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All Saints Roman Catholic Church

410 Main Cross Street, P O Box 531, Taylorsville, KY 40071

Parish Office: 502-477-6676

Fax: 502-477-5278

Office Hours: M-Tu-Th: 8:30-4:00; W: 11:00-6:30; F: 8:30-12:00

Bulletin Deadline: Monday at Noon

Pastor: Fr. R. Dale Cieslik


SFX: 538-4933 or 955-5366

Deacon: Gerry Mattingly Deacon & Pastoral Assistant: Carl Fahringer

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Deacon: Adam Carrico Bookkeeper, Dir of Rel. Ed., Secretary: Diane Black Coordinator of Youth Ministry: Laura Zoeller

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RCIA Coordinator: Mari Wertz


To arrange for Baptisms or Weddings, please call the parish office. Confessions by request or 4 o’clock Saturdays at St. Francis Xavier.

August 11, 2013

The Nineteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Aug. 10


5:00 PM

For the People of the Parish

Celebrant: Fr. Jack Caldwell

Aug. 11

Sun. 11:30 AM

Birthday Memorial of Garrett Searcy

Celebrant: Fr. Dale Cieslik

Aug. 14


6:30 PM

Holy Hour Prayer Service

Presider: Deacon Carl Fahringer

Aug. 15

Thur. 8:30 AM

Holy Day Mass –In Honor of Parish Catechists

Celebrant: Fr. Dale Cieslik

Aug. 17


5:00 PM

Living & Deceased Members of Clements-Black Families

Celebrant: Fr. Dale Cieslik

Aug. 18

Sun. 11:30 AM

For the People of the Parish


Fr. Dale Cieslik

Parish Support: $3,705.34 Peter’s Pence Collection: This week our Archdiocese will take up the Peter’s Pence Collection, which provides our Holy Father, Pope Francis, with the funds he needs to carry out his most important charitable works. The proceeds benefit the most disadvan- taged: victims of war, oppression and disasters. Your gift makes you a pilgrim of charity around the globe. Please be generous! Thank you for your stewardship of treasure.

Prayer list:

Bishop; Ray Carrico; Tammy Dezarn; Pat Drake; Tom and Mary Fowler; Margaret Glasford; Patti Grubb; Mary Hodges; Rose Jones; Bennie Lyon; Bill Nall; Loretta Riker; Cody Robinson; Marilyn Stop; Pat Turner; Russell Warford; Kathie Wright; Mary and Tommie Akins, Cheryl Riney, Modenia Akins; Phillip Rudolph, Sandra, Toni Rae, Yvonne & Pat Cheney; Mary Boone, Alberta

Moynahan, Debbie Black Schlernitzauer, Frank Taylor, Stan Thompson (Diane & Cele); Jenny Thomas (Crossfield’s) Chuck & Margaret Hardison (Darnell’s); Steve & Olivia Fahringer, Rhonda McCarty, (Deacon Carl); Beverly Seabolt (Tom Fleitz); Marguerite Gahlinger (Tim); Baby Rosilyn, Fred Barton, Henry Galbraith, (Grubb’s); Barbara Kuhn (Hanik’s); Walter Hayes (Doug Hayes & Diana Welch); Virginia Hinton (Gerard); Emerson Chadwell (Kapfhammer’s); Doris Robards, Catherine Kehne, Harper D’Young (Kehne’s); Steven Carroll (Klotz’s); Cindy Sanders (Kim Louis); Eva Blanford (Lyon’s); Mary Jo Mattingly; Jeremy Moreman (Penny & Tom); Alton Humphrey (Aline Prewitt); John Hunter (Lola Richards); Joey DeTalente (Martha Sander); Ernest van Schagen (Searcy’s); Gary Edwards (Virginia & Don Smith); Abby A. Howell, Nick Burns, Holmberg Family (Anna Lee Stokley); Charlotte Vowels (Pete & Mona); Frankie Elizabeth Summers (Roger Walters); Eula & George Koppel, Dick Wertz (Koppel/Wertz); Lavoy Crutcher & Lori Young; the victims of violence; the unemployed; those serving our country: Gina

Vaile-Nelson and the 133 rd Mobile Public Affairs Unit - Deployed; Thomas Creed, Jacob Crews, Jamie Fleig, Bryan Ford, Bryant

Fowler, Wes Robinson, & Adam Villanova. permission.

Martha Hopper; John Gathoff; Elizabeth Martin; Julia Ameral; Patricia Hurst; Carol Kennedy; Don Bealmear; Larry

Contact the office to add or delete a name from our prayer list, with his/her

Birthday Blessings: 8/11 Susan Costanzo; 8/12 Tony Louis, Jr.; 8/16 McKenzie Bell, Lisa Thornsberry; 8/17 Dianne Vowels

New Mass Schedule: Please note that our Saturday evening Mass will be at 4:00 PM effective the weekend of August 31/September 1 st . The first of the monthly celebrations of the Sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick will be the weekend of September 14/15 th (second weekend), after Mass; and the Sacrament of Reconciliation will be September

21 st (third Saturday) from 2:30-3:00 PM.

