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Innermost Inspiration

Robert Bayer

Table of Contents
p4 Death Is an Advisor 1976
p5 Haiku 1976
p6 Sands of Time 1980
p7 Indian Sleep 1980
p8 Virtues Universal 1985
p9 E-O-IH Is Here Now 1986
p10 Jehovih The I AM 1986
p11 Breathe 1987
p12 Release 1987
p13 Reach 1987
p14. Rejoice 1988
p15 Unite 1988
p16 I Take My Stand 1989
p17 Give 1990
p18 Morning Rising 1990
p19 Heal 1991
p20 Spiritual Goals 1991
p23 Eloih! 1992
p24 BELIEVE: I AM 1994
p25 Love, Almighty Love 1995
p29 Within And Beyond 1995
p30 Shine 1995
p31 Twelve Ways To Pray 1996
p34 Believe 1996
p35 Bless 1997
p36 Focus 1997
p37 Affirmations of Harmony 1997
p38 Serve 1998
p36 A New Beginning 1998
p40 Eolin Is All 1999
p41 We Are in The Ever-Present Together 2000
p42 God’s Light and Love 2000
p43 Light Unto Light 2000
p47 Always There Is Good 2001
p50 Elohim The Illimitable 2001

p51 Trinities 2001
p56 Always Within 2003
p57 Our World One 2004
p59 Our Choice 2004
p62 I Am Jehovih The I AM 2005
p66 Om-Na 2005
p68 O God of Gods 2005
p69 The I Am – The All One 2006
p71 Ways To Love 2006
p73 The Destiny of God’s Children 2006
p75 All Is, All Was, All Ever Shall Be 2006
p83 Thy Spirit 2007
p85 The Will of E-O-IH 2007
p86 The <I AM> Transformation 2008
p87 O Transcendent Center 2008
p88 The Infinite Union 2009
p89 All That We Are 2010
p90 Cosmos in Thee 2010
p91 Mystic Revelations 2010
p92 Ever Seeking the God of Gods 2010
p93 Towards The Summit Ever Beyond 2011
p94 All Etherea 2011
p100 Salvation Together 2011
p101 Covenant unto The Great Spirit 2012
p103 Prayer for Overcoming the Lower Self 2013
p104 All Praise, Thanks and Honor to Thee! 2013
p105 Attunement to Sacredness 2014
p106 Supernal Planes Angelic 2014
p109 An Invocation in Communion 2015
p110 As I AM 2015
p111 The Circle of Radiant Light 2015
p112 The Jewel of Sacred Inspiration 2015
p113 The Star of Divine Love 2015
p114 Our Father-Mother-Creator 2015
p115 As I AM 2015
p116 I – We – Our World 2015
p117 Forever Arising 2016

p119 Songs to the Almighty 2016
p121 Affirmations to Stand Strong Upon 2017
p122 Empowering Angels We Are Becoming 2017
p124 Our Universal Destiny 2017
p125 All Becoming One 2017
p128 Keys to the Heavens Above 2019
p131 The Creation of Love 2019

Death is an Advisor

Upon a grey rock that was half-buried in a hill, rested I,

Pondering dark questions concerning my life’s ills and vain acts.
And the day was bright with Apollo’s light.
Yet there was no light to pierce the tomb of night which held my heart.
And the birds sang sweetly to the wind while flowers and bees became friends.
Yet through the grey fields of my brain roved wolves of doubt and pain.

So upon that grey rock that was half-buried in a hill, remained I,

As if the solitary stone had petrified my soul and will for all time.
Taking no heed of me and my plight, Apollo’s blazing chariot rode on and passed out of sight.
Leaving me in darkness on the stone, where save for the face of Artemis, I sat still alone.
Until there came the rosy morn of Aurora, welcoming a new day born;
When I spied to my left a shadow near which caused me to quake on the cold stone with fear.

There upon the grey rock that was half-buried in a hill, I turned left,
To face the shadow’s bane and black skill and ask its purpose and its name.
However, to my left the shadow remained and from it a powerful voice proclaimed:
―Mortal fool, I am always to your left, be of this certain for I am Death.
Know that your despair is folly because you have so little time left, and much work to do before
you until you feel the tap of Death.
As the shadow faded in Aurora’s light, I became changed and accepted Death’s advice.

And upon that grey rock that was half-buried in a hill, I rose up,
And withdrew from the stone and its chill to a golden field where my heart and Apollo shone.


Water is purest,

Abundant fluid power,

Which cleans and quenches.

The sky seals the world.

Barring all burning unions

Between earth and sun.

Wind is wonderful,

So cool for smiling, sailing.

Fans faces and leaves.

Sands of Time

Golden glass of time,

Whose sifting sands, silent bind

Us to now fulfill

Our oaths before thy orbs fill.

O grey grains tarry,

To vanquish man’s adversary

Time, or we will send

Thee over to count again.

When the sands pour waves,

Filling lives and open graves,

It is then we see,

Who will fill first, us or thee.

Indian Sleep

The grey, eagle-fierce Indian had grown wise.

Perhaps from stalking his manhood in virgin forest.
And sleeping in canyons grand and red in sunset.
Such a sage still can sleep under hunting ground stars,
Free from fear, free from spear, and free from tear.
A warrior triumphant, without waging a battle.

The wounded, chief Indian had grown tired.

Perhaps from stalking white men’s lives with their black powder,
And sleeping on warpaths soaked red with both their bloods.
Such a savage still can sleep buried beneath battle fire stars,
Free from might, free from fights, and free from whites.
A warrior laid in peace, without losing a battle.

The red, ripened Indian had grown gnarled.

Perhaps from stalking his medicine in cheap liquor stores.
And sleeping in alley canyons painted in graffiti refuse.
Such a drunk still can sleep under numb neon stars.
Free from shame, free from claim, and free from his name.
A warrior defeated, without fighting a battle.

Virtues Universal
1. LOVE: We give the best of our souls to all persons.
2. PEACE: We act according to our highest light.
3. UNITY: We live as one family in Egoquim.
4. WISDOM: We teach knowledge which directs people to help one another.
5. DISCIPLINE: We obey the commandments of Ormazd.
6. JUDGMENT: We are realizing the Choices of Resurrection.
7. POWER: We create harmony as a channel of the Great Spirit.
8. QUEST: We go forth to seal the world with Na's Presence.
9. WORKS: We build Centers of Angelic Blessings.
10. PURITY: We crystalize ourselves in the All Light.
11. HUMILITY: We accept our brothers and sisters as ourselves.
12, FORGIVENESS: We heal all persons whom we have harmed.
13. FREEDOM: We walk the paths which ascend to Eloih.
14. JOY: We rejoice in being Children of Eolin.
15. BEAUTY: We are inspired and transformed by the Marvels of Creation.
16. FAITH: We accomplish through being one with Jehovih.
17. HOPE: We meet challenges with cheerfulness.
18. SACRIFICE: We care for the happiness of others before our own.
19. WORSHIP: We adore the All One, the Creator.
20. PRAISE: We encourage the good in all persons.
21. THANKSGIVING: We are uplifted by all real treasures, our brothers,
our sisters.
22. TRUTH: We search for the infinite perfection within All.
23. MEDITATION: We focus on Symbols of Light in the Calm of OM.
24. PRAYER: We continuously commune with The I AM within.
25. ASCENSION: We rise together forever in service to All.
26. BALANCE: We attune to the Keynote of Symmetry, Eolin.
27. WONDER: We celebrate the Glory of the Universe.

E-O-IH is Here Now;

E-O-IH is here now;

Perfect Music in All One.

E-O-IH loves us now;

Joy in our brothers, our sisters.

E-O-IH is here now;

Perfect Light in All One.

E-O-IH inspires us now;

Peace in our brothers, our sisters.

E-O-IH is here now;

Perfect Motion in All One.

E-O-IH shapes us now;

Beauty in our brothers, our sisters

Jehovih The I Am

Jehovih the I Am;

Creator of All;
Soul of All.
The All One Person;
The All Highest;
The All Light.
Praise the Great Spirit, the Ever-Present;
Whose Motion is Perfect and Pure,
Infinite and Eternal;
Giving Life in Love, Wisdom and Power.
Father, we love You.
We shall serve Thee and Thy Children forever.


Breathe now.

Breathe in Om now.

Breathe in the clean, the pure essences.

Attune each breath to within thy soul.

Thy body, thy spirit, thy soul, breathe life and life only.

Thy life is now Eloih, Om.

Breathe in Om; Pure in Life.

Breathe with Om; Rhythms with Harmony.

Breathe out bitterness, anger, pain.

Breathe in peace, love, joy.

Breathe without fear, doubt, lust.

Breathe with faith, hope, purity.

Breathe in as one, as Om is one within all.

Thy source of life is within.

Breathe in pure life and live.

Breathe in Om now.




Release now.

Release all to Eloih now.

Release thy cares, thy selfishness.

Release what is not thy true self, the dark, the temporary, the trivial.

What remains is an immortal being of light, a spark of divinity which shall

shine like the sun.

All is made whole, all is made right, when I seek the Creator, who is


Complete is the Perfect Sphere, the One Center, Eloih.

Release your soul into the keeping of the Perfect One, Eloih.

The Creator never fails.

The Creator always fulfills the reasons for which we were made, the

purposes which we intend to achieve.

Release all to Eloih now, your life is a victory over self.

Release to realize the truth, the beauty of Eloih, of your eternal life, now.



Reach now.

Reach now to Eloih.

Reach to the highest heights afar, to the deepest depths within.

There now, All-Love dwells.

A gift of love which is offered always.

Reach then to a perfect love which thy heart shall touch.

Thy heart is, shall be, within the One Heart.

The One Heart of the Holy Father, Holy Mother, Holy Creator.

There dwells the greatest and fullest love.

Reach into love which is the power of life.

Reach into love which is the light of life.

Reach upwards, inward, forward to Eloih now.

Our hearts shall reach and touch the One Heart.

Reach the fire, the life, the love in all others' hearts.

Reach now to Eloih.



Rejoice now!
Rejoice in life now!
Alleluia! Let music and color in brilliant symmetry fly!
Happy the time now! Happy all times forever!
We are, we always shall be, children of Eloih.
We, hand in hand, dance and sing our great joy!
The darkness is falling away. The light is rising near.
Our joys, our hearts, touch and ascend.
Our souls quicken to unite; to love and live as one.
The Way, Eloih, is clear before us, within us.
Rejoice in high heavenly praises to Perfect Eloih!
Rejoice in life now!


Unite now.
Unite now in harmony.
Unite in embraces of love, as the brothers, sisters we
The Family of Eloih loving all as one.
Let hearts touch in joys warm and true.
Our hearts becoming one star of hope, one note of
In one union of order we play sweet symphonies,
magical songs soaring high, higher, highest.
In one union of order we create crystal worlds, brilliant
in light, color.
Unite in the triumphant eternal power that serves,
Unite all souls in Eloih.
Unite now in harmony.
I Take My Stand

without hope — all is ashes

without faith — we return to dust
without joy — we are the living dead
without love — there is no reason to be

I take my stand upon my immortal soul;

Lifting the weight of the world and all its darkness,
Casting failure and fear, anger and bitterness, lust and selfishness,
Into the void never to return.

I summon all that I am from heavens infinite within;

Knowing and willing, the One Covenant of angels, Eloih.
Light and Love we now fire and shine like crystal stars, comets;
Breathing the eternal firmament of etherea beyond.

Into dark depths We plunge without wait,

Seeking the lost, confounded souls mired in graves of anguish.
Let there be but one spark, one note of spirit resounding;
Finding We forever rise together forging, flowing illumination.



Give now.

Give now the gift.

Give what may be needed.

Give what may be cherished.

Thou art a special person; an answer to another's loss or need.

That which is from the heart is freely given.

Give from thy heart and thou shall not fail to bring aid.

For whatever good is given is a gift of Eloih.

It is thou who art the gift of Eloih; given in love.

Let all giving be done in Eloih's Love.

Given thusly, all the darkness of the world will be overcome.

Give love now as Eloih always gives.

Give now the gift.


Morning Rising

I awake and arise this morning,

Thinking and feeling harmony,

Speaking and acting in service,

Through the blessings of God:

Hope of Sky,

Freedom of Wind,

Strength of Earth,

Music of Songbird,

Freshness of Dew,

Splendor of Sunrise,

Love of Angels.

This day may we live most wonderfully in the Universal Spirit.




Heal now.

Heal now in power.

Open now to channels of healing.

Channel thy mind and spirit to healing, to Eloih.

The Creator is Perfect Life and rests within thee.

Rests within to flow throughout you, throughout you to all others

around you.

Let no son nor daughter of All Life be estranged, distressed.

The vivifying Presence flows through, flows feeling pure love.

We are healed by and are healing lives in love.

Pain is purged, weakness is washed away.

All illness is now no more.

Our life flows alive in abundant health.

We the eternal are healthy and whole; in body, in mind, in spirit.

Heal now with love in Eloih.

Heal now in power.


Spiritual Goals

To avoid intoxicating and impure drink, food, smoke, and other substances.
To eat only vegetarian and natural foods. To put away feelings of lust, greed, fear,
and anger.
To avoid places of contention and pollution as much as possible unless working to
fulfill some kind of spiritual service.
To put away thoughts of failure, contention, superiority (arrogance), and inferiority
To avoid exposing myself to any kind of media which would lower my attunement
with the
All One Spirit.

