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THE GOSPEL BROADCASTING MISSION MR. & MRS. WALTER COBLE, Founders, Garrett, Indiana "A work of faith depending on offerings from God's peo

ple for missionary radio broadcasting costs and promotional


"Lislen-O, Isles unto me; and hearken ye people from afar " Isaiah 49:1.

"Go Ye"-"And Lo, I Am With You

Even To The End of the World!"
Whv do we hestitate to go? The promise is in the going. If we start there'Jesus will be along with us! Why halt yebetween two opmions? There is a great chance for you and we to take the Gospel to many Spanish speaking people. We can do so in their own language- It is open
before us as an open door inviting, pleading for us to enter. Will you enter

Bonaire, off the coast of Venezuela. It broadcasts into Puerto Rico and all parts of Central and South America; even into Brazil.
We are invited lo be one of the first. It is a marvelous opportunity. We have the "Search the Scripture" program, tape producer and follow up in

with usa great 50.000-watt standard wave transmitter on .Bonaire Island,

Spanish. Who will be the second one to say, "We will pay for one week
We must grasp this opportunity at once! The only certain way to stem
communism is to PREACH CHRIST!

each month at $50 a month?


"Faith Cometh

by hearing and
hearing by the
Word of God."


It blew help from an unexpected source which may prove of lasting benefit for the Gospel Broadcasting
Mission. It has been of concern to

his livinglink support from the churches in Michigan or by work

as a singing evangelist in evange listic meetings. He is a fine song
leader and a fine worker with

many, and especially to the Cobles,

of who would carry on the Gospel

young people and children. If you

would like to have him for a meet

Broadcasting Mission in case of an


Such a man has been found, one that Mr. and Mrs. Coble feel will




and far-seeing

and steadfast. He is sold with the

Jerimiah 22-29. "Oh

Earth, Earth, Earth,

Hear the Word of
the Lord"

greatness of the task, the spiritual possibilities and the chance for growth in preaching the Gospel to every tribe and tongue. He is
i-eady, willing and capable! Aie you ready to help? He must
first have Wave Holders for his

ing write to him as follows: Ervie L. Rich, 763 East Michigan street, Battle Creek, Mich. We hope and pray that he can be working full time with G.B.M. by July. Please help to hasten the
days! This doesn't mean that the Cobles will be withdrawing their efforts but that it will bring encourage ment and strength to the work they will go on doing much as before.

support before he can give up a well paying job with 20 years of seniority and assume the responsi bility of a work with no such world ly benefits. This is the big problem at present, one which he is willing to do according to God's will and purpose for himself and the work of the Gospel Broadcasting Mission.
He will endeavor to obtain all of

They have had a little setback be cause of Mrs. Coble's present ill ness; but when the clouds roll by tile enforced rest will lend impetus to their task. New Missies of broadcasting are being projected into space and new targets are being hit. Please come along on this venutre of sending a
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new voice into space in the Spanish lan guage, as well as a new voice in the Eng lish language over Africa. Help so that
these whom new studies of the scripture


January 24, 1964
Dear Mr. and Mrs. Coble:

greatly appreciated. Many listeners wiU'j

have ignored most of what you have said
but Christ Himself warned us not to be

depressed by this. "Woe is me if I preach not the Gospel." I would also like to thank you for your Christmas letter and booklet. Out of the religious programmes on Radio Luxembourg I feel I have a personal con
nection with "Search the Scriptures" and

will be imbued with power from on high

to understand His word and Search the

Scriptures. Many are volunteering to have

their bodies whirled into space. Come, come, help whirl voices into space which will go on through eternity telling of the redemptive love of Christ. Mrs. Coble became ill Jan. 28, the sec ond day the Missionary roundup began in Garrett. She had a serious attack of angina pectoris which kept her in bed for more

than two weeks, then an attack of phlebitis took over to keep her resting until now. Although much better, the doctor's orders
are to rest off of the feet. It's difficult to

do but she is making the effort. Please "keeprthe^ffferlngg^-oniiing^o^that her anxiety may be less.


Feb. 8, 1964, Gospel Broadcasting Mission Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Coble Garrett, In

At long last we can get a much desired letter off to you. We could not begin to teH you all the things that have kept us from writing: the Italian work, Mary Frances' hospitalization and recuperation, an apart ment move coming on the heels of that which meant overwork, the Harold Fowler family airriving last week and at the top of the list the radio ministry which still continues to be a blessing and an inspiration. We have things along that line in order for furlough so that we can still keep up the present system which has proved to be a very acceptable one. We have been very pleased- with-the-response to the program especially since we have been offering the booklets. They have filled a need that the weekly sermons could not fill by themselves and have amplified the teaching that the listeners get regularly. We have had many requests from people who had already re ceived the booklets for others to give or send
to friends. We increased our order from the States to take care of the increase in listen ers each month and also to take care of re

I would* very much like to strengthen this bond. My studies in preparation for the ministry begin on Monday and I trust I will
be remembered in your prayers. Thanking

you once again, I hope my connection with you and your programme will develop. Yours in Christ Jesus, A.J.S., England.
Dear Preacher: Sorry I do not write but I

never miss your program on Saturday. And thank you for your valuable book you sent me. May the Almighty bless you in health
and for the Lord's Work. Mrs. T. S., Eng.

Dear Mr. Phipps: Just a line to thank you so much -for your-continued faithfulness in sending me your letters of encourage ment every month. We in England are al ways praying that many more people might
come to know Christ through your work and trust the Lord is supporting you in it. Yours vecy sincerely, R.F.B., England.

Wave Holders and all Contributors;

Dear Christian Friends:

Dear Mr. Phipps: Thank you for your letter received recently. Yes, indeed, broth er, the Lord does bless ever so much in our
lives as we five them for Him and we are

quests such as those mentioned above.

Also the news letter we have been cir

truly thankful for all this. I do trust the work

of "Search the Scriptures" goes on apace
and that in all this blessed work the Lord

We thank all of you for wonderous help and for all the "special" responses to our
pleas for aid in our need for more assistance

culating among the listeners has proved of value. Out of it has grown an interest in a
broader outlook of the Lord's work on the

guides. I have your labors for the Lord be

fore Him at the Throne of Grace and for

to pay the broadcasting bills and to pay a note and other pressing bills of promotion. A miraculous help was given through the working of the Spirit on God's people. Other great and miraculous and* golden opportunities were opened up at the same time for the Gospel Broadcasting Mission to extend its seed sowing ministry much farther nd in another language. These opportuni ties must. Must not be ignored! We are writing to tell you of these ways m which the Gospel Broadcasting Mission -is bedng-blestJChe first-night-of-the-Missions

part of some and many have written asking if there was something they could do to help
in spreading the Word in their area. We pray that the Lord wUl provide the means to do just this while we are home on fur lough so that when we return we can work with groups and individuals in a more com plete way. It is necessary and- urgent and

Roundup in Garrett, at about 3 a.m., Mainie

had a severe attack of Angina Pectoris. Mr. Coble called a very weary doctor from his bed. He came immediately and administer ed two shots in the arm, stayed about an hour or until he figured she would live till morning anyway. When four Missionaries,

while, we have done some of this it seems very little in comparison to the need. How ever, when funds are lacking we must wait until they are available through the Lord's provision. I^am enclosing some letters~which have come to us and which we feel you would like to share. I might mention that we have
been able to send Dean the names of sever

the work generally in preaching and teach ing that you do with the inward assurance that all things really do work for good to the child of God. I know yoiu* time is fully occupied and that to get all the letters writ ing done must be in itself a task of consid erable size, nevertheless I do thank you once again for being able to write to me. May the Lord indeed bless you and that your labors for the Master will be indeed fraught with much blessing and approval and through prayer. Will be as u^al delighted to hear from you in the ^tureT-tSotf- bless you in Christ Jesus, J.H.N., Eng.
Dear Sir: Will you please send me your Bible course? My wife and I listen to your broadcast every Saturday and have receiv ed great benefit from it and pray that God will bless you in this work. Yours faithfully, R.L., England.

al who weire good prospects from the poll letter on baptism which we sent out to the listeners. We are praying that the contacts
he makes with them will result in more
souls won for the Lord.

who were guests of Cobles, woke up next

morning they were surprized to learin about
the goings on. But one should never be sur

prized at the happenings at the Cobles. Mrs. Coble has been near collapse for many months and just gave out from sheer
exhaustion. Now she must rest awhile. For several days she was a Uttie curious when she closed her eyes she wondered where and

We are hoping and praying that we can be home by early summer and then we can have the chance to tell you things that are

too long to put into letters concerning the wonderful and fruitful radio ministry. May God continue to be with you and
bless you.


what the scenes wouK be when she opened

them. She is regaining strength and she is up once in a while each day. Decided she

In Him, Charles and Mary Frances

* Published bi-monthly by the Gospel * * Broadcasting Mission, Mr. and Mrs. * * Walter S. Coble, Garrett, Indiana.
* * Entered as second class matter at *

Garrett Post Office.

might as well if no one would miss her, having been told it was the "best roundup
they had ever had."


Dear Mr. Phipps: I have been listening to your radio programme once again and I
would like to thank you for an excellent presentation. I assure you, your work is God grant Me the serenity To accept things I cannot change Courage to change things I can
And wisdom to know the difference.

Love and best wishes and thanks to all

anyway. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Coble.




Birthday of the Church of Christ
Celebrated this year, May 17, 1964, 50 Days After Resurrection Day
The day of Pentacost was come; Apostles together were as one,
When came a sound that was akin


Founders, Garreft, Indiana ~

"A work of faith deperKling on offerings from God's peo ple for missionary radio broadcasting costs and promotional







He is the Christ you crucified

It was for you. He bled and died."

To a great rushing mighty wind. people from afar " Isaiah 49:1. Then appeared tongues, like as, of

"Listen-0, Isles unto me; and hearken ye

Then they were pricked in their


And sat upon each head, entire. With a strange language on their

Like arrows pierced them from a


They cried in grief "what shall

we do"?

The spirits' speaking had begun. The promise Jesus made to them The very day He did ascend.
And told hour them to wait for this

We now believe His teachings,


Then Peter said "you must re


To be given the spirit's power.

By fear and wonder they were tossed, For He had come, the Holy Ghost, To reprove the world of all sin. Salvation eternal to bring.

Of your sms to Christ, in mercy


For remission of sins be bap


With faith in Him you will arise." You must walk in newness of life

By shunning sin and earthly strife.

Multitudes came to listen and see. What amazing works there were
to be.

You will be given a brand new


In newness of life to walk the




Confounded then was every man Because everyone could under


by hearing and hearing by the

Word of God.

