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Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 (Content Creators)

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Content Creation Art Source Content Creation Guide TRS2004 SP2 Passenger Asset Tutorials Driver - Me

The complete Content Creation Art Source is now available. This 2 cd package includes content created by the Auran Trainz 'Brew Crew' over the past three years up to the release of Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 SP2. Offering an extensive collection of 3D Studio Max, Gmax, Photoshop, real-time, TGA, BMP and WAV files this is a must have item for any content creator. These disks contain the source files for both Trainz released content as well as previously un-released content. Please note however that it is Auran created content only, and does not include any third party content. You are free to edit, upgrade, or change any of the content included so long as all updates are distributed through Auran'''s Trainz Download Station and that no part of the content is converted into any other game format as per the licensing agreement. All included content is available only as a starting point for your own editing and production. Therefore the level of texture and model completion (and quality) may vary. You may release any included content under your own KUID. You don't even need to credit us, although that would be nice! (1 of 4)1/3/2005 8:24:22 PM

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 (Content Creators)

Auran hopes you find this art source useful, and we hope to see your new creations on the Download Station very soon. Content Included:

Disk 1 Pack 1 Locomotives 1 of 2

Disk 2 Pack 6 British Assets TRS2004 Assets

Pack 2

Locomotives 2 of 2

Pack 7

Miscellaneous Assets

Bogeys 1 of 2

Pack 3

Bogeys 2 of 2 Rollingstock 1 of 2

Pack 8

Interiors 1 of 2

Pack 4

Rollingstock 2 of 2 Pantographs

Pack 9

Interiors 2 of 2 USA Assets People

Pack 5

Australian Assets German Assets Swiss Assets

Pack 10

Sound files 3DStudioMax and G-Max Plugins Content Creators Guide

You can order the Content Creation Art Source CD from the Auran Shop.

Content Creation Guide (2 of 4)1/3/2005 8:24:22 PM

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 (Content Creators)

For those of you itching to get into developing more custom content, the TRS2004 Content Creators Guide is now available for download. This document takes you through the process of how to create interactive industries, rolling stock and updates you on all the necessary configuration file formats to get your content to become fully TRS compatible. This document will be updated on a regular basis as we continue the development of the project. If you are into coding rather than artwork, this document is also worth studying as it gives you detailed examples of may of the items that ship with TRS so that you can use these as templates for your own content. TRS now supports scriptable objects so that you can attach a script to pretty much anything - signals, objects, trains, rolling stock - even boats or cranes. There is potential to do some amazing new things and we can't wait to see what the community will be able to do with these tools. You should also check out the User Activity Creation Guide found on the Trainz Manual link from the TRS Launcher menu for the full Trainzscript API. Download Guide Zip file: 2.7mb

TRS2004 SP2 Passenger Asset Tutorials Download Zip file: 2.5mb

Driver - Me To add your own avatar to the roster of drivers:


Download the following zip file, (242kb) This file extracts a folder containing two sub-directories, one called "meshes" and the other called "scenarios". The max file driving_me_max4 for 3D Studio has also been supplied for those how have the tools and the desire to customise the 3D model (.im file) in the meshes directory. This is however not required if you simply want to repaint the existing driver. Place the "meshes" and "scenarios" folders into your TRS2004/World/Custom folder. Open the meshes folder and you will see a sub directory named DriverMe. Rename this directory to the name you want displayed for your new engine man. Now open this sub directory and you will see two more subdirectories named "Me" and "Me_lowres". open the "Me" directory and add your own face to the image Me.tga. Go back up one level and open the "Me_lowres" directory, and (3 of 4)1/3/2005 8:24:22 PM

Trainz Railroad Simulator 2004 (Content Creators)

edit the "Me_lowres.tga" in the same way.


Go back up one level again to where the "Me" and "Me_lowres" directories are stored, and this time open the config.txt for editing. You'll need to add a KUID of your own nomination in the KUID field, where "your kuid here" is currently entered as a placeholder. You have now personalised the driver model which is displayed at the control stand of a loco your new driver is assigned to when viewed externally. Now go up two levels to return to your custom folder and this time open the scenarios folder. Rename the Me directory in the same way as you renamed the DriverMe directory earlier. Add your own image to "Me64.tga". Open up the config.txt in the same directory and nominate a new kuid for the driver's face in the KUID field. In the mesh field, enter the kuid you nominated earlier for the external view mesh. You should now have an extra driver on your books next time you start TRS2004!

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