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Scene 1-(Fully narrated, no dialogue) Sleeping boy. One day, there is a cute little boy sleeping soundly.

He is very curious and always asks many questions just like the other children. Before he gets into sleep, he wonders what is the longest word in the dictionary. While sleeping he dreams about a Magical World of Disney and try to figure out for the word in the enchanted land.

Scene 2 Cindrella and the glass slipper Boy: Where am I? this land looks beautiful. I believe Ill find the word here. (wandering around) Boy: Wait a minute, who is that? Hi there! Prince: What! Hi? Majesty sounds better isnt it? Boy: So are you from a royal blood? Prince: You should know me as a Prince Charming Boy: Oh! Prince Charming, the savior. Do you know anything about the longest word in the dictionary? Prince: For sure, I do my boy. Ill give you a hint but with one condition, you must help me to find my princess.

Boy: For sure I can find Cinderella, you must own her glass slipper. Give it to me Prince: This? Boy: follow me

The boy found Cinderellas house based on the story that he read. So the boy tries in both stepsisters of Cinderella and it does not fix. The slipper matches with Cinderella. Cinderella and Prince Charming gets together.(Song) Boy: So as promised, where is the hint? Hint di tapak kasut Cinderella Prince: Here you go my boy.

Scene 3 Snow White & The Evil queen Conversation between the evil queen and Snow white.

Queen: Snow White, I feel guilty with what I have done to you. I killed your father and took your kingdom. Im really sorry, please forgive me. This is enchanted apple; it will protect you all the time. Please take thisand forgive me.

Snow White: My Queen, I always believe there will be a good side of you. You deserve a chance. For sure, Ill always forgive you. Queen: Here, have this. Boy: Wait a minute that is poisonous! Queen: No, Its not Boy: Yes it is, I know it very well. I read about it before. Queen: Who are you? What type of magic you possessed? How do you know it is poisonous? (angry tone) Snow White: So it is poisonous? Queen: AhhhOf course it is a poison apple my honey. But no worries, I still have a plan B. Ill rip your heart out. Snow White: Its been a long time my Queen, snow white have been changed. Fight (Ill explain later)* Song- I believe from Mirror mirror Snow White: You saved my life, make a wish my boy. Ill fulfill your wish. Boy: I want to know the longest word in English. Snow White: Thats all? Here you go, a hint to the word. Make use of it.

Scene 4 Princess and the frog Boy: It is quite tiring, I am moving from one place to another. But I need to know the longest word in English. Princess: (Crying) Boy: Who are you? Why are u crying? Princess: Im Tiana, I am alone. I have no one to accompany me Boy: Look, your prince! Princess: What! A frog is my prince? Boy: Yes, (The boy grab the frog) Princess: Take away that thing from me. Boy: Dont worry, Just hold it. Princess: No, I wont. Boy: Please, You wont be alone anymore. (Princess hold the frog) Boy: Kiss it Princess: Are you insane? How could I do that! (The boy pushed the princesss head and makes her kiss the frog) (A prince appear (Iskandar will appear and sing a song to show love to the princess)

Prince: Thank you boy, you break my curse. Boy: True love is the most powerful magic of all. I know about it from a book. Prince: Here you go my boy, a hint for the longest word. I know youre looking for it. Boy: Thank You.