {islands in the South Seas where I was shipwrecked my first voyage at sea.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a dry, brittle tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I remember your admiration for the naked }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {native women. You said they had found the secret of happiness because they }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {had never heard that love can be a sin.} \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {surprised--sizing her up puzzledly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {) So you remember that, do }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {you? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then romantically}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Aye! And they live in as near the Garden of }\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Paradise before sin was disco vered as you'll find on this earth! Unless you've }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {seen it, you can't picture the green beauty of t heir land set in the blue of the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {sea! The clouds like down on the mountain tops, the sun drowsing in your }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {blood, and always the surf on the barrier reef singing a croon in your ears }\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {like a lullaby! The Blessed Isle s, I'd call them! You can forget there all men's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {dirty dreams of greed and power!}\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--And their dirty dreams--of love?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {startled again--staring at her uneasily}\i0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {) Why do you say that? }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {What do you mean, Lavinia?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Nothing. I was only thinking--of your B lessed Isles.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT --(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {uncertainly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh! But you said--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then with a confused, stupid } \i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {persistence h e comes closer to her, dropping his voice again to his love-}\i0 \par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {making tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) Whenever I remember those islands now, I will always think of }\pa

r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you, as you walked bes ide me that night with your hair blowing in the sea }\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpag e\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\ colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {wind and the moonlight in your eyes! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {He tries to take her hand, but at his }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {touch she pulls away and springs to her feet.}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with cold fury}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't you touch me! Don't you dare--! You liar! }\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {Then as he starts back in confusion, she seizes this opportunity to }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {follow S eth's advice--staring at him with deliberately insulting scorn}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) But I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {suppose it would be foolish to expect anything but cheap romantic lies fro m }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the son of a lo w Canuck nurse girl!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stunned}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What's that? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then rage at the insult to his mother }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {over coming all prudence--springs to his feet threateningly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {) Belay, damn }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {you!--or I'll forget you're a woman--no Mannon can insult her while I--}\par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {appalled now she knows the truth}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) So--it is true--You are her }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {son! Oh!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fighting to control himself--with harsh defiance}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) And what if I }\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {am? I'm proud to be! My only sham e is my dirty Mannon blood! So that's }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {why you couldn't stand my touching you just now, is it? You 're too good for }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { the son of a servant, eh? By God, you were glad enough before--!}\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {fiercely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's not true! I was only lea ding you on to find out }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {things!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRA NT--Oh, no! It's only since you suspected who I was! I suppose your }\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {father has stuffed you with h is lies about my mother! But, by God, you'll hear }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the truth of it, now you know who I am--And you 'll see if you or any }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {Mannon has the right to look down on her!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I don't want to hear--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {She starts to go toward the house.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {grabbing her by the arm--tauntingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) You're a coward, are you, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {like all Mannons, when it comes to facing the truth about t hemselves? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turns on him defiantly. He drops her arm and goes on harshly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'll bet he }\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {never told you your grandfather, Abe Mannon, as well as his brother, loved }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {my mother!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--It's a lie!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--It's the truth. It was his jealous revenge made him disown my }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {father

and cheat him out of his share of the business they'd inherited!}\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--He didn't cheat him! He bought him out!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BR ANT--Forced him to sell for one-tenth its worth, you mean! He knew my }\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {father and mother were star ving! But the money didn't last my father long! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {He'd taken to drink. He was a coward--like all Ma nnons--once he felt the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {world looked down on him. He skulked and avoided people. He grew }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ashamed of my mother--and me. He sank down and down and my mother }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {worked and supported him. I can remember when men from t he corner }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {saloon would drag him home and he'd fall in the door, a sodden carcass. One }\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {night when I was seven he ca me home crazy drunk and hit my mother in the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {face. It was the first time he'd ever struck her. It made me blind mad. I hit at }\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {him with the poker and cut his head. My mother pulled me back and gave me }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {a hidi ng. Then she cried over him. She'd never stopped loving him.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Why do you tell me this? I to ld you once I don't want to hear--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grimly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) You'll see the point of it damned soon! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {unheeding--as if }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {the scene were still before his eyes}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) For days after, he sat and stared at }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {nothing. One time when we were alone he asked me to forgi ve him hitting }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {her . But I hated him and I wouldn't forgive him. Then one night he went out }\par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and he didn't come back. The next morning they found him hanging in a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {barn!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a shudder}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {savagely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {) The only decent thing he ever did!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You're lying! No Mannon would ever--}\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--Oh, wouldn't they? They are all fine, honorable gentlemen, you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {think! Then listen a bit and you'll hear something abo ut another of them! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then going on bitterly with his story}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) My mother sewed for a living and sent }\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me to school. She was very strict with me. She blamed me for his killing }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {himself. But she was bound she'd make a gentleman of me--li ke he was!--if it }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { took her last cent and her last strap! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a gr im smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) She didn't succeed, }\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {as you notice! At seventeen I ran a way to sea--and forgot I had a mother, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {except I took part of her name--Brant was short and easy on ships--and I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {woul dn't wear the name of Mannon. I forgot her until two years ago when I }\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {came back from the East. Oh, I'd written to her now and then and sent her }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {money when I happened to have any. But I'd forgotten her just the same--and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale

x100 {when I got to New York I found her dying--of sickness and starvation! And I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {found out that w hen she'd been laid up, not able to work, not knowing where }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to reach me, she'd sunk her last shred of pride and written to your father }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {asking for a loan. He never answered her. And I came too late . She died in }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {my a rms. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with vindictive passion}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) He could have saved her--and he }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {deliberately let her die! He's as guilty of murder as anyone he ever sent to the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {rope when he was a judge!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {springing to her fee t--furiously}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You dare say that about Father! } \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {If he were here--}\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--I wish to God he was! I'd tell him what I tell you now--that I swore }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {on my mother's body I'd revenge her death on him.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with cold deadly intensity}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {) And I suppose you boast that now }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you've done so, don't you?--in the vilest, most coward ly way--like the son of }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {a servant you are!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {again thrown off guard--furiously}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Belay, I told you, with that }\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {kind of talk!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--She is only your means of reveng e on Father, is that it?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stunned--stammers in guilty confusi on}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What?--She?--Who?--I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {don't know what you're talking about!}\p ar\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margt sxn666\margbsxn280\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\s l-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Then you soon will know! And so will she! I've found out all I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {wanted to from you. I'm going in to talk to her now. You wait h ere until I call }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { you!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {furious at her tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No! Be damned if you can order me about as }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {if I was your servant!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {icily}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) If you have any consideration for her, you'll do as I say }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and not force me to write my father. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She turns her back on him and walks to }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {the steps woodenly erect and square-shouldered.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {desperately now--with a grotesque catching at h is lover's manner}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I don't know what you mean, Lavinia. I swear before God it is only you I--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She turns at the top of the steps at this and stares at him with such a passion }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of hatred that he is silenced. Her lips move as if she were going to speak, but }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {she fights back the words, turns stiffly and goes into the house and closes the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {door behind her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li3066\r

i0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li3066\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Curtain}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {)}\par\pard\li2946\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2946\ri0\sl-213\sl mult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2946\ri0\sl-333\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b {ACT TWO}\b0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-29 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SCENE--}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {In t he house--Ezra Mannon's study. No time has elapsed.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The study is a large room with a stiff, austere atmosphere. The furniture is }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {old colonial. The walls are plain plastered surfaces t inted a dull gray with a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {flat white trim. At rear, right, is a door leading to the hall. On the right wall }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {is a painting of George Washington in a gilt frame, flanked by smaller }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {portraits of Al exander Hamilton and John Marshall. At rear, center, is an }\i0 \par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {open fireplace. At left of firep lace, a bookcase filled with law books. Above }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the fireplace, in a plain frame, is a large p ortrait of Ezra Mannon himself, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {painted ten years previously. One is at once struck by the startling likeness }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {between him and Adam Brant. He is a tall man in his early forties, with a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {spare, wi ry frame, seated stiffly in an armchair, his hands on the arms, }\i0 \par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wearing his black judge's r obe. His face is handsome in a stern, aloof }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fashion. It is cold and emotionless and has the same strange semblance of a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {life-like mask that we have already seen in the faces of his w ife and daughter }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {and Brant.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {On the left are two windows. Between them a desk. A large table with an }\i 0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {armchair on ei ther side, right and left, stands at left center, front. At right }\i0 \par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {center is another chair. There are hooked rugs on the floor.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Outside the sun is beginning to set and its glow fills t he room with a golden }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {mist. As the action progresses this becomes brighter, then turns to c rimson, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {whi ch darkens to somberness at the end.}\i0 \par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia is discovered standing by the table. She is fighting to control herself, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {but her face is torn by a look of stricken anguish. She turn s slowly to her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {father's portrait and for a moment stares at it fixedly. Then she goes to it and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {puts he r hand over one of his hands with a loving, protecting gesture.}\i0 \par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {LAVINIA--Poor Father! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She hears a noi se in the hall and moves hastily }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {away. The door from the hall is opened and Christine enters . She is uneasy }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {underneath, but affects a scornful indignation.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Re ally, this unconfirmed report must have turned your head--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {otherwise I'd find it difficult to under stand your sending Annie to disturb me }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {when you knew I was resting.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul

t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I told you I had to talk to you.}\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {looking around the room with aversion}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {) But why in this }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {musty room, of all places?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {indicating the portrait-quietly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Because it's Father's room.}\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {starts, looks at the portrait and quickly drops her eyes. }\i0 \p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia goes to the door and closes it. Christine says with forced scorn}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {More myste ry?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You be tter sit down. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine sits in the chair at re ar center. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {L avinia goes back to her father's chair at left of table.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTIN E--Well--if you're quite ready, perhaps you will explain.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I suppose Annie told you I'd bee n to visit Hazel and Peter while }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {you were away.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {CHRISTINE--Yes. I thought it peculiar. You never visit anyone overnig ht. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Why did you su ddenly take that notion?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {LAVINIA--I didn't.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {CHRISTINE--You didn't visit them?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--No.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Then where did you go?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {accusingl y}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) To New York! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine starts. Lavinia hurries on }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a bit incoherently.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I've suspected something--lately--the excuse you've made }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {for all your trips there the past year, t hat Grandfather was sick--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as Christine }\i0 \par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {is about to protest i ndignantly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh! I know he has been--and you've stayed at }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {his hous e--but I've suspected lately that wasn't the real reason--and now I can }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {prove it isn't! Because I waited outside Grandfather's house and followed }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you. I saw you meet Brant!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {alarmed but concealing it--coolly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Well, what if you did? I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {told you myself I ran into him by accident--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You went to his room!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sha ken}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) He asked me to meet a friend of his--a lad y. It was }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {her hous e we went to.}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\m argrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426 \pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I asked the w oman in the basement. He had hired the room under }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {another name, but she recognized his descriptio n. And yours too. She said }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {you had come there often in the past year.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {de sperately}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It was the first time I had ever bee n there. He }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {insis

ted on my going. He said he had to talk to me about you. He wanted my }\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {help to approach your fathe r--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {furiously}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) How can y ou lie like that? How can you be so vile as }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to try to use me to hide your adultery?}\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {springing up--with weak indignation}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) Vinnie!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA-Your adultery, I said!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {CHRISTINE--No!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {LAVINIA--Stop lying, I tell you! I went upstairs! I heard you telling him--"I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {love you, Adam"-and kissing him! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a cold bitter fury}\i0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You vile--! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You're shameless and evil! Even if you are my mother, I s ay it! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares at her, overwhelmed by this onslaug ht, her poise shattered for the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {moment. She tries to keep her voice indifferent but it trem bles a little.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I--I knew you hated me, Vinnie--but no t as bitterly as that! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with a return of her defiant coolness }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Very well! I love Adam Brant. }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {What are you going to do?}\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--How you say tha t--without any shame! You don't give one }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {thought to Father--who is so good--who trusts you! Oh, h ow could you do }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {t his to Father? How could you?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with strident intensity}\ i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You would understand if you were the }\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wife of a man you hated!}\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {horrified--with a glance at the portrait}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) Don't! Don't say that--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {before him! I won't listen!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grabb ing her by the arm}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You will listen! I'm talkin g to you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {as a wom an now, not as mother to daughter! That relationship has no }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {meaning between us! You've called me vile and shameless! Well, I want you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {to know that's what I've felt about myself for over twenty y ears, giving my }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {b ody to a man I--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {L AVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {trying to break away from her, half putt ing her hands up to her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {ears}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Stop telling me such things! Let me go! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She breaks away, shrinking }\i0 \par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {from her mother with a look of sick repulsion. A pause. She stammers}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {then you' ve always hated Father?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {bitterly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) No. I loved him once--before I married him--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {incredible as that seems now! He was hand some in his lieutenant's uniform! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {He was silent and mysterious and romantic! But marriage soon tu

rned his }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {romance into--disgust!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAV INIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wincing again--stammers harshly}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) So I was born of your }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {disgust! I've always guessed that, Mother--ever sin ce I was little--when I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {used to come to you--with love--but you would always push me away! I've } \par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {felt it ever since I can remember--your disgust! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with a flare-up of bitter }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {hatred}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, I hate you! It's only right I should hate you!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shaken--defensively}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) I tried to love you. I told myself it wasn't }\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {human not to love my own child, bor n of my body. But I never could make }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {myself feel you were born of any body but his! You were alway s my }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wedding night to me--and my honeymoon!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {LAVINIA--Stop saying that! How can you be so--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {then suddenly--with a }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {strange jealous bitterness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yo u've loved Orin! Why didn't you hate him, too?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Because by then I had forced myself to be come resigned in }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {o rder to live! And most of the time I was carrying him, your father was with }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the army in Mexico. I had forgotten him. And when Orin was born he }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {seemed my child, only mine, and I loved him for that! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {bitterly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I lo ved him }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {until he l et you and your father nag him into the war, in spite of my begging }\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {him not to leave me alone. (}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {staring at Lavinia with hatred}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) I know his }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {leaving me was your doing principally, Vinnie!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {ster nly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It was his duty as a Mannon to go! He'd ha ve been sorry }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the rest of his life if he hadn't! I love him better than you! I was thinking of }\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {him!}\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Well, I hope you realize I never would have fallen in love with }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Adam if I'd had Orin with me. When he had gone there was n othing left--but }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {h ate and a desire to be revenged--and a longing for love! And it was then I }\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {met Adam. I saw he love d me--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with taunting scorn}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) He doesn't love you! You're only his }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {revenge on Father! Do you know who he really is? He's the son of that low }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {nu rse girl Grandfather put out of our house!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {concealing a start--coolly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) So you've found that out? Were } \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you hoping it would be a crushing surprise to me? I've known it all along. He }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {told me when he said he loved me.}\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Oh! And I suppo se knowing who he was gave you all the more }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f

s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {satisfaction--to add that disgrace!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {cuttingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Will you kindly come to the po int and tell me what }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {you intend doing? I suppose you'll hardly let your father get in the door }\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {before you tell him!} \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {suddenly becoming rigid and cold again--slowly}\i0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {) No. Not unless }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {you force me to. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then as she sees her mother's astonishment--grimly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I don' t }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wonder you're su rprised! You know you deserve the worst punishment you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {could get. And Father would disown you publ icly, no matter how much the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {scandal cost him!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {CHRISTINE--I realize that. I know him even better than you do!}\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--And I'd like to s ee you punished for your wickedness! So please }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {understand this isn't for your sake. It's for Fathe r's. He hasn't been well lately. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {I'm not going to have him hurt! It's my first duty to protect him from you!}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\marg rsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I know better than to expect any generosity on my account.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I won't tell him, provided you give up Brant and never see him }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {again--and promise to be a dutiful wife to Father and make up for the wrong }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you've done him!}\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares at her daughter--a pause--then she laughs dryly}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {a fraud you are, with your talk of your father and your duty ! Oh, I'm not }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {den ying you want to save his pride--and I know how anxious you are to keep }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the family from more scan dal! But all the same, that's not your real reason }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {for sparing me!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {confuse d--guiltily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It is!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--You wanted Adam Brant yourself!}\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--That's a li e!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--And now you know you can't have him, you're determined that }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {at least you'll take him from me!}\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--No!}\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--But if you told you r father, I'd have to go away with Adam. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {He'd be mine still. You can't bear that thought, even at the price of my }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { disgrace, can you?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--It's your evil mind!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I know you, Vinnie! I've watched you ever since you were }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {little, trying t o do exactly what you're doing now! You've tried to become the }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wife of your father and the mother of Orin! You've always schemed to steal }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {my place!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wildly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0

\charscalex100 {) No! It's you who have stolen all love from me since the }\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {time I was born! (}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then her manner becoming threatening}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) But I don't want to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {listen to any more of your lies and excuses! I want to know right now }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {whether you're going to do what I told you or not!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Suppose I refuse! Suppose I go off openly w ith Adam! Where }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {w ill you and your father and the family name be after that scandal? And what }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {if I were disgraced m yself? I'd have the man I love, at least!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grimly}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Not for long! Father would use all his influence and g et }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Brant blacklis ted so he'd lose his command and never get another! You know }\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {how much the "Flying Trades" means t o him. And Father would never }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {divorce you. You could never marry. You'd be an anchor around his n eck. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Don't forget you're five years older than he is! He'll still be in his prime when }\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you're an old woman with al l your looks gone! He'd grow to hate the sight of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stung beyond bear ing--makes a threatening move as if to }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {strike her daughter's face}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {) You devil! You mean little--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {But Lavin ia stares }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {b ack coldly into her eyes and she controls herself and drops her hand.}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {LAVINIA--I wouldn't call names if I were you! There is one you deserve!}\p ar\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turning away--her voice still trembling}\i0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm a fool to let you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {make me lose my temper--over your jealous spite! (}\f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {A pause. Lavinia stares }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {at her. Christine seems considering some thing. A sinister expression comes }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {to her face. Then she turns back to Lavinia--coldly}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But you wanted my }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {answer, didn't you? Well, I agree to do as you said . I promise you I'll never }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {see Adam again after he calls this evening. Are you satisfied?}\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {stares at her with cold suspicion}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) You seem to take giving him }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {up pretty easily!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hastily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) Do you think I'll ever give you the satisfaction of }\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {seeing me grieve? Oh, no, Vinn ie! You'll never have a chance to gloat!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {still suspiciousl y--with a touch of scorn}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) If I loved anyone--!} \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tauntingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) If? I think you do love him--as much as you can }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {love! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a sudden flurry of jealousy}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You little fool! Don't you know I }\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {made him flirt with

you, so you wouldn't be suspicious?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gives a little shudder --then fiercely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) He didn't fool me! I saw }\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {what a liar he was! I j ust led him on--to find out things! I always hated him! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine smiles mockingly and turns away, as if to go out of the room. }\i0 \par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia's manner becomes threa tening again.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Wait! I don't trust you! I }\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {know you're thinking al ready how you can fool me and break the promise }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you've just made! But you better not try it! I'll be watching you every minute! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {And I won't be the only one! I wrote to Father and Orin as soon as I got back }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {from New York!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {startled}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) About Adam?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Only enough so they'd be suspicious and watch you too. I said a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Captain Brant had been calling and fol ks had begun to gossip.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {CHRISTINE--Ah! I see what it's going to mean--that you'll always have this }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to hold over me an d I'll be under your thumb for the rest of my life! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {She }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {cann ot restrain her rage--threateningly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Take care, Vinnie! You'll be }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {responsible if--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She checks herself abruptly.} \i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {suspiciously}\i0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {) If what?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {quickly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) Nothing. I only meant if I went off with Adam. But }\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {of course you know I won't do that. You know there's nothing I can do now--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {but obey your orders!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {continue s to stare at her suspiciously--grimly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You oug ht to see }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {it's you r duty to Father, not my orders--if you had any honor or decency! }\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { then brusquely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Brant is waiting outside. You c an tell him what you've got }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {to do--and tell him if he ever dares come here again--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {forcing back her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {anger}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) And see that you get rid of him right now! I'm going upstreet to get }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the latest news. I won't be gone more than a h alf-hour and I want him out of }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {the house by the time I get back, do you hear? If he isn't, I'll wr ite Father }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {again. I won't even wait for him to come home! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She turn s her back on }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {mother and marches out the door, squa re-shouldered and stiff, without a }\i0 \par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840 \pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw76 13\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {backward glance. Christine looks after her, waiting until she hears the si de }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {door of the house close after her. Then she turns and stands in tense }\i0 \par\pard\li5

3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {calculating thought. Her face has become like a sinister evil mask. Finally, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as if making up her mind irrevocably, she c omes to the table, tears off a slip }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of paper and writes two words on it. She tucks this pap er in the sleeve of her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {dress and goes to the open window and calls.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRIST INE--Adam! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She moves toward the door to wait for him. Her eyes }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {are caught by the eyes of her husband in the portrait over the fireplace. Sh e }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares at him with hatred and addresses him vindictively, half under her }\i0 \par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {breath.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) You can thank Vinnie, Ezra! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She g oes to the door and reaches it }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {just as Brant appears from the hall. She takes his hand and draws him into }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {the room, closing the door behind him. One is immediately struck by the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {resemblance bet ween his face and that of the portrait of Ezra Mannon.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {glancing uneasily at her, as they come to the cent er of the room}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {She knows--?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Yes. She followed me to New York. And she' s found out who }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {y ou are too, Adam.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a grim smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {) I know. She got that out of me--the proof of it, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {at any rate. Before I knew what was u p I'd given myself away.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {CHRISTINE--She must have noticed your resemblance to Orin. I was afraid } \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that might start h er thinking.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT --(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sees the portrait for the first time. Instantl y his body shifts to a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {fighting tenseness. It is as if he were going to spring at the figur e in the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pa inting. He says slowly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That, I take it, is Gen eral Mannon?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRIS TINE--Judge Mannon then. Don't forget he used to be a judge. He }\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {won't forget it.}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {his eyes still fixed on the portrait--comes and sits in Mannon's }\i0 \par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {chair on the left of table. Unconsciously he takes the same attitude as }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Mannon, sitting erect, his hands on the arms of the chair--slowly}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Does Orin }\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {by any chance resemble his father?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares at him--agitatedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) No! Of course not! What put such a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {stupid idea in your head?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--It would be damned queer if you fe ll in love with me because I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {recalled Ezra Mannon to you!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {going to him a nd putting an arm around his shoulder}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No, no, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I tell you! It wa

s Orin you made me think of! It was Orin!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--I remember that night we were introduced and I he ard the name }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mrs. Ezra Mannon! By God, how I hated you then for being his! I thought, }\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {by God, I'll take her from h im and that'll be part of my revenge! And out of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that hatred my love came! It's damned queer, isn 't it?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hugging him to her}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) Are you going to let him take me from }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you now, Adam?}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {passionately }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You ask that!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--You swear you won't--no matter what you must do?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--By God, I swear it!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {C HRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {kisses him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) Remember that oath! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She glances at the }\ i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {portrait--then turns back to Brant with a little shiver--nervously}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) What made }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {y ou sit there? It's his chair. I've so often seen him sitting there--(}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {forcing a }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {little laugh}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Your silly talk about resemblances--Don't sit there. Come. Bring }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that chair over here. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {She moves to the chair at right center. He brings the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {chair at right of table close to hers.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--We've got to decide what we must do. The time for s kulking and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {lying is over--and by God I'm glad of it! It's a coward's game I have no }\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {stomach for! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {He has placed the chair beside hers. She is staring at the }\i0 \p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {portrait.}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why don't you sit down, Christine?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {slowly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I was thinking--perhaps we had bett er go to the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {sitti ng-room. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then defiantly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) No! I've been afraid of you long enough, Ezra! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She sits down.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--I felt there was something wrong the moment I saw he r. I tried my }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {damn dest to put her off the course by giving her some softsoap--as you'd told }\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me to do to blind her. ( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {frowning}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That w as a mistake, Christine. It made her }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {pay too much attention to me--and opened her eyes!}\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Oh, I know I've ma de one blunder after another. It's as if love }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {drove me on to do everything I shouldn't. I never sh ould have brought you to }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {this house. Seeing you in New York should have been enough for me. But I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {loved you too much . I wanted you every possible moment we could steal! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {And I simply couldn't believe that he ever wo uld come home. I prayed that }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {he should be killed in the war so intensely that I finally believed i

t would }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {surely hap pen! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with savage intensity}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) Oh, if he were only dead!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--That chance is finished now.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { slowly--without looking at him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes--in that wa y.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares at her}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What do y ou mean? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She remains silent. He }\i0 \par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {changes the subject uneasily .}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) There's only one thing to do! When he comes }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {home I'll wait for him and not give Vinnie the satisfaction of telling him. I'll }\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {tell him myself. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {vindictively}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) By God! I'd give my soul to see his face when }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {he knows you love Marie Brantme's son! And then I'll take you away }\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {openly and laugh at him ! And if he tries to stop me--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He stops and gla nces }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with sa vage hatred at the portrait.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--What would you do then?}\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--If ever I lai d hands on him, I'd kill him!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {CHRISTINE--And then? You would be hanged for murder! And where }\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {would I be? There would be nothing left for me but to kill myself!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--If I could catch him alone, where no one would in terfere, and let }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {t he best man come out alive--as I've often seen it done in the West!}\par\pard\se ct\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\mar gbsxn280\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--This isn't the West.}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--I could insult him on the s treet before everyone and make him fight }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me! I could let him shoot first and then kill him in sel f-defense.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTI NE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {scornfully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Do you imagine you could force him to fight a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {duel with you? Don't you know duelling is illegal? Oh, no! He'd simply feel }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {bound to do his duty as a former judge and have you arrested! (}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {She adds }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {calculatingly, seeing he is boiling inside}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) It would be a poor revenge for your }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mother's death to let him make you a laughi ng stock!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--B ut when I take you off, the laugh will be on him! You can come }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {on the "Flying Trades."}\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {calculatingly reproachful}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I don 't think you'd propose that, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {Adam, if you stopped thinking of your revenge for a moment and thoug ht of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me! Don't y ou realize he would never divorce me, out of spite? What would I }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {be in the world's eyes? My life would be ruined and I would ruin yours! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You'd grow to hate me!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {passionately} \i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't talk like that! It's a lie and you know

it!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with bitter yearning}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) If I could only believe that, Adam! But }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I'll grow old so soon! And I'm afraid of time! (}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then abruptly changing tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {As for my sailing on your ship, you'll find you won't have a ship! He'll see to }\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {it you lose this command a nd get you blacklisted so you'll have no chance of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {getting another.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {angrily} \i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Aye! He can do that if he sets about it. There are twice as }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {man y skippers as ships these days.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {calculatingly--without looking at him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) If he had only been }\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {killed, we could be married now and I would bring you my share of the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mannon estate. That would only be justice. It's yours b y right. It's what his }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {father stole from yours.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {BRANT--That's true enough, damn him!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--You wouldn't have to worry about comm ands or owners' }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {f avors then. You could buy your own ship and be your own master!}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {yearningly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That's always been my dream--s ome day to own my }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {own clipper! And Clark and Dawson would be willing to sell the "Flying }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Trades." (}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {then forgetting everything in his enthusiasm}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) You've seen her, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {Christine. She's as beautiful a ship as you're a woman. Aye, the two of you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {are li ke sisters. If she was mine, I'd take you on a honeymoon then! To }\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {China--and on the voyage back, we'd stop at the South Pacific Islands I've }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {told you about. By God, there's the right place for l ove and a honeymoon!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {slowly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) Yes--but Ezra is alive!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {brought back to earth--gloom ily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I know it's only a dream.}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {turning to stare at him--slowly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You c an have your dream--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {and I can have mine. There is a way. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then tur ning away again}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You }\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {remember my telling you he had writte n complaining of pains about his }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {heart?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {BRANT--You're surely not hoping--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--No. He said it was nothing serious. But I've let it be known }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that he has heart trouble. I went to see our old family doctor and told him }\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {about Ezra's letter. I pretend ed to be dreadfully worried, until I got him }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {worried too. He's the town's worst old gossip. I'm su re everyone knows about }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {Ezra's weak heart by this time.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0

\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--What are you driving at, Christine?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Something I've been thinki ng of ever since I realized he might }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {soon come home. And now that Vinnie--but even if we didn't ha ve to }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {consider her , it'd be the only way! I couldn't fool him long. He's a strange, }\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hidden man. His silence always c reeps into my thoughts. Even if he never }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {spoke, I would feel what was in his mind and some night, lying beside him, it }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {would drive me mad and I'd have to kill his silence by screaming out the }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {truth! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {She has been staring before her--now she suddenly turns on Bran t--}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {slowly}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) If he died suddenly now, no one would think it w as anything but }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {he art failure. I've been reading a book in Father's medical library. I saw it }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {there one day a few we eks ago--it was as if some fate in me forced me to see }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {it! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She rea ches in the sleeve of her dress and takes out the slip of paper she }\i0 \par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {had written on.}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I've written something here. I want you to get it for me. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {His }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fingers close on it mechanically. He stares at it wi th a strange stupid dread. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {She hurries on so as not to give him time for reflection.}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) The work on the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {"Flying Trades" is all finished, isn't it? You sail to Boston tomorrow, to wait }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {for cargo?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {B RANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ay e.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Get t his at some druggist's down by the waterfront the minute }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you reach there. You can make up some sto ry about a sick dog on your ship. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {As soon as you get it, mail it to me here. I'll be on the lookou t, so Vinnie will }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { never know it came. Then you must wait on the "Flying Trades" until you }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hear from me or I come to you--afterward!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRA NT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But how can you do it--so no one will suspect?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--He's taking medicine. I'll give him his medic ine. Oh, I've }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {plan ned it carefully.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {B RANT--But--if he dies suddenly, won't Vinnie--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--There'll be no reason for her to suspect. She's worried already }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {about his heart. Besides, she may hate me, but she would never think--}\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--Orin will be com ing home, too.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRI STINE--Orin will believe anything I want him to. As for the people }\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {here, they'd never dream of suc h a thing in the Mannon house! And the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {sooner I do it, the less suspicion there'll be! They will t hink the excitement of }\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\mar glsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno 2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {coming home and the reaction were too much for his weak heart! Doctor }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl

-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Blake will think so. I'll see that's wh at he thinks.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRAN T--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Poi son! It's a coward's trick!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with fierce scorn now, seei ng the necessity of goading him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Do you think you would be brave r to give me up to him and let him take }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {away your ship?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--No!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Didn't you say you wanted to kill him?}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--Aye! But I'd give him his c hance!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE-Did he give your mother her chance?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {aroused}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) No, damn him!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Then what makes you suddenly so scrupulous about his d eath? }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {with a sneer}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It must be t he Mannon in you coming out! Are you going to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {prove, the first time your love is put to a real te st, that you're a weak coward }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {like your father?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {BRANT--Christine! If it was any man said that to me--!}\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {passionately}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Have you thought of this side of his }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { homecoming--that he's coming back to my bed? If you love me as much as }\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you claim, I should think that would rid you of any scruples! If it was a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {question of some woman taking you from me, I woul dn't have qualms about }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {which was or wasn't the way to kill her! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {m ore tauntingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But perhaps your }\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {love has been only a lie you to ld me--to take the sneaking revenge on him of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {being a backstairs lover! Perhaps--}\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {stung, grabbing her by the shoulders--fiercely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) Stop it! I'll do }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {anything you want! You know it! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with a change to somber grimness--}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {putting the paper in his pocket}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) And you're right. I'm a damn fool to have any }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {feeling about how Ezra Mannon dies!}\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {A look of exultant satisfaction comes to her face as she sees }\i 0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {he is definite ly won over now. She throws her arms around him and kisses }\i0 \par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {him passionately.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) Ah! Now you're the man I love again, not a hypocritical }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mannon! Promise me, n o more cowardly romantic scruples! Promise me!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--I promise. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {T he boom of a cannon sounds from the fort that guards }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the harbor. He and Christine start fri ghtenedlyand stand staring at each }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {other. Another boom comes, reverberating, rattling the w indows. Christine }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {recovers herself.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl

