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GORGONI VERBUM I: ALPHABETUM STYGIUM May eternal fear of sleep comes into your home May be there eternity

of Satan Along with Darkness Devil comes I grant you to see eternal horror of Hell Get birth and die, curse of god May the world be ruled by Eternity and Evil By Death and Satan May the joy and pleasure of murder comes into your home Die and grasp the infinity of Perdition

Scriptum Malesuadiorum

Pact of man with Devil. Selfrepudiation in the name of Satan IN EXTREMUM . Unprecedentedly horrible choice of independent will that is able to lead a man beyond the edge of himself in searching of cruel possibility, but not the only and indubitable one, to direct all his efforts through the overcoming of innate obstacles to the area of primordial Chaos; to the origin of really diabolical beginning inside himself; to desecration and extermination of divine and animal principles of existence; to awakening of demonic essence when realizing and choosing as the most precious and necessary existence in Devil; when realizing ultimate impossibility to be congener part and of one flesh, formation as the effect of image of divine cosmos; all-embracing final alienation of full value and selfrepudiation from hierarchy of divine and human. NIGRESCENDE. ULTIME . Devil is the one Ally, who gives to man such an outcome. And a pact with Him is the only one thing that could be made by the creature despised human and divine equally inside himself and outside. Desire and blood initiate transformation through the essence of Devil, appealing to the Abyss; and only the pact with Satan opens to man that irreversible way into Darkness and represents power and might to crush infallible predestination set from the beginning of man. In this way the pact is the right given to man to release beyond the power of divine law. Without pact with Satan there is no transformation of essence fatal to humanity, and there is no break of the limits cast upon a man. There is no whim in the basis of the pact, but unacceptability of entity. Predator is a child of his own Hunger. Beginnings of the Dark Art are exposed with pact. Covenant bound with human blood. Blood like little sacrifice, tribute to the threshold and a key of the gates. Blood, material receptacle of inner and conductor of eternal powers, keeps the impress/mark of metaphysical individuality and it is perishable manifestation of spiritual potential. Also it is the guarantor and symbol and inviolable link in all connections between the threshold and overcoming. Substance of the boundary paths of existence. Comprehension of potential of blood spine of Dark Discipline. Stream of blood should be interwoven with the spiral of Abyss. Obligations and commitments of Dark Covenant should be written with human blood.

The most precious thing that man possesses essentially is a part of Cosmos, and It is to be offered to Devil voluntary and consciously in the way of self immolation. Its called soul. It is the only one imperishable property of man, obvious part of reality, which defines his existence as a man. In flesh and outside, being naturally as the main obstacle protecting from possession, meant to be ruined anyway and first of all by mans own hands in the name of innermost Devil to become definitive and irreversible loss of the Light. Nothing but human soul is the term to make the pact, when its offered infinitely and in gratis. Pact with Satan means definitely ruin of god in each certain plan of human existence, and nurse of Devil inside immortal soul in infinity. Holy soul is the subject of some other covenant. Human soul should not be dirty and low, marked with other covenant or holy that is the term; and only pure soul is precious for Devil, when it could be not just ruined, but become a basis for demonic formation. Soul should preserve the power of spiritual beginning in man, creative potential saved from waste and depreciation, genius of the soul directed to release in the way of destruction and creation of self in spite of natural aspiration to the Light; it should be realized as the highest human precious, otherwise there is no highest sacrifice to Satan, and result will unable to warrant the efforts of man. When the soul is more perfect, being transformed by Evil, victory of man over divine is more significant and important, and there is greater triumph of Hell reunited and multiplied by man. Inexperienced and not tempted with Knowledge soul is unable and should not wish that unnatural union. In this case some genetic defect, incurable disease of soul, original unnatural and sinful essential feature, like a failure in harmony of spiritual state caused by the wound from outside or appeared originally, determines the inclination of that appeals reach expression beyond the Edge. Cavern and rupture in protective barrier of cocoon of the soul That distinction of infernal Evil, ruinous for existence of every creature, awakes dark pre-birth beginning slumbering inside every soul and connection with unexpressed that is beyond the edge of last foundation of Cosmos and in the essence of Abyss. Human soul is afraid of ruin and almost always it could be torn from the man violently and destroyed, but not transformed, that is able only through the pact.

