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National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage

2013 Asia Cooperation Program on Conservation Science

Guidelines and Application form

Guidelines for Application

The Asia Cooperation Program on Conservation Science (ACPCS) is designed in order to promote regional cooperation in the conservation of cultural heritage between Asian countries. Providing a rare opportunity for a group of heritage-related professionals and experts to study and work together for three months in our institute, we would like to exchange our professional knowledge and establish a regional network.

Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Kyrgyzstan, Laos, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Vietnam

(1)Minimum 3 years experience in national or state institutes of cultural heritage (criteria of research interest is listed below) is essential. (2) Good written and oral communication skills in English (or in Korean) are essential. (3)Candidate should be physically fit and should not be taking any regular medication or medical treatment. (NIRCH is not able to provide any health insurance or illnessrelated cost) (4)Candidate should be able to travel abroad without any legal restrictions. (5)Ability to execute an independent research in full-time for 3 months is essential and no family is allowed to be accompanied.

(1)Conservation treatment, restoration techniques, and conservation science (object conservation, scientific analysis, environmental control for outdoor

monuments) (2)Research on Korean Architectural heritage and conservation (Study of traditional timber buildings or religious buildings and monuments, architectural conservation and repair) (3)Research on Korean and Asian Art history (Buddhist art history, Traditional painting, sculpture) NRICH is not able to offer any place for intangible cultural heritage research in 2013.

(1)Our program is composed of induction course and an individual research. The first 2week induction course provides lectures on Korean cultural heritage and our research projects. During the period, each participant delivers a presentation about their

institute, the past projects, and research plan during the program. Thereafter, the participants undertake 10-week of individual research. A research theme should be decided by the participant in accordance with the one on the research proposal in the application (Appendix Section B). The participant may discuss with a relevant division of NRICH for drafting his/her research plan and methodology. On the half way of the individual research and on the final week of the program, participants will present their research outcomes.

(2)The whole program and lectures will be delivered in English.

Good command of

English in speaking and writing is an essential factor to produce quality research outcome during the program.


Period Research criteria Numbers of participant 1st group April 1 June 30, 2013 Conservation Art history Architectural heritage 2nd group August 1 October 31, 2013 Conservation Art history Architectural heritage 5 5

(1) NRICH provides the participants airline ticket for a round trip and living allowance (which will cover accommodations and living expenses) during the program (the amount of the allowance will be individually informed after the selection of the participants). (2) The participants can arrange own accommodation or NRICH can arrange the Guest House (located 4km away from NRICH) on the participants request. Health and accident insurance is no longer to be covered by NRICH, therefore all

participants should have health and accident insurance before they participate to our training program and thereafter the participants should provide the proof of health and accident insurance. Any expenses for medical treatment should be paid by the participant.

(1) Both Section A and Section B in Appendix of the application form should be sent together to NRICH. (2) Section A should be made with the information of a direct contact number and address (including applicants phone numbers with the national code and e-mail address) which can be directly reached to the applicant. Photos of the applicant should be attached in the section.

Section B-3(Research plan under the ACPCS program in Korea) should be drafted in accordance with the participants individual research interest and NRICHs research criteria, and it should be fit for the length of a 10-week individual research. Section B-4 (Official Endorsement) should be written by the director of the institute which employs the applicant for the confirmation of the applicants academic qualification, job experience, and current job status and title, and the statement of the applicants prospect of future contribution in the institute. NRICH will select the participants after reviewing application forms with supporting documents and a research proposal.

All fields in the application form should be filled with truthful information with genuine documents

Application forms (both Section A and B) should be made in MS Word. In the case that you would like to send a scanned files due to a hand written signature, you can send JPG or PDF file (file name should be applicants name.jpg or applicants name.pdf) before the application deadline. Confirmation e-mail for each application will be sent for the acknowledgement of receipt of the application. All submitted application will not be returned.


February 8, 2013
(Application forms (electronic or hard copy of your application) should be arrived at NRICH no later than February 8, 2013)


The result of selection will be informed individually by e-mail around February 22, 2013. The selected applicant should inform to the NRICH an acceptance of the participation within a week for finalizing the selection of the participants.


Please send your application to following contacts. Application can be made by e-mail or post. All inquiries about the application and the program can be made to following contacts. Dr SuJeong Lee / Ms Joo Hee Lee

E-mail : Address : 305-380 (postcode) National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage Restoration Technology Division 132 Munji-ro, Yuseong-gu, Daejeon-si, Korea Phone : +82 42 860 9349 / 9347 Fax: +82 42 861 5168

Application forms (MS Word) can be downloaded in the following NRICH websites.