Though many languages were spoken; Meaning was clear and unbroken.
All were amazed but some doubt

And tell, to others far and wide That Jesus Christ, was crucified To give life to all who believe in

His grace is enough for all our


ed; Stung with guilt some mockingly


Be faithful ever and receive

Eternal life as you always, believe To all who obey the promise is

Then Peter preached, Christ Crucified, Hanging on the cross till he died;
Was buried in the tomb three

Follow the word, be never dis


days. Triumphant over death did raise.

Three thousand gladly received

the Lord

Jerimiah 22-29. "Oh For God his father raised him up He had drank, for all, death's bitter cup Finished the plan of saving grace Has gone to prepare for us a

continued steadfast in



God added daily to His Church

Earth, Earth, Earth,

Hear the Word of
the Lord"

For which His Son had given so


He loosed the pangs of death, for


He will add you if you believe Be baptised and Christ receive. In doctrine continue steadfast And in prayer while life shall last.

Who believe His word and on Him


Meeting in fellowship weekly

The request of Christ to fullfiU

God raised Him up to sit by his


Exalted home.





Taking the Lord's supper meekly Remembering He is coming again.

Mainie Coble

Peter said "This man you killed;

At the time of begimiing this radio min istry of seed sowing the gospel into many unreached lands the people of the restora
tion movement had to be convinced and

are longing for rest, but he who appoints

us our pathway, knows just what is need
ed and best. We know in His Word He has

promised that our strength it shall be as our day and the toils of the road will seem nothing, when we get to the end of the way." So traveling upward one can see the vistas above clearer and nearer, as we life up our eyes and press on to reach the top. Who will come along with us? There are yet many millions of people
who have not known Christ. What is the


Go is the command

Haste is the imperative

The time is at hand

shown the great opportunities that preach ing the gospel by radio could bring to the progress of Christ py teaching the Bible to those who had had little opportunity to hear the true teachings that searching the scriptures affords and by hearing the Word preached on the radio. Then by answering their letters, by correspondence courses, radio sermons and by answering their personal questions how great good could
be accomplished for the cause of Christ.

quickest way to teach them? What com munication system is there that can reach

so many at one time except radio, or can reach an isolated person on a lonely light house or outpost with plenty of time for study and listening. If we can send enough missionaries later they may find ready many people prepared to be a church by their listening and teaching because
of these broadcasts.

We wish Christian hearts would be open

to-send many-missionaries over the world.
It was because of our zeal to send mission

Many-diseouraging-aeta-were-ejcperienced by the Gospel Broadcasting Mission.

It was often considered "outsiders" of the

traditional missionary causes because it was something so very different. There were a comparatively few local programs. There had arisen an opportunity where churches could have a local radio program
by sending funds for such a broadcast. But as far as can be determined there

aries and get missionary recruits that God opened up this way to us of evangelizing far and wide into many lands and lan guages to tell them of Christ and His plan
of salvation. As a movement within the

had been no missionary broadcasts of a

continuous nature. It was a new idea, pro duced and promoted by comparatively un known people as far as the raising of funds,
at least, was concerned. It was a broad

church, as a people believing that the gospel is the power of salvation and the preaching of the Word, it has been very slow in taking hold of the opportunities offered through radio evangelism, especial ly through missionary radio evangelism.
We believe where there has been even

. April 7, 1952 One program of 10 min utes at $60 per week in English over the 150,000 watt station, Radio Luxembourg. April, 1953 15 minute program over 150,000 watt station Radio Luxembourg at $75 per week. Oct. 1, 1958 German language pro gram, "Search the Scriptures," 15 minutes over 150,000 watt station Radio Luxem bourg at $80 per week. Jan. 1, 1959 15 minute program, Eng lish, over R.L. at $172 per week. Better hour, recorded in Europe, followup, Europe. Dec., 1961 English broadcast, Nigeria, Africa, 15 minutes, $32.76 per week. Dec., 1961 Polish language broadcast, 15 minutes, $54 per week. Oct. 5, 1962 Island of Formosa, Eng lish, individuaUy sponsored through the Gospel Broadcasting Mission. Feb., 1961 Puerto Rico, English, in dividually sponsored through the Gospel Broadcasting Mission, edited by Walter

cast sponsored by contributors, to pro claim the gospel on the largest commer

cial station then known (and the power of the station has kept ahead of progress)
to areas of the world where the contribu

one or two regular listeners and written contracts made; that a church could be established if a missionary could be there.

April, 1964 Spanish language program over new station of 50,000 watts on Bonaire Island reaching the Carribbean area and
northern South America.

tors might never hear the program, but must depend on the producers, the followup work and the promoters to proclaim
the gospel over an 800 mile radius to

Instances have been known where through the study of the sermons and bible study, where listeners can meet together as a body to observe the Lord's supper and listen to the programs and study lessons,
a church can be formed.

people in continental Europe and the British

Isles. It is a faith Mission depending up

on God's people everywhere.
It was only by the "Grace of God" and

"All things work together for good to those who love the Lord, and to as many as are called according to His purpose."
When hearts are filled with Christian teach



ing there is no room for communism or

a yearning desire to help make the Gospel

known In those lands from whence had
come many wars and atheistic and mod

other isms. Christians must hurry, there is NO TIME to slow down or wait; but "Go - Go - Go" must be the cry, go
teach and preach and win souls for Christ. Excelsior By faith to Heaven's table

ernistic teachings that we were able to

keep on. It was also a belief that the prom ises of God are true. As Jesus said, "Go Ye therefore and Lo! I am with you
even to the end of the world."

Gradually more and more earnest Chris





copy for

We are celebrating the T-W-E-L-F-T-H ANNIVERSARY of this missionary broad casting by putting on a new program in Spanish, "Search the Scriptures," over radio on Bonaire Island, just off the coast of Venezuela, a brand new station of 50,000 watts power. It will cover the Carib bean area, and the north part of South

tian people caught the vision and the Gospel Broadcasting Mission began the

"Listen" an air mail letter arrived from

progress that has been realized today in adding another language and areas. This
appeal of the gospel is to hearers in the

Spanish language. Word of God is being preached to them and appeals are being made to them to "Search the Scriptures"
to see if these things are so.

a group of church ladies in Seattle, Wash ington. It was a birthday greeting and a lovely note from each one to tell me that they had named their missionary group the "Mainie Coble" group. My cup run neth over. The Lord is so good to me.

There are a few programs that we can get for as low as $15 per week but when you consider that for $50 you can reach ten times the distance and many thousands more listeners, it is the economical thing to get the most listeners for a given
amount. If two churches would each give $100 per month, we could put another Span ish program on right now. It seems impera tive to do so, because the true gospel has been kept out of these coimtries so long there are many dissatisfied people who will write each time they hear it. And each program has a followup system of answering all letters, with offers of corre spondence courses and Bible literature.

Yes, uphill and rough and the emergency brakes have been applied often but they held to go onward; for beyond lies other
lands without the gospel. There is no turn
ing back for we are reminded of Jesus'


* Published bi-monthly by the Gospel * Broadcasting Mission, Mr. and Mrs. * Walter S. Coble, Garrett, Indiana.
* Entered as

words, Luke 9-62, and the words of a beau tiful song and a favorite. "There are so

* *




Garrett Post Office.

many hills to climb upward, sometimes we


A few days ago while driving down the road I was listening to the radio and I heard a part of the speech by our presi dent, Lyndon B. Johnson. Mr. Johnson spoke concerning the decision to cut back production of .some materials vital to the production of atomic and hydrogen bombs. He stated that simultaneously Premier Krushchev was making an announcment in Russia concerning this same matter. It seems as though nearly everyone in the world realizes there is need for peace. Man has developed such fantastic instru
ments of destruction that the annihilation

How He shed His blood and gave His life, as a sacrifice for all people everywhere. We can tell all of humanity that if they

Brother Rich will do so.

Mr. Rich has spent many hours of work often at personal sacrifice on the proper
ties of the Church of Christ at Newtown. In like manner he has served as the en

will accept Him. this is there only hope. There will be peace and joy in His king dom. There will not be tears, pain, sorrow
or death. Jesus has overcome all of

thusiastic Bible School Superintendant of

the same congregation. All who know Brother Rich love him for the fine Christian that he is. A dedicated
servant of our Lord is this man with an

these. He will be King of Kings and Lord

of Lords.

of all humanity is no longer a remote pos sibility but it is a fact that we cannot ignore. I am not opposed to men of high official rank from our nation meeting with other nation's officials in an effort to bring about world peace. I believe every conference scheduled for this cause helps to delay the inevitable conflict which is to come. I am sure, however, that such conference can only be a delaying action because God's word, our Bible, tells us that there will always be wars and rumors of war until Jesus returns again. It also says that be fore He comes again the world will be come more sinful and wicked. Can you look about you or read your daily paper with out seeing that these prophetic words are coming true? No, men, by themselves cannot bring about world peace. There can be no peace without embracing the Prince of Peace, the Lord Jesus Christ and his ways. To day the heavenly Father and His son, Jesus, are being left out of the American way of life more and more. What was
written into our constitution with the in

Presently, I am doing what I can for the Gospel Broadcasting Mission, but I am anxious to get into the work full time. I am willing to travel the length and breadth of this great land telling the story of the Broadcasting Mission, helping to get financial support so that we might send out more and more radio programs. The Search the Scriptures programs are sending God's truth into all the world. Will you help us by becoming a wave hold er and supporting this work with an offer ing each month? Five dollars, ten dollars
or even one or two if you can afford no

outgoing personality.

With no reservation I can give my en

dorsement of Brother Ervie Rich to In His Service, the

work of the Gospel Broadcasting Mission. Great Lakes Bible College


more. Please consider this matter prayer fully. A special word to the brethren in Michi gan. I am trying to raise living link sup port in this state so I can go into the field
full time. The reason for this is that

April 15. 1964 TO THE BRETHREN, GREETINGS: It has been my privilege to know Broth

er Ervie L. Rich for eight years and have had the joy of working with him as his Minister for approximately five and onehalf years.

tention of giving us freedom of religion

has been translated to mean freedom

Michigan is my home state and, secondlv, if my support comes from Michigan it wil) not detract from funds already coming in which are now being used to pay for air time, promotional expense, tapes for recording, etc. I would appreciate an op portunity to talk to your congregation con cerning this matter. Brethren everywhere, we have a great opportunity to send the word of truth, love, and life eternal by means of radio. Can we count on you for help? Please pray for the Broadcasting work, the missionaries who do follow up work, Brother and Sister Coble, and also for me. May God bless you, each and every one, as He knows your every need. Your Brother in Christ, Ervie L. Rich.

