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Republic of the Philippines Department of Education Region IV-A CALABARZON Division of Batangas Bayanan National High School Bayanan,

San Pascual, Batangas INSTRUCTIONAL SUPERVISORY REPORT AUGUST, 2012 Significant Observations Strength/s Needing Improvement Evident activation of students prior knowledge Students little participation

Date of Observation August 9, 2012


Name of Teachers

Subject/Yr. Level Sec.

Assistance Given to Teachers Provide instructional assistance to teacher

Agreement/s with the teacher/s Letting the students participate actively and meaningfully in class. Keeping all students busy in group work and allow those slowpaced learners to explain the group work. Provide rich input of the lesson and let students their significant human experience.

7:00 8:00

Mrs. Corazon A. Marquez

Mathematics IVQuezon

9:15 10:15

Mrs. Corazon A. Marquez

Mathematics III-del Pilar

The teacher has mastery of the subject matter. She provides activities that will enhanced students skills and interest. The teacher provides opportunity for students to reflect and revise their understanding.

More students participation by giving them enough time to explain their group work Processing of students group activities

August 14, 2012

7:00 8:00

Mrs. Leonora R. Masangcay

English III-Malvar

Close supervision while students are performing their group task. Active participation of students must be observed. Provide instructional supervision forms on observed learning stage.

12:15 1:15

Mrs. Benita H. Cusi

TLE G-7 Bonifacio

The teacher has integrated to students the value of lesson.

Ability to provide appropriate motivation.

Close supervision while the students are performing their group task. Suggested other approaches to enhance students participations. The teacher was advised to give attention to students who are not listening and participating on the group task. Call more students who are at the back to determine if they understand the days lesson. Encourage soft-spoken students to speak louder and be more expressive of their opinions and understanding of the lesson. Prepare other set of activities that will suit the level of the learners.

Find technique on how students lessen the academic noise while performing the group activity. Reinforcement of the strategies utilized. Roam inside the classroom to be able to check what other students are busy with. To give enough time to students express their learning on the topic discussed.

1:15 2:15

Mrs. Benita H. Cusi

TLE G-7 - Rizal

Used strategies suited to students needs 80% of students actively participated on the group activities. The teacher acted as facilitator of learning during the class discussion. With good command of English Language Utilize colourful visual aids, integrate lesson to real-life situation. Encourage the students to answer in complete sentence and guide students until they arrive at the correct answer.

August 14, 2012

8:00 9:00

Mrs. Nelia C. Grantoza

Science G-7 - Rizal

Roam around to check the behaviour of students while performing their tasks. Classroom Management

August 23, 2012

7:00 8:00

Ms. Marycor de Chavez

English G-7 Rizal

Give attention to quiet students; look for strategies that can help them participate on the lesson.

8:00 9:00

Ms. Maycor de Chavez

English G-7- Bonifacio

The teacher has mastery of the subject matter. She also provides activities to be performed by each group.

Have patience on slow-paced learners. Give time to them to express themselves.

Consider the theory of Multiple Intelligence to cope with the high expectation of teachers towards students. The teacher needs to

Mrs. Mamerta A. Magboo

AP IV- Quezon

The motivational techniques gave way to students to point out the lesson for the day. Well-prepared instructional materials

Lack of mastery of the subject matter can be remedied by means of having enhanced reading habits. Group activities need to be refined.

August 28, 2012

10:25 11:35

Mrs. Constancia Caraan

Science III Malvar

Provide constant monitoring on the daily routine of the teacher and coaching of other co-teachers is observed. Provide instructional leadership.

refresh the strategies suited to the topics to be discussed in Araling Panlipunan. The teacher will involve all students to group activities. To see to it that all students are doing their tasks through constant monitoring inside the classroom.

12:15 1:15

Mrs. Benita H. Cusi

TLE-G-7 Bonifacio

Some students actively participated on the discussion; yet it was observed that the 5 of her students are not doing the task assigned to them.

Physical condition of the classroom affects students full attention of the discussion.

It was reminded that the students must be properly monitored through roaming around by the teacher to be able to check the students behaviour. Pagbibigay ng ilang paalala hinggil sa pangkatang gawain. Provide instructional supervision.

1:15 2:15

Mrs. Eden A. Arguelles

Filipino IV - Quezon

May kahandaan sa aralin.

August 31, 2012

9:15 10:27

Mrs. Nelia C. Grantoza

Science IV Laurel

Four As of learning is very evident.

Maghanda ng higit pang kaakit-akit na biswal na materyal na makakapagpayaman ng aralin. More reinforcement activities.

Maging malikhain at maghanda ng isang mainam na pagganyak. Teacher let the students utilize learning into practice.

Prepared and Submitted by: Jovita M. Landicho Principal I