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CABBAGE The cabbage is a cross pollinated crop and it readily crosses with the other members of the Cole crops. Proper isolation distance between varieties is to be maintained. In India the seed is produced only in the hills. Three methods are being used.

Only a cross cut is given to facilitate the emergence of the flower stalk.

The outside leaves are removed and only the central portion is left from where the flower stalks come out.

The head is removed and only the stump is left. The last two methods give higher yield of seed. But the flower stalks become decumbent and pods nearly touch the ground. The seed yield per hectare is about 500 to 650 kg. CAULIFLOWER It is a crop requiring temperate climate for flowering and seed production. Seed production is therefore vested in the plains of north India and in the hills. The seeds of early and mid season varieties are produced in the plains of north India. The seeds of late variety are produced in the Kulu valley, Kashmir valley, Himachal Pradesh etc. the best method of seed production is to leave the plants in situ. The plants with good curds will later produce flower stalks. The flowers open and develop and ripens during April-May. This method occupies lot of area, because selected plants, for seed production are left here and there in the field. It is there fore that the selected plants with the best curds are transplanted in well manured soil blocks for seed production. But the seed yield is highly reduced in transplanted plants. Early varieties can withstand if transplanted with a ball of earth. While transplanting ,the seedlings may be placed at 9090 or 70 70 cm. The seed yield is about 5 to 6 quintals per hectare. In late varieties the sowing or transplanting time is to be adjusted for proper seed production. Chilling is required after the full vegetative phase. If the temperature falls

below freezing before full vegetative growth it results in very low yields of seed. If the transplanting is done early, curds form before freezing set in and the whole plant may be damaged. The sowing and transplanting should be adjusted such that the plants put forth maximum vegetative growth before the temperature goes low and the plants go in to dormancy. The seed yield of late varieties range between 2.5 and 4 quintals per hectare. Since cauliflower is a cross pollinated crop special isolation distance of at least one km should be observed. 15-09-2010