To read texts which contain spiritually enriching ideas.
To develop thoughts of success, cooperation, outgoingness, and oneness.
To develop feelings of purity, generosity, confidence, and kindness.
To appreciate all creative arts which help us to attune ourselves to the All One Spirit.
To develop invincible Faith in the All One Spirit, in myself, and in my brothers and
To listen to, attune myself to, feel, the Inspiration of the All One Spirit always.
To worship the All One Spirit in various forms of sacred rites with other Faithists.
To meditate so as to discover all that is good and true.
To develop my es senses in order to better understand the es world.
To commune in harmony with the angels above so that the All One Spirit’s Will may
be accomplished more effectively.
To commune in harmony within a variety of natural environments so that the All One
Spirit’s Beauty and Inspiration will be more fully focused and expressed within my
To feel the All One Spirit’s Presence at all times in all places with the greatest
amount of Real Love that I can share from my heart and spirit.

To avoid criticizing others, or lecturing or laughing at them for what I believe are their
To speak words of love, kindness, encouragement, and light to all with whom I come
in contact.
To smile, laugh, sing, dance, play, exercise, and create art and music with great
joy, thanks, and praise of the All One Spirit.
To positively discuss certain social issues in order to promote greater harmony.
To supportively listen in order to understand the views, experiences, and ideas of
To think only positive and benevolent thoughts of light.
To unite and integrate the efforts of others and myself in helping and loving others.
To support all united efforts of light and love by every organization or community in
this world or in es.
To share ideas and ideals of wisdom and love with all who are receptive to such light.
To recognize, rejoice in, and salute the joys and accomplishments of life which those
around me are experiencing.
To give true love to my one true romantic partner, Chikako.

To correspond in loving fellowship with all those loved ones living some distance
To welcome, accept, and appreciate those persons different somehow from myself.
To visit and happily share time with all those whom we increasingly know and love.
To live harmoniously and productively in Faithist communities.

To take steps to protect and clean the natural environment unto a more pure and
beautiful condition.
To serve in helping others to progress physically, mentally, and spiritually.
To work to create the greatest good possible for all involved in our vocational work.
To do all I can to bring greater spiritual unity among all people of every race, culture,
nationality, social class, gender, age, and religion.
To plan and systematically act so as to achieve specific kinds of service.
To compose writings which can inspire others to greater oneness with the All One
To bless the natural environment with healing life.
To bless Faithist brothers and sisters, friends, family members, students, associates,
angels, and spirit souls with the love of the All One Spirit.
To help others and myself to dream about, choose, will, and reach, new, higher goals
of light.


Thy Full Love gives: our life mystical.
Thy Mystical Life renews: our peace flowing.
Thy Flowing Peace heals: our unity one.
Thy One Unity uplifts: our light universal.
Thy Universal Light shines: our beauty radiant.
Thy Radiant Beauty harmonizes: our inspiration divine
Thy Divine Inspiration guides: our faith powerful.
Thy Powerful Faith affirms: our will perfect.
Thy Perfect Will creates: our service everlasting.
Thy Everlasting Service redeems: our purity crystalizing
Thy Crystalizing Purity blesses: our joy deepening.
Thy Deepening Joy sings: our love full.














Love, Almighty Love

-1 -

Love, almighty love now illuminates,

One Romance entrancing which true creates
An ardor ablaze in my life's desires;
To gather together transcendent fire.
For love, to love, through love, in love am I
With someone so special, breathless I try
To voice words of our truelove's purity,
Who she is, what wonders she means to me.
Yes, she is beautiful, marvelously.
Her eyes of grace fill over flowingly
With gentle glories which glow right round her;
Much like the sweetness her precious smile stirs.
My God I love Thee! If I love her more,
All our love united just higher soars.

Love, Almighty Love


Joy! Joy abides where my beloved be!

In reflections of mind, I thrill to see,
Or being side by side, feel her warmth cheer,
But in my heart she shines brightest, most clear.
An angel amidst the stars whose light starts,
From the secret flames sacred in her heart.
To live, to give, to forge life's loveliness
As timeless rings to link loved ones wondrous.
By caring, by sharing, by creation
Of feelings selfless within affection.
In friend, in kin, in I, kindness sparkles,
As Chi dawns our day cheerfully crystal.
Each a heaven, a world around her star;
Love's encircling marks how radiant thou are!

Love, Almighty Love


Twin beauty, Chikako, thy soul explores,

Through resplendent symmetries we adore;
Sublime forms fusing artist to ideal,
God, virtuoso with divine dreams real.
Chikako, in our twin eyes, spirits pure,
The universe magnificent mirrors.
Gaze on displays of art's infinity;
Feel imagination's vitality:
An arc of spectrums paints a rainbow sky,
Above a ballet where winds free, dance high.
On earth, time sculpts mountains adamantine,
From whose cliffs, choirs of rivers singing climb
Past peaceful flowers chanting poetry,
Then enter songs in the sea's symphony.

Love, Almighty Love


I stand enkindled on enchanted shores,

As the sun rises blest forevermore;
Unveiling visions, realms celestial,
And immortal love, Chika my angel.
Our communion, one choice, one destiny;
Our embrace, sharing mystic ecstasy.
One consecration, our passion, our lives;
One kiss, an ascension to paradise.
O God, all Light, all Life, all Love are Thee.
Thy Voice the Music,
Thy Will the Beauty
Which inspire the brilliance of galaxies,
The endless blessings of our families.
I vow to win the world to harmony,
To hold heaven together with my Chi.

Within And Beyond

Throughout Galaxies of Love, Angelic Hearts embrace Feelings of Affection.

Through Celestial Spheres of Wisdom, Personal Encouragement develops Rhythms

of Fulfillment.

From Supernatural Realms of Power, Sacred Prayers focus Blessings of Hope.

Across Skies of Joy, Cheerful Friendships share Discoveries of Wonder.

Into the Universe of Beauty, Creative Arts color Melodies of Aspiration.

Inside this Paradise of Life, Renewing Nature channels Harmony of Energy.

Amidst a Cosmos of Peace, Highest Purposes heal unto a Serenity of


Within Heavens of Purity, Community Worship crystallizes Ideals of Enlightenment

To Higher Realities of Inspiration, Organized Attunement creates Thoughts of Light.

Upon Ethereal Planes of Faith, Trusting Souls achieve the Will of Jehovih.

Toward Worlds of Unity, Faithist Fellowships open to a Family of Oneness.

In Resurrections of Service, Selfless Sacrifice offers Ascensions of Choice.


Shine now.
Shine now forth thy soul.
See dawn arise unto everlasting day.
This great light is, is in thee.
Light of One Light, Soul of One Soul, Ormazd.
Brilliant in this universe unending, suns of starlight shine; Dazzling
Within, thy being burns brighter than the sum of all suns.
Thy light is, and only is, the good harmony thou strives to bring to
Peace and good will are needed in all directions.
So shine celestial rainbow; thy spirit illuminates chromatic joys.
So shine crystal aurora; thy spirit reflects mystic beauty.
So shine eternal star; thy spirit radiates glorious love.
Spectrums of inspiration alight, One in Eloih.
Shine now Soul Light: Love enlightening.

Twelve Ways To Pray

One crystal sparkling sunshine’s purity,

Dissolves all inner negativity;

Our Creator is our serenity.

One flower precious colors meditation,

Unfolding beauty from realization;

Our Creator is our transformation.

One mountain mighty towers a sky shrine,

Reveals true vistas, directions divine,

Our Creator is our visions sublime.

One book of sacred concepts inspiring,

Opens unto words writing truth transpiring;

Our Creator is our thoughts aspiring.

One bell clear peals our affirmations round

Rings realities rising our wills resound;

Our Creator is our power profound.

One ring golden encircles attunement

Focusing angelic aims’ attainment;

Our Creator is our enlightenment.

One fire of incense fragrant with ascent,

Swirls sweetly in ascension’s fulfillment;

Our Creator is our heart’s upliftment.

One key sterling turns opening communion

Welcomes in joyous, heavenly reunions;

Our Creator is our loving union.

One chalice of waters cool which refresh,

Acceptance now renews all harmonious;

Our Creator is our life’s gift endless.

One candle aflame resplendent alights,

Blessings we now share shine radiance bright;

Our Creator is our star of sunlight.

One song strong in heartfelt adoration,

Streams with inspiriting celebration;

Our Creator is our jubilation.

One dance turning in spontaneity,

Releases endless energy, ecstasy;

Our Creator is our vitality.


Believe now.
Believe now in our Creator, the Source of All Good.
Our reality is in Jehovih, in our good thoughts.
We create our true life from our faith, our actions.
Faith overwhelms fear, action vanquishes failure.
Believe to receive light, to achieve a higher life.
Our Creator believes in us; so we are.
This sacred faith in us is an unending love:
A love omniscient, a love almighty, a love absolutely
Circumstance or appearance, consensus or opinion;
These are illusions not to be trusted in.
You are in your Creator. Your Creator is in you.
Believe, you cannot fail.
Believe, you are always loved.
Believe, you are essential, now and always.


Bless now.
Bless now with all your soul.
Bless now with angelic magic, angelic miracles.
To bless is to connect dreams and hearts;
To fill lives with the All Universality.
It is to be in harmony with all the universe, channeling the Life of the Great Spirit.
It is a power that Jehovih intended us to have and to give.
Once blessed, the thoughts of light illimitable germinate within our Creator's Heart,
Mind and Soul.
These created blessings transcend forth beyond any limitation, and so transcend us
further into the True Reality.
All you focus Good upon shall blossom in springtime renewal, returning joyfully
Resonating through the mystic circles of beauty within and without all souls.
Send forth thy sacred thoughts, sacred feelings; vibrantly vivifying.
Whatever you can conceive of, you can give; whomever you can love, you can help.
Bless with the powerful certainty that these blessed thoughts are an eternal, infinite
which shall reach towards the complete fulfillment of all that is good for another soul
or souls.
You have chosen to bless, to give, and in so doing you shall be blessed, and shall
receive many times more than you will ever need.
Yet your only desire is to be of service to others, that they may find a fuller realization,
and attunement with the Almighty Creator, Ormazd.
Blessed is, and blessed was, and blessed shall ever be all those who bless selflessly,
with genuine compassion.
Bless now with oneness, with wonder, with the Loving, Living Light.
Bless now with Jehovih, the Ever-Present.


Focus now.
Focus now on Jehovih; The Infinite Good,
Who illuminates our lives in Eternal Light, who harmonizes our lives in Perfect
Throughout our lives, within ourselves, Jehovih is our focus, the Precious Ever
Our focus, our quest, our purpose, is to fulfill the Creator's Will that we love one
Withstanding doubt, defeat, and darkness, to accomplish ultimately all that makes
where we are, an angelic heaven.
Beyond any earthly illusions, we raise our awareness of Thee, O One Light;
Seeking to perceive the true reality.
Beyond any trivial distractions, we focus on Thee, O Giving Spirit;
Feeling Your Loving Soul in all Creation.
Beyond any selfish impulses, we attune ourselves to Thee, O All Highest.
Mastering our self so that we may better serve others.
O Eloih, we focus Your Love, Your Inspiration, Your Power, into all that we are, into all
that we do;
So that Thy Creations, Thy Children, may blossom in Your Everlasting Life,
Beauty, Everlasting Joy.
May Jehovih's Peace bless and unite us all.

Affirmations of Harmony

We bless all this World’s Souls with Love, Wisdom, Power and Peace.
We accept and share the All Light from all this World’s Souls.
We recognize and encourage the All Light shared by all this World’s Souls.
We attune in oneness to the All Light with all this World’s Souls .

We bless this World's Nature with Love, Wisdom, Power and Peace.
We accept and share the All Light from this World's Nature.
We recognize and encourage the All Light shared by the World's Nature.
We attune in oneness to the All Light with this World's Nature.

We bless all our Loved Ones with Love, Wisdom, Power and Peace.
We accept and share the All Light from our Loved Ones.
We recognize and encourage the All Light shared by our Loved Ones.
We attune in oneness to the All Light with our Loved Ones.

We bless all Oahspean Faithists with Love, Wisdom, Power and Peace.
We accept and share the All Light from all Oahspean Faithists.
We recognize and encourage the All Light shared by all Oahspean Faithists.
We attune in oneness to the All Light with all Oahspean Faithists.

We bless all Eloist Faithists with Love, Wisdom, Power and Peace.
We accept and share the All Light from all Eloist Faithists.
We recognize and encourage the All Light shared by all Eloist Faithists.
We attune in oneness to the All Light with all Eloist Faithists.

We bless all Good Works Faithists with Love, Wisdom, Power and Peace.
We accept and share the All Light from all Good Works Faithists.
We recognize and encourage the All Light shared by all Good Works Faithists.
We attune in oneness to the All Light with all Good Works Faithists.


