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Hatchet Chapter 1&2 Questions

Skim read from the blog or hand out to answer these questions. Chapters 1-2

1. Brian Robeson was headed to ________________ in a Cessna 406 to spend the summer with his dad. 2. While Brian traveled, the pilot taught him ________________. 3. While Brian was riding in the Cessna he was thinking about ______________. 4. The first sign the pilot wasn't feeling well was when _____________. 5. How often did Brian use the radio to call for help? 6. Brian decided he should land the plane ________________________ 7. Brian is a 13 year old boy who is upset by his mothers secret T/F 8. Brians mother gave him a pocket knife before he left T/F 9. Brian used the pilots headset to call for help T/F 10. Brian is confident he can land the plane T/F

Chapters 3-4 11. The Cessna crashes because it ______________________________ 12. When Brian woke the next morning after the crash his worst injury was ______________________________ 13. Before the sun came up Brian was bothered by _______________________________ 14. What happened to Brian when he was 9 years old? _________________________________________ 15. Brian had a hard time trying to stay awake after the plane crash T/F 16. Brian thought the place he landed was ugly T/F 17. A piece of metal from the plane stabed Brian in the leg during the plane crash T/F 18. The plane floated to the surface after the crash T/F

Chapters 5&6 1. Brian's English teacher Perpich was always saying _______________. 2. When Brian collected his possessions he had a fingernail clipper a twenty dollar bill, and _______________. 3. Brian was very hungry and kept thinking about eating a ___________. 4. Brian remembered that when the pilot had the heart attack, something happened to the plane flight path. _____________________. 5. When Brian realized that it might be several days before he would be rescued, he decided to first build ________________. 6. Brian remembered watching a television show where air force pilots took a survival course. This helped him think about what he could eat. Brian decided there must be _____________ here by the lake. 7. What did Brian always keep in sight so he wouldnt get lost? 8. Brian knew the food was not poisonous because ______________. 9. As the sun went down what bothered Brian? ____________.

Chapter 7 & 8

1. Why did Brian wake in the middle of the night a. ___________ 2. What caused Brian to get sick? 3. When Brian was unable to sleep, he kept thinking about a. __________ 4. To keep from getting sick again, Brian decided to eat which gut berries? a. _____________ 5. Passing by the gut cherries, Brian found a. ______________ to eat. 6. Where did Brian see a bear a. ___________ 7. What hurt Brian? 8. Before the animal attacked, Brian was awakened by 9. ______________ 10. How will Brian make a fire? 11. Brian chipped his hatchet while ____________.

Chapter 9 & 10
Brian tried lighting many items. Finally he was able to make a fire by igniting _________________. Brian discovered that he also needed ___________ to get the fire going. It didnt take Brian long to get the fire going. T/F Brian was lucky a sound woke him because _____________. What made the strange tracks in the sand? The best thing about having the night visitor was _______________. How did Brian know the animal that came up in the sand was a turtle? Watching Uncle Carter eat ____________ made Brian feel queasy. The turtle eggs looked like_____________. How many eggs did Brian eat when he first found the eggs ______________.