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January 16, 2009 • Volume 7, Issue 14 Published for those serving in the Republic of Korea

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USFK Commander Garrison ceremonies

tours Yongsan throughout region
quarters honor MLK

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Swimmers ‘chill’ at Humphreys

More than 70 Soldiers, Civilians and Family members plunged into 30 degree water during USAG-Humphreys’ first-ever Polar Bear swim at the Splish and Splash Waterpark Jan. 10. The first
20 participants completing the swim and submerging themsleves underwater, up to their neck, received prizes and giveaways from MWR. To view more photos from this event, visit the USAG-
Humphreys Flickr page at — U.S. Army photos by Lori Yerdon

American Forces Network Korea holds

‘Design Your AFN Spot Contest’
Win a USO ski package for two! Visit for information ‘The Frontline
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The Morning Calm
Published by Installation Management
Command - Korea

Commanding General/Publisher: Brig. Gen. John Uberti

Public Affairs Officer/Editor: Edward N. Johnson
Deputy PAO: Slade Walters
Senior Editor: Susan Silpasornprasit

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday and
Commander: Col. Larry A. Jackson
Public Affairs Officer: Margaret Banish-Donaldson
CI Officer: James F. Cunningham Lunar New Year - Holiday Safety
Commander: Col. David W. Hall In January, we will celebrate two holidays. From 17-20 January roadways during Lunar New
Public Affairs Officer: David McNally we will celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.’s Birthday and we Year visiting relatives and friends. USFK personnel need to be aware
Staff Writers: Sgt. Im Jin-min, Cpl. Lee Min-hwi,
Spc. Jason C. Adolphson will observe Lunar New Year that traveling by POV is extremely difficult due to massive traffic
(Seol-Nal) from 24-26 January. jams on freeways and major rural routes.
Commander: Col. John E. Dumoulin Jr. As we prepare to enjoy these First-line leaders must create a verbal contract with their
Public Affairs Officer: Bob McElroy long weekend holidays, we must subordinates to act responsibly by conducting Under the Oak Tree
CI Officer: Lori Yerdon Counseling. Leaders must be present and watchful while ensuring
Writer-Editor: Ken Hall
remain vigilant.
Designer: Pfc. Kim, Hyung Joon To minimize the risk of accidents, their suicide prevention program is fully engaged. Identify high-risk
Servicemembers, civilians, and personnel and provide counseling where it will do the most good.
Commander: Col. Michael P. Saulnier family members should be We all need to take care of each other and use the "buddy system,"
Public Affairs Officer: Ronald Inman alert to their surroundings and especially when patronizing off-post establishments. First-line
Staff Writer: Pvt. Park, Kyung Rock
Staff Writer: Lee, Dodam exercise good safety practices in all supervisors make the difference.
activities. Leaders should reinforce Our goal remains No Loss of Life at any time. I am convinced
This Army newspaper is an authorized publication for that your personal involvement and the chain of command’s concern
members of the Department of Defense. Contents of The
the need for subordinates to use
Morning Calm Weekly are not necessarily official views of, safety principles and common for our Servicemembers, civilian employees, and family members
or endorsed by, the U.S. Government, Department of De- s e n s e p r a c t i c e s . Exc e s s i ve will make a difference over these holiday weekends. Our combined
fense, or Department of the Army. The editorial content of
this weekly publication is the responsibility of the IMCOM- Gen. Walter L. Sharp alcohol consumption, road involvement will continue to save lives.
Korea, Public Affairs, APO AP 96205. Circulation: 9,500 safety conditions, and winter WALTER L. SHARP
Printed by Oriental Press, a private firm in no way con- recreational activities continue We go together! General, US Army
nected with the U.S. Government, under exclusive written to be areas of concern. Additionally, many Koreans will be on the Commander
contract with the Contracting Command-Korea. The
civilian printer is responsible for commercial advertising.
The appearance of advertising in this publication, including
inserts or supplements, does not constitute endorsement
SMA: ‘NCOs, the glue that holds the Army together’
by the U.S. Army or Oriental Press of the products or ser-
vices advertised. Everything advertised in this publication Army News Service contributions of the NCO to the Army fitness, leadership development and pride
shall be made available for purchase, use or patronage mission and why the service has named in service by implementing programs and
without regard to race, religion, gender, national origin,
age, marital status, physical handicap, political affiliation, The noncommissioned officer is the 2009 the year of the NCO. policies that support growth of the NCO
or any other non-merit factor of the purchaser, user or glue that has held the Army together over “This is an opportunity for us to corps, the sergeant major said. Additionally,
patron. If a violation or rejection of this equal opportunity
policy by an advertiser is confirmed, the printer shall refuse
the last eight years, said the Army’s senior showcase the contributions of the NCO the Army wants to recognize the leadership,
to print advertising from that source until the violation is enlisted advisor during a presentation at the corps,” he said. “It’s those noncommissioned professionalism, commitment and courage
corrected. Pentagon. officers out there every day who are not of the NCO through outreach events that
Oriental Press President: Charles Chong During the presentation, Sgt. Maj. of only winning the fight on the global are being planned throughout the Army.
Commercial Advertising the Army Kenneth O. Preston discussed the war on terror, they’re also the ones who With respect to education during the
Telephone: 738-5005 or 723-4253
Fax: (02) 790-5795 directly influence their piece of the Army year of the NCO, the sergeant major said
E-mail: by being the first line supervisor for two there were three pillars of learning for all
Mail address: PSC 450, Box 758, APO AP 96206-0758
Location: Bldg. 1440, Yongsan, Main Post
or three Soldiers who they are responsible Soldiers in the Army.
for. They're the ones who create command The first pillar of learning is institutional
SUBMISSIONS OR COMMENTS: climate and train the Soldiers in their learning -- in the school house. The second
Phone: DSN 724-3366
E-mail: MorningCalmWeekly occupational specialties.” pillar is that of operational experience -- the
Preston told the audience of Soldiers kind of learning that can only be learned in
and Army civilians that being an NCO was the field and by doing, Preston said.
all about teaching from experience and that “The third pillar is largely an untapped
Visit us online the two basic responsibilities of the NCO resource: self-development and self-study,”
The Morning Calm come from the NCO creed. Preston said. “It’s accomplishment of the mission “One of the big initiatives coming out
and the welfare of the Soldier,” Preston of this is the Army Career Tracker where
said. “One of the principal ways an NCO we can begin to provide more guided and
looks after the welfare of his Soldiers structured self-development initiatives.
is through training -- it’s about being There are a lot of things out there we want
a subject matter expert. We want our our NCOs to be, know and do to take them
young Soldiers to study, to train and be to a whole new level.”
the best Soldiers they can be, because as The Career Tracker will identify a
they move up into positions of increased Soldier’s path and their career track,
responsibility they will be responsible for mapping out specifically what they need to
Installation Management Command Soldiers teaching from a position of experience. do to advance through the Army's ranks.
and noncommissioned officers compete in It's the experience that allows our NCOs Preston said as Soldiers continue to
the command's Soldier and NCO of the Year to be trainers.” develop and grow with their education, by
Competition held July 14-17, 2008 at Fort AP Hill, During the year of the NCO, the Army the time they reach sergeant they've become
Submitting to Va. — U.S. Army photo by Tim Hipps will work toward enhancing education, articulate, smart and great spokespersons.
The Morning Calm Weekly
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IMCOM-K Public Affairs

Year of Each week, the Morning Calm will feature an noncommissioned officer serving
in Korea.To feature an NCO from your organization in the Morning Calm, send
and the Morning Calm Weekly staff are located
in Bldg. 1416, Yongsan Garrison Main Post.
For information, call 724-3365. the NCO a photo and brief description to or call
724-3366 for details.

MP Blotter
The following entries were excerpted from the
military police blotters. These entries may be in-
complete and do not imply guilt or innocence.

AREA I: Subject #1 was observed by MP adja-

cent to an unknown off post hospital during the
hours of curfew. Subject #1 was apprehended
and transported to the USAG-Casey PMO,
where he was administered a PBT, with a re-
sult of 0.033% BAC. A check of Subject #1’s ID
card revealed that he was under the legal age
to consume alcohol. Subject #1 was advised of
his legal rights, which he invoked. Subject #1
was processed and released to his unit. This is
a final report.

AREA I: Underage Drinking; Simple Assault;

Subject #1 was observed by Witness #1 con-
suming an alcoholic beverage at a club in Ui-
jueongbu. Subject #1 was apprehended by MP
and transported to the USAG- Stanley PMO,
where he was administered a PBT, with a re-
sult of 0.310% BAC. Subject #1 was advised
of his legal rights, which he waived rendering
a written sworn statement denying the offense.
Subject #1 was processed and released to his
unit. Later that night, Victim #1 reported to the
USAG-Stanley PMO stating he was assaulted
by Subject #1 and rendered a written sworn
statement attesting to the incident. Subject #1
was apprehended by MP and transported to the COEX Mall is located in Gangnam-gu Seoul, South Korea and includes an aquarium. Visitors can drive there from Yongsan Garrison in approximately
USAG-Stanley PMO, where he was advised of 30-45 minutes. The mall can also be reached via the Seoul subway system, city buses or by taxi. COEX is one of the largest shopping malls
his legal rights, which he invoked. Subject #1 in Seoul. Along with hundreds of shops, the mall houses two food courts, a 16-screen multi-cinema complex, an aquarium attraction, a large
was processed and released to his unit. This
bookstore, and the Kimchi Field Museum. It also features a game area which is used to film computer game tournaments (for which South Korea
is a final report.
is known) which are broadcast on local television. There are also stages inside and outside the mall which are utilized for public appearances by
AREA II: Simple Assault; Subject #1 and Victim celebrities and seasonal events. COEX Mall English Website: View this photo and more from COEX at www.
#1 were involved in a verbal altercation which Read more about the aquarium on Page 16. — U.S. Army photo by Edward Johnson
turned physical, when Subject #1 put his hands
on Victim #1, forcing Victim #1 to the ground.
Victim #1 sustained unknown injuries. Subject
SIGHTS AND SOUNDS: Off-post events and activities
#1 was apprehended by KNP and transported
to the Yongsan Main KNP Station where he Teddy Bear Museum Lastly, there is the Family Zone that features an ice- Jisan Forest Resort
was charged by KNP under the RCC ART #260 The Teddy Bear Museum, which exhibits fishing lesson for children. Besides these themed Jisan Forest Resort is located in Icheon city,
(Crime of Violence). Subject #1 was released
numerous adorable teddy bears, has opened events there will be ‘Korea dog-sled championship’ Gyeonggi-do province, near the Incheon Airport.
into MP custody on a CJ Form 2. Subject #1
was transported to the USAG-Yongsan PMO, in N Seoul Tower at Mt. Namsan. This is the where you can watch the passionate dogs running All slopes are available for snow-boarders,
where he was advised of his legal rights, which third such museum after those located in Jeju on ice and ‘car racing (rally) contest’ on snow. Find and the moving staircases will help children
he waived rendering a written sworn statement and Paju Heyri. The museum in N Seoul out what to bring and services available by visiting and beginners move more easily. In addition,
admitting to the offense. Subject #1 was issued Tower displays teddy bears representing the or the 6-seat chair lift is equipped with a heating
and Appendix K and an Order to Show Cause past, present, and future of Seoul. There is system. Although the slopes are not that big,
Memorandum. Subject #1 was processed and a history gallery and a special gallery where Winter Activities Fest (Thru Feb. 1) this resort is loved by many people because
released to his unit. This is a final report. a teddy bear is dressed as a king of Joseon Doridoll’s Dong Jang Kun Festival, which is a of its convenient facilities and close proximity
Dynasty (1392~1910). Hours are from 10 a.m. perfect spot for family winter activities will be held to Seoul. Jisan Resort does not suffer from
AREA II: Traffic Accident Resulting in Damage
to Government Property; Improper Backing; to 10 p.m. and admission fees are 8,000 won at Baekun Valley, Pocheon city, Gyeonggi-do overcrowding, and so visitors here can enjoy
Investigation revealed that Subject #1, operat- for adults, 6,000 won for teenagers, and 5,000 Province. Visitors can enjoy various folk activities skiing without experiencing long waits at the lifts.
ing a POV, improperly backed up and struck a won for children. A ticket package combining such as trout ice fishing, Korean traditional sledding Facilities at Jisan Resort are very reasonably
GOV, which was legally parked, secured and the museum and N Seoul Tower Observatory on an ice field, top spinning, seesawing and kite priced. In terms of accommodation facilities,
unattended. Damages to the GOV consisted is also offered. Visit for flying. Snacks such as baked potatoes and sweet condos range from 85,000won to 195,000
of dents to the right rear hatch. Subject #1’s more information. potatos and red-bean soup are served to satisfy. won (condo prices differ by the weekend, the
vehicle sustained no visible damages. Subject With its 15m tall Dongjang-gun Ice Statue and Icicle weekday and the season), and restaurants and
#1 reported to the USAG-Yongsan PMO, where
Ice Fishing (Thru Feb. 2) Tunnel, the Doridoll’s Dong Jang Kun Festival has supermarkets are also available. Jisan Resort
she rendered a written sworn statement admit-
ting to the offenses. Subject #1 was processed The Inje Ice-fishing Festival is one of the largest much to offer. Visit also operates a free shuttle bus from Seoul. Also
and released to her unit. Subject #1 reported wintertime events in Korea, drawing 700,000 available are a Snow park for kids, playground
utilization of her seatbelt. ECOD is unknown. visitors every year. As part of the festival, Snow Fest (Jan. 26 - Feb. 8) for infants, ski shop, campsite, cycling course,
This is a final report. the river ice is broken to reveal clean waters The Snow Festival in the city of Taebaek, Gangwon- basketball court, soccer field, putting course,
flowing through a beautiful landscape, offering do Province, is a major winter event. Visitors can and golf practice range. Visit www.jisanresort.
AREA III: Damage to Private Property; Drunk to both adults and children the pleasures of enjoy both the beautiful snow-capped landscape or
and Disorderly; Investigation revealed that fishing. In addition to ice fishing, festival-goers of Mt. Taebaeksan and take part in a number of
Subject #1 threw a table at a glass window in a
will enjoy a variety of hands-on events and hands-on programs. Starting on Jan. 26 with a Glass Castle (Jeju)
clkub in Anjung-Ri, causing the glass to break.
games. The Inje Ice-fishing Festival includes snow street parade, the festival will feature a snow The newly-opened Jeju Glass Castle displays all
Subject #1 was apprehended by KNP and trans-
ported to the KNP Sub-Station, where Subject attractions under four different themes: First, and ice carving exhibition as well as a variety of types of glass artwork, the production process,
#1 was charged by KNP under RCC ART #33. the Nature Zone includes ice fishing, a “zoo” hands-on programs and performances. A major and the history of the world’s glass arts. This
Subject #1 was processed and released into featuring ice animal carvings, and an ice attraction is the world of beautiful snow sculptures glass art theme park is the first of its kind in
MP custody on a CJ Form 2. Subject #1 was playground featuring a slide made out of ice. created by top sculptors around the world as well Korea, and offers a glass arts exhibition that
transported to the USAG-Humphreys PMO, Secondly is the Leports Zone, featuring a as from Korea. In addition to this, there are a has more than 250 glass works from around
where MP detected an odor of an alcoholic football competition played on ice and other variety of events for the whole family and visitors the world on display, along with a garden, a
beverage emitting from his person. Subject various leisure activities that can be enjoyed in of all ages, including magic shows, music concerts, labyrinth, and walls that have been entirely made
#1 was administered a PBT, with a result of
the snow-covered field. The third is the Well- making snowmen, snow sculpting and sledding. out of glass. Exhibition hours are from 9 a.m. – 6
0.146% BAC. Due to his level of intoxication,
Subject #1 was processed and released to his being Zone, where visitors can savor foods For transportation and admission information, p.m., year-round. Call +82-64-1330 (English,
unit. Investigation continues by KNP. made from ice-fish or take part in a cooking visit or the festival’s official Japanese, Chinese) or visit www.tour2korea.
class specializing in Korean ice-fish cuisine. website at festival.taebaek.go com for information.
Source:,,, — No endorsement implied.