Serve now.
Serve now the All Highest.
We are agents of the All Highest.
We look to the All Highest for ways in which our thoughts, feelings, words, and
actions may benefit others.
Nirvana, our souls' fulfillment, is indeed selfless sacrifice, persevering throughout any
trial, so that others less fortunate than ourselves may find the keys to the higher and
highest heavens.
Transform your valuable time, your resources, your energy, into gifts which will uplift
your brothers and sisters.
Ask yourself: how may I be of service to others right now?
The Creator will wonderfully act through you while you achieve your vision to assist
Everlasting good will be achieved by those who discover how to work with others, for
others, in doing good.
Therefore judge yourself, for only you can truly judge yourself well.
Jehovih perfectly and powerfully directs those who ask to see where they may do the
most good.
Be a true friend, by living, giving as a friend; offering what is most needed: a cheerful
smile and a soaring song, a helping hand and a warm embrace, a kind word and an
inner prayer.
The Creator lives through our service to one another;
Sharing love of the Divine Love, peace of the Universal Peace, light of the Illimitable
Light, joy of the Eternal Joy, unity of the Infinite Unity, faith of the Omnipotent Faith.
For each chance to act in service, we praise our
Ever-Loving Spirit, Jehovih, beyond, within and over all.
Blessed Service to you all in the All Highest forever!

A New Beginning

O Jehovih, Thy Spheres of Service are purifying us,

Now and forever, here and everywhere.

O All Highest, Thy Purpose of Upliftment is protecting us,

Now and forever, here and everywhere.

O Creator, Thy Magic of Life is healing us,

Now and forever, here and everywhere.

O Eolin, Thy Soul of Divinity is inspiring us,

Now and forever, here and everywhere.

O Great Spirit, Thy Triangle of Unity is being attuned to within us,

Now and forever, here and everywhere.

O All One, Thy Awareness of Truth is being realized within us.

Now and forever, here and everywhere.

O Om, Thy Heart of Love is harmonizing us,

Now and forever, here and everywhere.

O I AM, Thy Fire of Transformation is empowering us,

Now and forever, here and everywhere.

O Ormazd, Thy Light of Transcendence is resurrecting us,

Now and forever, here and everywhere.

O Ever-Present, Thy Angels of Heaven are working with us.

Now and forever, here and everywhere.

O Eloih, Thy Infinity of Blessings are being shared by us,

Now and forever, here and everywhere.

O Elohim, Thy Music of Happiness is being created by us.

Now and forever, here and everywhere.

Eolin is All

Eolin is the All Light, Who enlightens us with Visions of Paradise and Peace.

Eolin is the All Voice, Whose Inspiration Shapes the Awareness, the Beauty, of our
Being, of our Universe.

Eolin is the All Truth, the Foundation Adamant upon Whom is our Faith, our Blessings,
our Reality.

Eolin is the All One, to Whom we Joyously Direct each of our Life’s Purposes.

Eolin is the All Highest, Whom we Follow to Fulfill Ever More Wondrous Heavens,
Ever Higher.

Eolin is the All Pure, Who Selflessly Offers Perfecting Infinite Freedom.

Eolin is the All Motion, Who Flows through us in Harmonious Service.

Eolin is the All Person, Present Eternally within us, Feeling Alive within us.

Eolin is the All Love, Who is the Magic we Share from the Center of our Hearts.

Eolin is the All Power, the Illimitable, Living Energy Who Creates All, Resurrects All.

Eolin is the All Good, within Whom we shall ever Discover New Delights Divine.

Eolin is the All Soul, We are Eolin.

We Are in the Ever-Present Together

In order to fulfill my soul, I shall live according to the Divine Purposes of the

In order to cherish our marriage, we two shall love as the Eternal Love of the

In order to harmonize our family, we shall embrace within the Peaceful Spheres of
the Ever-Present.

In order to achieve our work, we shall build of the Highest Light of the Ever-Present.

In order to help our neighbors, we shall uplift by the Masterful Faith of the

In order to encourage our friendships, we shall feel the True Joy of the Ever-Present.

In order to sanctify our temple, we shall worship in the Holy Devotion of the

In order to unite our community, we shall attune to the Sacred Inspiration of the

In order to save our world, we shall give from the Selfless Service of the

In order to perfect our heaven, we shall conceive towards the Ideal Reality of the

In order to complete our cosmos, we all shall free forth the Infinite Beauty of the

In order to bless our universe, all shall blossom into the Brilliant Glory of the

God’s Light and Love

I am within God; therefore I do now attune my dreams to Ideal Light and Love.
God is within me; therefore I do now focus my dreams upon Perfect Light and Love.
I am God; therefore I do now feel my dreams coming into being through Soul Light and Love.
God is I; therefore I do now pray my dreams serve Eternal Light and Love.

My path is within God; therefore I do now choose my dreams to be Angelic Light and Love.
God is within my heart; therefore I do now awaken my dreams to Divine Light and Love.
Our lives are God, therefore we do now conceive our dreams as Immortal Light and Love.
God is our destiny; therefore we do now believe that our dreams shall become Heavenly Light and

We are within God; therefore we do now affirm our dreams till they are True Light and Love.
God is within us; therefore we do now will our dreams to be Illimitable Light and Love.
We are God; therefore we do now bless our dreams by Absolute Light and Love.
God is we; therefore we do now create our dreams of Universal Light and Love.

Light Unto Light

Ormazd is Blessing My Heart with the Radiance of Love.

This One Light of Rose Radiates through My Heart.
My Heart is Radiant in Angelic Love.

Ormazd is Blessing My Mind with Wisdom’s Glory.

This One Light of Saffron Glorifies through My Mind.
My Mind is Glorious in Angelic Wisdom.

Ormazd is Blessing My Soul with Emanations of Power.

This One Light of Azure Emanates through My Soul.
My Soul is Emanating in Angelic Power

Ormazd is Blessing My Aura with Sparkling Life.

This One Light of Emerald Sparkles through My Aura.
My Aura is Sparkling in Angelic Life.

Ormazd is Blessing All I Do with Joy’s Dawning.
This One Light of Orange Dawns through All I Do.
All I Do is Dawning in Angelic Joy.

Ormazd is Blessing All I Say with Shimmering Beauty.

This One Light of Violet Shimmers through All I Say.
All I Say is Shimmering in Angelic Beauty.

Ormazd is Blessing All I Feel with Shining Peace.

This One Light of Pearl Shines through All I Feel.
All I Feel is Shining in Angelic Peace.

Ormazd is Blessing All I Think with Glittering Purity.

This One Light of Crystal Glitters through All I Think.
All I Think is Glittering in Angelic Purity.

Ormazd is Blessing Our Dreams with Illuminating
This One Light of Silver Illuminates through Our Dreams.
Our Dreams are Illuminated in Angelic Inspiration.

Light Unto Light

Ormazd is Blessing Our Purpose with Faith aflame.

This One Light of Crimson flames through Our Purpose.
Our Purpose is aflame in Angelic Faith.

Ormazd is Blessing Our Paths with Blazing Service.

This One Light of Gold Blazes through Our Paths.
Our Paths are Blazing in Angelic Service.

Ormazd is Blessing Our Focus with Forging Unity.

This One Light of Iridescence Forges through Our Focus.
Our Focus is Forged in Angelic Unity.

Always There Is Good

We thank Thee, O Great Spirit, for whenever Thy Sublime Beauty was round us.
We praise Thee, O Great Spirit, for Thy Sublime Beauty being ever more round us
We covenant to Thee, O Great Spirit, for Thy Sublime Beauty to be forever round us.

We thank Thee, O Great Spirit, for whenever our good health was vibrant.
We praise Thee, O Great Spirit, for our good health being ever more vibrant.
We covenant to Thee, O Great Spirit, for our good health to be forever vibrant.

We thank Thee, O Great Spirit, for whenever our happiness was uplifting
We praise Thee, O Great Spirit, for our happiness being ever more uplifting.
We covenant to Thee, O Great Spirit, for our happiness to be forever uplifting.

We thank Thee, O Great Spirit, for whenever our past work was fulfilling
We praise Thee, O Great Spirit, for our present work being ever more fulfilling.
We covenant to Thee, O Great Spirit, for our future work to be forever fulfilling.

We thank Thee, O Great Spirit, for whenever our attunement was One with Thee.
We praise Thee, O Great Spirit, for our attunement being ever more One with Thee.
We covenant to Thee, O Great Spirit, for our attunement to be forever One with Thee.

We thank Thee, O Great Spirit, for whenever our spiritual perception was clear.
We praise Thee, O Great Spirit, for our spiritual perception being ever more clear.
We covenant to Thee, O Great Spirit, for our spiritual perception to be forever clear

Always There Is Good

We thank Thee, O Great Spirit, for whenever our life challenges were rewarding.
We praise Thee, O Great Spirit, for our life challenges being ever more rewarding.
We covenant to Thee, O Great Spirit, for our life challenges to be forever rewarding.

We thank Thee, O Great Spirit, for whenever our creativity was inspiring.
We praise Thee, O Great Spirit, for our creativity being ever more inspiring.
We covenant to Thee, O Great Spirit, for our creativity to be forever inspiring.

We thank Thee, O Great Spirit, for whenever our communities were harmonious
We praise Thee, O Great Spirit, for our communities being ever more harmonious.
We covenant to Thee, O Great Spirit, for our communities to be forever harmonious.

Always There Is Good

We thank Thee, O Great Spirit, for whenever our goals were selfless

We praise Thee, O Great Spirit, for our goals being ever more selfless.

We covenant to Thee, O Great Spirit, for our goals to be forever selfless.

We thank Thee, O Great Spirit, for whenever each person in our life was


We praise Thee, O Great Spirit, for each person in our life being ever more


We covenant to Thee, O Great Spirit, for each person in our life to be

forever loved.

We thank Thee, O Great Spirit, for whenever Thy Immortal Souls arose.

We praise Thee, O Great Spirit, for Thy Immortal Souls being ever more


We covenant to Thee, O Great Spirit, for Thy Immortal Souls to be forever


Elohim The Illimitable

As Elohim is the Fountain of Life, we purify the spirit of sin.

We shall, hand in hand and at peace, enter the Kingdom of Elohim.

As Elohim is the Music of the Spheres, we turn from despair to a Choir of Cheer.
We shall sing songs enchanted with the Voice of Elohim.

As Elohim is the Summit Ever Beyond, we put away base temptations.

We shall discover Elohim - All Highest in every person and moment.

As Elohim is the Glorious Soul Within, we let go of selfishness.

We shall give our brothers, our sisters, Elohim, our Most Precious Gift.

As Elohim is Perfect Truth, we set ourselves free of falsehood.

We shall seek and affirm Enlightenment in the Will of Elohim.

As Elohim is the Key-Note to Harmony, we transcend all discord.

We shall together attune absolutely to Elohim All One.

As Elohim is the Rock of Ages, we withstand the negative till it is nothing.

We shall support one another as Sacred Foundations in the Temple of Elohim.

As Elohim is the Word of All Power, we declare evil a powerless illusion.

We shall create a Destiny Worthy to serve Elohim the I AM.

As Elohim is the Tree of Light, we transform desolation into Vibrant Beauty.

We shall blossom in the Goodness that is the Garden of Elohim.

As Elohim is the Creator of Worlds, we sanctify resurrection above destruction.

We shall live to uplift the Children of Elohim.

As Elohim is Eternal Love, we dissolve hatred through Sincere Affection.

We shall embrace as Friends Forever touching Elohim’s Heart.

As Elohim is the Sun Universal, we dawn Illumination to dispel darkness.

We shall shine Aflame with the Sacred Fire of Elohim.


The Past is Time Universal, Origins Eternal;

When You and I, All One, joyously awoke immortal.

The Present is Time Universal, that Instant of Infinity;

When You and I, All One, are ever rediscovering divinity.

The Future is Time Universal, Those Encircling Horizons;

When You and I, All One, shall become the beauty envisioned.

Direction is Dimension Universal, the Way Chosen;

Through which You and I, All One, explore our sacred path enlightened.

Form is Dimension Universal, the Imagined Ideal;

Through which You and I, All One, design by pure mind our splendors real.

Motion is Dimension Universal, the Transformational Act;

Through which You and I, All One, empowering vitality contact.


Vortexya is Energy Universal, the Whirling Dynamic;

Which You and I, All One, may turn with through this mystic might etheric.

Sound is Energy Universal, the Harmonic Vibration;

Which You and I, All One, overflow with innermost inspiration.

Light is Energy Universal, the Crystalizing Illumination;

Which You and I, All One, shall stream forth iridescent of our dedication.

Atoms are Spheres Universal, the Infinitesimal Unity;

Which You and I, All One, attune in illimitable energy.

Stars are Spheres Universal, the Celestial Brilliance;

Which You and I, All One, shine realizing their radiance.

Galaxies are Spheres Universal, the Glorious Cosmos;

Which You and I, All One, sail on in magnificence wondrous.


Nebulae is Elements Universal, the Stellar Matter;

In which You and I, All One, see sublime cosmic patterns gather.

A’ji is Elements Universal, the Semi-Dark;

In which, You and I, All One, stir through determination’s spark.

Ji’ay is Elements Universal, the Semi-Light;

In which You and I, All One, must perceive what’s true, what’s right.

Corporea is Worlds Universal, the Tempering Foundation;

Where You and I, All One, embark upon our soul’s consecration.

Atmospherea is Worlds Universal, the Unfolding Heavens;

Where You and I, All One, learn to fully serve, strengthen, and brighten.

Etherea is Worlds Universal, the Radiant Realms;

Where You and I, All One, are by sparkling, clear symmetries whelmed.


