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Design Framework

The design framework is the vehicle that is used to arrive from the beginning of the project up to its end destination. In order for the researcher to come up with the best possible architectural solution, this step-by-step process of designing serves as the skeleton of the entire study. Design Philosophy: TRANSFERRING NATURES POWER TO HEAL THROUGH ARCHITECTURE Explanation: Water is the most basic need and most important natural resource of the human kind in order to live. Without the water, earth us just a vast dry land since it is mainly composed of seventy five percent bodies of water. Water has many characteristics and most of which are theoretically therapeutic but it will mot be effective unless there is a human intervention and this is how architecture work. The planning and design process of this type of resort would give a better understanding of how architecture and nature will respond to each other and what will be the results in combining them. Design Concept ORGANIC ARCHITECTURE- promoting harmony between human habitation and the natural world A deeper conceptualization is considered in the entire project. since the project is focused in recreational and therapy and wellness activities, the researcher lead to an idea of using the coconut fruit as a figurative concept. The spaces are organized in such a way that the projects main structure is emphasized and surrounded by auxiliary spaces. Like the coconut fruit, a hard-shelled seed of the coconut and containing white flesh surrounding a partially fluid-filled central cavity, the proposed resorts main structure, aqua-therapeutic building, strategically serves as the heart of the project. Auxiliary structures bound the main building depicting the coconuts husk. On the aesthetic and strength sides of the project, the coconut's roots to its trunk, bark, fruit, shell, the palace's design, form and ornamentation echo these architectural design elements.

Through this concept, the project will be sympathetic and well integrated with its site, that buildings, furnishings, and surroundings become part of a unified and interrelated composition. Design Objectives To develop a place where the development will promote responsible tourism to both local and foreign tourists. To develop an aqua-therapeutic resort that combines architecture with nature. To develop a resort that caters the recreational and therapeutic needs of the tourists. To develop a place in which affordability and luxury is at the same place. To boast a unique and exemplary characteristic of innovative Filipino architecture in todays modern trend of architecture. Design Considerations User Profile Site and building orientation Utilities (communication, water, roads, power,) B.P. 344-Accessibility law, P.D. 1096- Natl. Bldg. Code of the Phil., P. D. 1185-Fire Code of the Philippines, Plumbing Code of the Philippines, Structural code of the Philippines, Republic Act No. 7586-National Integrated Protected Areas System (NIPAS) Act, REPUBLIC ACT NO. 9147- Wildlife Resources Conservation and Protection Act Human and vehicular Traffic Safety and Security Topography Architectural character Tropical design