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Dear Event Advisory Board Applicant:

July 24, 2013

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the Event Advisory Board for the Office of Campus Life. This is an excellent opportunity for you to be involved and develop your creative and organizational skills. We are excited about making this an enjoyable learning experience for you! The Event Advisory Board is a volunteer student organization lead by the Office of Campus Life. This is a single semester position with the opportunity to reapply for the Spring 2014 semester. The Event Advisory Board serves the College by providing weekend social programs which build community and broadens the late night experience at Dickinson. As a member of the Event Advisory Board, you will brainstorm new programming ideas with other members, develop innovative ways to create memorable events on a limited budget, and create event planning and marketing strategies for your new program(s). Event Advisory Board seeks to: Review the existing social calendar to identify when there are gaps for new programs Develop a diverse set of social, cultural and late night activities Foster productive collaboration between various College organizations Making a commitment to the Event Advisory Board means: Actively promoting community and upholding cooperative team spirit Attending weekly Board meetings and brainstorming sessions Planning events and support other board members eff orts ensuring that programs run smoothly Maintain a flexible schedule on the weekends What Skills/Characteristics do I need? Open mindedness and adaptability Accessible, hospitable attitude Proven ability to work on a team Good organizational and interpersonal skills Ability to have fun Meeting Times You must be available to participate in the Event Advisory Board s Weekly Meetings on Wednesdays from 78pm (Note: The first meeting which in be held Wednesday, August 28, 8-9pm due to Activities Night) and the all-day Event Advisory Board Retreat on Saturday, August 31, 12-6pm (lunch provided). Please complete the application and return it to Gary Fleisner in the HUB Student Life Office or email by Monday, August 19, 2013 at 11:59pm. Once your application is received, you will be contacted to confirm receipt and with any additional questions we may have. Board member selection status will be sent to all applicants by Friday, August 23, 2013. If you have any questions, please contact me at 717-245-1752 or via email I look forward to hearing from you! Sincerely,

Gary Fleisner
Campus Life Coordinator

Olivia Wilkins
Chair of the Event Advisory Board

Member Application

The Event Advisory Board

Name: ___________________________________________________________________ Fun Fact about yourself: Graduation Year: _____________ Email: Campus Address: __________________________________________________________ Cell Phone #: ____________________ Intended Major/Minor: _______________________ Home Address:___________________________________________________________
Street, City, State, Zip

Complete the following four questions on a separate page. 1. What event have you attended or planned? How would you change to improve the event? (150 words or less) 2. What other extracurricular activities are you involved in? How many hours a week, approximately, do you commit to each activity? (150 words or less) 3. List 3 skills you have to contribute to the Board and list 3 skills you hope to gain. Describe in detail 1 of each? (150 words or less) 4. What event ideas and co-sponsorships do you hope to see Event Advisory Board complete in the Fall semester? (150 words or less)

Optional: RESUME Provide your resume to future describe your accomplishments.

Please return to Gary Fleisner in in the HUB Student Life Office or email by Monday, August 19, 2013 at 11:59pm.