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Mozambique 2012: 100 WELLS PROJECT

My second trip to Mozambique was an entirely different experience for me. I went into the trip knowing what was about to take place. I knew the people we would work with and the missionary family we would be staying with. I had more of a leadership role on my team, since there would be ve members that had never been on a foreign mission trip. Our purpose in Xai Xai, was similar to last year- in that we would be dedicating wells to two different villages, as well as participating in the groundbreaking of a new well. We would also get the opportunity to visit the same orphanage we went to last year. When we arrived at the rst well dedication site, our entire team felt spiritual oppression. We were greeted by a somber community and quickly found that the well was pulling up dirty water. After spending time with village leaders, we realized that their motivation for acquiring the well was not pure. The community was full of unbelievers and they expected the well not

to work. This was a perfect way for the Enemy to ll our minds with doubt and lies- we are certain that because of your faithful prayers, God protected our hearts and minds. The next day, the World Hope International crew repaired the well and the community was able to see God receive the glory! It is our prayer that John 4:13-14 would be true in this village. That they would connect the fresh water with the eternal life that Jesus offers. The second dedication went off without a hitch. More than 100 people attended the dedication and we all praised God together in worship after the well pumped out clean water. We ended that ceremony with local food and my new favorite African treat- roasted caterpillars! We were excited to be able to watch the crew and community start digging a new well in another village. It took them nearly four hours to hit fresh water, 90 feet below ground! We were proud to see their hard work and excitement when the clean water burst from the ground!

The orphanage was deeply impacted by recent storms. We were able to encourage them by sharing new soccer balls, candy and most importantly the Gospel. We also donated nearly fty pieces of clothing for the children. God reminded us how blessed we are.

Jesus Loves Me Included with your letter, you will nd a sticker with Yesu wanirandza. This is one of Mozambiques native languages (Tsonga) and it means Jesus Loves Me. These stickers were placed on each well dedicated during our trip and given to each orphan.


After my trip to Xai Xai in 2011, I came home feeling like I could use my talents to help the local church there. They are currently raising funds for a new church building and I felt compelled to help. God presented me with the idea of recording the choir singing as I accompanied them with drums; eventually using the album proceeds for the church building fund. After a year of prayer and preparation, we were able to set up a recording session for April 2012. God humbled us as He rearranged our weeks plans. We had originally intended to record on our rst day in country- but His perfect plan prevailed and we recorded on our last day instead! I saw rsthand how music can bring people of all cultures and languages together. We were able to use our talents to worship the one True God. Because of your generosity and prayers, God used our team to provide fresh water through World Hope International, encouragement and the opportunity to share the love of Christ. Thank you for your support and willingness to help the people of Mozambique come to know Jesus Christ I am grateful for your faithful partnership. Please let me know how I can partner with you in prayer or ministry. God Bless,

The Village Drum

The village provided me with a drum for the recording session. They prepared the drum by placing it beside a re in order for the goat skin head to tighten for proper tuning. When I received the drum it was actually hot to touch! I was amazed at how great it sounded. I look forward to you hearing the nished Worship album. Stay tuned for more info!