Year of the NCO:

Profile in Service: Staff Sgt. Carla Bolden

Military Police Staff Sgt. Carla Bolden is recognized as a valuable noncommissioned officer in
her organization, and is nominated by her superiors for recognition during 2009, the “Year of the
Noncommissioned Officer.” — U.S. Army photo by Spc. Jason C. Adolphson

Name: U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Carla Bolden

Organization: 142nd Military Police Company, Yongsan Garrison, Republic of Korea

Job Description: As Provost Marshal Office Operations Sergeant and Platoon Sergeant,
Bolden is responsible for the daily operations of the PMO. She oversees the blotter brief,
desk operations, Military Police Investigations, Traffic Section and Vehicle Registration. She
coordinates with outside agencies to provide support for numerous high-profile missions
involving distinguished visitors and VIPs.

Time in Service: 13 years, 8 months

Recent Accomplishments: Worked closely with the U.S. Secret Service during the recent
Presidential visit; Received three commendables during the 2008 Installation Management
Command-Korea Region Command Inspection Program; participated in a successful
Chemical, Biological, Radioactive and Nuclear exercise at Yongsan Garrison.

In her own words: “An effective noncommissioned officer is someone who is able
to communicate with Soldiers and peers. I feel that an approachable NCO is the most
effective type of leader because it is important for Soldiers to not only respect you, but to
be able to trust you.”

Military post offices close

for Lunar New Year
Military Post Offices will be closed on Mon., Jan. 26 in honor of
Lunar New Year’s Day. Normal operations will resume Jan. 27
and will be operating with limited manning. Contact your local post
office for further information.

Sung Nam Golf Club announcement

Starting Jan. 8, Sung Nam Golf Club will replace elements of the heating unit. During this time period
the current heating system will be shut down. Except for in the pro shop and administration offices, the
building will be unheated. The following areas will be shut down from Jan. 8 through Feb. 22 (scheduled
completion date): Men’s and Ladies locker rooms and showers. Please retrieve needed items from your
lockers; Clubhouse toilets will be shut off. Please use the facilities at the #1 Snack Bar; Restaurant and Bar
will be closed. #1 Snack Bar will open for Breakfast and Lunch.
The Snack Bar and Pro Shop will remain open. Please check in as normal in the Pro Shop. Please plan
to change before arriving to play golf, as there will not be any access to the locker rooms at this time. We
apologize in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Red Cloud leadership meets with Korean business leaders

By Jim Cunningham
combat prostitution and human trafficking
USAG-RC Public Affairs
by being aware, identifying those involved
and reporting them to the authorities.
DONGDUCHEON — Col. Larry ‘Pepper’
“The business leaders do a great job,”
Jackson and Area I leaders met with members
Myers said. “We put statistics up and discuss
of the Korean Business Leaders Forum Jan.
certain statistics because if we did not, we
7 in the Mustang Club in Bosandong. The
could not illustrate our objectives. We are
visit had three main purposes and several
basically here to reinforce our goals which
goals. The primary purpose is to further
are: combating prostitution and human
goals of being good neighbors while the U.S.
trafficking, incidentally, they have been
Army is living and working in the Republic
doing a great job of it, promoting good
of Korea. The Red Cloud and Casey
business practices, which include not serving
missions include community service outside
alcohol to minors, good order and discipline
the installations and include fostering a
in the clubs, and lastly, good safety and
positive social engagement between the U.S.
health practices. All in all, we have a good
and Korean communities.
relationship with these businessmen.”
“We did some great things in 2008,” Part of the meeting explained the
Jackson said in his opening address. “I look purpose of the AFDCB and how it works.
forward to our working relationship and The AFDCB reviews matters, which may
solving problems in 2009.” adversely affect the health, safety, welfare,
Among the goals of the meetings morale, or discipline of military personnel.
are combating prostitution and human The board will invoke off-limits restrictions
trafficking, promoting good business when there is substantive evidence indicating
practices and reaching mutual understanding some establishment or area frequented
and compliance with policies involving the by military personnel presents conditions
Armed Forces Disciplinary Control Board. adversely affecting the health, safety, morals,
“We have these meetings with the welfare, morale, or discipline of Soldiers or
Dongducheon businessmen quarterly,” military personnel.
said Ray Myers, USAG-RC Directorate of The AFDCB will take action on the Ray Myers, USAG-RC DES director, stands next to new anti-prostitution and human trafficking
Emergency Services director. “We come following: poster during a meeting held in Bosundong, Dongducheon’s entertainment area outside the
together to discuss issues concerning the • Crime and misconduct (disorders and USAG-Casey main gate. The posters were given to the club owners to display in their clubs to
entertainment district or other businesses lack of discipline) remind patrons to report any significant indicators of prostitution and human trafficking taking
outside our installations. • Prostitution and Human Trafficking place. — U.S. Army photo by Jim Cunningham
Army leadership brought with them • Sexually transmitted disease
new large poster boards urging everyone to • Liquor violations • Racial and other discriminatory number for the peninsula so anyone can
practices in clubs call if they see an indicator of prostitution
• Alcohol and drug abuse such as use, or human trafficking. It does not mean
possession, or distribution of narcotics, anything is happening, it only means
marijuana, and dangerous drugs someone saw an indicator and made a call
• Drug abuse paraphernalia to the hotline. We had five hotline calls. I
• Criminal or illegal activities involving think this is a sign the system is working. It
cults or hate groups is hard to trend or analyze this information.
• Illicit gambling We do not use the calls to trend or analyze
• Terrorist activity what is going on in the village.”
• Impact of safety as related to disciplinary Until hotline calls are investigated,
actions officials do not know if crimes are being
• Unfair commercial or consumer committed, Myers explained. There were
practices 22 assaults reported and seven counts of
• Unsanitary and other adverse conditions underage drinking this quarter in a military
in establishments frequented by Armed police report.
Forces personnel “We have the Civil Military Operations,”
• Overcrowding or lack of control over Myers said. “We have the military police
building occupancy town patrol. These folks are out here every
• Other undesirable conditions that my single night of the year. We have unit
adversely affect members of the military or courtesy patrols who also are out in the
their families village every night of the year.”
The purpose of good business practice Observations made by these patrols and
discussion allows U.S. Army leadership to statistics taken from the military police
communicate reasonable business practice blotter are used to trend what is happening
standards to Korean business leaders with outside the post, Myers continued.
hopes of future success, Myers explained. “Statistics do not always indicate what
Good business practices also serve is happening in the clubs,” Myers said. “A
to enhance the safety and well being of good portion of the incidents reported could
Status of Forces Agreement members, have happened outside the clubs, so it is not
combat prostitution and human trafficking, an issue with the clubs and the club owners
and reduce Soldier infractions in the cannot control it.”
entertainment district. These discussions do “I think things are going great,” Myers
not bind Korean establishments; however, said. “From the interaction I have seen, I
infractions on issues discussed may result in think our relationship and our interaction
an establishment being placed off limits to is getting better every quarter.”
U.S. personnel. In most every matter brought before
Recent concerns pointed out during the the board, the forum has been able to solve
meeting were fights and underage drinking, situations without putting any of the clubs
and reports of suspected prostitution, on off limits status, Jackson said in his
Col. Larry ‘Pepper’ Jackson (left), USAG-RC garrison commander, addresses more than 50 and incidents involving third-country closing remarks.
Bosandong business leaders in the Mustang Club outside the main gate to USAG-Casey while nationals. “Based on those statistics I know we have
Kil, Kwang Chun (right), USAG-RC community relations officer translates from English to Ko- “We have a prostitution and human a very good working relationship and are
rean. — U.S. Army photo by Jim Cunningham trafficking hotline,” Myers said. “It is a single successful in our endeavors,” Jackson said.

News & Notes Warriors celebrate MLK Day on Casey

Victim Advocate Hot Line Inspiring speeches, cool jazz, and images from the Martin Luther King Jr. years bring memories of heartbreak,
USAG-RC Victim Advocate Hot Line is 011-
9187-2001. Take a stand against domestic
violence. Victim Advocate Coordinator US-
strife, struggle and greatness dreamer, Hampton went on to say.
“Martin Luther King Jr., at the time of
Martin Luther King’s early life and display
them around the room on video screens.
AG-Casey ACS, Building 2603. For more By Jim Cunningham his death, was at a low point of popularity,” The event was sponsored and supported
information call 730-3494. USAG-RC Public Affairs Hampton said. “Few universities wanted in part by 210th Fires Brigade Equal
to publish him or wanted to hear from Opportunity Office, 1st Heavy Brigade
Daily Mass at USAG-RC
CASEY GARRISON — Soldiers, him during commencement exercises. No Combat Team EO, 2nd Infantry Division
Join us for daily Mass 11:30 to 11:50 a.m.
Mon-Fri in USAG-RC Warrior Chapel. For
Civilians and Family members gathered American publisher wanted to publish a Band, Warrior’s Club, LG Telecom, AAFES
more information call 732-6404. Jan. 9 in the USAG-Casey Warrior’s Club book written by him. He was even being New Car Sales, Casey Commissary, and
to celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day questioned by his own people about the Soldiers, Civilians and Family Members,
Community Bank Closing and heard a rousing rendition of his “I Have relevance of his nonviolent approach. He was said Sally Hall, USAG-Casey Community
USAG-RC Community Bank will be closed A Dream” speech. fighting with members of his organizations Activity Center manager.
for Lunar New Year Jan. 26 and 27. For The speech was delivered by Nate Green, about his war in Vietnam speech.”
more information call: 732-6019/5502. USAG-Casey Community Activity Center The notion Dr. King was widely praised
director. is one of nostalgia and amnesia, Hampton
Red Cloud/Casey Workforce
Spectators were treated to a lot more than continued. It was Dr. King who said, “If a
Town Hall Meeting
Col. Larry ‘Pepper’ Jackson, USAG-RC
the speech; however, when Gloria Prince, man will not stand for something, he will
commander, and Richard Davis, deputy Alcohol and Drug Control Office education fall for anything.”
commander, will ;hold a workforce town specialist, delivered a poem, “Ain’t I A “Doctor King urged America to rid
hall meeting Feb. 18 from 10-11 a.m. at the Woman,” by American slave, abolitionist, itself of every aspect of segregation,”
USAG-Casey Digital Conference Center. and women’s rights activist Sojourner Truth Hampton said. “He urged American leaders
For individuals unable to attend the town (self-given name of Isabella Baumfree, 1797- to stop using the words in the halls that
hall meeting at Casey, the event will be 1883). Keynote speaker, Chaplain (Capt.) ring with the sound of nullification and
broadcast live in the Red Cloud Theater. Tony Hampton, Chaplain 4-7 Cavalry, interposition.”
For more information call: 732-8854.
continued, in the same spirit as King, in King urged leaders to stand noble and for
Feeling Depressed or Stressed Out?
delivering his message. democracy against all enemies foreign and
If you are feeling depressed or stressed “I hasten to say how humble and honored domestic, Hampton explained.
out, call the Military and Family Life Con- I feel to have been asked to speak before you “As we celebrate this holiday, it is evident
sultant Program. Services are completely on such an auspicious day as this,” Hampton the dream of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
confidential and private. For more informa- said. “It would be against everything this continues,” he said. “Rosa Parks sat so Dr.
tion call: 010-3147-0756 for Red Cloud or nation stands for if we let what is transpiring Martin Luther King Jr. could march. Dr.
010-869-3666. in our nation cause the dream of Martin Martin Luther King Jr. marched so Barack
Luther King Jr. to die. Because of Dr. Martin Obama could run. Barack Obama ran and
Early Bird Shopping
Luther King Jr. we have been able to carve won so our children and grandchildren can Capt. (Chaplain) Tony Hampton, 4-7 Cavalry
at Casey Commissary
Early Bird shopping is 7-11 a.m. in the
through the stratosphere of human kind’s live out their dreams.” chaplain, delivers his Martin Luther King Jr.
Casey Commissary every Tuesday through justice, peace and love and outdistanced A southern style lunch was served to Day speech in USAG-Casey’s Warrior’s Club
Friday. For more information call: 730- hatred, injustice and racial inequality.” all those attending at no charge. Family in the manner and style of Martin Luther King
4451/3432. The only thing everyone seems to Morale, Welfare, and Recreation went to Jr. during Casey’s MLK Day celebration Jan.
remember about Dr. King is he was a extraordinary efforts to find images from 9. — U.S. Army photo by Jim Cunningham
New! Mitchell’s Sunday Brunch
Mitchell’s will offer Sunday Brunch begin-
ning Feb. 8 from 10 to 2 p.m. every Sun-
day. No reservations are required. For
Red Cloud gets new ICE Customer Service Officer
more information call: 732-8189/8211.
By Jim Cunningham customer can receive immediate feedback to If service providers find, by reviewing
Fred Meurer Workshop Time Change USAG-RC Public Affairs questions they may have of military service ICE comments, their service needs a change,
The Fred Meurer Workshop date is providers,” Abney said. “Service providers they can make those changes earlier and
changed to Jan. 30 from Jan. 27. For more R E D C LO U D G A R R I S O N — are the regular services provided to military keep abreast of changes their customers
information call: 732-6002. Soldiers, Civilians and Family members personnel, civilian personnel, and their need, Abney explained.
will see more opportunities to get answers to families receive in the community.” “The ICE program will have more
ACAP Counselor Position Vacancy at their questions and concerns about services There will be no changes in the way ICE visibility now with the positioning of this
Camp Mobile offered by directorates and other service is managed, but feedback will be given to new customer service officer here in Area
Position requies a master’s degree or
organizations: Army and Air Force Exchange customers within three working days. I,” said Kent Garcia, Plans, Analysis, and
equivalent and at least two years of ex-
perience in the field or in a related area.
Service and the Defense Commissary “We want to make sure customers Integration Office management analyst.
Individual must be familiar with stanndard Agency. Answers may turn around and come questions, complaints, or comments are “There will be more focus on customer
concepts, practices, and precedures within back to the customers quicker if Area I’s new being answered in a reasonable amount of issues and they will be able to respond to
a particular field. Works under general su- Interactive Customer Evaluation Customer time so providers can take action,” Abney their needs much more quickly.”
pervision or independently and typically re- Service Officer, Lia Abney, has her way. said. “This system also offers providers an ICE helps to identify trends in customer
ports to a supervisor or manager. For more “ICE is a system where the individual or a opportunity to improve and expedite their service and is a good tool for both customers
information call: 730-4033/4034. current programs.” and service providers, Abney said.“There are
This ICE system has always been a two parts to ICE,” Abney said.
Microsoft Windows VISTA
tool for quick response to questions from “The computer based ICE where
Microsoft Windows VISTA is coming to a
computer near you! All NIPRNET comput-
customers and a way for providers to take customers can go online and make their
ers in Korea must have AGM 8 installed on notice of needed improvements to customer comments, and a hard copy ICE program.
them before Jan. 20. On Jan. 20, comput- service. In the community there will be places where
ers that do not have AGM 8 will be removed Because the leadership sees a need to we call ICE boxes.
from the active directory and will o longer tune-up ICE, so it may help keep support These are kiosks where a customer can
wowrk on the network. If you computer does for the Army Family Covenant and provide stop by and fill out a paper ICE form and
not have AGM 8, please contact your IMO dialogue between customers and providers, drop it in the box. Part of my responsibility
to make arrangements to haave it installed. Abney is here to keep the system running will be to collect those forms and put them
For more information call: 732-8630.
smoothly and efficiently. into the ICE electronic system.”
USO Tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. Lia Abney, USAG-RC customer service offi- “If someone is new in the community Currently, there are 22 ICE comment
Casey USO will pay tribute to Dr. Martin cer, takes a break from reviewing the Inter- and does not know where to get answers to boxes around the community. If there is not
Luther King Jr. today with a special steak active Customer Evaluation comments and questions, this is a way to find those answers,” a comment box where there needs to be one,
lunch for $2.50. For more information call: suggestions Jan. 7. Abney will make sure Abney said. “Anyone in the community can part of Abney’s job is to assess where ICE
730-4812/13. customer comments and suggestions reach use ICE. This is an opportunity to hear their boxes should be placed. The future will see
appropriate offices. — U.S. Army photo by voices and to address things service providers computer ICE kiosks in the community,
Jim Cunningham may not see.” Abney said.