I was thrilled to learn of his plans to working with Brother and Sister Coble in their wonderful Missionary En deavors. A man of Brother Rich's capabil ities and talents can certainly be a great
asset to their work.

Brother Rich is a man of unique talents, with a keen insight concerning the Scrip
tures, a hard worker and dedicated ser vant in the Lord's Vineyard. It is without reservation and with joy that I commend him to the Brethren everywhere, in the
name of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is in

deed worthy of support to enable him to

serve the Lord witli the Cobles.

Sincerely, in Christ Edgar D. Erskin, Minister

We were glad to have brother Albert Young and brother Donald Foust spend a day with us last week. Bro. Young is pro ducing the Spanish Language program and doing the follow up work for the Bon
aire Island radio broadcast. He and Mr.

from religion by many of our people. Thus we go on our merry way deceiving ourselves that some day, some way, we will find a way to get along together in
harmonv and war shall be no more.


I wish I could be a partaker to this way of thinking. But according to the truths recorded in God's Holy world, I cannot. There is no hope for this old world and the people in it. All of the efforts to bring about world peace and to prevent its distruction are doomed to utter failure. No hope, did I say? I didn't mean exactly
that. What I meant to say is there is no

April 17, 1964 To whom it may concern: Mr. Ervie Rich of Battle Creek, Michi gan, has been a personal friend of mine for several years. His decision to join the Gospel Broadcasting Mission was one which I received with great pleasure be cause I believe he is fully qualified to per
form the task well.

Coble were working on tapes getting them ready to send. Bro. Young was preaching at Aboite, Ind., where Donald Foust min isters and we were pleased that Daniel Foust, Donald's son, came along. Mr.
Bevins of Cookson Hills School was also

hope without Jesus! There is hope, and promise for those who will accept Him as their Savior; for those who are "born again of water and the Spirit", who have repented of their sin and are living the new life in Him. The scriptures teaches "if any man be in Christ he is a new creature." Yes, there is hope after all, but it is only far the followers of Jesus Christ. Brethren, these are the reasons that I wclcome the opportunity to work with Brother and Sister Coble in the Gospel Broadcasting Mission. It will give me an opportunity to tell many of the great love of God and the sacrifice of His Son, Jesus.

Mr. Rich is a man of abundant energy, capable of continuing in his work when others have dropped by the wayside. This is due in part to his undying dedication to
the cause of Christ.

a caller Saturday, which was a nice sur prise.

Mr. Erie Rich will be here tomorrow to

A very good understanding of the Bible is one of Brother Rich's outstanding characteristics. By diligent study of the Scriptures he has come to know them very well and the principals found therein, His personal conviction is strong and has gained a reputation among his brothers
and sisters in Christ as one who stands

spend the day to make further plans and talk concerning his helping in the G.B.M. work. Speaking of Mr. Rich, we surely wish he could begin working now and he wishes so too. Why doesn't some other "Rich" really rich person save money on their taxes and donate enough money all at once to pay his living link support for a year? We believe he could benefit the
work to twice that amount. Where else and

for what he believes. Above all. Brother Rich does not attempt to hide these con victions. When the opportunity arises for
Christian witness one can be assured that

how else could one double their money for the Lord as easy and at such far reaching
results. The Cobles




Cobles' Capers
Since "Listen" was mailed in February the usual work has been going on at Coble's the best way possible, considering
that Mrs. Coble is still in an exhausted

by Mrs. Coble at the time of her marriage ' on June 21, 1916. Also, many in the young
People's Christian Endeavor that Mrs.

A friend is a comforting being

One doesn't need to talk a lot

To know they are there though imseeing Just to feel you are not forgot.

Coble sponsored there. So, the Loyal Women in Garrett and the Loyal Daugh ters in Bryan were having their families and doing their church work and growing
mature and older almost as a unit and

To know if you reached out your hand They would clasp it tight and understand Then you would smile an answering smile And the day would be worthwhile.
Then time comes to most of us When we think we must bear it alone And we feel that intimate response

state and needing to rest. Consequently much of the home duties fell upon Mr. Coble as well as more of the Gospel Broadcasting Mission labors. He was busy copying and editing tapes and taking care of the mailing lists, writing many letters
that Mrs. Coble usually did. There were many callers and visitors who brought brightoess and cheer since Mrs. Coble's illness beginning Jan. 28.
She thinks no one ever received such beautiful greeting cards and well wishes. The children and other relatives came as

not forgetting "Mainie". Could anything ever be more rewarding and pleasant than that as an earthly fellowship? Blest
be the tie that binds our hearts in Chris tian love.

Like someones praying, at the throne.

Often in a wearisome lonely night A whisper you seem to hear

That says "not by strength or might But my thoughts are very near."
When pain hurts so much you know Someone-who would-gladly-share it.
When burdens bind as on you go

often as they could.

Then in March there was much of the

The beautiful birthday greetings I re ceived had the most precious verses and sentiments. Our daughter Ruth in Fort Wayne invited us for the birthday dinner and with our son-in-law, Gordon, and our married grandson and his wife, Rita, and our other grandson, Frank Charles, we had a fine time and received more lovely gifts. The next day an all day rest day,
but it was worth it.

There are those to help you bear it.

It is blessed to have Mends As you journey on your way

For changes come and yester friends

Are not the same ones today.

same the taping duties, the writing and things that_are always necessary_to be done in a work like this. The April "Lis ten" was quite crowded out until one day (today) we woke up to the fact that the deadline was only about 10 days away! So, Mrs. has been writing like mad, but having to lie down between every few pages. Of course not actually lie down
between the pages, even if it is sheets!

Death and parting are part of life It's not best to live in the past But gather new friends in the strife Remembering with fondness the last.
You'd feel forsaken to cling to just one If they might be called away In bitter sorrow one would be flung
And dark be the rest of the way.

She celebrated her birthday April 15 and that added something, but it is not told what. But so many people were so nice to her she didn't mind too much being
added to. Some of the Ladies of her Sun

One enjoys friendship our own age The same things mean so very much
Events we recall from memory's page

day school class, the Loyal Women, came down for an evening surprise. Not the whole class but the officers to bring a lovely gift of money. One of them brought a grand birthday cake and one a sack of delicious oranges from Arizona, the best
we ever tasted.

Happenings we've known in the church.

But I want friends too of younger ones Glad children, and youth full of glee Our own age dwindles and might be gone
And I become the last leaf on the tree.
Who then would cheer and comfort me

In 1919 in April, Mrs. Coble became a

member of this class in the Garrett church
of Christ. She was teacher of it' about 30

years in all at different intervals, also president at times so they have been to gether many years, the best and most loyal women in the world. At Christmas

Then ^n Friday our_son, Wallace, Jiis wife, Ruth, their daughters, Christina and Cynthia, came for the weekend. More lovely gifts, a good time and a friend's lovely birthday cake for that day. Some one told me recentiy I looked thinner do you believe it now? If it were not for of these nice remembrances and good fel lowship I'd just quit having birthdays. They do come fast. Then to be jolted into remembrance that it is time for "Listen" to be printed. Well, I want all of the friends of the Gospel Broadcasting Mission to know about our personal pleasures as well as the anxie ties. I just feel like all of you are our per sonal friends. If I only had a few more lives I'd Jike to write to each one of you and tell you how much we thank you for writing us, for praying for us and saying and doing the wonderful things you do to encourage and help that, "His saving grace may be known among all nations". I must tell you about Walter's gift to me. He had given me a new kind of tape re corder for Christmas. The tapes are placed in cartridges and even I can put them on the recorder and play them. They do . not

If there were no blosoming branches

If no one knew me or came to see I don't want to take such chances.

Yes, friends old and young are gems That glisten and spread their light
And to all of life a richness lends

And is precious in our sight.

But even better it seems to me

That being a friend I'd ruther To only live so as to be

Considered a friend to another.

time they also presented her with a gift of money. The ladies at Bryaii; O., sent a gift of money of $40 for Mrs. Coble's own use. There was about an additional $8 from different people. Mrs. Coble is saving it in order to buy housing at the National AM. C. C. in St. Louis July 7-10 and it will be high and we couldn't go except for this help. This class at Bryan, at least a number of the women, were with the Loyal Daugh ter's class of yoimg women who were taught

need threading. Well, he recorded ^li of

the New Testament on cartridges, and two other cartridges of my favorite songs. All you need to do is to put them in place and start the recorder. They start playing easier than a phonograph record. He also signed for Hobbies magazine for me and Wallace Nutting's Treasury of Furniture. I guess I roped him into the last two but I didn't know about the other. He always says he doesn't know what to get me so it wasn't really my fault, was it?

Friend is a kin of the word "to love" And that takes in all the world's need More love to others and Christ above



(Second Class Mail)

I pray for and earnestly plead.

As a friend loveth at all times


Is what I really want to do As I pray for people of all climes

To love Christ our friend most true. Mainie Coble



MAY - JUNE, 1964, ISSUE NO. 42



MRS. WALTER COBLE, Founders, Garrett, Indiana "A work of falfh depending on offerings from God's peo ple for missionary radio broadcasting costs and promotional

All Forces

"Listen-0, Isles unto me; and hearken ye

people from afar " Isaiah 49:1.

Under One Command


All allies hitting the beach to gether. Foreign missions, local mis sions, all forces of evangelism at home and abroad backing up the great pathfinder, Missionary
Radio! missionaries must leave because of

wars. Hearts are hardening to the forces of good. The attack for free
dom in Christ and the liberation of souls must be NOW! Enemies

of Christianity are joining forces

to overthrow Christ and Christian

Press your forces against this powerful, far-reaching aUy. Send equipment of men and money to

spearhead this great, created pow er of God in this great D-Day






DON'T WAIT unta that fatal day ahead when mighty storms lash the deep and all is along the shores
and no surcease. All destruction

freedom and liberty of spirit. The rallying groimd for Christ is HIS CHURCH, our beach, the spearhead of the Word of God. Our weapon is the sword of the spirit, the word of God. Our great commander is Christ! His com mand is GO! Sink or swim, we will be victorious to walk up the
beach on the other side with NO



by hearing and hearing by the

Word of God."

and disaster all beseaching an swered by the cry Too Late! Jesus said, "Call on Me while I may be found." We must plunge in with all in our command for evangelism on every field of endeavor. It is NOW
or be TOO LATE.

regrets except having but one life to give for the cause of Christ, His church and His kingdom.
His command is " Go Ye." One

doesn't have to come back, there

is no order to that effect.

Are you


ally in

the com

Opportunities are growing few er. There are places now where

mand of the Lord?

