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TITLE A Study on Customer Service Dimensions For Two Wheelers In Automobile Indu

Motivating & Hygiene Factor in BPO Industry A Brand Audit on Mustard Clothing Company A study on Brand Preference and Acceptability of Branded Readymade Formal M A Study On The Transactional Analysis Ego Styles Of Employees In Public Secto Study On Consumer Buying Behaviour Towards Soft Drinks In Bangalore Metro Short run underpricing of Indian initial Public offerings (IPOs) Short run underpricing of Indian initial Public offerings (IPOs) Effectiveness of online advertising on potential buyers To study the strength of using CAMELS framework as a tool of performance eva

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A Study on the Training aspect of the sales people in the retail industry CHAITANYA.M CHANDRIKA. S A Study To understand and customer satisfaction level and brand image of ICIC CHETHAN .S Empirical test forstandard form of capital asset pricing model in Indian capital M CHETHANA .R Forecasting of forex market using Technical analysis. CIBY OOMMEN The Study of the Sugar Industry and the Financial Performance Analysis of Thre Darshan B.A. Current Investment trends amongst Individual Investors of Bangalore DEBLEENA ROY CHOUDHURY Examining the relation between Organizational Commitment Organizational Jus M. S. DEEPAK Customer perception towards utility Vehicles and factors influencing the Buying DIVYA R GAURAV MANSINGHKA Impact of Globalization on Higher Education GIRIDHAR.C Brand Loyalty of Cigarette in Bangalore city GIRIDHAR.C Brand Loyalty of Cigarette in Bangalore city GIRISH G. BYAHATTI Study on Satisfaction Levels of Customers of BSNL & AirTel Broadband Services GURURAJ A Customer satisfaction for citifinancial personal loans. INDU SHARMA A Culture of B-Schools in Bangalore SHIVAKUMAR N DIBBAD Customer Preference over Assembled and Branded PC JAYA PAREEK A Study on Employee Satisfaction and formulation of best Employee in IT indust JAYANTI BAISHYA Market Analysis of Luxury cars in the Automobile industry JOHN BAYAN Performance evaluation of Sectoral funds JUI ASHUTOSH BUCH Study on Mergers and Acquisition: A test of the Hubris Hypothesis. RAMANA.K.V Study on opinion combination Strategies. KAVITHA. K. C. Study of Dealers Behavior in marketing Paints. KIRAN G KAMBALIMATH A Study on Technical analysis on commodity futures KIRAN KUMAR Construction of Portfolio of equityand debt. KIRAN S AMBANNANAVAR Opportunities for Interactive White Board display with respect to Godrej & Boyce KISHORE KUMAR.D A Study on the effectiveness of online Advertising. KISHORE KUMAR.D A Study on the effectiveness of online Advertising. KRISHNA PRASAD. N Short term financing and receivable management at RAPSRI EngineeringIndustr KRISHNAN RAMESH Forecasting of Changes in Exchange Rates using Econometric Modeling LAKSHMI VATSON Corporate Debt Restructuring (CDR) Mechanisms in India LEENATA A BHILARKAR Perception of Workload ,Customer Interaction ,Team Leader Support ,Wrap-Up T MULLA M A Consumer Perception towards high performance fuels K.B.MADHUKARA A Study on branded jewelleryin rural markets - A Feasible study. MANJUNATHA.R. N. A Study on perception towards casual Wear with reference to the casualwear wi MANMITA BARTHAKUR A study of Organizational culture and its effect on job Satisfaction in Hotel Indu MAYANK MISRA Initial Public Offers and Due Diligence

Why do people leave organisation? With special reference IT SECTOR 50 51 52 53

MAYURI MEDHA MISHRA A comparative study of present employees and prospective employees with rega MAHEBOOB PASHA Comparitive stock market performance in emerging markets and developed mar MISCHELLE ANN POPPEN Correlation between received organisational support and job investment in IT co A Study on different companies Knowledge management and Security management systems. 54 MOUSUMI GANGULY Risk management in foreign exchange. 55 NAGARJUN B R FII Investment and its influence on Indian stock market. 56 NITHYASHREE .T. Active VS passive managementof mutual fund equity schemes.




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Marketng strategies in brand building on the Internet. PAVAN KUMAR Impact of Institutional Investors on Nifty Volatility With Special Reference To Foreign Institutional Flows and Mutual Fund Flows PAVANKUMAR PUTHRAYA A Study Examining the Perception of retail industry towards Radio Frequency Identification PRADEEP.B The Adhesive and Sealant Industry with special reference to Dendrites brand of glue stick DenStick, on its Awareness and Perception among Retailers across Bangalore City . PRAKASH GHAI PRASHANTH B.K. Commodity trading :An Indian Perspective A Study on Consumer behavior of existing and potential Hutch subscribers. PRASANTH ELAVARTHI PRAVEEN PRIYA SUNDARESAN DEMAT: Is it 100% safe for an investor. A Study on pricing methods and impact of price war i9n detergent powder segment on consumers buying behavior. VENKATESH.P RAGHU R. MAJAGAVI e-Customer Relationship Management inthe Financial Industry


