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beautiful about yourself .One of them said you could look like and feel like a teenager forever.

All the brands had the same motive of making their customers look young and beautiful but conveyed it differently.


Chapter 6 : Competition Analysis for Arrow Apparels

Job Description:
The intern had to search for the advertisements ,Television commercials, Print ads, Posters , Hoardings , Campaigns done by Van Heusen and Louis Philippe from September 2012 to April 2013, for the Arrow client. (See Appendix- 4)

Job Analysis:
The intern got to know about both the brands and their ways of communication. The intern got to know how every brand followed almost the same pattern of communication and followed each other and yet claiming to be different from each other. The other point which came into notice was, how every brand kept their followers , and fans on facebook updated about all that the brand has done, is doing , can, will or are planning to do in future. Ads and collections , or facts about a particular brand which were not found in the archives or newspapers or their own websites were there posted on the brand's page on facebook. The intern got to know how to look for something, where to look for something to get relevant information without taking a lot of time on the net.







Columbia asia hospital

Job Description: (Market Survey-1)
The Intern was asked to do a secret survey for Columbia Asia. The intern was asked to do the data collection for this survey. Through the survey the intern had to find out the views of people about Columbia Asia and the positives and negatives in minds of people. (See Appendix -5)

Job Analysis:
Market survey was a whole new experience for the intern and was very interesting at the same time. The intern learned to talk and sound convincing enough to extract the necessary information out of total strangers without letting them know about the survey. The intern also learned a lot about these hospital networks and the way they function , which will be helpful forever.


Job Description: (Survey-2)

The intern was asked to get the details of five people according to a questionnaire who ever used Columbia Asia's service.

Job Analysis:
The intern discovered her people skills and was able to do the survey better and before anybody else could in the team. The intern was exposed to the life of people and learned about how helpful and eager to help these people were. The intern also learned how people who were not highly educated about health services and were so particular about their health.


Chapter 8: Shoot for Columbia Asia's new Health service.

Job Description: The intern was asked to be as a helping associate on the shoot for
the newly launched Pediatric Gastroenterology Services of Columbia Asia.

Job Analysis:
It was a first time experience of being a part of a shoot and hence the intern was active and well versed with her job on the shoot The Intern helped in managing the proceedings of the shoot ,the shots to be taken according to the schedule. The intern also learned how to manage to get the expressions on the children's face needed for the pictures during the shoot.

The intern got to know the challenges faced in completing a photo shoot : to make the location look perfect if it's not, looking for other options, keeping the kids in one place and keeping a check that they do not involve themselves in a lot of activity and look dull and tired in the shoot , arranging and managing for everything before it gets dark as the pictures had to be clicked in daylight.


The intern learned to complete her work on time , be able to communicate her ideas and make people understand her thoughts. The intern also learned to take responsibility and ensure that an assigned task is done perfectly. The intern understood the value of professionalism and what does it take to be a

professional, right from being on time, being present every day, never refusing work , however difficult it may be, living up to the expectations after being appreciated for the work done, to learning from her mistakes ,being ready to learn at all times and smiling every time on being corrected. The intern learned to figure out her own way without being spoon fed for every little thing which proved to be the most important thing learned and will be kept in mind forever.


Appendix 1:
Columbia Asia PPT:


Manthri Square PPT


Arrow PPT:


Appendix 2
BRIEF: Client : Columbia Asia Brand : Bariatric Surgery Screening Clinic Background:
Columbia Asia along with its gastro team has come up with a medically proven scientific remedy for weight loss -Bariatric Surgery. The screening for the newly launched program addresses people on the lifestyle disorders and adverse effects of Obesity and opens their minds to the option of Briatric Surgery and it's after effects.

Communicating to people who have tried hard to lose weight and have not succeeded and to bring into light the hospital's successful experience with many patients suffering from the problem , ensuring relevant footfall for surgical procedures, and bringing the surgeons into light and letting the crowd know of the capacities of CAHM.

Core Communication:
Columbia Asia has never come up with anything without being best at it. Hence Briatric Surgery and its success with over 100+ successful surgeries gives its existing and potential clients another reason to feel proud about the hospital and be a part of the extended family.

Target Group:
Through this screening the hospital targets people who are dealing with the problem of obesity and have been unsuccessful in dealing with it perfectly and people with less knowledge and wrong notions about Obesity and about Bariatric surgery being a wise option to choose.

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Client : Columbia Asia Brief for the CONTENT Template:

Creating a visually attractive and informative template which attracts the people in

the waiting room and leads them to read about the hospital and its services.

