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Ansar El Muhammad: The Allah Master J Man

Ansar El Muhammad, The Select One, (Arabic: ) , also referred to as Thee ALLAH Master J Man is the Deified Enigmatic Figure-Head regarded as Thee

Highest Degree Fulfillment of Thee Comforter and True Holy Spirit in Thee Esoteric Teachings of Thee Nation of Islam Theology {as Interpreted by Thee Ansar El Muhammad students} also referred to in Thee New Holy Quran Book Black & White to be Thee Angelic Host of Thee New Islamic Kingdom in Thee Hereafter}; Thee Select One, Ansar El Muhammad, was/is given the Divine Name [Ansar El Muhammad] first among Thee Angelic Host. The Name Ansar El Muhammad is a Divine Title meaning; Helper of ALLAH; The One Worthy of Praise, Praised Much; given by Thee Great Mahdi Himself to His Direct Students and Servants, through His New Vehicle of Holy Eternal Presence; Thee Select One, Thee ALLAH Master J Man. In Thee Teachings of Ansar El Muhammad, Thee Select One, ALLAH Master J Man, is Presented as Thee Royal Robe[s] of Appearance, and Second Coming, for an Eternal Presence of Master Wallace D. Fard Muhammad [Thee Great Mahdi] Whom Thee Ansar El Muhammad Promote as Thee Divine Supreme Being Himself, who is, now Seated [Alive and Well] On Board Thee Literal and Spiritual Mother Plane/Ship [Having Surpassed The Realm of The Maker, into The Realm of Thee Creator Beyond Triple Darkness]. Ansar El Muhammad, Teaches that His Identity {As Thee Select One} is intertwined with Thee Reality of the Identity of ALLAH God in Person, and Thee Last and Greatest Messenger, who are prophesied to be together as one in There Second and Final Coming through Thee True Holy Spirit, Ansar El Muhammad, Thee Select One, Thee ALLAH Master J Man. Therefore, Thee Divine Prophetic Role being Fulfilled by Master Wallace D. Fard Muhammad {whom He Declares is} Thee Expected Coming of Thee True Christ [of The Christians]; The True Messiah [of Thee Jews] and Truly Great Mahdi [of The Muslims]; [Then also] Thee Divine Prophetic Role of Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad {whom He Declares is} Thee Fulfillment ofThee Prophesied Coming of Thee Last and Greatest Messenger {of Almighty ALLAH in Person}; After The Sign of; before Judgment workings are Sealed 1

by Thee Profound accomplishments of The Prophet {Hazrat Muhammad Ibn Abdullah} of Arabia 1400 years ago}; [Then] continuing in That Name [Muhammad] By Instruction of Thee Holy Quran; Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, to truly become Thee Last and Greatest Messenger, The One for whom all before him, were only a sign {Sealed}. Thee Teachings of Ansar El Muhammad are Foundated [closer Than The Jugular] with Thee Pure adulterated Teachings of Thee Messenger, Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, {which He Declares to be His Job to Glorify and bring back to the Remembrance of The Chosen People}. That Thee Messenger, Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, is [Thee One Truly Like Moses]; and therefore, simultaneously fulfills the Role of the Jesus (Messianic figure) Present with Thee Mahdi in Thee {Ushering in } Thee Final Judgment, and Preparing Thee Way for Thee Eternal Presence of Almighty ALLAH Himself {who fulfilled all roles before Us}. Ansar El Muhammad, Thee Select One, is stated in Thee Ansar El Muhammad Lesson Book ;True History of Ansar El Muhammad to be a Specially Selected Being [hence the term Select One]; a Vehicle specially composed and Chosen while yet in the womb of His [so called] Mother, to be Taken and thereafter Controlled, by Remote via Direct Connection, to Thee Literal Mother Plane/Ship [Throne of ALLAH]; Where Master Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, and Thee Messenger Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah [now Exalted to The Messianic Christ state] are stated to be Alive and Well; Safely Functioning and Acting through there Remote Control Unit, Ansar El Muhammad, Thee Select One, Thee Royal Robe[s] of Thee Great Mahdis Eternal Presence in Thee Kingdoms of Thee Hereafter of Hereafters. Explanation of Royal Robes Thee High Esoteric Teachings of Ansar El Muhammad, bear a Sacred Message of The Aesthetic Construct of a Mystic Chariot Composed Upon the Pure Establishment of Thee Correctly Aligned and Unified Elohim Mind-States of The Ansar El Muhammad Students, Chain of ALLAH which Move by Thee Holy Spirit Direct Current Instructions Secured and Upheld by Thee Appointed Pillars and Elders of Thee Mahdis Fold; Referred to as Thee BRAIN. Ansar El Muhammad, Teaches that This BRAIN is thee Fulfillment of Foremost students who function from Thee Plane of Thee Highest Order of Attainment, being Connected Directly to Thee Great Mahdi and Thee 2