Today is "D" Day!

Mr. Ervie Rich of Battle Creek,
Jerimiah 22-29. "Oh

Mich., has been appointed pro

motional representative of the

Earth, Earth, Earth,

Hear the Word of
the Lord"

Gospel Broadcasting Mission,

U.S.A. fieldinan.

With your financial assist ance this young man can be gin assisting Mr. and Mrs.
Coble in the work of the Gos

pel Broadcasting Mission.

Coble's Capers
For a number of years I, Mainie, have

been collecting missionary bulletins and related missionary materials for my mis
sionary research library for the purpose of donating the library to a Bible college. My decision has been made to donate this to the Moberly Missouri Christian Bible College in honor of one of the pro fessors there, Prof. Gareth Reese. He is a former Garrett, Indiana, young man who grew up in Garrett from early boyhood.
He has been faithful in all the children's

tial to tear the Word apart into so many different fragments? For instance in the Method of Missions the command is "go, preach, teach, baptize make Christians. Wasn't it an individual command? Oh, oh, controversy again.
In the Standards of 1938 there is a series

of articles concerning men of the early 1800-1850's who helped to bring about
what became to be known as the restora tion movement. This is an article about

Alexander Campbell, written by Irvin T. Green. The subject of this article is, "Did
Alexander Campbell Practice Steward ship?" By Irvin T. Green, professor of church history.

work, young people's work and later in

adult activities.

This Missionary research library has been promised to be in Moberly for the beginning of this 1964-65 college year. It
was the intention of "Mainie" to take these

60 to 100 letter files to the North American Christian convention and put them on dispTay~fOr~all:~interested -to~viewr Butbe^ cause of the cost of exhibit space this idea has been about abandoned. Also, there is

One column is headed, "Did he give his time." Of course he did! "Did he give his Talent?" Yes indeed. But the part quite often critized is, "Did he give his Money?" That is the part that interested me, a part so often overlooked when people are counting-up what other people give, money

the difficulty of transporting it and setting it up. It would be just too costly and diffi
cult. It was then to be taken from there to

Mr. Green says., "When Mr. Campbell started to preach he determined to preach without money and without price. As far
as I can determine, he adhered to this rule

two years to raise money. Some time after the establishment of the Missionary Socie ty Mr. Campbell turned over to them his plates and the copyright of his Christian hymn book. Some have estimated that it brought in $10,000 per year. In summing up the estimated and known gifts of Mr. Alexander Campbell, Mr. Green gives these figures: Donated by preaching grants, $5,000. To start Buffalo Seminary, $1,000. To finance Christian Baptist, $7,000. To finance Millennial Harbinger to year 1846, $16 000. To finance Bethany College 1840, $2,000. To local churches, amount unknown. Hymn book and other gifts to Mission ary Society, $83,000. Two years work for college, $6,000. For entertaining visitors in his home, $3,000. To Bethany Gollege-in-4iiswill$^12^00. To Bethany church in his will, $5,000. If more men would give of their time, talent and means in the same propor
tion to the advancement of the cause of Christ the movement would move and more souls won for Christ.

the Moberly college library by Moberly Bible College students. All the details have
not yet been worked out.

Mainie is busy every minute these days

but she has to snatch time from other

work of the Gospel Broadcasting mission and home in trying to get the items filed
and ready. In 1935 the Cobles had a very destructive fire in their home and many of the early

items collected were destroyed. So she is appealing to those of you who have any sort of missionary items, missionary mag
azines or Christian Standards Evange lists, even clippings, to send them to her. Even if they cannot go with the majority file they will be filed separately and sent to be added at the college library from time to time. She is filing each item in the field to which it belongs. This library also contains maps of countries and items of historical and geographical interest. In clippingold"Standards'^recently^ many interesting articles and pictures have been found. It isn't easy to work in stead of read. It would be helpful if writ ers would take a retrospective look in the publications about every ten years, and maybe go back and restore some of the foundations of Christian thought. Are we preaching the themes that made us differ ent as a people? I remember the teachings that were prevalent when I was baptized March 19, 1902. The theme was "Christian Unity Not Union." "Let all speak the same thing, let there be no division among you." People were taught how to become a Christian, how to teach others and Christian living. Today it seems like there are as many different views on a given scripture text as there are people. A slogan of long ago was "In essentials unity; in non-essentials liberty and in all things love." I know that has been shot to pieces by theolegy of today "There is nothing non-essential, etc. but is it essen

throughout his whole life. That is, he gave 50 years of preaching to the cause of Christ, the cause he loved so well. If he gave these years of traveling, preaching and debating to the cause of Christ he was giving what less gifted men were receiv ing handsome sums to do. "I see no rea son," Mr. Green states, "Why Alexander Campbell should give his time without re ceiving remuneration while his brethren were receiving pay. So, in estimating his gifts to the kingdom I think it only right that we estimate a fair stipend for these services. It was his gift of preaching more than anything else which stirred the hearts of thousands. Mr. Irvin Green says, "I do
not think that it would be fair to estimate


Thanks to all who are sending used postage stamps, the sale of which is to pay for needed office help and other aids for which Mrs. Coble personally pays when extra help is imperative. I do not have a regidar sale but I have to let them accumulate until there is enough to pay or when I can take time for doing it. At the end of the year I hope to send a report to all those who have sent stamps regularly or any perceptable amount. When you write fbr information I will" do my best to answer. Just have patience. I have a great many different kinds of letters to
do and much work of various kinds for

this gift at less than $1,000 a year. At this figure his lifetime preaching gift would be $50,000." The first effort Mr. Campbell made to
branch out was the establishment of the

Buffalo Seminary. How much money it cost him to add to his house and fix it up
for a school we will never know. After

this Mr. Campbell went into the printing business. He built a building, purchased type, a press and other materials. The "Christian Baptist" became the means of spreading the gospel. This must have cost him at least $1,000 so we must add $7,000
to his list of money gifts.

the Gospel Broadcasting Mission, especially in summer months when we are away on rallies, camps, speaking dates, conventions, etc. So much to do, so little time. A long
time back but not so far ahead. Write to

But what could he have done to put his money into to have brought such rich re turns to the kingdom? In 1830 Mr. Camp bell wished to accomplish more. So he bought new printing materials at a cost
of a considerable sum of money which he had to give to subsidize heavUy. He en tered into printing and publishing of the Millennial Harbinger, but where would the
Restoration movement be if it had not

Mainie about stamps. Walter hardly knows one stamp from another, he was just a postal employee! (joke) But anyway "Mainie" has all to do with her stamp project.


been for this new publication?

Since there is again as much more given by Mr. Campbell I cannot take the space
to tell of it all. But he established a col

* Published bi-monthly by the Gospel * Broadcasting Mission, Mr. and Mrs. * * Walter S. Coble, Garrett, Indiana.
* * Entered as second class matter at Garrett Post Office.

lege, traveling an estimated 6,000 miles in


ty is fully assured. The broadcast in Chicago for the Gospel Broadcasting Mission will be called "Escudrinad Las Escrituras" over WTAQ at

which keeps radio within the reach of local business, despite skyrocketing ratings and a mushrooming reputation of consistent re

4:15 p.m. Saturday each week beginning July 18, 1964. There are 4 hours and 15
minutes of Spanish broadcasting just before


amazingly devoted to WTAQ programs, which are highlighted by top name per
sonalities. "More Music . . . More Per

Because of circumstances beyond our control there has been a postponement of

our program goes on the air. It is on spot

1300 K.C. on the radio. Here is what the radio


has to

the Spanish program on Bonaire station. At the earliest possible date the Search the Scriptures program will be aired over
the Bonaire station. More pledged support

Stop don't let that audience get away!

WTAQ HAS THE AUDIENCE. Surveys consistently place WTAQ in the "Top Ten"

sonality" pay big dividends in listenership. In one 6-week period alone, WTAQ listen ers sent over 53,000 pieces of mail to a single WTAQ client's promotion.
WTAQ DEALS IN RESULTS. Many major retail houses in Chicago and vicinity have learned it's wise to use WTAQ. One large

must be given before we can do this since now we are starting a broadcast each week over a Chicago station in Spanish. We could not have taken this opportunity if the Bonaire program had gone on the air now. So we are taking this opportunity in place of what we planned.
Our disappointments are often God's ap pointments. We believe this is the case be cause of all the happenings surrounding it.

in Chicago. Topping WTAQ are some of the

"Powerhouses." All the rest, higher rates

notwithstanding, trail behind. WTAQ SERVES A NEED.



blankets all Chicago, WTAQ is keenly aware of its responsibility as the only LOCAL news, sports, and advertising medi um in Chicago's 48 west suburban commun ities. It meets this responsibility witli upto-the-minute, local news and sports cover

Chicago furniture and appliance center used no other media, and rightfully credited WTAQ with drawing more than 10,000 peo ple to their Grand Opening on a rainy Sunday afternoon proving WTAQ reaches more people, more often, for less money.
Over 75% of WTAQ advertisers are "re peaters," and many have used WTAQ for
many years.

age, supplemented by complete UPI news,

and delivers results for local advertisers.

IT ALL ADDS UP . . . combine WTAQ's






coverage, listenership, proven record consistent success, smart programming.



Chicago Spanish broadcast is aired for the Gospel Broadcasting Mission in Chicago over WTAQ by A1 Young and the people of the Spanish congregation there. This program will appeal to the many thousands of Spanish speaking people in Chicago and the surrounding area. This Gospel Broadcasting Mission broadcast is beamed to a Spanish-speaking population from every Spanish speaking nation in the

From among these people some may be won to take the Gospel back to the lands from which they came. This is our prayer and we wait for the leading of God. We hope that when the way opens on
Bonaire that contributions will be such

that we can continue with both programs. The South American broadcast is only a postponement and we have been promised a future time. "God works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform." IWs post ponement may make the Chicago broad cast a "pathfinder" for one or more native workers to go to South America to carry on the followup work when this opportuni-

JUNE 21, 1916

D-Day and Now

(By Mainie Coble) That tragic day twenty-years ago All was quiet on the home base

Men denying that Jesus came As the Son of God, sins to attone Redeeming the world from sin and shame

Bringing hope of a heavenly home.

Men denying there is even a God That He is ruling the universe

Are you called by the name God gave you? Have you humbled yourselves in prayer A Christian seeking to be true In your place on earth He put you there. Have you worked for Him in that place Where you were meant to help His cause He has a purpose given by grace
So follow it and honor His laws.

Except the sound of praying low A memory times does not efface. With quiet hope all things were done In the hearts prayers for freedom's cause That righteous victory be won While saying loved names without pause.