-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--You hear? That's the salute to his homecoming! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She kisses }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {him--with fierce insistence}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Remember your mother's death! Remember your }\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {dream of your own sh ip! Above all, remember you'll have me!--all your }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {own--your wife! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then urgently}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) And now you must go! She'll be coming }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {back--and you're not good at hiding your thoughts. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {urging him toward the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {door}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Hurry! I don't want you to meet her! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The cannon at the fort keep }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {booming at regular intervals un til the end of the scene. Brant goes out in the }\i0 \par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl -306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hall and a moment later the front doo r is heard closing after him. Christine }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hurries from the door to the window and watches him from behind the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {curtains as he goes down the drive. She is in a state of tense, exultant }\i 0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {excitement. The n, as if an idea had suddenly come to her, she speaks to his }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {retreating figure with a strang e sinister air of elation.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You'll never dare } \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {leave me now, Adam-for your ships or your sea or your naked Island girls--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {when I grow old and ugly! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {She turns back from the window. Her eyes are }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {caught by the eyes of her husba nd in the portrait and for a moment she }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares back into them, as if fascinated. Then she je rks her glance away and, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {with a little shudder she cannot repress, turns and walks quickly f rom the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {room and closes the door behind her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li3 013\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li3013\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Curtain}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {)}\par\pard\li2786\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2786\ri0\sl-2 13\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2786\ri0\sl-333\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\b {ACT THREE}\b0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SCENE--}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The same as Act One, Scene One--exterior of the Mannon house. It }\i0 \par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {is around nine o'clock of a night a week later. The light of a half moon falls }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {on the house, giving it an unreal, deta ched, eerie quality. The pure white }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {temple front seems more than ever like an incongruous ma sk fixed on the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {somber, stone house. All the shutters are closed. The white columns of the } \i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {portico cast black bars of shadow on the gray wall behind them. The trunk of }\i0 \par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the pine at right is an ebon y pillar, its branches a mass of shade.}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia is sitting on the top of the steps to the por tico. She is dressed, as }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {before, severely in black. Her thin figure, seated stiffly upright, arms against }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her sides, the legs close together, the shoulders square, the head upright, is }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {like that o f an Egyptian statue. She is staring straight before her. The sound }\i0 \par\pa

rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of Seth's thin, aged bar itone mournfully singing the chanty "Shenandoah" is }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {heard from down the drive, off right fro nt. He is approaching the house and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the song draws quickly nearer:}\i0 \par\pard\li720\ri0\s l-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {"Oh, Shenandoah, I long to hear you}\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {A-way, my rolling river.}\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Oh, Shenandoah, I can't get near you}\par\pard\ li720\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Way-ay, I'm bound away}\par \pard\li720\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Across the wide Misso uri.}\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-293\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {"Oh, Shenandoah, I love your daughter}\par\pard\ li720\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {A-way, my rolling river."}\ par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\marg tsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He enters right front. He is a bit drunk but holding his liquor well. He walks }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {up by the lilacs starting the next line}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { "Oh, Shenandoah"}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {--then suddenly sees }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {Lavinia on the steps and stops abruptly, a bit sheepish.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {disapprovingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) This is the second time this week I've caught }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you coming home like this.}\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {unabashed, approaches the steps--with a grin}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) I'm aimin' to do my }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {patriotic duty, Vinnie. The first time was celebratin' Lee's su rrender and this }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { time is drownin' my sorrow for the President gittin' shot! And the third'll be } \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {when your Paw gits home!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Fa ther might arrive tonight.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {SETH--Gosh, Vinnie, I never calc'lated he could git here so soon!}\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Evidently you didn't. He'd give you fits if he caught you drunk. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Oh, I don't believe he'll come, but it's possi ble he might.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH --(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {is evidently trying to pull himself together. He suddenly leans over }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {toward her and, lowering his voice, asks soberly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) Did you find out anything }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {about that Brant?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes. There's no connection. It was just a silly idea of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {yours.}\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {stares at her--then understandingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Wal, if you want it left that }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {way, I'll leave it that way. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {A p ause. He continues to stand looking at her, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {while she stares in front of her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a low voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) What was that Marie Brantme like, Seth?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Marie? She was always laughin' and singi n'--frisky and full of life--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {with something free and wild about her like an animile. Purty she wa

s, too! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {then he adds}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Hair just the color of your Maw's and yourn she had.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I know.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Oh, everyone took to Marie--couldn't help it. Even your Paw. He was }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {only a boy then, but he was crazy about her, too, like a youngster would be. }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {His mother was ster n with him, while Marie, she made a fuss over him and }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {petted him.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Father, too!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Ayeh--but he hated her worse than anyon e when it got found out she }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {was his Uncle David's fancy woman.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a low vo ice, as if to herself, staring at the house}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It 's all so }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {strange ! It frightens me! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She checks herself abruptly-turns to Seth, curtly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {don't believe that about Father. You've had too much whiskey. Go to bed and }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {sleep it off. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She walks up t he steps again.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gazes at h er with understanding}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ayeh. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {then warn-ingly, making a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {surreptitious signal as he sees the front door open ing behind her}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ssstt! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine appears outlined in the light from the hall. She is dressed in a }\i0 \par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gown of green velvet that sets off her hair. The light behind her glows along }\i0 \par\column\pard\li0\r i0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the edges of the dress and in th e color of her hair. She closes the door and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {comes into the moonlight at the edge of the ste ps, standing above and a little }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {to}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the right of Lavinia . The moonlight, falling full on them, accentuates }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {strangely the resemblance between their f aces and at the same time the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {hostile dissimilarity in body and dress. Lavinia does not turn or give any }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sign of knowing her mother is behind her. There is a second's uncomfortable }\i 0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {silence. Seth m oves off left.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Wal, I'll trot along! (}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {He disappears around the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {corner of the house. There is a pause. Then Christine speaks in a dry }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {mocking tone.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--What are you moongazing at ? Puritan maidens shouldn't peer }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {too inquisitively into Spring! Isn't beauty an abomination and lo ve a vile }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {thing? ( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She laughs with bitter mockery--then tauntingly}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why don't you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {marry Peter? You don't want to be left an old maid, do you?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {quietly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You nee dn't hope to get rid of me that way. I'm not }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {marrying anyone. I've got my duty to Father.}\par\par

d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Duty! How often I've heard that word in this house! Well, you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {can't say I didn't do mine all these years. But ther e comes an end.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAV INIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grimly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) A nd there comes another end--and you must do your }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {duty again!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {starts as if to retort defiantly--then says calmly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes, I r ealize }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that.}\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {after a pause--suspiciously}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) W hat's going on at the bottom of }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {your mind? I know you're plotting something!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {controlling a start}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't be stupid, please !}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Are you planning how you can see Adam again? You better not!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {cal mly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm not so foolish. I said good-bye once. Do you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {think I wan t to make it harder for myself?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {LAVINIA--Has it been hard for you? I'd never guess it--and I've bee n }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {watching you.}\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I warned y ou you would have no chance to gloat! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {after a }\ i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pause}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) When do you expect your father home? You want me to pl ay my part }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {well wh en he comes, don't you?--for his sake. I'd like to be forewarned.}\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--His letter said he would n't wait until his brigade was disbanded }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {but would try to get leave at once. He might arrive tonig ht--or tomorrow--or }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the next day. I don't know.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {CHRISTINE--You think he might come tonight? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {then with}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a mocking smile}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {So he's the beau you're waiting for in the spring moonlight! (}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {then after a }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {pause}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But the night train got in long ago.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LA VINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {glances down the drive, left front--then starts to her feet }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {excitedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Here's someone! (}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {Christine slowly rises. There is the sound of }\i0 \par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {footsteps. A moment later E zra Mannon enters from left, front. He stops }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {short in the shadow for a second and stands, er ect and stiff, as if at attention, }\i0 \par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840 \pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw76 13\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {staring at his house, his wife and daughter. He is a tall, spare, big-bone d }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {man of fi fty, dressed in the uniform of a Brigadier-General. One is }\i0 \par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {immediately struck by the mask-l ike look of his face in repose, more }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pronounced in him than in the others. He is exactly li ke the portrait in his }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {study, which we have seen in Act Two, except that his face is more l

ined and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {le an and the hair and beard are grizzled. His movements are exact and }\i0 \par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wooden and he has a man nerism of standing and sitting in stiff, posed }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {attitudes that suggest the statues of milita ry heroes. When he speaks, his }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {deep voice has a hollow repressed quality, as if he were con tinually }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wi thholding emotion from it. His air is brusque and authoritative.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {seeing the man's figure stop in the sh adow--calls excitedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Who's that?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {steppin g forward into the moonlight}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's I.}\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {with a cry of joy}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Father! (}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She runs to him and throws her arms }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {around him and kisses him.}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, Father! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She bursts into tears and hides her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {face against his shoulder.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { )}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {embarrassed--patting her head--gruffly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) Come! I thought I'd }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {taught you never to cry.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {obediently f orcing back her tears}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm sorry, Father--but I 'm so }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {happy!}\par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {awkwardly moved}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Tears are qu eer tokens of happiness! But I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {appreciate your--your feeling.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {has slowly descended the steps, her eyes fixed on him--}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tensely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Is i t really you, Ezra? We had just given up hope of your coming }\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {tonight.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {going stiffly to meet her}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Train was late. The railr oad is jammed }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {up. Everybody has got leave. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He meets her at the fo ot of the steps and kisses }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {her with a chill dignity--formally}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) I am glad to see you, Christine. You are }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {looking well. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He st eps back and stares at her--then in a voice that betrays }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {deep undercurrent of suppressed feeling}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Y ou have changed, somehow. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {You are prettier than ever--But you always were pretty.}\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {forcing a light tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Compliments fro m one's husband! How }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {gallant you've become, Ezra! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then solicitous ly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You must be terribly tired. }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Wouldn't you like to sit here on the steps for a while? The moonlight is so }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {beautiful.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {who has been hoveri

ng about jealously, now manages to worm }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {herself between them--sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) No. It's too damp out here. And Father must }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {be hungry. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {taking his arm}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Come inside with me and I'll get you something }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to eat. You poor dear! You must be starved.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {really revel ling in his daughter's coddling but embarrassed }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {before his wife--pulling his arm back--brus quely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No, thanks! I would rather }\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {rest here for a spell. Sit dow n, Vinnie. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine sits on the top step at }\i 0 \par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {center; he sits on the middle step at right; Lavinia on the lowest step at left. }\i0 \p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {While they are doin g this he keeps on talking in his abrupt sentences, as if he }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {were trying to cover up some hi dden uneasiness.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I've got leave for a few }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {days. Then I must go b ack and disband my brigade. Peace ought to be signed }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {soon. The President's assassination is a frig htful calamity. But it can't change }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {the course of events.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Poor man! It's dreadful he should die just at his moment of }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {victory. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--Yes! (}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then after a pause--somberly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) All victory ends in the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {defeat of death. That's sure. But does defeat end in the victory of death? }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {That's what I wonder! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They both stare at him, Lavinia i n surprise, Christine }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {in uneasy wonder. A pause.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Where is Orin? Co uldn't you get leave for him too?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hesitates--then brusquely }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I've been keeping it from you. Orin }\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {was wounded.}\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Wounded! You don't mean-badly hurt?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRIST INE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {half starting to her feet impulsively--with more of angry }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {bitterness than grief}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I knew it! I knew whe n you forced him into your }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {horrible war--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then sinking back--tens ely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You needn't trouble to break the }\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {news gradually, Ezra. Orin is dead, isn't he?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { LAVINIA--Don't say that! It isn't true, is it, Father?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {curt ly--a trace of jealousy in his tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Of course it isn't! If your }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { mother would permit me to finish instead of jumping at conclusions about }\par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {her baby--! (}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {with a grim, proud satisfaction}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) He's no baby now. I've made a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {man of him. He did one of the bravest things I've seen in the w ar. He was }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wounded in the head--a close shave but it turned out only a scratch. But he }\par\pard\

li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {got brain fever from the shoc k. He's all right now. He was in a rundown }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {condition, they say at the hospital. I never guessed it . Nerves. I wouldn't }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {notice nerves. He's always been restless. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hal f turning to Christine}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) He gets }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that from you.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--When will he be well enoug h to come home?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MAN NON--Soon. The doctor advised a few more days' rest. He's still weak. }\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {He was out of his head for a long time. Acted as if he were a little boy again. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Seemed to think you were with him. That is, he kept talking to "Mother."}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a tense intake of breath }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ah!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pityingly--with a t inge of scorn in her voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Poor Orin!}\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--I don't want you to baby him when he comes home, Christine. It }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {would be bad for him to get tied to your apron strings again.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE-You needn't worry. That passed--when he left me. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Another }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pau se. Then Lavinia speaks.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\sect\sectd\ sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\ cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--How is the trouble with your heart, Father? I've been so afraid }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {y ou might be making it out less serious than it really was to keep us from }\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {worrying.}\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {gruffly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) If it was serious, I'd tell y ou, so you'd be prepared. If }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {you'd seen as much of death as I have in the past four years, you wo uldn't be }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {afraid of it. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {suddenly jumping to his feet--brusquely}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Let's change the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {subject! I've had my fill of death. What I want now is to forget it. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He turns }\i0 \par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and paces up and down to the right of steps. Lavinia watches him worriedly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {All I know is t he pain is like a knife. It puts me out of commission while it }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {lasts. The doctor gave me orders t o avoid worry or any over-exertion or }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {excitement.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {staring at him}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You don't look well. But probably that's }\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {because you're so tired. You must go to bed soon, Ezra.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {comes to a stop in his pacing d irectly before her}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and looks into }\i0 \par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her eyes--a pause--t hen he says in a voice that he tries to make ordinary}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Yes, I wa nt to--soon.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVIN IA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {who has been watching him jealously--suddenl y pulling him by }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {the arm--with a childish volubility}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No!

Not yet! Please, Father! You've only }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {just come! We've hardly talked at all! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {defiantly to her mother}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) How can you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {tell him he look s tired? He looks as well as I've ever seen him. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then to her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {father, with a vindictive look at Christine}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) We've so much to tell you. All }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {about Captain Brant. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {If she had ex pected her mother to flinch at this, she is }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {disappointed. Christine is prepared and remains unmoved beneath the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {searching, suspicious glance Mannon now directs at her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--Vinnie wrote me you'd had company. I never heard of him. }\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {What business had he here?}\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {with an easy smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You h ad better ask Vinnie! He's her latest }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {beau! She even went walking in the moonlight with him!}\par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {with a gasp at being defied so brazenly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) Oh!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {M ANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {now jealous and suspicious of his daughte r}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I notice you didn't }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mention that in your letter, young lady!} \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I only we nt walking once with him--and that was before--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {S he }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {checks h erself abruptly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--Before what?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Before I knew he's the kind who cha ses after every woman he }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {sees.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANN ON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {angrily to Christine}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {) A fine guest to receive in my absence!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I believe he even thought Mother was fl irting with him. That's }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {why I felt it my duty to write you. You know how folks in town gossip, }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Father. I thought y ou ought to warn Mother she was foolish to allow him to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {come here.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--Foolish! It was downright--!}\par\column \pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {coldly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I would prefer not to discuss this until we are alone, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {Ezra--if you don't mind! And I think Vinnie is extremely incon siderate the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {momen t you're home--to annoy you with such ridiculous nonsense! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {She }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {turns to Lavinia.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I think you've done enoug h mischief. Will you kindly leave }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {us?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--No.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNO N--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Sto p your squabbling, both of you! I hoped you had }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {grown out of that nonsense! I won't have it in my house!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {obediently}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes, F ather.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--It m

ust be your bedtime, Vinnie.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {LAVINIA--Yes, Father. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She comes and ki sses him--excitedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, I'm so }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {happy you're here! Don't let Moth er make you believe I--You're the only man }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I'll ever love! I'm going to stay with you!}\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {patting her hair--with gruff tenderness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I hope so. I want you to }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {remain my little girl--for a while longer, at least. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {then suddenly catching }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine's scornful glance--pushes Lavinia away--bru squely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) March now!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Yes, Father. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {She goes up the steps past her mother without a }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {look. Behind her mother, in the porti co, she stops and turns.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't let }\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {anything worry you, Father. I 'll always take care of you. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She goes in. }\i0 \ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Mannon looks at hi s wife who stares before her. He clears his throat as if }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {about to say something--then starts pacing self-consciously up and down at }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the right of steps.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { )}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {forcing a gentle tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) Sit down, Ezra. You will only make }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {yourself more tired, keeping on your feet. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {He sits awkwardly two steps }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {below her, on her left, turned sideways to face he r. She asks with disarming }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {simplicity}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Now please tell me j ust what it is you suspect me of?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {taken aback}\i0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {) What makes you think I suspect you?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Everything! I've felt your dist rust from the moment you came. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {Your eyes have been probing me, as if you were a judge again and I were the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {prisoner. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {guiltily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I--?}\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--And all on account of a stupid letter Vinnie had no business to }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {write. It seems to me a late day, when I am an old w oman with grown-up }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {children, to accuse me of flirting with a stupid ship captain!}\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {impressed and relieved--placatingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) There 's no question of }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { accusing you of that. I only think you've been foolish to give the gossips a }\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {chance to be maliciou s.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Are y ou sure that's all you have in your heart against me?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--Yes! Of course! What else? (}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {patting her hand}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {emba rrassedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {We'll say no more about it. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {Then he adds gruffly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But I'd like you to explain }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {how this Brant happened--}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn66

6\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7 426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I'm only too glad to! I met him at Father's. Father has taken a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {fancy to him for some reason. So when he called here I couldn't be rude, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {could I? I hinted that his visits weren't welcome, but men of his type don't }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {under stand hints. But he's only been here four times in all, I think. And as for }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {there having been gos sip, that's nonsense! The only talk has been that he }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {came to court Vinnie! You can ask anyone in town.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--Damn his impudence! It was your duty to tell him flatly he }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-24 0\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wasn't wanted!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fo rcing a contrite air}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Well, I must confess I di dn't mind his }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {com ing as much as I might have--for one reason. He always brought me }\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {news of Father. Father's been s ick for the past year, as I wrote you. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a twitch o f the lips, as if she were restraining a derisive smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) You can't }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {realize what a strain I've been under--worrying about Father and Orin and--}\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you.}\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {deeply moved, turns to her and takes her hand in both of his--}\i0 \par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {awkwardly}\i0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {) Christine--I deeply regret--having been unjust. (}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {He kisses her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hand impulsively--then embarrassed by this show of emo tion, adds in a gruff, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {joking tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Afraid old Johnny Reb would pick me off, were you?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {controlling a wild impulse to burst into derisive laughter}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Do }\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you need to ask that? (}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {A pause. He stares at her, fascinated and stirred.}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {finally blurts out}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I've dreamed of coming home to you, }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Christine! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {leans toward her, his voice trembling with desire and a feeling of }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {strangeness and awe--touching her hair with an awkward caress}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You're }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {beautiful ! You look more beautiful than ever--and strange to me. I don't }\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {know you. You're younger. I feel like an old man beside you. Only your hair }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {is the same--your strange beautiful hair I always--}\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a start of repulsion, shrinking from his hand}\i0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then as he turns away, hurt an d resentful at this rebuff--hastily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm sorry, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Ezra. I didn't m ean--I--I'm nervous tonight. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Mannon paces to the right and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { stands looking at}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the trees. Christine star es at his back with hatred. She }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0

\f0\charscalex100\i {sighs with affected weariness and leans back and closes her eyes.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I'm tired, Ezra.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {blurts out}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I shouldn't have bothered you with that fo olishness }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {about B rant tonight. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He forces a strained smile.}\i0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But I was jealous a mite, to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {tell you the truth. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {He forces himself to turn and, seeing her eyes are shut, }\i0 \par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {suddenly comes and lea ns over her awkwardly, as if to kiss her, then is }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stopped by some strangeness he feels abou t her still face.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fee ling his desire and instinctively shrinking--without }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {opening her eyes}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) Why do you look at me like that?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turns away g uiltily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Like what? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {uneasily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) How do you know? }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Your eyes are shut. (}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {Then, as if some burden of depression were on him that }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {he had to throw off, he blurts out heavily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I can't get used to home yet. It's so }\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {lonely. I've got used to the feel of camps with thousands of men around me at }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {night--a sen se of protection, maybe! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {suddenly uneasy again}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't keep }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {your eyes shut like that! Don't be so still! (}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {then, as she opens her eyes--with }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {an explosive appeal}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) God, I want to talk to you, Christine! I've got to explain }\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {some things--inside me--to my wife--try to, anyway! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He sits down bes ide }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Shut your eyes again! I can talk better. It has a lways been hard for me }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {to talk--about feelings. I never could when you looked at me. Your eyes wer e }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {always so--so fu ll of silence! That is, since we've been married. Not before, }\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {when I was courting you. They used t o speak then. They made me talk--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {because they answered.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her eyes closed--t ensely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't talk, Ezra.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { as if he had determined, once started, to go on doggedly }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {without heeding any interruption}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It was seeing death all the time in this war }\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {got me to thinking th ese things. Death was so common, it didn't mean }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {anything. That freed me to think of life. Queer, i sn't it? Death made me think }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {of life. Before that life had only made me think of death!}\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {without opening her eyes}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why are you talking of death?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {MANNON--That's always been the Mannons' way of thinking. They went to }\par\

pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the white meeting-house on Sabbaths and meditated on death. Life was a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {dying. Being born was starting to die. Death was be ing born. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shaking his }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {head with a dogged bewilderment}\i0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) How in hell people ever got such notions! }\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {That white meeting-house. It stuck in my mind--clean-scrubbed and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {whitewashed--a temple of death! But in this war I've seen to o many white }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {walls splattered with blood that counted no more than dirty water. I've seen }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {dead men scattered about, no more important than rubbish to be got rid of. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {That made the white meeting-house seem meaningles s--making so much }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { solemn fuss over death!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {opens her eyes and stares at him with a strange terror}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What }\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {has this talk of death to do with me ?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {avoiding her glance--insistently}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) Shut your eyes again. Listen }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {and you'll know. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She shuts her eyes. He plods on with a note of desperation }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in his voice.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) I thought about my life--lying awake nights--and about your }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {life. In the middle of battle I'd think maybe in a minute I'll be dead. But my }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {life as just me ending, that didn't appear worth a t hought one way or another. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {But listen, me as your husband being killed that seemed queer and wrong --}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {like something d ying that had never lived. Then all the years we've been man }\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and wife would rise up in my mind and I would try to look at them. But }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {nothing was clear except that there'd always been some barrier b etween us--a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wall hiding us from each other! I would try to make up my mind exactly }\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {what that wall was but I never c ould discover. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a clumsy appealing }\i0 \par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gesture}\i0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {) Do you know?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tensely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) I don't know what you're talking about.}\par\pard\sect\sectd \sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213 \cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--But you've known it was there! Don't lie, Christ ine! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He looks at }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her still face and closed eyes, imploring her to reassure him--then blunders }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {on doggedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Maybe you' ve always known you didn't love me. I call to mind }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the Mexican War. I could see you wanted me to go. I had a feeling you'd }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {grown to hate me. Did you? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She doesn't answer.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That was why I went. I }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {was hoping I might get killed. M aybe you were hoping that too. Were you?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stammers}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No, no, I--What makes you say such things?}\par\par

d\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--When I came back y ou had turned to your new baby, Orin. I was }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hardly alive for you any more. I saw that. I tried no t to hate Orin. I turned to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {Vinnie, but a daughter's not a wife. Then I made up my mind I'd do my work }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {in the worl d and leave you alone in your life and not care. That's why the }\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {shipping wasn't enough--why I bec ame a judge and a mayor and such vain }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {truck, and why folks in town look on me as so able! Ha! Abl e for what? Not }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {f or what I wanted most in life! Not for your love! No! Able only to keep my }\par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mind from thinking of what I'd lost! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He stares at her--then asks plead ingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {For you did love me before we were married. You won't den y that, will you?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {desperately}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {) I don't deny anything!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {drawing himself up with a stern pride and dignity and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {surrendering himself like a commander against hopeless odds}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) All right, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {then. I came home to surrender to you--what's inside me . I love you. I loved }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {you then, and all the years between, and I love you now.}\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {distractedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ezra! Please!}\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--I want that said! Mayb e you have forgotten it. I wouldn't blame }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you. I guess I haven't said it or showed it much--ever. Something queer in me }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {keeps me mum about the things I'd like most to say--keeps me hiding the }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {things I'd like to show. Something keeps me sitting numb in my own heart--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {like a statue of a dead man in a town squa re. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Suddenly he reaches over and }\i0 \par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {takes her hand.}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I want to find what that wall is marriage put between us ! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You've got to h elp me smash it down! We have twenty good years still }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {before us! I've been thinking of what we co uld do to get back to each other. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {I've a notion if we'd leave the children and go off on a voyage together--to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the other side of the world--find some island where we could be alone a }\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {while. You'll find I have ch anged, Christine. I'm sick of death! I want life! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Maybe you could love me now! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {in a note of final desperate pleading}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) I've }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {got to make you love me!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pulls her hand away from him and spr ings to her feet wildly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {For God's sake, stop talking. I don't k now what you're saying. Leave me }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {alone! What must be, must be! You make me weak! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {then abruptly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's }\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {getting late.}\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale

x100\i {terribly wounded, withdrawn into his stiff soldier armor--takes }\i0 \pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {out his watch mecha nically}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes--six past eleven. Time to turn in. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {ascends two steps, his face toward the door. He s ays bitterly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You tell me to }\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {stop talking! By God, that's funny!} \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {collected now and calculating--takes hold of his arm, }\ i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {seductively}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I meant--what is the good of words? There is no wall between }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {us. I love you.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grabs her by the shoulders and stares into her f ace}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Christine! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I'd give my soul to believe that--but--I'm afraid ! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She kisses him. He presses }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her fiercely in his arms--passi onately}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Christine! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {The door behind him is }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {opened and Lavinia appears at the edge of the portico behind and above }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {him. She wears slippers over her bare feet and has a dark dressing-gown }\i0 \par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {over her night dress. She shrinks back from their embrace with aversion. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They separate, startled.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANN ON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {embarrassed--irritably}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) Thought you'd gone to bed, young }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {lady!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {woodenly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) I didn't feel sleepy. I thought I'd walk a little. It's }\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {such a fine night.}\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--We are just going to bed. Your father is tired. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She moves up , }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {past her d aughter, taking Mannon's hand, leading him after her to the door.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--No time for a walk, if you ask me. See you turn in soon.}\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Yes, Father.}\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--Good night. (}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {The door closes behind them. Lavinia stands }\i0 \par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {staring before her--then w alks stiffly down the steps and stands again. Light }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {appears between the chinks of the shutte rs in the bedroom on the second }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {floor to the left. She looks up.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in an anguish of jealous hatred}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) I hate you! You steal even }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Father's love from me again! You stole all love from me when I was born! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then almost with a sob, hiding her face in her ha nds}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, Mother! Why have }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you done this to me? What harm had I do ne you? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then looking up at the }\i0 \par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {window again--with passionate disgust}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Father, how can you love that }\par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {shameless harlot? (}\fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then frenziedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I can

't bear it! I won't! It's my duty to tell }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {him about her! I will! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {S he calls desperately}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Father! Father! (}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {The shutter of }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the bedroom is pushed open and Mannon leans out.}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) What is it? Don't shout like that!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stammers la mely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I--I remembered I forgot to say good nigh t, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Father.}\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {exasperated}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Good heavens! What-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then gently}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh --all right--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {good night, Vinnie. Get to bed soon, like a good girl.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Yes, Father. Good night. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {He goes back in the bedroom and pulls }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the shutter closed. She stands starin g fascinatedly up at the window, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {wringing her hands in a pitiful desperation.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li3013\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li301 3\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Curtain}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15 840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\col w7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li2906\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\ li2906\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2906\ri0\sl-386\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\b {ACT FOUR}\b0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SCENE--}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {Ezra Mannon's bedroom. A big four-poster bed is at rear, center , }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the foot front, the head against the rear wall. A small stand, with a candle on }\i0 \par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {it, is by the head o f the bed on the left. To the left of the stand is a door }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {leading into Christine's room. Th e door is open. In the left wall are two }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {windows. At left, front, is a table with a lamp on it and a chair beside it. In }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {the right wall, front, is a door leading to the hall. Further back, against the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {wall, is a bureau.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {None of these details can be discerned at first because the room is in }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {darkn ess, except for what moonlight filters feebly through the shutters. It is }\i0 \ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {around dawn of th e following morning.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {Christine's form can be made out, a pale ghost in the darkness, as she slips }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {slowl y and stealthily from the bed. She tiptoes to the table, left front, and }\i0 \p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {picks up a light-c olored dressing-gown that is flung over the chair and puts }\i0 \par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {it on. She stands listening for some sound from the bed. A pause. Then }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Mannon's voice comes suddenly from the bed, dull and lifeless.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--Christine.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {starts violently--in a strained voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--Must be n ear daybreak, isn't it?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale

x100 {CHRISTINE--Yes. It is beginning to get gray.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--What made you jump when I spoke? Is my voice so strange to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {you?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE-I thought you were asleep.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {MANNON--I haven't been able to sleep. I've been lying here thinking. W hat }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {makes you so uneasy?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE-I haven't been able to sleep either.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--You slunk out of bed so quietly.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I didn't want to wake you. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {bitterly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Couldn't you b ear it--lying close to me?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {CHRISTINE--I didn't want to disturb you by tossing around.}\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--We'd better light the light and talk a while.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with dread}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) I don't want to talk! I prefer the dark.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--I want to see you. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {He takes matches from the}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { s}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tand by the bed }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and lights the candle on it. Christine hastily s its down in the chair by the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {table, pushing it so she sits facing left, front, with her fac e turned three-}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {quarters away from him. He pushes his back up against the head of the bed }\ i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a half sit ting position. His face, with the flickering candle light on its side, }\i0 \par \column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {has a grim, bi tter expression.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You like the dark where you c an't see your old }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { man of a husband, is that it?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {CHRISTINE--I wish you wouldn't talk like that, Ezra. If you are going to say }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {stupid thi ngs, I'll go in my own room. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She gets to her fee t but keeps her face }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {turned away from him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--Wait! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {then a note of pleading in his voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't go. I don't }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {want to be alone. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She sits again in the same position as before. He goes on }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {humbly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I didn't mean to sa y those things. I guess there's bitterness inside }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me--my own cussedness, maybe--and sometimes it g ets out before I can stop }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {it.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTI NE--You have always been bitter.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {MANNON--Before we married?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I don't remember.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--You don't want to remember you ever love d me!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tensely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I don't want to talk of the past! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {abruptly changing }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the subject}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Did you hear Vinnie the first part of the night? S he was pacing }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {up a nd down before the house like a sentry guarding you. She didn't go to }\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {bed until two. I heard the c

lock strike.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON --There is one who loves me, at least! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then afte r a pause}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I feel }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {strange, Christine.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--You mean--your heart? You don't thi nk you are going to be--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {taken ill, do you?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) No! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a pause}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\b {--}\b0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then accusingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) Is that what you're }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {waiting for? Is that why you were so willing to give yourself ton ight? Were }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you hop ing--?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {springing up}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ez ra! Stop talking like that! I can't stand it! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She moves as if to g o into her own room.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--Wait! I'm sorry I said that. (}\fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then, as she sits down again, he }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {goes on gloomily.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) It isn't my heart. It's something uneasy troubling my }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mind--as if something in m e was listening, watching, waiting for something }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to happen.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Waiting for what to happen?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--I don't know. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {A pause--then he goes on somberly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) This house }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {i s not my house. This is not my room nor my bed. They are empty--waiting }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {for someone to move in! An d you are not my wife! You are waiting for }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {something!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {beginning to snap un der the strain--jumps to her feet again}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {What would I be waiting for?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--For de ath--to set you free!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {CHRISTINE--Leave me alone! Stop nagging at me with your crazy }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {suspicions! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {then anger and hatred come into her voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) Not your wife! You }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {acted as if I were your wife--your property--not so long ago!}\par\pard\ sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\m argbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with b itter scorn}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Your body? What are bodies to me? I've seen }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {too man y rotting in the sun to make grass greener! Ashes to ashes, dirt to }\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {dirt! Is that your notion of love? Do you think I married a body? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then, as if }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {all the bi tterness and hurt in him had suddenly burst its dam}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) You were lying }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {to me tonight as you've always lied! You were only pretending love! You let }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me take you as if you were a nigger slave I'd bought at auction! You made }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me appear a lustful beast in my own eyes !--as you've always done since our }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {first marriage night! I would feel cleaner now if I had gone t

o a brothel! I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wo uld feel more honor between myself and life!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a stifl ed voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Look out, Ezra! I won't stand--}\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {with a harsh laugh}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) And I had hoped my homecoming would }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {mark a new beginning--new love between us! I told you my secret feeling s. I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {tore my insi des out for you--thinking you'd understand! By God, I'm an old }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {fool!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her voice grown strident}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Did you think you could make me }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {weak--mak e me forget all the years? Oh no, Ezra! It's too late! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {Then her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {voice changes, as if she had suddenly resolved on a course of action, and } \i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {becomes deli berately taunting.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You want the truth? You've guessed it! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You'v e used me, you've given me children, but I've never once been yours! I }\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {never could be! And whose fault is it? I loved you when I married you! I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wanted to give myself! But you made me so I couldn 't give! You filled me }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {with disgust!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {furiously}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) You say that to me! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then trying to calm hi mself--}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stam mers}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No! Be quiet! We mustn't fight! I mustn't lose my temper! It will }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {bring on--!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {goading him with calculating cruelt y}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, no! You needn't }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {adopt that pitiful tone! You wanted the t ruth and you're going to hear it now!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {frightened--almost p leading}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Be quiet, Christine!}\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I've lied about everythi ng! I lied about Captain Brant! He is }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {Marie Brantme's son! And it was I he came to see, not Vinnie ! I made him }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {come !}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {seized with fury}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You d ared--! You--! The son of that--!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Yes, I dared! And all my trips to New York weren't to visit }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Father but to be with Adam! He's gentle and tender, he's everything you've }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {never been. He's what I've longe d for all these years with you--a lover! I love }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {him! So now you know the truth!}\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {in a frenzy--struggling to get out of bed}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You--you whore--I'll }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {kill you! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Suddenly he falls back, groaning, doubled up on his left side, with }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {intense pain.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {with savage satisfaction}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ah! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She hurries through the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\

sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {doorway into her room and immediate ly returns with a small box in her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hand. He is facing away from her door, and, even if the intense pain left him }\i0 \par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {any perception, he could not notice her departure and return, s he moves so }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { silently.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gaspingly}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Quick--medicine!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turned awa y from him, takes a pellet from the box, asking }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tensely as she does so}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) Where is your medicine?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {MANNON--On the stand! Hurry!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Wait. I have it now. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {She pretends to take something from the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-24 0\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stand by the head of the bed--then holds out the pellet and a glass of water }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {which is on the stand.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) Here. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He turns to her, groaning and opens his }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {mouth. She p uts the pellet on his tongue and presses the glass of water to his }\i0 \par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {lips.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) Now drink.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {takes a swallow of water--then su ddenly a wild look of terror }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {comes over his face. He gasps}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That's not--my medicine! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She shrinks back }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {to the table, the hand with the box held out behind her, as if seeking a hiding }\i0 \par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {place. Her fingers release th e box on the table top and she brings her hand }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in front of her as if instinctively impelled to prove to him she has nothing. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {His eyes are fixed on her in a terrible accusing glare. He tries to call for }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {help but his voice fades to a wheezy whisper.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) Help! Vinnie! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He falls back }\i0 \par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a coma, breathing stert orously. Christine stares at him fascinatedly--then }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {starts with terror as she hears a noise from the hall and frantically snatches }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {up the box from the table and holds it behind her bac k, turning to face the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {door as it opens and Lavinia appears in the doorway. She is dressed a s at }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the end of Act Three, in nightgown, wrapper and slippers. She stands, dazed }\i0 \par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and frightened and hesi tating, as if she had just awakened.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I had a horrible dr eam--I thought I heard Father calling me--it }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {woke me up--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {trembling with g uilty terror--stammers}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) He just had--an }\par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {attack.}\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {hurries to the bed}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Father! (}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {She puts her arms around him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) He's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {fainted!}\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--No. He's a

ll right now. Let him sleep. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {At this moment }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Mannon, with a l ast dying effort, straightens up in a sitting position in }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia's arms, his eyes glaring a t his wife and manages to raise his arm and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {point an accusing finger at her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { MANNON--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gasps}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) She's guilty--not medicine! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He falls back limply .}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Father! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Frightenedly s he feels for his pulse, puts her ear against }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {his chest to listen for a heartbeat.}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {CHRISTINE--Let him alone. He's asleep.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--He's dead!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {repeats mec hanically}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Dead? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then in a strange flat tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I }\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hope--he rests in peace.}\par\pa rd\sect\sectd\sbkpage {\shp{\*\shpinst\shpleft8280\shptop8600\shpright9293\shpbottom8600\shpfhdr0\shpw r3\shpwrk0\shpfblwtxt1\shplid2035\shpz0\shpbxpage\shpbypage {\sp{\sn shapeType}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn fFlipH}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn fFlipV}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn rotation}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn geoRight}{\sv 1013}} {\sp{\sn geoBottom}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn shapePath}{\sv 4}} {\sp{\sn pVerticies}{\sv 8;2;(0,0);(1013,0);}} {\sp{\sn pSegmentInfo}{\sv 2;5;16384;45824;1;45824;32768}} {\sp{\sn fFillOK}{\sv 1}} {\sp{\sn fFilled}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn lineWidth}{\sv 7620}} {\sp{\sn lineColor}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn lineDashing}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn fLine}{\sv 1}}{\sp{\sn lineColor}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn lineType}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn fArrowheadsOK}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn fBehindDocument}{\sv 1}} {\sp{\sn fLayoutInCell}{\sv 1}}}} {\shp{\*\shpinst\shpleft8280\shptop9106\shpright9346\shpbottom9106\shpfhdr0\shpw r3\shpwrk0\shpfblwtxt1\shplid2036\shpz1\shpbxpage\shpbypage {\sp{\sn shapeType}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn fFlipH}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn fFlipV}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn rotation}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn geoRight}{\sv 1066}} {\sp{\sn geoBottom}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn shapePath}{\sv 4}} {\sp{\sn pVerticies}{\sv 8;2;(0,0);(1053,0);}} {\sp{\sn pSegmentInfo}{\sv 2;5;16384;45824;1;45824;32768}} {\sp{\sn fFillOK}{\sv 1}} {\sp{\sn fFilled}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn lineWidth}{\sv 7620}} {\sp{\sn lineColor}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn lineDashing}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn fLine}{\sv 1}}{\sp{\sn lineColor}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn lineType}{\sv 0}}

