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Jeremy Smith 21900 SE Wax Rd. APT. D201 Maple Valley, WA.

98038 Phone (425) 358-1492 E-mail: Objective: Skills: Awards: Interests: To obtain a mid-level job as a Hi-Resolution Character Modeler for Normal Map Technology, and to grow as an artist and creator Highly proficient with 3DS Max's modeling tools, proficient with Zbrush, Mudbox, and Photoshop Several 1st Place and Grand Champion awards from local and state fairs Computer Modeling, Texturing, Traditional Sculpting, and drawing character designs

Work Experience: 2012 3D Artist Art Bully Productions - Contract 3D Artist. Working on an unnamed title. Making characters, including a secondary hero character. Worked from design drawings, of highly stylized characters. Made the high res, low poly, uv's, and textures for them. 2011 3D Artist Uber Entertainment - Contract 3D Artist. Working on Super Monday Night Combat. I made weapons, background assets, and partial characters from design sketches, to fit a very stylized design doc. Again, I made the high res, low poly, uv's and textures for these assets. 2010 3D Artist 3D Creation Studios Contract 3D Artist. Created background assets, and characters for a variety of projects including, Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 for the iPhone/iPod, and the Ratatouille game. I made high res, low poly, uv's, map projection, and textures for all assets I worked on. Art Bully Productions Contract 3D Artist. created background assets from example pictures, with style in mind. Style was provided by client document. Made high res, low poly, uv's, map projections, and textures. Shadows in Darkness - Contract 3D artist, responsibilities included texturing, and finishing characters for Shrek 4 promotion for McDonalds as their client. Created background assets for iCarly game for the Nintendo DS. 2007 3D Artist Liquid Development - Remote Work/Off Site work as a 3D Artist, creating both, characters, and background assets. Created the High Res, Low Poly, UV's, and textures, as well as rendering all necessary maps for next gen engines. 2006 Character Modeler Syncere Arts freelance work on Mahabharat, which uses the Reality engine. Work consisted of creating characters from design sketches. Modeling work included creating both low poly, and high res models, and texturing those characters. SRInteractive Lead Character Modeler. I was in charge of creating all the low poly, and high res character/creature models. Created several models under deadline pressure, from design sketches, and designed creatures myself 2005 Character Modeler Re-Designed five monsters from Quake 2, for a total conversion mod of the Doom 3 engine, entitled, Quake 2: Lost Marine. Also created the high-res and low-poly versions of those monsters, for normal mapping purposes. This job was completed under deadline pressure, as a test release was to be finished for QuakeCon References:
Ankit Garg: Director at Little Red Zombies Marcus Dublin: Director, Co-Founder/Art & Project Director Art Bully Productions LLC