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UNIT-1 1. State the necessity of follow IE Rules. 2. What is Ground clearance and section clearance? 3. State the necessity of earthing the electrical equipments and also mention the advantages of earthing the neutral point? 4. What is neutral shifting? 5. Mention the advantages of multiple earthing systems. 6. List the types of grounding? 7. What is the difference between earth grid and earth mat? 8. How the fuses are removed and replaced? 9. Define safe, step, touch and transfer potential. 10. What are the rules regarding first aid and fire fighting facility.

UNIT-2 11. Give some examples for temporary installations. 12. List the safety precaution on temporary installations 13. What is the fire safety arrangement provided in multi-storeyed building? 14. How the shock can be prevented from wet wall. 15. List the safety precaution during agricultural pump installation 16. Write some dos and donts for safety in the use of domestic electrical appliances. 17. How the shock can be prevented from water tap. 18. How the shock can be prevented from fan?

UNIT-3 19. What are the preliminary preparations to be made before commencing installation? 20. What is meant by L1, L2 and L3 bar charts? 21. Give the safe sequence of plant during installation. 22. What are the risks during installation of electric plant and equipment? 23. List the safety documentation for installation. 24. What are the advantages of documentation in safety?

25. What is PPE? Give some examples. 26. List the safety precaution on installing large power transformer. 27. What is safety clearance notice? 28. List out the applications of interlocks. 29. State the steps in commissioning of electric plant. 30. What is meant by field quality? UNIT-4 31. What are the different hazardous zones? 32. Write about the classification of equipment for various gases and vapours. 33. Name the different types of enclosures for hazardous locations. 34. What are the specifications of electric plants? 35. Mention few causes of sparks and flashover associated with electrical equipment. 36. State the functional requirements of electric plants for hazardous locations. 37. What is the difference between flame poof enclosure, guarded enclosure and intrinsically safe enclosure?

UNIT-5 38. What are the types of quality management? 39. Define total quality control. 40. What are the benefits of total quality control? 41. Mention the importance of load factor. 42. State the Disadvantages of low power factor. 43. Write any two causes for low power factor. 44. Which type of load gives low Power factor? 45. List the type of method to improve the power factor

UNIT-1 1. Describe the standards as per IE rules for electrical safety. 2. Explain in detail about substation earthing system. 3. Explain about earthing of system neutral and also mention its advantages. 4. Write short notes on , (i) Safe potential (ii) Step potential (iii) Touch potential (iv) Transfer potential. 5. Discuss the rules regarding first aid and fire fighting facility. 6. Write short notes on Neutral shifting and Multiple earthing system. UNIT-2 7. List some electrical safety requirements in respect of: a. Domestic/wiring/fittings b. Use of domestic electrical appliances. 8. Discuss the safety requirements for multi-storied buildings. 9.Explain about temporary installation and agricultural pump installation in safety point of view. 10. Explain the Dos and Donts for safety in the use of domestic electrical appliances. 11. Explain the temporary installation with suitable case study. UNIT-3 12. Explain the preliminary preparations to be carried out before commencing installation. 13. Explain about safety clearance notice to be issued before HV energizing of a substation for the first time. Also give example. 14.What are the risks faced during installation of plant and equipment. 15. Explain the various steps in commissioning of electric plant. 16. Explain significance of commissioning with reference to safety of plant. 17.Explain the following. (i) . Safety precautions to be taken during installation of a power plant. (ii) Safety precautions to be taken during plant energizing. 18. Discuss about personal protective equipment for hazardous condition. UNIT-4

19. Discuss the functional requirement and specifications of electric plants, equipments for hazardous locations. 20.Discuss the classification of equipment enclosure for various hazardous gases and vapours. 21. Explain in detail about classification of equipment / Enclosures for hazardous locations and also mention the design features of each equipments. 22. List out the causes of sparks and flashovers in electrical plant and machines. 23. State the various possible hazardous locations and Distinguish between Zone-0, Zone-1 and Zone-2 of hazardous areas. UNIT-5 24. Describe the principle of total quality control and management with an example. 25. Explain in detail about the importance of high load factor. 26. Explain the disadvantage and causes of low power factor. 27. Explain in detail about power factor and its improvement with suitable equipments.