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The Contest Garuda Indonesia World Photo Contest (GAWPC) is one of the prestigious and well respected annual International Photo Contest held by Garuda Indonesia. The competition itself began in 2007 and this year will be the 6th of GAWPC. Throughout the years, GAWPC has received tremendous response from photographers around the world. On the previous events, GAWPC has more than 10.000 participants from 43 countries and more than 15.000 photos has been submitted. This year GAWPC aim higher, targeted more than 15.000 participants to find 15 finalist and 5 winners from all over the world to win a total prize more than 15.000 USD plus trophies and other kinds of goodies, including Garuda Indonesia round trip flight tickets to Indonesia for the 15 finalist. EntryPeriod: (online submission) May 1st 2013 July 28th 2013 (GMT+7) Qualification Round: The contest have 3 categories. In this qualification round, all participants must submit their photos online to the GAWPC website. The main objective of this round is to find best of 200 for each category (600 photos total). The mechanism of this round is by voting and social activities (sharing photo link to social networks and receiving as many photo comment as possible), therefore the more the photo get vote it will increase the chances to get to the top 600. In addition there will be 20 online judges (any vote from one or more online judges will get more point than the regular vote). Final Round: In this round, there will be 3 offline judges who will decide which photo will make to the top 15 (15 finalists). This top 15 finalists will be invited to Indonesia (all the transportation and accommodation will be provided by Garuda Indonesia) for a travel hunting photography and to compete once again to find 5 winners for this contest. Participant: Citizen of any country with 18+ of age and legally to travel to Indonesia. Theme: Qualification round: My Enchanting Town Final round: Enchanted Indonesia PhotoContestCategories: Nature Culture People Rules: All photo submission must created from pocket camera/DSLR/mirror less camera. Prize: 15 finalist: photo hunting journey to enchanting place in Indonesia (round trip tickets + accommodation fully covered by Garuda Indonesia) 5 winner: Nature category winner: Culture category winner: People category winner: Best of all category winner: Special recognition winner (provided by special sponsor):