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Hoppy Baby Bunny Slippers

3.5 oz ball of worsted weight yarn Size E or 3.5 mm Hook Size F or 3.75mm Hook Pictured booties made from Bernat Giggles worsted weight yarn. Little dab of black and pink yarn for face and bows. :o)

0-6 is the first number of stitches in patHow to do a half treble crochet: Yarn over two times, insert hook in stitch, tern made with E hook and 6 -12 months yarn over, draw through two loops on is 2nd number in( ) made with F hook. hook, yarn over, then draw through all three loops on hook. Please Read Notes Before Starting How to read pattern: A. When you see parenthesis () in the pattern they are either referring to the numbers for the larger sizes or will be around notations such as (See Note A) B. When you see Brackets [] in the pattern that means that you work everything in them as a set or together. For example if you see [sc2tog, 2 sc] 3 times, that means to repeat everything in the brackets three times total as a set. C. When I have a number followed by a st, that stitch needs to be worked over that number of stitches. Example: 10 sc that is 1 sc in each of the next 10 stitches. D. Each Step is separated by a comma ,.

Round 1 With color A ch 13 (15), 2 sc in 2nd ch from hook, 7(8) sc, 3 (4) hdc, 4 hdc in last ch, 3 (4) hdc down the other side of foundation ch, 7 (8) sc, 2 sc in last ch that already has 2 sc in it. Join with sl st. At end of row you should have 28 (32) total stitches. Round 2 Ch 1 , 2 sc in each of the next two stitches, 6 (7) sc, 4 (5) hdc, 2 hdc in each of the next 4 stitches, 4 (5) hdc, 6 (7) sc, 2 sc in each of the next two stitches. Join with sl st. 36 (40) total stitches in round. Round 3 Ch 2, 1 hdc, 2 hdc in next stitch, 10 hdc, 2 (4) dc, [2 dc in next stitch] 8 times, 2 (4) dc, 10 hdc, 2 hdc in next stitch, 1 hdc. Join with sl st. 46 (50) total stitches in round.

Ch Chain Sc Single crochet Sc2tog Single crochet decrease Hdc Half double crochet Hdc2tog Half double crochet decrease Dc Double crochet Dc2tog Double crochet decrease Sl st Slip stitch Htr Half treble crochet

1. Pattern is written from center back of the heel. You should start each round in the joining stitch which should be in the center back of the heel. If your joining stitch strays to one side or the other, try to adjust accordingly when starting next round. Make sure that you start each round in the center back or the bootie will become lopsided. Do not worry about this rule while making the sole portion of the bootie. It really is only important when you start working on the upper. Do not count the chain stitch as a stitch at the beginning of round. When joining at end of round always join to the top of the chain stitch you began the round with.

2. 3.

Gauge: 5 sc stitches to 1 inch using E 3.5mm hook. 4.5 sc stitches to one inch using F 3.75 hook. Change hook size if necessary Round 4 to obtain gauge. Sl st all the way around sole through back loops only. Join with sl st. 46 (50) Instead of a gauge swatch I think it is total stitches in round. (See picture A) easier to make the sole and see where you stand, if it is too big, than size down your hook, if it is too small size up your hook. : ) and if it is just right Awesome!

0-6 months 3.75 inches long 6-12 months- 4.50 inches long 2011

Upper Shoe:
Round 5 In this round you will basically be working back over what you just did. You will need to work through both the slip stitches and the back loops that you just worked. (See Pictures B and C). This makes for a thick round and gives body to the bottom of the shoe. As stated, working through both slip stitch and back loops of previous round, Ch 2, 6 hdc, 6 (8) sc, 3 hdc, 16 dc, 3 hdc, 6 (8) sc, 6 hdc, Join with sl st. 46 (50) total stitches in round. Outside of shoe Slip stitch

Make 4 With E size crochet hook chain 9 (10), 1 htr in 4th ch from hook, 1 (2) htr, 2 dc, 1 hdc, 4 hdc in last chain, (working back down foundation chain) 1 hdc, 2 dc, 2 (3) htr, ch 3, sl st to first ch 3 space. Now sl stitch along the side of foundation ch. Up and back down turning at end of foundation chain. (See Pictures D and E) This gives the ears a little body so that they stand up.. And it makes them cuter. :)

Bunny Face
Find center front. With pink yarn make one stitch over center double crochet post almost at bottom of shoe. Count over to 3rd crochet from center and make one stich with black yarn for each eye. I placed mine right under the top of the first row of double crochets. (I found less and lower was better for the bunny face, but you can do whatever you like.) : ) Thread pink yarn through base of ears and tie a bow on both. (These are great because they cover up the stitching) (See picture G)

Exposed Front loops Inside of Shoe Rnd 5

Pom Poms
Make 2 Wrap yarn around two fingers 20 times. Remove from fingers and tie yarn around center. Cut the loops on the ends. Fluff it up to make it pretty and attach to centerback of bunny so she is pretty from front to back. :o) Weave in ends and youre done!

Worked back loops Round 6 Ch 2, 6hdc, 6 (8) sc, 3 hdc, 16 dc, 3 hdc, 6 (8) sc, 6 hdc. Join with sl st. 46 (50) total stitches in round. Round 7 Ch 2, 2hdc, hdc2tog, 2 hdc, 6 (8) sc, sc2tog, [hdc2tog] 2 times, [dc2tog] 5 times, [hdc2tog] 2 times, sc2tog, 6 (8) sc, 2 hdc, hdc2tog, 2 hdc, Join with sl st. 33 (37) total stitches in round. Round 8 Ch 2, 5 hdc, 6 (8) sc, [sc2tog] 2 times, 3 dc, [sc2tog] 2 times, 6 (8) sc, 5 hdc. Join with sl st. 29 (33) total stitches in round. Round 9 Sl st all the way around shoe. 29 (33) total stitches in round.

Thread Yarn needle with yarn and attach ears. Stitch ears to slipper several times at center bottom of each ear. Then pull needle and yarn through both sides of ear (See Picture F) and pull together. Stitch ears the rest of the way to body of shoe.