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RAOTM Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh 2013 11th July 2013 Rex Hotel ( 2nd Floor, East Wing, Conference

Hall) 141 Nguyen Hue Blvd., Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Track Session Number Session Title Session Description Session Type Target Audience (Suitable for which job function/position)

Control System Design


T01 - IA Evolution

Using sophisticated control, networking, visualization and software development technologies, the Integrated Architecture addresses a full range of automation application needs, including discrete, motion, process, drive and safety control, as well as information integration with the rest of the enterprise. This integrated control and Presentation Session information system helps manufacturers drive costs out of production, improve regulatory compliance and respond more quickly to changing market demands.

Vice President, Engineering Manager, Plant Manager, Maintenance Manager, Superintendent

Control System Design


These systems offer just enough control for your lower-cost, stand-alone machines. T03 - Just Enough Control with Micro You can buy only the functionality you need, and use plug-in modules to personalize 800 Family your system for specific application needs.

Presentation Session

Project Engineers, Process Control Engineers, Operators, Engineering Manager


T05 - Protecting Your Automation Investments

Presentation Session

Information & Visualization Software


T26 - Manufacturing Intelligence in Action: Interactive Demo

See how role-based dashboards and key performance indicators can improve operation efficiencies, from an operator to plant manager and beyond. Interactive demonstrations will show time-saving features of a Manufacturing Intelligence strategy, like reporting, analytics and production efficiency. The interactive nature of the presentation also gives you a unique look at how features of Microsofts SharePoint simplify data analysis and collaboration. See new features in FactoryTalk VantagePoint EMI v4.5. Bulletin 1769 CompactLogix 5370 Controllers are ideal for small to mid-size machines and provide the benefits of Integrated Architecture for lower-cost machines. When combined with Kinetix 350 servo drives, these controllers provide a strong motion solution for customers who require high performance in a compact and affordable package. These controllers expand on the scalability of the Logix family and share common features across all three platforms, including support for Integrated Motion on EtherNet/IP and Device Level Ring (DLR) for enhanced network resiliency.

Engineering Manager, Plant Presentation Session Manager, Maintenance Manager

Control System Design


T09 - What's New In CompactLogix 5370 Series

Presentation Session

Project Engineers, Process Control Engineers, Operators, Engineering Manager

Networks & Security


T15 - Endress+Hauser: Flow measurement with Future-oriented EtherNet/IP Learn how "Premier Integration" enhances the integration of PowerFlex drives with Logix controllers and other Allen-Bradley products. See how we can save you time and money during system development, operation, and maintenance. A demonstration will show how quickly you can configure your drive system within the Logix environment and the additional time savings Automatic Device Configuration can provide. Don't miss this opportunity to see the Allen-Bradley PowerFlex 525, the latest compact AC drive from Rockwell Automation. See how its innovative, modular design can help make installation and configuring faster, while features like embedded Ethernet, safety, USB programming, energy savings and a variety of motor control options are combined to make this drive ideal for machine level and standalone applications or simple system integration.

Presentation Session

Power, Motion & Motor Control


T43 - Premier Integration with PowerFlex Drives

Machine OEMs, Process Skids Presentation Session OEMs, Engineering Manager, Project & Design Manager

Power, Motion & Motor Control


T37 - The Next Generation of PowerFlex Compact AC Drives Revealed

Machine OEMs, Process Skids Presentation Session OEMs, Plant Manager, Engineering Manager,

Information & Visualization Software


Monitoring, collecting, and visualizing energy data is the foundation of the Rockwell Automation approach to Industrial Energy Management. The focus of this class will be Energy Monitoring and Control Using the new FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix software platform, FactoryTalk VantagePoint FactoryTalk EnergyMetrix and EMI,and the integration of these two products to provide a flexible decision support RSLogix5000 tool built on a premier ability to manage, visualize and analyze system-wide energy data. Attendees will also learn about RSLogix 5000 programming software, the Energy Management Accelerator Toolkit and recently released PowerMonitor products.

Engineering Manager, Plant Presentation Session Manager, Maintenance Manager

Safety & Compliance


Common Safety Solutions Throughout the Plant

Most manufacturing operations involve a wide range of applications - from discrete, to batch, to process - requiring different approaches to safety. This session will discuss how common control system architectures can be used to mitigate risks throughout Presentation Session your plant, mill, or brewery to reduce costs, improve safety and productivity. This session also presents the overview of the broad base safety components for the plants to ensure machine safety.

Plant Manager, Plant Safety Engineer, Engineering Manager, Maintenance Manager and Engineer

Process Solutions


Do you have an aging DCS that needs updating? Learn how to connect, integrate and migrate your existing DCS systems to the PlantPAx Process Automation System. T78 - Migration Strategies and Tools Discover the scope of available tools and review well developed project/programs for Aging Distributed Control Systems plans. Whether your migration is a phased or rip-and-replace project, on one or multiple sites, this session will provide insight into best practices to follow.

Plant Manager, Engineering Presentation Session Manager, Safety Engineers, DCS Engineers


T17 - Benefit of integrating Vision equipments into Rockwell Automation System

Presentation Session