Donducheon English Camp students visit Casey

By Jim Cunningham but they have no time for practical them in private English language academies
USAG-RC Public Affairs use in conversation,” said Mija Kang, to give them more opportunities to learn
Dongducheon Middle School vice principal. and polish conversation skills. For the public
CASEY GARRISON — Students, “Every vacation our school has this English school teacher, it is difficult to teach them all
teachers and Donducheon Middle School language camp. The camp last six days and they need in the time allotted for class.
officials came to Casey Jan. 9 for a day of the teachers teach the students some basic “It is a serious problem,” Kang said.
study and play to wrap up their “Dream conversation before coming to USAG- “Because there isn’t time for using their
English Camp.” Casey.” English skills, opportunities such as those
More than 40 students, nine teachers and After five days of practice with English today will help the students gain confidence
four school officials gathered in the Casey conversation, the students get practical and polish their skills, and this should
United Services Organization building experience meeting with and learning happen more often.”
to begin the day. They continued with from volunteer Soldiers on Casey, Kang USAG-Casey hosts the one-day English
English language tutoring from 15 Soldiers explained. language camps twice every year, said Pae,
of 1-72nd Armor and 15 Soldiers of 2-9 “Our students are very shy to speak Tong Su, USAG-Casey community relations
Infantry in the Casey Digital Conference English,” Kang said. “After this experience, officer.
Center. they have a lot more confidence in speaking “The Dongducheon City public school
“I overheard my Sgt. 1st Class talking English with foreigners.” system sponsors a six day English language
about volunteering to teach the middle Korean students begin English studies in camp,” Pae said. “They began five days ago
school children from Dongducheon the fourth grade and continue throughout and today’s visit is the final day dedicated to
so I volunteered,” said Pvt. Alexander their school experience, Kang continued. actual face-to-face experience with Soldiers
Burbank. Activities such as the Dream English Camp to gain confidence and polish their speaking
“I previously volunteered to teach help the students polish their English skills.”
elementary students on Saturdays, so I skills. All funding is provided by the city of
figured this was another good opportunity “Our Korean English environment is Dongducheon and USAG-Casey hosts
to volunteer.” different from others,” Kang said. “For the students as part of the Good Neighbor
The children already speak very good example, in India, and Singapore, their Program, Pae explained.
English, Burbank said, so I taught them basic language is English. In Korea, we have “The USO coordinated the day for the
conversational English to improve their English only in schools, and we do not speak students and Soldiers,” Pae said.
vocabulary. English at home or in common everyday life. The children wound up the day in Casey
Teachers found the children could read Our students must take every opportunity Lanes and bowling for two hours before
the materials offered in the class and spent to use their English language skills so they going home. When they arrived at the center
the time in class getting to know them. can become fluent.” they found something special.
Dongducheon middle school student Johye Classroom study lasted for 90 minutes. Kang went on to explain even though “I learned the students were coming to
Kyoung enjoys bowling in Casey Lanes after After class, they toured the Camp Hovey Korean students continue English studies Casey Lanes about three days ago,” said
touring USAG-Casey with her classmates at Community Activity Center and Library, through college; it is still difficult for them Gerald Keener, Casey Lanes manager.
the end of the Dongducheon English Lan- and USAG-Casey Carey Fitness Center and to become fluent because of the lack of “I put together all my leftover Happy
guage Camp Jan. 9. — U.S. Army photo by Commercial Bank. opportunities for daily use in conversation. New Year hats and gave them to the students
Jim Cunningham “Our students study English in school, Many parents of school age children enroll to wear while they are bowling.”

Stanley Soldiers deliver school supplies, goodies to Seoul orphans

By Jack Loudermilk the children. This way we can show them
USAG-RC Public Affairs (children and teachers) the reason we are in
Korea.” Commander of the 304th, Lt. Col.
SEOUL — A small group of Soldiers Alfred Francis, in addition to wishing the
from Camp Stanley’s 304th Signal Battalion, children a “Happy New Year,” told them,
along with the camp’s commissary store “Coming here is really a happy thing for us.
manager, arrived at Myung-Jin Orphanage We are going to have a Spring Festival for
in Kang-Dong-Gu Jan. 7 with a truck load you in April. We hope you will come visit
of school supplies and other ‘goodies’ for us and have some fun.”
approximately 100 children. Afterwards, Francis and his group passed
Capt. Suk Kim, chaplain for the 304th, out bags of goodies to the children present.
said, “We have been building a relationship Less than half of the 100 children living in
with Myung-Jin Orphanage since 2004 but, the orphanage were present to receive gifts.
since 2007, we have become more actively The majority were away visiting relatives for
involved in their affairs; with assistance the holiday season.
from the Camp Stanley community: Army Jessica Crowl, Camp Stanley Commissary
Substance Abuse Prevention office; the manager, explained some of the children
commissary and the Pear Blossom .” have distant relatives and occasionally get to
Kim said the 304th routinely provides spend time away from the orphanage.
the children with school supplies, clothing, “We have been supporting requests to
candy and English lessons. “Today,” he said, provide goods to the orphanage every since
“we are delivering approximately $1500 or I have been working here,” Crowl said.
more in goods.” Support for the orphanage “Anytime they bring me a memorandum
is the battalion commander’s program, says requesting support, we provide donations
Kim, but it is operated by the chapel. He … cookies, candy, drinks, juice, fruit, gift
estimates approximately 50 Soldiers are certificates, whatever our vendors are willing
actively involved in the program but – two to donate and depending on the request.”
to three times a year – as many as 120 Crowl said she tries to visit the orphanage
orphans and their teachers are invited to as much as possible when invited by the
Stanley for bowling, soccer or barbecues, 304th. “I enjoy being around the children
and can involve up to 130 community but, she said, “today was very sad. One of
volunteers and Soldiers. the little boys was so gloomy and I asked
“This whole thing is to help relations him why. He said his friends (from the
between Korea and the United States orphanage) were away visiting relatives. He Jessica Crowl (right), Camp Stanley Commissary store manager, helps unload gift bags at
government,” Kim said. “We do this from said, ‘I am nothing. I have no one.’ My heart Myung-Jin Orphanage Jan. 7, with assistance from 304th Soldiers Cpl. Kim, H.J., Spc. Charles
our hearts; with love and respect toward was broken.” Davis, and Lt. Col. Alfred Francis (left). — U.S. Army photo by Jack Loudermilk

Hannam Village towers will receive a major renovation to The new Hannam Village Towers are designed to feature spacious kitchens with three to four bedroom models. The 264 sets of
improve quality of life. — U.S. Army photos by David McNally quarters promise to bring Hannam Village housing into the 21st century.

Hannam Village to get major renovation

By David McNally project. The contractor is restricting heavy vehicle traffic 7-8
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs a.m. and 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. to accommodate school traffic.
“We will do everything we can to mitigate risk and ensure
YONGSAN GARRISON — About 75 Hannam Village the contractor meets stringent safety guidelines,” Hall
residents met with Garrison officials Jan. 6 to discuss a major explained to the residents. “We still have to look at issues
renovation project, which began Monday. like parking, AAFES facilities and other support functions
Hannam Village is a housing area for American families that will apply to an increased population.”
working at nearby Yongsan Garrison. The Korea National Garrison Public Work Director Chuck Markham said
Housing Corporation owns the buildings on Hannam fences will be put up around three of the high-rises before
Village and leases them to the U.S. Army. construction begins in mid-January. Command Sergeants Major Robert Winzenried, Ralph Rusch
KNHC is investing millions of dollars into an 18-month Officials asked Hannam Village residents to remove and Kevin Witt (from left to right) visit a model Hannam Village
project to completely renovate the Hannam Village vehicles from around the construction sites and to stay clear apartment.
Towers. of the workers. Fences are
In 2006, the Army vacated three towers and going up around the initial
consolidated residents in Building I. The plan
calls for a phased construction project that will “We are committed to work areas at Buildings G,
H, and J.
target the vacant buildings first.
“The good news is this will give us 264
providing our Families Garrison officials said the
new quarters would offer
sets of brand-new quarters,” said U.S. Army a strong, supportive more room, better facilities
Garrison-Yongsan Commander Col. Dave and a higher quality of life.
Hall. “But, we’re going to have to take the bad environment where Hall said the Garrison
with the good. I’m talking about the additional
noise and construction traffic.” they can thrive.” would look into conducting
an “open house” with the
Hall encouraged residents to be flexible model quarters to show
during the construction project began Col. Dave Hall residents the expected results
Monday. USAG-Yongsan Commander of the renovation. There will
“The Korea National Housing Corporation also be another resident’s
did a business plan and found that they would meeting 6 p.m. Feb. 3 at
be able to get a return on their investment within three the new Hannam Village Community Center above the
years,” Hall said. “We’re not spending a dime. This is a Hannam Village Commissary.
win-win situation for us.” “It all comes back to the Army Family Covenant,” Hall
Residents can expect to see construction from 7 a.m. to 7 said. “We are committed to providing our Families a strong,
p.m. Monday through Saturday during the entire renovation supportive environment where they can thrive.”

nConstruction Contractor: Korea Housing Management (
nRenovate Towers G, H, and J (264 apartments)
nConstruction and renovation timeline: January 2009 through Spring 2010
nTenant occupation: Summer 2010
nWorking hours: Monday through Saturday; 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.
nRestricted heavy vehicle traffic: 7 - 8 a.m. and 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. Officials hope the new Hannam Village will again be filled to
capacity with the addition of modern amenities and spacious
living quarters.