Pact accepted by Devil becomes the act of superiority over and against human nature and it is kept by him as a great sacrament and exceptional honour. Covenant does not demand indebted traditional writing, but certain formulation and validity. Everything appointed in covenant is manifested in the Underworld, and there is no power to reverse the pact. Pact with Satan special matter, excellent in its might and meaning, that is alien in its sense as child of Devil and man. In communion with Devil pact is actualized as transformation of essence of things, as inscription upon the flesh and reincarnation in spirit, as breaking the order established in Cosmos and restoration/fulfillment with new chaos of the Abyss. In the sphere of Devils inclination everything is granted with irreversible changes. Pact is to be concluded once and forever: it is a time necessary to comprehend depth of the soul, for the pact with Devil is actual in time of a man and in infinity of times of Devil. Covenant implies full and strict responsibility for the choice and demons from man to put extreme efforts, so that is why actualized lawful relations of Darkness and representatives of human kind are so seldom and precious. Devil never makes a pact if the offering is dubious, if the act is questionable and not realized, and if man is obviously not able to fulfill his terms. Anyway there is time of test given by Devil to man in the way to reject or affirm the choice. Gates could not be opened without common equal efforts from the both sides. Everything should be confirmed with that is of equal value. In this case there is definition if the soul is sacrifice or sacrificer and there is a comprehension of the difference between the will and whim. So that is why every living soul and every single wish is of its special value, and ravage of the soul could be its value. Only Devil knows true desires of man. PACTUM CUM DIABOLO is not a symbolical act, but certain, and it demands not symbolical, but certainly actual relations with Devil. Among the seekers there is the most of those who search for human profit in addition to their irreversible and greater loss. Materialization of the soul as the subject of the pact. They make the covenant offering their soul to use it for mercenary ends of any kind and never mean the Union, but illusive satisfaction of flesh and inheritance of animal instincts.

They make a pact with distorted reflections of diabolical essences in the high/upper spheres of Devils influence and give themselves to the power of lower aspects of Evil without effect beyond the surface. There is place they are to belong to in the bounds of strategy of tissue forms necrosis and prevention from realization of divine processes inside Cosmos. The name of essence of any Devil accepts their soul as a due. They make their covenant with flesh of Satan. Among the seekers of goodwill there are those who wait the recompense fro their work. Covenant of life-long service of those, whose craft is complicity and deferment of their ruin for the value of ruin of others of human tribe. Assistance to Evil for the benefits originated by Evil and flesh, covenant of patronage along with preservation of humanity limited by period of one covenant and time of one human life till its discreated totally. Voluntary assistants, hilfswillige from the human kind. They are also necessary for fulfillment of the processes. They are used to be possessing witchcraft and in their measure of requital. CONIURATUM CUM SATANO Covenant with Satan and Powers of Darkness. Heirs of the Spirit of Hell. Bounded themselves with Devil indissolubly. By flesh, spirit and mind. Loved Hell above themselves. Their covenant is inhuman and anti-divine act indeed act of being out of with world. And the way of their existence is beyond the Edge. Existence ULTRA FINITEM Denial of measure and self-preservation in offering to Satan, in extremes of worship Satan in deed and spirit; breaking on through the limits set to humans by the way worthy of independent comprehension of Darkness and beginnings of demonic reincarnation, merciless violence over the soul of divine essence till its ruined totally and cruel willful extermination of self out of the spheres of divine gravity. Anticreation of GORGODAIMON Only in this case he, whos killed soul, inherits the Spirit.