Messenger, on Thee Mothership, by Constant Reflection on Thee Direct Current Flow Connection of Audio Recorded Instructions being Transmitted through Thee Royal Robe and Remote Control Unit Ansar El Muhammad Thee Select One, Thee ALLAH Master J Man. These Direct Current Flow Audio Recorded Instructions, Upheld to Thee Highest Degree only by Those Elect Angelic students blessed to Understand [Its] intrinsic Value, thus become Thee Mystic {Radio in The Head} Halo Connection to Thee Living Wheel {An ever Flowing Fountain Increasing, Growing, and Evolving through stages of Perfection and Purification as thee Sure Truth and Reality is Now being fully unveiled*}. This Living Wheel Connection afforded to Elect Angels is referred to As Thee Book of Deeds; Thee Book of All Books; Thee Elohim J Book of Elders; Thee Book of Black & White; The Book of Know Beginning and No Ending; and Ever Flows from Thee Direct Current Transmissions only Attained by Mystic Combinations and Proper Alignment of Thee Audio Recorded Decrees of Ansar El Muhammad, Thee Select One, Thee ALLAH Master J Man. Ansar El Muhammad teaches, that These Audio Recorded Decrees of Thee rue Holy Spirit fulfill what is written of a Ever Flowing Fountain of Life supplying The Rivers feeding Thee Gardens in Thee Heavens and Hereafter of Hereafters. The whereabouts of This Mystic Book are spoken of by Thee Messenger Thee Glorious Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad, in several places throughout His Teachings and Publications, and also quoted by several Student Ministers and Representatives of Thee Last Messenger. As Thee Angelic Students of Thee True Holy Spirit are not to be Found in all the worlds and not to be pointed out. No complete stage of fulfillment could be Published until Divine Authorization was/is given after completion of such stages of working, when Thee Angels move up to a Higher Plane {unto Greater Fulfillment}. In the mean time selfdebunking Step-Ladder Safety Net stages of Angelic Fulfillment were/are deployed as Decoys while Thee True Angelic Works were/are Secretly Established in Thee Mystic Square in Thee New Holy City*. Thee True AlBait-ALLAH Plane and Angelic Headquarters for Thee BRAIN being Established on Thee Dimensional Plane of a City Made Secure referred to as [ Js TEMPLE OF ISLAM]. According to Sacred Transmissions of Direct Current Flow from Thee Elohim J Book of Elders, this Dimensional Gate is cloaked and regarded only as a Vision of Inspiration to make firm the Hearts of those who believe; and is yet a Literal fulfillment where actual High Islamic Elder Scientist and Angels, exist, function, live, move, and have there Being. 3