News & Notes

Pedestrian Safety
K-16 Air Base gets new indoor pool
Exercise extreme caution when crossing By David McNally
roadways on and off post. Death and serious
injury are consequences of not being aware
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs Yongsan families
of your surroundings at all times. See the
Commander’s Corner, Page 12.
community members found a new indoor
receive improved
January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. swimming pool ready to dive into Jan. 7.
A $750,000 project to improve quality
Internet access
65th Medical Brigade wants you to know that
you can prevent Cervical Cancer with regular of life at this air base south of Seoul is now
Pap tests. A safe and effective vaccine is also complete, officials said. 1st Signal Brigade Public Affairs
available that provides protection against “We’ve been trying to get this for the
most human papilloma viruses which cause K-16 community for some time,” said Paul YONGSAN GARRISON — After
cervical cervical cancer. Get a Well Woman The new indoor swimming pool at K-16 Air two months of planning and six weeks
Robinson, U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan
exam and Pap test today. For information, Base opened to the community Jan 6. of execution, residents of some of
call 725-6232 or 737-2273.
Family and Morale, Welfare and Recreation
— Courtesy photo Yongsan Garrison’s government-leased
director. “This is a very nice addition to our
facilities.” Commander Col. Dave Hall. “This is a housing areas now enjoy faster access
Winter Temperatures
Robinson said residents will enjoy grass-roots effort to support our Family to the Internet.
Keep the heat on this winter! To keep the
pipes from freezing, don’t turn the heat off a five-lane, 20-meter, heated indoor Members in the Seongnam area.” Residents of Eagle Grove, Black
during the cold weather. If you leave your swimming pool with a depth of 9.5 feet Hall said that community members Hawk Village and Itaewon Acres family
quarters for an extended period of time turn in the deep end. should look for progress on the commissary housing areas on Yongsan Garrison
the heat down, but not off. The thermostat “Both the air and water are heated,” issue this year as the Garrison goes after South Post now enjoy improved
should be set at no less than 55 degrees. funding. Internet services thanks to a joint
Robinson said. “For the summer, the
roof will retract.” Robinson also said K-16 residents can infrastructure upgrade project.
Transportation 101 This effort will eventually improve
Robinson said the is a project funded by expect to see a new multipurpose sports
Learn to navigate the Seoul subway, bus all 243 connections supporting families
and train systems. The class includes FMWR. “This is bought and paid for with field in 2009.
profits from MWR facilities,” he said. “This “We’re investing about $3.2 million into living across these areas and with over half
real world experience in Seoul and a
free T-Money Card. Army Community is the community reinvesting in itself.” a multipurpose field for K-16,” he said. of the families already upgraded residents
Service sponsors the class 9 a.m. Jan. K-16 Air Base is home to more “It’ll really be first class.” are clearly pleased.
21 in building, S4106, room 124. For than 1,000 U.S. Servicemembers and Construction should begin this “This is a win-win situation. I have
information, call 738-7505. many Family Members. The base is an spring and last for six to eight months. a faster connection to the Internet for
enduring installation under the Yongsan The new field will feature artificial the family with no additional charge,”
Lunch and Learn turf, lights, dugouts, new fencing, said Maj. Kim Bivins, 8th U.S. Army
The next Army Volunteer Corps Lunch
Relocation Plan.
The installation is one of nine scoreboard and a four-lane running G-6. “My wife is currently taking
and Learn is noon-1 p.m. Jan. 21 in online courses, so this upgrade is very
Community Services Building, at the installations that fall under the management track around the perimeter.
of U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan. USAG- “We are continuously improving quality beneficial.”
ACS Center. Our topic this month is
“Letting Go - Emotions, Performance Yongsan officials are working hard to open of life for the USAG-Yongsan community,” Officials said the project took diligent
Evaluations, and Letters of Reference.” a commissary on the base. Hall said. “As part of the Army Family planning, staffing, and teamwork
For information, call 738-7510. “In 2008, we made huge strides Covenant, we’re committed to providing for Korea Telecom, the Installation
towards approval of the future K-16 Air Soldiers and Families a quality of life Management Command-Korea Region,
Operation Smooth Move commensurate with their service.” U.S. Forces Korea, 8th U.S. Army,
Base Commissary,” said USAG-Yongsan
Now is the time to plan and prepare for your Korea Housing Management and the
upcoming summer move! Army Community 1st Signal Brigade to accomplish these
Service presents the class 1 p.m. Jan. 23
in Community Services Building, Room Commentary: Why I decided to become a U.S. citizen improvements.
“The combination of Korean local
118. Enroll in Operation Smooth Move for By Rocio Crumley their citizenship because their home country
your pre-move preparation and guidance. nationals, U.S. military and civilians all
USAG-Yongsan Community does not allow dual citizenship. More have working together to improve the quality
For information, call DSN: 738-7505. become frustrated with how lengthy or of life for service members and families
YONGSAN GARRISON — I originally costly the process has become.
U.S. Immigration Basics Class is awesome,” said Col. Welton Chase,
There are two sessions to choose from came to the United States to get my master’s Although all these concerns can be valid, Jr., 1st Signal Brigade commander.
9-11:30 a.m. or 1-3:30 p.m. Jan. 28. Both degree, but stayed to live and work in my those eligible for naturalization should “This teamwork is just another example
cover the naturalization process for both field of International Affairs in Washington, definitely consider it after researching of the strong commitment to excellence
Military and Family Members overseas, D.C. from 1999—2007. I met and married their personal outcomes. There are many that the Korean-American alliance is
overseas adoption, the immediate relative my husband in 2006. I have been an Army advantages to becoming a U.S. citizen: built upon.”
petition process, and lawful permanent wife for almost three years now. —See CITIZEN Page 12—
resident status. Army Community Service
In July of 2007, I left my job to
provides the class in building S4106, room VOLUNTEER SPOTLIGHT
118. For information, call 738-7505.
join my husband serving with the 2nd
Infantry Division in Dongducheon.
After almost nine years of living and Grace Butac donates much What impact does she
Family Readiness Group Workshop
The next FRG Workshop is scheduled for working in the U.S., I decided to become of her time volunteering have?
9 a.m.-noon Jan. 29 in the Community a U.S. citizen through the United States for the AMEDD FRG as Grace has a huge
Services Building, Room 118. This Citizenship and Immigration Services’ their primary treasurer. She impact on the FRG!
month’s topic is “Best Practices.” This naturalization process. was also nominated for the She helps with keeping
month the FRGs are encouraged to Becoming a U.S. citizen carries important USAG-Yongsan Volunteer the money together, as
bring a best practice to the workshop of the Quarter. well as helping the FRG
duties and responsibilities. Before you make
to share with your fellow FRGs. This is
the decision to pursue U.S. citizenship, with planning, helping
an opportunity to learn from each other. Where does she work?
For information, call 738-7510. you need to be aware of what you stand and supporting!
to lose, and what you stand to gain. You Gr a c e i s t h e S e o u l Why does she
Dental Clinic Renovation must be sure you are ready to fulfill all your AMEDD FRG volunteer?
Treasurer for the 65th Grace Butac
Dental Clinic #3 will undergo extensive obligations as a good citizen. If you know Grace,
renovation and will be closed from Jan. While being overseas with the U.S. Medical Brigade. she has a big heart and
15 - February. During this facility upgrade, Army, I have had the opportunity to meet What does she do? she loves to help out in every way
patients will continue to receive the full many international spouses married to U.S. Grace maintains the FRG fund records she can. She loves to help out in her
spectrum of dental care at Dental Clinic and ledger keeping it up to date at all times community as well as with the Seoul
citizens. Many of them do not apply for U.S.
#2, which is located adjacent to gate #17. meeting all audit requirements as the fund AMEDD FRG.
For information, call 736-5221.
citizenship out of concern they will not be
able to own or inherit land in their home custodian. She prepares monthly fund
For a complete list of community country. Some of these spouses cannot speak activity statements for the FRG as well. To learn more about volunteer opportunities
information news and notes, visit the English very well and are afraid they won’t be How many hours per week? at Yongsan, call 738-7510 or the American
USAG-Yongsan official web site at able to pass the citizenship exam. Others do She works 15 hours per week. Red Cross at 738-3670. not apply due to concerns that they will lose

Yongsan community commemorates MLK legacy

By Spc. Jason C. Adolphson 1986, but it was not fully recognized by all 50 states
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs until 2000.
Guest Speaker Lt. Col. Charles Mills, Battle
YONGSAN GARRISON — The Yongsan community Coordination Detachment, Osan Air Base, said most
celebrated the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Jan. 7 at of the people in the room were not alive in the time
the Multipurpose Training Facility. What would have been frame of wide-spread segregation and lynchings, which
eight days from King’s 80th birthday served as a reminder were recorded up until 1968, but King provided a “great
of America’s past and the fortitude that secured its future. tone and setting for today.”
With community participation, 1st Signal Brigade Mills urged the crowd to follow King’s humanitarian
hosted the event. Students from the Seoul American High example by reaching out to help others, even in times of
School Chorus sang the Korean and American National crisis. “We celebrate a day on, a day off - Not a day off,” he
Anthems and 1st Sgt. Willie Grandison, Yongsan said. “I pass to each and every one of you as we live through
Replacement Center, reenacted King writing the “Letter today - The question of a Good Samaritan.”
from Birmingham Jail,” a manifesto from the civil rights Some of King’s most notable actions as chief
movement. In the skit, Grandison was sitting on a bed spokesman during the nonviolent civil rights movement
in a cell reading King’s work aloud, which was originally were the historic Montgomery bus boycott that led to
written on toilette paper. the Supreme Court striking down racial segregation
Sgt. Jesse Thomas, 1st Signal Brigade, delivered excerpts on public transportation a year later; and the March
from the “I Have a Dream” speech. “I watched the tape of on Washington that drew hundreds of thousands to
Dr. King’s speech several times before I actually gave it and I the steps of the Lincoln Memorial where he delivered
just focused on putting the power in the meaning of what he his address, “I Have a Dream.” His determination
was saying,” Thomas said. “The importance is brotherhood for freedom led to arrests, his home being bombed,
... the importance is treating people like they're human and subjection to abuse and death.
that's what Dr King's speech was about.” “These are things we must remember, otherwise,
Martin Luther King Jr. Day is on the third Monday it’s just like we are seeing in Israel and Afghanistan
of January; however, his actual birthday was Jan 15. The and Iraq ... history repeats itself,” said 1st Signal
campaign for a federal holiday in King’s honor began Brigade Commander Col. Welton Chase Jr. in closing
soon after his assassination. After years of struggle, his comments at the celebration.
wife, Coretta Scott King, chairperson of the Martin The event ended with a birthday cake cutting.
Luther King Jr. Federal Holiday Commission, presented Other Martin Luther King Jr. celebrations and
six million signatures to congress in the 80s; termed by events on Yongsan this month are a MLK bowling
tournament at Yongsan Lanes noon - 3 p.m. Saturday First Sgt. Willie Grandison reads a narative of “The Letter from
a 2006 article in The Nation as “the largest petition in
Birmingham Jail” at the Multipurpose Training Facility Jan. 7 during a
favor of an issue in U.S. history.” and a Korea-wide candlelight vigil march at Collier
community event to commemorate the legacy of Martin Luther King Jr.
Americans observed the holiday for the first time in Field House 5 p.m. Sunday. — U.S. Army photo by Spc. Jason C. Adolphson

Community Profile:
The leader who ‘sets goals, sticks with it and never quits’
By Spc. Jason C. Adolphson Braswell returned to combat during the to work within 24 hours.” Braswell was selected to instruct the
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs Vietnam War. He was hit there by another At another time in Vietnam a bullet program on Yongsan in 1981, when the
command detonated booby trap. The blast grazed past him and chipped the bone program was first activated in the Republic
YONGSAN GARRISON — Command destroyed the hearing in his left ear and heunder his eye. This time Braswell said he of Korea.
Sgt. Maj. (Ret.) Alfred Braswell is a veteran went through several surgeries to recover. took no time off work, but had 30 days of Throughout Braswell’s lifetime of
of World War II, Korean War and Vietnam After five months of repair, Braswell put his
light duty. accomplishment that include two Combat
War. He was wounded in combat in Korea services back into service once again. “It never bothered me; every time I was Infantryman Badges, a Legion of Merit,
and three times in Vietnam. He dedicated After a short assignment in the states, just thankful I was still alive. I was never three Bronze Stars – one for valor, four
30 years of his life to the military and Braswell returned to Vietnam for another afraid to go back to duty,” he said. Purple Hearts, two Meritorious Service
proceeded to a running 27 years as a Junior tour. While attempting to seek cover in A goal that Braswell set for himself was to Medals and four Army Commendation
Reserve Officer Training Corps instructor a bunker an artillery round went off and become a sergeant major during his Army Medals. He said he never expected to
at Seoul American High School. hit him in the back. “That one wasn’t too career. His many years of dedication, while receive any type of recognition.
“All of the disruptions or struggles along bad. They policed me up and I was back stationed at Camp Red Cloud, secured Braswell was recently recognized as the
the way worked out for me and I wouldn’t him the rank and position Yongsan Retiree Council’s first “Retiree Icon.”
change anything if I had it to do over,” of command sergeant major In November, as part of his recognition, he
Braswell said. – something he had once received the Noncommissioned Officer
Braswell has lived the life of a motto he only dreamed of as a young Award, World War II Medallion.
now shares with his cadets in hopes they p r i va t e . “ My p ro u d e s t “The ceremony was in the auditorium
will become the Army’s next strong young moment in the military was in the school and there was a presentation
leaders. “Don’t be a quitter, set your goals when I was promoted to of everything I had done throughout my
and stay with it.” command sergeant major time in the military and JROTC and
Braswell’s lifelong journey with the because that was my goal. I there were lots of VIPs,” he said. “I didn’t
military started during World War II in achieved it because I stuck believe it could ever happen to me but
1945. He was an 18-year-old Navy draftee with it,” he said. it’s a proud moment when someone is
trying to complete the final semester for his After 30 years of service, willing to recognize you. Things like
senior year of high school. The war ended once it was time for Braswell that just never cross my mind when I’m
and he was able to return to his Texarkana, to retire, he said it wasn’t doing my job.”
Texas home to finish high school. Braswell time for him to quit. “Right The man who never quits said he is
was drafted again in 1950, but this time around that time there were set to retire.
into the Army. advertisements in the Stars “My projected retirement date is 31
While traveling on foot in 1951, and Stripes and on TV for December 2009. Now that’s projected,
in the Korean War, the blast from a personnel who wanted to be I might decide to stay another year,” he
command detonated booby trap cost an instructor for JROTC. “I said.
Braswell a shrapnel wound to his leg. had about 15 years under Braswell said if he does retire his plan
After 60 days treatment in the hospital, my belt off and on as a drill is to return to Texas where he will “go sit
Braswell’s commission to serve was back sergeant and figured I’d be under the shade tree,” he said, “I’m gonna
in full swing. able to help guide young get out and stand in Reveille every morning
After 18 years of service in the Army, Command Sgt. Maj. (Ret.) Alfred Braswell leaders.” and Retreat in the afternoon.”


Pedestrian Safety
ecently, we tragically lost one of to yield to pedestrians. Buses, taxis and
our Yongsan community members other drivers in a hurry may not stop for
to a pedestrian/vehicle accident traffic lights, or pedestrians.
off post. Our heartfelt condolences go What I’m saying is, as a pedestrian,
out to the family. you have a responsibility on or off
Pedestrian safety should be a priority. post to constantly be aware of your
In the United States, we have a tradition, surroundings.
and in most cases laws, which protect Use designated crosswalks and observe
pedestrians with the the traffic signals, but
“right of way.” “You have a responsibility on or p l e a s e , d o n’t c o u n t
I n S e o u l , t h e off post to constantly be aware on a traffic light to
fifth largest city in of your surroundings.” s a v e y o u r l i f e . Us e
the world, traffic is your eyes and ears and
often a challenge. Col. Dave Hall d o u b l e , e ve n t r i p l e
Here, drivers do
USAG-Yongsan Commander check for traffic before
not always share the taking one step into a
same concepts as you roadway. Additionally,
might expect. for added visibility wear light colored
For example, as in many large cities, clothing at night.
it’s not uncommon to see motorcyclists Each life is valuable. I have the utmost
weaving in and out of traffic, using concern for your personal safety. I
sidewalks and even crosswalks. Red lights implore you to not become a statistic.
do not always stop drivers, or cause them Be safe, be alert and always be aware.

