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for large buildings and power plants

Renewable energy from solar panels

Solutions for photovoltaic installations

In recent years photovoltaic electricity generation has met the growing demand for energy. There is a large concern for clean energy without emissions that impact the environment. Keeping this in mind, Schneider Electric provides a complete set of solutions from DC to grid connections.

Helping you to achieve the lowest cost of energy for your solar farm
Added value from our solutions
Complete set of solutions Conversion of energy Electric distribution Supervision and monitoring Security (CCTV and access controls) Engineering, design and project management Operations and Maintenance services CAPEX and OPEX optimization Optional service provided for the life span of the PV array Performance commitment Local and international support Energy efficiency and availability Specific supervision and monitoring systems for photovoltaic solutions. Extensive range of inverters Schneider Electric Xantrex Inverters from 100 kW to 630 kW.

Schneider Electric,

a unique partner

for every phase of your project

Presales support Design, architecture and lay-out Electrical protection and selectivity study Lightning protection study Dependability study

Scope of the


Project management Planning, scheduling and logistics Public work Installation and cabling Commissioning Initial Performance Ratio assessment

Grid synchronized inverters DC and AC electrical distribution LV / MV compact power conversion substations (PV Box) MV compact grid connection substations Monitoring systems Security systems (CCTV , access control ..) Operation & Maintenance contracts

Real time monitoring and alarming Data recording, hosting and processing Preventive maintenance Curative maintenance Performance Ratio and Availability Level monitoring

Turnkey solutions

Comprehensive and innovative solutions

Maximum quality standards during design, installation and maintenance Integrated solution for electrical distribution, automation, security, monitoring and control Value added provided by Schneider Electric proven experience

Our turnkey solutions include:

Power conversion substations PV Box including inverters (Schneider Electric XantrexTM GT100, GT100 E, GT250, GT250 E, GT500, GT500 ESeitenansicht and Vorderansicht Re GT630 E), DC combiner box, transformer, MV protection, monitoring Grid connection substations MV switchgear, metering and protection, grid supervision, weather station Monitoring, supervision and control DC array boxes, data monitoring, efficiency of the production, maintenance program Security systems Schneider Electric and PELCO Advanced services Schneider Electric is able to commit on the global performance of the plant during the 20 years life time
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For the entire life cycle

Maintain a high level of operations Optimization of CAPEX and OPEX Continuing improvements

Global support
Localised services enables support to the end-user in any country


Packaged solutions
Thermally optimized compact design Ensures optimal operating conditions to inverters andVorderansicht transformer Seitenansicht Rechts Easy logistics and installation Partioning in LV and MV Modular MV cubicle DC combiner box with Master / Slave feature Ease of maintenance management  Warranty of the manufacturer (assembled in factory) Adapted to local standards and regulations

German model shown. PV Boxes are customized to suit each individual application and may look different from the image shown.

The PV Box includes inverter synchronisation and electrical equipment of Schneider Electric : low voltage AC/DC breaker box, transformer and MV cubicles. All the trouble shooting equipment is located in a compact enclosure (concrete, metallic). This packaged solution integrates monitoring and control devices (part of the global monitoring system), security systems (access control), as well as related maintenance services.
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PV Box

1.250/1.000 kW


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Solution 1.25 MW/1 MW


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Custom solutions available

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Schnitt B-B

Schnitt E-E
Fassade: Attika: Spritzschutzkante Keller: Tr: Lftungsgitter: Regenrohr: Kunstharzbeschichtung ## ca.: 200 mm Stahl Stahl PVC

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RAL RAL RAL RAL RAL RAL 9001 6029 9001 6029 6029 9001



Grid-tie inverters
Operation at rated capacity with high ambient temperatures High energy production (GT250 E, GT500 MVX, GT500 E and GT630 E)  Compatible with large numbers of photovoltaic modules thanks to a large range of DC input voltages Seitenansicht Links Advanced system of power tracking (MPPT) Connection of multiple parallel inverters for more robust installations Extensive global experience in connecting large solar installations to the network Scalable grid services: anti-islanding, VAR compensation, low voltage ride-through