Objective: Giving an idea of


what is up next for viewing, to the people in the waiting area of the

Core Communication:
Providing with the list of treatments done and services given in the hospital to get the viewers in the waiting room alert about topics of relevance.

Target Group:
The middle and the upper-middleclass people as in friends, relatives , new patients who have been availing Columbia Asia's services for a long time or are new to it but are not aware of the hospital and its whereabouts .

Client : Columbia Asia Headache disorder brief. Background

Columbia Asia is doing a headache disorder camp for people with all kinds of headaches to let them know that all headaches can be treated to a large extent.

11 | P a g e

Informing about every cause of a headache and the results or problems it can lead to, and highlighting the fact that Columbia Aisa is giving a major priority to the most common, mostly ignored and taken lightly issue of headaches and its types.

Core communication
Columbia Asia has its expert neurologists and all kinds of tests needed to detect if a headache you are experiencing is worth not paying attention to or needs to be taken care of.

Target Group
People of all age groups who have had headaches regularly or have been experiencing headaches regularly off late, the pain of which has been intense and leading to many other disorders simultaneously.

Client : Columbia Asia Brand : Communication Collaterals about Kidney Stones. Background: Columbia Asia has come up with collaterals on Kidney stones highlighting the advantages of Laser surgery of Kidney stones and communicating about the availability of this option in the hospital. Objective Highlighting the name of Columbia Asia to channelize new registration and footfall along with bringing the infrastructure of CAHM into light and knowledge of the mass receivers of the collateral. Core Communication: Columbia Asia can cure the symptoms of Kidney stones and if you already are detected with kidney stones then we have Laser surgery: the perfect remedy to put an end to it.
12 | P a g e

Target Group: Informing about the expert treatment at Columbia Asia to: People having , have been detected with , or are showing symptoms of Renal stones . Doctors ( Referral and Internal ) who may not be able to handle the problem efficiently and have a doubt in suggesting the correct treatment or correct place to go to.

Client : Columbia Asia Knee replacement package Background

Promoting a special, discounted package for knee replacement over a limited time period, to invite people with second thoughts about their surgery and give them more insight into the process and its after effects.

Being more product specific- emphasising more about knee replacement surgery and assisting people deciding over the knee replacement surgery with information about services and expertise of Columbia Asia and its surgeons, converting their thoughts about the surgery into a confirmed decision.

Core communication
Columbia Asia's well qualified surgeons, and excellent O.R. setup along with the package of Knee replacement at a discounted price may help you change your thoughts and avail the opportunity and help you get rid of all your pain and suffering.

Target group
this package targets mostly the old aged population detected with Arthritis problem or are prone to the disease.

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Brief: Client : Columbia Asia Background: Columbia Asia,Patiala wants to put up a Hoarding in Sangrur saying, "Columbia Asia is a multi-speciality hospital, just 55minutes away from Sangur on the way to Chandigarh helping you with its best doctors and their expertise in curing your ailments and problems". Objective: To enhance the visibility and presence of the hospital among the majority of the population and to inform them about the services and treatments available there. Core Communication: Columbia Asia is the best option available in case of help and health emergencies in Malwa region. Target Group: People living in Sangrur and on their way to Chandigarh. Client: Columbia Asia Background: Columbia Asia, Yashwanthpur unit is holding a shoulder clinic from May 20 to June 15 with surgeons and consultants providing with best help and advice to people suffering from shoulder and joint pain. Objective: To bring the hospital's presence into visibility and generate relevant footfall for the special services and reliable treatments offered by the hospital. Core Communication: This clinic looks after your needs and necessity at the same time. It offers consultation with the experts: the Arthroscopic surgeons and other needed services at concessional rates. Target Group: People suffering from shoulder and joint pain or showing symptoms of Arthritis.
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Your health is important to you,, its equally important to us! So we decide to be there for you 24*7

You health is reason for your smile, we wish to keep the smile 24*7 We bring to you 24*7 healthcares

Feeling unhealthy?? Now see no time!! We feel honoured to attend you 24*7

Going beyond the constraints of time, just to see u healthy always. At you service 24*7

Anytime your health takes away your smile,,get it back in no time with Columbia Asia 24*7 healthcare.