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Risk and return analysis of blue chip scripts forming a part of BSE RAVI S KAVATGIMATH sensex. REDDAPPA S Service perception- a comparative study with special reference to JET AIRWAYS Service perception- a comparative study with special reference to JET AIRWAYS ROHITH P ROHIT KUMAR SAHU Foreign investment decision in India and the effect of hike in FDI ceiling on the The relationship between Job Stress and employee job satisfaction in information technology firms in bangalore. ROSCHELLE TERESA POPPEN RUCHIRA CHAKRAVARTHY To study the feasibility of the Balanced Scorecard in the Banking industry ADissertation report On Dividend policies & Shareholders valueIn Public sector enterprises SANJAY K SINGH SARITA D'SOUZA Customer awareness towards whirlpool home appliances. SATHIQ.S SEEMA MOHAN Comparitive study of human resource practices in Information technology indus Preliminary Model for Investigating the relationship between the organisational Structure and ERP implementation success SENTHIL KUMAR Performance of shares and construction of optimum portfolio of the listedcompanies in the Indian stock market. SHIVAKUMAR.E.M. Mergers and Acquistion in indian Banking: A case analysis SHIVAKUMAR.T.M Organizational Climate (OCTAPACE) An Insight into its effect on Job Satisfaction in the IT (Information Technology) Sector SHWETA M.L. PCMM Implementation and its impact on WIPRO SHWETHA MUKKA Prospects and economies of organic coffee cultivation. SHWETA VATS Performance of mutual funds in Prudential ICICI AMC ltd. SIDRAM R. HANJI The customer perception towards the online grocerry shopping. . SRINIVAS.N Study on behavior on Internet users and their perception towards online purchases. SOMIL MATHUR Study performance appraisal system and IT's effectiveness in Airline industry in India. SONALI SRIVASTAVA





A Ssudy on mobile banking with respect to ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, HSBC Bank, IDBI Bank AND CITI Bank. A Study of Work and Family Life Balance among the Employees at TVS Motor Company, Hosur A Study of working capital management and ratio analysis of modern collections pvt. Ltd. Effect of point of purchase sales promotions on consumer buying decisions in retail sector. Customer Perception towards AQUAGUARD Brand Of Water Purifier

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Can individual investor beat the SUNEEL B. SHADISHYALImarket? SUNIL SURESH SWAPNA GHOSH A Study of the Influence of car advertisements on TV on Children and How That TEJESHWARI Portfolio construction using fundamental analysis TRUPTI Business analysis of ERP implementation VEENA A Study of the financial health of companies using descriminent analysis and ZA Study on pricing methods and impact of price war in detergent powdersegment on consumers buying behavior. VENKATESH.P Vijay Chandran Customer Satisfaction in Multi Utility Vehicle A Performance evaluation of mutual fund Schemes. VIKASH JAIN Vishwas Vivek MANMITA BARTHAKUR A study of Organizational culture and its effect on job Satisfaction in Hotel Indu Fundamental analysis on MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA" NAVEEN Dissertation report on Whether the bull run is really Spread. S.NITHYA SHASHIDHAR KANDAGALComparision of distribution stratege of seeds and pesticides in karnataka. A Study of investors awareness about various investment avenues and Organizational Commitment versus Team commitment in IT company

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wo Wheelers In Automobile Industry

f Branded Readymade Formal Mens wear es Of Employees In Public Sector And Private Sector Banks Soft Drinks In Bangalore Metro And A Comparison Of Leading Brands ferings (IPOs) ferings (IPOs)

rk as a tool of performance evaluation for banking institutions

n level and brand image of ICICI Prudential Life insurance. pricing model in Indian capital Market.

al Performance Analysis of Three Sugar Units done for IDBI dual Investors of Bangalore A Study Commitment Organizational Justice and Job Satisfaction d factors influencing the Buying Behavior.

NL & AirTel Broadband Services

on of best Employee in IT industry

Hubris Hypothesis.

y with respect to Godrej & Boyce (BenQ) from the present customers of LCD Projectors

nt at RAPSRI EngineeringIndustries limited - An Evaluation Econometric Modeling nisms in India eam Leader Support ,Wrap-Up Time and Promotional Opportunity Among the Emotionally Exhausted agents in one of the

A Feasible study. h reference to the casualwear with reference to the Call ceter employees. on job Satisfaction in Hotel Industry- Bangalore

prospective employees with regard to incentives, motivators and satisfiers ging markets and developed markets. port and job investment in IT companies at Bangalore.

ecial reference to JET AIRWAYS

ect of hike in FDI ceiling on the Telecommunication Sector

d in the Banking industry

in Information technology industry.

on TV on Children and How That Affects the Decision Making Related To Car Purchase


on job Satisfaction in Hotel Industry- Bangalore

d pesticides in karnataka.

ous investment avenues and purpose of investment

Exhausted agents in one of the call Centres based in Bangalore