That it doesn't matter the way you trod Lives are going from bad to worse.
Was all the sacrifice in Vain? Given by those in an endless chain

All the tears and all of the pain Endured for nothing and nothing gained?
Have we thanked God for victories won

Let's pray now as on that D-Day For God to thwart the devil's plan Renew our courage as we pray
That victorious faith return to man

Midnight to Midnight that tragic day As hour by hour in rooms of prayer

Christians in relays came to pray

In all our ways acknowledged Him Or gone on our way from sun to sun Going deeper and deeper in sin? Brave ones died to preserve freedom On Omaha's beach that D-Day Crosses white proclaim the story O'er lonely graves so far away.
More crosses stand in Flanders fields

By never giving way to greed Make love for God the greatest motive In keeping nation's D-Day freed Secure in peace loves shining votive.

Asking help for those over there.

Each heart picturing its own loves image Perhaps selfish but not slighting
Prayer for all mankind and age God sees overall in His sighting. We believe that the hastened plan Was chosen of Him who knows all things

In memory of P. L. Arrants by his wife, Etta Arrants, 704 E. High St., Hicksville,

For those lying in ocean's heartless waters In other lands the grim sign yields Evidence of many slaughters.

Letters from Listeners

Sir: While listening to your broadcast this evening I was greatly impressed. I am not able to listen to the broadcast every time so I would appreciate the Bible Study book that was mentioned. How good it was to hear those words, "We are Christians only,

God's choice over ruled the plan of man In choosing the day that deliverance brings.
Today we saw those scenes enacted That took place that day spent in prayer
The brave lives the assault exacted Miracles wrought were beyond compare

They finished their task

Shall we finish ours
We can't wear freedom as a Mask

The challenge requii'es all our powers.

God in Heaven still rules the world This truth full well the devil knows

not the only Christians;" Yours throu^

grace, Mr. H.A., England. Dear Sir: I sincerely appreciate the pro gramme "Search the Scriptures" which is broadcast on Radio Luxembourg on Satur

God answered prayers and safely led

The allied forces to victory Though many sons were lying dead Their sacrifice for liberty.

If he can make his will be adjured He puts off the time for his reign to close.
Satan works hard his lies to tell

To be prince of this world, as long as

he can

day nights. Since I have been "born again"

these programmes have created a new in terest in my witnessing for my personal

Bravely they died to bring the World peace That all Nations learn to do right So hope could live and Wars would cease Never more so sorry a plight. Twenty years, now what do we see Power with every destructive force
Wars and rumors of Wars to be

To keep folks coming under his spell. He knows he must lose; its in God's plan.
No missle can destroy God's love
But one's wicked unbelief can

Saviour. I would be much obliged if you

would please send me the booklet. Your

Christian friend, S.H., Ireland'. Dear Sir: I would like to say how much my husband and I enjoy your Saturday eve ning broadcast "Search the Scriptures." Your faithful presentation of God's Word is badly needed in these days of false teachings. May God continue to bless your radio min istry. Your sincerely, Mrs. A.L.B., England.
Dear Sir: I am glad to write for the free

Keep one from His aid from above By denying God's saving plan.
Always we need to call upon Him Or He might have gone far away
Another nation that honors Him

All accepted as matters of course.

May have taken our place to stay.

In second Chronicles it does say

"If my people called by my name Will humble themselves and pray I will forgive their sin and shame." If they will turn and seek My face
I \vill hear from heaven their cry I will heal their land and place

book to help to "Search the Scriptures" as

I heard you announce it over the radio. And

I would like to say that it has been a help to me as I am studying the Bible at the
moment. So I hope that this book will be a

And attend unto them; for I am nigh."

help to me. The Lord bless you in His service, W.S., Ireland.


(Second Class Mail)

Field representative in the north west and producer of the Formosa

JULY - AUGUST, 1964 ISSUE No. 43



COBLE, Founders, Garrett, Indiana ~

"A work of faith depending on offerings from God's peo* pie for missionary radio broadcasting costs and promotional

"Listen-O, Isles unto me; and hearken ye

people from afar " Isaiah 49:1.

The rope-like line, the iron curtain, dividing Continental Europe for many miles. The darkest shaded map is the concentration of German speaking people. The lighter shades are bi-lingual, German and other native tongues. The English language is also spoken by a great
percentage over the entire area and millions in British Isles and Europe.

Three "Search the Scripture" programs over this area, two over Radio Luxembourgh, one in the Polish language over Transworld Radio to thousands of Polish language people.


Now is the time for all good men and women to come to ihe aid ol the Gospel Broadcasting Mission. Step up, fall in, shoulder a pen, a ccr or a speaking tour. Much prayer and help needed! The "founders" have had to fall back, not out, but for the present are limping along. Because of Mrs. Col-.le (Mainie) not being so up and coming as she wants tc, Mr. Coble (Walter) has to fall back somewhat to keep the household duties from ill repute, to see that Mainie stays on her strict diet, take care of more of

money it is tragic. So please send your

latest address, now if you have not.

tenth of a day's selling of a crop or one

tenth of the sale of merchandise, or one

If you know of some good persons who

love the Lord who would like to receive Listen please send their names and ad

tenth of what ever your average earning

is for one day.

dresses. It will help in this time of crisis

In the name of Jesus we thank you and pray God's richest blessings upon you.

for us if you would. It is one way you can help. A mission work or worker depends
on the contacts they can make for finan

cial support. Now that we cannot get out and go and see people and personally pre sent the work to as great an extent as
formerly (for a time at lei^.st) we need all of your help in many ways. This is one way you can help. The Gospel Broadcasting Mission funds

are very low. We had to wait until begin ning of August until funds increased so that we could pay some of Ihe broadcast ing bills. This is dangerous to the good credit we have always maintained. It is serious and could lead to losing a good pro gram and broadcasting spot that could
never be regained. There are those with ready money waiting for such "spots."The question now is what will the situation be Sept. 1 when all bills should be paid, or rather Aug. 31? At that date also cur note is due of $500 that we bor


We have yust received the Gospel of
Mark in Efic and have on order the second

the correspondence^ mailing list, and the

money you" send in~for GBM. KEEP'HIM BUSY with this more and more. He doesn't

chapiter of Acts in TCnglish, Yoruba, Efic, Ibo, and Hausa With this offer on Matthew

we hope to establish the extent of territory

the program covers.

mind banking big gobs of it if only we could. So much to be done, so little time. Also, he must edit and tape and keep ui) the Puerto Rico broadcast, tape songs for others, retape :>ome for others, keep up his own equipment for tape recording,
then proof read "Listen" after Mainie does

I am enclosing pictures taken during a

session of taping SEARCH THE SCRIP
TURES. There are two of Don at the

rowed at the bank (responsibility ours) to pay the bills of broadcasting for March.
At that time a lot of folks don't want to

microphone Hussein Momodu, minister of the Bariga church, is the announcer and
Mr. Adeyerno is




to find errors she missed, if any. Then he

must distribute "Listen" out to about twenty of our church members each time with 300 to 400 namos to each one to ad dress. Then gather it all up again in two or three days if the workers don't have
a way to return the Listens to us. Then

touch their bank accounts in order to pay their big taxes. But big taxes mean big
money they tell us. We wouldn't know.

NBC studio station. The program is heard

at 10 a.m. over the Western Nigeria Broad

casting System (WNBS) each Sunday morn


But now is a good time to give the money saved at that time when you didn't have to draw on your bank account to pay taxes. Thank you, the G.B.M. appreciates

We hope you both are well and prosper ing in the Lord. He is ble.:sing us daily
Don was flat on his back for three weeks

look at each Listen as they come in, tie them up properly as a former postal clerk would, then mail them. In about a day we begin receiving returns for wrong ad dress at 10c per address. This is a full time job correcting addresses. But when it comes to paying out 10c of the Lord's

awhile back and although h'i is not well

We are making the following APPEAL for you to help the Gospel Broadcasting Mission in this time of crisis and pray that it will be enough of a boost to carry on and go forward. One tenth of a day's pay to the Gospel Broadcasting Mission this pay day or one-

his back is well enough for him to carry

on. It has been diagnosed as a


Many blessings to you both. In Christian love, Marianne and Don.old Baughman
West Africa Christian Mission

Brother Hussein Momodu is the announcer for "Search The

Scriptures" broadcast eery Sunday morning at 10 a. m. over
WNBS. This program is taped at the studio in Lagos.

Don Baughman at the microphone. We are presently offering

the Gospel of Matthew in English and will folow this with the
Gospel of Mark In Efic. On order is the 2nd Chapter of Acts in
English Yoruba, Hausa, Efic and Ibo in booklet form. "Search The Scriptures" is heard all over Nigeria, and we have received
letters from listeners in Ghana and the Cmeroonas.


Dear Brother and Sister Coble, We recently sent out forms with copies
of the sermons so that we would know

We are offering the Gospel of St. Mat thew in English for a two-penny stamp. (We have paid one penny apiece for 500
copies from the Bible Societies of West

much appreciate it if you will send me the details of your scripture searching series.
Yours in Christ, A. G. 0. (From Calabar, Eastern ligeria) Dear Sir: Please send me a copy of the sermon, "The Idle and the Unproductive" broadcast on your programme over WNBS

Africa.) We have sent out a dozen already.

Here is one letter: "Dear Sir:

I should be grateful if you could send me your FREE copy of St. Mathew's ver
sion of the Bible.

whather to continue sending the messages

to listeners. "Dear Sir:

I am a regular listener of your Sunday 15 minutes programme Search The Scrip


today. I would appreciate it also if you yould put me on your mailing list so that I may receive your sermons regularly. Thank you. Yours sincerely, F. A.

I am hereby returning the form you sent duly completed. Perhaps you sent the form, because you've not heard from me for quite some time now. I should let you know that I am very much interested in your Sunday messages. I've been gaining both mentally and most especially spiritually from them. I've also been praying for you and for those who have not yet received Christ as their

Thanking you in advance, meanwhile, I

enclose herewith a 3 penny stamp as re quested for my reply. Your in Chiist,
N.B.C. Jkoyi
"Dear Sir:

War clouds hang low. Do you remember when money meant very little when your son was at the front? Do you remember

In the first place, I must not forget to

thank you very much for the free Bible

Please DO NOT stop sending the copies of SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES message to me. I am a Christian, but I need con tinuous, thorough, and true revival which I've already been gaining from your in valuable messages. May God continue to help you establish His great Kingdom here on earth. Sincerely yours, University of Ibadan
"Dear Brother in Christ,
I would like to state that I have since

correspondence course I am at present undergoing under you. Secondly, I do thank you for your printed messages mailed to me. Thanks to God for your ministry. Your

D day? Can you recall the cry of Christians over the land "If we had only preached Christ more, if we had only sent more missionairies!!" We remember. Today, twen
ty or more years later, only one con certed effort to spread the gospel, sow the seed, evangelize by radio in foreign coun tries and that being done by two elderly people one deaf and one crippled who didn't know any better than to think the
whole Christian World would come to their aid at least those who believe that the

lessons have really helped my private Bible studies. Your sermons have proven some sort of blessings. In fact, I gladly treasure them. I must not fail to say thanks
for Ihe leaflets sent me. As a matter of

fact 1 can not start to enumerate the help

and blessings I have got from Search the

"Gospel is the power of God unto Salva


Scriptures. God blesa you. . . . Presently I am doing personal evangelistic campaign

in my area.