CITIZEN from Page 10

the right to vote, the ability to petition for Becoming a U.S. Citizen doesn’t
immediate relatives to join you in the U.S. necessarily mean I have to give up my
without being subject to visa limits, and the Colombian citizenship. Colombia and the
ability to travel to many nations without United States both allow dual citizenship. It
needing a tourist visa in advance of travel. is important to be aware that this privilege
In addition to this, citizens are eligible for entitles you to have and exercise rights of
certain state and federal jobs, scholarships, national citizenship in two countries; realize
and grants. Although resident aliens can though that you also can be subject to the
work in the United States, they cannot work responsibilities of both countries as well.
for the federal government and many state For me, becoming a U.S citizen has been
and municipal governments. an extraordinary privilege. Although I will
I was personally motivated to seek always be Colombian, I feel proud to have
citizenship for two reasons. First, I become part of the American People - a
wanted the right to vote. Although I am nation of many peoples, many races and
originally from Colombia, one of the many religions, united by our values and
oldest democracies in Latin America, after the Constitution of the United States. I am
living and working in the USA for almost proud to be a Colombian-American!
nine years I wanted to become part of the If you, your spouse, or a family member
American democratic dream. The right to are interested in finding out information
vote is the most important privilege that about the U.S. immigration process,
comes with U.S. citizenship. It gives you USAG-Yongsan Army Community Service
the right to participate in the government is hosting a class on “U.S. Immigration
and gives you a voice regarding the laws Basics” with the Department of Homeland
that are passed. I think it was especially Security’s Citizenship and Immigration
important to exercise the right to vote in Services. Choose one of two sessions
2008, given its historic importance for last to attend 9-11:30 a.m. or 1-3:30 p.m.
year’s presidential election. Jan. 28. The class will be taught at the
The second reason I applied for citizenship Community Service Building, Room 118.
was to become eligible to apply for certain Please contact Army Community Service
federal jobs. As an Army wife, I will have to at 738-7505 to register.
face the challenges of multiple permanent Army Community Service offers many
changes of station as my husband’s career more classes and services for Family Members
progresses. Applying for federal jobs within looking to improve their English language
the Army will enable me to continue my or to study for the naturalization exam.
professional career despite these moves. Contact ACS to register.

MyungJin Tour Co., Ltd

Holiday bus hours Yongsan - Camp Jackson - Red Cloud - Casey ** Tuesday Only ( Jan.27)

for region Leave
Yongsan 06:00 07:00 08:00 09:30 11:00 12:30 14:00 15:30 17:00 19:30 21:20
Korean bus companies providing 121 Hospital 12:40 14:10
service between military installations Jackson 06:35 07:40 08:40 10:10 11:50 13:25 14:45 16:15 17:45 20:15 22:00
CRC 06:45 08:15 09:00 10:20 12:00 13:40 15:00 17:00 18:00 20:25 22:10
in Korea announce special holiday Arrive
hours for Lunar New Year Casey 07:20 08:55 09:45 11:10 12:40 14:10 15:45 17:45 18:45 21:10 23:00

New Kyung Dong Tour Bus Co. and Leave

MyungJin Tour Co., Ltd. announced holiday Casey 06:00 07:00 08:00 09:30 11:00 12:30 14:00 15:30 17:00 19:00 21:00
hours for Lunar New Year Jan. 24-27. Arrival CRC 06:30 07:40 08:40 10:10 11:40 13:10 14:40 16:10 17:40 19:40 21:40
Jackson 06:40 07:50 08:50 10:20 11:50 13:20 14:50 16:20 17:50 19:50 21:50
times may vary based on traffic conditions. For
121 Hospital 07:20 08:40 09:35
more information call, Myung Jin: 723-8006 Arrive
and New Kyung Dong: 723-4499. Yongsan 07:30 08:50 09:45 11:10 12:40 14:10 15:40 17:00 18:30 20:30 22:30

New Kyung Dong Tour Bus Co.
The arrival time is subject to change based on the traffic congestion situation.
Yongsan - Osan Air Base - Humphreys

Jan.24-26 Jan. 27

Leave Leave
Yongsan 0800 1000 1230 1500 1710 1930
Yongsan 0620 0800 1000 1230 1500 1710 1930
Osan 0910 1110 1340 1610 1820 2040
Osan 0730 0910 1110 1340 1610 1820 2040
Arrive Arrive
Humph 0950 1150 1420 1650 1900 2120
Humph 0810 0950 1150 1420 1650 1900 2120

Leave Leave
Humph 0800 1030 1230 1500 1710 1900
Humph 0550 0800 1030 1230 1500 1710 1900
Osan 0840 1110 1310 1540 1750 1940
Osan 0630 0840 1110 1310 1540 1750 1940
Arrive Arrive
Yongsan 1000 1220 1430 1700 1910 2100
Yongsan 0750 1000 1220 1430 1700 1910 2100

No Endorsement Implied

No Endorsement Implied

Accessions Command introduces new Army spouse DVD F-16 rotation to replace
Army News Service Family Member Program and more. While the information won’t departing 1-2 ARB
make the viewer a subject matter expert in any particular area of
If the transition to Army life is challenging for a new recruit, Army life, the USAAC team is hoping it will increase the “comfort Courtesy of USFK Public Affairs
imagine what it's like for the young military spouse who dives into factor” to a point where the family member never feels abandoned
that world without the benefit of initial entry training or easy access or isolated from the military community. The Department of Defense has approved
to a cadre of subject matter experts. “As a result of the DVD,” Mills noted, “new spouses will feel the deployment of twelve rotational F-16 jet
Frequently, the fledgling family member’s first experience with empowered to walk into any agency and know what is offered and aircraft as a replacement for the 1-2 Attack
the military is arrival at the initial duty station and the start of a crash the services to which they are entitled.” Reconnaissance Battalion when it departs
course in Army acronyms, pay procedures, housing regulations, “That's really the heart of the matter ... doing everything we Korea in March 2009 for rotational support
support agencies and so forth. can to show the support network that's available to these young in the Global War on Terrorism.
“Now imagine what it's like for them when their Soldiers deploy spouses, even if they're still at home awaiting the move to their The F-16s will be in place before the
just months after initial entry training, which is typical these days,” first duty station,” said Lt. Gen. Benjamin C. Freakley, USAAC's Apache helicopters of the 1-2 ARB depart,
noted Jean Mills, Soldier and Family Program Manager for U.S. Commanding General. ensuring no gap in capability exists as this
Army Accessions Command at Fort Monroe. “It means our new “It’s important to the Soldier as well. You can't stay focused realignment occurs. Due to increased
spouses are facing more challenges than ever before, and we need on training if you're constantly worried about family problems at requirements for inspections and repairs to
to do everything we can to arm them with information that makes home. The awareness of being able to reach out to support agencies the A-10 fleet, the F-16s will be deployed
that transition easier.” like Army Community Services rotationally to Korea instead of the previously
Enter the Ne w Spouse “That's really the heart of the matter ... doing everything or important online tools like announced A-10 rotation.
Orientation DVD that Military OneSource will mitigate The F-16 is a multi-role fighter capable
is scheduled for release this we can to show the support network that's available to a lot of stress.” of conducting a broad range of missions,
month. It includes an overview these young spouses, even if they're still at home Helping spouses realize their including close air support, precision
of administrative, family and importance to the Army team is strike and counter-air. It provides added
community support programs awaiting the move to their first duty station,” another huge plus for the DVD, capability in targeting, precision munitions,
provided by the Army and the lieutenant general added. detection, and defensive measures.
listings of available resources that Lt. Gen. Benjamin C. Freakley, Service leaders have gone to “The F-16’s combat-proven record is
are accessible via the internet. USAAC's Commanding General great lengths to acknowledge well known and will provide an enhanced
Copies will be distributed by the contributions of families deterrent capability on the Korean
Army recruiting offices and ROTC battalions across the nation. during the ongoing fight against global terrorism. That effort is Peninsula,” said General Walter Sharp,
“The DVD complements a booklet titled ‘Welcome to the Army evidenced by the Army Family Covenant in 2007 and the Army Commander of U.S. Forces in Korea. “This
Family’ that our recruiters have been handing out for the past year," Community Covenant in 2008. Both measures guarantee the deployment also increases Republic of
said Mills. “The DVD is 35 minutes in length, and it incorporates nation's commitment to “providing the best quality of life in the Korea-United States training opportunities,
state-of-the-art features that will appeal to today’s Internet world to the best Soldiers and Families in the world.” which further strengthen Combined Forces
generation. For instance, the information is divided into subject “This DVD will help us show the support network available in Command's ability to defeat any north
matter areas – like Army Community Services, education and Child, Army life in ways a new Army spouse will understand,” Freakley Korean aggression.”
Youth and School Services - so the spouse or family member can said. “Why is this important? ... Because the spouse is a huge factor The U.S. remains committed to the
pick and choose the topics that are of interest to them.” in the decision-making process on whether to join the Army. Spouse defense of the Republic of Korea and will
Other subjects addressed in the video include TRICARE, support also is very important to retention. We like to say we enlist ensure the required capabilities are deployed
housing, legal services, Army Emergency Relief, the Exceptional Soldiers, but we re-enlist families.” on and around the Korean Peninsula.

Jan. 16 - 22

LOCATION Today Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday

Soul Men (R) 6:30 p.m. Saw V (R) 6:30 p.m. Saw V
CASEY Curious Case of Curious Case of (R) 6:30 p.m. Bedtime Stories Curious Case of
Changeling (PG) 7:30 p.m. No Show Benjamin Button No Show
Benjamin Button Benjamin Button
730-7354 (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 7:30 p.m.

Marley & Me Bedtime Stories

HENRY Marley & Me (PG) 1 p.m. (PG) 3 p.m. Twilight
(PG13) 7 p.m. Twilight (R) 7 p.m. No Show No Show No Show
Bedtime Stories
768-7724 (PG) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m.

Madagascar II (PG) 3:30 p.m. Madagascar II (PG) 3:30 p.m.

HUMPHREYS Curious Case of Twilight Twilight Sex Drive Sex Drive
Curious Case of Curious Case of
Benjamin Button (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (R) 6:30 / 9 p.m. (R) 6:30 / 9 p.m.
Benjamin Button Benjamin Button
753-7716 (PG13) 6 / 9 p.m.
(PG13) 6:30 / 9:30 p.m. (PG13) 6:30 / 9:30 p.m.

HOVEY Quantum of Solace Changeling Curious Case of Soul Men Notorious

(PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Benjamin Button No Show (R) 7 p.m. No Show (R) 7 p.m.
730-5412 (PG13) 7p.m.

Quantum of Solace Yes Man Yes Man Sex Drive

KUNSAN (PG13) 6 / 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 6 / 8:30 p.m. (PG13) 6 / 8:30 p.m. No Show No Show No Show (R) 6 p.m.

Bolt (PG) 1 p.m. Twilight Twilight Gran Torino

Curious Case of Sex Drive Saw V
OSAN Benjamin Button Gran Torino (R) 6 p.m. (PG13) 4 p.m. (PG13) 4 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.
Gran Torino Gran Torino (R) 7 p.m.
784-4930 (PG13) 6 / 9 p.m. Notorious (R) 8:30 p.m.
(R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m.

RED CLOUD (PG13) 7 p.m. Soul Men Quantum of Solace Saw V Seoul Men Marley & Me
Gran Torino (R) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. (R) 7 p.m. No Show
(PG) 7 p.m.
732-6620 (R) 9:30 p.m.

Quantum of Solace Marley and Me Marley and Me

STANLEY (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. Bedtime Stories Notorious Twilight
(PG13) 7 p.m.
Soul Men Bedtime Stories (PG) 7 p.m. No Show (R) 9 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m.
Saw V
732-5565 (R) 9 p.m. (R) 9 p.m. (PG) 9 p.m.

Sex Drive Twilight Changeling Changeling

Notorious Notorious Sex Drive
(R) 2 / 5 / 8 p.m. (PG13) 4 / 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m. (PG13) 7 p.m.
(R) 5:30 / 8:30 p.m. (R) 5:30 / 8:30 p.m. (R) 2 / 5 / 8 p.m.
YONGSAN Igor (PG) 6:30 p.m. Igor (PG) 3:30 / 6:30 p.m. Bolt (PG) 3:30 / 6:30 p.m. Bolt (PG) 3 / 5:30 p.m. Role Models Role Models Role Models
High Scool Musical 3 (R) 3 / 5:30 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (R) 6 p.m.
738-7389 Madagascar II Madagascar II High Scool Musical 3
(PG) 3 / 5:30 p.m. Soul Men Soul Men Soul Men
(PG) 6:30 p.m. (PG) 3:30 / 6:30 p.m. (PG) 3:30 / 6:30 p.m. (R) 3 / 5:30 p.m. (R) 6 p.m. (R) 6 p.m.

