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CGPS _ THIRD EDITION EDITION o i Self-Study = cd 38 Jack C. Richaras; Intro STUDENTS BOOK. Plan of Intro Book Titles/Topics Speaking Grammar Ci ae Its nice tomeet you. Introducing yourself and friends; Possessive adjectives my, your, Alphabet; greetings and leave: fying hell and good-bye: asking Als, er the verb be alfirmative takings; names and titles of for names and phone numbers statements and contractions address; numbers 0-10 and fine numbers UTZ CEH ‘What's this? ‘Naming objects; asking for and Articles a, an, and the; this/these, Possessions classroom objects, ‘ving the cations of jects iithey; plurals; yee and where persona tems, and eatons uses with be rept o Prereom Bice: ot of bend, PROGRES (Hex ES M15 ee tose ma Ca ‘Where are you from? ‘Talking about cities and The verb be: affirmative and Cities and countries; adjectives countries; asking for and negative statements, yes/no of personality and appearance; giving information about questions, short answers, and numbers 11-103 and ages lace of origin, nationality, Whequestins first language, and age; Th Ym not wearing boots! Asking about and deseribing Possessives: adjectives our and Clothing: colors; weather dlothing and colors; talking about their, pronouns, names, and whose and seasons the weather and seasons; finding _ present continuous statements and the owners of objects ¥ye¥/no questions; conjanetions and And but; placement of adjectives PROGRESS CHEEK PAGES 28-28 i before nouns tH CoE ‘Whatare you doing? Asking for and telling time; ‘Time expressions: olock, A. ‘Glock time; times of the day; asking about and deseribing a,naon, midnight, in the ‘everyday activities ‘current activities morning! afternoonievening, ae 7.00 rightmidrughts present continuous Wh-qvestion2; mo oe conjunction 9 ‘My sister works downtown Asking for and giving information _—_Simple preseat statements ‘Transportation; family about how people go to work or with regular and irregular verbs; relationships; daily routines; schoo; talking about family simple present yes/no and days of the week members; deserting daily Whequastions; time expressions: and weekly routines ‘arly, late, every day, on PROGRESS CHEDK Pats 42-43, Sundays/weekendsiweekdays Tw CEE Doesiit have aview? ‘Asking about and deseribi Simple present short answers; Hoases and apartments; houses and apartments; talking there is, there are; there's no, ‘rooms; furniture about the furniture in a room there isnt a, there reno, there aren't any mo Ped ‘What de you do? Asking for and giving information _ Simple present Wh-questions Jobs and workplaces about work; giving opinions about _withddo and does; placement Jobs:deseribing workday routines of adjectives afer be and PROGRESS DAECK Pronunciation/Listening — Writing/Reading Interchange Activity “Linkisd sounds Writing a list of names and “Famous classmates": Tatreducing Listening for the spelling of names Phone numbers. yourself to new people ‘and phone aumbers Soffstudy: Linton for personal information Plural-+ endings ‘Writing the locations of objects “Find the diferences™: Comparing Listening for the locations two pictures of a room of objects Selfstudy: Listening to a conversation about lost things Syllable stress ‘Writing questions requesting “Board game": Finding out more i cats iig be counksian cites, ‘personal information about your classmates and languages listening to Aeseriptions of people Self-study: Listening to descriptions of four people ‘The letters «and oh ‘Writing questions about what “Celebrity fashions”: Deseribing Listening for deseriptions of people are wearing celebrities clothing elothing and eolars Self-study: Listening to a fashion show © Rising and falling intonation Writing times of the day “Whats wrong with this picture’: Listening for times of the day; “Friends Across a Continent”: Deseribing what's wrong with listening to identify people's actions Reading an online chat between ‘picture Selfstudy: atoning toe ‘ovo friends television show © Third-person singular endings Writing about you and 7 “Class survey” Finding out Listening for activities and days your family tore about clanemates habits ofthe week Tiger Schedule Like?”: and routines Self-study: Listening to questions _‘Reading about three people's about your weekly routine daily Words with th ‘Writing about your éream home “Find the differences": Comparing, Listening to descriptions of “Two Special Houses in the two apartments homes; listening to people shop Southwest”: Reading about for furniture ‘unusual homes Se'fstuy: Listening to a conversation about a new apartment Reduction of do and does Writing about jobs “The perfect job": Figuring out Listening to people describe “dob Profiles": Reading about four Mba E Ha ipa their jobs ‘unusual jobs Selfstudy: Listening toa about a new job