Entering by diabolical laws should be bound with the pact always and forever. He is recognized only when he is bound with Hell by oath spiritually, in flesh and legally. His pact is the basis of inhumanity. There is no way to imitate these relations, but just to be involved in. Without pact all actions of man concerning to Darkness are insolvent. They are just aspirations to imitation and substitution in the limits of human perversion. Without certain indubitable acceptance of the pact all successes on the way of Dark Art are beyond the principle of diabolical community, because relations have no ties of blood and deprived of confidential spiritual basis common with Hell. Until the pact is not concluded man has no right to expect privileges and patronage of Powers of Darkness, but just Their defense in extremes, asking Their help to safe time of human life necessary conclude the pact and initiate transformation, for human life could be violently broken by divine invasion. Everything beside the extremes should be accepted as a test of strength of mind and spirit and maturity of aspirations. There are the footsteps. Concluded pact will demand restless superiority and overcoming. Brutal desecration of divine order of existence, violent and irreversible invasion into the very foundation of the essence of the universe to reverse, throw down and destroy it it should be normal. Pain, as the evidence of actual violence over divine nature, allows to come over the edge, releasing from the area of soul potential necessary to create and destroy, to be free and transformed. To fulfill the covenant in human life is to be satisfied, to grow and to be changed in pain, to become soulless through joy of overcoming and triumph of doom, to be unholy, not lightbearing, seizing the Light essentially, bearing and releasing the burden of curse, free from the curse of divinity, confirming given promises, affirming the Way. And this is not a sacrifice just a donation. There is a knowledge given in cruel lessons of Devil - the roads of Darkness are not the same for the each one. There is no compromise with man or partial repudiation from self before the look of Devil, for His term is unalterable murder of divine. Total in man. Liberated outside the limits of human nature.

And that is initiated as the entering into the Gates does not guaranty equal firmness in next trials and has no mercy to the one whos stepped on this way, but just gives possibility to response by himself and to be in the right gotten for the value of his own soul, to experienced in temptations taking the power over them or getting loss in degradation to nothingness. Ability to summon Devil is given only to a man who potentially can overcome nature of human essence inside himself totally and irreversibly. Ability to see the truth by the eyes of Devil. To have no fear in overcoming everything that contradicts to the covenant is to come to conclusion and agreement with Devil. Experience of summoning of Devil and self-trial in murder of divine will be the basis of transformation. It is enough fro some ones just to summon and offer, and they will be accepted. It is not as enough and simple for others. But even the most worthy of them should not rely upon that is appeared like gift of fortune. And those, who are summoned by Devil, know that they have no right to rely on thats gotten just by some other experience. It is necessary to come hard way to find yourself in Devil, and then one more harder, than whoever has come, to get the ability to come farther, being filled with fire of Devil and overcoming yourself indeed. That is also a trial of devotion to choice and a test of demonic inside test of indubitable belonging to the spirit of Hell. Methods are painful and cruel, for Satan is cruel and never indulge weakness. Totally burning away very human name out of divine orders hierarch, turning man face to countless barriers, foredooming him to the oppression merciless antagonism, Satan teaches a man how to try himself as the most cruel judge and how to become the main trial on his way; Satan teaches him how to wish the pain of invasion of demonic, to manifest sincerity even in mercilessness, to be strong in spite of any circumstances, to be wiser than time, slyer than life, more skilled than death and more tempted than vice, to be dangerous for the enemies even in defeat and to comprehend existence longed in infinity through nonexistence of divine side of reality in torturing achievement of ruinous supremacies of self reincarnation. Beyond the ultimate threshold of human existence, in the basis of all indubitable manifestations of dark essence, out of the broken forms of repudiated divinity, in existence and hunger of demonic spirit, in immutable goodwill to sensible revolt, in scorn to weak will and cowardice, in domination over pain and pleasure, in enmity to the lie, in intolerance to self-enamoured greedy mediocrity, in assistance to violence of purifying clear and hard resolution, in joy and pleasure of affirmation Evil beginnings and throwing down sanctity, in brining down of empyrean gods to the trial of human lot, in genius and sublimity of initiator of Unholy war Devil teaches how to find out and understand other self that is actually becoming other, denied everything human, coming the way from human to entire and indivisible one of Darkness.