Both sacraments are also available, by appointment, with Fr. Dale.

Holy Day of Obligation: Join us on Thursday, August 15 th as we celebrate the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary with Mass at 8:30 AM. The Holy Day Mass at St. Francis Xavier will be held at 7 PM.

Confirmation Sacramental Preparation: Youth in Grade 7 and older are invited to prepare for this sacrament this year. Our first session is Sunday, August 18th, after Mass, until 2PM. It is mandatory to have a parent attend with you. Pizza will be provided for lunch. Please contact Laura Zoeller with any questions. Thank you!

Adult Faith Formation: Contact Deacon Carl,, for information regarding the 4-part The Footprints of God DVD series and/or the Why Catholic? session beginning in October.

RCIA Inquiry: Contact Marilena Wertz at 477-8534 or if you, or someone you know, have an interest in joining the Catholic Church. Please pray for those who are inquiring, as well as the RCIA team members.

Knights of Columbus’ Chicken Dinner: The All Saints Council invites you to our all-you-can-eat chicken dinner on Sunday, August 18th from 12:30 - 2:00PM in the Parish Hall. They feature broasted chicken and sides for a price of $8.00 for adults, $4.00 for children 4-12, & children 3 and younger eat for free. They would appreciate your support.

Wedding Anniversary Mass: Couples celebrating 30, 40, 50, 60 & 60-plus years of marriage in 2013 are invited, along with their families, to a Mass of Thanksgiving, celebrated by Archbishop Joseph Kurtz, on Sunday, September 29 th at 2 PM at the Cathedral of the Assumption. Register with Diane Black in the Parish Office by September 15 th .

Free Cookbooks & More! A few 2002 Parish Cookbook are available - take one from the back of Church if you like. If you want a well-worn computer desk and can haul it away by Aug. 15th, please contact Diane or Laura in the Office.

Immigration Reform: Frequently Asked Questions

breaking? The Church has always supported the right of a sovereign nation to secure its borders, although it should be done in a manner that protects human life to the greatest degree possible. The Church does not favor illegal immigration in any sense. It is not good for the migrant, who often suffers abuse by smugglers, exploitation in the workplace, and even death in the desert. It is not good for society or for local communities, because it creates a permanent underclass with no rights and no opportunity to assert them. That is why the Church supports the creation of legal avenues for migration and legal status for migrants. Thus, Church supports an earned path to citizenship that requires migrants to pay a fine and meet other requirements. Once the system is reformed, migrants should be able to enter legally and not be forced to enter or remain without legal status. The current law does not provide an adequate mechanism for legal entry, despite the need for their labor, from which we all benefit. Join the U.S. Catholic bishops in advancing immigration reform by meeting with or contacting Kentucky's members of Congress, especially in the House – Representatives Whitfield, Guthrie, Yarmuth, Massie, Rogers, and Barr – and urge them to fix this broken system. All six of these gentlemen need to hear from you and from those you can draw into this conversation. For more information, go to

Does the Church’s support for illegal immigration reward law

AA will meet at 7:30 PM each Tuesday in the Parish Hall. An open discussion format is used. Upcoming Events:

Tuesday, August 13 th

1:00 PM

Joint Parish Staff Meeting @ AS

Saturday, August 17 th

7:00 PM

Private Event, PH

Sunday, August 18 th

12:30-2:00 PM

Confirmation Meeting, Basement K of C Chicken Dinner, PH

Communion Ministers:

Sat. 08/10 – Ron Koppel, Wesley Lewis, Marian Pusey Sun. 08/11 – Joe and Patti Patterson, Carmen Rendon Thur. 08/15 – Mary Anne Cecil, Marian Pusey, Penny Burns Sat. 08/17 – Pete Vowels, Mari Wertz, Cindy Hayes Sun. 08/18 – Bennie Lyon, Diane Black, Joe Bowling

Ministers of the Word:

Sat. 08/10 – Carolyn Kapfhammer, Gerard Hinton Sun. 08/11 – Robert Searcy, Tina Searcy Thur. 08/15 – Diane Black, Mary Akins Sat. 08/17 – Mary Anne Cecil, Angela Runner Sun. 08/18 – Kelly Creed, Kim Snyder


Sat. 08/10 – Mary Anne Cecil Sun. 08/11 – Bryce Nall, Tallas Crossfield Thur. 08/15 – LaVielle Cecil Sat. 08/17 – Jim Pusey Sun. 08/18 – Trevor and Wade Hutt

Ministers of Hospitality:

Sat. 08/10 – Tim Gahlinger, Tom Burns Sun. 08/11 – John Shirley, Barbara Yates Thur. 08/15 – Tom Burns, Bruce Kapfhammer Sat. 08/17 – Tim Gahlinger, LaVielle Cecil Sun. 08/18 – Gary Kehne, Darren Esterle

Ministers to the Sick:

August 10-11 – Angela Browning August 17-18 – Becky Hornung

Reminder: Liturgical Ministers are asked to find a substitute when unable to perform your assigned ministry, and to arrive 15 minutes before Mass.

Thank you for your stewardship of time and talent.