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{\sp{\sn lineDashing}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn fLine}{\sv 1}}{\sp{\sn lineColor}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn lineType}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn fArrowheadsOK}{\sv 0}} {\sp{\sn fBehindDocument}{\sv 1}} {\sp{\sn fLayoutInCell}{\sv 1}}}}\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn13 3\margtsxn666\margbsxn200\cols3\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw1720\colsr-0\ colno3\colw5706\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA --(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turning on her with hatred}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) Don't you dare pretend--! You }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wanted him to die! You--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {She stops and stares at her mother with a horrified }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {suspicion--then harshly accusing}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why did he point at you like that? Why }\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {did he say you were guilty ? Answer me!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRIS TINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stammers}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I told him--Adam was my lover.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {aghast}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) You told him that--when you knew his heart--! Oh! You }\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {did it on purpose! You murd ered him!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTIN E--No--it was your fault--you made him suspicious--he kept }\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {talking of love and death--he forced m e to tell him! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Her voice becomes }\i0 \par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {thick, as if she were drow sy and fighting off sleep. Her eyes half close.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { )}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grabbing her by the shoulders--fiercely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) Listen! Look at me! He }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {said "not medicine"! What did he mean?}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {keeping the hand, with the poison pressed against her back}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18 \cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \ fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmul t0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\s lmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-4 00\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHARACTERS}\par\column\pard\li973\ri0\sl213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li973\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li973 \ri0\sl-386\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b {THE HUNTED}\b0 \par\pard\li813 \ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li813\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\b \i {A Play in Five Acts}\b0 \i0 \par\pard\li626\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li626\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b \i {Par t Two of the Trilogy}\b0 \i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-320\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b \i {MOURNING BECOMES ELECTR A}\b0 \i0 \par\pard\sect\sectd\sbknone\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margr sxn133\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I--I don't know.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You do know! What was it? Tell me!}\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {with a last effort of will manages to draw herself up and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {speak with a si mulation of outraged feeling}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Are you accusing your mother }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {of--} \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Yes! I--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then distractedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10

0 {) No--you can't be that evil!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her strength gone--swa ying weakly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I don't know what--}\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you're talking about. (}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {She edges away from Lavinia toward her bedroom }\i0 \par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {door, the hand with th e poison stretched out behind her--weakly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I--f eel faint. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I must go--and lie down. I--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She turns as if to run int o the room, takes a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {tottering step--then her knees suddenly buckle under her and she falls in a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dead f aint at the foot of the bed. As her hand strikes the floor the fingers }\i0 \par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {relax and the box sl ips out onto one of the hooked rugs.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {does not notice this. Startled by Christine's collapse, she }\i0 \ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {automatically ben ds on one knee beside her and hastily feels for her pulse. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then satisfied she has only fain ted, her anguished hatred immediately }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {returns and she speaks with strident denunciation.}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You murdered him just }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the same--by telling him! I suppose you thi nk you'll be free to marry Adam }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {now! But you won't! Not while I'm alive! I'll make you pay for yo ur crime! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I'll fi nd a way to punish you! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She is starting to her f eet when her eyes fall on }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {the little box on the rug. Immediately she snatches it up and sta res at it, the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {look of suspicion changing to a dreadful, horrified certainty. Then with a } \i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shuddering c ry she shrinks back along the side of the bed, the box clutched }\i0 \par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in her hand, and sinks on h er knees by the head of the bed, and flings her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {arms around the dead man. With anguished be seeching}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Father! Don't leave }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me alone! Come back to me! Tell me what to do!}\par\pard\li3066\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li3066\ri0\s l-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Curtai n}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE, }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Ezra Mannon's widow}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA ( VINNIE), }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her daughter}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN, }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her s on, First Lieutenant of Infantry}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {CAPTAIN ADAM BRANT}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL NILES}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {PETER, }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her brother, Captain of Artille ry}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {JOSIAH BORDE N, }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {manager of the shipping company}\i0 \par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {EMMA, }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {his wife}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {EVERETT HILLS, D.D., }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of the First Congregationa l Church}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HIS WI FE}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {DOCTOR JOSEPH BL AKE}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {THE CHANTYMAN}\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\ cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-360\slmult0 \f

s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SCENES}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-320\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPER LINK ""}}{\fldrslt {ACT ONE: }}}Exterior of the Mannon house--a moonlight night two days after }\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the murder of Ezra Mannon.}\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPER LINK ""}}{\fldrslt {ACT TWO: }}}Sitting-room in the house--immediately follows Act One.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "http://gut"}}{\fldrslt {ACT THREE: }}}Ezra Mannon 's study--immediately follows Act Two.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK " 04/0400141h.html#s204"}}{\fldrslt {ACT FOUR: }}}The stern of the clipper ship "F lying Trades," at a wharf in East }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {Boston--a night two days later.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK " au/ebooks04/0400141h.html#s205"}}{\fldrslt {ACT FIVE: }}}Same as Act One--Exteri or of the Mannon house the night of the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {following day.}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbknone\pgwsxn15840\pg hsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn1224 0\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\ colno2\colw7426\pard\li2906\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b {The Hunted}\b0 \par\pard\li2973\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2973\ri0\sl -213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2973\ri0\sl-333\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\b {ACT ONE}\b0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SCENE--}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {The same as Acts One and Three of "Homecoming"--Exterior of the }\i0 \par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Mannon House.}\i0 \par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {It is a moonlight nigh t two days after the murder of Ezra Mannon. The house }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {has the same strange eerie appearance , its white portico like a mask in the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {moonlight, as it had on that night. All the shutters are closed. A funeral }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {wreath is fixed to the column at the right of steps. Another wreath is on the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {d oor.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {There i s a sound of voices from inside the house, the front door is opened }\i0 \par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and Josiah Borden and h is wife, Everett Hills, the Congregational minister, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and his wife, and Doctor Joseph Blake, the Mannons' family physician, come }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {out. Christine can be seen in the hall just inside the door. There is a chorus }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {of}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { "Good night, Mrs. Mannon," }\f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and they turn to the steps and the door is }\i0 \par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {closed.}\i0 \par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {These people--the Borden s, Hills and his wife and Doctor Blake--are, as }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {were the Ames of Act One of "Homecoming," t ypes of townsfolk, a chorus }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {representing as those others had, but in a different stratum of society, the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {town as a human background for the drama of the Mannons.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Josiah Borden, the manager of th e Mannon shipping company, is shrewd }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and competent. He is around sixty, small and wizened, white hair and beard, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {rasping nasal voice, and little sharp eyes. His wife, about ten years his }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {junior

, is a typical New England woman of pure English ancestry, with a }\i0 \par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {horse face, buck teeth an d big feet, her manner defensively sharp and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {assertive. Hills is the type of well-fed minis ter of a prosperous small-town }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {congregation--stout and unctuous, snobbish and ingratiating, conscious of }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {godliness, but timid and always feeling his way. He is in the fifties, as is his }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wife, a sallow, flabby, self-effacing minister's wife. Doctor Blake is the old }\i0 \pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {kindly best-family physician--a stout, self-important old man with a stubborn }\i0 \par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {opinionated expression.}\i0 \par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They come down the s teps to the drive. Mrs. Borden and Mrs. Hills walk }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {together toward left front until they ar e by the bench. There they stop to wait }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {for the men who stand at the foot of the steps whil e Borden and Blake light }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {cigars.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MRS. BORDEN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {tartly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I can't abide that woma n!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MRS. HILLS--No. There's something queer about her.}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MRS. BORDEN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grudgingly honest}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Still and all, I come nearer to liking }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {her now than I eve r did before when I see how broken down she is over her }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {husband's death.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MRS. HILLS--Yes. She looks terrible, doesn't she? Doctor Blake says she }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {will have herself in bed sick if she doesn't look out.}\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MRS. BORDEN--I'd never have suspec ted she had that much feeling in her. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {Not but what she hasn't always been a dutiful wife, as far a s anyone knows.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MRS . HILLS--Yes. She's seemed to be.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {MRS. BORDEN--Well, it only goes to show how you can misjudge a pe rson }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {without meani ng to--especially when that person is a Mannon. They're not }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {easy to make head or tail of. Queer, t he difference in her and Lavinia--the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {way they take his death. Lavinia is cold and calm as an icic le.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MRS. HILLS--Yes . She doesn't seem to feel as much sorrow as she ought.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MRS. BORDEN--That's where you're wrong. She feels it as much as her }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {mother. Only she's too Mannon to let anyone see what she feels. But did y ou }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {notice the look in her eyes?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MRS. HILLS--I noticed she never said a word to anyone. Where did she }\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {disappear to all of a sudden?}\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MRS. BORDEN--Went to th e train with Peter Niles to meet Orin. I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {overheard her mother talking to Lavinia in the hall. She was insisting Peter }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {should escort her to meet the train. Lavinia must have been starting to go }\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {alone. Her mother see med real angry about it. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then glancing toward th e men }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {who ha

ve moved a little away from the steps and are standing talking in low }\i0 \par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tones}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) Whatever are those men gossiping about? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {She calls}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Josiah! It's time }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {we were getting home.}\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BORDEN--I'm coming, Emm a. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The three men join the women by the bench, }\ i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Borden talking as they come.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It isn't for me to question the arrangements }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {she' s made, Joe, but it does seem as if Ezra should have been laid out in the }\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {town hall where the whol e town could have paid their respects to him, and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {had a big public funeral tomorrow.}\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HILLS--That's my opinion. He was mayor of the town and a national war }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {hero--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {BLAKE--She says it was Ezra's wish he'd often expressed that everything }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {should be private and quiet. That's just like Ezra. He never was one for show. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {He did the work and let others do the showing-off.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HILLS --(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {unctuously}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) H e was a great man. His death is a real loss to everyone }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {in this community. He was a power for good .}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BORDEN--Yes. He g ot things done.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HIL LS--What a tragedy to be taken his first night home after passing }\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {unharmed through the whole war!} \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BORDEN--I couldn't believe the news. Who'd ever suspect--It's queer. It's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {like fate.}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgw sxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn280\cols2\colno 1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {MRS. HILLS--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {breaks in tactlessly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Maybe it is fate. You remember, }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Everett, you've always said about the Mannons that pride goeth before a fall }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and that some day God would humble them in their sinfu l pride. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Everyone }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares at her, shocked and irritated.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {HILLS--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {flusteredly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) I don't remember ever saying--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BLAKE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {huffily}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) If you'll excuse me, that's darn nonsense! I've known Ezra }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mannon all my life, and to those he wanted to know he was as plain and }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {simple--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 66\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HILLS--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {ha stily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Of course, Doctor. My wife entirely misu nderstood me. I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {w as, perhaps wrongly, referring to Mrs. Mannon.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BLAKE--She's all right too--when you get to know he r.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HILLS--(}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dryly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I have no doubt. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BLAKE--And it's a poor time, when this household is afflicted by sudden }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {death, to be--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HILLS--You are quite right, Doctor. My wife s

hould have remembered--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {MRS. HILLS--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {crushed}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) I didn't mean anything wrong, Doctor.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BLAKE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {mollified ly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Let's forget it then. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {turning to Borden--with a self-}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {satisfied, knowing air}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) As for your saying who'd ever expect it--well, you and }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Emma know I expected Ezra wouldn't last long.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BORDEN --Yes. I remember you said you were afraid his heart was bad.}\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MRS. BORDEN--I remember you did too. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BLAKE--From the s ymptoms Mrs. Mannon described from his letter to her, I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {was as certain as if I'd examined him he had angina. And I wasn't surprised }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {neither. I'd often told Ezra he was attempting more than one m an could }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {handle a nd if he didn't rest he'd break down. The minute they sent for me I }\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {knew what'd happened. And wha t she told me about waking up to find him }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {groaning and doubled with pain confirmed it. She'd give n him his medicine--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {it was what I would have prescribed myself--but it was too late. And as for } \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {dying his first ni ght home--well, the war was over, he was worn out, he'd had }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {a long, hard trip home--and angina is no respecter of time and place. It strikes }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {when it has a mind to.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BORDEN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shaking his head}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Too bad. Too durned bad. The town won 't }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {find another a s able as Ezra in a hurry. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They all shake their heads and look }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {sad. A pause.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MRS. BORDEN--Well, we aren't doing anyone any good standing here. We }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {ought to get home, Josiah.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {MRS. HILLS--Yes. We must, too, Everett. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {They begin moving slowly off }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {left, Hills going with the two women. Doctor Blake nudg es Borden and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {motions him to stay behind. After the others disappear, he whispers with a }\ i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {meaning grin} \i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {BLAKE--I'll tell you a secret, Josiah--strictly between you and me.}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BORDEN-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sensing something from his manner--eagerly}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Of course. What is }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {it, Joe?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {BLAKE--I haven't asked Christine Mannon any embarrassing que stions, but }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I have a strong suspicion it was love killed Ezra!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BORDEN--Love?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {BLAKE--That's what! Leastways, love made angina kill him, i f you take my }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mean ing. She's a damned handsome woman and he'd been away a long time. }\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Only natural between man and wi fe--but not the treatment I'd recommend for }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {angina. He should have known better, but--well--he was

human.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BORDEN--(}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a salacious smirk}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) Can't say as I blame him! She's a looker! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I don't like her and never did but I can imagine w orse ways of dying! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {both chuckle.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) Well, let's catch up with the folks. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They go off, left. They have }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {hardly disappeared before the door of the house is opened and Christine }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {M annon comes out and stands at the head of the steps a moment, }\i0 \par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {thendescends to the drive. She is obviously in a terrible state of strained }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {nerves. Beneath the mask-like veneer of her fa ce there are deep lines about }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {her mouth, and her eyes burn with a feverish light. Feeling he rself free from }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {observation for a moment she lets go, her mouth twitches, her eyes look }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {desperately on a ll sides, as if she longed to fly from something. Hazel Niles }\i0 \par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {comes out of the house to the head of the steps. She is the same as in }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {"Homecoming." Christine at once senses her presence behind her and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {regains her tense control of herself.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {with a cheering, sympathetic air}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) So here you are. I looked }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {everywhere around the house and couldn't find you.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {tensely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I couldn't stay in. I'm so nervo us. It's been a little }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {harrowing--all these people coming to stand around and stare at the dead--} \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and at me.}\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--I know. But there wo n't be any more now. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then a tone of }\i0 \par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {eagerness breaking throu gh in spite of herself}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Peter and Vinnie ought to be }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {back soon, i f the train isn't late. Oh, I hope Orin will surely come!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {strangely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) The same train! It was late that n ight he came! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Only two days ago! It seems a lifetime! I've grown old.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gently}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Try not to think of it.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tensely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) As if I hadn't tried! But my brain ke eps on--over and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {o ver and over!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL --I'm so afraid you will make yourself sick.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {rallying he rself and forcing a smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) There, I'm all right . I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mustn't appear too old and haggard when Orin comes, must I? He always }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {liked me to be pretty.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--It will be so good to see him a gain! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then quickly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) He ought to be }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {such a comfort to you in your grief.}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\

pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw761 3\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {CHRISTINE--Yes. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then strangely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) He used to be my baby, you know--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {before he left me. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {suddenly staring at Hazel, as if struck by an idea}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) You }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {l ove Orin, don't you?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {embarrassed--stammers shyly}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I--I--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I am glad. I want you to. I want him to marry you. (}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {putting an }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {arm around her--in a strained tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) We'll be secret conspirators, shall we, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and I'll help you and you'll help me?}\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--I don't unders tand.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Y ou know how possessive Vinnie is with Orin. She's always }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {been jealous of you. I warn you she'll d o everything she can to keep him }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {from marrying you.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shocked}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) Oh, Mrs. Mannon, I can't believe Vinnie--!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {unheeding}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) So you must help me. We mustn' t let Orin come }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {u nder her influence again. Especially now in the morbid, crazy state of grief }\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {she's in! Haven't yo u noticed how queer she's become? She hasn't spoken a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {single word since her father's death! When I talk to her she won't answer me. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {And yet she follows me around everywhere--she hardly leaves me alone a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {minute. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {forcing a nervous laugh}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) It gets on my nerves until I could scream!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Poor Vinnie! She was so fond of her fa ther. I don't wonder she--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {staring at her--strangely}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You are genuinely good and pure of }\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {heart, aren't you?}\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {embarrassed}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh no! I'm not at all--} \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I was l ike you once--long ago--before--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with bitter }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {longing}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) If I could only have stayed as I was then! Why c an't all of us remain }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {innocent and loving and trusting? But God won't leave us alone. He twists } \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and wrings and tor tures our lives with others' lives until--we poison each }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {other to death! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {seeing Hazel's look, catches herself--quickly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) Don't mind }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {what I said! Let's go in, shall we? I would rather wait for Orin inside. I }\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {couldn't bear to wai t and watch him coming up the drive--just like--he looks }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {so much like his father at times--and li ke--but what nonsense I'm talking! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {Let's go in. I hate moonlight. It makes everything so haunted. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She turns }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult

0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {abruptly and goes into the house. Hazel follows her and shuts the door. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {There is a pause. Then footsteps and voices are heard from off righ t front }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and a moment later Orin Mannon enters with Peter and Lavinia. One is at }\i0 \par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {once struck by his sta rtling family resemblance to Ezra Mannon and Adam }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Brant [whose likeness to each other we ha ve seen in "Homecoming"]. There }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {is the same lifelike mask quality of his face in repose, th e same aquiline nose, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {heavy eyebrows, swarthy complexion, thick straight black hair, light hazel }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {eyes. His mouth and chin have the same general characteristics as his }\i0 \par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {father's had, but the expr ession of his mouth gives an impression of tense }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {oversensitiveness}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {quite foreign to the General's, and his chin is a refined, }\i0 \pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {weakened version of the dead man's. He is about the same height as Mannon }\i0 \par\column\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and Brant, but his body is thi n and his swarthy complexion sallow. He wears }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a bandage around his head high up on his foreh ead. He carries himself by }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {turns with a marked slouchiness or with a self-conscious square-s houldered }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {st iffness that indicates a soldierly bearing is unnatural to him. When he }\i0 \pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {speaks it is jerkily , with a strange, vague, preoccupied air. But when he }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {smiles naturally his face has a gentle boyish charm which makes women }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {immediately want to mother him. He wears a mustache similar to Brant's }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {w hich serves to increase their resemblance to each other. Although he is }\i0 \pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {only twenty, he look s thirty. He is dressed in a baggy, ill-fitting uniform--that }\i0 \par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of a first lieutenant of infan try in the Union Army.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as t hey enter looks eagerly toward the house--then with bitter, hurt }\i0 \par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {disappointment in his tone} \i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Where's Mother? I thought she'd surely be }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {waiting for me. (}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He stands staring at the house.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) God, how I've dreamed of }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {coming home! I thought it would never end, that we'd go on mu rdering and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {being murdered until no one was left alive! Home at last! No, by God, I must }\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {be dreaming again! (}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then in an awed tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) B ut the house looks strange. Or is }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {it something in me? I was out of my head so long, everything has seemed }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {queer sinc e I came back to earth. Did the house always look so ghostly and }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {dead?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--That's only the moonlight, you chump.}\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Like a tomb. T hat's what mother used to say it reminded her of, I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {remember.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {reproachfully}

\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It is a tomb--just now, Orin.}\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {hurriedly--shamefacedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I--I'd forgotten. I simply can't realize he's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {dead yet. I suppose I'd come to expect he would live forever. (}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {A trace of }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {resentment has crept into his tone.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) Or, at least outlive me. I never thought }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {his heart was weak. He told me the trouble he had wasn't serious.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {quickly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) Father told you that, too? I was hoping he had. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {then }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tu rning to Peter}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You go ahead in, Peter. Say we' re coming a little behind. I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {want to speak to Orin a moment.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Sure thing, Vinnie. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {He goes in the front door, closing it behind }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--I'm glad you got r id of him. Peter is all right but--I want to talk to you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {alone. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wi th a boyish brotherly air--putting an arm around her}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) You }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {certain ly are a sight for sore eyes, Vinnie! How are you, anyway, you old }\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {bossy fuss-buzzer! Gosh, it see ms natural to hear myself calling you that old }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {nickname again. Aren't you glad to see me?}\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {affectionately}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Of course I am!}\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--I'd never gues s it! You've hardly spoken a word since you met me. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {What's happened to you? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {Then, as she looks at him reproachfully, he takes }\i0 \par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {away his arm--a bit impatiently} \i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I told you I can't get used to the idea of his }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {being dead. Forgi ve me, Vinnie. I know what a shock it must be to you.}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpa ge\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2 \colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Isn't it a shock to you, Orin?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Certainly! What do you think I am? But--oh, I can't explain! You }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {wouldn't understand, unless you'd been at the front. I hardened my self to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {expect my own death and everyone else's, and think nothing of it. I had to--to }\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {keep alive! It was part of my training as a soldier under him. He taught it to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me, you might say! So when it's his turn he c an hardly expect--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He has }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {talked with increasing bitterness. Lavinia interrupts him sharply.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Orin! How can you be s o unfeeling?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN-(}\fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {again shamefaced}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I didn't mean that. My mind is still full of ghosts. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I can't grasp anything but war, in which he was so alive. He was the war to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {me--the war that would never end until I died. I can't unders tand peace--his }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {e

nd! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with exasperation}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) God damn it, Vinnie, give me a chance to get }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {used to things!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Orin!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {resent fully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm sorry! Oh, I know what you're thinki ng! I used to be }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { such a nice gentlemanly cuss, didn't I?--and now--Well, you wanted me to be }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {a hero in blue, so yo u better be resigned! Murdering doesn't improve one's }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {manners! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {ab ruptly changing the subject}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But what the devil are we talking }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {a bout me for? Listen, Vinnie. There's something I want to ask you before I }\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {see Mother.}\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Hurry then! She'll b e coming right out! I've got to tell you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {something too!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--What was that stuff you wrote about some Captain Bran t coming to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {see M other? Do you mean to tell me there's actually been gossip started }\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {about her? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {then without waiting for a reply, bursting into jealous rage}\i0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) By }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {God, if he dares come here again, I'll make him damned sorry he di d!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grimly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm glad you feel that way about him. But there's no }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {time to talk now. All I want to do is warn you to be on y our guard. Don't let }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {her baby you the way she used to and get you under her thumb again. Don't }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {believe the lies sh e'll tell you! Wait until you've talked to me! Will you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {promise me?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {staring a t her bewilderedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You mean--Mother? (}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {then angrily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {What the hell are you talki ng about, anyway? Are you loony? Honestly, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie, I call that carrying your everlasting squabble with Mother a bit too }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {far! You ought to be ashamed of yourself! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { then suspiciously}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What are you }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {being so mysterious about? Is it Brant--?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {at a sound from inside the house}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) Ssshh! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The front door of the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {house is o pened and Christine hurries out.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {angrily to Peter who is in the hall}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) Why didn't you call me, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {Peter? You shouldn't have left him alone! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {She calls uncertainly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin.}\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Mother! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {She runs down the steps and flings her arms around him.}\i0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {CHRISTINE--My boy! My baby! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She kisses him. }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {melting, all his su

spicion forgotten}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Mother! God, it's good to se e }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you! (}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {then almost roughly, pushing her back and staring at her}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But you're }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {different! What's happened to you?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {forcing a smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I? Different? I don't thin k so, dear. Certainly }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {I hope not--to you! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {touching the bandage on his head--tenderly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Your head! }\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Does it pain dreadfully? You poor darling, how you must have suffered! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She }\i0 \p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {kisses him.}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But it's all over now, thank God. I've got you back a gain! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {Keeping her arm around him, she leads him up the steps.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Let's go in. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {There's someone else waiting who will be so glad to see you.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {who has come to the foot of the steps--harshly}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Remember, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {Orin! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine turns aroun d to look down at her. A look of hate flashes }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {between mother and daughter. Orin glances at h is mother suspiciously and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {draws away from her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {immediately recovers her poise--to Orin, as if Lavinia hadn't }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {spoken}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Come on in, dear. It's chilly. Your poor head--(}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She takes his hand }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and leads him through the door and closes it behi nd them. Lavinia remains }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {by the foot of the steps, staring after them. Then the door is sudd enly opened }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { again and Christine comes out, closing it behind her, and walks to the head }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of the steps. Fo r a moment mother and daughter stare into each other's eyes. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then Christine begins haltingly in a tone she vainly tries to make kindly and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {persuasive.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Vinnie, I--I must speak with you a moment--now Orin is here. I }\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {appreciate your grief has made you --not quite normal--and I make }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {allowances. But I cannot understand your attitude toward me. Why do you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {keep followin g me everywhere--and stare at me like that? I had been a good }\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wife to him for twenty-three years-until I met Adam. I was guilty then, I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {admit. But I repented and put him out of my life. I would h ave been a good }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wi fe again as long as your father had lived. After all, Vinnie, I am your }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mother. I brought you into the world. You ought to have some feeling for me. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She pauses, wai ting for some response, but Lavinia simply stares at her, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {frozen and silent. Fear creeps int o Christine's tone.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't stare like that! }\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {What are you thinking ? Surely you can't still have that insane suspicion--that }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-

253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then guiltily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What did you do that night after I fa inted? I--I've missed }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {something--some medicine I take to put me to sleep--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {Something like a grim }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {smile of satisfaction forms on Lavinia's lips. Christine excla ims frightenedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Oh, you did--you found--and I suppose you conne ct that--but don't you see }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {how insane--to suspect--when Doctor Blake knows he died of--! (}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {then }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {angrily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I know what you've bee n waiting for--to tell Orin your lies and get }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {him to go to the police! You don't dare do that on y our own responsibility--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {but if you can make Orin--Isn't that it? Isn't that what you've been plann ing }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the last two d ays? Tell me! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then, as Lavinia remains silent, C hristine gives }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {way to fury and rushes down the steps and grabs her by the arm and shakes }\i 0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her.}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Answer me when I speak to you! What are you plotting? Wh at are you }\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\mar grsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {going to do? Tell me! (} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia keeps her body rigid, her eyes staring int o }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her mothe r's. Christine lets go and steps away from her. Then Lavinia, }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turning her back, walks slowl y and woodenly off left between the lilac clump }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and the house. Christine stares after her, her strength seems to leave her, she }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {trembles with dread. From inside the house comes the s ound of Orin's }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {voicecalling sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { "Mother! Where are you ?" }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine starts and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {immediately by an effort of will reg ains control over herself. She hurries up }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the steps and opens the door. She speaks to Orin and her voice is tensely }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {quiet and normal.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Here I am, dea r! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She shuts the door behind her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li3066\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li306 6\ri0\sl-280\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Curtain}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li2946\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \ fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2946\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2946\ri0\sl-333 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b {ACT TWO}\b0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slm ult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SCEN E--}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The sitting-room of the Mannon house. Like the study, but much }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {larger, it is an interior composed of straight severe lines with heavy det ail. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The wa lls are plain plastered surfaces, light gray with a white trim. It is a }\i0 \pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {bleak room without intimacy, with an atmosphere of uncomfortable, stilted }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stateliness. The furniture is statio ned about with exact precision. On the left, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {front, is a doorway leading to the dining-room . Further back, on the left, are }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {a wall table and chair and a writing desk and chair. In th

e rear wall, center, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {is the doorway giving on the main hall and the stairs. At right is a f ireplace }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wi th a chimneypiece of black marble, flanked by two windows. Portraits of }\i0 \pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {ancestors hang on t he walls. At the rear of the fireplace, on the right, is one }\i0 \par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of a grim-visaged minister of the witch-burning era. Between fireplace and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {front is another of Ezra Mannon's grandfather, in the uniform of an officer in }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {Washington's army. Directly over the fireplace is the port rait of Ezra's }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {father, Abe Mannon, done when he was sixty. Except for the difference in }\i 0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {ages, his face looks exactly like Ezra's in the painting in the study.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Of the three portraits on the other walls, two are of women--Abe Mannon's }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wife and the wife of Washington's officer. The third has the appearance of a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {prosperous shipowner of Colonial days. All the faces in the portra its have }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {th e same mask quality of those of the living characters in the play.}\i0 \par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {At the left center of the room, front, is a table with two chairs. There is }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {another chair at center, front, and a so fa at right, front, facing left.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {The opening of this scene follows immediately the close of the preceding one. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {Hazel is discovered sitting on the chair at center, front. Peter is sitt ing on the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { sofa at right. From the hall Orin is heard calling}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 { "Mother! Where are }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {you?" }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as at the close of the preceding act. }\i0 \par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL-Where can she have gone? She's worked herself into such a state of }\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {grief I don't think she knows w hat she's doing.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PE TER--Vinnie's completely knocked out, too.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--And poor Orin! What a terrible homecoming this is for him! How }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {sick and changed he looks, doesn't he, Peter?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Head wounds are no joke. He's darned lucky to have come out }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {alive. ( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They stop talking self-consciously as Orin and Ch ristine enter from }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {the rear. Orin is questioning her suspiciously.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Why did you sneak away like that? What were you doing?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {forci ng a wan smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) The happiness of seeing you aga in was a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {little to o much for me, I'm afraid, dear. I suddenly felt as if I were going to }\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {faint, so I rushed out in t he fresh air.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {immediately ashamed of himself--tenderly, putti ng his arm around }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {her}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Poor Mother! I'm sorry--Look here, t hen. You sit down and rest. Or }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {maybe you better go right to bed.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--That's right, Orin, you make her. I've been t

rying to get her to but }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {she won't listen to me.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {CHRISTINE--Go to bed the minute he comes home! I should say not!}\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {worried and pleased at the same time}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) But you mustn't do anything }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {to--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {patting his cheek}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) Fiddlesticks! Having you again is just the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {medicine I need to give me strength--t o bear things. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She turns to Hazel.}\i0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {Listen to him, Hazel! You'd think I was the invalid and not he.}\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Yes. You've got to take c are of yourself, too, Orin.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {ORIN--Oh, forget me. I'm all right.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--We'll play nurses, Hazel and I, and have yo u your old self }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ag ain before you know it. Won't we, Hazel?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {smiling happily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Of course we will.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Don't stand, dear. You must be worn ou t. Wait. We'll make }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you comfortable. Hazel, will you bring me a cushion? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {Hazel gets a cushion }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {and helps to place it behind his back in the chair at right of t able. Orin's eyes }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {light up and he grins boyishly, obviously revelling in being coddled.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {ORIN--How's this for the comforts of home, Peter? The front was never like }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {this, eh?}\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Not so you'd n otice it!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a wink at Hazel}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Peter will be getting jealous! You better call }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie in to put a pillow behind him!}\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {with a smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I can't picture Vinnie being that soft.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {O RIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a jealous resentment creeping into his voic e}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) She can be soft--on }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {occasion. She's always coddling Father and he likes it, although he pretends--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turning away and re straining a shudder}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin! You're talking }\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {as if he were--alive! ( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {There is an uncomfortable silence. Hazel goes qui etly }\i0 \par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margr sxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\par d\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {back to her chair at cen ter. Christine goes around the table to the chair }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {apposite Orin and sits down.}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a wry smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) We'd all forgotten he's dead, hadn't we? Well, I }\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {can't believe it even yet. I feel h im in this house--alive!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {CHRISTINE--Orin!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {strangely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) Everything is changed--in some queer way--this house, }\par\pard\li53\ri