Yours in Christ,
J. A.

Seven foreign programs of 15 minutes each, that ought to be enough for every one who sings"I Love To Tell the Story." One hundred five minutes per week! In

bcn receiving regularly every issue of the Scripture sheets, and I am finding them interesting. Undoubtedly you undertake some financial burden apart from your time which you expend on the job. It is my wish to help in cutting down at

adequate, yes; pitifully small, yes, a sad

commentary upon the church, yes; but

(From Accra, Ghana) Dear Sir: I have heard over the Western

least the postal expenses on the Scripture sheets when I can; and for this purpose I enclose these few stamps to you. Yours in C.hrist,
M. 0.

Nigeria Radio your kind offer to give courses free of charge on Scriptures. I write therefore to have my name enrolled, and so please post the first course straight
to me. Yours Fraternally,
From Ibadan)

mighty in POWER for preaching the gos pel IS the power of God, and millions DO
hear once each week!

"A new day is dawning." What new day? Yes, the return of Cnrst. What then? But
before that

Regional Tax Board Division (30 one penny stamps enclosed.)

Dear Sir: It is always a pleasure to me to listen to your weekly sermon "Search the Scriptures" on Sundays over the Radio network of WNBS, Ibadan. I shall very

The night cometh when no man can work. The night is even now at our doors,
Preach the word more and more in
every way.

While it is yet day!

Right on top of Radio>Luxembourg's buildings Is the tape*

record room, where our recorded programs are controlled.

Mr. Adeyemo is the technician at the WNBS studio in Lagos where we tape the "SEARCH THE SCRIPTURES" program.

Here is one of the technicians whose job is to verify recording

and' see that the "listeners" get perfect transmission.





the people of the Spanish congregation



The whole universe needs Jesus



Gospel Broddcasting Mission's calendar of stations, places and times of the broad casts of the "Search the Scripture" broad

This program will appe^xl to the many thousands of Spanish spea!dng people in Chicago and the surrounding area. This
Gospel Broadcasting Mission broadcast is beamed to a Spanish-spealung population from every Spanish speaking nation in the

Everywhere is fear and woe

Seeking for lasting happiness

As people wander to and fro.

"Search the Scriptures" on the air with 6 programs each week sponsored by the Gospel Broadcasting Mission with Mr. and
Mrs. Walter S. Coble as founders since Oc

tober, 1951. The first broadcast was made

From among these people some may be v;on to take the Gospel back to the lands from which they came. Tbis is our prayer and we wait for the leading of God.

Tossed to and fro upon the earth Looking for a gleam of hope Something to hold that is of worth As aimlessly they reach and grope. Only those whose tvust is stayed Upon the lamb of Calvary Who assured peace with God hath made. The only ones with spirit free.
Many know not of Jesus' love

on April 6, 1952, over Radio Luxembourg. Today people from all parts of the world
many hear a broadcast called "Search the Scriptures" for a total of 1 hour and 45
minutes each week.

And God shall wipe away aU tears from thenr eyes; and there shall be no more death neither sorrow or crying neither shall there be anymore pain." Rev. 21:4:
Lead kindly light. Lead Thou me on!

Have not been tola His saving power

The peace that cometh from above

Radio Luxembourgh is a station of at least 350,000 watts with several powerful


To save and keep in darkest hour.

They have no word from which to read

Radio Luxembourghin the English lan

guage on Saturday cvemng~trom 7 1i6nr:13~

No man to preach of God and son No way to leam the Bible creed No-waj^-to-know-ttte-liviag-one;

p.m. at 208 Meters. Recorded by Charles

And with the mom we'll see those dear

Phipps, Missionary in Italy, and follow up work done by Charles and Mary Francis
Phipps. Great listening area. It is at 1433 K/C. Rarely heard in U.S.A. Some have reported hearing it. Radio Luxembourghin the German lan

faces smile which we have loved long since and lost awhile." And see Jesus face to fade and tell the story. Saved by grace.

We that believe must send them light

In every way at our command

To change them from the darkest night

Tell them in ways they imderstand.

guage taped by Edward Fausz, Germany,

with Mr. and Mrs. Fausz and Miss Ila Hen

ny, missionaries in Germany, carrying on

the follow up work. This is on 208 meters

In memory of baby Margaret Henderson. Aug. 9, 1 year, 3 months old, by the par ents, Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Henderson, and by Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Coble. The baby's mother is a faithful helper for the Gospel Broadcasting Mission.
Safe in the arms of Jesus

A swift way is by radio Which reaches millions o the globe Many to whom we cannot go
But in some way they must be told.
Some must tell it over rhe air

Sunday mornings, 1439 K/C. A very great

response over large areas.

Others send the money for same

Monte CarloTrans World Monaco, on

Mondays. Paul Bajko of the Eastern Cliris-

Safe on his gentie breast There by his love o'er shaded By safety her soul is blessed.
Safe in the arms of Jesus

Many must work with hope and prayer The gospel abroad to proclaim.
We must preach and pray, work and send To sow the gospel seed abroad
The blessed task v.'ill never end

tian Institute taping the programs and do

ing the follow up work. Heard on Mondays

at 7 in the evening.

Safe from corroding care Safe from the world's temptations

Sin cannot harm her there

With all, co-laborers, for God.

As Christians by the way must fall Yet God's work must go on apace
Volunteers must answer the call

Nigerian Broadcast, Africa by Don Baughman from Ibaddan and Lagos, Sun
days from 10 to 10:15 a.m. Over Ibaddan

656 K/C, meters 457-3. Over Lagos 602 K/C,

meters 498.

Me thinks that a voice of an angel Is borne in a song so free Over the fields of glory Over the Jasper bea. In memory of Mrs. Irma Lillian Treesh, who died June 21, 1964. Faithful Christian of the North Liberty, Indiana Church of Christ. Both. 5he and_ her husband were charter members of the church. By Mrs. Inez Benjamin of Spokane, Wash., Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Paulson of South Bend, Mr.
and Mrs. Russell O'Conner and other

And fall in line, to take their place.

The old must die and young grow old Keeping an endless working chain
'Til the city gates wide unfold.

Puerto RicoBroadcast edited by Walter S. Coble and produced with the assistance of many ministers in the U.S.A. Heard, at 9:45 p.m. on Thursdays. It is individually sponsored for the Gospel Broadcasting Mis

When Jesus the Christ comes to reign.


All broadcasts are getting excellent re

sponses. The Polish program is starting slowly because of changes in time to get a greater listening audience. The response
is growing. Many no doubt hear but are afraid to write as is very imderstandable. "God's word will not return unto him void but will accomplish that which he

friends at North Liberty, Ind. In memory of Mrs. Grace Greenwood, who passed away at Flint, Mich., on Aug. 15, 1964, formerly of the Garrett, Ind., Church of Christ. By Mrs Mainie Coble
a friend since 1921.

Published bi-monthly by the Gospel

* Broadcasting Mission, Mr. and Mrs. *

Walter S. Coble, Garrett, Indiana.

* Entered as second class matter at *

Garrett Post Office.

is heard Sundays, 11-30 to 11:45 a.m., and IS said to reach Red China and Hong Kong
and to numberless servicemen on land and
sea from many nations.

FormosaOn the air since September 9 with Berl Thomas as the Gospel Broadcast ing Mission representative in the U.S.A. northwest. This broadcast, on 1510 K/C


(Second Class Mail)




aired for the Gospel Broadcasting Mission in Chicago over WTAQ by A1 Young and

SpanishChicago Spanish broadcast is


Those Behind The Message Of



MRS. WALTER COBLE, Founders, Garrett, Indiana

"A work of faith depending on offerings from God's peo' pie for missionary radio broadcasting costs and promotional

"Listen-0, isles unto me; and hearken ye

people from afar " Isaiah 49:1.

Now in its 13th year of the "Gospel On the Air" covermg all of Con
tinental Europe and the British Isles.

Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Coble, founders, promotional directors, editors of "Listen," taping many programs, editing Puerto Rico broadcasts, secretary and treasurer of GBM funds, responsible for all broadcasting programs, responsible for all contracts, loans and radio time of GBM. Contact them for rallies, speaking dates, conventions, for all litera ture and for any and all information regarding the Gospel Broadcasting

The Gospel Broadcasting Mission is in its 13th year of actual broad casting the New Testament plea and promise of "What Must I do."
"Faith cometh

by hearing and

It is heard over three stations in Europe with messages covering Contiental Europe and the British Isles and replies coming from many
behind the iron curtain. These programs are in English, German and

hearing by the
Word of God."

An English program goes out over two stations in Nigeria, Africa,

reaching as far as the Gold coast for replies.

English programs reaching Formosa Island and Puerto Rico each week to many U.S.A. service men on land and sea in these areas and to multitudes of weary, sin ridden nationalists. Also in U.S.A. a Spanish speaking program in the Chicago, III., area reaching hundreds of people from every Spanish speaking Na
tion in the world. Many may return to their own lands to carry the New Testament teaching.

These programs of the Gospel Broadcasting Mission reach untold

millions once each week.

Jerlmiah 22-29. "Oh<

Where can you invest a dollar or even $100 that will contact so many people for Christ? Many have learned the way of the Lord more
perfectly and have been baptized. Others have become converted and
obedient to Christ!

Earth, Earth, Earth,

Hear the Word of the Lord"

The Gospel Broadcasting Mission is in need of your faithful interest and prayers. It needs your prayerful offerings!
It needs new "Wave Holders!"

It needs You to promote this work in your own area! It needs constant financial support! It needs sponsors for new programs! It needs sponsors to the Cry, "come over and help us," by giving us the Gospel by Radio!" It needs prayer "Tune in With Prayer to the Gospel on the Air!"
The Gospel Broadcasting Mission has proven its worth! It's future

depends on you! Send Christian dollars to preach Gospel Truth!

