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Clears: Cobble Impregnator - 139-1g, 139=5g

Technical Data Sheet

Cobble Impregnator
Water based penetrating sealer
Characteristics and Technical Data % Solids by Weight (+/- 3%): 17%

QUV (ASTM D G-54):

WT./Gal Coverage:

2000 hours with no protection loss 8.6 200-300 SqFt/Gal

@ 3mil DFT

1. Manufacturer

SurfaceLogix a Reliance Supply company 1880 NW 18th Street Pompano Beach FL 33069 Email

Clean Up: VOCs:

Water >59 G/L


2. Product Description
Clear protector for stone, pavers, and concrete. Cobble Impregnator offers outstanding protection to interior and exterior stone, marble, porous tile, pavers, and concrete. Protects against stains, water and sun damage. This low VOC water based formula will leave the substrates natural look with a breathable, and stain-resistant finish.

Before you begin: Surfaces must be clean and free of any contaminants before sealing. Cobble Impregnators performance is directly related to how thoroughly the surfaced is prepared. Do not apply when the temperature of the air or the surface to be coated is below 50F. Testing on your surface is always recommended to ensure desired results. Preparation: Stir product. Concrete should cure a minimum of 28 days before sealing. Read label instructions carefully. Smooth concrete must be etched. Cobble Clean and Cobble Prep may be used for specific cleaning situations. One uniform coat should provide the best results. Remove excessive or puddled product from the surface within 15 minutes. Applications Roller: Smaller surfaces can be applied with a 3/8 to nap roller cover. Sprayer: Either a pump sprayer or airless sprayer may be used. On bare surface: One coat provides the best results on uncoated surfaces. If necessary to recoat, do so while coat is still wet. Cleaning Tools Use soap and water to clean tools



Use Cobble Impregnator penetrating sealer with no surface film on driveways, pool decks, public entryways, walkways, median strips, and patios constructed of: Concrete Brick, pavers Natural stone Granite Slate Also protects tile roofs



Emits low VOCs Natural look Resists stains Breathable

Properties/Special Features

Clears: Cobble Impregnator 139-1g, 139-5g

Technical Data Sheet

Cobble Impregnator
Water based penetrating sealer


Size 1 gal Package Pail Per Case 4 Units/ Pallet 148

11. Shipping
Land and sea: NOT REGULATED Packing Group: III Flash Point: NA

5 gal




9 pounds per 1 gal pail, 45 pounds per 5 gal pail

13. Clean up Information

Clean sprayer and tools with soap and water

7. Coverage

1 gal. covers 200 to 300 square feet per coat. Coverage will depend on surface porosity and method of application.

14. Health Hazard Information

8. Curing Information

Dry to touch: 30 minutes If necessary to recoat while the first coat is still wet. Full cure: 48 hours

Eye Contact: Wear Eye Protection. May irritate eyes. If in eyes, flush with water for at least 15 minutes. Inhalation: Use a NIOSH approved respirator. Ingestion: If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting. Seek medical attention. Skin: Avoid prolonged contact with skin.

9. Storage and Shelf Life

15. Technical Support

Product must be kept in its original, unopened and tightly sealed container, and stored in a dry and well ventilated place with controlled temperature (50F to 90F). Keep sheltered from weather and direct sunlight. In proper storage conditions, the products shelf life is 12 months following production (see date on packaging). Store product in original container and close lid tightly after each use.

For friendly, knowledgeable, and courteous technical service call 954-971-9111 or send us a query from our website at

16. Disclaimer
All SurfaceLogix products are manufactured with the finest raw materials. It is the applicator's responsibility to determine the appropriate use of the product. All recommendations and suggestions are made without guarantee, since conditions of use are beyond our control.

10. Maintenance

Cobble Clean is recommended for routine maintenance cleaning for surfaces protected with Cobble Impregnator. Follow Cobble Clean instructions for dilution ratios.