We understand the importance of health and time,, standing by your side 24*7

Good health to wait no more ,, get served 24*7

You may not be prepared, we always are!! We care we serve 24*7

Your safety; our responsibility!! Serving you 24*7

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Emergencies can knock anytime, we stand prepared for you. Caring for you 24*7

We keep awake to attend your interrupted sleep. Serving your health 24*7

Your healthy smiles motivate us, we dont let your smile wait Honoured to serve you 24*7

When feeling unhealthy,, wait not to live healthy. At your service 24*7

Everything can wait but not bad health; bring a stop your wait!! We care we serve 24*7

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Columbia Asia: Thought starters for Headache clinic

1:Angry young man: In a huge and empty stadium or auditorium, A man in the first row stands up( his back faces the camera/ or a side profile of his face showing anger and disgust) and brings out a machine gun or riffle and points it at two girls sitting in the farthest corner of a stadium, while the girls are lost gossiping unaware of the forthcoming end to their hardly heard but disturbing conversation. Tagline: Put an end to "headache" not people who cause them.

2:A split screen poster : In the first scene- a lady carrying her baby with a teddy bear holding up a plate and pointing out to a stain on a white plate and shouting at her maid who's shown pressing her fingers on her forehead reflecting she has a headache. Next scene we show the picture of the maid's wicked smile ( just her smile),wiping her hands off after dumping a plastic bag in the dustbin out of which the same teddy bear peeps out which was in the hands of her master's baby.(The maid dumped her mistress's baby in anger and out of revenge. ) Tagline: A headache never comes along with a warning, but you can take control over the damage it can do to you.

3:Fresh Food..Very very fresh: A young, newly married couple at a dinning-table: the Husband is shown to be awestruck and afraid when his young wife stands in front of him and what is served for lunch is a gold fish out of the empty fish bowl kept on the table and bread on the plate and the wife holding out freshly uprooted spinach and potatoes (with their roots hanging and mud stuck to it) in front of the husband, with raised eyebrows and a pissed of look on her face. Tagline: One headache can be the cause of a bad day for two.

4:Self styling : Another split screen poster. the first screen can be of a guy pulling his straightened hair because of a headache ( the guy looks directly in the camera and pulls his hair making those "in pain expressions"), with a trouser and t-shirt on his bed spread for a party. The next screen shows him with spiked hair ( pointed spikes), being surrounded by girls. Tagline: headaches can do wonders by mistake, but may not be wonderful every time you have them.

5:Blasting performance: A child of twelve or thirteen shown standing in the sun his hair and jersey wet with sweat, his back facing the camera and showing a grenade he is carrying to throw at his screaming coach opposite to him.

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Tagline: A headache is indiscriminating in nature. sees no age, sex ,class or society .. irritates and annoys everybody equally.

6:In search of peace: An image of a man in formals ( trouser and full sleeved shirt) with his head buried underground or in sand beside an ostrich (optional). Tagline: There can be better ways of finding peace to get rid of headaches.

7:Hitting harder than before: A room with a lot of holes on the wall and a vase in each hole.. and then in the same scene at the extreme right corner we show this man hitting his head on the wall and the wall almost broken in the shape of the rest of the holes. Tagline : Banging your head against the wall also damages the wall, spending more on tracking the reason of your headaches can be cheaper than buying a new house.

8: Heavy mounting: A well dressed individual (clean shaved, dressed in a suit, tie hanging loose around his half the way unbuttoned shirt and shining shoes) picking up sacks of cement on his head and walking amidst other amazed( staring at him from behind with hands covering their mouth) workers at a construction site with a contented look on his face. Tagline: keeping your head heavy when you have an even heavier headache may not be a substitute for a cure to your headaches.

9: Sinner : A split screen poster. The first scene is of a royal painter painting a queen when one of the strands of her hair fly across her face making it look like a moustache. The painter has a headache, he paints with his right hand and presses his forehead with his left hand and a painful expression on his face. The painter paints carelessly paints the queen with a moustache. ( the image of the painter's side profile is taken, keeping the queen a bit out of focus : to get the painter's expressions and just the queen's flying strand of hair). The next scene is of the painter being hanged, with the close-up of his face and the rope around his neck. Tagline: Your headache can prevent you from hitting the target and paint the target on you instead.

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Columbia Asia: Knee replacement: thought starters.

1: Old couple : a cartoon split screen( four screen) poster can be shown. on one side of the picture
an old man, hunched back can be shown with a stick in his hand and a loaded shopping bag on the other hand approaching really slow (can be portrayed by showing the large distance between him and the door of his house) towards his entrance door..where his old wife stands with an angry expression on her face wanting him to move faster and shouting at him. The next side of the poster can be of an image of the old man in his thoughts( there can be a thought cloud shown ) where he thinks of replacing his wife. The third screen can show a vegetable thrown at the old husband by his old angry wife while he is still in his thoughts and the old man coming back to his senses. The last screen shows the helpless old man and carries a message .. "some problems can't be replaced , but the their roots can"- Maintain the pace and piece of life. go for a knee replacement surgery.