Rated capacity: 1.25 MW (with 1 master-slave solution) Manual disconnetor (AC/DC) included Increased maximum efficiency of 98.4% Increased euro efficiency of 98.3%

2x630 kW


Rated capacity: 1 MW (with 1 master-slave solution) Schnitt C-C Manual disconnect (AC/DC) included Increased maximum efficiency of 98.3% Increased euro efficiency of 98.1%

2x500 kW

Schnitt D-D

Rated capacity: 630 kW Manual disconnect (AC/DC) included Increased maximum efficiency of 98.4% Increased euro efficiency of 98.2%

1x630 kW

Fassade: Rated capacity: 500 kW Kunstharzbeschichtung Attika: ## Spritzschutzkante (AC/DC) Keller: ca.: 200 mm Manual disconnect included Seitenansicht Links Stahl Tr: Increased maximum of 98.3% Stahl Lftungsgitter: efficiency PVC97.9% Regenrohr: Increased euro efficiency of Innenanstrich wei:

1x500 kW
Schnitt E-E

Schnitt F-F
RAL RAL RAL RAL RAL RAL 9001 6029 9001 6029 6029 9001 ja ja nein lngsseitig 1 1 2 6 12 3

Rated capacity: 250 kW Manual disconnect (AC/DC) included Increased maximum efficiency of 97.5% Increased euro efficiency of 96.6%

1x250 kW
Solution Komplettlsungen fr: - Transformatorenstationen
- Schalthuser - Schachtsysteme


lfeste Beschichtung H=250mm Bitumenanstrich Keller: Transportanker: Sytemdeckel HSI 90-D6/20 Sytemdeckel HSI 90-D1/75 Sytemdeckel HSI 150-D3/60 Sytemdeckel HSI 150-D7/34 Verschlustopfen Gummistopfen VS 34 Verschlustopfen Gummistopfen VS 20

verkleinerte Kopie

Rated capacity: 100 kW Manual disconnect (AC/DC) included Increased maximum efficiency ofSchnitt 96.6% Schnitt C-C D-D Increased euro efficiency of 96%

1x100 kW

SEIT 1889

Fachbetrieb fr Mittel- u. Niederspannungstechnik


Monitoring solutions
Reduction of operational costs: automated management and reliable data acquisition Production increase during operation: information in real time, alarms and reports Planning improvements: detailed cost information, capacity and stress Interoperability with other systems: CCTV, access control,... Multi-site, scalable and flexible: remote access and remote monitoring of the different PV power plant Data acquisition : Voltage, current, temperature, irradiation, devices status, etc. Wide choice of local communication media Data logging and stamping Web-enabled devices Local or remote transmission (ADSL, GPRS, ) Mono- or multi-sites Supervision Visualization Reporting Data exploitation : Performance ratio, availability level Computer aided maintenance

Power conversion substations - inverter - transformer - medium voltage switch gear - protection - grid supervision Data monitoring

Grid connection substation - medium voltage switch gear - protection - grid supervision - weather station Data monitoring

Remote monitoring

Array Boxes PV Modules Power conversion substations Local monitoring

Utility grid

CCTV and access control Schneider Electric and PELCO : Compact, standard and mobile cameras Dome cameras day/night Microwave or infrared shielding Microwave shield BM-XXQ

Complete surveillance for risk reduction Reaches

throughout the life cycle of your installation


Schneider Electric offers customized services:

of its potential
Design Installation Operation

End of life cycle


i Preventive revisions Des Predictive maintenance ion at tall Diagnostics Ins Emergency intervention Management and supply of spares ycle ife c tion of l technical assistance duc 24 E hour o nd r n P io Upgrades ernizat d Mo


Make the most of your energy

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