0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie, you, I--everything but Fath er. He's the same and always will be--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {here--the same! Don't you feel that, Mother? (}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {She shivers, looking before her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {but doesn't answer.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL --(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gently}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You m ustn't make your mother think of it, Orin.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {staring at her--i n a queer tone of gratitude}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You're the same, H azel--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {sweet and g ood. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He turns to his mother accusingly.}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) At least Hazel hasn't }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {changed, thank God!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {rous ing herself--turns to force a smile at him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Haz el will }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {never cha nge, I hope. I am glad you appreciate her. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Hazel looks }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {emba rrassed. Christine goes on--with motherly solicitude}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) Wasn't the long }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {train trip terribly hard on you, dear?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Well, it wasn't a pleasure trip exactly. My hea d got aching till I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {thought it would explode.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {leans over and puts her ha nd on his forehead}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Poor boy! }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Does it pain now?}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Not much. Not at all when yo ur hand is there. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Impulsively he takes }\i0 \par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her hand and kisses it--boyishly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Gosh, Mother, it feels so darned good to be }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {home w ith you! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then staring at her suspiciously again} \i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Let me have a good }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {look at you. You're so different. I noticed it even outside. What is it?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {avoiding his eyes--forcing a smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's just that I'm getting }\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {old, I'm afraid, dear.}\par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--No. You're more beautiful than ever! You're younger, too, somehow. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {But it isn't that. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {almost pushing her hand away--bitterly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ma ybe I can guess!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {C HRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {forces a laugh}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {) Younger and more beautiful! Do you hear }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {him going on, Hazel? He has learned to be very gallant, I must say! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {appears in the doorway at rea r. She enters but remains standing just inside }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the doorway and keeps her eyes fixed on her mother and Orin.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {who is ag ain looking at Hazel, breaks out harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Do yo u }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {remember how yo u waved your handkerchief, Hazel, the day I set off to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {become a hero? I thought you would sprain your wrist! And all the mothers }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {and wives and sisters and girls did the same! Sometime in some wa

r they }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ought to m ake the women take the men's place for a month or so. Give them }\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {a taste of murder!}\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Orin!}\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Let them batter each other' s brains out with rifle butts and rip each }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {other's guts with bayonets! After that, maybe they'd s top waving }\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { handkerchiefs and gabbing about heroes! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Hazel gi ves a shocked }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {exclamation.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Please!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gruffly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Give it a rest, Orin! It's over. Give yourself a chance to }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {forget i t. None of us liked it any more than you did.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {immediately sha mefaced}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You're right, Peter. I'm a damned whin ing }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {fool! I'm sorr y, Hazel. That was rotten of me.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {HAZEL--It was nothing, Orin. I understand how you feel. Really I d o.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--I--I let o ff steam when I shouldn't. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then suddenly}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Do you still sing, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Hazel? I used to hear you singing--down there. It ma de me feel life might }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {still be alive somewhere--that, and my dreams of Mother, and the memory of } \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie bossing me a round like a drill sergeant. I used to hear you singing at }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the queerest times--so sweet and clear and pure! It would rise above the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {screams of the dying--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tensely}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I wish you wouldn't talk of death!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {from the doorway--in a brusque commanding tone like her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {father's}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {) Orin! Come and see Father.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {starts up from his chair and makes an automatic motion as if to }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {salute--mechanically}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) Yes, sir. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then confusedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) What the devil--? You }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {sounded just like him. Don't do that again, for heaven's sake! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He tries to }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {force a laugh--then shamefacedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) I meant to look at him the first thing--but I }\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {got talking--I'll go in right no w.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her voice tense and strained}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) No! Wait! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {angrily to Lavinia}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {Can't you let your brother have a minute to rest? You can see how worn ou t }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {he is! (}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {then to Orin}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I've hardl y had a chance to say a word to you yet--and it }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {has been so long! Stay with me a little while, won 't you?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {touched, coming back to her}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {) Of course, Mother! You come before }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f

s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {everything!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {starts to make a bit ter retort, glances at Peter and Hazel, then }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {remarks evenly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) Very well. Only remember what I said, Orin. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Sh e turns her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { back and starts to go into the hall.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {frightenedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Vinnie! Where are you going?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {does not answer her but calls back to her broth er over her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { shoulder}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You'll come in a little while, won't you? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She disappears across }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the hall. Orin gives his mother a sidelong glance of uneasy suspicion. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine is desperately trying to appear calm. Peter and Hazel stand up, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {feeling uncomfortable.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Peter, we really must be ge tting home.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER-Yes.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--It was so kind of you to come.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {giving her hand to Orin}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You must rest all you can now, Orin--and }\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {try not to think about things.} \par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\mar gtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--You're darned kind, Hazel. It' s fine to see you again--the same as }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {ever!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {delighted but pulling her hand aw ay shyly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm glad, too. Good }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {night, Orin.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { shakes his hand}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Good night. Rest up and take i t easy.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Good night, Peter. Thanks for meeting me.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {goes with them to the hall}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm afraid this isn't a very cheerfu l }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {house to visit just now--but please come soon again. You will do Orin more }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {good than anyone, Hazel. (}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {The look of suspicion again comes to Orin's eyes. }\i0 \par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He sits down in the c hair at left of table and stares before him bitterly. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine returns from the hall, clos ing the sliding doors behind her silently. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She stands for a moment looking at Orin, visibly bracing herself}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {for the }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {ordeal of the coming intervie w, her eyes full of tense calculating fear.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {without looking at her}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What' s made you take such a fancy to Hazel }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {all of a sudden? You never used to think much of her. You d idn't want me }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {goi ng around with her.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {coming forward and sitting across t he table from him--in her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch

arscalex100\i {gentle motherly tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I was self ish then. I was jealous, too, I'll confess. But }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {all I want now is your happiness, dear. I know ho w much you used to like }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {Hazel--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORI N--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {blurts out}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That was only to make you jealous! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then bitterly }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {now you're a widow, I'm not home an hour before you're try ing to marry me }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {o ff! You must be damned anxious to get rid of me again! Why?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--You mustn't say that! If yo u knew how horribly lonely I've }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {been without you--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {ORIN--So lonely you've written me exactly two letters in the las t six months!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRI STINE--But I wrote you much more! They must have been lost--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--I received all of Hazel's lette rs--and Vinnie's. It's darned funny yours }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {should be the only ones to get lost! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {Unable to hold back any longer, he }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {bursts forth}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) Who is this Captain Brant who's been calling on you?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {prepared for this--with well-feigned astonishment}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) On me? }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You mean on Vinnie, don't you? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then as Orin looks t aken aback}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Wherever }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {did you get that silly idea? Oh, of course, I know! Vinnie must have written }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {you the same nonsense she did your father.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--She wrote him? What did he do?}\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Why, he laughed at it, naturally! Your father was very fond of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie but he knew how jealous she's alway s been of me and he realized }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {she'd tell any lie she could to--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Oh, come on now, Mother! Just because you're a lways getting on }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { each other's nerves it doesn't mean Vinnie would ever deliberately--}\par\column \pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Oh, doesn't it though? I think you'll discover before you're }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {much older that there isn't anything your sister will stop at--that she will even }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {accuse me of the vilest, most horrible things!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Mother! Honestly now! You ought n't to say that!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CH RISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {reaching out and taking his hand}\i0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I mean it, Orin. I wouldn't }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {say it to anyone but you. You know that. B ut we've always been so close, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {you and I. I feel you are really--my flesh and blood! She isn't! Sh e is your }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {father's ! You're a part of me!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with strange eagerness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) Yes! I feel that, too, Mother!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I know I can trust you to understand n ow as you always used }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {to. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a tender smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) We had a secret little world of our own in the old }\par\pard\li0\

ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {days, didn't we?--which no one bu t us knew about.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {OR IN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {happily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yo u bet we did! No Mannons allowed was our password, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {remember!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--And that's what your father and Vinnie could never forgive us! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { But we'll make that little world of our own again, won't we?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Yes!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I want to make up to you for all th e injustice you suffered at }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {your father's hands. It may seem a hard thing to say about the dead, b ut he }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {was jealous of you. He hated you because he knew I loved you better than }\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {anything in the world!}\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {pressing her hand in both of his--intensely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Do you, Mother? Do you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {honestly? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then he is struck by what she said about his father--woundedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I }\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {knew he had it in for me. But I never thought he went as far as to--hate me.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--He did, just the same!}\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with resentful bitterness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) All right then! I' ll tell you the truth, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {Mother! I won't pretend to you I'm sorry he's dead!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {lowering her voice to a whisper}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes. I am gla d, too!--that he }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {h as left us alone! Oh, how happy we'll be together, you and I, if you only }\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {won't let Vinnie poison your mind against me with her disgusting lies!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {immediately un easy again}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What lies? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {He releases her hand and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {stares at her, morbidly suspicious.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {) You haven't told me about that Brant yet.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--There's nothing to tell--except in Vinnie's morbid revengeful }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {mind! I tell you, Orin, you can't realize how she's changed while you'v e been }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {away! She's always been a moody and strange girl, you know that, but since }\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you've gone she has worried and br ooded until I really believe she went a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {little out of her head. She got so she'd say the most terr ible things about }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { everyone. You simply wouldn't believe it, if I told you some of the things. }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {And now, with the shoc k of your father's death on top of everything, I'm }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {convinced she's actually insane. Haven't you no ticed how queerly she acts? }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {You must have!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {ORIN--I saw she'd changed a lot. She seemed strange. But--}\par\pard\sect\ sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbs xn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--And her craziness all works out in hatre d for me! Take this }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {Captain Brant affair, for example--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Ah!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch

arscalex100 {CHRISTINE--A stupid ship captain I happened to meet at your grandfa ther's }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {who took i t into his silly head to call here a few times without being asked. }\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie thought he was coming to court her. I honestly believe she fell in love }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {with him, Orin. But she soon discovered that he wasn't after her at all!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {ORIN--Who was he after--you?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin! I'd be very angry with you if it weren't so }\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ridiculous! (}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {She forces a laugh.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You d on't seem to realize I'm an old married }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {woman with two grown-up children! No, all he was after wa s to insinuate }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hi mself as a family friend and use your father when he came home to get him }\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {a better ship! I soon s aw through his little scheme and he'll never call here }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {again, I promise you that! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {She laughs--then with a teasing air}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) And that's the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {whole of the great Captain Brant scandal! Are you satisfied now, you jealou s }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {goose, you?}\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {penitent and happy}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm a fool ! The war has got me silly, I guess! If }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you knew all the hell I've been through!}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--It was Vinnie's fault y ou ever went to war! I'll never forgive }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {her for that! It broke my heart, Orin! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {then quickly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But I was going to give }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you an examp le of her insane suspicions from the Captain Brant incident. }\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Would you believe it that she has wo rked it all out that because his name is }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Brant, he must be the son of that nurse girl Marie Brantm e? Isn't that crazy? }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {And to imagine for a moment, if he were, he'd ever come here to visit!}\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {his face hardening}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) By God, I'd like to see him! His mother brought }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {disgrace enough on our family without--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {frightened, shrinking from him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin! Don't look like that! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { You're so like your father! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then hurrying on}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But I haven't told you the worst }\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {yet. Vinnie actually accuses me-your mother--of being in love with that fool }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and of having met him in New York and gone to his ro om! I am no better }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {than a prostitute in your sister's eyes!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stunned}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I don't believe it! Vinnie couldn't!}\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I told you she'd gone cra zy! She even followed me to New }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {York, when I went to see your sick grandfather, to spy on me. She saw me }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {meet a ma n--and immediately to her crazy brain the man was Brant. Oh, it's }\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {too revolting, Orin! You don't

know what I've had to put up with from }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie, or you'd pity me!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Good God! Did she tell Father that? No wonde r he's dead! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Who was this man you met in New York?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--It was Mr. Lamar, your grandfather's old friend who has }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {known me ever since I was a baby! I happened to meet him and he asked me }\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to go with him to call on his dau ghter. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then, seeing Orin wavering, pitifully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {Oh, Orin! You pretend to love me! And yet you question me as if you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {suspected me, too! And you haven't Vinnie's excuse! You aren't out of your }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mind! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {She weeps hysterically.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {overcome at once by remorse and love}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No! I s wear to you! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {throws himself on his knees beside her and p uts his arm around her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mother! Please! Don't cry! I do love you ! I do!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE-I haven't told you the most horrible thing of all! Vinnie }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {suspects me of having poisoned your fath er!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {horrified}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What! No, by God, that's too much! If that's true, she }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ought to be put in an asylum!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--She found some medicine I take to make me sleep, but she is }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {so crazy I know she thinks--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then, with r eal terror, clinging to him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, Orin, }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I'm so afraid of her! God knows what she might do, in her state! She might }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {even go to the police and--Don't let her turn you against me! Remember }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {you're all I have to protect me! You are all I have in the world, dear!}\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {tenderly soothing her}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Turn me a gainst you? She can't be so crazy as }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {to try that! But listen. I honestly think you--You're a littl e hysterical, you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { know. That--about Father--is all such damned nonsense! And as for her }\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {going to the police--do you suppose I wouldn't prevent that--for a hundred }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {reasons--the family's sake--my own sake and Vinnie' s, too, as well as yours--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {even if I knew--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {staring at him--in a whisper}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Knew? Orin, you don't }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {believe--?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--No! For God's sake! I only meant that no matte r what you ever did, I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {love you better than anything in the world and--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in an outburst of grateful joy--pressing him to her and kissing }\i0 \par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) Oh, Orin, you are my boy, my baby! I love you!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\

slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Mother! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then seizing her by the shoulders and staring into her eyes--}\i0 \par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with somber intensity}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I could forgive anything--anything!--in my mother--}\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {except that other--t hat about Brant!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CH RISTINE--I swear to you--!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {ORIN--If I thought that damned--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with s avage vengefulness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) By God, I'd }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {show you then I hadn't been taugh t to kill for nothing!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {full of new terror now--for Brant 's life--distractedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) For }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {God's sake, don't talk like that! You' re not like my Orin! You're cruel and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {horrible! You frighten me!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {immediately co ntrite and soothing, petting her}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) There, there, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mother! We won't ever think about it again! We'll talk of something else. I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {want to tell you something. (}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {He sits on the floor at her feet and looks up into }\i0 \pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her face. A pause. T hen he asks tenderly, taking her hand}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Did you really }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {want me to come back, Mother?}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn 666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\col w7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {has calmed herself, but her eyes are still terrified a nd her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {voic e trembles}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What a foolish question, dear.}\par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--But your letters got farther and farther between--and they seemed so }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {cold! It drove me crazy! I wanted to desert and run home--or else get killed! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {If you only knew how I longed to be here with you--like this! ( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He leans his }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {head against her knee. His voice becomes dreamy and low and caressing.}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {used to have the most wonderful dream s about you. Have you ever read a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {book called "Typee"--about the South Sea Islands?}\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {with a start--strangely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Islands! W here there is peace?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {ORIN--Then you did read it?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {CHRISTINE--No.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {ORIN--Someone loaned me the book. I read it and reread it until finall y }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {those Islands c ame to mean everything that wasn't war, everything that was }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {peace and warmth and security. I used to dream I was there. And later on all }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the time I was out of my head I seemed really to be there . There was no one }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {there but you and me. And yet I never saw you, that's the funny part. I only } \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {felt you all aroun d me. The breaking of the waves was your voice. The sky }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {was the same color as your eyes. The warm sand was like your skin. The }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {whole island was you. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He smiles wit

h a dreamy tenderness.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) A strange }\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {notion, wasn't it? But you nee dn't be provoked at being an island because this }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {was the most beautiful island in the world--as b eautiful as you, Mother!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {has been staring over his head , listening fascinatedly, more }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {and more deeply moved. As he stops, an agonizing tenderness for him wells }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {up in her--with tortured longing}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, if onl y you had never gone away! If }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {you only hadn't let them take you from me!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {unea sily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But I've come back. Everything is all rig ht now, isn't it?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hastily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) Yes! I didn't mean that. It had to be.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--And I'll never leave you again now. I don't want Hazel or anyone. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a tender grin}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) You're my only girl!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {again with tenderness, strok ing his hair--smiling}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You're a }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {big man now, aren't you? I can't believe it. It seems only yesterday when I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {used to find you in your nightshirt hiding in the hal l upstairs on the chance }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {that I'd come up and you'd get one more good-night kiss! Do you remember ?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a boyish grin}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You b et I remember! And what a row there was }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {when Father caught me! And do you remember how you used t o let me brush }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {yo ur hair and how I loved to? He hated me doing that, too. You've still got }\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the same beautiful hair , Mother. That hasn't changed. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He reaches up and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {touches he r hair caressingly. She gives a little shudder of repulsion and }\i0 \par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {draws away from him but he is too happy to notice.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, Mother, it's going to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {be wonderful from now on! We'll get Vinnie to marry Peter and there will be }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {just you and I! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {The sliding doors in rear are opened a little and Lavinia }\i0 \pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {slips silently in a nd stands looking at them.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\column\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {immediately senses her presence--controlling a start, harshly}\i0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {What do you want? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Orin turns to look a t his sister resentfully.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a flat, emotionless voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Aren't you comi ng in to see Father, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {Orin?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {scrambling to his feet--irritably}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) Oh, all right, I'll come now. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hurries out past Lavinia with the air of one with a disagreeable duty he }\i0 \par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wants to get over quickly and

closes the door with a bang behind him. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia stares at her mother a moment--then about-fa ces stiffly to follow }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {springs to her feet}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Vinnie! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {as Lavinia turns to face her--}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Come here--pl ease. I don't want to shout across the room. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lav inia }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {comes s lowly forward until she is at arm's length. Her eyes grow bleak and }\i0 \par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her mouth tightens to a thin line. The resemblance between mother and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {daughter as they stand confronting each other is strikingly brought out. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {Christine begins to speak in a low voice, coolly defiant, almost triumphant.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Well, you can go ahead now and tell Orin anything yo u wish! I've already }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {told him--so you might as well save yourself the trouble. He said you must be }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {insane! I told hi m how you lied about my trips to New York--for revenge!--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {because you loved Adam yourself! (}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia makes a movement like a faint }\i0 \par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shudder but is immediately sti ff and frozen again. Christine smiles }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tauntingly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) So hadn' t you better leave Orin out of it? You can't get him to go }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to the police for you. Even if you conv inced him I poisoned your father, you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {couldn't! He doesn't want--any more than you do, or your fat her, or any of }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the Mannon dead--such a public disgrace as a murder trial would be! For it }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {would all come out! Everyt hing! Who Adam is and my adultery and your }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {knowledge of it--and your love for Adam! Oh, believe me , I'll see to it that }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {comes out if anything ever gets to a trial! I'll show you to the world as a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {daughter who desir ed her mother's lover and then tried to get her mother }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hanged out of hatred and jealousy! (}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She laughs tauntingly. Lavinia is }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {trembling but her face remains har d, and emotionless. Her lips open as if to }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {speak but she closes them again. Christine seems drunk with her own defiant }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {recklessness.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Go on! Try and co nvince Orin of my wickedness! He loves }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {me! He hated his father! He's glad he's dead! Even if he kn ew I had killed }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hi m, he'd protect me! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then all her defiant attitud e collapses and she pleads, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {seized by an hysterical terror, by some fear she has kept hidden }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) For God's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {sake, keep Orin out of this! He's still sick! He's ch anged! He's grown hard }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {and cruel! All he thinks of is death! Don't tell him about Adam! He would } \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {kill him! I couldn' t live then! I would kill myself! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia starts and her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {eye

s light up with a cruel hatred. Again her pale lips part as if she were }\i0 \pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {about to say somethi ng but she controls the impulse and about-faces }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {abruptly and walks with jerky steps from the room like some tragic }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {mechanical doll. Christine stares after her--then as she disappears, }\i0 \par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn13 3\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {collapses, catching at the ta ble for support--terrifiedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I've got to see A dam! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I've got to warn him! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She sinks in the chair at right of tab le.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li3066\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\ cf0\par\pard\li3066\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {Curtain}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li2840\ri 0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2840\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard \li2840\ri0\sl-333\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b {ACT THREE}\b0 \par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {SCENE--}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The same as Act Two of "Ho mecoming"--Ezra Mannon's study. His }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {body, dressed in full uniform, is laid out on a bier dr aped in black which is }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {placed lengthwise directly before the portrait of him over the firep lace. His }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {h ead is at right. His mask-like face is a startling reproduction of the face in } \i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the portrait above him, but grimly remote and austere in death, like the }\i0 \par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {carven face of a statue.}\i0 \ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The table and cha irs which had been at center have been moved to the left. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {There is a lamp on this table. Tw o stands of three lighted candles are at each }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {end of the black marble chimneypiece, throwin g their light above on the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {portrait and below on the dead man. There is a chair by the dead man's }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {head , at front of bier.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {Orin is standing by the head of the bier, at the rear of it, stiffly-ere ct like a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {s entinel at attention. He is not looking down at his father but is staring }\i0 \ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {straight before h im, deep in suspicious brooding. His face in the candlelight }\i0 \par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {bears a striking resemblance t o that of the portrait above him and the dead }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {man's.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The time of the opening of this act precedes by a few moments that of the end }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {of the previous act.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs1 8\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {ashamed and guilty--bursts out angrily at himself}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Christ, I won't }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {have such thoughts! I am a rotten swine to--Damn Vin nie! She must be }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { crazy! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then, as if to distract his mind from the se reflections, he turns to }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {gaze down at his father. At the same moment Lavinia appears sil ently in the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {doorway from the hall and stands looking at him. He does not notice her }\i0 \ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {entrance. He star es at his father's mask-like face and addresses it with a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri

0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {strange friendly mockery.}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Who are you? Another corpse! You and I have }\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {seen fields and hillsides sown with them--and they meant nothing!--nothing }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {but a dirty joke life plays on life! (}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {then with a dry smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Dea th sits so }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {natura lly on you! Death becomes the Mannons! You were always like the }\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {statue of an eminent dead man--si tting on a chair in a park or straddling a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {horse in a town square--looking over the head of life without a sign of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {recognition--cutting it dead for the impropriety of living! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {He chuckles to }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {himself with a queer affectionate amusement.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) You never cared to know me }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {in life--but I really think we might be friends now yo u are dead!}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sternly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turns to her startledly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) Damn it, don't sneak around like that! What }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {are you trying to do, anyway? I'm jumpy enough w ithout--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then as she turns }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and locks the door behind her--sus piciously}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What are you locking the door }\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {for?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I've got to talk to you--and I don't want to be interrupted. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then }\i0 \par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sternly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) What made you say such things just then? I wouldn't believe y ou }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {could have grow n so callous to all feeling of respect--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {guilty and resentful }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You folks at home take death so solemnly! You }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {would have soon l earned at the front that it's only a joke! You don't }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {understand, Vinnie. You have to learn to mock or go crazy, can't you see? I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {didn't mean it in an unkind way. It simply struck me he looks so st rangely }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {familiar-the same familiar stranger I've never known. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the n glancing at the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {dead man with a kindly amused smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Do y ou know his nickname in the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {army? Old Stick--short for Stick-in-the-Mud. Grant himself started it-said }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Father was n o good on an offensive but he'd trust him to stick in the mud and }\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hold a position until hell froze over!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Ori n! Don't you realize he was your father and he is dead?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {irrit ably}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What Grant said was a big compliment in a way.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--When I think of how proud of you he was when he came home! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {He boasted that you had done one of the bra vest things he'd seen in the war!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {astonished--then grins with bitter mockery}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) One of the bravest things }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {he'd seen! Oh, that's

too rich! I'll tell you the joke about that heroic deed. It }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {really began the night before when I s neaked through their lines. I was }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {always volunteering for extra danger. I was so scared anyone wou ld guess I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {was afr aid! There was a thick mist and it was so still you could hear the fog }\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {seeping into the ground. I met a Reb crawling toward our lines. His face }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {drifted out of the mist toward mine. I shortened my sword and let him have }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {the point under the ear. He stared at me with an idiotic look as if he'd sa t on a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {tack--and h is eyes dimmed and went out--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {His voice has sunk lower and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {lo wer, as if he were talking to himself. He pauses and stares over his father's }\ i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {body fascinate dly at nothing.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a s hudder}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't think of that now!}\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {goes on with the same air}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Before I'd gott en back I had to kill }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {another in the same way. It was like murdering the same man twice. I had a } \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {queer feeling that war meant murdering the same man over and over, and that }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {in the end I would discover the man was m yself! Their faces keep coming }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {back in dreams--and they change to Father's face--or to mine--What does that }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mean, Vi nnie?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I do n't know! I've got to talk to you! For heaven's sake, forget the }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {war! It's over now!}\par\pard\sec t\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\marg bsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Not inside us who killed! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {then quickly--with a bitter, joking tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {The res t is all a joke! The next morning I was in the trenches. This was at }\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Petersburg. I hadn't slept. My head was queer. I thought what a joke it would }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {be on the stupid Generals like Father if everyo ne on both sides suddenly saw }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {the joke war was on them and laughed and shook hands! So I began to laugh }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and walked toward their lines with my hand out. Of course, the joke was on }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me and I got this wound in the h ead for my pains. I went mad, wanted to kill, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and ran on, yelling. Then a lot of our fools went c razy, too, and followed me }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {and we captured a part of their line we hadn't dared tackle before. I had acted }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {without orders, of course--but Father decided it was better policy to overlook }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that and let me be a hero ! So do you wonder I laugh!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {soothingly, coming to him and taking his arm}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You were brave }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and you know it. I'm proud of yo u, too.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {helplessly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, all right! Be proud, then! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He leaves her and sprawl

s }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in the ch air at left of table. She stands by the head of the bier and faces him. }\i0 \pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He says resentfully }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Well? Fire away and let's get this over! But you're }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wasting yo ur breath. I know what you're going to say. Mother warned me. }\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The whole memory of what his mother had said rushes over him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) My God, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {how can you think such things of Mother? What the hell's got into you? (}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {humoringly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But I realize you're not yourself. I know how hard his death has }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hit you. Don't you think it would be better to postpone our talk until--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {LAVINIA--No! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {bitterly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) Has she succeeded in convincing you I'm out of }\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {my mind? Oh, Orin, how can you be so stupid? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She goes to him and, }\i0 \par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grasping him by his should ers, brings her face close to him--compellingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Look at me! You know in your heart I'm the same as I always was--your }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {sister--who loves you, Orin!}\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {moved}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I didn't mean--I only think the s hock of his death--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I've never lied to you, have I? Even when we were little you }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {always knew I told you th e truth, didn't you?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {ORIN--Yes--but--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Then you must believe I wouldn't lie to you now!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--No one is saying you'd deliberat ely lie. It's a question of--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {LAVINIA--And even if she's got you so under her thumb again that you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {doubt my word, y ou can't doubt the absolute proof!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {roughly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) Never mind what you call proofs! I know all about them }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {already! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {then excitedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Now, listen her e, if you think you're going to tell me }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {a lot of crazy stuff about Mother, I warn you I won't lis ten! So shut up before }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {you start!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {L AVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {threateningly now}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) If you don't, I'll go to the police!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Don't be a damn fool!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--As a last resort I will--if yo u force me to!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORI N--By God, you must be crazy even to talk of--!}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--They won't think so!}\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Vinnie! Do you realize what it would mean--?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {L AVINIA--I realize only too well! You and I, who are innocent, would }\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {suffer a worse punishment than the guilty--for we'd have to live on! It would }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mean that Father's memory and that of all the hono rable Mannon dead would }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {be dragged through the horror of a murder trial! But I'd rather suffer tha

t than }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {let the mur der of our father go unpunished!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {ORIN--Good God, do you actually believe--?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-26 6\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Yes! I accuse her of murder! (}\f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She takes the little box she has }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {found in Christine's room right after the murder}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { [}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {Act Four }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { "Homecoming"}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {] }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fr om the bosom of her dress and holds it out to him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) You }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {see this? I found it right after Father died!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Don't be a damned lunatic! She told me all about that! I t's only some }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {stuf f she takes to make her sleep!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {goes on implacably, ignorin g his interruptions}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) And Father }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {knew she'd poisoned him! He said to me, "She's guilty!"}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {ORIN--That's all your crazy imagination! God, how can you think--? Do you }\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {realize you're delib erately accusing your own mother--It's too horrible and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mad! I'll have you declared insane by Doct or Blake and put away in an }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {asylum!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {L AVINIA--I swear by our dead father I am telling you the truth! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {She puts }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {her hand on the dead man and addresses him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) Make Orin believe me, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {Father!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't drag him in! He always sided with you against }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mother and me! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {He grabs her arm and forces the box from her hand.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {) Here! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Giv e me that! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He slips it into his coat pocket.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {LAVINIA--Ah! So you are afraid it's true!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--No! But I'm going to stop your damned-But I'm a fool to pay any }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {attention to you! The whole thing is too insane! I won't talk to a crazy }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {woman! But, by Go d, you look out, Vinnie! You leave Mother alone or--!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {rega rding him bitterly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Poor Father! He thought the war had }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {made a ma n of you! But you're not! You're still the spoiled crybaby that she }\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {can make a fool of whenever sh e pleases!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stung}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That's eno ugh from you!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVIN IA--Oh, she warned me just now what to expect! She boasted that }\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you wouldn't believe me, and that even if you knew she'd murdered Father }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {you would be glad because you hated him! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {then a note of entreaty in her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin! F or God's sake--here, before him!--tell me that isn't true, at }\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {least!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {overcome b

y a sense of guilt--violently defensive}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Of cou rse, I never }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {said that--and I don't believe she did. But Mother means a thousand times }\par\pard\ sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\m argbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {more to me than he ever did! I say that before him now as I would if he could }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {hear me!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a calculated scornful contem pt now}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Then if I can't make }\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you see your duty one way, I will a nother! If you won't help me punish her, I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hope you're not such a coward that you're willing to l et her lover escape!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a tone of awakening suspicion}\i0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Lover? Who do you mean?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I mean the man who plotted Father's m urder with her, who must }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {have got the poison for her! I mean the Captain Brant I wrote you about! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {thickly, trying to fight back his jealous suspicion}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You lie! She told }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me your rotten lies--about him--about following her to New York. That was }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {Mr. Lamar she met.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {LAVINIA--So that's what she told you! As if I could mistake Lamar for }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Adam Brant! What a fo ol you are, Orin! She kisses you and pretends she }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {loves you--when she'd forgotten you were ever a live, when all she's thought }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {of is this low lover of hers--!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wildly}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Stop! I won't stand--!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--When all she is thinking of right now is how she can use you to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {keep me from doing anything, so she'll get a chance to run off and marry } \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {him!}\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--You lie!}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--She pets you and plays th e loving mother and you're so blind you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {can't see through her! I tell you she went to his room! I followed them }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {up stairs. I heard her telling him, "I love you, Adam." She was kissing him!}\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {grubs her by the shoulder and shakes her, forcing her to her knees --}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {frenziedl y}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Damn you! Tell me you're lying or--!}\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {unafraid--looking up into his eyes--coldly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) You know I'm not }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {lying! She's been going to New York on the excuse of visiting Grand father }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Hamel, but really to give herself to--!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in anguish}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) You lie, damn you! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {threateningly} \i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You dare say that }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {about Mother! Now you've got to prove it or e lse--! You're not insane! You }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {know what you're saying! So you prove it--or by God, I'll--!}\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\

charscalex100\i {taking his hands off her shoulders and rising}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) All I ask is a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {chance to prove it! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then intensel y}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But when I do, will you help me punish }\par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Father's murderers?}\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {in a burst of murderous rage}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'll kill that bastard! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in anguished }\i0 \par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {uncertainty again}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But you haven't proved anything yet! It's only yo ur word }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {against h ers! I don't believe you! You say Brant is her lover! If that's true, I'll }\par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hate her! I'll know sh e murdered Father then! I'll help you punish her! But }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you've got to prove it!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {coldly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I can do that very soon. She's frig htened out of her wits! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {She'll go to see Brant the first chance she gets. We must give her that c hance. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Will you b elieve me when you find them together?}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {torturedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then in a bur st of rage}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) God damn him, I'll--!}\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ssshh! Be quiet. There's some one in the hall! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wait, staring at the door. Then someon e knocks loudly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Her v oice comes through the door, frightened and strained.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Orin!}\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {stammers}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) God! I can't face her now!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a quick whisper}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't let her know you suspect her. Pretend }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you think I'm out of my mind, as she wanted you to.}\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Orin! Why don't you answer me? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She tries the doorknob, and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {finding the door locked, her voice becomes terrified.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why have you locked }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {m e out? Let me in! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She pounds on the door violent ly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a whisper}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Answer her. Let her in.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {obeying me chanically--calls in a choked voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) All right. I'm }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {coming. (}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He moves reluctantly toward the door.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {struck by a sudden idea--grasps his arm }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Wait! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Before he can }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {preve nt it, she reaches in his pocket and gets possession of the box and puts }\i0 \p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {it conspicuously on the body over the dead man's heart.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Watch her when she }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {sees tha t--if you want proof!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10