Right here are the Gates, hidden eternally and immense in Gloom, gaping in restless craving predatory movement in their last and pernicious aspect; Right here, under the covers of ordinary and natural things, the gates to Devil should be searched for by the one who wish to find them, tearing away the last seals of temptation of Gloom and Mystery; And the one whos wished by them will enter in the name of the Highest Fate, soulless principle of nonexistent one of the Abyss, standing above any humanity and in spite of it, and he will come farther summing up the crimes of human blood in affirmation of pure diabolical beginning through the ruins of divine world order connived once to become the other one real and direct manifestation infernal will of demonic essence in man. ULTRA FINITEM ULTIME Scriptum Maleficorum

Dominator of eternal Night! Our Father and Master! Satan! Dragon! Diabolus! Liberator! Let us drink the waters of Dark Abyss from your palms! Drive us to frenzy with odour of the Ancient Goddess of Chaos! Plunge us into pitch Gloom and wild being of Unrestrained of devilish revolt Into liberation without measure and weariness, into cruel insight of inhumanity Accept us into your Heart Blackflamed and Omnivorous Open furious madness and bloodlust Wisdom of the gates of the Underworld Breathe your unlimited Wrath into us and burn with breath of fierce Hate Let we awake from cursed fruits in black celebration of Primordial Serpent Grant us Eternal Darkness, Gaping Abyss, Chaos and Doom Most High Brig sinister Revelation and mercilessness of Dark truth Grant us joy and pleasure of satisfaction in violence, in desecration of sanctity, In fire of elements of Destruction, in nakedness of perfect frankness, In clearance and free Maliciousness Let us experience cruel pleasure of dark side of passion And satisfy shameless desire of Life on the altars of Death Grant us delight of vengeance and wise bitterness of satanic benefit, Let we be in Flesh and Spirit and our Mind free from burden In Diabolical Omnipotence And let we rebel in Pride without fear and excuse In Grandeur of invincible Dark Spirit Grant us to be well versed with demonic lot And to be in triumph of deserved possession of Power, Experience and Knowledge Show us the way through dangers, pain and obstacles to the highest award Trial of our self in solidity with freedom and demonic maturity

And shall be we worthy of You in glory and oblivion Take us into black depths of your embrace, where well come without doubt Trampling false, human, divine Lead us by godless paths, by trodden and frenzied paths, by paths of the beast Take us to the fire and flames of Diabolical transformation True Father of all audacious and powerful in Spirit, Dominator of Sorrows and Wisdom Wild Beauty and Exalted Inspiration And thus well accept everything of You And will take no care about destruction of human nature And will have no fear before the face of Truth And will be in Faithfulness.

1. A Chao 2. 3. Great Diabolus Abbadon Guard of the Gates of other Side of Reality, Gates Himself and Abyss as Spirit of everything initial in Abaddon.

He looks from the other Side through Eternity and matter, through life and death, through dispersed light and condensed shadows, being behind every granule, behind every point of time and space refraction, being on the earth, ascending in power above it, gaining when Azza of Sleepless on this side stays on the comb of gloom and behold right sign made by Man who steps on the Way through the Gates. His Gates are opened to North. Way to Abyss comes through gaping jaws of Abbadon. Azza, guard of the Gates on this Side, is the one who was vigilant in time and space till He Fell. Now He roves predatory out of time and space, and it is in His power to let transcend, to come through Him, or to resist bordering the way. He is Trial and Judge. He is guarding Diabolus, so that man could not come close to the Gates as accidental seeker, but just as welcomed and chosen one, or as sacrifice to Hell put on the Altar. He is the Diabolus of trial. It is properly to Him, for He is the one of the number of first Grantors of Death. Watcher will reject all essentially hostile and alien and find out any trick in soul of man came to the Gates. He will destroy anyone who insists in effort to cross that line in spite of the will of Hell. There is neither defense from Him, no cunning against Him. 4. Initially the way is not for man, but it could be shown to him and uncovered in hardest time of his life. Possibility to take the way is never offered as a gift, but its caused with effect of human causes, through which the Way becomes clear. It must be achieved through suffering, endured and deserved. That is the rule from time immemorial break through human limits is initiated with human efforts. Dark Power has many ways to guard itself and stay invincible, and no one can overcome it. To become a part of Power possessing Infernal Art completely this is just one possibility to come close and to understand predestination on the Way, to achieve immortal movement and to accept very essence of Dark Spirit. Man taking the Way is not a child and not idle investigator. He is to be obliged, tried and taken the duty to overcome. He is pretended to inhuman highest and that dared one, who must prove his pretensions through his reincarnation. Right is to be given after overcoming.