Area I Worship Schedule Area II Worship Schedule Area III Worship Schedule Area IV Worship Schedule
Protestant Services Protestant Services NOTE: Services will be held in the Protestant Services
Super Gym until further notice.
Collective Collective Protestant
Sunday 1000 Stone Chapel
Sunday 0800 Memorial Chapel (Liturgical) Protestant Services Sunday 1000 Camp Carroll
Sunday 1000 Stanley Chapel
Sunday 1030 West Casey Chapel 0930 Brian Allgood Hospital Chapel Collective Protestant 1030 Camp Walker
Sunday 1100 Protestant Sunday 0930 (Korean) Hannam Chapel Sunday 1100 Freedom Chapel Church of Christ 1700 Camp Walker
School-Coffee House 1000 South Post Chapel 1100 Suwon Air Base Chapel Gospel 1215 Camp Walker
Sunday 1100 Warrior Chapel 1030 K-16 Chapel 1300 Camp Carroll
Sunday 1100 Crusader Chapel
1100 Camp Eagle Chapel
1100 Hannam Village Chapel Gospel 1300 Freedom Chapel Contemporary
Sunday 1100 Hovey Chapel
Wednesday 1130 Bible Study-Coffee House Contemporary Contemporary 1800 Freedom Chapel Friday 1900 Camp Walker
Gospel Sunday 1000 Multi Purpose Training Facility KATUSA Korean
Sunday 1100 Casey Memorial Chapel Tuesday 1900 Freedom Chapel Tuesday 1900 Camp Carroll
1230 Camp Stanley Chapel Gospel 1200 South Post Chapel Wednesday 1830 Camp Walker
Wednesday 1800 Gospel Bible Study
Stanley Chapel
Seventh-Day Adventist Wednesday 1730 Freedom Chapel
Thurday 1900 Gospel Practice Saturday 0930 Brian Allgood Hospital Chapel Wednesday 1900 Freedom Chapel Catholic Services
Stanley Chapel (Bible Study) Mass
COGIC United Pentecostal (UPCI) Catholic Services Sunday 0900 Camp Walker
Sunday 1230 CRC Warrior Chapel Sunday 1330 Memorial Chapel Mass 1130 Camp Carroll
Sunday 1930 CRC Warrior Chapel Daily 1145 Freedom Chapel Saturday 1700 Camp Walker
Sunday 1300 Jackson Auditorium KATUSA Sunday 0930 Freedom Chapel
Tuesday 1900 Camp Stanley Chapel Thursday 1830 Memorial Chapel 1700 Camp Eagle Chapel Jewish
Tuesday 1840 Casey Stone Chapel
Tuesday 1800 Camp Castle Chapel
1700 Suwaon Air Base Chapel For information, contact Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Avi Weiss, avi.weiss@korea.
Episcopal, 723-6707
Tuesday 1830 Casey Memorial Chapel Jewish
Sunday 1000 Memorial Chapel
Tuesday 1830 Camp Hovey Chapel For information, contact Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Avi Weiss, avi.weiss@korea.
Thursday 1830 West Casey Chapel, 723-6707
Catholic Services
Catholic Mass Mass
Sunday 1130 Camp Stanley Chapel Sunday 0800 South Post Chapel
Sunday 0900 CRC Warrior Chapel 1130 Memorial Chapel The Command Chaplain’s Office is here to perform, provide, or coordinate total religious support to the
Sunday 1215 West Casey Chapel
Sunday 0930 Camp Hovey Chapel
Saturday 1700 Memorial Chapel United Nations Command, U.S. Forces Korea and Eighth U.S. Army Servicemembers, their families and
Orthodox Service Mon/Thur/Fri 1205 Memorial Chapel
1st and 2nd Sundays 1000 Old Hovey Chapel Tues/Wed 1205 Brian Allgood Hospital Chapel
authorized civilians across the full spectrum of operations from armistice to war.
Later Day Saints 1st Sat. 0900 Memorial Chapel
Sunday 1400 West Casey Chapel
Visit the U.S. Forces Korea Religious Support site at:
Jewish Services
Jewish Friday 1900 South Post Chapel
Friday 1830 West Casey Chapel for helpful links and information.

Korea-wide Army chaplain points of contact

USAG-Yongsan Chaplains USAG-Humphreys Chaplains USAG-Red Cloud/Casey USAG-Daegu Chaplains

Chaplain (Lt. Col.) David B. Crary: Chaplain (Maj.) Klon K. Kitchen, Jr.: 2ID Chaplain (Lt. Col.) Richard Spencer: Chaplain (Maj.) Eddie Kinley:, 738-3009, 753-7274, 732-7998, 764-5455

Chaplain (Maj.) Adolph G. DuBose: Chaplain (Maj.) James E. O’Neal: Red Cloud Chaplain (Maj.) Fredrick Garcia: Chaplain (Maj.) Edward Martin:, 738-4043 , 753-7276, 732-6169, 765-8004

Chaplain (Maj.) Leo Mora Jr.: Chaplain (Capt.) Anthony Flores: Red Cloud Chaplain (Capt.) Mario Rosario:, 736-3018,,
No Endorsement Implied

No Endorsement Implied

Dip into fun at the COEX Aquarium

Seoul — Visitors to the COEX Aquarium inside Seoul’s COEX Mall can experience being
virtually transported to a fanciful aquatic playground. Creativity abounds at the aquarium, where
visitors can enjoy an array of fun and sometimes humorous displays; including tanks designed
to resemble computers or televisions. The COEX Mall is just a short trip form USAG-Yongsan.
For information on the aquarium, visit View these photos at — U.S. Army photos by Edward Johnson

USFK Commander tours Yongsan quarters

By David McNally vicemembers and their Family Members Yongsan Relocation Plan. As a result, there Uberti said they are improving facilities
USAG-Yongsan Public Affairs with 264 sets of premium apartments. are no major construction projects on the and housing because it's the right thing to
The Sharps also visited the Hannam installation. do. “We are always aware of the living and
The senior military commander in Ko- Village Commissary and new Community Installation Management Command- working conditions of our force,” he said.
rea took time to visit Army housing Jan. 13 Center, as well as a set of company-grade Korea Region Commander Brig. Gen. John Even without major construction fund-
at Hannam Village and Yongsan Garrison. officer quarters. Later, the group toured Uberti told the general of the challenges ing, USAG-Yongsan continues to invest in
U.S. Forces Korea Commander Gen. the Headquarters and Headquarters De- facing U.S. Army Garrison-Yongsan. small-scale renovation projects to improve
Walter Sharp and his wife Joanne toured a tachment, 524th Military Intelligence Bat- “The Garrison team is constantly iden- quality of life. “We continue to do every-
Hannam Village model apartment display- talion barracks on Yongsan’s South Post. tifying critical points, such as the water thing we can to bridge the gap during this
ing the end-state of a multimillion dollar Finally, the group visited an unaccompa- system, electrical grid and infrastructure time of transition,” said USAG-Yongsan
renovation project funded by the Korea nied colonel's quarters. and maintaining a balance of capabilities Commander Col. Dave Hall. “We are ex-
National Housing Corporation. The reno- Yongsan Garrison was first used by U.S. and quality of life,” Uberti said. ecuting transformation on the peninsula,
vation is set to begin shortly. Forces in 1948. Many of the structures “As part of the Army Family Covenant, but we are committed to maintaining our
Hannam Village is a government-leased on post are from the Japanese occupation we are committed to providing Soldiers facilities at all bases until they are returned
housing area near Yongsan Garrison. The of 1910-1945. The installation is closing and Families a quality of life commensu- to the Republic of Korea.” Editor’s Note:
18-month project will provide U.S. Ser- at some point in the future as part of the rate with their service.” For more on Yongsan quarters, see Page 9.

(From left to right) Diane Foster, Yongsan Unaccompanied Housing Branch chief, gives a tour to Joanne Sharp and U.S. Forces Korea Commander Gen. Walter Sharp, showing them unaccom-
panied senior officer quarters on Yongsan South Post during a Jan. 13 visit to USAG-Yongsan quarters. — U.S. Army photo by David McNally

Zumba Fitness, Pilates at Trent Gym Comedy ROK’S performances continue

Performance Schedule
Zumba Fitness: Today
8:30 - 9:30 a.m. Mon., Wed., Fri. Red Cloud, Mitchell's, 7 p.m.
5:30-6:30 p.m. Tues. and Thurs. Jan. 17
Suwon AB, Scudbusters, 7 p.m.
Pilates Fitness: Jan. 18
9:30 - 10:30 a.m. Mon., Wed., Fri. Camp Bonifas, Sanctuary Club, 7 p.m.
Jan. 20
Camp Walker, Hilltop Club, 8 p.m.
For information, contact Shelton Coonfield, Fitness Instructor, at
Jan. 21
010-2041-7546 or via e-mail at
Camp Carroll, Hideaway Club, 7 p.m.

Korean Service Corps trains for the times

By Ken Hall and Pfc. Kim Hyung-joon been working with Humphreys leadership to serving as instructors in a Republic of Korea the overall best KSC Company,” said
USAG-Humphreys Public Affairs be self-supporting in their non-war fighting Army replacement training center. Korean Chong. “The 22nd Company was evaluated
support role. President Rhee Syng-man directed the in six categories including training,
USAG-HUMPHREYS — “We’ve already got a plan set that in the ROK army to provide unarmed civilians to administration, and safety and received the
Commanders, Soldiers and Civilians from event of war, the KSC’s would set up in a haul supplies – using wooden “A-Frame” highest score overall.”
Area III and the 22nd Company, Korean school where they could cook their own backpacks – to the American frontline Chong said the top evaluation rating the
Service Corps met to discuss how American meals and house themselves and we would combat forces. At the height of the Korean 22nd received for 2007 was a result of strict
troops and Korean civilian support forces provide the equipment,” said J. Michael War there were more than 100,000 Korean adherence to regulation, taking care of KSC
would operate in the event of war during a Lineberger, Humphreys Garrison Director of civilians mobilized in this effort; they would cadre members with good leadership, and
mobilization training exercise in Pyeongtaek Plans, Training, Mobilization and Security. be later be known as the Korean Service perfect training.
City Jan. 7-9. “What we’re trying to do is make sure that Corps Battalions. KSC cadre members serve for about 30
The 22nd KSC is a group of about 100 the KSC’s assigned to us are self-sufficient “At last years’ annual KSC Battalion years on average, with mobilized personnel
Korean civilians in the Pyeongtaek area who so that those types of requirements don’t fall dinner, the 22nd KSC Company was serving exclusively during wartime. The
train to support American military units at back on us as we’ll already have a lot of our recognized as the best company on the KSC is just one of many branches of the
Humphreys Garrison. Several Eighth U.S. own mission requirements to fulfill.” Korean peninsula,” said Humphreys military that mobilized citizens can be
Army Soldiers assigned to the KSC battalion The KSC has its roots in the Korean War Garrison Command Sergeant Major Jason assigned to.
provide training oversight throughout the when then-Eighth U.S. Army commander K. Kim. “Chong, Yong-an is a great The Pyeongtaek-based 22nd Company
KSC companies. Lt. Gen. Walton H. Walker formally company commander but he’s also a civilian. KSC was the first of three mobilization
“As a sergeant major, one of my jobs is requested logisics support from his superiors In wartime hostilities, he would be assistant training exercises taking place across Area
to make sure everyone gets the training they to help his combat troops in the field. company commander under a ROK active III during January and February. A fourth
need,” said 22nd KSC Battalion Sergeant Help came in the form of a battalion- duty captain.” exercise is scheduled to take place during
Major Josue Morales. “In one training sized cadre of South Koreans who were “We are honored to have been awarded the summer.
exercise we shut the power off because in a
time of war that may happen, and we wanted
to get them to go through a situation that
they could encounter.”
During the training, about 40, 22nd
KSC members displayed duty stations
and equipment found in one of their war-
time emergency operations centers. 22nd
Company commander Chong, Yong-an
gave Humphreys Garrison leadership a tour
of the stations.
“There are many kinds of battle tasks
assigned to our company, ranging from
mortuary affairs to repairing gas pipelines,”
said Chong. “As company commander I
ensure that everyone is fully trained for each
and every battle task in order for them to
be prepared to go to war anytime. The U.S.
trainers provide superb support – from
overseas training in the U.S. to providing
training facilities and equipment from units
based on the peninsula.”
Chong said the main objective of the
exercise was to deploy within four hours of
orders from the KSC battalion commander
and activate mobilization stations within
24 hours. “We have successfully achieved
this objective and I am satisfied with the
results,” he said.
There are mobilization stations
throughout Area III where KSC members
assemble for training. Their role in the event U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys Commander Col. John E. Dumoulin (second from right) and Korean Service Corps 22nd Co. commander Chong,
of war would be to support Humphreys Yong An (far right) review aspects of a KSC temporary operations center during a training exercise at Pyeongtaek, Jan. 8. Download this photo
Garrison operations and the 22nd KSC has and find more photos from other events online at — U.S. Army photo by Ken Hall

‘Walk to Remember’ to commemorate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. day

By Ken Hall people to remember Dr. Martin Luther Harris said that while individuals The Independence Park event will
USAG-Humphreys Public Affairs King, Jr., who was instrumental during the should be involved in and promote equal begin at 8:20 a.m. with Chaplain (Maj)
civil rights movement” opportunity for everyone in Christopher Edwards, 2nd CAB as featured
USAG-humphreys — Monday will Harris said participation in the Army community it makes guest speaker. The Walk to Remember
be a federal holiday in recognition of Dr. the event is voluntary. for trouble-free occupation of will begin at 9 a.m. and conclude at
Martin Luther King, Jr. and while some will “People can come out, and down-time and support for this Freedom Field. All Soldiers, Civilians,
use the holiday to sleep in, kick back and maybe they’ll be reminded that event is not limited to individual Family members and friends are invited to
recharge their batteries – many will brave while they’re out there in the community members. attend and the event is free.
the freezing temperatures to participate in cold that it’s not just a walk, “We have great support “The experience I want everyone to
a “Walk to Remember” here. but a day to remember,” said for this event from 2nd CAB, remember is that because someone walked
“It’s a day on, not a day off,” said event Harris. “It’s my intention to the USO, USA Credit Union, – not just once, not just twice … because
lead organizer Sgt. 1st Class Mark Harris, get everyone involved and when AAFES and Soldiers across someone chose to stand up for equal rights
2nd Combat Aviation Brigade Equal they look back at the four-day U S AG - Hu m p h re y s ,” s a i d – now I can walk here today in Korea and it’s
Opportunity Noncommissioned Officer. “It’s weekend and they’re asked what they did Harris. “My biggest support is from my important to know where we came from to
a day to remember and I think it’s symbolic during their time off, they can say they were family – coming out and supporting me and know where we’re going because (like lessons
to do a walk on the actual holiday that was there at eight o’clock in the morning for a we all stand together in the community to learned in our behavior) if we forget the poor
designated to commemorate and to inspire walk to remember.” make events like this one work.” choices we’ve made, we’ll lose our way.”