Luts is Cycles Universal, the Showering of Fire;

When You and I, All One, to burn selflessly aspire.

Se’mu is Cycles Universal, the Primeval Garden;

When You and I, All One, conceive genesis in perfection.

Dan is Cycles Universal, the Ethereal Dawn;

When You and I, All One, towards loftier dreams are drawn.

Creation is Life Universal, every Blossoming Miracle;

When You and I, All One, in rapture blend pure essences spiritual.

Harmony is Life Universal, the Transcending Tranquility;

When You and I, All One, sacrifice self for our communion’s serenity.

Resurrection is Life Universal, the Divine Ascension;

When You and I, All One, work to raise souls, worlds unto redemption.


Love is Truth Universal, the Ever-Present Goodness;

Why You and I, All One, keep sharing our hearts’ oneness.

Wisdom is Truth Universal, the Highest Focus;

Why You and I, All One, seek purposes virtuous.

Power is Truth Universal, the Fulfilling Will;

Why You and I, All One, achieve the impossible.

Always Within

Be Serenity! Be encircled by the Serenity and Beauty of the Universe.

Be Beauty! Be centered within the Beauty and Harmony of the Universe.

Be Harmony! Be attuned to the Harmony and Light of the Universe.

Be Light! Be awakened by the Light and Spirit of the I AM.

Be Spirit! Be set free by the Spirit and Sacredness of the I AM.

Be Sacredness! Be enlightened by the Sacredness and Purity of the


Be Purity! Be radiant with the Purity and Goodness of the Angels.

Be Goodness! Be vibrant with the Goodness and Vitality of the Angels.

Be Vitality! Be alive with the Vitality and Thankfulness of the Angels.

Be Thankfulness! Be fulfilled in the Thankfulness and Joy of the

Ever-Present Creator.

Be Joy! Be empowered by the Joy and Love of the Ever-Present Creator.

Be Love! Be one in the Love and Serenity of the Ever-Present Creator.

Our World One

Celestial Crescents of Angelic Light, from above to below now illuminate

Middle Eastern Paths that climb to discover grand summits from which truth ever radiates.

Divine Stars of Universal Light, from the very heavens in inspiration now shine,

Awakening vivid scenery of Australia where Dreams of beauty are ever enshrined.

Crystal Prisms of All Light: blue, white, gold streams of reflections that now purify,

Our Prayers, ourselves, in the sparkling splendor of Arctica’s ever clear waters, ice, sky.

Infinite Lines of Angelic Oneness, into one glorious network now consecrate,

A renaissance of international service which Europe ever Wills to create.

Radiant Triangles of All Oneness in rhythm now strengthen,

The Villagers of Africa, whose full Hearts are ever Open.

Eternal Pyramids of Universal Oneness now inspire, attune and align

The Tribes of South America in Auras blending knowledge and nature ever sublime.

Ethereal Arcs of Angelic Love upward now to freedom uplift

Through Actions of North Americans sharing ever visionary gifts.

Sacred Circles of Universal Love now arise in four directions together

In high councils where the Native American Spirit ever soars higher in answer.

Glorious Spheres of All Love, centered in selflessness, now inward, outward to bless

Through Souls of Vindyu with a diversity embracing ever greater wholeness.

Ever-Present Waves of Angelic Harmony now rise and flow

Through Oceania’s shores, awash in a Happiness which ever grows.

Perfect Spirals of Universal Harmony now all turn to enfold

Far Eastern garden blossoms where each Mind’s serenity ever unfolds.

Almighty Vortices of All Harmony now revolve, resolve to empower,

The Faithist Communities of the World in true fulfillment to ever flower.

Our Choice

The Creator is Spirit, the Motion of the Universe, the Motion of us all. This
Energy Spiritual which creates, transforms, and animates, can be described as
spiraling power which flows endlessly, and illimitably, in cycles, in the circles
of All the Universe: atoms, worlds, and galaxies. Indeed, the Trinities of the
All One manifest in everyway imaginable: in birdsong, flowers, and waterfalls,
in fire, sunshine, and lightning, in hearts, minds, and souls, in Love, Wisdom,
and Power. This Infinite Power is named in Oahspe as Vortexya, and Be within
and round the three great aspects of being: in corpor, in es, in etherea. This
Universal Force acts One with the Life Force of all the Living Children of the
Ever-Present Spirit, in dimension, place, and time. The Great Purpose of the
Creator which directs Vortex Power is Ever Greater Progression, Resurrection,
and Creation. The more advanced the Children of the Ever-Present Spirit are,
the more they have learned to be One with the Ever-Present Spirit, in choosing,
and in fulfilling Universal Design, which is Boundless and Beautiful. Angels
of the Almighty, accomplish as One with the Creator, One with All the Universe,
and the Children therein, all that can be described as Good and Uplifting and
Joyful. As they and we learn to master and free self, to unfold the I AM within,
to choose to serve with virtue for the greater benefit and harmony of all Gods
peoples, they and we also learn to purify, to forgive, to accept, and to attune
toward Higher Heavens. In every case, this means finding and exploring the
paths which bestow love, teach wisdom, and unify power within those in need.
So it is that the emotions we feel, the thoughts we think, and the dreams we
envision, each and every one of them, are the Worlds of Happiness that we
should seek to realize for others. As we make each step, each breath, each
word, a Sacred Prayer of Thanks, of Hope, and of Compassion, to the All One
Creator, we become ourselves the Creator, and together, an Unending Union or
Cosmos of Illimitable and Immortal Lights. We now and forever choose to live
as Angels of the Ever-Present Spirit. The Love, the Light and the Will of
Jehovih are All One.

I Am Jehovih The I AM

I am Jehovih the I AM, the Spirit of Thy Spirit.

Through thy Spirit now,

Feel Angelic Love,

Feel Universal Love,

That thou may Forever share Flowers of Love

Which unfold and bloom as the heavens above

All in our lives priceless,

All in our worlds matchless.

I am Jehovih the I AM, the Soul of thy Soul.

Through thy Soul now,

Be guided by True Wisdom,

Be guided by Eternal Wisdom,

That thou may Forever share New Sunrises of Wisdom

Which shine on and awaken thy arising to become

One with all in our lives enlightening,

One with all in our worlds brightening.

I Am Jehovih The I AM

I am Jehovih the I AM, the Will of thy Will.

Through thy Will now,

Be uplifted by Almighty Power,

Be uplifted by Illimitable Power,

That thou may Forever share Winds of Power

Which swirl and stir of the skies that empower

All in our lives fulfilling,

All in our worlds instilling.

I am Jehovih the I AM, the Mind of thy Mind.

Through thy Mind now,

Breathe Immortal Life,

Breathe Healing Life,

That thou may Forever share the Tree of Life

Which renews and conceives thy thoughts ever rife

With all our lives revitalizing,

With all our worlds’ high fruits apprizing.

I Am Jehovih The I AM

I am Jehovih the I AM, the Heart of thy Heart.

Through thy Heart now,

Open to Ever-Present Joy,

Open to Wondrous Joy,

That thou may Forever share Songbirds of Joy

Which sing and soar in thankfulness we employ

For all in our lives to celebrate,

For all in our worlds we still await.

I am Jehovih the I AM, the Dream of thy Dreams.

Through thy Dreams now,

Envision Radiant Beauty,

Envision Celestial Beauty,

That thou may Forever share Nirvanian Gardens of Beauty

Which we care for and create as constellations of artistry

For all in our lives aspiring,

For all in our worlds inspiring.

I Am Jehovih The I AM

I am Jehovih the I AM, the Prayer of thy Prayers,

Through Thy Prayers now,

Bless in Ever-Progressing Purity,

Bless in Perfect Purity,

That thou may Forever share Crystal Snowflakes of Purity

Which sanctify and set free an infinite serenity

In our lives’ spirituality,

In our worlds’ encircling symmetry.

I am Jehovih the I AM, the Path of thy Paths.

Through thy Path now,

Flow with Harmonious Peace,

Flow with Transcendent Peace,

That thou may Forever share Cascading Rivers of Peace,

Into which we let go and surge forth streaming to increase

Our lives’ greater wholeness,

Our worlds’ greater oneness.

I Am Jehovih The I AM

I am Jehovih the I AM, the Voice of thy Voice.

Through thy Voice now

Shine the Highest Light,

Shine the Innermost Light,

That thou may Forever share Countless Stars of Light

Which encourage and sparkle through the darkest night

Throughout our lives illuminating,

Throughout our worlds culminating.

I am Jehovih the I AM, the Focus of Thy Focus.

Through thy Focus now

Become attuned with Divine Faith,

Become attuned with Triumphant Faith,

That thou may forever share the Mountain of Faith

Which redeems and strengthens to transcend trial or wraith

For all in our lives courageous in ascent,

For all of our worlds’ foundations adamant.

I Am Jehovih The I AM

I am Jehovih the I AM, the Action of Thy Actions.

Through thy actions now

Uplift unto Sacred Service,

Uplift unto Glorious Service,

That thou may Forever share the Fire of Service

Which fulfills and forges the selflessness that is

In our lives to ignite,

In our worlds to burn bright.

I am Jehovih the I AM, the Destiny of thy Destiny.

Through thy destiny now,

Join together with All Unity,

Join together with One Unity

That thou may Forever share Etherean Rainbows of Unity

Which blend and harmonize our differences into glory

For all in our lives we so treasure,

For all in our worlds beyond measure.


Within the Great Spirit always, Universal Harmony unfolds within us.

Through the Great Spirit now, we are blessing the Children of God with Angelic Love.

Within the I AM always, Eternal Truth Awakens within us.

Through the I AM now, we are enlightening the Teachers of Resurrection with Transcendent


Within Jehovih always, Almighty Self-Mastery is always being attuned to within us.

Through Jehovih now, we are focusing Illimitable Power into the Founders of the New


Within Eloih always, Perfect Vitality renews us.

Through Eloih now, we are healing the Innocents of Es unto Immortal Life.

Within Po-e-tein always, Ever-Present Benevolence sets us free.

Through Po-e-tein now, we are uplifting the Souls upon our Path unto Wondrous Joy.

Within the Creator always, Celestial Glory encircles us.

Through the Creator now, we are creating Radiant Beauty in the Garden of Earth.

Within E-O-Ih always, Ever-Progressing Goodness is shared with us.

Through E-O-Ih now, we consecrate the Fellowships of Redemption in Crystal Purity.

Within Elohim always, Mystic Serenity abides within us.

Through Elohim now, we are embracing our Brothers and Sisters of the World in Heavenly Peace.

Within Ormazd always, Innermost Inspiration flows to us.

Through Ormazd now, we are shining the Highest Light upon the Crescents of Communion.

Within Egoquim always, Invincible Courage is vibrant within us.

Through Egoquim now, we are strengthening the Circle of Native Americans with Divine Faith.

Within Eolin always, Sacred Devotion is saving us.

Through Eolin now, we are strengthening the Workers of Spiritual Progression with Selfless


Within Naoma always, Infinite Oneness is fulfilled in us.

Through Naoma now, we all are joining together with the Angels of Etherea in All Unity.

O God of Gods

O E-O-IH, … The Eternal … I turn to Thee.

O Elohim, … The Divine … I consecrate myself to
O Great Spirit, … The All One … I commune with
O Ormazd, … The All Light … I learn from Thee.
O I AM, … The Ever-Progressing … I express Thee.
O Po-e-tein, … The Wondrous … I thank Thee.
O Egoquim, … The Glorious … I rejoice in Thee.
O Creator, … The Boundless … I serve Thee.
O Naoma, The Transcendent … I rise to Thee.
O Eloih, … The All-Highest … I live in Thee.
O Jehovih, … The Almighty … I fulfill through Thee.
O Eolin, … The Ever-Present … I love Thee.


Breathe in the Celestial Winds of the I AM;

Uplifted ― Soar throughout the Ever-Presence of the All One.

Embrace the Heavenly Flowers of the I AM;

Healed ― Encourage the Goodness in thy Brothers, thy Sisters.

Immerse Thyself in the Holy Waters of the I AM;

Purified ― Envision the New Kosmon Communities.

Enter the Sacred Fire of the I AM;

Consecrated ― Blaze with the Glory of the All One.

Center Thyself within the Universal Vortices of the I AM;

Harmonized ― Serve thy Brothers, thy Sisters.

Touch the Cosmic Lightning of the I AM;

Empowered ― Create the New Kosmon Communities.

Discover the Divine Light of the I AM;

Inspired ― Shine the Truth of the All One.

Proclaim the Mystic Words of the I AM;

Attuned ― Bless thy Brothers, thy Sisters.

Wield the Adamantine Crystals of the I AM;

Sanctified ― Stand Strong in the New Kosmon Communities.

Live the Perfecting Virtues of the I AM;

Set Free ― Fulfill the Transcendence of the All One.

Flow to the Angelic Music of the I AM;

Enraptured ― Love thy Brothers, thy Sisters.

Rejoice in the Etherean Realms of the I AM;

Arisen ― Unify the New Kosmon Communities.

Ways to Love

One Smile of Cheerfulness, a moment, a day anew Love swiftly illuminates;

Resplendent Spirit ignites to shine forth, all our darkness to eliminate;
Our Creator is our One Arc of Dazzling Joy which ever radiates.

