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ZXW10-RNS Examination

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Part1.Please fill the blanks. (40 points)

1. Uplink Scrambling code is to separate ____Subscribers___________, downlink scrambling code is to separate ____Cells____________. 2. In the WCDMA system, power control involves, open-loop power control inner loop power control and outer loop__ power control 3. Radio frame is a basic unit of the physical layer. One radio frame has a period of __10ms___, and comprise__15___ timeslots with the same length 4. The handover can be divided into three types: __hard handover, _soft handover_, _softer handover_. 5. Generally, the handover process is divided into three steps: Measurement , Decision , Execution _. 6. UL capacity is restrained by__interference_, DL capacity is restrained by _power of NodeB__. 7. WCDMA Scale Estimation include__ coverage estimation____ and _____ capacity estimation__. 8. There are three mainstream modes of 3G, which are____WCDMA______,___CDMA2000____and ____TD-SCDMA_______.

Part2.Please judge the describe below is true(T) or false(F) (20points)

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Intra-frequency handover must be soft handover. ( F ) The transmission media of Iub interface must be E1. ( F ) One UE may have one or more SRNCs. ( F ) ROMB boards in RNC work in 1+1 backup mode. ( T ) Rake receiver technology is used in WCDMA system. . ( T ) Generally, PDCP exists in the circuit and packet domain Scrambling codes are used after spreading, which will also change the signal bandwidth. WCDMA system must adopt GPS antenna . ( F ) WCDMA is a self-interference system. The frequency of outerloop power control is 1500Hz.

( F ) ( F ) ( T ) ( F )

Part3. Please choose the right answers. (30points) Single Choice

1. 2. 3. 4. The maximum data rate in HSDPA is ( D ) in theory. a. 153.6kbps b.384kbps c. 2M d.14.4M One Node B09 can suppot ( D ) 12.2kbps Subscribers at most. a. 128 b.256 c.560 d. 640 The access unit of RNC consists of: ( A ) and DTB, IMAB a. APBE b. CHUB c. RCB d. RUB One ZTE RNC can process about ( C ) Subscribers with 5 racks at most. A 100,000 B 500,000 C 1 million D 5 million Breath effect of cell is a way of ( A )



a. load control b. SIR control c. power control d. handover control 6. One NodeB 09 can support ( B ) STM-1. a. 1 b. 2 c. 3 d. 4 7. Chip rate of WCMDA is ( B ). A. 1.2288Mcps B. 3.84Mcps C.1.25Mcps D.1.28Mcps 8. Normally ,one Node B09 can support ( C ) Sectors at most. a. 1 b.2 c.3 d. 4 9. .The Noise Rise are defined as ( A ANR(dB)= 10 lg(1 UL ) BNR(dB)= 10 lg(1 +UL ) CNR(dB)= 10 lg( UL ) DNR(dB)= 10 lg(1 UL ) ). ( UL :uplink load factor)

Multi-Choice 10 .WCDMA use ____B____ Modulation for uplink,______A________ for downlink, HSDPA use______D______ Modulation. A B. C. D. QPSK BPSK GMSK 16QAM

11. Which of the ATM Adaptation layers are used in WCDMA system( B,E ) A: AAL1 B: AAL2 C: AAL3 D: AAL4 E: AAL5

12. Which of the Key technologies are used in HSDPA??( A,B,D A: AMC B: HARQ C: MIMO D: Quick scheduling


13.In a CS call flow, first step is to establish the ___C_______, secondly ___B_______ thirdly ____A______, then to speak. A.RAB connection B.NAS connection C.RRC connection 14 .For WCDMA system, cell searching procedure include CABD A. Frame synchronization and scrambling code group identify B :Primary scrambling code identification. C. Timeslot synchronization D. Read system information. 15. When there is serious pilot frequency pollution, which of the ways below can solve the problem? AB AReduce the cell coverageModify the cell downtilt, azimuth power etc BIncrease a new site in the problem area, then let one of the new cell to be the server cell. CIncrease the height of the sites . DIncrease all the transmission power of all the cells.

Part3. Please answer the question. (10points)

Please try to write down the relationships of capacity , Qos and coverage of WCDMA system? Different service has different capacity Different combination of service has different capacity Bigger capacity will makes less Qos and coverage Bigger Qos makes less capacity and coverage Bigger coverage makes less capacity and Qos System capacity ,QoS and coverage can be interconverted.

Please write down the WCDMA network planning flow? 1.Requirement Analysis 2.Propagation Model Test and Calibration 3.Network Dimensioning 4.Pre-Planning Simulation


5.Sites Survey 6.Sites Layout 7.Network Simulation 8.Output Planning Report