News & Notes Humphreys Dawgs drop a thriller to Suwon

Super Gym Floor Closure By Ken Hall
The Super Gym basketball court and running track USAG-Humphreys Public Affairs
will be closed from Jan. 12 until 22 for repairs. Call
the Super Gym at 753-8031 for more information.
USAG-HUMPHREYS — A down-the-
EDIS Well Baby Clinic stretch battle of the Thompsons – one from
The Educational and Developmental Intervention Humphreys, the other from Suwon Air Base
Services is offering a clinic on raising your baby. – determined the final score as the Dawgs
Clinic is held every third Friday of the month from dropped a tough defensive battle 76-79 to
2 to 4 p.m. by individual appointment only. To sign the Panthers in the closing minutes at the
up, call EDIS at 738-4422. Super Gym here Saturday.
Fast-break action dictated the game
Power Outage Notice
tempo as the Dawgs stayed within five
The Directorate of Public Works has announced a
power outage for select buildings Jan. 19 from 9
points of Suwon throughout most of the
a.m. until 1 p.m. due to the installation of a new game. The Dawgs pulled ahead briefly
transformer. The affected buildings are: Bldg. 421, during the closing minutes of the first
427, 537, 570, and 572. For more information period and again during the early minutes
contact Mr. Gillespie at 754-8611. of the second period when Suwon blew five
successive scoring opportunities; each time
Cervical Health Awareness Month the Panthers failed to score Humphreys
January is Cervical Health Awareness Month. pulled down the rebounds, raced down the
To schedule a well-woman appointment, call
court and completed several lay-ups.
753-5627. For more information on cervical health,
contact Public Health Nursing at 753-8355 or
“I think the game could have gone a little
Health Promotion at 753-7657. better for us,” said Suwon coach Spc. Ginger
Graham, Charlie Battery, 3rd Battalion 2nd
Boss Bargain Weekend Winter Games Air Defense Artillery. “We’ll be reviewing
IMCOM-K Boss Bargain Weekend is hosting how Humphreys played to understand
the 2009 Winter Games to be held from Feb. what they did so we can play a better game
15 until 17. Ticket price is $99, including slope- next time.”
side lodging, award ceremony, buffet dinner, lift More than 50 spectators were given an
ticket and rental for one day and night. Only 40
NCAA tournament-like thrill throughout
spaces are available for USAG-Humphreys. Make
your reservation no later than Wednesday, Feb.
the game. Cheers roared often from the
4 at the CAC. This event is open to single and stands and the closing efforts by both teams
unaccompanied active duty U.S. military personnel did not disappoint the crowd.
only. For more information call 753-8825. The final two minutes of the game
evolved into a nail-biter as the Dawgs were
Stress Management Classes down by four points to the Panthers but
ACS is holding weekly stress management classes Dawgs player Staff Sgt. Lorenzo Thompson, Humphreys Dawgs’ Staff Sgt. Lorenzo Thompson (left) pulls down a rebound against Suwon
Thursdays from 1:30 until 2:30 p.m. at Bldg. 311. Headquarters Headquarters Company, Panthers’ Pfc. Anthony Thompson (right) during a game at the Super Gym, Jan. 10. Suwon
Sessions are designed help individuals learn more outscored Humphreys 79-76 for the win. — U.S. Army photo by Ken Hall
194th CSSB knocked down a 3-pointer and
effective ways for handling stress in everyday life.
All ID Card holders are eligible for the course.
was fouled during the shot. Thompson made Thompson, Echo Company, 3-2 ADA led three-quarter court, game-tying shot to the
Contact ACS at 753-8401 for more information. the free-throw and the four-point effort tied to a cross-court, fast-break run – and a go- backboard, but it bounced back onto the
the game with Suwon but, after the game, ahead lay-up for the Panthers. Thompson court as the game-ending buzzer sounded
Biggest Losers Contest he said “it wasn’t enough.” was also fouled in the process resulting in and Suwon clinched the victory.
The second annual Biggest Losers Contest In the final seconds of the game, the another point for Suwon. “We’re better than we were today,” said
sponsored by the Area III Family & MWR Activities Dawgs regained the lead but the Panthers’ With less than two seconds in the Thompson, “and I guess we have to go back
Sports Program and Area III Health Promotion strong full-court pressure and a win-or- game, the Dawgs’ Thompson took a quick to the drawing board and play better in our
started Jan. 1 and will last through Mar. 31. The lose defensive rebound by Pfc. Anthony in-bound pass and heaved a desperate next game.”
duo that loses the highest percentage of their
combined weight between their entry date and

Polar Bear swim attracts daring individuals

Mar. 31 will each receive fabulous MWR prizes,
including passes to Splish & Splash Water Park,
free bowling and an MWR Value Book.

Change in Sick Call Hours By Lori Yerdon

75th Medical Company Area Support, U.S. Army USAG-Humphreys Public Affairs Office
Health Clinic - USAG-Humphreys announced a
change in sick call hours. Effective Dec. 8, sick call USAG-HUMPHREYS — Neither 30
hours will be 4:30 - 5:15 p.m. Monday-Wednesday
degree air nor frigid water temperature
and Fridays. There will be no sick call Thursdays.
In the event of an emergency, dial 119 if living off could deter more than 70 Soldiers, Civilians
post, 911 if living on post or call the After Hours and Family members from participating in
Clinic at 0505-753-8111. USAG-Humphreys’ first-ever Polar Bear
swim at the Splish and Splash water park
New Humphreys Flickr Website here, Saturday.
Want to get copies of photos of a community Walter Cade, the Alaska Mining
event? It’s easy now that USAG-Humphreys Company’s business manager, devised
has its own Flickr photo-sharing webpage. To the event which attracted grownups and
view or download your own high-resolution More than 80 Soldiers, Civilians and Family Members dive into near-freezing water during the
children alike.
images of community events go to: www. USAG-Humphreys’ first-ever Polar Bear swim at the Splish and Splash water park here, Jan. USAG-Humphreys “We wanted to come up with something
new for USAG-Humphreys and think 10. Download this photo at — U.S. Army photo by Lori Yerdon
Public Affairs Office will post images weekly.
Call 754-8598 for more information. outside of the box,” said Cade. “I only maybe 15 people to sign up,” said Mooney. the swim and submerging themselves
expected about ten people and I’m very “But then we started getting e-mails from underwater, up to their neck, received
We Want Your Stories! pleased with today’s turnout.” all over Korea and it’s amazing how many prizes from MWR, such as jackets and
We want to publish your stories and During the weeks leading up to the people showed up.” value books.
photos in The Morning Calm Weekly below-freezing swim, Humphreys Morale, Lifeguards supervised the participants Swimmers warmed up with hot beverages
and on the USAG-Humphreys Command Welfare and Recreation Marketing Chief throughout the event and Mooney ensured and blankets after their plunge into the
Channel. Please send any information Mike Mooney said he was optimistic about everyone received a briefing on safety frigid water. Several of the swimmers said
or products to Ken Hall at the USAG-
the turnout. measures before, during and after the they would do it again next year.
Humphreys Public Affairs Office at 754-8847
or “Initially when we started talking about inaugural swim. “It’s going to be an annual event,” said
the event, we thought we’d only get ten The first 20 participants completing Cade, “and bigger and better next year.”

$12.9 billion Humphreys transformation continues

By Lori Yerdon Humphreys. Simultaneously, construction synchronization of projects – forethought “We have running trails incorporated in
USAG-Humphreys Public Affairs has begun on adjacent land acquired – not just constructing a building, but the master plan and at the same time, we
through the Yongsan Relocation and Land ensuring new buildings tie into the master want to ensure there’s cross trails so folks
USAG-HUMPHREYS — Several years Partnership Plan. plan and take an overall holistic look at from Family housing will be able to get
ago, the plan to move all U.S. Forces Korea “We have two sets of four Soldier facilities, said Voelker. across the golf course to do things that they
stationed north of the capital city of Seoul barracks in the process of being built on “Identifying the fact that facilities in the need to do with ease,” Voelker added.
55 miles south to Pyeongtaek set in motion Parcel One and work there has gone very original master plan were overlooked has A key component in the Humphreys
vast changes for the future of U.S. Army well,” Voelker added. been a challenge as well as ensuring we have master plan is the Installation Design Guide,
Garrison Humphreys. Work on Parcel K, adjacent to Parcel the right amount of space for everyone,” he which provides guidance for standardizing
This small installation – formerly home One, is underway as well; when the land is said. “Finding solutions to these issues is fun and improving the visual quality and
to Quonset huts and Soldiers on one-year, ready for construction it will be the site of and challenging.” efficient operation of the installation.
unaccompanied tours – is now well on Family housing, a new high school and an But of all of the challenges encountered “Essentially, the Installation Design
its way to being a Family-friendly post elementary school. thus far, Voelker says “They are all (issues) Guide is an SOP,” said Voelker.
with some of the best amenities an Army When the transformation is complete, we can over come.” The Humphreys IDG includes standards
installation can offer. Humphreys will have almost tripled in size A priority for Humphreys officials and guidelines for the design issues of site
“The volume of work happening here to 3,538 acres. remains to maximize the use of existing planning: architectural character, colors
is immeasurable,” said David Voelker, Despite the smooth progress of the structures and space during construction and materials; vehicular and pedestrian
acting chief, USAG-Humphreys Master construction to date, building a new post while accommodating the needs of the circulation; utilities; and landscape elements
Planning Division. “Personnel wise, USAG- creates considerable challenges. garrison and ensuring future facilities mesh including plant materials, seating, signage
Humphreys is going to grow by 271 percent. “Some challenges so far have been into the master plan. and lighting.
As for funding, the entire program right now The design guidelines also incorporate
is at $12.9 billion, and we’re going to be sustainable design, energy efficiency,
adding 25 million square feet of facilities.” quality of design, antiterrorism measures,
To put it into perspective, Voelker says maintenance efficiency and safety, historical
25 million square feet equates to about 600 and cultural considerations into every facet
new facilities. of Humphreys’ transformation.
Thus far in the transformation, several Other objectives of the IDG that will
facilities have already opened and are in improve Humphreys during and well
use, including three state-of-the-art physical after its transformation include the use of
fitness centers, a child development center natural areas, such as putting parking lots
with a capacity for 303 children and the behind instead of in front of new buildings,
Humphreys Lodge extension. The lodge’s and ensuring garbage dumpsters and
upgrade not only doubled the number of central utility plants are meshed into the
rooms but also added conference space and construction of new facilities.
several other practical amenities. Looking at the big picture, Humphreys
Part of the Humphreys master plan officials understand that the quality of the
includes barracks equipped with two present and future garrison environment has
elevators, exercise rooms, laundry rooms a direct effect on the people who will live and
and mud rooms, common kitchens, lounge work on the installation. They also remain
areas and storage areas, which are scheduled The old and the new share space at USAG-Humphreys, Korea. Here, construction is underway committed to improving Humphreys’
to open soon. on the newest land, dubbed Parcel One (top of photo). When the transformation of Humphreys infrastructure and look forward to becoming
There are 48 construction projects is complete, the installation will almost triple is size and be home to nearly 45,000 people. the new home of U.S. Forces Korea during
underway within the existing 1,210 acres of Download this photo at — U.S. Army photo by Bob McElroy the next decade.

‘Park Place’ at Humphreys

Army announces $1.3 billion housing agreement for Korea
Army News Service relocate from Seoul and to provide a high Calcara, Deputy Assistant Secretary of Samsung C&T, of Seoul, Korea, is
quality of life for our military and their the Army (Installations & Housing) said, the design-builder and will also provide
arlington, va — The Department Families” said General Walter L. Sharp, “By leveraging permitted real estate uses construction completion guarantees for the
of the Army has reached agreement on terms Commander U.S. Forces Korea. “The under the Status of Forces Agreement with project. Samsung has successfully completed
of the largest single military housing project structure of the project allows for additional market demand, we are able to produce more than 1,700 projects, and in 2007
since World War II. The $1.3 billion project housing both at Humphreys and elsewhere affordable housing for individual rentals at alone, placed over $5 billion in construction
will provide 2400 units of family housing at in Korea as tours are normalized on the no capital construction investment by the around the world.
U.S. Army Garrison Humphreys, Republic Peninsula”, he added. Army, as well as provide for the operations, The design team is composed of SAMOO
of Korea. Humphreys Family Communities Keith Eastin, Assistant Secretary of the maintenance, property management, and and Heerim, two of the largest and most
LLC, will construct, own, provide equity, Army (Installations & Environment) said, long-term recapitalization of the asset over accomplished Korean firms, along with
and issue debt for the project. “This unique transaction is a first-of-a-kind the project life cycle.” MVE & Partners, a premier US residential
The project will be called “Park Place” and concept and a potential roadmap where Humphreys Family Communities, design firms.
balances American-Style residential design developers build privately owned housing LLC is comprised of Pinnacle Hunt HFC The finance team is led by Merrill
features in a Korean inspired environment on host-owned land for rental by American LLC, the managing member and will be Lynch, supported by Bank of America and
for three, four, and five bedroom units. Park Soldiers and their Families. Operational comprised of affiliates from American Sumitomo Mitsui Bank. HFC will fully
Place boasts two distinct communities and mission requirements have led us to this Management Services, Pinnacle and Hunt fund all project development, construction,
will feature high rise residential towers and revolutionary approach in Army Family ELP, Ltd. property management and asset management
a main town center that blends two story housing development.” Pinnacle of Irvine, CA, is the second services through the use of private debt and
traditional townhomes with store front retail Eastin emphasized, “It is a landmark largest property manager in the Unites States equity, reinvested interim income and
space. These communities are designed to be accomplishment, especially given the current with more than 175,000 housing units in operating cash flow, and interest earnings
pedestrian friendly and minimize vehicular budget challenges across the Department of their portfolio, including more than 26,000 on cash balances. The Army will not
traffic. Each neighborhood will have a large Defense and the volatility in the private units for its military partners and clients. provide any financial contributions, loans,
community center, playgrounds, parks, capital markets.” Hunt of El Paso, TX, is an equity or occupancy guarantees.
athletic fields, underground parking, and Military Families assigned to Korea may member of HFC, and with experience in Financial closing is scheduled for June
abundant open space. enter into a standard lease with HFC and building more than fifty military housing 2009, with construction beginning August
“This project is critical for the U.S. Armed rent a home at a monthly rate equivalent to projects, will assist in the capital structuring 2009. The first units are scheduled to be
Forces to meet its treaty commitments to the Overseas Housing Allowance. Joseph and construction oversight of the project. available for lease in 2012.