One Helping Hand of Kindness from each of us will to everyone connect;

Brother and Sister Spirits uplift together evermore to resurrect;
Our Creator is our One Family of Love, affectionate and perfect.

One Friendship of Fellowship, our eyes opening, fill with beauty beyond the skies;
Kindred Spirits enlightening one another like Love’s Splendor of Sunrise;
Our Creator is our One Sphere of Light which Eternal shall arise.

One Voice of Encouragement stirs those in despair’s depths towards courage’s

Reaching above, High Spirits are welcomed by bright, limitless vistas forthwith;
Our Creator is our One Mountain of Faith where our Love shall never faileth.

One Prayer of Forgiveness sets us free from prisons of anguish and bitterness;
As Absolute Spirit, our absolution is to heal all unto wholeness;
Our Creator is our One Temple of Love wherein we worship in oneness.

One Creation of Beauty blossoms in spring which universally unfolds;

Wondrous Spirit is inspired by Flowers of Creativity to behold;
Our Creator is our One Garden of Symmetry where Love fully enfolds.

Ways to Love

One Embrace of Affection brings together the best dreams of our lives to blend;
Spirit trusting Spirit to build the foundations of our fulfilling heavens;
Our Creator is our One Circle of Fullness wherein Love all trials transcends.

One Kiss of Romance intertwines two as one with wings of paradise to soar;
Twin Spirits choose a destiny that shall join hearts in union forevermore;
Our Creator is our One Love Sacred whom higher and higher we adore.

One Child of Wonder wanders happily throughout the cosmos to discover

Spirit after Spirit, each with an Inner Star glorious like no other,
Our Creator is our One Central Sun whose Fire is our Love forever.

One Stream of Harmony cascades rhythmically clear amidst our paths’ flow;
Quickening Spirits surge forth Feelings of Love Everlasting, on all to bestow;
Our Creator is our One River of Serenity into which we let go.

One Community of Communion, a symphonic ascent of Etherean Design;

All Spirits unite in concert as spiraling Melodies of Love Divine.
Our Creator is our One Song Celestial where all joys sweetly combine.

One Blessing of Love selflessly empowers us to be who we truly be;

Spirit serving Spirit wields wills unto a World of Spirituality;
Our Creator is our One Gift Angelic we share into infinity.
The Destiny of God’s Children

Within the Gold of God’s Spirit: One Triangle Golden is made from Attunement Illuminating.
Within the Triangle of Our Spirit: We attune evermore to The Ever-Present.

Within the Adamant of God’s Being: One Pyramid Adamantine is built from Faith Transcendent.
Within the Pyramid of Our Being: We have faith in the Revitalizing Energy that heals us.

Within the Brilliance of God’s Imagination: One Star Brilliant is created from Determination Eternal.
Within the Star of Our Imagination: We are determined to infuse the world with the Artistry of the

Within the Purity of God’s Soul: One Prism Pure is formed from Choice Ascendant.
Within the Prism of Our Soul: We choose the goodness in everyone and everywhere.

Within the Silver of God’s Inspiration: One Crescent Silver is fashioned from Covenant Angelic.
Within the Crescent of Our Inspiration: We covenant in Sacred Communion to the All Highest.

Within the Flame of God’s Heart: One Ring Aflame is forged from Devotion Ethereal.
Within the Ring of Our Heart: We devote ourselves to love now.

Within the Radiance of God’s Visions: One Ray Radiant shines forth from Consecration Divine.
Within the Ray of Our Visions: We consecrate ourselves in the Infinite Symmetry of the Universe.

Within the Crystallization of God’s Ideals: One Jewel Crystalline is constructed from Will
Within the Jewel of Our Ideals: We will each person in our lives blessed with Wondrous Harmony.

Within the Iridescence of God’s Awareness: One Circle Iridescent is joined together from
Resolution Innermost.
Within the Circle of Our Awareness: We resolve to discover together the Truths of Enlightenment.

Within the Perfection of God’s Mind: One Sphere Perfect is produced from Perseverance
Within the Sphere of Our Mind: We persevere to Unify Spiritual Fellowships as One.

The Destiny of God’s Children

Within the Sublimity of God’s Dreams: One Spiral Sublime is designed from Dedication Selfless.
Within the Spiral of Our Dreams: We dedicate ourselves to the Upliftment of our Brothers and

Within the Cosmos of God’s Reality: One Vortex Cosmic is generated from Power Indivisible.
Within the Vortex of Our Reality: We empower the Founding of the New Kosmon Communities.


Share Innermost Love,

Forging Fire undreamt of.

Turn Within to Eternal Wisdom,

An entrancing Sunset awesome.

Be Vibrant with Illimitable Power

Voyaging throughout the Galaxies each hour.

Create thy Life Immortal

Amidst the Summer Meadows royal.

Uplift through Joy Wondrous

Like the Songbird’s trilling o’er us.

Form Radiant Beauty

In a Diamond dazzling to see.


Sanctify by Crystalline Purity,

Perceiving worlds within a Dewdrop tiny.

In Heavenly Peace Abide

Upon the Majestic Clouds to ride.

Shine Light Highest

From Suns brightest

With Divine Faith Bless

As a Sunbeam’s golden caress.

Ascend in Redeeming Service:

A Comet across the cosmos illustrious.

Join Together in Unity One

A Rainbow of many colors — we shall become.


Feel Ethereal Harmony

Branching skyward from a Tree.

Resonate Understanding Profound,

Hearts in Melody wherever the Silver Seashores resound.

Soul Mastery Triumphant Awakens

As the Golden Sunrise Resplendent over darkness ascends.

Breathe Pure Vitality

In the Wind which rushes over thee

Rejoice in Ever-Present Encouragement;

Be ever refreshed in blessing Raindrops’ descent

Envision Celestial Glory

Of the Emerald-Rose Aurora round thee.


In Uplifting Freedom explore

Upward where the White Eagle soars.

Be One with Cosmic Serenity,

Coursing the Spectrums of the Sky’s Artistry.

Discover Inspiration Iridescent

From the Sparkling Stars Beckoning Thy Ascent.

Stand Strong by thy Courage Invincible

A Rock Tower rising beyond all turmoil.

Pray with Sacred Devotion,

Generating a Whirlwind of Positive Spiritual Motion.

With All Oneness Be:

An Angel of Creation for Eternity.


Absolute Goodness , a Circle of Radiance on high,

The Halo Surrounds The Sun and the Moon at the apex of the skies.

Unfold with Universal Awareness

Like a Single Flower Matchless

Achieve All-Encompassing Success

Whereby many streams meld into One Powerful River of Progress.

Fortify from Strength Adamantine

From a Mountain Summit, a holy shrine.

Be Alive with Real Happiness

Swimming among Coral Reefs of Prismatic Richness.

Behold Enrapturing Splendor

Into nigh Spring Blossoms enter.


Let Go of The Mystic Infinity,

By reaching The Grand Horizons now inside of Thee.

Continuous Wonder Flows

Through the Crystal Clear Cascades we follow.

Be Enfolded by the Etherean Grace that upon thee descends,

Snowflakes of Perfect Symmetry, Jehovih now sends

Receive Immeasurable Wholeness

Resting in Summer Meadows of Paradise Endless.

Selfless Dedication shall Works of Charity Fulfill

Like a single grain of sand that becomes a flawless Pearl.

Indivisible Community becomes one

Like living Forest blends with each Creation.


Give forth Thyself in Boundless Benevolence

As the rhythmic tides of an Ocean Immense

Centering Temperance Transforms

A garden out of Winter Storms.

With Almighty Determination Persevere

For Even vast continents are reshaped before the titanic ice of the

Melting Glacier.

Renew with Healing Fullest

Within waters of a Fountain Spring Blest

By Exalting Cheerfulness overcome

As the Transcendent Waterfall over obstacles runs.

Set Free by Liberating Nobility

The Seagull arcs above the thundering seas.


With Enlightening Humility Forgive

In concord fly heavenward like White Doves and live.

Become Still amidst Tranquility Timeless

Upon a Blue Lake that mirrors Encircling Loveliness.

Consecrate Thyself in Truth Illuminating,

As bolts electric in Brilliant Lightning.

Trust in Hope Transformational.

Unbounded above, the Sublime Butterfly on the very air travels.

Soulful Compassion Enshrines

Like Autumn Leaves Vibrant in Sunshine.

Within Sacred Communion Attune

By the crescent cycles of the Moon.

Thy Spirit

Be enfolded by Spirit Eternal;

Feel ES’NAU ─ the love suffusing thy soul;
For Thou art the Children of Eternal Spirit.

Shine forth Spirit Illuminating;

Share the radiance of ESK’GAN ─ the stars beyond the skies;
For Thou art the Brothers and Sisters of Illuminating Spirit.

Gather thyself from Spirit Absolute;

Wed with E’LO’IH and OM─ the All in One, the One in All;
For Thou art the Brides and Bridegrooms of Absolute Spirit.

Be alive with Spirit Innermost;

Breathe in I’YI ─ the blossoming tree of life;
For Thou art the Healers of Innermost Spirit.

Realize Spirit Triumphant;

Choose ALEF ─ the new foundation of good works;
For Thou art the Builders of Triumphant Spirit.

Commune in Spirit Ever-Present;

Turn within to GO ─ the guiding inspiration of the spheres;
For Thou art the Teachers of Ever-Present Spirit.

Thy Spirit

Perceive Spirit Iridescent;

Awaken to M’GIT’OW ─ the dawn of spiritual light within;
For Thou art the Seers of Iridescent Spirit.

Welcome evermore Spirit Celestial;

Reach Beyond to PE ─ the etherean heavens;
For Thou art the Mystics of Celestial Spirit.

Focus on Spirit Sacred;

Join together in MUKAGAWIN ─ the revelation of divine truth;
For Thou art the Prophets of Sacred Spirit.

Free the I AM through Spirit Transcendent;

Ascend upon D’GANI ─ the path of resurrection;
For Thou art the Faithists of Transcendent Spirit.

Unfold Spirit Harmonious;

Bless through OPE ─ the central cause that joins all hearts;
For Thou art the Angels of Harmonious Spirit.

Fulfill Spirit Universal;

Will the Will of IOO ─ the creation of the infinite;
For Thou art the Gods and Goddesses of Universal Spirit.

The Will of E-O-IH
Willing the Will of Absolute Consecration, E-O-IH,
We sanctify the Spirit unto Purity.

Willing the Will of The Glorious Light, E-O-IH,

We discipline the Spirit unto Humility.

Willing the Will of the Power Omnipotent, E-O-IH,

We set free the Spirit unto Self-Mastery.

Willing the Will of the One All-Highest, E-O-IH,

We uplift the Spirit unto Vitality.

Willing the Will of the Infinite Illimitable, E-O-IH,

We center the Spirit unto Serenity.

Willing the Will of Love Adorable, E-O-IH,

We give forth the Spirit unto Ecstasy.

Willing the Will of the Eternal Now, E-O-IH,

We embrace the Spirit unto Discovery.

Willing the Will of the Transcendent Ever-Presence, E-O-IH,

We renew the Spirit unto Immortality.

Willing the Will of the Ideal Reality, E-O-IH,

We attune the Spirit unto Sublimity.

Willing the Will of Inspiration Innermost, E-O-IH,

We illuminate the Spirit unto Divinity.

Willing the Will of Harmony Universal, E-O-IH,

We beautify the Spirit unto Creativity.

Willing the Will of Angelic Communion, E-O-IH,

We unfold the Spirit unto Unity.


The Glorious Energy of <WISDOM amidst GOODNESS> is radiating through my Crown—Chakra:

For THE I AM IS, for I am becoming, the Energy that transforms as The Enlightenment of the

The Divine Energy of <LIGHT from INSPIRATION> is shining forth through my Vision—Chakra:
For THE I AM IS, for I am becoming, the Energy that transforms as The Communion of the Angels.

The Universal Energy of <PEACE through WHOLENESS> is cascading round my Halo—Chakra:

For THE I AM IS, for I am becoming, the Energy that transforms as The Unfoldment of the Angels.

The Wondrous Energy of <JOY in JUBILATION> is sparkling upon my Jewel—Chakra:

For THE I AM IS, for I am becoming, the Energy that transforms as The Crystallization of the

The Ever-Present Energy of <LOVE in HARMONY> is flowing through my Heart—Chakra:

For THE I AM IS, for I am becoming, the Energy that transforms as The Soul-Selflessness of the

The Cosmic Energy of <POWER in FULFILLMENT> is igniting my Fire— Chakra:

For THE I AM IS, for I am becoming, the Energy that transforms as The Creations of the Angels.

The Quickening Energy of <LIFE in RENEWAL> is revitalizing my Lotus Flower—Chakra:

For THE I AM IS, for I am becoming, the Energy that transforms as The Immortality of the Angels.

The Iridescent Energy of <BEAUTY in RADIANCE> is enfolding my Aura:

For THE I AM IS, for I am becoming, the Energy that transforms as The Enchantment of the

The Ethereal Energy of <SERVICE unto UPLIFTMENT> is consecrating my Sphere of Reality:

For THE I AM IS, for I am becoming, the Energy that transforms as The Resurrection of the Angels.

The Eternal Energy of <FAITH with DEVOTION> is sanctifying my Foundation of Spirit:

For THE I AM IS, for I am becoming, the Energy that transforms as The Heavens of the Angels.

