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Job Description

This form summarises the purpose of the job and lists its key tasks. It is not a definitive list of all the tasks to be undertaken as those can be varied from time to time at the discretion of the School, in consultation with the postholder.

Job title: Lectureship in Economics

Ref no.: 1273579

Department: Economics

Accountable to: Head of Department

Job Summary: Based in the Department of Economics, the postholder will contribute to the scholarship and intellectual life of the School by conducting high quality research and teaching undergraduate, postgraduate and research students as appropriate and as instructed by the Head of Department. The postholder will also participate in the School and wider Department activities.

Duties and Responsibilities or HERA Competencies

To engage in graduate and undergraduate teaching. The range of duties may vary from time to time but faculty are engaged primarily in lecturing. Some class teaching (or sections in US terminology) may also be required, but most is undertaken by Teaching Assistants. The current standard departmental teaching load is around 100 contact hours per year. Newly appointed staff are offered a reduced load in their first year to ease their transition into the Department. Teaching loads may also be offset with research buyouts and sabbatical leave.

To conduct research, which enhances the Schools high reputation, as a research-led institution. Publication of articles in refereed journals is expected.

To engage in examining duties, i.e. the production of exam questions/papers, exam marking and moderation

To act as academic advisor to BSc and MSc students and to refer students to sources of pastoral support.

To supervise MRes and PhD students as appropriate.

To take responsibility for the quality of teaching delivered and, as necessary, seek further training, guidance and skills development to ensure that standards are maintained and improved.

Teaching opportunities on the LSE Summer School and External Programme may also be available. These activities are optional and additional and, as such, are remunerated separately.

To manage as appropriate any research grants secured, including the recruitment and management of any research assistants. To be responsible for the timely delivery of associated research reports.

To disseminate knowledge and enhance the reputation of the LSE by: establishing contacts with the wider academic community participating in seminars delivering conference presentations organising conferences/events where appropriate engaging with events of interest to alumni and the wider public

To be an active citizen of the LSE. This involves departmental administrative responsibilities in respect of student services and recruitment, as well as participating in aspects of School governance by serving on School committees.

To deliver services effectively, a degree of flexibility is needed, and the post holder may be required to perform work not specifically referred to above.