0 {CHRISTINE--Open the door! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He forces himself t o open the door and steps }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {aside. Christine almost falls in. She is in a state bordering on c ollapse. She }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {throws her arms around Orin as if seeking protection from him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) Orin! I got }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {so afraid--when I found the door locked!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {controls a furious jealous impulse to push her violently away from }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {him--harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) What made you afraid, Mother?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stammers}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why do you look at me--like that? You look--so }\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {like--your father!}\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--I am his son, too, remember that!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {warningly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) Orin!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTI NE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turning on Lavinia who stands by the head of the bier}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {suppose you've been telling him your vile lies, you-}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {remembering his instructions, forces himself to blurt out}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) She--she's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {out of her head, Mother.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Didn't I tell you! I knew you'd see t hat! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then anxiously, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {keeping her eyes on Lavinia}\i0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {) Did she tell you what she's going to do, Orin? I }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {know she's plotting someth ing--crazy! Did she threaten to go to the police? }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {They might not believe she's crazy--(}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {pleading desperately, her eyes still on }\i0 \par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) You won't let her do anything dreadful like that, will you?}\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {feeling her guilt, stammers}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No, Mothe r.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Her eyes, which have been avoiding the corpse, now fa sten }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {on the dead man's face with fascinated horror.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No--re member your father }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wouldn't want--any scandal--he mustn't be worried, he said--he needs rest }\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and peace--(}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {She addresses the dead man directly in a strange tone of def iant }\i0 \par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margr sxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn280\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\par d\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {scorn.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) You seem the same to me in death, Ezra! You were always dead to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me! I hate the s ight of death! I hate the thought of it! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Her eye s shift from his }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {face and she sees the box of poison. She starts back with a stifled scream and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares at it with guilty fear.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Mother! For God's sake, be quiet! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The strain snaps for him and he }\i0 \par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {laughs with savage irony.} \i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) God! To think I hoped home would be an escape }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {from death! I sho

uld never have come back to life--from my island of peace! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then s taring at his mother strangely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But that's lost now! You're my lost }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {island, aren't you, Mother? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He turns and stu mbles blindly from the room. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {Lavinia reaches out stealthily and snatches up the box. This b reaks the spell }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {for Christine whose eyes have been fixed on it hypnotically. She looks wild ly }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {at Lavin ia's frozen accusing face.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {in a cold, grim voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It was Brant who got you this--medicine }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {to make you sleep--wasn't it?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {distractedly}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No! No! No!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You're telling me it was. I knew it--but I wanted to make sure. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She puts the box back in the bosom of her dress--turn s, rigid and square-}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {shouldered, and walks woodenly from the room.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE --(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares after her wildly, then her eyes fasten again on the dead }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {man's face. Suddenly she appeals to him distractedly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) Ezra! Don't let her }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {harm Adam! I am the only guilty one! Don't let Orin--! (}\fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then, as if she read }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {some answer in the dead man's face, she stops in terror and, her eyes still }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {fixed on his face, backs to the door and rushes out.}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li3066\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\par d\li3066\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {Curtain}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li2906\ri0\sl-213\sl mult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2906\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2906\ri0 \sl-333\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b {ACT FOUR}\b0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {The stern section of a clipper ship moored alongside a wharf in East Bosto n, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with the floor of the wharf in the foreground. The vessel lies with her bow }\i0 \par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and amidships off left and only the part aft of the mizzenmast is visible with }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the curve of the stern at right. Th e ship is unloaded and her black side rises }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {nine or ten feet above the level of the wharf. On the poop deck above, at }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {right, is the wheel. At left is the chart room and the entrance to the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {comp anionway stairs leading below to the cabin. At extreme left is the }\i0 \par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {mizzenmast, the lowest y ard just visible above, the boom of the spanker }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {extending out above the deck to the right. Below the deck the portholes show }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {a faint light from the interior of the cabin. On the whar f the end of a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {warehouse is at left front.}\i0 \par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {It is a night two days after Act Two--the day followin g Ezra Mannon's }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {funeral. The moon is rising above the horizon off left rear, its light }\i0

\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {accentuating the black outlines of the ship.}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {Borne on the wind the melancholy refrain of the capstan chanty }\ i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {"Shenandoah," sung by a chantyman with the crew coming in on the chorus, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {drifts over the water from a ship that is weighing anchor in the harbor. Half }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in and half out of the shadow of the warehouse, the chantyman lies sprawled }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {on his back, snoring in a drunken slumber. The sound of the sin ging seems to }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {strike a responsive chord in his brain, for he stirs, grunts, and with difficu lty }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {raises h imself to a sitting position in the moonlight beyond the shadow.}\i0 \par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He is a thin, wiry man of si xty-five or so, with a tousled mop of black hair, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {unkempt black beard and mustache. His weat her-beaten face is dissipated, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {he has a weak mouth, his big round blue eyes are bloodshot, d reamy and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dr unken. But there is something romantic, a queer troubadour-of-the-sea }\i0 \par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {quality about him.}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHANTYMAN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {listens to th e singing with critical disapproval}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) A hell of a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {chantyman that f eller be! Screech owls is op'ry singers compared to him! I'll }\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {give him a taste of how "Shenandoah" ought t' be sung! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He begins to sing in }\i0 \pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a surprisingly good tenor voice, a bit blurry with booze now and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sentimentally mournful to a degree, but still m anaging to get full value out of }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {the chanty.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li7 20\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {"Oh, Shenandoah, I long to hear you--}\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {A-way, my rolling river!}\par\pard\li720\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Oh, Shenandoah, I can't get near you-}\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Way--ay, I'm bo und away}\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Across t he wide Missouri!}\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li720\ri 0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {"Oh, Shenandoah, I love your daught er}\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {A-way, my roll ing river!"}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-293\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He stops abru ptly, shaking his head--mournfully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No good! To o drunk to do }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {myse lf jestice! Pipe down, my John! Sleep it off! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He sprawls back on his }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {elbows--confusedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Where am I? What t he hell difference is it? There's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {plenty o' fresh air and the moon fur a glim. Don't be so damn pe rtic'lar! What }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ye want anyways? Featherbed an' a grand piany? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He s ings with a maudlin }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {zest}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-213\slmult 0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {"A bot tle o' wine and a bottle o' beer}\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {And a bottle of Irish whiskey oh!}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\p gwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\col

no1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li773\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {So early in the morning}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {The sailor likes his bottle oh!"}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213 \slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He stops and mutters}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) Who'll buy a drink fur the slickest chantyman on the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Western or any other damn ocean? Go t o hell then! I kin buy it myself! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fumbles in his pants p ocket.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I had it in this pocket--I remember I p ut it there }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {perti c'lar--ten dollars in this pocket--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He pulls the pocket inside out--with }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {bewildered drunken anger}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) By Chris t, it's gone! I'm plucked clean! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {struggles to a sitting position.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Where was I last? Aye, I remember! T hat }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {yaller-haired pig with the pink dress on! Put her arm around me so lovin'! }\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Told me how fine I could sing! (}\f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He scrambles unsteadily to his feet.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) By }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {Christ, I'll go back an' give her a seaboot in her fat tail that'll learn h er--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {takes a step but lurches into the shadow and leans against the warehouse.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Hard down! Heavy gales around Cape Stif f! All is sunk but honor, as the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {feller says, an' there's damn little o' that afloat! (}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {He stands against the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {warehouse, waiting for the swaying world to subs ide. The companionway }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {door on the poop deck of the vessel is opened and Adam Brant comes }\ i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {cautiously ou t. He looks around him quickly with an uneasy suspicious air. }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He is dressed in a merchant c aptain's blue uniform. Satisfied that there is no }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {one on the deck, he comes to the rail and stares expectantly up the wharf, off }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {left. His attitude is tense and nervous and he keeps one hand in his coat }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {pocket. The chantyman loses his balance, lurches forward, then back ag ainst }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the w arehouse with a thump. Brant leaps back from the rail startledly, }\i0 \par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {jerking a revolver from h is coat pocket--then leans over the rail again and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {calls threateningly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRAN T--Who's there? Come out and let me have a look at you or by God I'll }\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {shoot!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHANTYMAN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {stares up, startled in his turn and momentarily sobered--}\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hastily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) Easy goes, shipmate! Stow that pistol! I'm doin' you no harm. (}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {lurches out into the moonlight--suddenly pugnacious}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Not that I'm skeered o' }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you or your shooter! Who the hell are you to be threatenin' the life of an }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {honest chantyman? Tryin' to hold me up, air ye? I been robbed once ton

ight! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I'll go to the police station and tell 'em there's a robber here--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {has tily, with a placating air}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No harm meant. I'm skipper of this }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {v essel and there have been a lot of waterfront thieves around here lately. I'm }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {lacking a watchman and I've got to keep my weather eye open.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHANTYMAN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {again momenta rily sobered--touching his forehead}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Aye--}\par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {aye, sir. Mind your ey e. I heer'd tell robbers broke in the "Annie Lodge's" }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {cabin two nights back. Smashed everything a nd stole two hundred dollars off }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {her skipper. Murderous, too, they be! Near beat the watchman's b rains out! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then drunken pugnaciousness comes over him again.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Think I'm one o' that }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {gang, do ye? Come down out o' that and I'll s how ye who's a thief! I don't }\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {give a damn if ye air a skipper! Ye could be Bully Watermann himself an' I'd }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {no t let you insult me! I ain't signed on your old hooker! You've got no rights }\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {over me! I'm on dry l and, by Christ, and this is a free country and--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { His voice }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {ha s risen to a shout. Brant is alarmed that this uproar will attract someone. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He puts the pist ol back in his pocket hastily and peers anxiously down the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wharf. Then he interrupts the cha ntyman's tirade by a sharp command.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--Stow your damned jaw! Or, by the Eternal, I'll come down and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {pound some sense in your head!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHANTYMAN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {auto matically reacts to the voice of authority--quietly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Aye--aye, si r. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then inconsequentially}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) You ain't needin' a chantyman fur }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {your next vi'ge, are ye, sir?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--I'm not sailing for a month yet. I f you're still out of a job then--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {CHANTYMAN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {proudly}\i0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {) You don't know me, that's plain! I'm the finest }\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {damn chantyman that ever put a tune to his lip! I ain't lookin' fur berths--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {they're lookin' fur me! Aye! Skippers are on'y too glad to git me! Many's a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {time I've seed a skipper an' mates sweatin' blood to beat work out of a c rew }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {but nary a lic k could they git into 'em till I raised a tune--and then there'd be }\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {full sail on her afore ye know ed it!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {impatiently}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm not doubting your ability. But I'd advise you to }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {turn in and sleep it off.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHANTYMAN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {no t heeding this--sadly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Aye, but it ain't fur lo ng, steam is }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {comin ' in, the sea is full o' smoky teakettles, the old days is dyin', an' where'll }

\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you an' me be then? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {lugubriously drunken again}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) Everything is dyin'! Abe }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {Lincoln is dead. I used to ship on the Mannon packets an' I seed in the paper }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {where Ezra Mannon was dead! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Brant starts guilti ly. The chantyman goes on }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {maudlinly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Heart failure killed him, it said, but I know better! I've sailed on }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mannon hookers an' been worked t' death and gotten swill fur grub, an' I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {know he didn't have no heart in him! Open him up an' you'd find a dried }\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {turnip! The old skinf lint must have left a pile o' money. Who gits it, I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wonder? Leave a widder, did he?}\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) How would I know? (}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {changing the subject calculatingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {What are yo u doing here, Chantyman? I'd expect a man with your voice }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {would be in a saloon, singing and making merry!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHANTYMAN-So I would! So I would! But I was robbed, sir--aye--an' I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {know who done it--a yaller-haired wench had her arm around me. Steer clear }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {o' gals or they'll skin your hide off an' use it fur a carpet! I warn ye, skipper! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {They're not fur sailormen like you an' me, 'less we're lookin' fur sorrow! }\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {then insinuatingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I ain't got the price of a drink, that's why I'm here, sir.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {reaches in his p ocket and tosses him down a silver dollar}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Here !}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHANTYMAN--(}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fumbles around and finds the dollar}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) Thank ye, sir. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then }\i0 \par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {flatteringly}\i0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's a fine ship you've got there, sir. Crack sail on her and she'll }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {beat m ost of 'em--an' you're the kind to crack sail on, I kin tell by your cut.}\par\p ard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn6 66\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-30 6\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {ple ased, glancing up at his ship's lofty rig}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Aye! I'll make her go }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {right enough!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHA NTYMAN--All you need is a good chantyman to help ye. Here's }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {"Hanging Johnny" fur ye! (}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {Brant starts at this. The chantyman suddenly }\i0 \par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {begins to sing the chanty "Hanging Johnny" with sentimental mournfulness.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { )}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {"Oh, they call me Hanging Johnny}\par\pard\li773\ri 0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Away--ay--i--oh!}\par\pard\li773\ri 0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {They says I hangs for money}\par\pa rd\li773\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Oh, hang, boys, hang!"}\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Stop that damned dirge! And get out of here! Look livel y }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {now!}\par\pard\

li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHANTYMAN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {starting to go}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Aye--aye, sir. ( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then resentfully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) I see ye }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ain't got much ear fur music. Good night.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with exasperated relief }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Good night. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {T he chantyman goes }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {unsteadily off left, between the warehouse and the ship. He bursts again into }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {his mo urnful dirge, his voice receding.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li 773\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {"They say I hanged my mother}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Away--ay--i--oh!}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {They say I hanged my mother}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Oh, hang, boys, hang!"}\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Brant, standing by the rail looking after him, mutters a curse and starts }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {pacing up and down the deck.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Damn that chanty! It's sad as death! I've a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {foreboding I'll never take this ship to sea. She doesn't want me now--a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {coward hiding behind a woman's skirts! The sea hates a coward! (}\fs20\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {A woman's }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {figure dressed in black, heavily veiled, moves stealthily ou t from the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { darkness between the ship and the warehouse, left. She sees the figure on the }\ i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {deck above he r and shrinks back with a stifled gasp of fear. Brant hears the }\i0 \par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {noise. Immediately his revo lver is in his hand and he peers down into the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shadows of the warehouse.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) Who's there?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a cry of relief}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Adam!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {BRANT--Christine! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then quickly} \i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Go back to the gangplank. I'll meet you }\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {there. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {She goes back. He hurries along the deck and disappears off left to }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {meet he r. Their voices are heard and a moment later they enter on the poop }\i0 \par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {deck, from left. She le ans against him weakly and he supports her with his }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {arm around her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {) I have to bring you this way. I bolted the door to the main }\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {deck.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I was so frightened! I wasn 't sure which ship! Some drunken }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {man came along singing--}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--Aye. I just got rid of him. I fired the watc hman this morning so I'd }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {be alone at night. I was hoping you'd come soon. Did that drunk see you?} \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--No. I hi d behind some boxes. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then frightenedly}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why have }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {you got that pistol?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grimly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) I was going to give them a fight for it--if things went }\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wrong.}\par\pard\li0\ri0

\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Adam!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--By God, you don't think I'll ev er let them take me alive, do you?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Please, please! Don't talk of that for a moment! Only hold me }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {close to you! Tell me you love me!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) It's no time! I want to know what's happened! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {Then }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {i mmediately repentant he kisses her--with rough tenderness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) Don't mind me! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {My nerves are gone from waiting alone here not knowing anything but wha t I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {read in the pa pers--that he was dead. These last days have been hell!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--If you knew what they have been for me!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--Ther e's something gone wrong! I can read that in your face! What }\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {is it, Christine?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {falteringly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Vinnie knows--! She came into the room when he }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { was dying! He told her--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) God! What is she going to do? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then, witho ut giving her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {time to answer his question, he suddenly looks around uneasily.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) Christine! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {How did you get away? She'd suspect you weren't going to your fathe r's now. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {She follo wed you once before--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {CHRISTINE--No. It's all right. This morning Orin said his cousins, the }\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Bradfords, had invited h im and Vinnie to visit them overnight at Blackridge }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and he was taking Vinnie with him because he t hought a change would bring }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {her back to her senses. I've made him think she's out of her head with grief--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {so he woul dn't listen to her--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {eagerly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) And he believes that?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {weakly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) Yes--he does--now--but I don't know how long--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--Ah!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--So I told him by all means to go. It ga ve me the chance I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wanted to come to you. They went this morning. They don't know I've gone }\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and even after they've f ound out they can't prove where I went. I can only }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {stay a little while, Adam--we've got to plan--s o many things have happened I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {couldn't foresee--I came to warn you--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--Ssshh! Come below in the cabin! We're foo ls to be talking out }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {here. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He guides her with his arm around her t hrough the door to the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {companionway stairs and closes it quietly behind them. A pause in whi ch the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {singi ng of the crew on the ship in the harbor comes mournfully over the }\i0 \par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {water. Then Orin and Lavi nia come in stealthily along the deck from the left. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2

53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She is dressed in black as before. He w ears a long cloak over his uniform }\i0 \par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840 \pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw76 13\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {and has a slouch hat pulled down over his eyes. Her manner is cold and }\i 0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grim. Orin is holding in a savage, revengeful rage. They approach the cabin }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {skylight silently. Orin bends down by it to listen. His face, in the light from }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the skylight, becomes distorted with jea lous fury. Lavinia puts a restraining }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hand on his arm.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The scene fades ou t into darkness. Several minutes are supposed to elapse. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {When the light comes on again, a s ection of the ship has been removed to }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {reveal the interior of the cabin, a small compartmen t, the walls newly }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {painted a light brown. The skylight giving on the deck above is in the m iddle }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of th e ceiling. Suspended in the skylight is a ship's compass. Beneath it is a }\i0 \ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pine table with t hree chairs, one at rear, the other two at the table ends, left }\i0 \par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and right. On the table is a bottle of whiskey, half full, with a glass and a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pitcher of water.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Buil t against the right wall of the cabin is a long narrow couch, like a bunk, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with leather cus hions. In the rear wall, at right, is a door leading into the }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {captain's stateroom. A big si deboard stands against the left wall, center. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Above it, a ship's clock. Farther back is a d oor opening on the alleyway }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {leading to the main deck. The companionway stairs lead down to this }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {alleyw ay.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {There is a lighted lamp on the sideboard and a ship's lant ern, also lighted, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {at the right end of the table.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {In the cabin, Brant is seated at the right of table, Christine to the rear of it. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Her face looks haggard and agein g, the mouth pinched and drawn down at }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the corners, and her general appearance, the arrange ment of her hair and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {clothes, has the dishevelled}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {touc h of the fugitive. She is just finishing her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {story of the murder and the events following i t. He is listening tensely.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {On the deck above, Orin and Lavini a are discovered as before, with Orin }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {bending down by the transom, listening.}\i0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {CHRISTINE--When he was dying he pointed at me and told her I was guilty! }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {And afterwards she fo und the poison--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {B RANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {springing to his feet}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) For God's sake, why didn't you--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pitifull

y}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I fainted before I could hide it! And I had planned it }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {all so carefully. But how could I foresee that she would come in just at that }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {moment? And how could I k now he would talk to me the way he did? He }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {drove me crazy! He kept talking of death! He was tortu ring me! I only }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {w anted him to die and leave me alone!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {his eyes lighting up w ith savage satisfaction}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) He knew before he }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {died whose son I was, you said? By God, I'll bet that maddened him!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {repeats pitifully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'd planned it so carefully--but som ething }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {made thing s happen!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {overcome by gloomy dejection, sinks down on his c hair again}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {knew it! I've had a feeling in my bones! It serves me right, what has }\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {happened and is to happen! It wasn't that kind of revenge I had sworn o n my }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mother's body ! I should have done as I wanted--fought with Ezra Mannon as }\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {two men fight for love of a woman! (} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with bitter self-contempt}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) I have my }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {father's rotten coward blood in me, I think! Aye!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Adam! You make me feel so guilty!}\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {rousing himself--shamefacedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) I didn't mean to blame you, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {Christine. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's too late for regrets now, anyway. We've got to }\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {think what to do.}\par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Yes! I'm so te rrified of Vinnie! Oh, Adam, you must promise }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me to be on your guard every minute! If she convince s Orin you are my }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { lover--Oh, why can't we go away, Adam? Once we're out of her reach, she }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {can't do anything.}\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--The "Flying Trades" won't be sailing for a month or more. We can't }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {get cargo as soon as the owners thought.}\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Can't we go on an other ship--as passengers--to the East--we }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {could be married out there--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gloomi ly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But everyone in the town would know you wer e gone. It }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {would s tart suspicion--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CH RISTINE--No. Orin and Vinnie would lie to people. They'd have to for }\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {their own sakes. They'd say I was in New York with my father. Oh, Adam, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {it's the only thing we can do! If we don't get out of V innie's reach right away }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {I know something horrible will happen!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dejectedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Aye. I suppose it's the only way out for us now. The }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {"Atlantis" is sailing on Friday for China. I'll arrange with her skipper to give }\par\pard\li

0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {us passage--and keep his mouth shut. She sails at daybreak Friday. You'd }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {better meet me here Thursday night. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {then with an effort}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'll write Cla rk and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Dawson toni ght they'll have to find another skipper for the "Flying Trades."}\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {noticing the hurt in his tone--miserably}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) Poor Adam! I know }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {how it hurts you to give up your ship.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {rousing himself guiltily--pats her hand--with gruff tenderness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {There are plenty of ships--but there is only one you, Christine!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I feel so guilty! I've brought you nothi ng but misfortune!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { BRANT--You've brought love--and the rest is only the price. It's worth it a }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {million times! You're all mine now, anyway! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He hugs her to him, starin g }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {over her h ead with sad blank eyes.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {her voice trembling}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But I'm afraid I'm not much to boast }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {abou t having--now. I've grown old in the past few days. I'm ugly. But I'll }\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {make myself beautiful again --for you--! I'll make up to you for everything! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Try not to regret your ship too much, Adam!}\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {gruffly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Let's not talk of her a ny more. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then forcing a wry smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I'll give up the sea. I think it's through with me now, anyway! The sea hates a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {coward.}\par\par d\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666 \margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {t rying pitifully to cheer him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't talk like t hat! You have }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me, Adam! You have me! And we will be happy--once we're safe on your }\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Blessed Islands! (}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {then suddenly, with a little shudder}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {) It's strange. Orin was }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {telling me of an island--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {On the d eck above, Orin, who has bent closer to the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {transom, straightens up with a threatening move ment. Lavinia grips his arm, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {restraining him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {with a bitter, hopeless yearning}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Aye --the Blessed Isles--Maybe }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {we can still find happiness and forget! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then strangely, as if to himself}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I can }\par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {see them now--so close --and a million miles away! The warm earth in the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {moonlight, the trade winds rustling the coco pa lms, the surf on the barrier }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {reef singing a croon in your ears like a lullaby! Aye! There's peace , and }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {forgetfulne ss for us there--if we can ever find those islands now!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25

3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {desperately}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) We will find them! We will! (}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She kisses him. A }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pause. Suddenly she glances frightenedly at th e clock.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Look at the time! I've }\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {got to go, Adam!}\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {BRANT--For the love of God, watc h out for Vinnie. If anything happened to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you now--!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Nothing will happen to me. But you must be on your guard in }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {case Ori n--Good-bye, my lover! I must go! I must! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She te ars herself from }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {his arms but immediately throws herself in them again--terrifiedly}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh! I feel }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {so strange--so sad--as if I'd never see you again! (}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She begins to sob }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hysterically.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) O h, Adam, tell me you don't regret! Tell me we're going to be }\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {happy! I can't bear this horrible fe eling of despair!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { BRANT--Of course we'll be happy! Come now! It's only a couple of days. }\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {They start for the door.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) We'll go by the main deck. It's shorter. I'll walk to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the end of the wharf with you. I won't go further. We migh t be seen.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTI NE--Then we don't have to say good-bye for a few minutes yet! }\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Oh, thank God! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {They go out to the alleyway, Brant closing the door behind }\i0 \par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {him. A pause. On the deck above Orin pulls a revolver from under his cloak }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and makes a move, as if to rush off left down to the main deck after them. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia has been dreading this and throws herself in his way, grasping his }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {arm.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a furi ous whisper}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Let me go!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { struggling with him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No! Be quiet! Ssshh! I hea r them on the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mai n deck! Quick! Come to his cabin! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She urges him to the companionway }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {door, gets him inside and shuts the door behind them. A moment later th e }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {door on t he left of the cabin below is opened and they enter.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--He 's going to the end of the wharf. That gives us a few minutes. }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gr imly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You wanted proof! Well, are you satisfied now?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Yes! G od damn him! Death is too good for him! He ought to be--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { sharply commanding}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin! Remember you promised not to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {lose your head. You've got to do everything exactly as we planned it, so }\par\column\par d\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {there'll be no suspicion ab out us. There would be no justice if we let }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ourselves--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0

\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {impatiently}\i0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {) You've said all that before! Do you think I'm a fool? I'm }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {not anxious to be hanged--for that skunk! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with bitter anguis h}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I heard }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {her asking him to kiss her! I heard her warn him again st me! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He gives a }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {horrible chuckle.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) And my island I told her about--which was she and I--she }\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wants to go there--with him! (} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then furiously}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) D amn you! Why did you stop }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {me? I'd have shot his guts out in front of her!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sc ornfully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Outside on deck where the shot would be sure to be }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hear d? We'd have been arrested--and then I'd have to tell the truth to save us. }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {She'd be hanged, and e ven if we managed to get off, our lives would be }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ruined! The only person to come off lucky would b e Brant! He could die }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {happy, knowing he'd revenged himself on us more than he ever dared hope! }\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Is that what you want ?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {sullenly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No.}\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Then don't act like a fool again. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {looks around the cabin }\i0 \par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {calculating--then in a to ne of command}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Go and hide outside. He won't se e }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you when he pass es along the alleyway in the dark. He'll come straight in }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {here. That's the time for you--}\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {grimly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You needn't tell me what to do. I've had a thorough training }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {at this game--thanks to you and Father.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Quick! Go out now! He won't be long !}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {goes to the door--then quickly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) I hear him coming. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He slips out }\i0 \par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {silently. She hurriedl y hides herself by the sideboard at left, front. A moment }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {later Brant appears in the doorway and stands just inside it blinking in the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {light. He looks around the cabin sadly.}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {BRANT--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {huskily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) So it's good-bye to you, "Flying Trades"! And you're }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {right! I wasn't man enough for you!}\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {Orin steps through the door and with the pistol almost against Brant' s body }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fires twice. Brant pitches forward to the floor by the table, rolls over, }\i0 \par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {twitches a moment on hi s back and lies still. Orin}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { s}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {prings forward and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {stands over the body, his pistol aimed down at it, ready to fire again.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares fasci natedly at Brant's still face}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Is he--dead?}\pa

r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Yes.}\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't stand there! Where's the chisel you brought? }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {Smash open everything in his stateroom. We must make it look as if thieves }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {killed him, remem ber! Take anything valuable! We can sink it overboard }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {afterwards! Hurry! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {Orin puts his revolver on the table and takes a chisel }\i0 \par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {that is stuck in his belt unde r his cloak and goes into the stateroom. A }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {moment later there is the sound of splintering wo od as he pries open a }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {drawer.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage \pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\c olno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {goes slowly to the body and stands looking down into Brant's }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {face. Her own is frozen and expressionless. A pause. Orin can be heard in }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {the stateroom prying open Brant's desk and scattering the contents of }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {drawers aro und. Finally Lavinia speaks to the corpse in a grim bitter tone.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {How could you love that vile old woman so? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She throws off this thought--}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But you're dead! It's e nded! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She turns away from him resolutely--}\i0 \ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then suddenly tur ns back and stands stiffly upright and grim beside the body }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and prays coldly, as if carryin g out a duty}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) May God find forgiveness for }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {your sins! May the so ul of our cousin, Adam Mannon, rest in peace! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Or in }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {comes in from the stateroom and overhears the last of her prayer.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Rest i n hell, you mean! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He comes to her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {) I've pried open }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {everything I could find.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Then come along. Quick. There's your pistol. Don't forget that. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She goes to the door.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {putting it in his pocket}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) We've got to go through his pockets to make }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {everything look like a burglary. (}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {He quickly turns Brant's pockets inside out }\i0 \par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and puts the revolver he finds, along with bills and coins, watch and chain, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {knife, etc., into his own.}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'll sink these overboard from the dock, along with }\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {what was in his statero om. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Having finished this, he still remains stoop ing }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {over th e body and stares into Brant's face, a queer fascinated expression in }\i0 \par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {his eyes.}\i0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {uneasily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal

ex100 {) Orin!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORI N--By God, he does look like Father!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--No! Come along!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as if talking to himself}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) This is like my dream. I've killed hi m }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {before--over an d over.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--O rin!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Do you remember me telling you how the faces of the men I killed }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {came back and changed to Father's face and finally became my own? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {smiles grimly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) He looks like me, too! Maybe I've committed suicide!}\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {frightenedly--grabbing his arm}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Hurry! Someone may come!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {not heeding her, still staring at Brant--strangely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) If I had been he I }\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {would have done what he did ! I would have loved her as he loved her--and }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {killed Father too--for her sake!}\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {tensely--shaking him by the arm}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin, for God's sake, will you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {stop talking crazy and come along? Do you want us to be found here? (}\fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {pulls him away forcibly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {with a last look at the dead man}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's queer! It's a rotten dirty joke on }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {someone! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He lets her hustle him out to the alleyway.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li30 66\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li3066\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Curtain}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {)}\par\column\pard\li2906\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2906\ri 0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2906\ri0\sl-386\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\b {ACT FIVE}\b0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SCENE--}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {The same as Act Three of "Homecoming"--exterior of the Mannon }\i0 \par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {house. It is the followi ng night. The moon has just risen. The right half of the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {house is in the black shadow cast b y the pine trees but the moonlight falls }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {full on the part to the left of the doorway. The do or at center is open and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {there is a light in the hall behind. All the shutters of the window s are closed.}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine is discovered walking back and forth on the drive before the }\i0 \pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {portico, passing fro m moonlight into the shadow of the pines and back }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {again. She is in a frightful state of tens ion, unable to keep still.}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {She sees someone she is evidently expecting approaching the house from up }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the drive, off left, and she hurries down as far as the bench to meet her.}\i0 \par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {enters from left--with a kindly smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Here I am! Seth brought your }\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {note and I hurried r ight over.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTIN

E--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {kissing her--with unnatural effusiveness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm so glad you've }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {come! I know I shouldn't have bothered you.}\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--It's no bother at all, Mrs. Mannon. I'm only too happy to keep you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {company.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I was feeling so terribly sad--and nervous here . I had let }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Hannah and Annie have the night off. I'm all alone. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Sh e sits on the bench.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Let's sit out here. I can't bear it in the house. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Hazel sits beside her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZ EL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pityingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I know. It must be terribly lonely for you. You must }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {miss him so much.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wit h a shudder}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Please don't talk about--He is bur ied! He is }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {gone!}\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {gently}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) He is at peace, Mrs. Mannon.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with bitter mockery}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) I was like you once! I believed in }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {heaven! Now I know there is only hell!}\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Ssshh! You mustn't say that.} \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {rousing herself--forcing a smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {) I'm not fit company for a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {young girl, I'm afraid. You should have youth and beauty and freedom }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {around you . I'm old and ugly and haunted by death! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then, a s if to herself--in }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {a low desperate tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I can't let mysel f get ugly! I can't!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--You're only terribly worn out. You ought to try and sleep.}\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--I don't believe ther e's such a thing on this earth as sleep! It's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {only in the earth one sleeps! One must feel so at pe ace--at last--with all one's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {fears ended! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then forcing a laugh}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Good heavens, what a bore it must be for }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you, listening to my gloom y thoughts! I honestly didn't send for you to--I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wanted to ask if you or Peter had heard anything from Orin and Vinnie.}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\margl sxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn280\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\ colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {surprised}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why, no. We haven't seen them since the funeral.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {forcing a smile}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) They seem to have deserted me. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {then }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {quickly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I mean they should have been home before this. I can't imagine }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {what's keeping them. They went to Blackridge to stay overnight at the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Bradfords '.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Then the re's nothing to worry about. But I don't see how they could }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {leave you alone--just now.}\par\pard\

li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Oh, that part is all right. I urged them to go. They left soon }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {after the funeral, and afterwards I thought it woul d be a good opportunity for }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {me to go to New York and see my father. He's sick, you know, but I fo und }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {him so much b etter I decided to come home again last night. I expected }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie and Orin back this noon, but her e it's night and no sign of them. I--I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {must confess I'm worried--and frightened. You can't know t he horror of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {bein g all night--alone in that house! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She glances at the house behind her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {with a shudder.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Would it help you if I stayed with you tonight--I mean if they don't }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {come?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {eagerly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) Oh, would you? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Hysterical tears c ome to her eyes. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {She kisses Hazel with impulsive gratitude.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I can't tell you how grateful I'd }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {be! You're so good! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then for cing a laugh}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But it's an imposition to ask you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to face such an ordeal. I can't stay still. I'm terrified at every sound. You }\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {would have to sit up.}\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Losing a little sleep wo n't hurt me any.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {C HRISTINE--I mustn't sleep! If you see me falling asleep you must promise }\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to wake me!}\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--But it's just what you need.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Y es--afterwards--but not now. I must keep awake. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { in tense }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {de speration}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I wish Orin and Vinnie would come!}\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {worriedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Perhaps Orin got so sick he wasn't able to. Oh, I hope }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that isn't it! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then gettin g up}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) If I'm going to stay all night I'll have to run }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {home and t ell Mother, so she won't worry.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Yes--do. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then frightene dly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You won't be long, will you? I'm }\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {afraid--to be alone.}\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {kisses her--pityingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'll be as quick as I possibly can. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She walks }\i0 \par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {down the drive, off l eft, waving her hand as she disappears. Christine stands }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {by the bench--then begins to pace back and forth again.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her eyes caught by something down the drive--in a tense }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {whisper}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) She's met someone by the gate! Oh, why am I so afraid! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {She turns, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {seized by panic, and runs to the house--then stops at the top of the steps and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\

i {faces around, leaning against a column for support.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {) Oh, God, I'm afraid to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {know! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {A moment later Orin and Lav inia come up the drive from the left. }\i0 \par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia is stiffly square-shouldered, her eyes hard, her mouth grim and set. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {Orin is in a state of morbid excitement. He carries a newspape r in his hand.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {speaking to Vinnie as they enter--harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You let me do th e talking! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I want to be the one--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He sees his mother--startledly}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Mother! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then wit h }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {vindictive mockery}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ah! So this time at least you are wai ting to meet me }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wh en I come home!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHR ISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stammers}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin! What kept you--?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {ORIN--We just met Hazel. She said you were terribly frightened at being } \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {alone here. That is strange--when you have the memory of Father for }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {company!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--You--you stayed all this time--at the Bradfords' ?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--We didn't g o to the Bradfords'!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stupidly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) You didn't go--to Blackridge?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--We took the train there but we decided to stay right on and go to }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Boston instead.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {terrifiedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) T o--Boston--?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN-And in Boston we waited until the evening train got in. We met that }\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {train.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--Ah!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--We had an idea you would take advantage of our being in Blackridge }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {to be on it--and you were! And we followed you when you called on your }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {lover in his cabin !}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE--(}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a pitiful effort at indignation}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) Orin! How dare you talk--! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then brokenly}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin! Don't look at me like that! Tell me--}\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Your lover! Don't lie! You've lied enough, Mother! I was on deck, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {listening! What would you have done if you had discover ed me? Would you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {h ave gotten your lover to murder me, Mother? I heard you warning him }\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {against me! But your warning w as no use!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTIN E--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {chokingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) W hat--? Tell me--!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {O RIN--I killed him!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { CHRISTINE--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a cry of terror}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) Oh--oh! I knew! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then clutching at Orin}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {No--Orin! You--you're just telling me that--to punish m e, aren't you? You }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100

