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Most Commonly asked One word substitutes ( For IBPS, SSC, PSU, RBI, Insurance Exams, etc. ) By www.

. 1. Altruist - Philanthropist, one who loves mankind. 2. Amateur - one who does things for pleasure. 3. Ambidextrous - one who can use either hand with ease. 4. Anarchist - One who is out to destroy all govt. peace and order. 5. Atheist - (Syn.-Agnostic) ,One who is not sure about God's Existence 6. Bankrupt - ( Syn-Insolvent) , one who is not able to pay his debts. 7. Bigot - (Syn- Fanatic, One who is over exited in religious matters) 8. Canibal - One who feeds on human flesh. 9. Carnivorous - one who eats Flesh only. 10. Connoisseur - Critical judge of any art and craft. 11. Cosmopolitan - One who regards the whole world as his own. 12. Cynic - One who sneers (mock) at the beliefs of others 13. Dilettante - a dabbler in art science and literature. 14. Effeminate - One person who is womanish in his habits. 15. Egoist - One who thinks about himself only 16. Egotist - One who always talks about his achievements. 17. Emigrant - One who leaves his country to settle abroad. 18. Epicure - One who is for pleasure of eating and drinking. 19. Fastidious - One who is hard to please 20. Fatalist - one who believes in fate. 21. Feminist - One who works for the welfare of women (Philogynist) 22. Fugitive - One who runs from justice 23. Henpecked - A husband ruled by his wife. ( Joru ka gulam) 24. Herbivorous - one who lives on herbs. 25. Honorary - one who holds a post without any salary 26. Iconoclast - One who is breaker of images and traditions. 27. Immigrant -A person who comes to a country from his own country for settling. 28. Illiterate - one who cant read and write.... 29. Impregnable - That cannot be entered by force. 30. Imposter - One who pretends to be Somebody else. 31. Introvert - One who does not expresses himself freely. 32. Invincible - That cannot be conquered 33. Invulnerable - That cannot be harmed or wounded. 34. Mercenary - A soldier who fights for money. 35. Misanthrope - One who hates Mankind 36. Misogamist - one who hates the institution of marriage. 37. Misologist - one who hates knowledge ( Ant. Bibliologist) 38. Novice - ( Syn. Tyro ) one who is inexperienced in anything. 39. Numismatists - One who collects coins. 40. Omnivorous - one who eats everything. 41. Optimist - One who looks at the bright side of things. 42. Pessimist - One who looks at the dark side of things. 43. Philanthropist - lover of mankind. 44. Polyglot - One who speaks many languages. ( Syn. Linguists) 45. Philanderer - One who amuses himself by love making. 46. Philatelists - One who collects stamps. 47. Samaritan - One Who helps needy people. 48. Stoic - A person who is indifferent to pain and pleasure. 49. Teetotaller - One who does not take any intoxicating drugs.

50. 51. 52. 53. 54.

Toper / Sot - One who is habitual drunkard. One who is easily deceived: Gullible One who does not make mistakes: Infallible One who can do anything for money: Mercenary One who has no money: Pauper


One who changes sides: Turncoat

56. 57.

One who is out to subvert a government. -Anarchist One who is recovering from illness. -Convalescent One who is all powerful -Omnipotent One who is present everywhere. -Omnipresent One who knows everything - Omniscient One who is easily deceived. -Gullible One who can do anything for money. - Mercenary One who has no money. -Pauper One who changes sides. - Turncoat One who works for free. -Volunteer One who loves books. -Bibliophile One who can speak two languages. -Bilingual One who loves mankind. -Philanthropist


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70. 71.

One who hates mankind. Misanthrope A dancer on rope - Acrobat A person who holds that nothing is known or likely to be known of the existence of God - Agnostic.

72. A statement which is obsolete or capable of more than one interpretation - Ambiguous. 73. An oval or circular theater with seats rising behind and above each other round a central open space Amphitheater. 74. 75. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 81. 82. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89. 90. 91. 92. 93. A letter which does not bear the name or signature of the writer - Anonymous. A place of permanent residence -Domicile. Government by the people - Democracy. Government by the nobles - Aristocracy. Government by the officials - Bureaucracy. Government by the few - Oligarchy. One who eats everything is - Omnivorous That which is inherited from forefathers - Ancestral The secret of transmuting baser metals into gold - Alchemy. The study of teaching - Pedagogy. The science of valid thinking - Logic. One who works for free: Volunteer One who loves books: Bibliophile One who can speak two languages: Bilingual One who loves mankind: Philanthropist One who hates mankind: Misanthrope A person who is womanish in his habits Effeminate Unconventional style of living Bohemian A person who leaves his own country and goes to live in another - Emigrant A person who comes to one country from another in order to settle there Immigrant

94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 100. 101. 102. 103. 104.

Fear of Water Hydrophobia A job with high salary but little responsibility Sinecure A Speech made without any preparation Extempore A person having same name as another Namesake The study of coins Numismatics A home for old persons Infirmary To feel or express disapproval of something or someone Deprecate Easily duped or fooled Gullible To keep a great person or event in peoples memory commemorate One who has narrow and prejudiced religious views fanatic The action of looking within or into ones own mind introspection

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