2: 50th Anniversary: An old couple on wheel chairs ( both of them on wheel chairs) in front of a big
picture hanging on the wall of their marriage proposal ( when the old man in his youth had proposed marriage to his young lady 'on his knees' and the lady also 'stands' overwhelmed and overjoyed ).. celebrating their 50th anniversary, exchanging rings on the wheelchair. A band running across the picture says - Relive your old moments like you are back in your old days. A knee replacement can make a big difference by making you feel the same as you were.

3: johnny walker and johnny weaker: A poster showing a son walking his toddler in a baby walker
and pushing his father on a wheel chair at the same time. both the baby and the grandfather can be shown with helpless expressions to get the message across. the tagline on the picture will be : being back to childhood may not feel good always. A knee replacement surgery will keep you on your feet all throughout your life.

4:Walk the talk:

An old man with an angry expression and locked arms on his chest sits on his sofa,

his walking stick kept beside him. Next to him on his sofa is his wailing grandchild , behind him is his daughter-in-law and the maid shouting at each other, and on the other sofa is his other grandchild playing games on television. He sits amidst this commotion helpless. the tagline of the picture can be : how peaceful would it be if you could get up and walk-out. Feel the power to make and take decisions all your life. Walk your talk if you want to be heard. Go for a Knee replacement and be back on track.

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Columbia Asia's - Lines for the Nurse's day AV.

Torch bearers of compassion and hope : The Nurses.

1. The woman whose first family is a bunch of stranger she leaves her family for, everyday. 2. When you cannot fight anymore, she makes you see the light at the end of the tunnel. 3. when you feel unfortunate to be hurt, she makes you believe that if there are wounds they will heal and the pain will soon vanish. 4. She knows the exact amount of cushion you need behind your back. 5. She becomes a friend , a patient listener understanding your urge to share. 6. Her torch of hope torches your uncertainty of witnessing the breaking dawn of a brighter day ahead. 7. The most human of all human beings, playing the most compassionate role on earth, she lights up many lives with her love , compassion and care. 8. She wears no wings, she hides none, yet she is an angel of life, her radiant face and warm presence makes her the torch bearer of hope and compassion, rushing across the corridors and infecting patients with her contagious smile.

Columbia Asia: Write up for Mother's Day Hoarding and Collateral

This Mother's Day show your love to the one who matters the most.
Being a mother is the toughest thing to be/part to play. Show her the love , pride and honour you feel about the perfectionist she is. Get a complete health check up at Columbia Asia. Make your mother healthier and stronger than before. Being a mother is the toughest thing to be/part to play. It's time you mess up with her schedule a bit and get her the care and cure she needs for being the perfectionist of your life. Get your mother a complete health check up at Columbia Asia. Use the occasion as an excuse to make her healthy and better than before.

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Columbia Asia: Quotes on Nurse's Day Quotes on Nurses:

She makes you feel ok, when you are not, She says 'it happens' when it's awkward she takes the blame of the unwell on her name Despite all tantrums , her compassion and care stays the same The characteristics underlined in the verse belongs to the lady of love- A Nurse. If each sleep makes you better, It's because of the sleepless nurses who put you to sleep and watch by you when you are in your dreams. Nurse- the lady who checks her watch not to see if it's time for her to go home, but to rush and get you your vitamins. Her smile makes you believe, the injection won't hurt, Her care makes you feel the bitter medicine will get better, you need her and she is never out of your reach, She is a nurse, the superwoman and super sweet. She gives and never gets, Your health/well-being and obedience is what she expects, Hiding a million emotion and worry inside, only her smile lingers forever outside. If love can't cure it, nurses can. ~Author Unknown A nurse will always give us hope, an angel with a stethoscope. ~Terri Guillemets Nurses are the hospitality of the hospital. ~Carrie Latet

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Columbia Asia: Resident's Welfare Association:

1:Help is right here- Columbia Asia is now near you to look after you and care for your needs with its services and expertise. 2:Right next to you - The traffic need not worry you, the distance should not scare you anymore when you need help urgently. Columbia Asia-a multi speciality hospital is in Yashwanthpur to make up for your urgency and emergency. 3:Help within your reach - For all , to attend to all your problems Columbia Asia , the multi specialty hospital is there in Yashwanthpur 4:We are there when and where you need us - The Skills that have made your health better before will continue to keep up the good work with a slight difference: from now on all efforts will be made within the shortest distance from your home. CA is now in your area. 5:Look around and find us when you need us - CA's special services, facilities and expertise is now in Yashwanthpur. 6:Health next door - The help you need for your health is not far anymore. CA specializing in remedies for almost all your problem is now there in Yashwanthpur too. 7:The extended hand of help - To strengthen the bond and to build a bigger family than before , Columbia Asia is in Yashwanthpur extending its helping hand to make you healthier and better than before. 8:Help in your vicinity- To serve more , to touch more lives , to make you feel better and to reach you even faster, We are here at your service near you.

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Columbia Asia : Emailer

Opening the doors to your heart - Cardiac Screening.
Let your heart speak for itself./Heart to heart/ Revelations of the Heart. Give your heart an opportunity to speak about its status , well being and the servicing it needs to get better and stronger to keep you healthier and heartier. The Cardiac Screening speaks on behalf of your heart, letting you know the symptoms of threats to it, the ways of keeping your heart healthy and the perfect help to seek for a healthy heart.

Package details 1. Blood Sugar (Fasting & PP) 2. Lipid Profile 3. TMT 4. ECG 5. Cardiologist Consultation

Package Price: Rs. 1000/Advised procedures like Angioplasty or Angiography will be offered at a discount price (this offer applicable only to those who take the above package).

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Appendix :4
Category Analysis for Amante. Competition Analysis for Arrow.

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Appendix :5
Respondent 1 Balraj Health is life Hospitals are doing great work Saving life is a blessing Top hospitals Apollo Columbia Asia Jayadeva Personal experience( Relative is admitted in Apollo ) Positives Very friendly doctors Doctors are well behaved and advice as per the problem no exaggeration of problem which builds trust Helped me do my forms etc Best opinion Sincere and exact diagnosis Interactive Negatives Need development in infrastructure No greenry (no freshness) The security gaurds are not well aware of things (where to go n how to follow ) Reception is far from the entrance door(which makes it difficult to approach for help ) Taking money at the start of hospital (for car parking ) it gives a negative vibe as the family is already tensed for the patient , they should think some other way like taking it later etc
25 | P a g e

My relative paid 5 lakh in Apollo for knee replacement According to me it high cost but surely the services are nice ( but again in my place Rajasthan theres a hospital named mount abu which takes around 1.5 lakh for same surgery and same facilities which is perfect ) Fortis hospital No personal visit but i have heard its nice and specially the canteen food and the clean surroundings Heard of Columbia asia One of the top hospitals and my relatives said it is surely better standard than Apollo but the cost is more than Apollo so thats the reason they prefer Apollo

Respondent 2

Mrs gauri Sharma Health means everything in life Top hospitals Apollo Fortis Columbia asia Personal experience in Apollo hospital (father in patient ) Father has severe subdural hematoma Has been operated and is in ICU Positives Awesome care by the doctors (regular visit to patient , friendly attitude) The facilities are perfect (food , tools for operation ,clean ) Satisfied (Father is being given best of treatment with best of attention) Negatives

26 | P a g e

Have to ask again and again for any kind of information The staff doesnt provide proper guidance of whats happening and whats gonna happen , u need to go to the reception again and again to get information(my relative was in Columbia asia he told there its not like that, there you are being given every type of information by the staff )

Here we paid around 1.3 lakh , being a middle class it dint become a burden as my brother is in a company and my father is being treated on the insurance through my brother. Fortis is really nice , I went with my friend and the ambience of the hospital is really nice The clean floors , the nice atmosphere (organised things around, the reception , the smiling faces of nurses and receptionist ) Canteen was great (food and cleanliness) My brother told to put my father in Apollo so we did may be because of his insurance thing otherwise i would prefer fortis over Apollo No doubt Columbia Asia gives better service but they charge the double amounts and that hospital is not covered under the insurance plan so we dont think of going there

Respondent 3 Health is pillar to life Top hospitals Apollo Mallaya Personal experience in Apollo hospital (father inpatient and out patient ) Angioplasty Positives Doctors are really nicely behaved Satisfying (never felt like complaining for anything) The staff is good Brilliant service by doctors and staff ( the way they approach and nurses take great care )
27 | P a g e