The Highest Energy of <TRANSCENDENCE unto PURITY> is perfecting my Star of Destiny:

For THE I AM IS, for I am becoming, the Energy that transforms as the Attunement of the Angels.

The Infinite Energy of <UNITY in ONENESS> is blessing my Lines of Concordance:

For THE I AM IS, for I am becoming, the Energy that transforms as The Fellowship of the Angels.

O Transcendent Center

O Transcendent Center,
Thou Who art Purest in Love,
O Innermost Sacredness,
Thou Who art Highest in Light,
To Thee Eolin, I turn to now,
Deep within my very being where Thou Ever Art,
Unseen but Omnipotent,
The Creator of All Creations:
Boundless! Eternal! Infinite! Glorious!

I focus now my awareness upon Thee、

Thy Essence of Immortal Life, Thy Spark of Divinity,

Thou, The Ever-Present Spirit from Whom All Life flows.
I surrender all that is me to Thee;
I consecrate myself to Thee,
To serve Thee alone,
To fulfill Thy Will Divine.
I trust in Thee, now and forever.
To Thee, I now hearken … to Thy Matchless Voice, to Thy Holy Inspiration.
May our Communion of Love,
May our Covenant of Light,
Ever expand beyond, to encompass, to bless
All in my life, All in our world, All in the Universe.

The Infinite Union

Through The Highest Ideals, Ideals of Peace, The Creator and I are becoming
The Choice of the Highest Works.
Through Eternal Principles, Principles of Harmony, Wakatanka and I are becoming
The Gift of Eternal Joy.
Through Innermost Essence, the Essence of Vitality, Elohim and I are becoming
The Blessing of Innermost Wholeness.
Through Selfless Virtues, Virtues of Perfection, Jehovih and I are becoming
The Prayer of Selfless Consecration.
Through Infinite Energy, the Energy of Creation, The Great Spirit and I are becoming
The Celebration of Infinite Symmetry.
Through Transcendent Vibrations, Vibrations of Light, Ormazd and I are becoming
Communities of Transcendent Truth.
Through Holy Thoughts, Thoughts of Attunement, The Almighty and I are becoming
The Fellowship of Holy Oneness.
Through Sacred Feelings, Feelings of Love, Eolin and I are becoming
The Family of Sacred Affections.
Through Angelic Heavens, Heavens of Inspiration, E-O-IH and I are becoming
The Temple of Angelic Communion.
Through Universal Dreams, Dreams of Beauty, The Ever-Present and I are becoming
The Garden of Universal Artistry.
Through Ethereal Foundations, the Foundations of Ascension, The All-One and I are
becoming Worlds of Ethereal Resurrection.
Through Divine Purpose, the Purpose of Fulfillment, The I-AM and I are becoming
The Cosmos of Divine Power.
All That We Are

Our Spirit is the Spirit of Love, the Spirit of Harmony.

Our Soul is the Soul of Wisdom, the Soul of Goodness.

Our Will is the Will of Power, the Will of Self-Mastery.

Our Mind is the Mind of Life, the Mind of Vitality.

Our Heart is the Heart of Joy, the Heart of Thankfulness.

Our Dreams are the Dreams of Beauty, the Dreams of Radiance.

Our Path is the Path of Purity, the Path of Sacredness.

Our Sphere is the Sphere of Serenity, the Sphere of Communion.

Our Star is the Star of Light, the Star of Inspiration.

Our Prayers are Prayers of Faith, Prayers of Fulfillment.

Our Actions are Actions of Service, Actions of Divinity.

Our Works are Works of Unity, Works of Transcendence.

The Cosmos in Thee

Feel Love, Feel Divinity, Feel Affection, ever true:

For The Almighty cherishes thee, cherishes The Cosmos of The Heart.

Think with Wisdom, Think with Goodness, Think with Awareness, ever ideal:
For The Almighty unfolds thee, unfolds The Cosmos of The Highest.

Act in Power, Act in Soul Mastery, Act in Perseverance, ever invincible:

For The Almighty quickens thee, quickens The Cosmos of Heavens.

Breathe in Life, Breathe in Vitality, Breathe in Wholeness, ever now:

For The Almighty renews thee, renews The Cosmos of Immortality.

Sing in Joy, Sing in Hope, Sing in Happiness, ever symphonic:

For The Almighty celebrates thee, celebrates The Cosmos of Wonders.

Dream of Beauty, Dream of Radiance, Dream of Artistry, ever magical:

For The Almighty creates thee, creates The Cosmos of Glory.

Seek Purity, Seek Freedom, Seek Redemption, ever real:

For The Almighty sanctifies thee, sanctifies The Cosmos of Etherea.

Be Peace, Be Transcendence, Be Serenity, ever still:

For The Almighty harmonizes thee, harmonizes The Cosmos of The Spirit.

Pray with Light, Pray with Inspiration, Pray with Sacredness, ever arising:
For The Almighty awakens thee, awakens The Cosmos of The Ever-Present.

Have Faith, Have Courage, Have Strength, ever enduring:

For The Almighty blesses thee, blesses The Cosmos of The I AM.

Work in Service, Work in Upliftment, Work in Devotion, ever selfless:

For The Almighty fulfills thee, fulfills The Cosmos of The Angels.

Share Unity, Share Oneness, Share Communion, ever universal:

For The Almighty perfects thee, perfects The Cosmos of ALL.

Mystic Revelations

Throughout the Heavens forevermore, are Eternal Gifts, Eternal Ideals for The

It is within The Immortal Temple wherein The Soul shall discover the Divine
Principles of Blessings, Attunement, and Happiness.

Innermost in the Angelic Concord, The Sacrament of Unity forms the Foundation
that Empowers the Will of God.

Unending The Cosmos flows with Enchantment that is the Essence of Mind in

Paradise is the Celebration of Songs from Our Heart.

To be alive in the Glorious Garden of Visions, is to behold Dreams of Radiance

that shall uplift All The World

Before the Sacred Shrine, Consecration of The True Path inspires us toward Our
Most Beautiful Feelings.

Ever deeper in the Sanctum, The Ever Present, Our Thoughts are harmonized
into Sublime Spheres of Communion.

From yon Beacon Tower High, Our Prayers in brilliance stream forth, Wondrous
Stars of Redeeming Energy.

All Vibrations in every Creation, every Community, shall blossom in Joys and
Trials that are Our Fulfilling of Our Universal Quest.

By Our Actions of Service and Devotion, Fellowship in Ascension, shall we

Treasures of Love share.

Etherean Realm after Etherean Realm, rise above us in Matchless Splendor,

fashioned fully by The Works, The Purpose, The Covenant that transcend All unto

Ever Seeking The God of Gods

The Romantic Rose of Eolin blooms within our Spirit, within Thy Iridescent Garden.
O Eolin, Let us now Breathe In Thy Sweet Rose of Love.

The Divine Crown of The I AM guides our Soul, unto Thy Blessed Temple.
O I AM, Let us now Raise High Thy Golden Crown of Wisdom.

The Etherean Throne of Jehovih quickens our Will, Thy Illimitable Realms.
O Jehovih, Let us now Ascend Thy Adamantine Throne of Power.

The Cosmic Chalice of The Creator revitalizes our Mind, from within Thy Immortal Essence.
O Creator, Let us now Partake of Thy Mystical Chalice of Life.

The Celestial Bell of Elohim chimes inside our Hearts, within Symphonic Spheres.
O Elohim, Let us now Sound Thy Crystal Bell of Joy.

The Infinite Jewel of The Universe fulfills our Dreams, Thy Transcendent Heavens.
O Universe, Let us now adore Thy Radiant Jewel of Beauty.

The Christening Fountains of Om cleanse our Energy, within Thy Liberating Waters.
O Om, Let us now immerse ourselves within Thy Renewing Fountains of Purity.

The Sacred Altar of The Ever-Present harmonizes our Path, unto Thy Sublime Shrine.
O Ever-Present, Let us now Adore Thee at The White Altar of Sanctification.

The Eternal Flame of The All Highest Light ignites our Star, Thy Glorious Sun.
O All Highest Light, Let us now shine forth Thy True Star of Inspiration.

The Holy Staff of The Great Spirit strengthens our Prayers, within Thy Almighty Concord.
O Great Spirit, Let us now Wield Thy Triumphant Staff of Faith.

The Angelic Robes of The All Voice enfold our Actions, unto Thy Uplifting Communities.
O All Voice, Let us now wear Thy Immaculate Robes of Service.

The Indivisible Ring of The All One becomes our Resurrection, Thy Wondrous Communion.
O All One, Let us now Join Together in Thy Perfect Ring of Unity.

Towards The Summit Ever Beyond

Eolin, The Divine Presence, Who is Pure Love Immortal;

Forever uplifting Soul and Spirit Illimitable.

The Creator, The Universe, Who is Infinite Wonders,

Whereby Great Symmetry and Wisdom shall bloom as Star Flowers.

Jehovih, The I AM, Who is The Almighty:

Mine are All Symmetry; All Love; All Harmony.

E-O-Ih, The All Motion, Who is The Fountain of Life,

Wherefrom each child, a new creation, quickens into life.

Eloha, The Song of All Creations, Who is Nirvana,

The Full Joys of the Emancipated Heavens in Etherea.

Wakan Tanka , Father Sky — Mother Earth, Who is The Garden of Paradise,
In Whom much good, much beauty, we accomplish in unison, in sacrifice.

E-O-Ih, The All Highest, Who is The Sacred Path,

Whereon True Hearts grow by giving away all they hath.

Om, The Innermost Perfection, Who is The Blossoming Ideal

A New World, Deep in Peace, Splendor, ever more gloriously real.

Ormazd, The All Light, Who is The Sun of Suns,

Shining The Radiance that greater good shall come.

The Great Spirit, The Ever Present, Who is The Eternal Fire,
Wisdom, Love, Power: Let thy Spirit seek thy holiest desires.

Egoquim, The All Voice, Who is Resurrection Transcendent,

Unseen within Our Soul ever Omnipotent — Omnipresent.

Elohim, The All One, Who is The Heavenly Communion of All Angels,
Wherein all Arcs, Altars, and Temples to Elohim are invincible.

All Etherea

All Etherea ever blossoms in

The Perfection of Love, Eolin.

Therein Gardens of Perfuming Ecstasy,

Bloom in Floral Symmetry

And of Pure Romance,

Wherein sublimely we Our Spirit Entrance.

All Etherea ever awakens for

The Ideals of Wisdom, The Creator.

Therein Sunrises of Ruby-Golden Brilliance

Ascend the Horizons in Holy Radiance,

And of Unfolding Goodness,

Wherein we attune unto Enlightening Awareness.

All Etherea

All Etherea ever is aflame with

The Foundations of Power, Jehovih.

Therein abide Galaxies of Cosmic Infinity

And of Stellar Soul Mastery

Throughout Nirvanian Realms of Vortexyan Wark

Wherein we wield for Heavenly Works.

All Etherea ever breathes in

The Essence of Life, Egoquim.

Therein Forests of Glimmering Splendor,

Branch forth in Living Emerald Ardor

And of Healing Renewal,

Wherein shall we be revitalized as a Springtime Mystical.

All Etherea

All Etherea ever is vibrant with

Melodies of Joy, Eloih.

Therein Imagination enters Waterfalls of Sparkling Translucence,

Cascades upon Jubilation’s Effervescence

and Musical Treasure,

Wherein we shall be immersed deeply in Spiritual Rapture.

All Etherea ever communes with

Wonders of Beauty, E-O-IH.

Therein upon Gems of Glory Supernal

Will we gaze with eyes full of Glittering Marvels,

And of Envisioning Creativity

Wherein we transform ourselves into Angelic Artistry.

All Etherea

All Etherea ever is sanctified from

Thoughts of Purity, Na-Om

Therein Snowflakes of Resplendent Design

Fall as consecrated blessing upon our Sanctum Shrine

As Almighty Redemption

Wherein we uplift ourselves unto Unending Ascension.

All Etherea ever unfolds within

Feelings of Peace, Elohim.

Therein upon Seashores of Crystalline Song

Magical Rhythms reveal where each seeker belongs

Amidst Universal Harmony,

Wherein we set ourselves free to sail Endless Serenity.

All Etherea

All Etherea ever is radiant

In The Energy of Light, The Ever Present.

Therein Stars of Celestial Irradiance

With fiery rays of Tempering Incandescence,

Forge anew this shining Illimitable Illumination

Wherein through us burns The Eternal Fire of Inspiration.

All Etherea ever is quickened by courageous quest

That realizes Faith in The All Highest.

Therein aloft Mountains of Unparalleled Majesty,

Panoramas beyond where we behold Immortal Royalty

and Divine Fulfillment,

Wherein we shall reach by raising the darkest depths toward True Vistas

of Enchantment.

All Etherea

All Etherea ever in Angelic Covenant commit

Toward Resurrection of Service, to The Great Spirit.

Therein as White Eagles of Sacred Transcendence,

Rise upon Winds of Noble Benevolence

and of Selfless Sacrifice

Wherein we shall together soar azure skies of Exalted Paradise.

All Etherea ever blends the dawn of the new dan,

Throughout The Creations of Unity, The I AM.

