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RN - = 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)

Assessment, Teaching and Evaluation, all admissions/discharges

Performs most assessments Admits new clients Discharges clients Cares for complex clients Retains care of clients with diagnoses unique to the unit (particularly in situations of pulled or reassigned nurses) 6) Performs client and family teaching about new diagnoses, diagnostic tests, medications, skills for self-care, and discharge/home care b. LPN/LVN - stable patients with predictable outcomes 1) Assists with implementation of defined plan of care 2) Performs procedures according to protocol 3) Differentiates normal from abnormal 4) Cares for physiologically stable clients with predictable conditions 5) Has knowledge of asepsis and dressing changes 6) The ability to administer medications varies with educational background and state Nurse Practice Act. c. Unlicensed assistive personnel (UAP) - Standard



1) Assists with direct patient care activities (bathing, transferring, ambulating, feeding, toileting, obtaining vital signs, height, weight, intake and output, housekeeping, transporting, stocking supplies) 2) Includes nurses aides, assistants, technicians, orderlies, nurse extenders, patient care technicians, clinical partners, 3) Scope of nursing practice is limited The RN ALWAYS keeps:
1. acute patients 2. unstable patients 3. all admissions / just returned from procedures / evaluation from results of procedures 4. all discharges / teaching needed 5. teaching 6. assessment 7. nursing judgement