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Vise II


Name of student teacher: ROMINA JAQUI MALTRAIN

Number of students: 16
Class: 2nd high school
Date: MAY 26th, 2009

Task 1:

For the following questions describe as accurately as you can the

type of work performed as the guide teacher assistant:

1. What kind of activity did you perform the first time your
guide teacher asked for your help? How long did it take?

The first activity I did as a teacher assistant was looking for a

listening activity for the class. One day the teacher asked me for a
listening that involved the verb To Be in past tense because they
were studying that. The teacher does not know how to surf on
internet that is why she asked me for help. This searching took me
about an hour. At first I visited some web pages that help teachers
with exercises that you can download but I realized that I needed to
do something interesting for the students and I searched for a
popular song that contained the To Be in its lyrics. The student had
to listen to the song and complete with the correct verb form.

2. What were the students doing before you started helping

out? Who gave the instructions, you or your guide teacher?

The listening activity was the first activity that they had to do at 8:15
in the morning. I thought that the teacher would give the instruction
for the activity that I prepared but she told me that it would be good
if the instructions were given by me, so she gave me the chance
what it feels to guide a class. She gave me 45 minutes to make the
activity; I gave the instruction and the students worked successfully.

3. How did the students react? Describe the atmosphere of

the room and the levels of engagement in the room.

The students were surprised when I told them that they had to work
with a popular song. Their reaction was positive and they looked
interested to work on the activity. At the beginning everybody
wanted to participated, they looked fully engage with the activity
but after they listened to the song one time they realized that it was
more difficult that they thought. Some of the students

We had to listen to the song four times, and then I had to bring
some help to some students that did not understand the lyrics and
the context.
Finally, the students completed with the correct answers, they got
the porpoise of the activity and the all of us sang the song.

4. What other assignments were asked you to do? How

In general I helped the students answering their question during
classes. Besides I had to do to specific assignments. One of them
consisted in create a table of the simple present and the past simple
of the verb To Be which was given to the students. The second
assignment was creating a crossword about family members as an
introducing activity for the next book lesson called ‘family and

5. What activities or resources did you propose? Were they

used? How effective were they?

The activities and resources that I provided to the class were

described in the previous questions. They were used successful. My
guide teacher was grateful because of my help.

6. Were you asked to prepare any kind of special audio

visual material for the required assignments? How did the
student like it?

The teacher does not use audio visual material at the moment nor
did she ask me to prepare material like that.

7. Did your guide teacher provide feedback on your

performance in the classroom? How often? How did you

In the case of the popular song that we listened to, the teacher
realized that it was very interesting. She always works with the
songs that the class book provides and she never had try with
popular songs. She liked the student’s interest and she talked to
them about the idea of working with popular songs in the next
listening activities, the students liked her idea, I felt pretty good
because I felt that my assignment was done successful. In the other
cases the teacher does not provided any feedback on my
performance, she only was grateful about my help.