Therein as Rainbows of Dazzling Spectrums

Stream from Storm and Sunbeam’s Union.

and of Innermost Purpose,

Wherein we too transmute our darkness into Iridescent Oneness.

Salvation Together

O Fire Sacred in the Heavens of Eolin,

All I Feel is aflame with Our Blessings of Love forevermore.

O Words Mystic in the Temple of The Divine Presence,

All I Pray rises with Our Virtues of Goodness forevermore.

O Energy Illimitable in the Concord of The Almighty,

All I AM quickens with Our Invocations of Power forevermore.

O Blossoms Heavenly in Constellations of the Cosmos,

All I Breathe is fragrant with Our Sacrament of Life forevermore.

O Song Angelic in The Paradise of Creation,

All I Hear sings forth Our Celebrations of Joy forevermore.

O Symmetry Eternal in The Garden of The Eternal Sun,

All I See reveals Our Visions of Radiance forevermore.

O Jewels Crystalline in The Shrine of The Ever Present,

All I Have honors Our Sanctification of Purity forevermore.

O Waters Holy in The Sanctum of OM,

All I Contemplate flows with Our Meditations of Harmony forevermore.

O Light Divine in The Beacon Tower of The All Highest.

All I Dream illuminates Our Ascension of Inspiration forevermore.

O Infinity Electric in The Spheres of The Universe,

All I Do soars upon Our Voyage of Faith forevermore.

O Glory Supernal in the Fellowship of The Creator,

All I Seek is Our Resurrections of Service forevermore.

O Spectrums Iridescent in the Realms of Etherea,

All I Share is Our Communion of Unity forevermore.

Covenant unto The Great Spirit

We will to be as the Butterflies Arising,

Reaching the Great Spirit by
Transforming into The Ideals of Divine Love:
All of Holy Ecstasy.

We will to be as the Eagles Arising,

Reaching the Great Spirit by
Soaring towards The Perfection of Eternal Wisdom:
All of Celestial Illumination.

We will to be as the Mountains Arising

Reaching the Great Spirit by
Standing Strong upon The Foundations of Ethereal Power:
All of Adamantine Dedication.

We will to be as the Forests Arising,

Reaching the Great Spirit by
Blending with The Essence of Healing Life:
All of Emerald Vitality.

We will to be as the Songbirds Arising,

Reaching the Great Spirit by
Fulfilling The Music of Translucent Joy:
All of Silver Gladness.

We will to be as the Blossoms Arising,

Reaching the Great Spirit by
Blessing The Wonders of Radiant Beauty:
All of Sublime Harmony.

We will to be as the Stars Arising,

Reaching the Great Spirit by
Consecrating Thoughts of Sparkling Purity:
All of Crystal Symmetry.

Covenant unto The Great Spirit

We will to be as the Auroras Arising,

Reaching the Great Spirit by
Flowing with Feelings of Deep Peace:
All of Iridescent Serenity.

We will to be as the Sun Arising,

Reaching the Great Spirit by
Fulfilling The Energy of The Highest Light:
All of Sacred Inspiration.

We will to be as the Fires Arising,

Reaching the Great Spirit by
Burning with The Purpose of Transcendent Faith:
All of Golden Ascension.

We will to be as the Crescent Moon Arising,

Reaching the Great Spirit by
Attuning to The Salvation of Angelic Service:
All of Glorious Resurrection.

We will to be as the Rainbows Arising,

Reaching the Great Spirit by
Communing with the Creations of Vibrant Unity:
All of Absolute Oneness.

Prayer for Overcoming the Lower Self

I turn to God, who is all hope and All Light and All Strength.

I shall atone for all my missteps and mistakes. For every failure, I shall find ways to do much more
good in the world than if I had never fallen. In this way, God shall transform darkness into light
through my service to others.

For my sins, I ask not to be forgiven yet, O God, for that shall only come as I resist temptation. But
I do apologize and resolve to start again in being clean from this addiction. I will never give up.

I shall serve God only and never again the lower self.

I reject these dark impulses. They are not a part of me and are not a part of what I wish to

I am healed and renewed and strengthened by the love of God, which is eternal and boundless.

My spirit transcends these dark impulses. I am above them and they cannot any longer touch or
influence me.

I consecrate myself to a new life of purity, of pure thoughts and pure feelings which I will not allow
again to be tarnished.

The sacred fire and holy waters of God are purifying me. I stand anew, whole and one with God.

May all spirits of temptation round me be uplifted into the Light of Heaven. May they rise to know
God this very moment and forever. By resisting temptation, I am helping them, and that I do
indeed will to do.

I shall withstand all negative temptations until they are nothing. I can wait these bad thoughts out,
for they are being dissolved away. Breathe in the Oneness. Breathe God.

I set myself free of every dark impulse. I have to be strong now, and so I am, and so I shall be.

I stand strong upon the Rock of Ages, God, and shall be whom I will to be, an angel of God in the

All Praise, Thanks, and Honor to Thee!

Eolin is The Divine Presence: The Angelic Perfection of Our Spirit, Our Love.
The Creator is The Universe: The All-Encompassing Ideal of Our Soul, Our Goodness.
Jehovih is The I AM: The Adamantine Foundation of Our Will, Our Power.
E-O-IH is The Tree of Life: The Vitalizing Essence of Our Mind, Our Healing.
Naoma is The Almighty: The Joyful Music of Our Heart, Our Rapture.
Wakan Tanka is Father-Sky, Mother-Earth: The Soaring Wonders of Our Dreams, Our Beauty.
Eloih is The All Highest: The Holy Infinity of Our Path, Our Purity.
OM is The Innermost Source: The Ethereal Symmetry of Our Spheres, Our Harmony.
Ormazd is The All Light: The Brilliant Energy of Our Stars, Our Inspiration.
The Great Spirit is The Ever-Present: The Sacred Purpose of Our Character, Our Faith.
Egoquim is The All Voice: The Transcendent Seasons of Our Actions, Our Service.
Elohim is The All One: The Eternal Creations of Our Works, Our Wholeness.

Attunement to Sacredness

Our Spirit is Love and Divinity.

Our Soul is Wisdom and Goodness.

Our Will is Power and Soul Mastery.

Our Mind is Healing and Vitality.

Our Heart is Joy and Thanksgiving.

Our Dreams are Beauty and Unfoldment.

Our Path is Purity and Liberation.

Our Spheres are Peace and Harmony.

Our Star of Destiny is Light and Inspiration.

Our Blessings are Faith and Ascension

Our Actions are Service and Upliftment.

Our Works are Unity and Wholeness.


Supernal Planes Angelic

At the Center of The Temple of Holiness, we are Dancing to Sacred Fire,

Where Fiery Spirit Almighty forges Soul Triumphant innermost.

Therein, The Infinite Fusion of Ideals, Eolin, The Eternal Flame,

Ignites fully Our Heart’s Blessed Love — ever from within.

At the Center of The Celestial Circle of the Stars, we are oh so bright with Ethereal Auroras,

Where the Galaxies of the Cosmos Glorious revolve round us, brilliance innermost.

Therein, Worlds without End, The Creator of the Universe,

Inspires Illumination Illimitable — ever from within.

At the Center of The Golden Pyramid of Power, we are the True Blessings of True Dimensions,
Where Resurrection through Service is Soul-Mastery Fulfilling innermost.

Therein, The Foundation of Salvation, Jehovih the I AM,

Empowers Our Transformations Eternally — ever from within.

At the Center of The Mayan Forest of the Quetzal Pyramid, we explore in flight, a flora and fauna
Where Emerald Vitality Renewing raises branches to the skies in Living Adoration innermost.

Therein, Transcendental Seasons, E-O-IH, The Tree of Life,

Immortals we are breathing in Nature’s Ecstasy — ever from within.

At the Center of The Crystal Cathedral, we are dancing to the Attuning Harmony of Angelic Music,

Where Symphonies of Joy resound vibrantly in Crystalline Enchantment innermost.

Therein, Songs of Celebration, Potein, The All Voice,

Sings forth through us a Stirring Choir of Exultation — ever from within.

At the Center of The Sacred Canyons, our eyes fill with Ruby-Orange-Gold Splendor;

Where Encircling Horizons, resplendent with sunbeams, glow innermost.

Therein, Wondrous Mystery, Wakan Tanka, Father-Sky, Mother-Earth,

Sunrise-Sunset, are emblazoning all beautifully — ever from within.

At the Center of The Rainbow Waterfall of Nimla, we partake deeply of Holy Waters;

Where Mystic Cascades immerse absolutely clear — purifying innermost.

Therein, Vistas Boundless, Hunab Ku, The All Highest,

To Whom we consecrate our lives to flow evermore onward in Waves of Salvation — ever from


At the Center of The Garden of the Universal Sun, we embrace the Essence of Heaven;

Where Ambrosial Flowers, Spiraling Symmetry, waft intoxicatingly innermost.

Therein , The Springtime of Forever, Om, Pure Blossom Perfection,

Unfolds in us Vivifying Colors Uplifting — ever from within.

At the Center of The Fountain of All Light, we are being transformed into Cosmic Energy;

Where Chromatic Streams of Resplendence wash away darkness and doubt innermost.
Therein, Stellar Rays, Ormazd, The Sun of Suns,

Shine forth ablaze in Everlasting Radiance — ever from within.

At the Center of The Shrine of Zarathustra, we are enchanted by Crystalline Snowflakes;

Where Peaks of Snow-Crowned Adamantine ascend skyward innermost.

Therein, Awe-Inspiring Majesty, The Great Spirit Ever-Present,

Soars Invincibly Free — ever from within.

At the Center of The Cavern of Treasures, we are enraptured by Iridescent Jewels;

Where Facets of Mind and Heart are flawlessly fashioned to sparkle innermost.

Therein, Spirit and Soul, Dyiob, The Almighty,

Cherishes Us Preciously — ever from within.

At the Center of The Academy of Ascension, we unite in Timeless Starlight;

Where arc upon arc across Skies of Cheerful Spectrums blend innermost.

Therein, Universal Spheres Endless, Elohim, The All One,

With Whom do we join together Embracing Infinity Forever — ever from within.

An Invocation in Communion

Turning within to Beauty Transcendent,

We flow in Fulfillment of Good Works.

Vibrant with Energy Eternal,

We live in service to the Sons and Daughters of Our World.

Radiant with Power Divine,

We unite all Souls in Love.

Quickening with the Will Almighty,

We blend our Wills in Harmony.

Blossoming with Life Immortal,

We heal in Upliftment unto the Heavens.

Revitalized with Light Universal,

We bless all minds with Inspiration of the Highest.

Unfolding with Oneness Angelic,

We covenant our paths toward the Ascension of Resurrection.

O Creator Sacred! Our Joy is Set Free!

We live in Thee Evermore!


As I am aflame with the Energy of Angelic Love,

The Holy I AM is All I Feel.
As I am unfolding the Energy of Universal Wisdom,
The Holy I AM is All I Contemplate.
As I am mighty with the Energy of Transcendent Power,
The Holy I AM is All I Transform.
As I am alive with Immortal Life,
The Holy I AM is All I Breathe.
As I am soaring upon the Energy of The Highest Joy,
The Holy I AM is All I Sing.
As I am beholding Perfect Beauty,
The Holy I AM is All I create.
As I am arising upon the Energy of Crystalline Purity,
The Holy I AM is All I Pray.
As I am attuned to the Energy of Harmonious Peace,
The Holy I AM is All I Unfold.
As I am radiant with the Energy of Sacred Light,
The Holy I AM is All I Dream.
As I am standing strong upon the Energy of Almighty Faith,
The Holy I AM is All I Believe.
As I am uplifting with the Energy of Ascendant Service,
The Holy I AM is All I Share.
As I am blending with the Energy of Divine Unity,
The Holy I AM is All I AM.

The Circle of Radiant Light

O Ever Present Spirit, we join together now in The Circle of Radiant Light.

Protect and Bless us all in our Sacred Communion, now and always.

All who are burdened with darkness, shall now rise into the Harmonious

Love, the Golden Ascension, and the Eternal Beauty of the Heavens. May

each of these spirit souls receive the healing and help and guidance they

need in this world and the next, and may each of us find ways to assist

them through our own life.

May The Circle of Radiant Light Shine Through Us to All! (3 times).


Jewel of Sacred Meditation

O Creator, we are Thy Immortal Children, envisioning Treasures of

Enchantment amidst Thy Wondrous Creations, … Jewels of Sacred


And so we now reconsecrate ourselves in Union with the Emancipated

Heavens Above.

We will to bless and inspire all with ever more Fulfillment of Divine Beauty,

… Ethereal Light, … Angelic Love. Amen.

The Star of Divine Love

We now join together in Sacred Love, Sacred Light, in service to The

Creator of The Universe. For we are Brothers and Sisters of The Angelic

Heavens, The Star of Divine Love, that shines eternal: Vibrant Rays of

Harmonious Beauty Transcendent, where within All Are Joyously One.

May The Star of Divine Love now ignite within our hearts the Sacred Fire of

Love! (3 times)


Our Father-Mother-Creator

Our Father-Mother-Creator,

Hallowed be All Thy Names.

Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done,

By us as it is in the higher heavens.

Let us give thanks for our daily blessings.

And forgive us our sins,

As we forgive those who sin against us,

And help us to transcend all dark temptations,

So that we may deliver all in our lives from evil.