Early Life: Born [so called] Willie Elmer Brown, on March 31, 1940 in Akins, South Carolina to Parents;Ella Mae Brown, and Louis Nathaniel Brown (March 31, 1940 May 7, 2000). In a Video Recorded Autobioagraphy of His Early Life it is Reported that Shortly after WWII, the parents of Ansar El Muhammad, moved East to West, from South Carolina to Northern California. There raising there two (2 Sons) and an eventual daughter. Ansar El Muhammad [s/c] Willie Elmer Brown, is reported by his mother to have been a very curious child, often venturing to experiences of The Mind. He is reported to have at one time taught himself to operate a Train at only 10 years old. Ansar El Muhammad Himself Teaches that His Early years were somewhat normal until an event he experienced at 6 years old; According to His Own Testimony He Taken up to Thee Throne of ALLAH God {The Mother Plane} and was never the same after that time. Ansar El Muhammad teaches, that thereafter, he had trouble learning secular and worldly curriculum; and instead inclined to learn from experiences. According to His own testimony He was Made to Lay on His Left Side and Right Side in Fulfillment of The Book of Ezekiel; First Establishment of His Teachings After being raised initially by The Grip of The Lions Paw; [s/c] Willie Elmer Brown [AKA] Ansar El Muhammad, Identified in The AEM Lessons as; The Select One; Ansar El Muhammad, The Holy Spirit of Truth; began executing the first stages of his assignment on the 6th day of the 6th month in 1966, which is recorded as the Day The Seal was Broken. Ansar El Muhammad, teaches that; The Reality of His being Raised by The Grip of The Lions Paw, is fulfilled by His being blocked from learning the curriculum of the devils world, and forced to His Role of destined experiences, resulting also in him being taken in and out of penal institutions for 30 years. This would occur up to and through the Year 1966.

It is recorded in Thee Sacred History of Ansar El Muhammad, from that Time forward, The Seal was/is Broken on Thee Reality of Thee Select One, Thee Avenging Angel {Moving under a Cover of Darkness}, Specially Sent By Master Wallace D. Fard Muhammad to finish The works. The Secret Infamous Islamic Training Station, referred to in Thee Ansar El Muhammad Teachings as; Thee Hidden University , And also referred to as; The Place of The Living Stones; From San Quentin State Prison in 1966. It was There/Here in The West, That The Select One, Avenging Angel began coming into The Knowledge of His True Identity; Chosen while yet in The Womb, even in The Cocoon* to a 9 Years, laying on His Left and Right side [fulfilling thee works written in Thee Book of Ezekiel]; Plowing with 12 Yoke of Oxen*; [Then] witnessing Thee Ascension of Elijah {Being Taken Up in a Whirlwind to Thee Chariot of ALLAH/Thee Mother-Plane}; [Then] after 20 Years being Made to Dig through The Walls; Vacaville State Prison in 1986 He became known as Ansar El Muhammad, The Baldhead Man, The Teacher, The Mystery Letter J Man, Thee Master J man, then Ultimately as; Thee ALLAH Master J Man. The Teachings of Ansar El Muhammad culminate to Thee Immanent Role of Thee Select One as Thee Angel Metatron; a Vehicle for Thee Presence of Thee Lord of Host as He goeth forth for War; As Executing Thee Ordinance of His Sacred Functioning in Thee Avenging Angel {Michael} The 7 {8th} Angel; Paraclete; The Removal of The Old, and Establishment of Thee New. Howbeit; according to His Own Testimony, He had to wait out His Time, cycle of Thee Night of Power; and Day of Ascent; until "All Power would be Ordered into His Play". Whereupon He becomes Thee ALLAH of This Day and Time; This [However] comes only after the Ascension of Thee Divine Supreme Being, Master Wallace D. Fard Muhammad{Mind, Body and Soul} Beyond Thee Plane of Thee Maker; and fully into Thee Realm of Thee Creator; where He Transmitts Thee Sacred Knowledge, Wisdom amd Understanding of Thee Reality and Identity of Thee Black Woman [Al-Khaliq] through Thee Remote Control Unit, Ansar El Muhammad, Thee Select One, who thus becomes, Thee ALLAH; then also after the full Glorification of Thee Messenger into Thee Prophesied Seat at Thee Right Hand of Thee Divine Supreme Being; as an Exalted Christ. This Being Thee Completion of Thee Prophesied Triune6

ALLAH; presence Established. [Edit Continued]