Clean Proper care of the patient (food and diagnosis) Negatives Nothing (it gives us what we need ) Cost is little higher but my father is ex-govt employee so has got health insurance So cost doesnt bother us but for someone else its surely high We paid around 1.5 lakh for angioplasty which according to me should be around 90000 for a common man to be able to pay And now we come for regular diagnosis which cost around 1450 but should be around 1000 because its so frequent visit Have just heard the name Columbia Asia dont know anything about it

Respondent 4 Manisha Health is important for life and should to taken seriously When i am unwell i self aid No family doctor Hospitals to me are nice standard today they surely charge u more tahn expected but the feel good factor is present and is worth the cost Top hospitals Apollo Jayadeva Mallya Personal experience Apollo hospital (in patient) my aunty has some stomach infection She is admitted here for 3 day (last day today ) They took great care and the lady doctor was really sweet to us
28 | P a g e

The food was great Total charge is around 38000 which was perfect as per the facilities Super clean rooms Nurses take great care of food and medication Food was packed and served (fresh n clean ) V visit her frequently and there were no issues on that

Negatives Nothing much ,,,,, but yaa one thing i can mention is that after you leave approaching the doctor is very difficult through phone because the reception service is not very quick and nice(u need to call and they take lots of time respond

Columbia asia yaa yaa heard of it ,, 5 star hospital like (instant reaction) my friend visited the hospital for her delivery the facilities and doctors are super nice she said but she told me it costed her around 2 lakh when i heard this it was shocking for me because for the same concerns in Apollo the price is round 1 lakh or 1.3lakh and no doubt there facilities here are superb so why would i want to waste my money if i can get good in less.

Respondent 5 Health is most important and I take good diet to keep healthy When i am not well i consult nearest hospital For health of my parents I get their regular check-up done
29 | P a g e

I keep concern about their diet Top hospitals Columbia asia Manipal ( because they have senior doctors and its the oldest hospital so i trust their services) Personal experience with Columbia asia Uncle is admitted here, he is in ICU He is here from last four days Best about Columbia Asia Near to my place Corporate hospital Services are nice (they take good care of patient, maintain cleanliness, staff is well behaved ) Bad about Columbia Asia The consultant doctors are juniors (no experience so the trust is less) Visitors are all allowed to come (they should be strict about the no. of people visiting as it makes the hospital too crowdy) They should set timings for visitors On the basis of cost it little high here (total cost for my uncle till nw is almost 2 lakh which according to me should be 1to 1.5 lakh ) We have medical insurance so its not difficult No experience of fortis or Apollo

Respondent 6 Health is important as if you are healthy you can enjoy life For my parents health I have medical insurance Top hospitals
30 | P a g e

Columbia Asia Jayadeva Mallya Personal experience with Columbia Asia(out patient) I come here for regular check-up for my throat problem Best about Columbia Asia Good doctors (well behaved and best of advice) Facilities (the treatment, staff is well organised and are helpful) Clean Nice infrastructure Bad about Columbia Asia Nothing according to me it has given me lots of satisfaction for my treatment

My relative was in fortis I went to see her , i liked fortis too (the staff is so well behaved and cleaniliness its all nice their but i never felt like moving to some other hospital ) Cost in Columbia Asia is very reasonable

Respondent 7 Health to me is life For my good health and for my family too I have health insurance and I keep knowledge regarding the best of hospitals for my family Top hospitals Columbia Asia Fortis (heard from my relatives that it has excellent doctors too)
31 | P a g e

Personal experience with Columbia asia (in-patient ) Came with daughter to show her from Guwahati Reference Dr Charles My friends and relatives told to come here Best in Columbia Asia The in-room services are really nice (the way they take care of patient ) I got best advice here from senior doctors They have corner for children with toys n all which makes it easier to be in a hospital with kids Bad about Columbia Asia The process of getting room and while getting discharged is very time taking (we had to wait for hours ) The reception service is little slow You need to get informed about the doctors presence (if doctor is late they dont tell by their own ) Talking about the cost as per their services its reasonable and it becomes easy to afford because of insurance

Respondent 8 Health to me is being fit n fine For health of my parents I get their regular check-up done from clinic near my house For severe problems I take them to a nice hospital (like fortis) Top hospitals Fortis Columbia Asia

32 | P a g e

Personal experience with Columbia Asia (relative in-patient) Blood count reduced Best about Columbia Asia Reception behaviour Cleanliness Services to the patient (care and medication) Bad about Columbia Asia Lab reports are late Cost is higher in comparison to Fortis (Fortis has nice facility and the cost is reasonable) I go Fortis but my relatives come here because its near for them

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