National Research Institute of Cultural Heritage

National Research Institute was established in 1969 for the academic research of cultural heritage. Working as a consulting body for Cultural Heritage Administration of Korea, a government authority to preserve our heritage, we provide professional advice and knowledge to understand and conserve values of our cultural heritage. A headquarter of NRICH is in Daejeon, and it has 5 branch institutes and Conservation Science Centre. More than 200 administrators, historians, archaeologists, and

conservators are working together in the headquarter. It has General Affairs Division, Planning and Coordination Division, Restoration Technology Division, Conservation Science Division, Intangible Heritage Division, Architectural Heritage Division, Art and Crafts Division, Archaeology Division, Natural Heritage Division.

Research interest of NRICH related to ACPCS

(1)Restoration technology : Development of restoration technology for metal, stone, Buddhist wall paintings, and ceramic conservation (2)Conservation science: Material analysis (organic and in organic) / Durability analysis / Conservation environment / Analysis of mechanism of biological deterioration and development of conservation techniques (3)Intangible heritage : Recording and transmission methodology of intangible heritage (4)Architectural heritage : Structural and stylistic analysis of Korean timber buildings and Buddhist stupas / Development of conservation techniques of architectural heritage (5)Art and crafts : Study of eastern art history and understanding of international influence on Korean art / Study of production techniques and designs of artifacts

2013 Asia Cooperation Program on Conservation Science

Application form - Section A

Please complete this form in English. All personal information must be

Clip or staple two photos size 3.5x4.5

identical to those in your passport. Also make sure to clearly write direct contact numbers before submitting it to the NRICH. In case you would like to send scanned files due to manual signature, the file name of your application form should be named as applicants name.jpg. Your application should be arrived to NRICH by February 8, 2013.

First Name Family Name Date of Birth Place of Birth Age Nationality Office Phone No. (+ Country code) DD/MM/YY Current job responsibility and title Current Institution / Name of institute and department

Gender Office Fax No. (+ Country code)

Please write the full number in order of national code area code personal number

E-mail Address

Office/Home Address (+ Zip code)






research title in Korea / You must indicate specific field with a check Home Phone No. (+ Country code) in the blank below ( ) 1) Field - Conservation science ( ) Architectural cultural heritage ( ) Mobile Phone No. (Full code) Health Condition/ Healthy / Weak Please specify Meal Restriction/ No / Yes Please specify ( Religion : ) Art History ( ) 2) Title (of Research Plan)

3) Participation Session

1st ( ) 2nd ( )

A. Academic Qualifications Full Name of Institution and Country Duration (from to) Degree Obtained

B. Relevant Professional Training Course Full Name of Country Institution and Duration (from to) Degree Obtained

List your working experience or projects you worked Full Name of Institution and Duration (from to) Degree Obtained

Period(mm/y Country ear)

Institute or project title

Job title and responsibility

List your significant publications (title, publisher & date) and/or research projects including masters/doctoral theses





Please rate your foreign language proficiency from Excellent to Poor and indicate official test score if you have one.





Test Score

Please specify each area(speaking, writing, reading) of each language skill to choose from one of following description. Level of each area may different in one language. We strongly recommend you to be truthful in self-assessment. Excellent: Almost native speaker, no language barrier or difficulty to communicate Good: Fluent in overall, no problem to conduct a research with dictionary Satisfactory: Not fluent but capable to communicate, some difficulty to proceed research Poor: Very basic level, not able to communicate


Year Length Stay ( ) months of Institution/ Location Funded by Purpose visit of

How many times have you applied for ACPCS ? Please, check ( ) or write the number below. This is the first application. ( ) / I have applied for ACPCS _____ times.

I declare that the above information is true and correct. I also declare that, to the best of my knowledge, my health allows me to undertake the proposed study program. I also take note that if my application is accepted I shall have to undergo a medical examination at my own expense, according to instructions received from the NRICH, and that my participation in the ACPCS program will be conditional upon the satisfactory results of this examination. I also declare that I will be returning to my current employer, on completion of the program.

Candidates Signature


Relevant information - Section B

Please provide overall information of your institution including research interests, present and past projects, current policy toward cultural heritage, etc.

2010 Asia Cooperation Program in Conservation Science

Application form - Section B


Please state major subjects you studied in your final education or research projects you had worked, which can be relevant to the research plan. Please write in details.
details, it will benefit you in the selection process.


Please write a theme, aims, and methodology of individual research. Also please indicate equipments or materials in specific that you may need for the research in case you have ones. Detailed explanation will help us to make a positive consideration on your application in the selection process.

This section confirms your academic qualification and professional experience as well as your official status in your institute. Your application will not be considered unless this section is correctly filled in by the person endorsing the application (public official, employer, or academic supervisor). 1) Please state your comments regarding the applicants academic qualifications, professional experience in the research field and related abilities

2) Please state your comments regarding in which way the recipient can contribute to his/her country after completing the ACPCS program.

Address: Contact Number: E-mail Address: Date: Name and title of endorsing person:

Fax: Signature: