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All Praise is to Allah Our Lord the Master of Origin and Judgement and Most Kind and our

Final Return is Him.

Fight against Unemployment!

Introduction : The Idea of Fight against Unemployment comes in a broader perspective until we bring it to the unit level as we all somehow know that all the world is facing ups and downs in financial market as a result there is unemployment there are other reasons as well which at the moment are un necessary to discuss because the purpose is not to discuss how unemployment is occurs infect the purpose is How we can create Employment and a continuous cycle of Employment starting from one Unit and enhancing it in broader perspective to maximum places. Why It is Important to Fight against Unemployment? Unemployment especially in third world country is a huge cause of different issues such as Crime rates rise as people dont have living sources it also increases infect mutual suicides and these news are normal in Pakistan That a Family committed suicide because they could not meet their both ends up. People have been enfolded to sale out their children so it can involve and increase social and ethical crimes. Another aspect of Terrorist activities are somehow result of unemployment as it is known that people had been selling out their children to terrorist organizations and thus resulted in suicide bombing. Thus Unemployment especially in third world country like Pakistan is critical issue that needs immediate attention. Why pay for big projects than providing people food and health services? It is not deniable that food and health services play key role in any society and obviously if one doesnt have food that can result in several dilemmas. Whereas Argument is how long we can go on like this? End of the day we will end up at the same place where we started. Therefore I argue that give people employment so that they can regularly buy food and pay for their healthcare themselves. Give them opportunity to live honourably. This can only be done through investing in such projects which not only create employment but also deliver to society and thus we will be able to form a cycle which will grow by its self.

Why Me Doing This? I am an MBA from UK University and have understanding of business and how it operates within our glob. I belong to Pakistan a developing Third World Country full of corruption and poverty. Looking at the Pakistani Political System and Government I have firm Understanding now that they are not going to do anything for poor people until people themselves dont do it for them. And some one has to take initiative and from somewhere we have to take a start. Even though Pakistan is a very rich country full of natural resources which can be transferred and not only unutilized to develop country but this activity would also create employment. But unfortunately government and political parties are always in tough war of power and that that keeps poor always struggling for employment and constant employment to feed his family. My Vision of Fight against Unemployment: Rather than waiting that Government would do something about unemployment by giving loans and putting burden on economy or partial solutions I believe in the power of people if they are united together for a cause it can be better done by helping our selves. My Idea is to setup a Charity organization and with the donations we can invest in such projects that will not only create employment but also will get Return on Investment and in a specified time span will cover the capital cost thus there will remain only profit which can be reinvested into another project and thus a cycle of employment and better society will be generated. It Is not as easy as it looks but I have my firm Faith in Allah and Then In People If they want to change they can and Together we all can change our world. What is a Plan and why would One Trust This? As Corruption has been a trade mark of our Government so are the people famous abroad for such activities that internationally they are not trusted and this is unfortunate. Plan is simple and will be kept transparent (Shall Explain how we can Ensure Transparency) at each stage from donations till the Project completion and even afterwards the performance and efficiency evaluation. My Plan is to create a constant stream of employment its just like planting seed and then it becomes tree and it throws seeds elsewhere and those seeds also start growing and become tree obviously this requires Time Patience and Good amount of Finance.

What Projects We will invest in and who will be our Competitors? For any Project or Any Industry to Enter it is very important to have knowledge of it and Have understanding of Competitors and How We Will Create our Place into the competition? Before Investment a detailed Industry Analysis will be presented and will be approved by the Trustees as well as Major stake Holders based on the viability of the project and its payback ability. Once this has been done We will go further to the next phase of technical feasibility and design and then rest of the project will be initiated with set targets and achievements. Professional people will be hired and International quality in all phases will be considered both in Quality of material and Health and Safety prospects. The Edge we will have over all our competitors will be that we are a Charity organization and All our Investments are solely for charity and will be reinvested in Charity projects and Thus Creation of Employment Cycle! The First Model Project shall be installed in Pakistan and once it is Successful we will continue it not only in Pakistan but also in other poor countries. Our Major competitors will be MNCs (Multinational Companies) and Political Personalities.

I am open for any relevant Questions on this and any further suggestions to add value to this idea. You can contact me by email: or by Phone +447734423952.

I am Humbly Thankful for Your Time .