Charles Phipps

Edward Fausz

Donald Baughman
Nigeria, Africa

In German language, Ed Fausz broadcast er. Sunday mornings 1439 KC, 208 meters.

Broadcaster for the EngusJi "Search the

Cost $80.00 per week. A very great response over wide areas. Much follow up by Miss Ila Henny, Alvia Phillips and Fausz's.





over Lagos,

Scripture" "program over Radio Luxem bourg on Sat., 7 p.m.-7:15 at a cost to the Gospel B.C.M. of $172.00 per week. 1439
KC 208M. Covers all of Continental Europe, British Isles. Fine response. Letters re

Mr. Berl Thomas

Nigeria station, 602 over Ibadan 656 KC, Letters and follow Gold Coast, letters

KC, meters 498. Also 457-3 meters. up from as far as the received from Ghana

and the Cameroonas. Read the letters in

ceived from Nigera and from Iron Curtain countries. Mrs. Mary Frances Phipps and other missionaries in Italy follow up.

July - August issue of Listen and see the

pictures. AU this at a cost of $32.72 per week. Where can so little money speak so much for the Lord? We have opportunities
for more broadcasts such as this. "The People Perish for lack of Christian Vision."

Mr Albert Young

Paul Bajko

A Gospel Broadcasting Mission represen

tative in the northwest. A former mission

ary to Alaska and Nisc, Japan, now in U.S.A. Has a fine service in song. English broadcast over Formosa. Heard on Sundays, 1510 KC, at 11:30 to 11:45 a.m. Is said to reach Red China and Hong Kong and to numberless service men on land and sea from many nations who may
be in that area. Sponsored by friends in
the northwest.

Walter S. Coble
Broadcasts over Puerto Rico and edits

Broadcaster in Polish. Trans World Radio

7 p.m. Mondays. Heard in Communist

The broadcast in Spanish is taped by the Spanish members of the congregation of Jeffrey Manor Church of Christ, Chicago, 111., with Mr. Young, director of the pro

gram. He is minister of the church.

This program is aired on WTAQ, LaGrange, 111., Chicago's personality station covering the Chicago and fringe areas on
1300 KC.

other programs of ministers in U.S.A., who send tapes for this Broadcast. Thank you, we need more and more such tapes. This program is heard at 9:45 p.m. on Thursdays. Sponsored by an interested man in Garrett, Ind., church.

areas. Many letters and follow up. Pro grams taped by Bro. Bajko at Eastern Christian Institute, Bel Air, Maryland, with
their helpers. Mrs. Bajko other Polish stu

dents answering many letters. With your help they will send out many Bibles to the Communist countries. Cost $54.00 per week.


(Second Class Mail)



* Published bi-monthly by the Gospel * Broadcasting Mission, Mr. and Mrs. * Walter S. Coble, Garrett, Indiana.
* * Entered as second class matter at Garrett Post Office.

* *
* *



from the


MRS. WALTER COBLE, Founders, Garrett, Indiana "A work of faith depending on offerings from God's peo ple for missionary radio broadcasting costs and promo tional expenses/'

founders of the

"Listen-0, Isles unto me; and hearken ye

people from afar " Isaiah 49:1.

Gospel Broadcasting
Mission Dear Friends:

If only the Wise Men of the far east would start

looking for Jesus this year! What a wonderful world it would be if thy really found Him, the King of
Kitigs and Prince of Peace!

If the west would go hunting with more enthusi

asm and be able to join hands with the east and west

and stretch with our hands around the globe until the universe was encircled with Love and Joy and Peace and every heart prepare Him room.
"Faith Cometh

by hearing and

hearing by
Word of



No more would sin and sorrow reign, if every Christian today would diligently follow Jesus; and bring Him gifts of gold, frankincence and myrrh, gold to spread His Word and sweet incense to waft on the air and with healing balm for the weary.
The way for us today to "Search for Jesus" is by the way of His Book, the Word of God. Search the Scripture to find the way to Him. It is the gTiide, the chart and the way. His Word is the star we must follow! By obeying all the directions in His Word

we cannot miss the way. There may be some rough paths, deep waters, high ridges and stormy ways
Jerimiah 22-29.
Hear the Word


but if we follow the course and keep the faith there

Earth, Earth, Earth,

the Lord

is at last laid up for us a crown of righteousness which the Lord, the righteous judge, shall give at
that day.

We pray that God will richly bless you and give you fine and blessed holidays. In Jesus name we pray and for His sake, amen.
Sincerely yours in Christian Love,
Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Coble

we have had to send out TWO special ap- *


April 12. 1945, the first letter went out
to Christian people calling for money to send recruits to Europe. This fund was called the Merwyn H. Greene Memorial Fund. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Coble paid for all printing and expenses of this until 1951. They paid all travel eypense and
sending of literature. Then in the fall of 1951, it became active

peals to be able to keep going. Some of

has not contributed to Mrs. Coble's re

the replies were heartwarming. The worry as to being able to make another month
covery. Each appeal letter costs 12 cents,
besides a vast amount of work. Many re

or ask friends and neighbors to do so, we went off the air. It was a real good pro

gram, too, just before Bible school.

We decided to take Formosa and Puerto Rico off the air. Programs for Puerto Rico had not been sent in. Thanksgiving day was the last there. Formosa will follow the last of the year. We would like to replace them with a foreign Spanish program, if we had a good broadcaster. The Chicago

plies were pathetic in their wish to help.

But many were with the dollar we asked
as a minimum. Occasionally the sky really

brightened. We have neither the strength

or nerve to send out another this year,

and hope and pray that many who have

answered the special appeals tinue to send regularly. may con

as The Gospel Bi-oadcasting Mission. Up to this time, Mrs. Coble had done m0i.t of the promoting as Mr. Coble was busy with his job a railway postal clerk. They went to some conventions, and ral lies, and attended Lake James and Cedar
Lake missions weeks. We were not in

program is not getting desired results, but

hope to be able to replace or add programs
as opportunity arises.

has had hardly time enough to tell. We






making us some exhibits signs, etc., like

in the Lookout this week. We get requests to send exhibits since we cannot always






vited to speak, however, but handed out some promotional literature. The first money paid out was S400 as a down payment on a Magnecorder, and other studio equipment, which Isabel Dittemore took to Japan for Alex Bills to re

radio in other lands, but we would be glad to add programs in the U.S.A. if there are those who wish to sponsor them. We tried hard for a long time to get a good list of songs, but when we wanted songs appro

go. We need two or three so if one set is

not at home, another will be. We have been using the exhibits the Defiance church made for the Roundup. They do not last too long, the usage they get, but they are nice. We would like an entire set to
fit in a suitcase, so it could be sent that

priate to occasions and sermons as Thanks giving, little available, and that not very
satisfactory Either church, voluntary, or

cord the program sponsored by the Gospel Broadcasting Mission over Radio Luxem

way. We need a G.B.M. sign to go across the top of boothcanvas or oil cloth.
It would be fine if in each church there would be one man, or couple to present the work of G.B.M. at a distance of up to 200 miles from where they live on a Sun

Ways And Means You May Help Us

We thank you for the many helpers

The first place we presented the work was at the National Missionary Conven tion at Louisville, Ky., Nov. 1951. The next Sunday we spoke in a church near Greenville, III., and a nice lady named Smith gave us a dollar and continued it a while. But another lady began sending S2 to $3 a month soon after, and for a long time has been regular as the calendar

among you. Some days and weeks we think we cannot go on. Then we remember those who pray and work and give of their
means, and how it would hinder the mis sionaries in their work if we should quit. We renew our efforts and press on. But we believe you do want to be of more material aid to this workso will list a few ways we may work together, that MORE may be accomplished. Of course there is always the need for

day. If ten would do this, then we could get more than one date, possibly, and we
could go ahead and get speaking dates. First present it to your own church or trade pulpits to do it some Sunday night.
Make a contest out of itHa! Have it one

with $5 per month. So the trip paid off after all for God in a financial way.
Our next speaking date was obtained through Ralph McLain, who stayed with

certain night in the area, and, have it G.B.M. night, and all change pulpits and present the work. We need some enthusi
asm about missions, especially G.B.M. Then we would like six to eight minis ters to write letters to some particular

us a night, and said he would arrange for us to come to West Springfield, III., which he did for April 6, 1952. I would like to have that recording played back to us. We had no sample, but Bob Hargrave made a sample of what could be done in the short time of the broadcast,
and we used that. And the wife of Dr.

money. We have this so much at heart,

that we think every congregation should PLAN a sizeable portion of funds for mis

sionary radio. We COULD cover the world

with one pleaChrist our only leader "Search the Scriptures" to see what He teaches, and asks us to do. This takes money. Out of 23 churches in this, our
home area, there are seven home area churches whom we can count on for reg

church you knownot too far awayask ing for a speaking date as though we were writing it. O.K. for you to sign our names. These things will all take time, but isn't
it worth it that the cause of Christ may

prosper in the world?

Please take a little extra time to read and discuss these things, and get volun






group, gave us a check for S50, which brightened the horizon. On arriving home, we learned that the first program of New Testament Christi

ular monthy offerings. A few others give offerings once or twice a year. A few
classes and one or two Ladies' Aids. AI so there are designated offerings that have saved us many a time. In the Garrett church, the G.B.M. was

teers. If you have better plans, O.K. These are things we know w o u I d be of great benefit. Something different, maybe, but
for His sake and cause.

anity had been broadcast the next day fi-om Radio Luxembourg. It has continued proclaiming the Gospel from that day on for the last five years by Charles Phipps. And at different times and intervals,
other programs have been added: Ger man, Polish, later put on Trans World

We would like to

turn over everything

the first missionary effort by one of its members, and is generously supported. Besides the $50 pledge by the Church, there are designated gifts through tho
church. But now there aries out of the ranks, and LaRues deservedly besides the Loft family are and get and other mission the Wegwarts good support, school.

to some good promoter. Maybe you will

be the one. Soon if need be. As long as

we live, we shall work for G.B.M. to as great a degree as possible. We would like
to know NOW there are those to share in

Radio; Ibadan and Lagos, Nigeria, Puerto Rico, Formosa and the Spanish language
on WTAQ, Chicago, For a few months

a program

on a

Wash., D.C., station to help the Kensing

ton church. Then for a few weeks we had

One church in Illinois never having us there, has given over $400 per year since 1961. Though we did not send them our

this work, and growing familiar with the work and easing the strain. We need moneyspeakerstravelers. Plan to be missionaries in camp next summer to present G.B.M. Get your own camp, or let us know if you will go. We can furnish
most of the material. Thank you, and may

a program on the Coldwater, Mich., sta

special appeal letter, they heard about it,

and sent an extra S500. This has grown

tion that Mrs. Coble paid for personally by money saved one year that she taught

God richly bless you.