For Thine is the Love, the Wisdom, and the Power,

Now and forever, here and everywhere, worlds without end.



As I am aflame with the Energy of Angelic Love,

The Holy I AM is All I Feel.
As I am unfolding the Energy of Universal Wisdom,
The Holy I AM is All I Contemplate.
As I am mighty with the Energy of Transcendent Power,
The Holy I AM is All I Transform.
As I am alive with Immortal Life,
The Holy I AM is All I Breathe.
As I am soaring upon the Energy of The Highest Joy,
The Holy I AM is All I Sing.
As I am beholding Perfect Beauty,
The Holy I AM is All I create.
As I am arising upon the Energy of Crystalline Purity,
The Holy I AM is All I Pray.
As I am attuned to the Energy of Harmonious Peace,
The Holy I AM is All I Unfold.
As I am radiant with the Energy of Sacred Light,
The Holy I AM is All I Dream.
As I am standing strong upon the Energy of Almighty Faith,
The Holy I AM is All I Believe.
As I am uplifting with the Energy of Ascendant Service,
The Holy I AM is All I Share.
As I am blending with the Energy of Divine Unity,
The Holy I AM is All I AM.

I – We – Our World

I – We – Our World, are aflame with The Sacred Fire Eternal of Eolin.

I – We – Our World, embrace the Universe of Our Creator.

I – We – Our World, are becoming The I AM of Jehovih.

I – We – Our World, are alive with the The Tree of Life, E-O-IH.

I – We – Our World, are exulting in The All Voice of Wakan Tanka.

I – We – Our World, are the children of Our Father-Sky, Mother-Earth, Tirawa.

I – We – Our World, are setting ourselves free through The All Highest, Eloih.

I – We – Our World, are sharing the Wondrous Love of Om.

I – We – Our World, are shining forth the All Light of Ormazd.

I – We – Our World, are breathing in The Ever-Present, The Great Spirit.

I – We – Our World, love and serve The God of Gods, Sah Diob

I – We – Our World, are transcending unto The All One, Elohim.


Our Eternal Spirit is arising; Our Universal Path is arising;

Creating Eternal Ideals; Creating Universal Feelings;
Unfolding Eternal Love. Unfolding Universal Purity.

Our Angelic Soul is arising; Our Harmonious Spheres are arising;

Creating Angelic Perfection; Creating Harmonious Thoughts;
Unfolding Angelic Wisdom. Unfolding Harmonious Peace.

Our Heavenly Will is arising; Our Divine Star is arising;

Creating Heavenly Foundations; Creating Divine Purpose;
Unfolding Heavenly Power. Unfolding Divine Light.

Our Immortal Mind is arising; Our Radiant Blessings are arising;

Creating Immortal Destiny; Creating Radiant Energy;
Unfolding Immortal Life. Unfolding Radiant Faith.

Our Sacred Heart is arising; Our Uplifting Actions are arising;

Creating Sacred Music; Creating Uplifting Resurrection;
Unfolding Sacred Joy. Unfolding Uplifting Service.

Our Wondrous Dreams are arising; Our Empowering Works are arising;
Creating Wondrous Symmetry; Creating Empowering Creation;
Unfolding Wondrous Beauty. Unfolding Empowering Unity.

Songs to The Almighty

Ever within us, The Love of Eolin the Eternal Fire Sacred.
Tell me, what is my life without your love?
Tell me, who am I without you, O Eolin, by my side?

Ever within us, The Wisdom of The Creator of The Universe.

Distant worlds are calling me
Every day, my mind is all around you, O Creator.

Ever within us, The Power of Jehovih The I AM.

Oh let the The I AM radiate upon my face, stars to fill my dream
I am a traveler of both time and space, to be where I have been

Ever within us, The Blossoming of E-O-IH, the Sacred Tree of Life.
We are stardust, we are golden, we are billion year old carbon,
And we got to get ourselves back to The Garden.

Ever within us, The Joy of Wakan Tanka, The All Voice.
And if you listen very hard, the tune will come to you at last.
When The All Voice and we are one and one is all, to be a rock and not to roll.

Ever within us, The Beauty of Tirawa, Father Sky, Mother Earth.
Tirawa’s Beauty I'd always missed with these eyes before
Just what the truth is I can't say any greater, but I love you!

Ever within us, The Purity of Eloih, The All Highest.
Sail on, sail on. I will rise each day to meet the dawn
So high, so high: With Eloih I've climbed the mountains of the sky

Ever within us, The Peace of Om, The Wondrous Serenity.

I sang to you the song that I heard up above,
And Om keeps me alive with our sweet flowing love.

Ever within us, The Inspiration of Ormazd, The All Light.

I see the stars glow - One by one
Shimmering The All Light — with the angels of the magic constellation.

Every within us, Faith in The Great Spirit, The Ever Present.
So many people have come and gone, their faces fade as the years go by
Yet The Ever Present and I wander on, as clear as the sun in the summer sky.

Every within us, Service to Shang Ti, The God of Gods.

Nothing is easy, nothing good is free but I can tell you where to start,
Take a look inside your heart, there's service in your heart.

Every within us, Unity in Elohim, The All One.

Sister bluebird flying high above to The All One.
Shine your wings forward to the sun.

Affirmations to Stand Strong Upon


The Love of my Spirit, the Love of God, are healing All that I AM.

The Wisdom of my Soul, the Wisdom of God, are renewing All that I AM.

The Power of my Will, the Power of God, are strengthening All that I AM.

The Vitality of my Mind, the Vitality of God, are invigorating All that I AM.

The Joy of my Heart, the Joy of God, are uplifting All that I AM.

The Beauty of my Dreams, the Beauty of God, are vibrant throughout All

that I AM.

The Purity of my Path, the Purity of God, are sanctifying All that I AM.

The Peace of my Spheres, the Peace of God, are harmonizing All that I


The Light of my Star, the Light of God, are radiant throughout All that I AM.

The Faith in my Blessings, my Faith in God, are energizing All that I AM.

The Service in my Actions, my service to God, are empowering All that I


The Unity in my Works, my Unity in God, are perfecting All that I AM.

Empowering Angels We Are Becoming

The Spirit of Eolin is ever stronger within me; for I am a Wondrous Angel of The
Sacred Fire Eternal. .

The Soul of The Creator is ever stronger within me; for I am a Divine Angel of The

The Will of Jehovih is ever stronger within me; for I am a Consecrated Angel of The I

The Living-Energy of Bahá' is ever stronger within me; for I am an Immortal Angel of
The Tree of Life.

The Songs of Wakantanka are ever stronger within me; for I am a Rejoicing Angel of
The All Voice.

The Visions of Tirawa are ever stronger within me; for I am a Mystic Angel of
Father-Sky, Mother Earth.

The Purpose of Shijosha is ever stronger within me; for I am an Ethereal Angel of
The All Highest.

The Heart of Om is ever stronger within me; for I am a Blessing Angel of Innermost

The Glory of Ormazd is ever stronger within me; for I am a Radiant Angel of The All

Faith in The Great Spirit is ever stronger within me; for I am a Fearless Angel of The

Devotion to Sah Dyob is ever stronger within me; for I am a Resurrecting Angel of
The Almighty.

Attunement to Elohim is ever stronger within me; for I am a Transcendent Angel of

The All One.

Our Universal Destiny

In every moment …Stand Anew upon Foundations True.

In every activity … Fulfill the Will of The Creator
In every choice … Feel Our Heart’s Ideals.
Through every challenge … Behold Complete Dedication Unfolding.
Through every problem … Hearken to Heavens Etherean.
Through every trial … Pray Prayers Empowering.
With everyone in the world… Breathe in the Love from Above.
With everyone in our lives, … Live Giving Joyfully.
With everyone of this day, walk upon Ascendant Paths Transcendent.
For all that has been, … Bless always with Thankfulness.
For all that is now, … Trust in the Focus Wondrous.
For all that shall be, … Achieve Purposes the Angels Believe in.

All Becoming One

The Sacred Fire in our Spirit,

The Sacred Fire in our Soul,
The Sacred Fire in our Heart,
Ignite AS ONE All Our Love;
Fully Aflame within All in Our World.

The Mystic Words in our Prayers,

The Mystic Words in our Visions,
The Mystic Words in our Songs,
Invoke AS ONE All Our Inspiration;
Invincibly Attunes All in Our Lives.

The Universal Energy of The Creator,

The Universal Energy of I AM,
The Universal Energy of Angels,
Empowers AS ONE All Our Self-Mastery;
Irresistible Resolve within All in This Day.

Heavenly Blossoms of All Love
Heavenly Blossoms of All Light
Heavenly Blossoms of All Life
Unfold AS ONE All Our Vitality;
Immortally Blooms upon All Our Paths.

The Angelic Music in Creation

The Angelic Music in Redemption
The Angelic Music in Ascension
Resonates AS ONE in All Our Joyfulness;
Wondrously Sings the Songs of All Our Spheres.

Sparkling Jewels of Eternity

Sparkling Jewels of Infinity
Sparkling Jewels of Perfection
Transform as ONE All Our Artistry;
Cosmically Radiant in All Our Stars.
Ethereal Snowflakes of our Ideals,
Ethereal Snowflakes of our Virtues,
Ethereal Snowflakes of our Blessings,
Crystallize as ONE All Our Purity;
Celestially Enshrines All within Our Horizons.

Holy Waters of Consecration,
Holy Waters of Purification,
Holy Waters of Sanctification,
Flow as ONE All Our Serenity;
Immaculately Immerse All within Our Reach.

Divine Stars of Radiance,

Divine Stars of Glory,
Divine Stars of Brilliance,
Shine as ONE All Our Light;
Illimitably Illuminates All in Our Embrace.

The Cosmic Lightning of Omniscience,

The Cosmic Lightning of Omnipotence,
The Cosmic Lightning of Omnipresence,
Electrifies as ONE All Our Faith;
Forever Energizes AS ONE All in
Our Communities.

The Supernal Realms of Nirvana,

The Supernal Realms of Etherea,
The Supernal Realms of Paradise,
Resurrect as ONE All in Our Service;
Transcendentally Uplifts All into
Our Communion.

Iridescent Colors of The All Light,
Iridescent Colors of The All Highest,
Iridescent Colors of The All One,
Bless as ONE All in Our Unity;
Nobly Blend the Destinies of All in
Our Concord.

Keys to The Heavens Above

Our Focus — One Focus — Joyous Universe Wondrous:

That I may blend with The All One.
Our Purpose — One Purpose — This Angelic Communion:
That I may stand strong in The All Highest.
Our Attunement — One Attunement — Etherea Eternal:
That I may shine forth The All Light.
Our Concord — One Concord — Always Within! O Great Spirit Ever-Present!
That I may arise through Thy All Voice.

Our Purification — One Purification — Joyous Universe Wondrous:

That we may liberate ourselves through The All One.
Our Consecration — One Consecration — This Angelic Communion:
That we may sacrifice for The All Highest.
Our Sanctification — One Sanctification — Etherea Eternal:
That we may uplift unto The All Light.
Our Salvation — One Salvation — Always Within! O Great Spirit Ever-Present!
That we may redeem through Thy All Voice.

Our Vision — One Vision — Joyous Universe Wondrous:
That our world may be inspired by The All One.
Our Ideals — One Ideal —Our Angelic Communion:
That our world may live The All Highest.
Our Quest — One Quest — Etherea Eternal:
That our world may create The All Light.
Our Virtues — One Virtue — Always Within! O Great Spirit Ever-Present!
That our world may fulfill Thy All Voice.

The Creation of Our Love

To The Sacred Fire Eternal — Our Service;

From The Sacred Fire Eternal — Our Inspiration;
With All Our Spirit — as Angels Eternal!

To The Universe Wondrous — Our Gifts;

From The Universe Wondrous — Our Visions;
With All Our Soul— as Angels Wondrous!

To The I AM Holy — Our Resolution;

From The I AM Holy — Our Prayers;
With All Our Will-Power — as Angels Holy!

To The Tree of All Life Miraculous — Our Vow;

From The Tree of All Life Miraculous — Our Consecration;
With All Our Mind — as Angels Miraculous!

To The All Voice Sacred — Our Dreams:

From The All Voice Sacred — Our Prayers;
With All Our Heart — as Angels Sacred!

To Father-Sky-Mother-Earth Divine — Our Devotion;

From Father-Sky-Mother-Earth Divine — Our Realms;
Within All Our Dreams— as Angels Divine!

To The All Highest Virtuous — Our Commitment;
From The All Highest Virtuous — Our Ideals;
Upon All Our Path — as Angels Virtuous!

To The Infinity of Stars Radiant — Our Commitment;

From The Infinity of Stars Radiant — Our Heavens;
Within All Our Spheres — as Angels Radiant!

To The All Light Glorious — Our Adoration;

From The All Light Glorious — Our Revelations;
With All Our Star of Destiny — as Angels Glorious!

To The Ever-Present Illimitable — Our Fulfillment;

From The Ever-Present Illimitable — Our Resurrection;
With All Our Blessings — as Angels Illimitable!

To The Almighty Invincible — Our Transformation;

From The Almighty Invincible — Our Quest;
In All Our Actions — as Angels Invincible!

To The All One Transcendent — Our Love;

From The All One Transcendent — Our Communion;
With All Our Good Works — as Angels Transcendent!


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