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The culmination of the students internship is the preparation of their internship report. This report should contain a summary of what was learned during the training, and an analysis of learning and the appropriate recommendations. Part 1 TITLE PAGE An Internship Report on Name of Institution Address Training Period : From to In partial fulfillment of the requirements for the course Course Code: Course Title for degree in Bachelor of Science in Hotel & Restaurant Management College of Tourism & Hospitality Management De La Salle University Dasmarias Dasmarias, Cavite Presented to: Name of the Internship Supervisor Presented by: Complete Names of Students Date Submitted Part 2 Table of Contents Indicate all major sections or chapters, and their corresponding pages for easy reference. All chapter heading should be types in all caps. For subheadings, only first letter of major words should be capitalized. Include a list of all exhibits, (forms, picture, etc) with appropriate numbering

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Acknowledgment Limit the acknowledgement to one page only Names of those who assisted the student in the preparation of the report should be included. Names of those who inspire the student during the training, as well as during the report preparation may also be acknowledged. Name of the establishment and personnel of the training venue may also be included. Persons who were paid for their professional services i.e. typist, should now be included. This is part of the report and should be phrased properly and professionally. Avoid very personal forms in the acknowledgment Introduction

General information About the host organization is presented in this section. The following should be included in this section: Name and General Location Complete name, address, location map, historical background Objectives / Institutional Philosophy Companys Mission / Vision, General Philosophy Ownership / Management Name of the owner, holding company, affiliates Organizational Chart Describe the organizational chart of the establishment as the whole, identify people holding position. Facilities Outstanding characteristics of the establishment. Awards and recognitions received Part 5 Discussion of Findings, Analysis, and Recommendations

Organizational Set-up Describe the organizational set-up of the area/section/department where you are assigned.. Discuss the functions of each area under this section. Discuss positions as well as how each person in the department interrelate and is able to accomplish his/her assigned task as against the function of the department. Facilities and Use of Material Resources Describe the different facilities, equipment, and other resources used in the area/section/department where you are assigned. Discuss how are these resources help in the smooth flow of operations. Sanitation & Safety Procedures and Practices Describe the different safety and sanitation procedures employed in the the area/section/department where you are assigned..

Control Measures and Operational Procedures Describe the different Standard Operating Procedures used in each work/job where you were assigned. Analysis (identify strengths and weaknesses) Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your assigned section/department in the following areas 1. Manpower 2. Work atmosphere / Interpersonal Relations 3. Use of material resources 4. Facilities 5. Sanitation Procedure and practices 6. Control measures and operational procedures Findings, Recommendation and Justification Based on your analysis, list down all your recommendations for better operations of the section of area where you assigned. Conclusion Assess the objectives of the internship and the learning experiences brought by the recent training discussed. Appendices Pictures, Brochures, Forms (this should be properly labeled) Bibliography If any reference book, manual, or textbook was used to explain any section in the report, these should be properly listed in the bibliography.

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Maximum of three students per report. These students must be assigned in the same host organization and in the same department/section. Practicum Report is 35% of your final grade! Report should be submitted in 8.5 X 11 paper, hard bound, royal blue cover. Print also the title page on the cover. Report should be submitted on the set deadline. DEADLINE is sometime July 31, 2013. Students will be graded or penalized accordingly for late submissions. o Photocopy of 3 accomplished Performance Evaluation Forms (each student must have at least 3) must be attached at the end part of the report. Students are advised to keep set copies of his report, as original report will not be returned. Photographs, charts, drawing, brochures, forms, menus etc used to illustrate specific points in a certain department should be properly labeled. Any forms submitted as a part of the report should be properly labeled with the following: o Title o Initiating Department / Position / Title / Person o Frequency of use o Purpose o Distribution

o Number of copies This report is a technical paper, and the language and tone used should be formal. The report should be concise, precise, and presented in an organized manner. Make proper use of heading, sub-heading, and indention GRADING SYSTEM FOR INTERNSHIP REPORT Punctuality Content and Analysis Recommendation Organization & Neatness 20 40 20 20