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Media Backgrounder

Founded in November 2001 by current National President Pete Geary, BUACA (Bikers United against Child Abuse) is a non-profit organisation that aims to raise awareness of child abuse and provide a dedicated support base for families and children wishing to overcome the trauma of child abuse. BUACA has chapters in every state, including a presence in remote regions in Australia, and exists due to the dedication of its members, volunteers and sponsors. Since inception, BUACA has been extensively involved in projects which support abused children, working to raise money and awareness. It has organised its own events for the past seven years, staging community events and fundraisers to raise awareness for child abuse and child protection. Such events include rides to celebrate Child Protection Week and the Rolling Thunder Convoy for Kids, an event that attracted a convoy of over 1000 bikers, cars and trucks in Brisbane. The group also provides services such as family counselling, financial support and legal representation if required. Additionally, BUACA aims to provide a point of contact for abused children in regional Australia, support abused children who must face their perpetrators at court and other intimidating events, act as a lobby group for abused children to government and para-governmental agencies, and act as role models for breaking the cycle of violence characteristic of the Child Abuse Cycle. BUACA is not, and never will be, a vigilante group and does not pursue bad guys or those under suspicion of hurting children. Rather, they are a group of like-minded individuals who are passionate about both the biker lifestyle and the protection of those affected by child abuse. Members are ordinary citizens who come from all walks of life business men and women, truck drivers, social workers or government employees and who have passed stringent police checks on their suitability to work with children. Members have no history of child abuse or domestic violence, are regularly trained in child protection safety procedures, and must act in accordance to a strict code of conduct. Child abuse is a serious problem and it is predicted that over 50,000 Australian children will be sexually assaulted each year. Equally disturbing is how many of these childrens families will never be able to afford the treatment required to help them overcome their suffering. With their efforts, BUACA strives to help these victims prevail over such hardships and ensure that no child lives in fear. More details about BUACA can be found at their website at