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Quality is a myth in India

Replies: Posted By: ssrkraju Hi All, Quality! A word that says it all about a product. We say, its a good product or a bad product. So, what is in first case Quality? Why is it directly proportionality with reliability and good will? Quality according to me is in conformance with some standards set to make a product more valuable and accountable. In Indian market some products do lack quality due to following reasons: Cost, Time, Attitude, Lack of Competition etc. It takes an initial cost to renovate an existing product to bring in quality and assurance of quality. The 'chalta hai' attitude of some producers is taking its toll. For example, every year some thousands of farmers are committing suicides for fake seeds. Many are dying due to food poisoning. Ill built buildings are collapsing due to lack of quality. The quality is but a Myth in India except for some Industries. In Global scenario, why are other companies gaining Indian market? Its due to quality. How many of us are using Indian TV's, shoes, clothes, and other accessories? The fact is that we do have faith in other companies as they take the responsibility of quality where we can be assured of the product. For a sustained growth in India, the quality base should be emphasized, the products should match with world-class standards, and then only we can survive in this global village. It is not enough for manufacturing quality steel, cement, IT products, etc. it is equally important to provide quality water, quality food, and quality air... Now, I would like to make a point here. It is each individual's responsibility to see that quality is provided in day-to-day life. Posted By: Leila hi all, this topic is quite interesting to discuss. Quality when I define in terms of Indian mentally its of two kind, one if the cost is more then they say "quality" is good. there is another kind of people who choose for "less cost more quantity but they never look at the quality. I think the major cause for other companies gaining Indian market is due to laziness of Indians, and there is a prestigious issue to use Indian product. remedy for this is everyone should be aware of quality and how we waste our resources to others Posted By: ssrkraju Hi All, If Quality is a Myth in India. Why are Multi National Companies coming to India to start their industries with our work force. The outsourcing of software products and services itself is accounting for a major chunk in Indian GDP. We do have quality products all over and many organizations that take care of this. CMMi, SIX Sigma, ISO,

AGMARK to name a few. Each industry has its own standards apart from this to be within acceptable errors. We cant take few incidents of farmers and conclude that we dont have quality all over the world. In spite of huge pollution that we create in water, soil, air, and the government is striving hard to give us clean water to the mounting population, which is increasing day by day by leaps and bounds. World looks at India for quality people. It is here that n no. of foreigners visit yearly and do stay in world-class hotels. Considering the population we have, the public services provided to us do match world standards. The rail/road/air network picking up accurate timings would stun even developed countries that could manage things with lesser population. It is upon us to invest little more and buy quality products and discourage low-quality products. It lies in our hands to weed out this problem. In developed countries the taxpayers pay nearly 30% of their taxes, whereas in India only 3% of them pay their taxes. This is a point to be noted, to demand quality we need to perform our duties first. A small example to close my talk. Consider the number of cine theaters we have and their punctuality they maintain. I doubt any country in the world to produce the same result. Posted By: cishawsharma Quality is a myth in India. In my opinion quality is not a myth in India. In any aspect like in consumer goods or human capability. in any sense we maintain a good quality. however in some areas we lack in quality due to economic problems. But in some areas we are doing our best. like in information technology we maintain a very good quality of work. but coming to some consumer goods we lack in quality due to socio-political-economical problems. We must also concentrate on consumer goods quality to improve our economic status.however we are concentrating in improving our quality. Posted By: sowmya571 hello Quality is a myth in India. Well today every company is striving to get good quality product or service. Because of few factors 1 Competition in each every sector 2 Striving to prove themselves 3 Ability to capture the Customers 4 Meeting the demands on customer based products Well today In India/Abroad the need for quality-based product opted by customers differs since it depends on following factors like

1 Income they get 2 Preference level 3 Wants n Needs n Desires 4 Status Level Well some times People reallydont look for quality, which is not that important all depends on the situation basically . Posted By: faraz Quality was a myth in India a few years back! But with growing disposable incomes of Indians and increasing consumer protection concerns ,buyers are getting more aware and wise in their decisions! The manufacturing and other skills of Indian entrepreneurs may have been traditional but now with a growing population and huge investments ,India is on the forefront of economic reforms and liberalization. With the dawn of the 21st century ,India is having a boast in terms of bilateral relations with many countries and the recent visits by US and other countries highlights this. It won't be late before India stands on the likes of china in terms of quality and service and soon emerge as a superpower dictating terms to others. Posted By: meera In my point of view Quality is not a myth in inda. Now a days customers were having great awareness related to quality assurance. They prefer to buy only branded product. To fulfill this need of customer the products were manufactured according to the standards like ISO,AGMARK .It is not a true fact that we r not able to sustain against global completions we know many industrialist like Rathan tata,mittal were from India .But to some extent we r also failing in producing Quality product due to economic & political problem.