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cafe connect becomes holiday connect

For the next seven weeks, cafe connect is expandingopening the doors of the cafe wide to invite all of our community, especially families to come and join us, both inside the cafe and outside on the grass and patio. Every Monday morning between 10.30 and 12.30, do drop by and say hello at the Wallington Library cafe- buy your refreshments and relax and have a chat. We look forward to seeing you there.

21st July All Age Worship John 1: 43 - 51 Come and See ~~~~~~~ 28th July All Age Worship John 3: 1-21
Welcome to the Service, especially those who are visiting us for the first time. Please do join us for tea and coffee after the service. There is a welcome desk in the foyer with more information about the churchs activities

youth weekend
13-15th September 2013 Is open to all young people who come to the MiX or to Springfield, who will be in Yr 7 and above from September. Letters with full details and application forms are available from Becca or you can download them from the church website:
Curate: Revd. Donna Lazenby 020 8763 4222 (day off Friday) Pioneer Minister: Sue Bosley (day off Saturday) 020 8773 4787 Church Office 020 8647 3410 Pastoral Care 07871 768 070 Safeguarding

Summer Sermon Series

Encounters with Jesus What is it like to meet Jesus Christ? What happens when we meet him? How are we challenged, inspired, transformed? Starting today, we are beginning our 2013 Summer Sermon Series on the theme of Encounters with Jesus, plunging into some wonderful passages of encounter with Jesus in Johns gospel. We will see how peoples lives were changed by those encounters, and explore together what it means for each of us, today, to be encountering the Living Christ and living in the power of his resurrected Spirit.

July 22nd @ 10.30 am holiday connect July 23rd @ 12.30 pm Ashby Grange cell lunch July 26th - August 2nd New Wine July 27th Paul & Karens wedding St Marks, Purley August 18th -22nd Soul Survivor August 23rd - 27th Momentum September 6th @ 7.00 pm The MiX @ the Phoenix September 6th evening MiX Connect @ the Phoenix September 13th - 15th MiXXtra @ Dalesdown September 13th - 15th MSM weekend away October 24th @ 7.30pm MSM course November 21st @ 7.30pm MSM course

Pray for our church family

Wedding News
Congratulations to Jill Nicholson (Sandy Elderkins sister) who is getting married later today to Alain. Please pray for them as they start out together and for Gods blessing ~~~~~ Congratulations also to Gavin Samuel, getting married on 3rd August to Stefanie in Switzerland. Please pray for all the practical arrangements and for Gavin & Stefanie

T Towel Amnesty
Please check whether you have any t-towels at home from our Sunday refreshments and return them asap (no questions asked!) Thank you

Please pray for:

Chris Willis and his family following the death of his nan this week. Karen Patching & Paul Kirkby, looking forward to their wedding on the 27th Our children receiving end of year results and looking forward to holiday time Please remember: All those we know undergoing long term treatments, for relief from symptoms and positive outcomes

For prayer chain requests, please contact :

RUSH Lunch
Ashby Grange cell are organising a carvery lunch for you and your friends at Park Place in Mitcham on Tuesday 23rd July, starting at 12.30 pm. Its a fantastic chance to have some great conversations, food and fun while also raising some money for RUSH widows- the charity that the cell supports. If needed, lifts can be provided: RSVP to Maggie 8240 7294 or Ann 8647 3410

Wills Sabbatical
Will has returned to the uk and is visiting various churches and initiatives that, like Springfield, have received funding from the Archbishops council. Do have a read of his reflections on Tolladine, Birmingham and Bradford (updated and complete) and now also a visit to Warrington Find his blog at:

Jean Silvester 8647 5100

She will pass on any pastoral matters as appropriate