{said you loved me--you'd protect me--protect your mother--you couldn't }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {murder--!}\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {harshly, pushing her away}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You could murder Father, couldn't you? }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He thrusts the newspaper into her hands, poi nting to the story.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Here! Read }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that, if you don't believe me! We got it in Boston to see whom the police }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {would suspect. It's only a few lines. Brant wasn't import ant--except to you! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She looks at the paper with fascinated horror. Then she lets it slip through }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {her fingers, sinks down on the lowest step and begins to moan to herself, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wringing her hands together in stricken anguish. Orin turns from her and }\i0 \ par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\marg tsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {starts to pace up and down by the s teps. Lavinia stands at the left of the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {steps, rigid and erect, her face mask-like.}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {) They think exactly what we planned they should think--that }\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {he was killed by waterfront t hieves. There's nothing to connect us with his }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {death! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He stops by her. She stares before her, wringing her hands and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {moaning. He blurts out}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) Mother! Don't moan like that! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { She gives no sign of }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {having heard him. He starts to pace up and down again--with savage }\i 0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {resentment}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why do you grieve for that servant's bastard? I k now he was the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {on e who planned Father's murder! You couldn't have done that! He got you }\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {under his influence to rev enge himself! He hypnotized you! I saw you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {weren't yourself the minute I got home, remember? How else could you ever }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {have imagined you loved that low swine! How else could you ever have said }\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the things--(}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He stops before her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I heard you planning to go with him to the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {island I had told you about--our island--that was you a nd I! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He starts to }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pace up and down again distractedly. She remains as before except that her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {moaning has begun to exhaust itself. Orin stops before h er again and grasps }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {her by the shoulders, kneeling on the steps beside her--desperately ple ading }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {now}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Mother! Don't moan like that! You're still unde r his influence! But }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {you'll forget him! I'll make you forget him! I'll make you happy! We'll leav e }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie here and go away on a long voyage--to the South Seas--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {not heeding her, stare

s into his mother's face. She has stopped }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {moaning, the horror in her eyes is dying into bla nkness, the expression of her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {mouth congealing to one of numbed grief. She gives no sign of having heard }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {him. Orin shakes her--desperately}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Mother! D on't you hear me? Why won't }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {you speak to me? Will you always love him? Do you hate me now? (}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {sinks on his knees before her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Mother! Answer me! Say you forgive me!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with bitter sco rn}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin! After all that's happened, are you }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {becoming her crybab y again? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Orin starts and gets to his feet, stari ng at her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {c onfusedly, as if he had forgotten her existence. Lavinia speaks again in curt }\ i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {commanding to ne that recalls her father.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Leave her alone! G o in the house! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as he hesitates--more sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) Do you hear me? March!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {automatically makes a confused motion of military salute--vaguely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Yes, sir. (}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {He walks mechanically up the steps--gazing up at the hous e--}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {strangel y}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why are the shutters still closed? Father ha s gone. We ought to let }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {in the moonlight. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He goes into the house. Lavinia comes and stands beside }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {her mother. Christine continues to stare blankly in front of her. Her face has }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {become a tragic death mask. She gives no sign of being aware of her }\ i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {daughter's pr esence. Lavinia regards her with bleak, condemning eyes.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA --(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {finally speaks sternly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {) He paid the just penalty for his crime. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You know it was justice. It was the only way t rue justice could be done. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Her }\i0 \par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {mother starts. The words sha tter her merciful numbness and awaken her to }\i0 \par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-30 6\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {agony again. She springs to her feet and stands glaring at her daughter with }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {terrible look in which a savage hatred fights with horror and fear. In spite }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of her frozen self-control, Lav inia recoils before this. Keeping her eyes on }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her, Christine shrinks backward up the steps u ntil she stands at the top }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {between the two columns of the portico before the front door. Lav inia }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {suddenl y makes a motion, as if to hold her back. She calls shakenly as if the }\i0 \par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {words were wrung out of her against her will}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Mother! What are you g oing }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to do? You ca n live!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {CHRISTINE-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {glares at her as if this were the last insult--w ith strident }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i

{mockery}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Live! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She bursts into shrill laughter, stops it abruptly, raises her }\i0 \par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hands between her face and h er daughter and pushes them out in a gesture }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of blotting Lavinia forever from her sight. The n she turns and rushes into the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {house. Lavinia again makes a movement to follow her. But she immediately }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fights down this impulse and turns her back on the house determinedly, }\i0 \pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {standing square-shou ldered and stiff like a grim sentinel in black.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { )}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {implacably to herself}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It is justice! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {From the street, away off }\i0 \p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {right front, Seth's thin wraith of a baritone is raised in his favorite mournful }\i0 \par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {"Shenandoah," as he nears the gateway to the drive, returning from his }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {nightly visit to the saloon.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {)}\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-2 93\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {"Oh, Shenandoah, I long to hear you}\par\ pard\li720\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {A-way, my rolling rive r!}\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Oh, Shenandoah , I can't get near you}\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {Way--ay, I'm bound away}\par\pard\li720\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {Across the wide--"}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {There is the sharp report of a pistol from the left ground floor of the h ouse }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {where E zra Mannon's study is. Lavinia gives a shuddering gasp, turns back }\i0 \par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {to the steps, starts to g o up them, stops again and stammers shakenly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I t is }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {justice! It i s your justice, Father! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Orin's voice is heard ca lling from the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {sitting-room at right}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { "What's that"! }\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {A door slams. Then Orin's horrified cry }\i0 \par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {comes from the study as he f inds his mother's body, and a moment later he }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {rushes out frantically to Lavinia.}\i0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {ORIN--Vinnie! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He grabs her arm and stammers distractedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Mother--shot }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {herself--Father's pistol--get a doctor --(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with hopeless anguish}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) No--it's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {too late--she's dead! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then wildly}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why--why did she, Vinnie? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {with tortured }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {self-accusation}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I drove her to it! I wan ted to torture her! She couldn't forgive }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me! Why did I have to boast about killing him? Why--?}\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {frightenedly, puts her hand over his mouth}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) Be quiet!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tears her hand away--violently}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why didn't I let her believe burglars }\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {killed him? She wouldn't have hated me then! She would have forgotten him! }\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage {\shp{\*\shpinst\shpleft8280\shptop3733\shpright10546\shpbottom3733\shpfhdr0\shp

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n I ever get her to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {forgive me now?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {soothingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) Ssshh! Ssshh! You have me, haven't you? I love }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you. I'll help you to forget. (}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {He turns to go back into the house, still sobbing }\i0 \par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {helplessly. Seth's voi ce comes from the drive, right, close at hand:}\i0 \par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-213\sl mult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {"S he's far across the stormy water}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {Way-ay, I'm bound away--"}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs1 8\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He enters r ight, front. Lavinia turns to face him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {approaching}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Say, Vinnie, did you hear a shot--?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LA VINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I want you to go for Doctor Blake. Tell him Mother has }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {killed herself in a fit of insane grief o ver Father's death. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then as he stares, }\i0 \par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dumbfounded and wond ering, but keeping his face expressionless--more }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Will you remember to tell him that?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {slowly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) Ayeh. I'll tell him, Vinnie--anything you say. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {His face set }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {grimly, he goes off, right front. Lavinia turns and, stiffly e rect, her face stern }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {and mask-like, follows Orin into the house.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {)}\par\pard\li3066\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li3066\ri0\sl-293 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Curtain}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li2666\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par \pard\li2666\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2666\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs 18\cf0\par\pard\li2666\ri0\sl-373\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b {THE HAUN TED}\b0 \par\pard\li2560\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2560\ri0\sl-320 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b \i {A Play in Four Acts}\b0 \i0 \par\pard\ li2333\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2333\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\b \i {Part Three of the Trilogy}\b0 \i0 \par\pard\li1773\ri0\s l-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li1773\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\b \i {MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA}\b0 \i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \ fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-333\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Characters}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA MANNON}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN, }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her brother}\i0 \par \column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER NILES}\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL, }\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {his sister}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {SETH}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AMO S AMES}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {IRA MACKEL}\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {JOE SILVA}\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ABNER SMALL}\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-360\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {Scenes}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {{\ field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK " "}}{\fldrslt {ACT ONE: SCENE ONE-}}}-Exterior of the Mannon house--an evening in the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {summer of 186 6.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {{\field{\*\fldin st{HYPERLINK ""}}{\fldrslt {

ACT ONE: SCENE TWO-}}}-Sitting-room in the house (immediately follows }\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Scene One).}\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK "http: //"}}{\fldrslt {ACT TWO: }}}The stud y--an evening a month later.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {{\field{\*\fldinst{HYPERLINK " h.html#s303"}}{\fldrslt {ACT THREE: }}}The sitting-room (immediately follows Act Two).}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {{\field{\*\f ldinst{HYPERLINK ""}}{\fldrsl t {ACT FOUR: }}}Same as Act One, Scene One--Exterior of the Mannon house--a }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {late afternoon three d ays later.}\par\pard\li2800\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2800\ri0\sl213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2800\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li28 00\ri0\sl-373\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b {The Haunted}\b0 \par\pard\li 2920\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2920\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\b {ACT ONE}\b0 \par\pard\li2786\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par \pard\li2786\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b {SCENE ONE}\b0 \par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {Exterior of the Mannon house (as in the two preceding plays ) on an evening }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {of a clear day in summer a year later. It is shortly after sunset but the }\ i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {afterglow in t he sky still bathes the white temple portico in a crimson light. }\i0 \par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The columns cast black bars of shadow on the wall behind them. All the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shutters are closed and the front door is boarde d up, showing that the house }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {is unoccupied.}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {A group of five men is standing on the drive by the bench at left, front. Seth }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {Beckwith is there and Amos Ames, who appeared in the first Act of }\i0 \pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {"Homecoming." The ot hers are Abner Small, Joe Silva and Ira Mackel.}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {These four--Ames, Small, Silva and Mackel--ar e, as were the townsfolk of the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {first acts of "Homecoming" and "The Hunted," a chorus of typ es }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {represent ing the town as a human background for the drama of the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Mannons.}\i0 \par\pard\sect\sectd\sb kpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\co ls2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {Small is a wiry little old man of sixty-five, a clerk in a hardware store. He }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {has white hair and a wispy goat's beard, bright inquisitive eyes, rudd y }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {complexio n, and a shrill rasping voice. Silva is a Portuguese fishing }\i0 \par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {captain--a fat, boisterous man , with a hoarse bass voice. He has matted gray }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hair and a big grizzled mustache. He is sixt y. Mackel, who is a farmer, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {hobbles along with the aid of a cane. His shiny wrinkled face i s oblong with }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {a square white chin whisker. He is bald. His yellowish brown eyes are sly. }\ i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He talks in a drawling wheezy cackle.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {All five are drunk. Seth has a stone jug in his hand. There is a gr otesque }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {atm osphere of boys out on a forbidden lark about these old men.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {SMALL--God A'mighty, Seth, be you glued to that jug?}\par\pard\li53\ri

0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MACKEL--Gol durn him, he's gittin' stingy in his old age!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {SILVA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {bursts into song}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li773\ri0\s l-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {"A bottle of beer and a bottle of gin} \par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {And a bottle of I rish whiskey oh!}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { So early in the morning}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {A sailor likes his bottle oh!"}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf 0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AMES--(}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {derisively}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You like your bottle 'ceptin' when your old woman's got }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {her eye on ye!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SILVA--She's visitin' her folks to New Bedford. What the h ell I care! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {bursts }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {into song again}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {)}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-293 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {"Hurrah! Hurrah! I sing the jubilee}\par\pa rd\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Hurrah! Hurrah! Her folk s has set me free!"}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AMES--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {slapping him on the back}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) God damn you, Joe, you're gittin' to be a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {poet! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They all laugh.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SMA LL--God A'mighty, Seth, ain't ye got no heart in ye? Watch me }\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {perishin' fur lack o' whiskey and y e keep froze to that jug! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He reaches out }\i0 \p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {for it.}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {SETH--No, ye don't! I'm onto your game! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wi th a wink at the others}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) He's }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {aimin' to git so full of Injun cou rage he wouldn't mind if a ghost sot on his }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {lap! Purty slick you be, Abner! Swill my licker so's you kin skin me out o' }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {my bet!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MACK EL--That's it, Seth! Don't let him play no skin games!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {JOE--By God, if ghosts look like the livin' , I'd let Ezra's woman's ghost set }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {on my lap! M'm! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He smacks his lips lasciviously.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AMES--Me, too! She was a looker!}\par\column\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SMALL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {with an uneasy glance at the house}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's her ghost folks is sayin' }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {haunts the place, ain't it?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a wink at t he others}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, hers and a hull passel of others . The }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {graveyard's full of Mannons and they all spend their nights to hum here. You }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {needn't worry but you'll have ple nty o' company, Abner! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The others laugh, }\i0 \p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {their mirth a bit f orced, but Small looks rather sick.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SMALL--It ain't in our bet fo r you to put sech notions in my head afore I go }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {in, be it? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then fo rcing a perky bravado}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Think you kin scare me? There ain't }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {no sec

h thing as ghosts!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { SETH--An' I'm sayin' you're scared to prove there ain't! Let's git our bet set } \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {out plain afore wit nesses. I'm lettin' you in the Mannon house and I'm bettin' }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you ten dollars and a gallon of licker you dasn't stay there till moonrise at ten }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {o'clock. If you come out afore then, you lose. An' you 're to stay in the dark }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {and not even strike a match! Is that agreed?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SMALL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {trying to put a brave face on it}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That's agreed--an' it' s like stealin' }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {te n dollars off you!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { SETH--We'll see! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with a grin}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) An' you're supposed to go in sober! But }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I won't make it too dead sober! I ain' t that hard-hearted. I wouldn't face what }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you'll face with a gallon under my belt! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {handing him the jug}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Here! Tak e a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {good swig! You 're lookin' a mite pale about the gills a'ready!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SMALL--No sech thing! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {But he puts the jug to his lips and takes an }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {enormous swallow.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MACKEL--Wh oa thar! Ye ain't drinkin' for all on us! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Small hands the jug }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {to him and he drinks and passes it around until it finally reaches Seth again. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {In the mean time Small talks to Seth.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SMALL--Be it all right fur me to go in afore dark? I'd like to know where I'm }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {at while I kin see.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Wal, I calc'late you kin. Don't want you runnin' int o furniture an' }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {br eakin' things when them ghosts git chasin' you! Vinnie an' Orin's liable to }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {be back from Chiny afo re long an' she'd give me hell if anythin' was broke. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The jug reac hes him. He takes a drink--then sets it down on the drive.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Come along! I've took the screws out o' that door. I kin let you right in. (}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {goes toward the portico, Small following him, whistling with elabor ate }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {nonchala nce.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {SMALL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {to the others who rem ain where they are}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) So long, fellers. We'll }\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {have a good spree on that ten dollars.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {M ACKEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a malicious cackle}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) Mebbe! Would you like me fur one o' }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {your pallbearers, Abner?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AMES--I'll comfort your old woman--prov idin' she'll want comfortin', which }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {ain't likely!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {SILVA--And I'll water your grave every Sunday after church! That's the kind }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {of man I be, by God. I don't forget my friends when they're gone!}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sb kpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\co

ls2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {from the portico}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) We'll all jine in, Joe! If he ain't dead, by God, we'll }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {drown him! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They all roar with laughter. Small looks bitter. The jest strikes }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {him as being unfeeling.--All glow has faded from the sky and it is gettin g }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dark.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {SMALL--To hell with ye! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Seth pries off the board door and unlocks the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {inner door.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Come on. I'll show you the handiest place to say your prayers. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They }\ i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {go in. The gr oup outside becomes serious.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AMES--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {voicing the opinion of all of them}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Wal, all the same, I wouldn't be }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {in Abner's boots. It don't do to monkey with them thin's.}\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MACKEL--You believe in ghosts, A mos?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AMES--Mebbe. Who knows there ain't?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {MACKEL--Wal, I believe in 'em. Take the Nims' place out my way. Asa }\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Nims killed his wife wit h a hatchet--she'd nagged him--then hung himself in }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the attic. I knew Ben Willett that bought the place. He couldn't live thar--had }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {to move away. It's fallen to ruins now. Ben used to hear thing s clawin' at the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { walls an' winders and see the chairs move about. He wasn't a liar nor }\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {chicken-hearted neither.}\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SILVA--There is ghos ts, by God! My cousin, Manuel, he seen one! Off on a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {whaler in the Injun Ocean, that was. A man g ot knifed and pushed overboard. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {After that, on moonlight nights, they'd see him a-settin' on the yards and hear }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hi m moanin' to himself. Yes, sir, my cousin Manuel, he ain't no liar }\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {neither--'ceptin' when he's dr unk--and he seen him with his own eyes!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AMES--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with an uneasy glanc e around, reaching for the jug}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Wal, let's have }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {a drink. (}\fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He takes a swig just as Seth comes out of the house, sh utting the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { door behind him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MACKEL--That's Seth. He ain't anxious to stay i n thar long, I notice! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Seth }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hurries down to them, trying to appear to saunter.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a forced note to his joking}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) God A'mighty, ye'd ought to see }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Abne r! He's shyin' at the furniture covers an' his teeth are clickin' a'ready. }\par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {He'll come runnin' out hell fur leather afore long. All I'm wonderin' is, has he }\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {got ten dollars.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MACKEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {slyly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You seem a mite shaky.}\par\pard\li53\r

i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {with a scowl}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You're a liar. What're ye all lookin' glum as owls }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {about?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MACKEL --Been talkin' of ghosts. Do you really believe that there house is }\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {haunted, Seth, or are ye only jokin' Abner?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SET H--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don 't be a durned fool! I'm on'y jokin' him, of course!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MACKEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {insis tently}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Still, it'd be only natural if it was h aunted. She shot }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { herself there. Do you think she done it fur grief over Ezra's death, like the }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {daughter let on to folks?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--'Cour se she did!}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { MACKEL--Ezra dyin' sudden his first night to hum--that was durned queer!}\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {angrily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's durned queer old fool s like you with one foot in the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {grave can't mind their own business in the little time left to 'em . That's what's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {qu eer!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MACKEL--(}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {angry in his turn}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Wa l, all I say is if they hadn't been Mannons }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {with the town lickin' their boots, there'd have been q ueer doin's come out! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {And as fur me bein' an old fool, you're older an' a worse fool! An' your foo t's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {deeper in the grave than mine be!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shaking his fist in Mackel's face}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It ain't so deep but what I kin }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {whale the stuffin' out o' you any day i n the week!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SILVA-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {comes between them}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) Here, you old roosters! No fightin' allowed!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {MACKEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {subsiding grumpily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) This is a free country, ain't it? I got a right }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to my opinions!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {AMES--(}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {suddenly looking off down left}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) Ssshh! Look, Seth! There's someone }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {comin' up the drive.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {peering}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ayeh! Who the hell--? It's Peter 'n Hazel. Hide that jug, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {durn ye ! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The jug is hidden under the lilacs. A moment l ater Hazel and Peter }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {enter. They stop in surprise on seeing Seth and his friends. Seth greet s them }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {selfconsciously.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Good evenin'. I was just showin' some friends around--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {PETER--Hello, Seth. Just the man we're looking for. We've just had a }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {telegram. Vinnie and Orin have landed in New York and--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He is interrupted } \i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {by a muffled yell of terror from the house. As they all turn to look, the front }\i0 \par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {door is flung open and Sm all comes tearing out and down the portico steps, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {his face chalky white and his eyes popping

.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {SMALL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as he reaches them--terr ifiedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) God A'mighty! I heard 'em comin' }\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {after me, and I run in the room opposite, an' I seed Ezra's ghost dressed like a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {judge comin' through the wall--and, by G od, I run! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He jerks a bill out of his }\i0 \par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pocket and thrusts it on Seth.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Here's your money, durn ye! I wouldn' t stay in }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {there fu r a million! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {This breaks the tension, and the ol d men give way to an }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {hysterical, boisterous, drunken mirth, roaring with laughter, pounding each }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {other o n the back.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What's this all about? What was he doing in there?}\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {controlling his laughter--embarrassedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) Only a joke, Peter. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then }\i0 \par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turning on Small--scorn fully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That was Ezra's picture hangin' on the w all, not }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {a ghost, ye durned idjut!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SM ALL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {indignantly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I know pictures when I see 'em an' I knowed him. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {This was him! Let's get out o' here. I've had enough of this durned place!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {SETH--You fellers trot along. I'll jine you later. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {They all mutter good }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {evenings to Peter and Hazel and go off, left front. Small' s excited voice can }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {be heard receding as he begins to embroider on the horrors of his advent ure. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Seth tu rns to Peter apologetically.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Abner Small's alw ays braggin' how brave }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {he is--so I bet him he dasn't stay in there--}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\ pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\co lno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {indignantly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) Seth! What would Vinnie say if she knew you did }\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {such things?}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--There ain't no harm done. I calc'late Abner didn't break nothin'. And }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie wouldn't mind when she knew why I done it. I was aimin' to stop the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {durned gabbin' that's been goin' round town about this house bein' haunted. } \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You've heard it, a in't ye?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--I heard some silly talk but didn't pay any attention--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--That durned idjut female I got in to cl ean a month after Vinnie and }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {Orin sailed started it. Said she'd felt ghosts around. You know how them }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {things grow. Seemed to me Abner's braggin' gave me a good chance to stop it }\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {by turnin' it all into a joke on him folks'd laugh at. An' when I git through }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {tellin' my story of it round town tomorrow you'll fi nd folks'll shet up and not }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {take it serious no more.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\

f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {appreciatively}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You're right, Seth. That was a darned slick notion! }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Nothing like a joke to lay a ghost!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {S ETH--Ayeh. But--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He hesitates--then decides to sa y it.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Between you 'n' me }\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {'n' the lamp-post, it ain't all sech a joke as it sounds--that about the hauntin', I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mean.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {incredulously}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You aren't going to tell me you think the house is }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {haunted too!}\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {grimly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Mebbe, and mebbe not. All I know is I wouldn't stay in there }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {all night if you was to give me the town!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { impressed but forcing a teasing tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Seth! I'm ashamed of you!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {P ETER--First time I ever heard you say you were afraid of anything!}\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--There's times when a man' s a darn fool not to be scared! Oh, don't git }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {it in your heads I take stock in spirits trespassin ' round in windin' sheets or no }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {sech lunatic doin's. But there is such a thing as evil spirit. An ' I've felt it, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {g oin' in there daytimes to see to things--like somethin' rottin' in the walls!}\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Bosh!}\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {quietly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) 'Taint bosh, Peter. There 's been evil in that house since it }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {was first built in hate--and it's kept growin' there ever sin ce, as what's }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hap pened there has proved. You understand I ain't sayin' this to no one but }\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you two. An' I'm only te llin' you fur one reason--because you're closer to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie and Orin than anyone and you'd ought to persuade them, now they're }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {back, not to live in it. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He adds impr essively}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Fur their own good! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {then with }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {a change of tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) An' now I've go t that off my chest, tell me about 'em. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {When are they comin'?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Tomorrow. Vinnie asked us to open the house. S o let's start right in.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with evident reluctance}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {) You want to do it tonight?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--We must, Seth. We've got so little time. W e can at least tidy up the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {rooms a little and get the furniture covers off.}\par\column\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Wal, I'll go to the barn an d git lanterns. There's candles in the house. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He turns abruptly an d goes off left between the lilacs and the house.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {looking after him--uneasily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) I can't get over Seth acting so }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {strangely.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {PETER--Don't mind him. It's rum and old age.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25

3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sha king her head--slowly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No. There is something q ueer about this }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ho use. I've always felt it, even before the General's death and her suicide. }\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {She shudders.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I can still see her sit ting on that bench as she was that last }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {night. She was so frightened of being alone. But I thought when Vinnie and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {O rin came back she would be all right. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then sadly }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Poor Orin! I'll never }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {forget to my dying day the way he looked when we saw him at the funeral. I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {hardly recognized him, did you?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--No. He certainly was broken up.}\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--And the way he acted--li ke someone in a trance! I don't believe }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {when Vinnie rushed him off on this trip to the East he kne w what he was }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {doin g or where he was going or anything.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {PETER--A long voyage like that was the best thing to help them both forget.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL --(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {without conviction}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) Yes. I suppose it was--but--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She stops and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sighs--then worriedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I wonder how Orin is. Vinnie's lett ers haven't said }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {m uch about him, or herself, for that matter--only about the trip. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {She sees }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {Seth approaching, whistling loudly, from left, rear, with two ligh ted }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {lanterns .}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Here's Seth. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She walks up the steps to the portico. Peter follows }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her. She hesitates and stands looking at the house--in a low tone, almost of }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dread}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Seth was righ t. You feel something cold grip you the moment you set }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {foot--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Oh, nonsense! He's got you going, too! (}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with a chuckle}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Lis ten }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to him whistli ng to keep his courage up! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Seth comes in from th e left. He }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {h ands one of the lanterns to Peter.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Here you be, Peter.}\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Well, let's go i n. You better come out to the kitchen and help me }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {first, Peter. We ought to start a fire. (}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They go in. There is a pause in which }\i0 \par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Peter can be heard opening win dows behind the shutters in the downstairs }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {rooms. Then silence. Then Lavinia enters, coming up the drive from left, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {front, and stands regarding the house. One is at once aware of an }\ i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {extraordinary change in her. Her body, formerly so thin and undeveloped, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {has filled out. Her movements hav e lost their square-shouldered stiffness. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She now bears a striking resemblance to her mother in every respect, even to }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch

arscalex100\i {being dressed in the green her mother had affected. She walks to the clump }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of lilacs and stands there staring at the house.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {turns back and calls coaxingly in the tone one would use to a }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {child}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't stop there, Orin! What are you afraid of? Come on! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He comes }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {slowly and hesitatingly in from left, fro nt. He carries himself woodenly erect }\i0 \par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15 840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\col w7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {now like a soldier. His movements and attitudes have the statue-like qu ality }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {that was so marked in his father. He now wears a close-cropped beard in }\i0 \par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {addition to his mustache , and this accentuates his resemblance to his father. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The Mannon semblance of his face in r epose to a mask}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {is more pronounced }\i0 \pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {than ever. He has g rown dreadfully thin and his black suit hangs loosely on }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {his body. His haggard swarthy face is set in a blank lifeless expression.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {glances at him uneasily--concealing her apprehension under a }\ i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {coaxing mothe rly tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You must be brave! This is the test! You have got to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {f ace it! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then anxiously as he makes no reply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Do you feel you can--now }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-24 0\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {we're here?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'll be all right--with you.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {takes his hand and pats it encouragingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Tha t's all I wanted--to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {hear you say that. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turning to the house}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Look, I see a light through the }\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {shutters of the sitting-room. That must be Peter and Hazel. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then as she sees }\i0 \ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {he still keeps hi s eyes averted from the house}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why don't you lo ok at the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {house? Are you afraid? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then sharply commanding}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin! I want you to look }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {now! Do you hear me?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dully obedient}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes, Vinnie. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {He jerks his head around and stares at }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the house and draws a deep shuddering breat h.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her eyes on his face --as if she were willing her strength into }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Well? You don't see any ghosts, do you? Tell me!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {obediently}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {LAVINIA--Because there are none! Tell me you know there are none, Orin !}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {as before}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes.}\par\pard

\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {searches his face uneasily--then is apparently satisfied}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Come. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {Let's go in. We'll find Hazel and Peter and surprise them--(}\fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She takes his arm }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and leads him to the steps. He walks like an aut omaton. When they reach the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {spot where his mother had sat moaning, the last time he had see n her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {alive }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { [}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Act Five of "T he Hunted"}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {] }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {he s tops with a shudder.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stamm ers--pointing}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It was here--she--the last time I saw her alive--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {quickly, urging him on commandingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That is all past and }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {finished! The dead have forgotten us! We've f orgotten them! Come! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {obeys woodenly. She gets him up the steps and they pass into the house.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard \li3066\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li3066\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Curtain}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li2813\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2813\ri0\ sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2813\ri0\sl-333\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\b {SCENE TWO}\b0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Same as Act Two of "The Hunte d"--The sitting-room in the Mannon house. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Peter has lighted two candles on the mantel and p ut the lantern on the table }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {at front. In this dim, spotty light the room is full of shadows . It has the dead }\i0 \par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {appearance of a room long shut up, and the covered furniture has a ghostly }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {look . In the flickering candlelight the eyes of the Mannon portraits stare with }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a grim forbiddin gness.}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavini a appears in the doorway at rear. In the lighted room, the change in }\i0 \par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her is strikingly appar ent. At a first glance, one would mistake her for her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {mother as she appeared in the First Ac t of "Homecoming." She seems a }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {mature woman, sure of her feminine attractiveness. Her browngold hair is }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {arranged as her mother's had been. Her green dress is like a copy of her }\i0 \ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {mother's in Act On e of "Homecoming." She comes forward slowly. The }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {movements of her body now have the feminine grace her mother's had }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {possessed. Her eyes are caught by the eyes of the Mannons in the por traits }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and s he approaches as if compelled in spite of herself until she stands }\i0 \par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {directly under them in fr ont of the fireplace. She suddenly addresses them in }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a harsh resentful voice.}\i0 \par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {LAVINIA--Why do you look at me like that? I've done my duty by you! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {That's finished a nd forgotten! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She tears her eyes from theirs and , turning }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {aw

ay, becomes aware that Orin has not followed her into the room, and is }\i0 \par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {immediately frightene d and uneasy and hurries toward the door, calling}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Orin!}\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {His voice comes from the dark hall.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm here.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA-What are you doing out there? Come here! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Orin a ppears in the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {doorway. His face wears a dazed expression and his eyes have a wild, }\i0 \par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stricken look. He hur ries to her as if seeking protection. She exclaims }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {frightenedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) Orin! What is it?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {strangely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) I've just been in the study. I was sure she'd be waiting for }\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me in there, where--(}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {torturedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But she wasn' t! She isn't anywhere. It's only }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {they--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He points to the portraits. }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) They're everywhere! But she's gone }\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {forever. She'll never forgiv e me now!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin! Will you be quiet!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {unheeding--with a sudden turn to bitter re sentful defiance}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Well, let }\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {her go! What is she to me? I'm not he r son any more! I'm Father's! I'm a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {Mannon! And they'll welcome me home!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {ang rily commanding}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Stop it, do you hear me!}\par\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {shocked back to awareness by her tone--pitifully confused}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I--I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {didn't--don't be angry, Vinnie!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {soothing him now}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm not angry, dear--only do get hold of } \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {yourself and be bra ve. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {leading him to the sofa}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) Here. Come. Let's sit down }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {for a moment, shall we, and get used to being home? (}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {They sit down. She }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {puts an arm around him--reproachfully}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't you know how terribly you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {frighten me when you act so strangely? Y ou don't mean to hurt me, do you?}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsx n12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\col sr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {OR IN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {deeply moved}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) God knows I don't, Vinnie! You're all I have in the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {world! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He takes her hand and kisses it humbly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {soothingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) That's a good boy. (} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with a cheerful matter-of-}\i0 \par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fact note}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) Hazel and Peter must be back in the kitchen. Won't you be glad to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {see Hazel again?} \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\

f0\charscalex100\i {dully now}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You've kept talk ing about them all the voyage home. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {Why? What can they have to do with us--now?}\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--A lot. What we need most i s to get back to simple normal things }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {and begin a new life. And their friendship and love will he lp us more than }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {a nything to forget.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with sudden harshness}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) Forget? I thought you'd forgotten long ago--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {if you ever remembered, which you neve r seemed to! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with somber }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {bitterness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) Love! What right have I--or you--to love?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {defiantly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Every right!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gr imly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Mother felt the same about--(}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {then with a strange, searching }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {glance at her}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) You don't know how like Mother you've become, Vinnie. I }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {don't mean only how pretty you've gotten--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a strange shy eagerness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) Do you really think I'm as pretty }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {now as she was, Orin?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as if she hadn't interrupted}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I mean the change in yo ur soul, too. I've }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {watched it ever since we sailed for the East. Little by little it grew like }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mother's soul--as i f you were stealing hers--as if her death had set you free--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to become her!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {uneasily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Now don't begin talking nonsense aga in, please!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grimly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't y ou believe in souls any more? I think you will after }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {we've lived in this house awhile! The Mannon dead will convert you. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turns to the portraits--mockingl y}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ask them if I'm not right!}\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin! What's come over you? You haven't had one of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {these morbid spells since we left the Islands. You swore to me you were all }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {over them, or I'd n ever have agreed to come home.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a strange malicious air} \i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I had to get you away from the Islands. }\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {My brotherly duty! If y ou'd stayed there much longer--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He chuckles }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {disagreeably.}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a trace of confusion }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I don't know what you're talking }\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {about. I only went there for your sake.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with another chuckle}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) Yes--but afterwards--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars

calex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) You promised you weren't going to talk any more }\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {morbid nonsense. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {He subsides meekly. She goes on reproachfully.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Rem ember all I've gone through on your account. For months after we sailed }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you didn't know what you were doing. I had to live in constant fear of what }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you might say. I wouldn't live through those h orrible days again for anything }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {on earth. And remember this homecoming is what you wanted. You to ld me }\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that if you could come home and face your ghosts, you knew you could rid }\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {yourself forever of your silly guilt about the past.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) I know, Vinnie.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {L AVINIA--And I believed you, you seemed so certain of yourself. But now }\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you've suddenly become stra nge again. You frighten me. So much depends }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {on how you start in, now we're home. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {then sharply commanding}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Listen, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Orin! I want you to start again--by facing all your ghosts right now! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turn s and his eyes remain fixed on hers from now on. She asks sternly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) Who }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {murdered Father?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {falteringly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) Brant did--for revenge because--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {more sternly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Who murdered Father? Answer me!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a shudder}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Mother was under his influence --}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--That's a lie! It was he who was under hers. You know the truth!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Yes.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--She was an adulteress and a murderess, wa sn't she?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Yes .}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--If we'd done our duty under the law, she would have been }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hanged, wouldn't she?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Yes.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--But we protected her. She could have lived, c ouldn't she? But she }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {chose to kill herself as a punishment for her crime--of her own free will! It }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {was an act of jus tice! You had nothing to do with it! You see that now, don't }\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { As he hesitates, trembling violently, she grabs his arm fiercely.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) Tell }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {me!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hardly above a whisper}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) Yes.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA --And your feeling of being responsible for her death was only }\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {your morbid imagination! You don't feel it now! You'll never feel it again!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--No.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gratefully--and weakly bec ause the strength she has willed into }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2

