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GM K I I PC Skills & Software


Why do we need Basic PC Skills for the Crane Industry

These cranes use computers now

GMK6350 GMK6300 GMK5210 GMK5120 GMK6220

And this is just the beginning

What is unique about these cranes?

They are computer operated They use Laptop Computers to calibrate systems They use Laptop Computers to troubleshoot systems

Computerized Crane System Layout

+BE700.A35024 +BE630.A4 +BE630.A2

Length Unit



The Operator controls PLD the crane Can-Bus +BE630.A1 Engine Management by sending metered inputs to the computer (EST0) EST Computer 1 EST 2 controls The then crane functions +BE630.S1 +BE600.M based on those inputs Logic Block
F1 F2 F3 F4 F5
Esc Ente r






EKS4 Reel

Length Unit Reel

The Operator communicates with the crane through the ECOS Display
21 Proximity Switches Monitor Pinning and Cylinder End Position Functions

Operating a Computerized Crane

+BE700.A35024 +BE630.A4 +BE630.A2

Length Unit








Ente r




Engine Management


+BE630.S1 +BE600.M

Logic Block




EKS4 Reel
21 Proximity Switches Monitor Pinning and Cylinder End Position Functions

Length Unit Reel

How does the Laptop Computer communicate with the crane?

RS232 Dongle Cable Connector Cable Connector

Technicians Laptop Computer RS232 Serial Cable

What is a Dongle?
Used as a security device
Prevents Unathorized access to the Computer Requires Training and Acheivement Testing to be issued a Dongle from Grove

Without a Dongle:
Communication signals are scrambled Access is denied

So What do I need to know?

What hardware do I need? What software do I need? Once I get everything, then what do I do?

How do I turn the PC on? How do I load software on my PC? How do I handle files (Cut, Copy, Paste) Whats a file?

What Hardware do I need?

Pentium I chip or higher 32 Meg RAM or Higher 100 Meg Hard Drive or Larger TFT Color Screen (as big as possible) PCMCI card slot

(future remote control access)

Modem (future communications link)

What Software do I need?

Windows 3.1 Operating System or Windows 95 Operating System or Windows 98 Operating System Optional Software:
Mircosoft Word (Word Processing) Mircosoft Excel (Spreadsheet) Mircosoft Access (Database Management) Mircosoft Powerpoint (Presentation and Graphics)

How do I turn it on?

Some things you will have to discover for yourself, Read your computers manual to locate the On button. Some On buttons are located on the top panel, some on the side panel, and some come on automatically when you lift the screen?

How do I load software ?

Again Some things you will have to discover for yourself, However we have included some helpful tips. Read your computers manual for the specific procedures for your PC.

What is Software
Software can neither be seen or can be felt. Software are the written instructions (communications) that make your computer do the tasks assigned to it. Software can also be stored data

Software is Saved on these Formats

3.5 Diskettes
3.5" Diskette 2.0 Megabyte

Zip Disks


ZIP Disk 100 Megabyte

Also Direct from the Internet


How do I handle files?

Turn on PC ( you have gotten this far I hope?) Windows should load Automatically
My Computer will allow you to open files Or Press Start/ Programs/ Double click Windows Explorer
From Explorer you can look at your whole computer Select Files by clicking with mouse on file name
Cut (ctrl X) to remove files Copy (ctrl C) save a duplicate of your file Paste (ctrl V) to place copies of files Undo (ctrl Z) to undo the last step

What is a file?
Collection of data Orgainized as either a Program or Orgainized as Data Table Files are self contained and are portable May be Copied, Cut, Pasted or Saved

Loading Program Files

Program Files on CD-ROM

Insert CD-ROM into Drive

Loading most Program Files

My Computer

to load most software

Look for

D: Drive CD-ROM setup.exe Service Software

What is in a file name?

Identifier Name


Command Separator

What are some other common Extensions?

exe bat doc dot Executable Batch File MS Document MS Document

com Commercial (I) org Organization (I) gov Government (I) edu Educational (I)


Text File

(I) Internet Addresses

What is a Hard-Drive? Built-in to Laptop or Desktop

Hard Drive (HD)

How are files written to the Hard-Drive?

Data is saved on this HD Disk Data is located by Sectors and Tracks Identification What is a Track? What is a Sector?

Sectors Tracks

How are do look at the HardDrive to see what files are written?
If you have Windows 3.1 use File Manager If Windows 95,98 or 2000 use Windows Explorer
to look at your HD

Use File Manager or Windows Explorer

Windows Explorer Window

Current Selection Start Button Work Area Task Bar (Shows Current Selection Enables Direct Access to and other Current Programs Open/Running Displays Document Files DisplaysProgram Files, Scroll Bars available components) (Note: the more programs open All of the PC The Menu Bar All Files Files and Other Areas the slower the PC will run) Click-on Address Bar and and Folders Folders (pull down menus) Enables you to Mouse Commands Bar (Reads Current Selection and within within current current view additional Pull down menu gives Selection (point and click) Selection
Files Files and and Folders Folders Window Window items window quickin access to other components)

Now lets install your GMK II Software.

Click on the Start button

Click on the Run button

You will see a window like this, click on the Browse button.

Click on the drop down menu and look for your CD Rom drive (could be drive D or E) under Desktop or My Computer. Then click on the CD Rom drive.

At this point you will see all the folders on the CD. Remember, folders hold additional programs, so if you see only one folder, click on it to open and additional files. YOU MUST UNINSTALL Acrobat 3.0 Click on ACRD4ENU

In the Run menu click on OK.

After you have completely installed this file, now follow the same steps to install WINDIC.

Now you ready to open files Click on My Computer on your desktop

Click on your CD Rom drive

At this point you will see all of the folders and files on the CD. To proceed , double click on a folder or file.


To open Acrobat Reader files you can either double click on the file in Explorer or My Computer. You can also open Acrobat from Desktop/ Start/ Program Files/ Acrobat Reader or click the shortcut on your Desktop screen .

Once you have opened Acrobat Reader, click on File\Open\CD Drive\ a file you wish to open Use your right and left arrow keys on your keyboard to advance or reverse the slides or pages. To close your program, click on File\Exit.

Group Exercise (GMK II)

Turn On Laptop PC Open Windows Explorer (Win 95/98/2000)
Create File Folder Rename File Folder (use the name Transfer) Copy Files into Folder (any files)

Create Desktop Short-cut for Windows Explorer Insert CD (any CD) copy files from CD into Transfer File Folder Remove and all files from Transfer Folder and Folder