Kyungpook National University holds an

interview for an internship program Jan. 6
By Kim, Keun-kyo
USAG-Daegu Public Affairs

More than 30 students of Kyungpook

National University gathered at Kyungpook
University’s International Affairs Office
Jan. 6, to interview for an internship on
“I think this program allows the best
of Korea’s young generation,” said Vice
President, International Affairs, Kyungpook
National University, Lorne Hwang. “To
me the best of American servicemen who
serve overseas have a more global mind
and that’s why this partnership is incredible
The interview was progressed in an
informal atmosphere. There were some
casual questions, such as ‘Why did you
apply for this position?’, ‘How is this
position related with your future?’, ‘Have
you been overseas before?’ and some
difficult questions like ‘What do you think
about the relationship between ROK and
U.S.?’. Most of the students answered very
well and tried to give a good impression to
“I think our students have to realize they
are ambassadors for the university and also
for their nation,” said Hwang. “In the same Kyungpook National University students have an English interview with U.S Army USAG-Daegu representative for 2009 internship
way that I think the U.S. military takes it program connected with USAG-Daegu Jan. 6 — U.S. Army photo by Kim, Keun-kyo
seriously to really invest in our students and environment. The more they can prepare Internship Program, which was established work with Americans and Koreans, learn
take care of them. And I’m very grateful before they go to the interview better. This Oct. 2005, started with three Kyungpook valuable information and undergo real
for the efforts and hard work from the is not an English language program. This is National University Students. After that, work experience that cannot be obtained in
military side to our students. So I think a professional training program. The ability more than one hundred Kyungpook school. After finishing the program, interns
this partnership has benefited both and it’s to communicate effectively in English is National University students passed through receive certification from the U.S. Army and
a wonderful vision for the future.” fundamental and basic.” the intern program with placement in earn 18 class credits from the university.
In order to prepare well for interview, “This program is a partnership,” said various U.S. Army departments. It provides “The first impression that I had from
according to Hwang, students have to USAG-Daegu’s Army Volunteer Corps internship opportunities for students who this interview was nervousness,” said Yeo
think – why this would be valuable for Coordinator, LaVita Vincent. “And it’s are willing to experience working on a U.S. Sa-ra who is one of the interviewees. “I
you. And secondly they have to practice established between USAG-Daegu and the military installation. haven’t done an interview in English but as
their English. “Obviously we want this university to build up students and leaders Students are selected after examining time went by, people (interviewer) made a
training to have an impact for their future not only out of the Korean community their application and an English interview friendly atmosphere. Because there are not
career. For students who are interested in but the U.S. community as well. We can with a U.S. Army representative. They are so many opportunities to have an English
looking for international companies in learn from one another: We will learn assigned to diverse U.S. Army departments, interview in Korea, especially in Daegu, I
the future or traveling overseas or even about different cultures, deal awareness one taking into account their major in the school, think it is really good for our professional
working in the education field overseas the another. It’ll be a chance to build bridges, such as Army Community Service, Public qualifications and experience.”
opportunities to do and overseas internship to bridge the gap between communities Affairs Office, American Forces Network, This intern program gets a good response
is very valuable. and people. We can build stronger alliance Daegu American School, Directorate from both student interns and U.S. Army
The most important thing they can between us. I think that that’s why it’s of Public Works, JAG Office, etc. The personnel. The student interns are especially
do to prepare for service is improve their important.” period of the programs is six months. satisfied with the intern programs in terms of
English ability because it is an international Kyungpook National University’s During the six months, the student interns practical training and language learning.

The official Web site of the U.S Army gets facelift in new year
By C. Todd Lopez
an increased emphasis on visual products, handling the bandwidth associated with
Army News Service
and streamlined navigation menus to help video content. The site redesign will feature
users find information more quickly. software that makes it easier to stream video
Come Jan.16, the official Web site of the "We wanted to make it easier for visitors content to the user. The site will also utilize
United States Army will sport a new look. to find what they wanted on the site," said multiple servers strategically placed around
The new site features a graphic redesign, Lt. Col. Kevin Arata, director of the Army's the world, so bandwidth-intensive content
a new "subdued" color palette, and a online and social media division. "We also is located closer to the user.
downplaying of page graphic elements so wanted to focus more on visual content and Due to the new video software, video
user focus will be on content and not flashy new media." content can now also be higher quality. And
graphics. Billed as a "refresh" of the "official Each print story page on the site will users can share the best of those videos with
homepage of the United States Army," the now feature larger photographs at the top of friends and family via mail-to options and
newly designed will be more than the page. Articles with multiple photos will URLs that allow users to embed video into
just a change to the look and feel of the automatically display "slide shows" to make their own Web pages.
site, however. it easier for users to see all images associated "The neat thing," Arata said, "is that if
The new also includes software with a story. I want to share a video I find on
to ensure more streamlined delivery of video The Army's official Web site has hosted with my dad, I can easily do that now."
content, additional servers to host content video content for several years now, but
closer to the user, expanded image galleries, Arata said the site was having difficulty – See NEW WEB SITE Page 27 –

t News & Notes USAG-Daegu celebrates, honors Korean Civilian

2009 DSA Tuition Scholarship
Applications for five tuition-only
for 45 years of service with more years to come
scholarships totaling $10,000 are now By Kwon, Min-seok
available to qualifying Daegu Spouse USAG-Daegu Public Affairs
Association members and their
dependents. The application with
applicable rules is available online at United States Army Garrison-Daegu Submission celebrated 45 years of dedicated service,
deadline is March 31, 2009. Contact a stunning milestone for one Korean
Laurie Slade at or Civilian, by holding an official appreciation
010-8671-6061 for more information. and recognition ceremony at Camp
Walker’s Chapel annex Jan. 6. At the
Basketball All-Star ceremony, radiology specialist Kim, U-chin
USAG-Daegu’s Post Basketball All- and his family members, 65th Medical
star game will be held Jan. 24, 3 p.m. at Brigade Commander Col. Jeff Clark,
Kelly Fitness Center. The Camp Carroll 168th Multifunctional Medical Battalion
All Stars will take on the Daegu All Commander Lt.Col. Bret Ackermann
Stars for bragging rights. For details, and the 75th Medical Company Soldiers
call Carlos Algarin at 768-8118 or Neal gathered to recognize and celebrate Kim’s
Fleisher at 764-4800. lifetime service to the USAG-Daegu
community of more than 45 years.
Softball Coaches Wanted “The Republic of Korea and United
The USAG Daegu Sports Office is States have had a wonderful alliance for over
looking for a Post Level Softball 50 years and his 45 years of service working
Coach and Assistant Coach for the as a part of the Army clinic here at Camp
2009 traveling Men’s & Women’s Walker is an important part of that very
Softball League, which plays from special ROK-US Alliance,” Col.Clark made
May - August. Submit resumes to the a remark at the beginning of the event.
USAG Daegu Sports Director. Call “I am very proud that I worked here such
764-4800. a long time,” said Kim U-chin, Medical
Radiology Technician of Radiology Section
Comedy ROK’s at Camp Walker’s Wood Clinic. “It is 65th Medical Brigade Commander Col. Jeff Clark(left), 168th Multifunctional Medical
Nights of comedy will be held at the remarkable and unbelievable that 45 years Battalion Commander Lt.Col. Bret Ackermann celebrate Kim, U-chin’s lifetime service
Hilltop Club Jan. 20 at 8 p.m. and at have already passed. That means I spent all to the USAG-Daegu community for of more than 45 years. — U.S. Army photo by
the Hideaway Club Jan. 21 at 7 p.m.. my youth and over half of my life working Kwon, Min-seok
Admission is free. Shows contain here,” said Kim. Kim served as a radiology technician for Korea. Also, the commander for the 75th
adult content and language, and are Even though the official retirement age 543rd General Dispensary at Camp Walker, Medical Company Area Support Capt.
not suitable for children under the is 60, he extended his labor contract each the 150th Medical Detachment at Camp Barry presented him a commemorative
age of 18. For more information call year, 11 times after his age of 60. This Carroll and 121 Evacuation Hospital (now plaque for his dedicated lifetime service.
the Hilltop Club at 764-4985 or the record has originated from nothing other called Brian Allgood Army Community He did not forget to give special thanks
Hideaway Club at 765-8574. than his dedication to the service. Thanks Hospital) in Seoul. not only to those officers, but to every
to his selfless and constant effort to make He has been working as a medical Soldier of 75th Medical Company in
Camp Carroll Worship Service patients and staff members feel that they radiology technician at Camp Walker’s attendance. “I believe that I could do that
Every Tuesday there will be an are the best during the moment of being Wood Clinic of the 168th Medical Battalion with many Battalion commanders, the
11:40 a.m. worship service at the treated by him, he received numerous (now called 168th Multifunctional Medical Company commanders and all the kind
Camp Carroll Chapel. Everyone is official commendations in recognition of Battalion) for more than 15 years since clinic members of the past years. I thank all
invited. Lunch will be provided after his commitment to his duty as a caring April, 1993. Last December, he marked his of you here at the present, as well. I really
the service. For more information, professional in various clinics since 1963. milestone of 45 years of service. appreciate their kind support and help with
contact the Camp Carroll Chapel “Today’s recognition ceremony is a “As a Christian, I think (that) I have been all my heart.”
staff at 765-8343. chance to take time from everybody’s busy able to work for such a long time thanks to A celebratory cake and refreshments were
schedule and to say ‘THANK YOU’ to the blessing from God, which has kept my prepared following the ceremony. In return,
Customer Management Services such a role model for younger sanctuary feet on the ground so far for more than 45 he served each of the participants not by
Let your voice be heard! Go to the technicians in the health care profession,” years,” he emphasized. bringing them to the x-ray equipment but
USAG Daegu homepage at http://ima. Ackermann said. “You will really feel During the ceremony, the 65th Medical by serving them delicious rice cakes, a token good that you’re going to get your x-ray Brigade Commander Col. Jeff Clark of his appreciation for their support for him.
asp and click on the ICE (Interactive taken by Mr. Kim. So we are glad that presented him with the Commanders In such a warm and homelike atmosphere,
Customer Evaluation) logo to make a he is continuing to serve us. This is not a Award for Civilian Service, a certificate of Kim’s recognition ceremony finished.
comment. We want to hear from you! retirement, but quite an accomplishment recognition for 45 years of service in the “I will remember my beautiful memories
For more information contact Robert of 45 years and he will still be working with government of the United States of America, in this clinic and I will always crush them
Bridgewater at 768-6274. us,” Ackermann said. and an award on behalf of Gen. Sharp, the for the rest of my life. All of you will stay in
From Dec. 3, 1963 until April 1993, Commander of the United States Forces my memories.” Kim concluded.
Apple Tree Gift Shop
Come visit the apple tree gift shop. It
is located next to the Evergreen Golf
The Center of Knowledge in IMCOM-Korea:
Club parking lot. Ask about group
shopping dates, 60 days layaway U.S. Army Garrison FMWR Libraries
Korean Furniture, Souvenirs, Celadon,
Jewelry and much, much more! It to many large city libraries in the United patrons can be found relaxing with one of
By Esther Kim
opens on Wednesday and Saturday States. Library services professionals invite our daily newspapers or current magazines.
Region Librarian and Yongsan Library Director
from 10 a.m. till 3 p.m. Soldiers and their Families to take advantage Other patrons spend time using the library
of all these services and programs. Internet computers to do research or connect
Visit to United States Army Garrison Family Korea Region FMWR Libraries include electronically with family or friends.
download high-resolution versions Morale, Welfare and Recreation Libraries facilities at U.S. Army Garrisons Yongsan, These libraries are hubs of social activity
of the photos featured in the USAG- provide Soldiers and dependents in Korea Humphreys and Red Cloud; Hannam with children and adults participating in the
Daegu section of the Morning Calm. with various activities such as Library Village and K-16 (Seoul Air Base); Camps programs the library provides throughout
pouse Instruction and monthly programs, including Casey, Hovey, Stanley, Long (Eagle), Walker the year, teenagers enjoying looking in
Children’s and Preschool Reading Programs. and Carroll; and Suwon.
The Library Services offered are comparable Any time throughout the day, library – See LIBRARIES Page 27 –

LIBRARIES from Page 26

the growing Young Adult section, and help, hobbies, sports, etc.
customers of all ages spending time in the •Homeschooling materials
extensive DVD/Music CD area. At the •DVDs and videos
library, the staff strives to provide materials •Music CDs and audio books
and resources that enable all members of •Biographies
the Yongsan, Red Cloud, Humphreys, and •Travel books
Daegu communities to excel. The 12 FMWR Libraries in Korea are
Garrison libraries also provide a good committed to helping the community to
variety of online databases including Gale acquire lifelong learning. Children’s Story
Academic OneFile, Gale General Reference Time, which promotes an early enjoyment
Center, Gale Military and Intelligence of reading, is held once a week. Often,
Database, Gale Student Resource Center, groups visit the library to learn more
and U.S. Army Library Education Resource about its resources and how to acquire the
Center. materials best suited to their needs and
General Library Integrated System is a interests. The library plans several programs
web-based service that allows anyone with a year such as our Children’s Summer
an AKO account to access library services, Reading Program and Thanksgiving Story
electronically, via the Internet. Time. We create displays that celebrate
Library collections are constantly growing national holidays and promote cultural
and offer: awareness such as “November: American
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NEW WEB SITE from Page 25

The Jan. 16 refresh of will "The refreshed website launched in
also feature links on content that allow January is the first step in what will
users to tag stories and video pieces using ultimately be a totally redesigned website
social bookmarking links like Delicious, launched in October 2009," he said. "The
Digg and Reddit. The January refresh is just website in October will incorporate the latest
foreshadowing of even better things to come in technology to ensure we have a world class
for, Arata said. website for our world class Army."

This week’s USAG-Daegu job profile: Information Technology Specialist

How do you help USAG-Daegu to What qualities does your job require? myself when the costumers feel the same as
accomplish its mission? I am an Information Technology by helping them.
There are various jobs to accomplish at Specialist. This is mostly related to What is the one thing that most people
the IMO section. For instance I take care of automation and telecommunication. In don’t know about your job?
computers, automation, telecommunication, order to accomplish these duties, I always I want customers to understand that
network and user accounts. I also do need to research and study how to use and IMO work usually takes times for approval
automation lifecycle management, desktop control them properly. which may cause difficulties sometimes.
computer support, Hardware and software What do you like most about your job? Despite people always deal with computer
upgrade, network and TCP/IP support, My job is not as easy. If I take few days on daily basis, cause problems by not using it
Audio / Video Support, Requirement off, I always need to study nonetheless properly. Computer is a machine. Machine
Document, automation trouble shooting, to catch up new products. From my is operated by simple order but many people
e-mail setup. I also deal with taking care experience, I understand how customers do not follow the rules which cause a bigger
of Common Access Card and providing may have difficulties with computers. I problem in a long run. I occasionally see
user e-mail account which require decent try to help these users so that they can these problems when I go out for trouble
Ms. Kim, Kyong Suk amount of time yet I am always willing to use computer easily and help them with hooting. I just want you to be patient and
USAG-Daegu IMO IT Specialist help customers as best as I can. problems. I am proud and pleased with love computers a little bit more.

AREA IV Job Opportunities



KOEZ09203174 IT Specialist(Network/Sysadmin) GS-11 1st Sig Bde, 6 SC Daegu Jan. 22
NEAG09215507A Supv Human Resources Spec YC-3 CHRA, Cp. Henry Jan. 23
KOEZ09203176 Information Technology Specialist GS-11 1st Sig Bde, 6 SC CW Jan. 23
KOEZ09203178 Supv IT Specialist GS-11 1st Sig Bde, 6 SC CW Jan. 29
KOEZ09783038R-1 Marine Cargo Specialist GS-9 837th Trans Bn, Busan Feb. 21
KRNAFEZ080049WW Project Manager NF-4 DFMWR, Cp. Henry Jan. 20
PAC 19 ITT Specialist N/A Cp. Walker TBD
PAC 20 Duty Manager N/A Cp. Walker TBD
PAC 18 Programs Coordinator N/A Cp. Walker TBD
PAC 16 Administrative Assistant N/A Cp. Walker TBD
N/A Transitional Specialist N/A SERCO, Cp. Henry Until filled
For more information, contact Employment Readiness Program Manager, Steven Wegley at 768-7951