2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {him has left her exhausted}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) There! You see! You can do it when you will to! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She kisses him. He breaks down, sobbing weakly against her breast. She }\i0 \par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {soothes him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) There! Don't cry! You ought to feel proud. You've proven you }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {can laugh at your ghos ts from now on. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then briskly, to distract his mi nd}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {Come now. Help me to take off these furniture covers. We migh t as well start }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ma king ourselves useful. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She starts to work. For a moment he helps. Then }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {he goes to one of the windows and pushes back a shutter and stands st aring }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {out. P eter comes in the door from rear. At the sight of Lavinia he stops }\i0 \par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {startledly, thinks for a second it is her mother's ghost and gives an }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {exclamation of dread. At the same moment she se es him. She stares at him }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {with a strange eager possessiveness. She calls softly}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {LAVINIA--Peter! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She goes toward him, smiling as her mother might have }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {smiled.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't you know me any mor e, Peter?}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margr sxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\par d\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {stammers}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Vinnie! I--I thought you were--! I can't realize it's you! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {You've grown so like your--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {che cking himself awkwardly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I mean you've }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {changed so--and we weren' t looking for you until--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He takes her hand }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {automatically, s taring at her stupidly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I know. We had intended to stay in New York tonight but we }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {decided later we'd better come right home. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {then taking him in with a smiling }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {appreciative possessiveness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {) Let me look at you, Peter. You haven't gone and }\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {changed, have you? No, you're the same , thank goodness! I've been thinking }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {of you all the way home and wondering--I was so afraid you m ight have.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {plucking up his courage--blurts out}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {) You--you ought to know I'd }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {never change--with you! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {Then, alarmed by his own boldness, he hastily }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {looks away from her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {teasingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) But you haven't said yet you're glad to see me!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {has tu rned back and is staring fascinatedly at her. A surge of love }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and desire overcomes his timi dity and he bursts out}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I--you know how much }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {Then he turns away again in confusion and takes refuge in a bu

rst of }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {talk .}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Gosh, Vinnie, you ought to have given us mor e warning. We've only }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {just started to open the place up. I was with Hazel, in the kitchen, starti ng a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {fire--}\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {laughing softly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes. You're the same old Peter! You're still }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {afraid of me. But you mustn't be now. I know I used to be an awf ul old stick, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {but --}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Who said so? You were not! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with enthusiasm}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Gosh, you look }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {so darned pretty--and healthy. Your trip certainly did y ou good! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {staring at }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her again, drinking her in}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {) I can't get over seeing you dressed in color. You }\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {always used to wear black .}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a strange smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I was dead then.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {P ETER--You ought always to wear color.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {immensely pleased}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Do you think so?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Yes. It certainly is becoming. I--(}\fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then embarrassedly changing the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {subject}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) But where's Orin?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turning to look around}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why, he was right here. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She sees him }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {at the window.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin, what are you doing th ere? Here's Peter. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Orin closes }\i0 \par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the shutter he has pushed op en and turns back from the window. He comes }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {forward, his eyes fixed in a strange preoccupat ion, as if he were unaware of }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {their presence. Lavinia watches him uneasily and speaks sharp ly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {see Peter? Why don't you speak to him? You mustn' t be so rude.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETE R--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {good-naturedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Give him a chance. Hello, Orin. Darned glad to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {see you back. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { They shake hands. Peter has difficulty in hiding his pained }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {surprise at Orin's sickly appea rance.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {rousing himself, fo rces a smile and makes an effort at his old }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {friendly manner with Peter}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) Hello, Peter. You know I'm glad to see you }\par\column\pard\li0\r i0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {without any polite palaver. Vinnie is the same old bossy fuss-buzzer--you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {remember--always trying to teach me manners!}\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--You bet I remember! But s ay, hasn't she changed, though? I didn't }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {know her, she's grown so fat! And I was just telling her how well she looked }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {in color. Don't you agree?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a sudden strange tone of jeer

ing malice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Did you ask her why she }\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {stole Mother's colors? I can' t see why--yet--and I don't think she knows }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {herself. But it will prove a strange reason, I'm certa in of that, when I do }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {discover it!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LA VINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {making a warning sign to Peter not to tak e this seriously--}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {forcing a smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't mind him, Peter.}\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {his tone becoming sly, insinuating and mocking}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) And she's become }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {romantic! Imagine that! Influence of the "dark and deep blue o cean"--and of }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the Islands, eh, Vinnie?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {surprised}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) You stopped at the Islands?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {ORIN--Yes. We took advantage of our being on a Mannon ship to make the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {captain touch there on the way back. We stopped a month. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with resentful }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {b itterness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But they turned out to be Vinnie's i slands, not mine. They only }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {made me sick--and the naked women disgusted me. I guess I'm too much o f a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mannon, after all, to turn into a pagan. But you should have seen Vinnie with }\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the men--!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {i ndignantly but with a certain guiltiness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) How c an you--!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {jeeringly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Handsom e and romantic-looking, weren't they, Vinnie?--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {with colored rags around their middles and flowers stuck over their ears! Oh, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {she was a bit shocked at first by their dances, but afterwards she fell in love }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {with the Islanders. If we'd stayed another month, I know I'd have found her }\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {some moonlight night dancing un der the palm trees--as naked as the rest!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Orin! Don't be disgusting!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {po ints to the portraits mockingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Picture, if yo u can, the feelings of }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {the God-fearing Mannon dead at that spectacle!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a n anxious glance at Peter}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) How can you make up such }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {disgusting fi bs?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a malicious chuckle}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) Oh, I wasn't as blind as I pretended to be! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Do you remember Avahanni?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {angr ily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Stop talking like a fool! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {He subsides meekly again. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She forces a smile and a motherly tone.}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You're a naughty boy, do you know }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {it? What will Peter think? Of course, he knows you're only teasing me--but }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {you shouldn't go on like that. It isn't nice. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {then changing the subject }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \

fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {abruptly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why don' t you go and find Hazel? Here. Let me look at you. I want }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you to look your best when she sees you. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She arranges him as a mother }\i0 \par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {would a boy, pulling down his coat, giving a touch to his shirt and tie. Orin }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {straightens woodenly to a soldierly attentio n. She is vexed by this.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't }\par\pard\sect \sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margb sxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {stand like a ramrod! You'd be so handsome if you'd only shave off that silly }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {beard and not carry yourself like a tin soldier!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {w ith a sly cunning air}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Not look so much like Fa ther, eh? More like }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {a romantic clipper captain, is that it? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {As sh e starts and stares at him }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {frightenedly, he smiles an ugly taunting smile.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) Don't look so frightened, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with an apprehensive g lance at Peter--pleading and at the same }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {time warning}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Sss hh! You weren't to talk nonsense, remember! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {givi ng him a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fi nal pat}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) There! Now run along to Hazel.}\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {looks from her to Peter suspiciously}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You seem damned anxious to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {get rid of me. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He turns and stalks stiffly with hurt dignity from the room. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia turns to Peter. The strain of Orin's cond uct has told on her. She }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {seems suddenly weak and frightened.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in shocked amazement}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What's come over him?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a strained voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) It's the same thing--what the war did to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {him--and on top of that Father's deat h--and the shock of Mother's suicide.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {puts his arm around h er impulsively--comfortingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It'll be all }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {right! Don't worry, V innie!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {nestling against him gratefully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) Thank you, Peter. You're so }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {good. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then looking in to his eyes}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Do you still love me, Peter?}\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Don't have to as k that, do you? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He squeezes her awkwardly--then }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stammers}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But do you--think now--you maybe--can love me?}\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Yes!}\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--You really mean that!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Yes ! I do! I've thought of you so much! Things were always }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {reminding me of you--the ship and the sea --everything that was honest and }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0

\charscalex100 {clean! And the natives on the Islands reminded me of you too. Th ey were so }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {simple and fine--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then hastily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) You mustn't mind what Orin was saying about }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the Islands. He's become a regular bigoted Mannon.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {amazed}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But, Vinni e--!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Oh, I know it must sound funny hearing me talk like that. But }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {remember I'm only half Mannon. (}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She looks at the portraits defiantly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {) And }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {I've done my duty by them! They can't say I haven't!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {mys tified but happy}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Gosh, you certainly have chan ged! But I'm }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {darn ed glad!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA-Orin keeps teasing that I was flirting with that native he spoke }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {about, simply because he used to smile at me and I smiled back.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {teasingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) Now, I'm beginning to get jealous, too.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You mustn't. He made me think of you. He made me dream of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {marrying you--and everything.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Oh, well then, I take it all back! I owe him a vote of thanks! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hugs her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\ par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dreamily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I loved t hose Islands. They finished setting me free. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {There was something there mysterious and beautiful--a good spirit--of love--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {coming out of the land and sea. It made me forget death. There was no }\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hereafter. There was on ly this world--the warm earth in the moonlight--the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {trade wind in the coco palms--the surf on the reef--the fires at night and the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {drum throbbing in my heart--the natives dancing naked and innocen t--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {without knowled ge of sin! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She checks herself abruptly and frigh tenedly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {But what in the world! I'm gabbing on like a regular ch atterbox. You must }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {think I've become awfully scatter-brained!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a chuckle}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Gosh no! I'm glad you've grown that way! You }\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {never used to say a word unless you had to!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {suddenly filled with grateful love for him, lets herself go and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {throws her arms around him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) O h, Peter, hold me close to you! I want to feel }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {love! Love is all beautiful! I never used to know t hat! I was a fool! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {kisses him passionately. He returns i t, aroused and at the same time a little }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shocked by her boldness. She goes on longingly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) We'll be married soon, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {won't we, and settle out in the country away

from folks and their evil talk. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {We'll make an island for ourselves on land, and we'll have childr en and love }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {them a nd teach them to love life so that they can never be possessed by hate }\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and death! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {She gives a start--in a whisper as if to herself}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) But I'm forgetting }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {Orin!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {PETER--What's Orin got to do with us marrying?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I can't leave him--until he's all we ll again. I'd be afraid--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {PETER--Let him live with us.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with sudden intensity} \i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No! I want to be rid of the past! (}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {then }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {after a quick look at him--in a confiding tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) I want to tell you what's wrong }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {with Orin--so you and Hazel can help me. He feels gu ilty about Mother }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { killing herself. You see, he'd had a quarrel with her that last night. He was }\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {jealous and mad and said things he was sorry for after and it preyed on his }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mind until he blames himself for her death .}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--But that's crazy!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I know it is, Peter, but you can't do anything with him when he }\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {gets his morbid spells. Oh, I don't mean he's the way he is tonight most of the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {time. Usually he's like himself, only quiet and sad--s o sad it breaks my heart }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {to see him--like a little boy who's been punished for something he didn't do. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Please tell H azel what I've told you, so she'll make allowances for any crazy }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {thing he might say.}\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--I'll warn her. And now do n't you worry any more about him. We'll }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {get him all right again one way or another.}\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {again grateful for his simple goodness--lovingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {) Bless you, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {Peter! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She kisses him. As she does so, Hazel and Orin appear in the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {doorway at rear. Hazel is a bit shocked, then smiles happily. Orin s tarts as if }\i0 \par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn66 6\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7 426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {he'd been struck. He glares at them with jealous rage and clenches his fists }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as if he were going to attack t hem.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a teasing laugh }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm afraid we're interrupting, Orin. (}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Peter }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {and Vinnie jump apart in confusion.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {threateningly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) So that's it! By God--!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {frightened but managing to be stern} \i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pulls himself up sha rply--confusedly, forcing a sickly smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't

be }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {so solemn--Fu ss Buzzer! I was only trying to scare you--for a joke! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {turning }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {to Peter and holding out his hand, his smile becoming ghastly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) I suppose }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {congratulations are in order. I--I'm glad. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {Peter takes his hand awkwardly. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Hazel moves toward Lavinia to greet her, her face f ull of an uneasy }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {bewilderment. Lavinia stares at Orin with eyes full of dread.}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li3066\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li3 066\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {Curtain}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li2946\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2946\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2946\ri0\sl-3 33\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b {ACT TWO}\b0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\s lmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SC ENE--}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Same as Act Three of "The Hunted"--Ezra Mann on's study--on an }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {evening a month later. The shutters of the windows are closed. Candles on }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the mantel above the fireplace light up the portrait of Ezra Mannon in his }\i0 \par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {judge's robes. Orin is sit ting in his father's chair at left of table, writing by }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the light of a lamp. A small pile o f manuscript is stacked by his right hand. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He is intent on his work. He has aged in the int ervening month. He looks }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {almost as old now as his father in the portrait. He is dressed in black and the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {resemblance between the two is uncanny. A grim smile of satisfaction }\i0 \pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {twitches his lips a s he stops writing and reads over the paragraph he has just }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {finished. Then he puts the shee t down and stares up at the portrait, sitting }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {back in his chair.}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sardonically, addressing the portrait}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) The truth, the whole truth and }\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {nothing but the truth! Is that wh at you're demanding, Father? Are you sure }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you want the whole truth? What will the neighbors say i f this whole truth is }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {ever known? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He chuckles grimly.}\i0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {) A ticklish decision for you, Your Honor! }\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {T here is a knock on the door. He hastily grabs the script and puts it in the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {drawer of the d esk.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Who's there?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--It's I.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hastily l ocking the drawer and putting the key in his pocket}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) What }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {do you want?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Please o pen the door!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN --All right. In a minute. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He hurriedly straighte ns up the table and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {grabs a book at random from the bookcase and lays it open on the table as if }\i0 \par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {he had been reading. Then he unlocks the door and comes back to his chair }\i0

\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as Lavinia enters . She wears a green velvet gown similar to that worn by }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Christine in Act Three of "Homecomin g." It sets off her hair and eyes. She is }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {obviously concealing beneath a surface calm a sens e of dread and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {desperation.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {glances at him suspiciously, but forces a casual air}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) W hy did }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you lock yo urself in? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She comes over to the table.}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What are you doing?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Reading.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {picks up the boo k}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Father's law books?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {mocki ngly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why not? I'm considering studying law. He wanted me }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to, if you remember.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVIN IA--Do you expect me to believe that, Orin? What is it you're really }\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {doing?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Curious, aren't you?}\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {forcing a smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Good gracious, why wou ldn't I be? You've }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {acted so funny lately, locking yourself in here with the blinds closed and the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {lamp burning even in the daytime. It isn't good for you staying in this stuffy }\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {room in this weather. You ought to ge t out in the fresh air.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {) I hate the daylight. It's like an accusing eye! No, we've }\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {renounced the day, in which normal people live--or rather it has renounced }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {us. Perpetual night--darkness of death in life--that's the fitting habitat for }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {guilt! You believe you can escape that, but I'm not so foolish!}\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Now you're being stupid again!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--And I find artificial light more appropriate for my work--man's light, }\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {not God's--man's feeble striving to understand himself, to exist for himself in }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the darkness! It's a symbol of his life--a lamp bu rning out in a room of }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {waiting shadows!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) Your work? What work?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {mockingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {) Studying the law of crime and punishment, as you saw.}\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {forcing a smile again and turning away from him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {) All right, if }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {you won't tell me. Go on being mysterious, if you like. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {in a tense voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's }\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {so close in here! It's suffoc ating! It's bad for you! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She goes to the window }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and throws t he shutters open and looks out.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's black as pitch tonight. There }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {isn't a star.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {OR

IN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {somberly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) D arkness without a star to guide us! Where are we going, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {th en with a mocking chuckle}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, I know you think you know }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {where yo u're going, but there's many a slip, remember!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her voice s trident, as if her will were snapping}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Be quiet ! Can't }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you think of anything but--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then controlling herself comes to him--gently}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {sorry. I'm terribly nervous tonight. It's the heat, I guess. And you get me so }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {worried with your incessant brooding over the past. It's the wor st thing for }\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\m argrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426 \pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {your health. (}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {She pats him on the arm--soothingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) That's all I'm thinking }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {about, dear.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {ORIN--Thank you for your anxiety about my health! But I'm afraid there isn't }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {much hope for you there! I happen to feel quite well!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {whirling on him--distractedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) How can you insinuate su ch }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {horrible--! (} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {again controlling herself with a great effort, for cing a smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you're only trying to rile me--and I'm not goi ng to let you. I'm so glad you're }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {feeling better. You ate a good supper tonight--for you. The lon g walk we }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {took wi th Hazel did you good.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {dully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He slumps down in his chair at left of t able.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why is it }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you never leave me alone with her more than a m inute? You approved of my }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {asking her to marry me--and now we're engaged you never leave us alone! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {then with a bitter smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But I know the reason well enough. You're afraid }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I'll let something slip.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sits in the chair opposite him--wearily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Can you bla me me, the }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {way yo u've been acting?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {somberly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No. I'm afraid myself of being too long alone with her--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {afraid of myself. I have no right in the same world with her. And yet I feel so }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {drawn to her purity! Her love for me makes me appear less vile to myself! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with a harsh laugh}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) And, at the same time, a million times more vile, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that's the hell of it! So I'm afraid you can't hope to get rid of me through }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Hazel. She's another lost island! It's wiser for you to k eep Hazel away from }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {me, I warn you. Because when I see love for a murderer in her eyes my guilt }

\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {crowds up in my th roat like poisonous vomit and I long to spit it out--and }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {confess!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a low voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes, that is what I live in terror of-that in one of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {yo ur fits you'll say something before someone--now after it's all past and }\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {forgotten--when there is n't the slightest suspicion--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) Were you hoping you could escape retribution? You can't! }\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Confess and atone to the ful l extent of the law! That's the only way to wash }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the guilt of our mother's blood from our souls!} \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {distractedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ssshh! Wil l you stop!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN-Ask our father, the Judge, if it isn't! He knows! He keeps telling me!}\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Oh, God! Over and over and over! Will you never lose your }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {stupid guilty conscience! Don't you see how you torture m e? You're }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {becomin g my guilty conscience, too! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with an instinctive flare-up of her old }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {jealousy}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) How can you still love that vile woman so--when you know all she }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {wanted was to leave you without a thought and marry that--} \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {with fierce accusation}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes ! Exactly as you're scheming now to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {leave me and marry Peter! But, by God, you won't! You'll damn soon stop }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {your t ricks when you know what I've been writing!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tensely}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What have you written?}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hi s anger turned to gloating satisfaction}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ah! Th at frightens you, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { does it? Well, you better be frightened!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Tell me what you've written!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--None of your damned business.}\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I've got to k now!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Well, as I've practically finished it--I suppose I might as well tell you. }\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {At his earnest solicitation--(} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {he waves a hand to the portrait mockingly}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) as the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {last male Mannon--thank God for that, eh!--I've been writing the history of }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {our fam ily! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He adds with a glance at the portrait and a malicious chuckle}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {But I don't wish to convey that he approves o f all I've set down--not by a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {damned sight!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {trying to keep calm--tensely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What kind of history do you mean?}\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--A true history of all the fa mily crimes, beginning with Grandfather }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Abe's--all of the crimes, including ours, do you understan d?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22

\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {aghast}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Do you mean to tell me you've actually written--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {ORIN--Yes! I've tried to trace to its secret hiding place in the Mannon past }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the e vil destiny behind our lives! I thought if I could see it clearly in the past }\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I might be able to f oretell what fate is in store for us, Vinnie--but I haven't }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {dared predict that--not yet--although I can guess--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He gives a sinister }\i0 \par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {chuckle.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAV INIA--Orin!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--M ost of what I've written is about you! I found you the most }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {interesting criminal of us all!}\par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {breaking}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) How can you say such dreadful things to me, after all }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {I--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as if he hadn't heard--inexorably}\i0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) So many strange hidden things out }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {of the Mannon past combine in you! For one example, do you remember the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {first mate, Wilkins, on the voyage to Frisco? Oh, I know you tho ught I was in }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {a st upor of grief--but I wasn't blind! I saw how you wanted him!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {angrily, but with a trace of guilty confusion}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I never gave him a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {thought! He was an officer of the ship to me, and nothing more!}\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {mockingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Adam Brant was a ship's offic er, too, wasn't he? Wilkins }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {reminded you of Brant--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {LAVINIA--No!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {ORIN--And that's why you suddenly discarded mourning in Frisco and }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {bought new clothes--in Mother's colors!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {L AVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {furiously}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Stop talking about her! You'd think, to hear you, I had }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {no life of my own!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--You wanted Wilkins just as you'd wanted Brant!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVI NIA--That's a lie!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ORIN--You're doing the lying! You know damned well that behind all your }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {pretense about Mother's mu rder being an act of justice was your jealous }\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgws xn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1 \colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {hatred! She warned me of that and I see it clearly now! You wanted Br ant for }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {yourself! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fiercely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's a lie! I hated him!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN-Yes, after you knew he was her lover! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He chuckle s with a sinister }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {mockery.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But we'll let that pass for th e present--I know it's the last thing you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {could ever admit to yourself!--and come to what I've wr itten about your }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { adventures on my lost islands. Or should I say, Adam Brant's islands! He had }\p

ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {been there too, if y ou'll remember! Probably he'd lived with one of the native }\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {women! He was that kind! Were you thin king of that when we were there?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {chokingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) Stop it! I--I warn you--I won't bear it much longer!}\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {as if he hadn't heard--in the same sinister mocking tone}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {paradise the Islands were for you, eh? All those handsome men star ing at you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and yo ur strange beautiful hair! It was then you finally became pretty--like }\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mother! You knew they all desired you, didn't you? It filled you with pride! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Especially Avahanni! You watched him stare at your body through your }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {clothes, stripping you naked! And you wanted him!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--No!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Don't lie! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He accuses her with fierce jealousy.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What di d you do }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {with him the night I was sick and you went to watch their shameless dance? }\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Something happened between you ! I saw your face when you came back and }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {stood with him in front of our hut!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {quietly--with simple dignity now}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I had kiss ed him good night, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that was all--in gratitude! He was innocent and good. He had made me feel }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {for the first time in my life that everything about love could be sweet and }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {natural.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--So you kissed him, did you? And that was all? }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a sudden flare of deliberately evil taunting that r ecalls her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { mother in the last act of "Homecoming," when she was goading Ezra }\i0 \par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Mannon to fury just befor e his murder}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) And what if it wasn't? I'm not yo ur }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {property! I ha ve a right to love!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {reacting as his father had--his face gro wn livid--with a hoarse cry of }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {fury grabs her by the throat}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You--you whore! I'll kill you! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then suddenly }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {he breaks d own and becomes weak and pitiful.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No! You're l ying about him, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {a ren't you? For God's sake, tell me you're lying, Vinnie!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { strangely shaken and trembling--stammers}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes-it was a lie--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {how could you believe I--Oh, Orin, something made me say that to you--}\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {against my will--something ros e up in me--like an evil spirit!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {laughs wildly}\i0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {) Ghosts! You never seemed so much like Mother as }\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you did just then!}\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {pleading distractedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't talk

about it! Let's forget it ever }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {happened! Forgive me! Please forget it!}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--All right--if the ghosts will l et us forget! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He stares at her fixedly for }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a moment--then sa tisfied}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I believe you about Avahanni. I never really }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {suspected, or I'd have killed him--and you, too! I hope you know that! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {then }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {with his old obsessed insistence}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But you were guilty in your mind just the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {same!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a flash of distracted anger}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Stop harping on that! Stop }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {torturing me or I--! I've warned you! I wa rn you again! I can't bear any more! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {I won't!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a mocking diabolical sneer-quietly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Then why don't you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {murder me? I'll help you plan it, as we planned Brant's, so there will be no }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {suspicion on you! And I'll be grateful! I loathe my life!} \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {speechless with horror--can only gasp}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {) Oh!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {O RIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a quiet mad insistence}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) Can't you see I'm now in Father's place }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and you're Mother? That's the evil dest iny out of the past I haven't dared }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {predict! I'm the Mannon you're chained to! So isn't it plain-}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {putting her hands over her ears}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {) For God's sake, won't you be }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {quiet! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then suddenly her hor ror turning into a violent rage--unconsciously }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {repeating the exact threat she had goaded her mother to make to her in Act }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {Two of "Homecoming"}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Take car e, Orin! You'll be responsible if--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She }\i0 \p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stops abruptly, ter rified by her own words.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wi th a diabolical mockery}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) If what? If I should d ie mysteriously of }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {heart failure?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAV INIA--Leave me alone! Leave me alone! Don't keep saying that! How }\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {can you be so horrible? Don't yo u know I'm your sister, who loves you, who }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {would give her life to bring you peace?}\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {with a change to a harsh threatening tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I don't believe you! I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {know you're plotting something! But you look out! I'll be watching you! And }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I warn you I won' t stand your leaving me for Peter! I'm going to put this }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {confession I've written in safe hands--to be read in case you try to marry }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {him--or if I should die--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {frantically grab bing his arm and shaking him fiercely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Stop }\p

ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {having such thoughts! Stop making me have them! You're like a devil }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {torturing me! I won't listen! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {She breaks down and sobs brokenly. Orin stares }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {at her dazedly--seems half to come back to his natural self and the wild look }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fades from his eyes leaving them glazed and life less.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {strangely}\i0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't cry. The damned don't cry. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {He slumps down }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {heavily in his father's chair and stares at the floor. Suddenly he sa ys harshly }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a gain}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Go away, will you? I want to be alone--to finish my work. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Still }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sobbing, her hand over her}\i0 { }\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {eyes, Lavinia feels blindly for the door and goes }\i 0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {out closing it after her. Orin unlocks the table drawer, pulls out his }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {manuscript, and takes up his pen.}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn1 2240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr -0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li3066\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Curtain}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\par d\li2840\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2840\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\c f0\par\pard\li2840\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2840\ri0\sl-213\slmul t0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2840\ri0\sl-413\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b {AC T THREE}\b0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-280 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SCENE--}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Same as Act One, Scene Two--the sitting-room. The lamp on the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {table is lighted but turned low. T wo candles are burning on the mantel over }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the fireplace at right, shedding their flickering light on the portrait of Abe }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {Mannon above, and of the other Mannons on the walls on each s ide of him. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {The eyes of the portraits seem to possess an intense bitter life, with their }\ i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {frozen stare "looking over the head of life, cutting it dead for the impropriety }\i0 \par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {of living," as Orin had said of his father in Act Two of "The Hunted."}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {No time has elapsed since the preceding act. Lavinia enters from the hall in }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {the rear, having just come from the study. She comes to th e table and turns }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {up the lamp. She is in a terrific state of tension. The corners of her mo uth }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {twitch, she twines and untwines the fingers of her clasped hands with a slow }\i0 \par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wringing movement whi ch recalls her mother in the last Act of "The }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Hunted."}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult 0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA --(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {torturedly--begins to pace up and down, mutter ing her thoughts }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {aloud}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I can't bear it! Why does he keep putting his death in my head? He }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {would be better off if--Why hasn't he the courage--? (}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {then in a frenzy of }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {remorseful anguish, her eyes unconsciously seeking the Mannon portraits on }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha

rscalex100\i {the right wall, as if they were the visible symbol of her God}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh God, don't }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {let me have such thoughts! You know I love Orin! Show me the way to save }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {him! Don't let me think of death! I couldn't bear another death! Please! }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Please! (}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {At a noise from the hall she controls herself and pretends to be }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {glancin g through a book on the table. Seth appears in the doorway.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH --Vinnie!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA-What is it, Seth?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--That durned idjut, Hannah, is throwin' fits agin. Went down cellar }\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and says she felt ha'nt s crawlin' behind her. You'd better come and git her }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {calmed down--or she'll be leavin'. (}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then he adds disgustedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) That's what we }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { git fur freein' 'em!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wearily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) All right. I'll talk to her. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She goes out with Seth. A }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pause. Then a ring from the front door bell. A moment later Seth can be seen } \i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {coming back along the hall. He opens}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the front door and is heard greeting }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {Hazel and Peter and follows them in as they enter the room.}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {SETH--Vinnie's back seein' to somethin'. You set down and she'll be here }\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {soon as she kin.}\pa r\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--All righ t, Seth. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Seth goes out again. They come forward and sit }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {down . Peter looks hearty and good-natured, the same as ever, but Hazel's }\i0 \par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {face wears a nervous, u neasy look although her air is determined.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--I'll have to ru n along soon and drop in at the Council meeting. I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {can't get out of it. I'll be back in half an ho ur--maybe sooner.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {H AZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {suddenly with a little shiver}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {) I hate this house now. I hate coming }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {here. If it wasn't for Orin--He's getti ng worse. Keeping him shut up here is }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {the worst thing Vinnie could do.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--He won't go out. You know very well she has to force him to walk }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {with you.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {H AZEL--And comes along herself! Never leaves him alone hardly a second!}\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {with a grin}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, that's what you've got against her, eh?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't be silly, Peter! I simply think, and I'd say it to her }\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {face, that she's a bad influence f or Orin! I feel there's something awfully }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {wrong--somehow. He scares me at times--and Vinnie--I've watched her }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {lookin g at you. She's changed so. There's something bold about her.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i

{getting up}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) If you're going to talk like that --! You ought to be }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ashamed, Hazel!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {H AZEL--Well, I'm not! I've got some right to say something about how he's }\par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {cared for! And I'm going to from now on! I'm going to make her let him visit }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {us for a spell. I've asked Mother and she'll b e glad to have him.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Say, I think that's a darned good notion for both of them. She needs }\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {a rest from him, too. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Vinnie does n't think it's a good notion! I mentioned it yesterday }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and she gave me such a look! (}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {determinedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But I'm going t o make him }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {promise to come over tomorrow, no matter what she says!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {soothingly, patting her shoulder}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't get angry now--abo ut }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {nothing. I'll h elp you persuade her to let him come. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with a grin}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'll help }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you do anything to help Orin get well--if only for selfish reasons. As long as }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {Vinnie's tied down to him we can't get married.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares at him--slowly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Do you really want to marry her--now?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PET ER--Why do you ask such a fool question? What do you mean, do I want }\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to now?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {H er voice trembles and she seems about to burst into tears.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) Oh, I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {don't know, Peter! I don't know!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sympathetic and at the sam e time exasperated}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What in the dickens }\par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {is the matter with you?}\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {hears a noise from the hall and collects herself--warningly}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ssshh! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Orin appears in the doorwa y at rear. He glances at them, then quickly }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {around the room to see if Lavinia is there. They both greet him with}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { "Hello, }\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Orin".)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--Hello! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {th en in an excited whisper, coming to them}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Where 's Vinnie?}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\marg rsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--She's gone to see to something, Seth said.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {glancing at his watch}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {) Gosh, I've got to hurry to that darned }\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Council meeting.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {eagerly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You're going?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {jo kingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You needn't look so darned tickled abou t it! It isn't polite!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {ORIN--I've got to see Hazel alone!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--All right! You don't have to put me out! (}\fs22\cf

