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Bruno Mars - Grenade

To successfully analyse this video I have to comment on the following if applicable:

Camera- The shots they have used and what impact that it has on the music video Editing- what editing skills they have applied and what impact this has had on the music video. Mise-En-Scene- describe the mise-en-scene and discuss how it has effected the music video. Sound-Discuss the different sounds used including the lyrics to see the effect on it on the music video Representation- Discuss what the music video represents the band or people in the video Genre- what genre the song is and how it is signified Intertextuality- discuss whether the video incorporates intertextual references or not and discuss if present why they have used it. Audience reception- Discuss why the audience might watch it and the actual reception the song received. Relate to Stuart Hall's theory. Andrew Goodwin's theory Laura Mulvey's Theory Binary opposition- Discuss if the song uses binary opposition if yes what impact this happens on the music video. Dominant Ideologies- Discuss the ideologies within the music video and say whether they are dominant ideologies and what effect this has on the music video.

The music video I am analysing is Grenade by Bruno mars. The video is a well-known narrative video, which defies emotion and relative feeling to an audience through its visuals as well as audio. The song is about a mans feelings towards a girl who means a lot to him but she doesnt feel the same back. In the video it is very simplistic in the sense that minimal percentage of production was designated to post production, meaning it had basic continuity editing where it showed the artist in different places. The video storyline is around a connection with the lyrics. It shows the efforts that the man would go through to prove his love for the women. It shows him all the way through pulling a piano with a rope. This is a dominant ideology in the video and shows the struggle, this creates interest to the audience visually on the journey this man is embarking on. We question as a viewer where he is going? Why he is going? And why he has a piano? But this all adds up through the artists star persona, his musician ability is shown through the fact he is pulling a piano which in most of his songs he plays himself.

The genre is signified through the use of mise en scene, cinematography and editing. Also the connection within the lyrics is very cleverly done as it swerves away from being classed as a performance video although it contains similar characteristics. For example the lyric In front of a train for ya then ironically at the end of the video after witnessing the girl he loves with another man, he ends up committing suicide and standing in front of a train. The emotion of the song is complimented through the visuals, which in all creates suspense and interest to the video. Cinematography As the video depended a lot on the production design, props and general look, cinematography has been used carefully in this piece to make it look as naturalistic as possible. For example as he is walking with the piano up the hill, handheld camera movement is used to track him, representing the emotion within the video. The fact it is handheld engages the audience within the action and makes it feel more relevant/appealing to them.

Close up shots are used to enforce the emotion but at the same time create conspiracy to what is going on within the video. As the artist sings close ups are used on his face to establish that he Is the protagonist in the story, and it is him that is singing. Then close ups of features such as his shoes and body are used in build-up to the chorus where it changes to a long shot showing the character fully and what he is doing. The affect this has is that it maintains a suspense with the audience all the way through the first verse as we are left waiting to see as the song progresses what he is doing.

Editing As I earlier mentioned the editing used in the video is very simplistic. This is a skill in itself as it highlights the naturalistic feel to the video/song. A montage edit is used throughout the video; we follow two scenarios of the same man, 1 of him pulling a piano on a journey somewhere, another of him in a room reminiscing looking at photos etc. The variety used within the edit maintains the viewers interest as we are not always looking at the same things it is constantly changing.

The effect the edit has on us as an audience is that we are always occupied and being informed. The effect is has on the video is that the level of interest is sustained throughout. The duration of the clips are not too long to become repetitive of lack interest and not too short to change the genre/feel of the video. Interesting transitions to represent change in scenario are used for example, when he is in the room before the first chorus a swipe is used in the form of a truck which goes across the screen fast and the shot then changes into him in a car tunnel still pulling the piano. This unique transition is used rarely within the video but seeing it is aesthetically pleasing to the audience and they continue watching to see it again.

Establishing shot in bedroom scenario.

Swipe of passing truck.

Secondary scenario character in tunnel. Mise En scene The mise en scene within the video has essentially affected how the genre is put across, the artist, and the videos intended meaning. By applying the appropriate colours and props, costumes etc. The audience has a preferred response to the video understanding the true emotion being emitted. The uses and gratifications theory can be applied to the video as the fact he is in a suit allows a range of people being able to identify and relate to the character through his costume. It adds connotations of a smart, normal, workingman, which in itself emphasizes the natural meaning behind the song of love. A dark colour filter has been applied to a majority of the video, to engage the depressing, emotional feel that the genre represents. These specific songs require signifiers to ensure the audience of the genre and style of the artists video/song. Production design was vitally important in this video as it showed the character going through scenarios such as rough neighbourhoods interlinking gang culture and violence, adding to the appeal it has to an


Sound As it is a music video the sound itself was the song throughout but miniscule sound effects were used for example in transition of shots as a truck passed, in the background a truck engine would play. Also in the end of the video as the train approaches the character the sound of an oncoming train plays. Through various viewings of the music video I have not picked up on any intertextuality use within it. Theories Andrew Goodwins theory can be applied to this video as it demonstrates genre characteristics for example, close ups, mise en scene specific factors etc. As well as there is a distinctive relationship between the lyrics and the visuals, amplifying what is going on. In the video the artist Bruno Mars plays the role of the main character, which includes a lot of focus on him via cinematography. This promoted the artist himself and could even be a demand by him or the record label to gain the most profit possible. The uses and gratifications theory is applies in how the video allows the audience to identify and relate with the content of the video through the visuals and the lyrics. This attracts a more varies and range audience as the relation for the audience to the song depends on personal past experience.