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The Past Simple

Example Change Changed

I met wonderful places in Brazil

I went to the cinema with my girlfriend

I traveled to Brazil for carnival

3. If the last vowel of the verb is formed by consonant vowel consonant, we have to double that consonant. Example Stop Stopped Travel travelled

I. To form the past, first, we must distinguish two kinds of verbs. A. REGULAR VERBS:
To pass to the past, you have to add ED as a rule, because there are exceptions

The past forms of the irregular forms DO NOT end in ED. They have different forms and we need to learn them gradually

begin began break broke buy bought Do did Find found get got Know knew Make made Fly flew Leave left Meet met Ring rang Sell sold Speak spoke Win won Sit sat Say said Have had Example:

Put put See saw Sleep slept Tell told Give gave Bring brought Catch caught Drink drank Go went Come came Eat ate Forget forgot Hear heard Lose lost Pay paid Take took Write wrote Build built

Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492.

1. To mast of the verbs we add ED: Example Listen Listened 2. When the verb already ends in e, just have to add the D :

Example: We went to Cusco last year. I ate pizza yesterday.

II. The simple past is used to talk about past actions.

Shakespeare wrote Romeo and


Did not: Didnt It is used with all the subjects.

The simple past is given in:

Short Answers:

A. Affirmative form: Subj. I You We He + Verb in Past + Complement spoke Spanish studied French found a treasure closed the door

( + ) Yes, I did ( - ) No, I didnt

Simple Past Tense

Cycle: Teacher: Janeth Mendez Rodriguez

B. Negative form: Subj.+ didnt + Verb in Past+ Complement John didnt take a shower She didnt speak English He didnt pocket our bags

- We use time expression in past: Example: - As a child morning afternoon evening night year month week summer


- Yesterday

Students: Arbildo Rodrguez Meraly Caldern Caldern Vctor Mejia Rocha Johann Montenegro Ocampo Maryury Snchez Vargas Karen

C. Interrogative form: Did + Subj. + Verb in Past + Complement Did you write sentences? Did she speak Japanese? Did we visit the museum?


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