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Lifting Plan

Lifting Plan No:Project: - IWWTP @ Banyan Project

Date: - -- July 2012 Contractor: - Tricaftan Environmental Technology Pte Ltd Lifting supervisor - Name:- Mongou Main Contractor - Hitachi Plant Technologies, Ltd Main contractor Engineer - Name:-Ms Amy Thoo 1. Specialist Lifting Contractor:Name: - Tricaftan Mobile Crane, Lorry Crane or Crawler Crane (What crane identify) Mobile Crane What Type:- Mobile Crane (50 Tons)

2. Time: - 9:00 Am to 5:00 pm

From: - --.07.2012 to --.07.2012

Brief Description Of Lifting Operation: - Hoisting up the ---nos: of Chemical containers to on top of the ASR/CR concrete Tank (Please Descript what activity will going to do)

3. Name of appointed Person from Contractor:- Mongou (Lifting Supervisor) Experience and qualification-Above 4 years, Lifting Supervisor Name Of Lifting Supervisor:-Mongou LOA submitted to HPT? Please clarify hereYes

4. Name of singers/signalers qualification and experience:Rigger and Signalman

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Lifting Plan

a. ---------- (Signal) b. Fazlul (Rigger)

LOA submitted to HPT? Please clarify hereYes

5. List means of identification (i.e. what clothing or color helmet etc will identify them from other site workers. Vest- Red color with RIGGER or SIGNALMAN sign at the back. Safety helmet- Red color.

6. Description of Loads:a. Weight- Max weight of load shall be 80% of SWL. b. Characteristics- Miscellaneous types of materials, equipment c. Method of lifting- Using web belt sling and shackle. d. Center of gravity- Align with crane hook. e. Lifting point or method of sling- To be determined by lifting supervisor.

7. Lifting Equipment or appliance to be used:a. Make / Model: - KATO NK500E-III

b. Maximum capacity-

7.5 t x 9.5 m, 40m Boom

c. Counter Weight- 50T hook (500kg) d. Main Boom Length- 40m e. Fly Jib extension- 15m (2section) f. Outrigger load- 39 tonne (front: approx. 15t, rear:approx. 24t)
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Lifting Plan

g. Maximum Radius- 11.5 m h. Safe Working Load- boom 40m, 1.25 tons

8. Lifting Accessories to be used and SWLa. b. LG H624 B.S.P. shackle SWL c. LG H625 B.S.P. shackle SWL d. LG H626 B.S.P. shackle SWL e. LG H620 W.B. Sling f. LG H621 W.B. Sling g. LG H623 W.B. Sling h. Lifting gears from ? SWL SWL SWL AsiaGroup Leasing Pte Ltd Refer to PTW

9. Proximity Hazards:a. Overhead Power Lines- None b. Underground Tunnels- None c. Airports- None d. Other Strictures- None e. Underground Services- None f. Other Carnages None g. Others (specify)-NA


Ground conditions & Appropriate Controls:-

Ground area is level and compacted Hardcore, concrete slab

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Lifting Plan

Steel plate supports to be used for the outrigger base Outrigger is fully extended Width of access area is adequate to allow passenger of crane including full extended outriggers.


Are Temp Workers involved in the lift.

Described- 4 workers for support the lifting team


What demarcation will be used:-

a. Is the area an exclusion zone- Yes. b. What barriers and signage- Temporary barriers Yellow and black flag or orange plastic net and warring signages. (Temporary barriers Yellow and black flag), (Danger, Keep Out Signage)


Control of load (tag lines etc)

Use of Tag line.


Crane Rigging requirement (ground condition)-

Stable and level ground, compacted hardcore, concrete slab Steel plate for outrigger base.


Access/Egress (Lifting Equipment-vehicles etc.)

16. Wind speed( what is maximum wind speed for safe lifting, how is it recorded)- 20mph

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Lifting Plan

17. Is lifting Open or blind? Describe of method of signaling/dogging-(Specify the number of signalers to be used.) One signalman is to be used. Communication is by hand signals, Visual contact between operator and signalman is maintained. Whatever visibility is not possible. Communication between operator and signalman shall be by radio.


Communication? (What means)

Communication between operator and signalman by hand signals and by radio.

19. Have appropriate BLL and crane operator checklist been completed.Yes.


Crane Operator Appointed Person (Contractor) Review & Date.

See guidance note in section 5 below


Print NameDate21. Approved by BLL crane Coordinator.


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Lifting Plan

DateThe lifting plan is to be used no matter the type of lift; standard lifts may need to be reviewed weekly (not weekly. Every lifting operation must submit LP) to ensure nothing has changed. Should the lifting operation come under scrutiny the lifting plan is evidence of addressing all aspect pertaining to the planning of the operation. If lifts are to be repetitive (standard) type then the one lifting plan can be put in place and remain as long as no significant changes have taken place. However as stated preciously it must be reviewed weekly by contractors appointed person.

Note: - For all the Lifting operation must prepare lifting plan to submit HPT before commencement. And attach together Lifting permit.

Crane Parking area-1

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Lifting Plan

Crane Parking area2

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