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All-Day Free Incoming Calls

iFlexi Lite
Monthly Subscription (CIS Rate) Monthly Subscription (National Promotion Rate) Monthly Subscription (List Price) After 2nd Yr After 3rd Yr After 4th Yr 100 mins (outgoing)

iFlexi Value

iFlexi Plus

iFlexi Premium









200 mins (outgoing) 500 mins (outgoing) 1,500 mins (outgoing)

Free Talktime (local)

Free Incoming Calls (All Day)# Free SMS@ (local) 500 MB* 250 MB 1 GB* 500 MB 500 SMS 2 GB* 1 GB 3 GB* 1.5 GB

Free Data Bundle (local)

Call Charges+++ (per min) Free CIS Value-Added Services Caller-ID1 Autoroam1 Voicemail3 Overseas Missed Call Alert Colour Me Tones4

16.05 6 months SMS Plus5

Free Value-Added Services

Caller-ID1 Autoroam2 Voicemail3 Overseas Missed Call Alert Colour Me Tones4

Caller-ID Autoroam Voicemail Overseas Missed Call Alert Colour Me Tones

Exclusive Benefits for 3G customers

Calls # Free Incoming Video Calls (All Day) Video Calls at Voice Call Rates from just 16.05 per minute (deductible from bundled airtime)

International Coverage Widest Roaming coverage including Japan, Seoul (Korea) and more Most Extensive International Video Call Destinations More Entertainment on the move with 3GTV

Exclusive Privileges


Free $300 UPGRADE Voucher every 12 months

CIS Promotion

Free SIM Card charge & Registration Fee worth $42.80 for new line.

Terms & Conditions: Prices are inclusive of 7% GST. Existing SingTel Mobile terms and conditions apply. *SIM 1000 - the only 3G SIM Card that lets you store up to 1,000 contacts. # Free incoming calls till 31st December 2010. @ Excess local SMS is charged at 5.35 cents per SMS. +++ Local Airtime is charged based on an initial block of 1 minute and subsequent blocks of 6 seconds. 1Free for 3 months, for new lines only. 2Free for 12 months, for new lines only. 3Free for 24 months, for new lines only. 4Free for 1 month, for new lines only. 5Free for 6 months, for new lines only. *Data allowance is a limited offer only, for customers on a 2-year i Flexi Lite/ i Flexi Value/ iFlexi Plus/ i Flexi Premium Plan on 3G handsets. Data bundle is for local usage only, across 2-year contract period. Excess data usage is charged at $0.0037/2KB (min. of $0.02/session). Introductory bundle of 500MB/1GB/2GB/3GB for i Flexi Lite/ i Flexi Value/ i Flexi Plus/ iFlexi Premium is for a limited period only. SingTel reserves the right to cease the promotion without prior notice. While roaming overseas, prevailing data roaming charges apply. Above information is updated on 6 July 2009.