0\f0\charscalex100\i {He grins, slapping Orin }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {on the back and goes out. Orin follows him wi th his eyes until he hears the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {front door close behind him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {turning to Hazel--with queer furtive excitement}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Listen, Hazel! I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {want you to do something! But wait! I've got to get--(} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He rushes out and can }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {be heard going across the hall to the s tudy. Hazel looks after him worriedly. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {A moment later he hurries back with a big sealed env elope in his hand which }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {he gives to Hazel, talking breathlessly, with nervous jerks of his head, as he }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {glances apprehensively at the door.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Here! Tak e this! Quick! Don't let her }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {see it! I want you to keep it in a safe place and never let anyone k now you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {have it! It will be stolen if I keep it here! I know her! Will you promise?}\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--But--what is it, Orin?}\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--I can't tell you. You mustn't ask me. And you must promise never to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {open it--unless something happens to me.}\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {frightened by his tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Wha t do you mean?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORI N--I mean if I should die--or--but this is the most important, if she tries }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to marry Peter--the d ay before the wedding--I want you to make Peter read }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {what's inside.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--You don't want her to marry Peter?}\par\ pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--No! She can't hav e happiness! She's got to be punished! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {suddenly }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {taking her hand--excitedly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) And listen, Hazel! You mustn't love me any }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {more . The only love I can know now is the love of guilt for guilt which }\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {breeds more guilt--until you get so deep at the bottom of hell there is no }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {lower you can sink and you rest there in peace! (}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He laughs harshly and turns }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {away from her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZ EL--Orin! Don't talk like that! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then conquering her horror--resolutely }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {tender and soothing}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ssshh! Poor bo y! Come here to me. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He comes to her. }\i0 \par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She puts an arm around him.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Listen. I know something is worrying you --}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and I don't wan t to seem prying--but I've had such a strong feeling at times }\par\pard\li53\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that it would relieve your mind if you could tell me what it is. Haven't you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {thought that, Orin?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {longingly}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes! Yes! I want to confess to your purity! I want to be }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {forgiven! ( }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then checking himself abruptly as he is about to speak--dully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl

mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {I can't. Don't ask me. I love her.}\par\pard\l i53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--But, you silly boy, Vi nnie told Peter herself what it is and told him }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to tell me.}\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {staring at her wildly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What did she tell?}\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--About your having a quarrel with your poor mother that night }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {before she--and how you've brooded over it until you blame yourse lf for her }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {death.} \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I see! So in case I did tell you--oh, she's cunning! But not }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {cunning enough this time! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {vindictively}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You remember what I've given yo u, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Hazel, and you do exactly what I said with it. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with desper ate pleading}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {For God's sake, Hazel, if you love me help me to ge t away from here--or }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {something terrible will happen!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {HAZEL--That's just what I want to do! You come over tomorrow and stay }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {with us.}\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {bitterly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Do you suppose for a moment she'll ever let me go?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {HAZEL--But haven't you a right to do as you want to?}\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {furtively}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I could sneak out when she wasn't looking--and then you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {could hide me and when she came for me tell her I wasn't there.}\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {indignantly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I won't do any such thing ! I don't tell lies, Orin! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then }\i0 \par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {scornfully}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) How can you be so scared of Vinnie?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hearing a noise from the hall--hastily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ssshh! She's co ming! Don't }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {let he r see what I gave you. And go home right away and lock it up! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {tiptoes away as if he were afraid of being found close to her and sits on t he }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sofa at r ight, adopting a suspiciously careless attitude. Hazel looks self-}\i0 \par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {conscious and stiff. Lavin ia appears in the doorway and gives a start as she }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sees Hazel and Orin are alone. She quickl y senses something in the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {atmosphere and glances sharply from one to the other as she comes into the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {roo m!}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {to Hazel, forcing a c asual air}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm sorry being so long.}\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--I didn't mind waiting.} \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {sitting down on the chair at center}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) Where's Peter?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {HAZEL--He had to go to a Council meeting. He's coming back.}\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {uneasiness creeping into her tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ha

s he been gone long?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Not very long.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {turning to Orin--sharply}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I thought you were in the study.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sen sing her uneasiness--mockingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I finished what I was working }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {on. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You finis hed--? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She glances sharply at Hazel--forcing a j oking }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tone}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) My, but you two look mysterious! What have you been up to?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {trying to force a laugh}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {) Why, Vinnie? What makes you think--?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You're hiding something. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {Hazel gives a start and instinctively }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {moves the hand with the envelope farther behind her back. Lavinia notices }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {this. So does Orin who uneasily comes to Hazel's rescue.}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {ORIN--We're not hiding anything. Hazel has invited me over to thei r house }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {to stay fo r a while--and I'm going.}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\m arglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\col no2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {backing him up resolutely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {) Yes. Orin is coming tomorrow.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {alarmed and resent ful--coldly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's kind of you. I know you }\par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {mean it for the best. But he can't go.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {H AZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why not?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA-I don't care to discuss it, Hazel. You ought to know--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {angr ily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I don't know! Orin is of age and can go wh ere he pleases!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {OR IN--Let her talk all she likes, Hazel. I'll have the upper hand for a change, }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {from now on! (}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia looks at him, frightened by the triumphant }\i 0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {satisfaction i n his voice.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {anxious to s core her point and keep Orin's mind on it}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I sh ould }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {think you'd be glad. It will be the best thing in the world for him.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { turns on her--angrily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'll ask you to please m ind your own }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {busi ness, Hazel!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL --(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {springs to her feet, in her anger forgetting t o hide the envelope }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscal ex100\i {which she now holds openly in her hand}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) It is my business! I love Orin better }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {than you! I don't think you love him at all, the way you' ve been acting!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {OR IN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sees the envelope in plain sight and calls t o her warningly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Hazel! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She catc hes his eye and hastily puts her hand behind her. Lavinia sees the }\i0 \par\par

d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {movement but doesn't for a moment realize the meaning of it. Orin goes on }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {warningly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You said you had to go home early. I don't want to remind you }\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {but--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hast ily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes, I really must. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {starting to go, trying to keep the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {envelope hidden, aware that Lavinia is watchin g her suspiciously--defiantly }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {to Orin}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) We'll expect you to morrow, and have your room ready. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then to }\i0 \ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia--coldly}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) After the way you've insulted me, Vinnie, I hop e you realize }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the re's no more question of any friendship between us. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {She tries awkwardly }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {to sidle toward the door.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs20\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {suddenly gets between her and the door--with angry accusation}\i 0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {What are you hiding behind your back? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {Hazel flushes guiltily, but refusing }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {to lie, says nothing. Lavinia turns on Orin.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Have you given her what you've }\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {written? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {as he hesitates--violently}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Answer me!}\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--That's my busin ess! What if I have?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {LAVINIA--You--you traitor! You coward! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {fierce ly to Hazel}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Give it to me! }\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Do you hear?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Vinnie! How dare you talk that way to me! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She tries to go but }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia keeps directly between her and the door.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You shan't leave here until--! (}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then breaking down and pleading}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Orin! Think what you're doing! Tell her to give it to me!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--No!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {goes and put s her arms around him--beseechingly as he avoids }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her eyes}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Think sanely for a moment! You can't do this! You're a Mannon!}\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's because I'm one!}\par\column\ pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--For Mother's sa ke, you can't! You loved her!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {ORIN--A lot she cared! Don't call on her!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {despe rately}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) For my sake, then! You know I love you! Make }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Hazel give t hat up and I'll do anything--anything you want me to!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares into her eyes, bending his head until his face is close to hers--}\i0 \par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with morbid intensity}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You mean that?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shrinking back from him--falteringly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\

sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {laughs with a crazy triumph--checks this abruptly--and goes to }\i0 \par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Hazel who has been standing bewilderedly, not understanding what is }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {behind their talk but sensing something sinister, an d terribly frightened. Orin }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {speaks curtly, his eyes fixed on Lavinia.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) Let me have it, Hazel.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hands him the envelope--i n a trembling voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'll go home. I }\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {suppose--we can't expect you tomorrow--now.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORI N--No. Forget me. The Orin you loved was killed in the war. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {with a }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {twisted smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Remember only that dead h ero and not his rotting ghost! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {Good-bye! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {) Please go! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Hazel begins to sob and hurries blindly }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {from the room. Orin comes back to Lavinia who remains kneeling by t he }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {chair. He puts the envelope in her hand--harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Here! You realize the }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {pr omise you made means giving up Peter? And never seeing him again?}\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {tensely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--And I suppose you think that's all it means, that I'll be content with a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {promise I've forced out of you, which you'll always be plotting to break? Oh, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {no! I'm not such a fool! I've got to be sure--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She d oesn't reply or look at him. }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {He}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares at her and slowl y a distorted look of desire comes over his face.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You said you w ould do anything for me. That's a large promise, Vinnie--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {anything!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shrinking from him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What do you mean? What terrible thin g }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {have you been th inking lately--behind all your crazy talk? No, I don't want to }\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {know! Orin! Why do you look at me l ike that?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--You don't seem to feel all you mean to me now--all you have made }\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {yourself mean--since we murdered Mot her!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Orin! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--I love you n ow with all the guilt in me--the guilt we share! Perhaps I }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {love you too much, Vinnie!}\par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You don't know what yo u're saying!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN-There are times now when you don't seem to be my sister, nor }\par\pard\li0\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mother, but some stranger with the sa me beautiful hair--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He touches her hair }\i0 \par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {caressingly. She pull s violently away. He laughs wildly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Perhaps yo u're }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Marie Brantme, eh? And you say there are no ghosts in this house?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {starin g at him with fascinated horror}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) For God's sake

--! No! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You're ins ane! You can't mean--!}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marg lsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2 \colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--How els e can I be sure you won't leave me? You would never dare }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {leave me--then! You would feel as guilty then as I do! You would be as }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {damned as I am! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with sudden a nger as he sees the growing horrified }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {repulsion on her face}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Damn you, don't you see I must find some certainty }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {some way or go mad? You don't want me to go mad, do you? I would talk }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {too much! I would confess! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Then as if the word stirred something within }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {him his tone instantly changes to one of passionate plead ing.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Vinnie! For }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the love of God, let's go now and confess and pay the penalty for Mother's }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {murder, and find peace together!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tempted and tortured, in a longing whisper}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Peace! (}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {summoning her will, springs to her feet wildly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) No! You coward! There is }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {nothing to confess! There was only justice!}\par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {turns and addresses the portraits on the wall with a crazy mockery}\i 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {You hear her? You'll find Lavinia Mannon harder to break than me! You'll }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {have to h aunt and hound her for a lifetime!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her control snapping-turning on him now in a burst of frantic }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hatred and rage}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I hate you! I wish you were dead! You're too vile to live! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You'd kill yourself if you weren't a c oward!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {starts back as if he'd been struck, the tortured mad look on his face }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {changing to a stricken terrified expression}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Vinnie!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINI A--I mean it! I mean it! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She breaks down and sob s hysterically.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a pitif ul pleading whisper}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Vinnie! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {He stares at her with the lost }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stricken expression for a moment more--then th e obsessed wild look returns }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {to his eyes--with harsh mockery}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Another act of justice, eh? You want to }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {drive me to suicide as I drove Mother! An eye for an eye, is that it? But--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stops abruptly and stares before h im, as if this idea were suddenly taking }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hold of his tortured imagination and speaks fascin atedly to himself.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {That would be justice--now you are Moth er! She is speaking now through }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {you! (}\fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {more and more hypnotized by

this train of thought}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes! It's the way to }\p ar\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {peace--to find her a gain--my lost island--Death is an Island of Peace, too--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mother will be waiting for me there--(}\f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with excited eagerness now, speaking }\i0 \par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {to the dead}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) Mother! Do you know what I'll do then? I'll get on my knees and }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ask your forg iveness--and say--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {His mouth grows convulsed, as if he were }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { retching up poison.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'll say, I'm glad you fou nd love, Mother! I'll wish you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {happiness--you and Adam! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He laughs exultantly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You've heard me! You're }\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {here in the house now! You 're calling me! You're waiting to take me home! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He turns and stri des toward the door.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wh o has raised her head and has been staring at him with dread }\i0 \par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {during the latter part of his talk--torn by remorse, runs after him and throws }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her arms around him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {) No, Orin! No!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pushes her away--with a rough brot herly irritation}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Get out of my }\par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {way, can't you? Mother's waiting ! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He gets to the door. Then he turns back }\i0 \ par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and says sh arply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ssshh! Here's Peter! Shut up, now! (}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He steps back in the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {room as Peter appears in the doorway.}\i0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {PETER--Excuse my coming right in. The door was open. Where's Hazel?}\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {ORIN--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {with unnatural casualness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Gone home. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with a quick, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {meaning, mocking glance at Lavinia }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm just going in the study to clean my }\par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {pistol. Darn thing's go tten so rusty. Glad you came now, Peter. You can keep }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie company. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 \i {He turns and goes out the door. Peter stares after him }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {puzzledly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA --(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a stifled cry}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {) Orin! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {There is no answer but the sound of the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {study d oor being shut. She starts to run after him, stops herself, then throws }\i0 \pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {herself into Peter's arms, as if for protection against herself and begins to }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {talk volubly to drown out thought. }\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Hold me close, Peter! Nothing matters }\par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {but love, does it? That m ust come first! No price is too great, is it? Or for }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {peace! One must have peace--one is too weak t o forget--no one has the right }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {to keep anyone from peace! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She make s a motion to cover her ears with her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hands.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0

\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {alarmed by her hectic excitement}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) He's a darned fool to monkey }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {with a pistol--in his state. Shall I get it away from him?}\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {holding him tighter--volubly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, won't i t be wonderful, Peter--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {once we're married and have a home with a garden and trees! We'll be so }\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {happy! I love everyth ing that grows simply--up toward the sun--everything }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that's straight and strong! I hate what's war ped and twists and eats into itself }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {and dies for a lifetime in shadow. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {then her voice rising as if it were about to }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {break hysterically--again with the instinc tive movement to cover her ears}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I }\par\pard\l i0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {can't bear waiting--waiting an d waiting and waiting--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {There is a muffled }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shot from the st udy across the hall.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {break ing from her and running for the door}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Good God ! What's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that? (}\ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He rushes into the hall.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {sags weakly and supports herself against the table --in a faint, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {trembling voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Orin! Forgive me! (}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {She controls herself with a terrible }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {effort of will. Her mouth congeal s into a frozen line. Mechanically she hides }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the sealed envelope in a drawer of the table an d locks the drawer.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I've got to }\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {go in--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {She turns to go and her eyes catch the eyes of the Mannons in the }\i0 \p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {portraits fixed acc usingly on her--defiantly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why do you look at m e like }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that? Wasn' t it the only way to keep your secret, too? But I'm through with }\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you forever now, do you hear? I'm Mother's daughter--not one of you! I'll }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {live in spite of you! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She squares her shoulders, with a return of the abrupt }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {military movement copied from her father which she had of old--as if by the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {very act of disowning the Mannons she had returned to th e fold--and }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { marches stiffly from the room.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li301 3\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li3013\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Curtain}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {)}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsx n133\margtsxn666\margbsxn213\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\ li2906\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2906\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0 \par\pard\li2906\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2906\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2906\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2906\ri0\sl-2 13\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li2906\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li290 6\ri0\sl-333\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\b {ACT FOUR}\b0 \par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100 {SCENE--}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Same as Act One, Scene One--exter ior of the house. It is in the late }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22

\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {afternoon of a day three days later. The Mannon house h as much the same }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {appearance as it had in the first act of "Homecoming." Soft golden sunligh t }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shimmers in a luminous mist on the Greek temple portico, intensifying the }\i0 \par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {whiteness of the columns, the deep green of the shutters, the green of the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shrubbery, the black and green of the pine s. The columns cast black bars of }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {shadow on the gray stone wall behind them. The shutters a re all fastened }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {back, the windows open. On the ground floor, the upper part of the windows, }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {raised fro m the bottom, reflect the sun in a smouldering stare, as of brooding }\i0 \par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {revengeful eyes.}\i0 \ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Seth appears walk ing slowly up the drive from right, front. He has a pair of }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grass clippers and potters alon g pretending to trim the edge of the lawn }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {along the drive. But in reality he is merely kill ing time, chewing tobacco, and }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {singing mournfully to himself, in his aged, plaintive wraith of a once good }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {baritone, the chanty "Shenandoah":}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \f s18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--}\par \pard\li773\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {"Oh, Shenandoah, I long to hear you}\par\pard\li773\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {A-way, my rolling river,}\par\pard\li7 73\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Oh, Shenandoah, I can't get ne ar you}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Way-ay, I' m bound away}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Acro ss the wide Missouri.}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {"Oh, Shenandoah, I love your daughter}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {A-way, you rolling river."}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\s lmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-293\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stops singing and stands peering off left toward t he flower garden--shakes }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {his head and mutters to himself}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) There she be pickin' my flowers agin. Like }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {her Maw used to--on'y wuss. She's got every room in th e house full of 'em }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {a'ready. Durn it, I hoped she'd stop that once the funeral was over. There }\ par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {won't be a one left in my garden! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He looks away and begins potterin g about }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {aga in, and mutters grimly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) A durn queer thin' fur a sodger to kill himself }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {cleanin' his gun, folks is sayin'. They'll fight purty shy of her now. A Mannon }\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {has come to mean sudden death to 'em. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then with a g rim pride}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) But Vinnie's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {able fur 'em. They'll never git her to sh ow nothin'. Clean Mannon strain!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia enters from the left. The three days that have intervened have }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {effected a remarkable change in her. Her body, dressed in deep mourning, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {again appears flat-chested and thin. The Mannon mask-semblance of her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {face appears int ensified now. It is deeply lined, haggard with sleeplessness }\i0 \par\pard\li0\

ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and strain, congealed into a st ony emotionless expression. Her lips are }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {bloodless, drawn taut in a grim line. She is carryi ng a large bunch of }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {flowers. She holds them out to Seth and speaks in a strange, empty voice .}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Take these, Seth, and give them to Hannah. Tell her to set them }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {around i nside. I want the house to be full of flowers. Peter is coming, and I }\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {want everything to be pretty and cheerful. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She goes and sits at the top of t he }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {steps, bo lt upright, her arms held stiffly to her sides, her legs and feet }\i0 \par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pressed together, and star es back into the sun-glare with unblinking, frozen, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {defiant eyes.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stands holding the flowers and regarding her worriedl y}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I seed you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {settin' out here on the steps when I got up at five this mornin'--and every }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {mornin' since Orin--Ain't you been gittin' no sleep? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {She stares before her as }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {if she had not heard him. He goes on coaxingly.}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) How'd you like if I hauled }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {one of them sofas out fur you to lie on, Vin nie? Mebbe you could take a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {couple o' winks an' it'd do you good.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--No, thank you, Seth. I'm waiting for Peter . (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then after a pause, }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {curiously}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {) Why didn't you tell me to go in the house and lie down? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {Seth }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100\i {pretends not to hear the question, avoiding her eyes.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {) You understand, don't }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {you? You've been with us Mannons so long! You know there's no rest in this }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hous e which Grandfather built as a temple of Hate and Death!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {blur ts out}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't you try to live here, Vinnie! You marry Peter and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {g it clear!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA-I'm going to marry him! And I'm going away with him and forget }\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {this house and all that ever happen ed in it!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Tha t's talkin', Vinnie!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I'll close it up and leave it in the sun and rain to die. The portrai ts }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {of the Mannons will rot on the walls and the ghosts will fade back into death. }\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {And the Mannons will be forgotten. I'm the last and I won't be one long. I'll }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {be Mrs. Peter Niles. Then they're finished! Thank God! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She leans back}\i0 { }\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {in }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the sunlight and closes her eyes. Seth stares at her worriedly, shakes his }\i0 \par \pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {head and spits. Then he hears something and peers down the drive, off left.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Vinn ie. Here's Hazel comin'.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {jerks up stiffly with a look of a

larm}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Hazel? What does she }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {want? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i { She springs up as if she were going to run in the house, then stands }\i0 \par\p ard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her ground on the top o f the steps--her voice hardening}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Seth, you go work }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {in back, plea se!}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133 \margtsxn666\margbsxn280\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Ayeh. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {He moves slowly off behind the lilacs as Hazel enters from }\i0 \par \pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {left, front--calling back}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Evenin', Hazel.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Good evening, Seth. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {She stops short and stares at Lavinia. }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia's eyes are hard and defiant as she stares back. Hazel is dressed in }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {mourning. Her face is sad and pale, her eyes show evidence of much }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {weeping, but there is an air of stubborn resolution about her as she makes up }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her min d and walks to the foot of the steps.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\par d\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--What do you want? I've got a lot to attend to.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {quietly}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) It won't take me long to say what I've come to say, Vinnie. }\par\p ard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {Suddenly she bursts out}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) It's a lie abo ut Orin killing himself by accident! I }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {know it is! He meant to!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You better be careful what you say. I can prove what happened. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {Peter was here--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {HAZEL--I don't care what anyone says!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--I should think you'd be the last one to accuse O rin--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--I'm n ot accusing him! Don't you dare say that! I'm accusing you! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {You drove him to it! Oh, I know I can 't prove it--any more than I can prove a }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {lot of things Orin hinted at! But I know terrible things must have happened--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {and that you're to blame for them, somehow!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {concealin g a start of fear--changing to a forced reproachful }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-2 53\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {tone}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What would Orin think of you coming here the day of his funeral to }\par\pard\li 53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {accuse me of the sorrow that's afflicted our family?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {feeling guilty and at the same time defiant and sure she is right}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {All right, Vinnie. I won't say an ything more. But I know there's something--}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and so do you--something that was driving Orin crazy-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She breaks down }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and sobs.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Poor Orin!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINI A--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares straight before her. Her lips twitch. In a stifled voice }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100\i {between her clenched teeth}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't--do t hat!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {controlling herself--after a pause}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch

arscalex100 {) I'm sorry. I didn't come to talk }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {about Orin.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {uneasily}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What did you come for?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--About Peter.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as if this were something she had been dreading--harshly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {) You }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {leave Peter and me alone!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {HAZEL--I won't! You're not going to marry Peter and ruin his life! (}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {pleading }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100\i {now}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You can't! Don't you s ee he could never be happy with you, that you'll }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {only drag him into this terrible thing--whatever it is--and make him share it?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100 {LAVINIA--There is no terrible thing!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--I know Peter can't believe evil of anyone , but living alone with you, }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {married, you couldn't hide it, he'd get to feel what I feel. You cou ld never be }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {happy because it would come between you! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pleading aga in}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, Vinnie, }\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-30 6\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you've got to be fair to Peter! You've got to consider his happiness--if you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {really love him!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hoarsely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) I do love him!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {HAZEL--It has started already--his being made unhappy through you !}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You're l ying!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--He fou ght with Mother last night when she tried to talk to him--the }\par\pard\li0\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {first time he ever did such a thing! It isn't like Peter. You've changed him. He }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {left home and went to the hotel to stay. He said he'd never speak to Mother or }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {me again. He's always been such a wonderful son before--and brother. We }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {three have been so happy. It's broken Mother's heart. All she does is sit and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {cry. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {d esperately}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh, Vinnie, you can't do it! You wi ll be punished if you }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {do! Peter would get to hate you in the end!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--No!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Do you want to take the risk of driving Peter to d o what Orin did? }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {H e might--if he ever discovered the truth!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {violently}\i0 \f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) What truth, you little fool! Discover what?}\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {accusingly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I don't know--but you k now! Look in your heart and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {ask your conscience before God if you ought to marry Peter!}\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {desperately--at the end of her tether}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Yes! Before God! Before }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {anything! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then glaring at her--with a burst of rage}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You leave me alone--go }\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {away--or I'll get Orin's pi stol and kill you! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Her rage passes, leaving her }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {weak and sha

ken. She goes to her chair and sinks on it.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\p ar\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100\i {recoiling}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Oh! You are wicked ! I believe you would--! Vinnie! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {What's made you like this?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--Go away!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--Vinnie! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia clo ses her eyes. Hazel stands staring at her. After }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a pause--in a trembling voice}\i0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {) All right. I'll go. All I can do is trust you. I }\par\pard \li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {know in your heart you can't be dead to all honor and justice--you, a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Mannon! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Lavinia gives a little bitter laugh without opening her eyes.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) At }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {least you owe i t to Peter to let him read what Orin had in that envelope. Orin }\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {asked me to make him read it befor e he married you. I've told Peter about }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {that, Vinnie.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {without opening her ey es--strangely, as if to herself}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) The dead! }\pa r\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Why can't the dead die !}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {HAZEL--(}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {stares at her frightenedly, not knowing what to do--looks around }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her u ncertainly and sees someone coming from off left, front--quickly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100 {) Here }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {he comes now. I'll go by the back. I don't want him to meet me. (}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {She starts to }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {go but stops by the dump of lilacs--pityingly}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I know you're suffering, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmul t0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Vinnie--and I know your conscience will make you do what's right--and God }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {will forgive you. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She goes quickly behind the lilacs and around the house to }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the rear.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\se ct\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666\margrsxn133\margtsxn666\mar gbsxn280\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw7426\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {looks a fter her and calls defiantly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm not asking Go d or }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {anybody for forgiveness. I forgive myself! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She leans back an d closes her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {eyes again--bitterly}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I hope there is a hell for the good somewhere! (}\fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Peter }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {enters from the left, front. He looks haggard and tormented. He walks }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {slowly, his eyes on the ground--then sees Lavinia and immediately makes an }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {effort to pull himself together and appear cheerful.}\i0 \fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {PETER--Hello, Vinnie. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He sits on the edge of the portico beside her. She }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {still keeps her eyes closed, as if afraid to open them. He look s at her }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wo rriedly.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You look terribly worn out. Haven't y ou slept? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He pats her hand }\i0 \par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with awkward tenderness. Hermout h twitches and draws down at the corners }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {as she stifles a sob. He goes on comfortingly.}\i0

\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You've had an awfully hard }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {time of it, but never mind, we'll be ma rried soon.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINI A--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {without opening her eyes--longingly}\i0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You'll love me and keep }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmu lt0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me from remembering?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\s lmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--You bet I will! And the first thing is to get you away from this }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {darned house! I may be a fool but I'm beginning to feel superstitious about it }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {myself.} \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100\i {without opening her eyes--strangely}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) Yes. Love can't live in it. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {We'll go away and leave it alone to die--and we'll forge t the dead.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a bitter resentful note coming into his voice}\ i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) We can't move too far }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {away to suit me! I hate this damned town n ow and everyone in it!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {opens her eyes and looks at him st artledly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I never heard you }\par\pard\li53\ri0 \sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {talk that way before, Peter--bitter! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100\i {avoiding her eyes}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Some t hings would make anyone bitter!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100 {LAVINIA--You've quarrelled with your mother and Hazel--on account of }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me--is that it ?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--How did y ou know?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA-Hazel was just here.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {PETER--She told you? The darned fool! What did she do that for?}\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--She doesn't want me to marry you.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER-(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {angrily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) The l ittle sneak! What right has she--? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then a bit }\ i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {uneasily--for cing a smile}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Well, you won't pay any attention to her, I hope.}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {L AVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {more as if she were answering some voice in herself than him--}\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsc alex100\i {stiffening in her chair--defiantly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--She and Mother suddenly got a lot of crazy notions in their heads. }\par\pard\li53\ri0\ sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {But they'll get over them.}\par\pard\ li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {staring at him searchingly--uneasily}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Supposing they don't?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {PETER--They will after we are married--or I'm through with them!}\par\pa rd\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {A pause. Then she takes his face in her hands and turns it to }\ i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {hers.}\i0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Peter! Let me look at you! You're suffering! Your eye s have a hurt }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {loo k! They've always been so trustful! They look suspicious and afraid of life }\pa r\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {now! Have I don e this to you already, Peter? Are you beginning to suspect }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me? Are you wondering what it was Orin wrote?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {protesting violently}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { ) No! Of course I'm not! Don't I know Orin was }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0

\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {out of his mind? Why would I pay any attention--?}\ par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--You swear y ou'll never suspect me--of anything?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {PETER--What do you think I am?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult 0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--And you'll never let anyone come between us? Nothing can keep }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {us from being happy, can it? You won't let anything, will you?}\par\pard\li0\ ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--Of course I won't!}\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {more and more desperately}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I wan t to get married right away, }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {Peter! I'm afraid! Would you marry me now--this evening? We can find a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {minister to do i t. I can change my clothes in a second and put on the color }\par\pard\li0\ri0\s l-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {you like! Marry me today, Peter! I'm a fraid to wait!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETE R--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {bewildered and a bit shocked}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {) But--you don't mean that, do you? }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\sl mult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {We couldn't. It wouldn't look right the day Or in--out of respect for him. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then }\i0 \par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {suspicious in spite of hims elf}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I can't see why you're so afraid of waitin g. }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Nothing can hap pen, can it? Was there anything in what Orin wrote that }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {would stop us from--?}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a wild beaten laugh}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) The dead coming bet ween! They }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {always would, Peter! You trust me with your happiness! But that means }\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {trusting the Mannon dead--and they' re not to be trusted with love! I know }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {them too well! And I couldn't bear to watch your eyes grow bitter and hidden }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 { from me and wounded in their trust of life! I love you too much!}\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {made more uneasy and suspicious by this}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) W hat are you talking }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {about, Vinnie? You make me think there was something--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-25 3\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {d esperately}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No--nothing! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {then suddenly throwing her arms }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {around him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) No! D on't think of that--not yet! I want a little while of }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {happiness--in spite of all the dead! I've ea rned it! I've done enough--! }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {growing more desperate--pleading wild ly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Listen, Peter! Why must we wait }\par\pard\ li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {for marriage? I want a moment of joy--of love--to make up for what's }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {coming! I want it now! Can't you be strong, Peter? Can't y ou be simple and }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {p ure? Can't you forget sin and see that all love is beautiful? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {She kisses him }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {with desperate passion.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Kiss me! Hold me close! Want me! Want me so }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {much you'd murder anyone to have me! I did that--for you! T ake me in this }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {hou se of the dead and love me! Our love will drive the dead away! It will }\par\par d\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {shame them back into death! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {at the topmost pitch of desperate, frantic }\i0

\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {abandonment}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Want me! Take me, Adam! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {She is brought back to herself }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a start by this name escaping her--bewilderedly, l aughing idiotically}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Adam? Why did I call you Adam? I never even heard that name before--}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscale x100 {outside of the Bible! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then suddenly with a hopeless, dead finality}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Always }\par\pard\li0 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the dead between! It's no good t rying any more!}\par\pard\sect\sectd\sbkpage\pgwsxn15840\pghsxn12240\marglsxn666 \margrsxn133\margtsxn666\margbsxn200\cols2\colno1\colw7613\colsr-0\colno2\colw74 26\pard\li53\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {convinced she is hysterical and yet shocked and repelled by h er }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {display of passion}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Vinnie! You're talking crazy! You d on't know what }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {yo u're saying! You're not--like that!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {in a dead voice}\i0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I can't marry you, Peter. You mustn't ever see }\pa r\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {me again. (}\fs22\cf0 \f0\charscalex100\i {He stares at her, stunned and stupid.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100 {) Go home. Make it up with }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\c f0\f0\charscalex100 {your mother and Hazel. Marry someone else. Love isn't permi tted to me. The }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {d ead are too strong!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {his mind in a turmoil}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {) Vinnie! You can't--! You've gone crazy--! }\par\pard\li53\ri0\s l-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {What's changed you like this? (}\fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {then suspiciously}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Is i t--what Orin wrote? }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0 {What was it? I've got a right to know, haven't I? (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex10 0\i {then as she doesn't }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100\i {answer--more suspiciously}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) He act ed so queer about--what happened to you }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {on the Islands. Was it something there--something to do w ith that native--?}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {her first instinctive reaction one of hurt insult}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Peter! Don't you }\par\pard\li53\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {dare--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00\i {then suddenly seizing on this as a way out--with calculated }\i0 \par\pard \li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {coarseness}\i0 \fs22\cf0\ f0\charscalex100 {) All right! Yes, if you must know! I won't lie any more! Orin }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {suspected I'd lu sted with him! And I had!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {PETER--(}\fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shrinking from her aghast--broken ly}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Vinnie! You've gone crazy! I }\par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {don't believe--You--you couldn' t!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs2 2\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {stridently}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Why shoul dn't I? I wanted him! I wanted to learn }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20 \cf0\f0\charscalex100 {love from him--love that wasn't a sin! And I did, I tell you! He had me! I was }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {his fancy woman!}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {PETER--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {wincing as if she had struck him in t he face, stares at her with a }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f 0\charscalex100\i {stricken look of horrified repulsion--with bitter, broken ang er}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Then--Mother }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {and Hazel were right about you--you are bad at heart--no wonder Orin killed }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha

rscalex100 {himself--God, I--I hope you'll be punished--I--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\char scalex100\i {He hurries blindly off down }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {the drive to the left.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(} \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {watches him go--then with a little desperate cry s tarts after him}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) }\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {Peter! It's a lie! I didn't--! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\c harscalex100\i {She stops abruptly and stiffens into her old, }\i0 \par\pard\li5 3\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {square-shouldered attitude. S he looks down the drive after him--then turns }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {away, saying in a lost, empty tone}\i0 \fs22\ cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Good-bye, Peter. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Seth en ters from the }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {left rear, coming around the corner of the house. He stands for a moment }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {watching her, g rimly wondering. Then to call her attention to his presence, }\i0 \par\pard\li53 \ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {he begins singing half under h is breath his melancholy "Shenandoah" }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs 22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {chanty, at the same time looking at the ground around him as if searching }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100\i {for something.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl -253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-213\slmul t0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-320\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {"Oh, Shenandoah, I can't get near you}\par\pard\li773\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0 \charscalex100 {Way-ay, I'm bound away--"}\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs1 8\cf0\par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-320\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\f s20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {without looking at him, picking up the words of the chanty--with }\i0 \par\pard\li53\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {a grim writhen smile}\i0 \fs20\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I'm not bound away--not now, Seth. I'm bound here--to }\par\column\pard\li0\ri0\sl-306\slmult0 \fs22\cf 0\f0\charscalex100 {the Mannon dead! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {She gives a dry little cackle of laughter and turns as if to }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {enter the house.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscal ex100 {)}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\f s22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {frightened by the look on her face, grabs her by the arm}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't go in }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slm ult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {there, Vinnie!}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {grimly}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Don't be afraid. I'm not going the way Mother and Orin }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {went. That's escaping punishment. And there's no one left to punish me. I'm }\par\pard\li0\r i0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {the last Mannon. I've got to punis h myself! Living alone here with the dead is }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \ fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {a worse act of justice than death or prison! I'll nev er go out or see anyone! I'll }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-266\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\cha rscalex100 {have the shutters nailed closed so no sunlight can ever get in. I'll live alone }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-240\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {with t he dead, and keep their secrets, and let them hound me, until the curse }\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {is paid out and the last M annon is let die! (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {with a strange cruel smile of }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {gloating ove r the years of self-torture}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) I know they will s ee to it I live for a }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex1 00 {long time! It takes the Mannons to punish themselves for being born!}\par\pa rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100\i {with grim understanding}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Ayeh. And I ain't heard a word you've }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\chars calex100 {been sayin', Vinnie. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {pretending to sea rch the ground again}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) Left my }\par\pard\li0\ri 0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {clippers around somewheres.}\par\pa

rd\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--(}\fs22\cf0\f0\ch arscalex100\i {turns to him sharply}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {) You go now and close the shutters and nail }\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100 {them tight.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charsca lex100 {SETH--Ayeh.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {LAVINIA--And tell Hannah to throw out all the flowers.}\par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253 \slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {SETH--Ayeh. (}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {He goes past her up the steps and into the house. She ascends }\i0 \par\pard\li 0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {to the portico--and then turn s and stands for a while, stiff and square-}\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {shouldered, staring into the sunlight with frozen eyes. Seth leans out of the }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\ charscalex100\i {window at the right of the door and pulls the shutters closed w ith a decisive }\i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\ i {bang. As if this were a word of command, Lavinia pivots sharply on her heel } \i0 \par\pard\li0\ri0\sl-253\slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {and marches w oodenly into the house, closing the door behind her.}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex 100 {)}\par\pard\li3013\ri0\sl-213\slmult0 \fs18\cf0\par\pard\li3013\ri0\sl-293\ slmult0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {(}\fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100\i {Curtain}\i0 \fs22\cf0\f0\charscalex100 {)}\par}

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