Shall millions con

to be big business for the Master. Mil lions hear each week, and it should be
heard by more.
Some churches in the area have never

tinue to hear New Testament teaching by

the Gospel Broadcasting Mission?

Mr. and Mrs. Walter S. Coble

We do not keep a program on the air

that does not draw mail after a time. So

as Christians never took time to


given, and some not recently. During 1964


At our time of discouragement because of lack of funds, sermons, songs and of illness we decided to cut off two programs.
Because of Mainie's illness Mr. Coble did


"Loving Brother in the Lord!" With great joy, I received today the two sermon copies of .... Eight days ago, I received the first sermon. My heart felt thanks! My eyes were astonished as I read them! The pure, unfalisified Word of God! No man-made laws just the pure truth right from the Scriptures! THIS WE

permit us to translate and mimeograph them all. In just one week alone, Heinz, our German secretary, and I, answered 73 letters. The letters which we have printed here are only the shorter ones. We have not printed any of the long letters in which Bible questions were asked, because it would require our publishing a book rather than
a Newsletter. As we answer each of these

not have the time to devote to the making

of tapes: preachers were not sending in


But when we announced these programs were being terminated we began to leam more of how great a benefit they had be
come. Brother Thomas has been able to

I have been here in West Germany only tliree months. I came out of the Soviet Zone. There the people thirst for God's truth and righteousness. I trusted the Lord
and He inclined Himself to me and heard

letters, it involves writing another sermon for each correspondent, because of the teaching required for each individual. We do not neglect answering a single letter,
because we never know when our corres

talk personally with some of the nationals and they appreciate so much the Search the Scripture broadcasts in Formosa. They listen every Sunday morning before they go to church. Brother Thomas speaks the plain Word and gives chapter and verse concerning salvation so that ALL CAN search the Scripturesfor the way of life and we are convinced that they do. Brother
Thomas is convinced that more and more

my cries, and I am now thankful for God for the great Grace which He bestowed on me, that I may have the sermons,
therewith to read and learn the Bible bet

ponding will eventually lead to the person's conversion. We encourage the Germans themselves to do the baptizing and to con
duct services in their homes each Lord's

Bound in Jesus' Love and Greeting (You) Your Mr. M. H.

"Dear Relative in the Lord!

day. Behind the iron curtain, where it is im

thousands are getting much good from these broadcasts. He is willing to sacrifice money as well as time and energy to keep this program on the air.
We will continue the Puerto Rican broad

Please receive my innermost Thanks for your loving letter! You owe us no thanks on the contrary we are so very thankful. (1.) that the Triune God had caCed us who had fallen so deeply in sin, into His worthy service; (2) that He opened our eyes and made us willing, and (3) that He makes it possible month after month. and Saviour, Jesus Christ!

possible for us to go, we are instructing and encouraging the new converts to begin meet ings and to hold services in their homes and thus to establish local congregations in the areas in which they live. We are not free
to reveal the whereabouts of these groups, because we must protect them from the Communist authorities. Please pray for these people, for us, and for Mr. and Mrs. Walter Coble whose efforts are making our broadcast possible! Pray also for our new missionary recruits to Germany, Mr. and Mrs. Alvin Phillips. They arrived in Ger many the last of October, 1983, and arc busy with teaching classes, language study, and follow up of GBM programs. Heartfelt Thanks to each of you for the part you have

cast if some good minister will volunteer to preach, and churches will send more

Oh, praise and thanks for it to our Lord We are very

Since we

thankful for the Radio mission.

recordings of solos and quartets. The peo ple do not seem to care much for choirs, unless the words are sung very plainly.

arc farmers by trade, we live a lew kilo

meters from a small town and have there

But we cannot be left without programs.

Mrs. Coble put on a Thanksgiving program but appropriate patrotic songs wei'e not available. Write if you will do this.
With Brother Thomas the fine worker

fore not much contact with public life. So your radio messages are as neccssary as our daily bread. Oh, what a thrill it will be in glory to greet and to be greeted (with)
those whom we have not seen in this life!

he is and the northwest representative of

the GBM, and with Brother Len Faul the representative in Illinois, we look fojrward

to the wonderful New Year in the Gospel

Broadcasting Mission. Our next issue will have more to tell of all the fine men who arc throwing their efforts into this work of

broadcasting the gospel seed by mission

ary radio.

Write to brother Len FauU, Box 222, Elkville, lU., for him to come and talk to you? to attend your rallies and conventions to pro mote the Gospel Broadcasting Mission.

Now we wish you and yours a blessed service of God's Grace and His Holy Spirit. Bound to you in Jesus' Love, I am your thankful listener, Mr. K. A. and Family" (West Germany) "Loving Brother! Please understand, if I send you this small gift of .. . D.M. for the weekly written sermons. It all costs money and therefore I cannot accept them free. I like them very much. You have chosen to be the most precious: (namely) "a servant of the Lord!" In the Love of Christ our Lord, I Greet you, Your Sister, Mrs. E. B."
'Dear Brother!

in making our radio work possible! May God bless you always! Ed, Mary, David, Debbie Ann, Bobby and Miss Kenning
Dear Sir: Your programme on Radio Lux embourg called "Search the Scriptures" has encouraged me to read the Bible more often.

I have had much pleasure listening to the

programme. I would like to know more about

it so that I can understand the Bible a lot more. I would' like a copy of the book men
tioned. Thank you. C.B., Eng.

Dear Sir: I have found great spiritual as

sistance from listening to your programme.

I would be very grateful if you could send

Miss C.O., Eng.
Sir: We listened with interest to j'our pro

me a copy of ^e booklet. Yours in Christ.

Would you please upon payment send me 100 or more sermon copies on


I work in large areas in tract-mission. I want to distribute them in our high schools and industrial areas. Please pray for me and my two motherless grandsons! Friendliest Greetings,
Your Mr. P. F. W."

gramme "Search the Scriptures." We would be glad to receive the Bible Study book you
told us about. Praying God's blessing on

your ministry in this way. Yours sincerely,

Mrs. D.A., England.
Dear Sir: After listening to your program me on Saturday evenings, which I may

NOTE: 130 sermon copies have been sent for distribution by this one radio listener alone. The sermon was an argument against
EvoFution. Other radio listeners also re

add, have been very helpful, you announced

that if I was to write to you you would send me a Bible Study book. I am a pupil at Gordonstown school and we have just start ed a Bible study group and I think that your book would be of great value to us as a

ceive our sermons in quantity for Bible study groups and for further distribution. SPECIAL NOTE: These are just a few of the many letters we receive from our radio listeners. Time nor space would never

group. My best wishes, T.B., England.

(Continued on back page)


They arc not capering so much this year but have had plenty to do. From the

(Continued from page 3)

beginning of the year until now, Mainic

has had many heart spasms and attacks of angina pectoris, some coronary, just difficult to get over. But she is still work ing at it. Also, possibly working some at books, files, literature and what needs to be done. Resting more and more each day. This leaves Mr. Coble the main work
to do such as housework as well as a lot

Dear Sir: Have listened intently to your

Scriptures broadcasts and am interested in

the free booklet. So if you could send me

one along, please? Yours faithfully, C.H.,


How fitting that the angels came First, to the shepherds on Bethlehem's
plain, To tell them the good Shpherd, had come David revealed, in the shepherd's psalm.

of office work, including getting mailing done, recordings done, copies and litera

Dear Minister: I have great pleasure in telling you that I am a regular listener in the evening to your programme. I get great benefit from it and would like to receive

the free booklet. Yours in Christ, Miss A.D.

R., England.

ture sent out to help people

work and understand.

know the

To give His life to save lost sheep

To seek for them o'er mountains steep

Lovingly take them in His arms And carry them safe from all that harms.

Please do send for Gospel Broadcasting Mission literature and tapes. Any way we
can help you we wish to do. Mainie may not be able to

get Christ

Published bi-monthly by the Gospel

Broadcasting Mission, Mr. and Mrs.

The Scriptures told, and they had heard

That men would call this Shepherd, Lord; He'd restore the faint; the hungary feed

By waters, still, he would safely lead.

In death's valley they need not fear
For He would be forever near

mas greeting cards sent out but please accept this "Listen" as a personal greet ing to you, wherever you may beper haps overseas doing missionary work and maybe overseas in other occupations or
serving our country.

Walter S.




Entered as second class matter at

Garrett Post Office.

One would walk through; but not alone This Shepherd would for their sins atone. Knowing this, they gladly hastened With joyful hearts, but spirits chastened To see this, that had been fulfilled Prophets foretold and Heaven wiled.
As angel voices echoed away They stood in awe by the bed of hay

We pray God's blessing upon you, and upon all of you in the blessed land of the free and the home of the brave. May we ever work for freedom, under God. We
pray for friends and loved ones of our


martyred Missionary, Phyllis Rine of the Congo, and that God will bring His will to come out of all of these horrors, by His people who are called by His name.

They saw the Christ that angels said They would find in this lowly bed.
So wonderful it seemed to them

For Noble Headly by his daughter. Mrs. Faulkner of Fort Wayne. For C. C. Omer Sr. by Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Omar of Horse Cave, Ky. For Mrs. Anna Kellogg of Salineville,

They must tell the the news to all men Going home, they shouted the cry "Christ is come" let no man deny. They told the news, to God glorify

Praising, His name to magnify

They published abroad, as they went The story of love from heaven sent.

0., who passed away at the age of 88; by

the Loyal Workers as she was one of their

faithful workers. Also, Mrs. Kellogg was

a faithful friend and contributor to the

Arriving then back to their sheep Wondrous thoughts in their hearts to keep And tell the good news far and wide
Of Him who came with them to abide.








For Charles E.
of Clinton, 111.

Terpenning, who

Jan. 2, 1962, by his wife, Nora Terpenning


The Lord





As with rod and staff they tended their


For Phyllis Rine, killed in the cause

* of Christ in the Belgian Congo, the

* Gospel Broadcasting Mission.
dwell in the house of the

Knowing when Earth's ties they'd sever

They would
Lord forever.

Written by Mrs. Walter S. Coble



(Second Class Mail)

Mr. Ervie Rich of 763 East Michigan avenue, Battle Creek, Mich., who is North ern Indiana and Canadian representative for the Gospel Broadcasting Mission, will be spending his vacation in Florida during the Christmas and New Year holiday season.



If you would like to have him represent

GBM in some way while he is in Florida
please write to him at wice.