His pay is his own blood and blood of others, his own soul and souls of others, liberated energies of life and death then directed into Evil, irreversible changing within himself. 5. One coming to Satan has to overcome human threshold thats born with man and to overcome human days being in Evil. He must be able to be stronger than all limits put on the basis of human nature and see them as the obstacles on the Way to Satan. When he overcomes them with dignity and victory he can step far to the main trial that is given like honour and defined by Diabolus Himself. Before man will open the Way by himself, true image of divine Light, covered behind man being, will be uncovered to him. He will know true price and value of divine mercy, see certain existence of himself as human being that is prepared to him by god, but not brought to fatal line by his own will. He will have been given possibility to experience terrible pain of creature torn away from the hands of creator, when hes taken his first experience of inhuman consecration at the edge of Abyss without hope, without consolation, without mercy and without certain guaranties of success. That is cruel and deadly trial signification of choice of soul. If he will be able to accept this condition as a duty and keep his aspiration immutable he will turn from urged to chosen one. Favour of Hell is to be given in trials, which are beyond the power of ordinary man. Man leaves his Destiny and Hell assist him and give no other mercy in that time. Path is to be trodden by foredoomed man. The way leads to Diabolus 6. The way to break on through the limits is hard and cruel unbelievably. It is irreversible and infinite. There is no way back, for his human past will be forgotten, and his future will be cursed in Eternity. Hell will come and affirm on his Spirit and Deeds, on his flesh and mind, as Hell should become on earth. Other nature constitutes and affirms in courage to resist natural state of man. That other nature is nurtured by dark side of existence and it can accept merciless truth of Diabolus completely and indivisibly. In pain and destruction, burning in fire of really dark aspirations new beginning raises from the ashes to become tempered. He finds joy and pleasure in destruction, possession and changing without fear for its existence. Its ready to die like a man to be reborn in other quality.

He chooses in knowledge of Diabolus to accept His Power unhesitatingly and to prove that hes able for it and deserved it giving his human life and soul. This ancient Bestial nature is actualized in ability to subdue his life when becoming infernal and ruinous, rising above predestined lot of human being, having no mercy to anything alive or dead. Its in ability to dedicate himself to extermination of Sanctity, give himself to be in grandeur of Sin, in ability to sacrifice and follow Diabolus into the most pitch depths of Abyss. Cult of Diabolus raises within man burned off inside, and it inevitably devours that is outside. Man paves demonic Way within, but leaves irreversible effects of his transformation outside, awaking and getting power on the side far from human being and divine creature, so that he comes closer to comprehension of Highest Dark Reality. Way of Great Covenant and Black Deed, Way to achieve immortality in Doom Way and personal choice of the one who brakes on through. Affirmation of union with Diabolus realization of Hell. Cognition of first perceptions and laws of Black Art reveals infernal inspiration of beginnings of diabolical temptations and there it gets the access to human actuality. Movement comes though self-immolation and in impeccable following the spirit and principles of Black Art as in life, so in death. Art of Dark Domination over flesh, mind and spirit uncovers its mysteries in frankness of diabolical liberation. It is from Satan. It is in ability of possession and skill to possess. It is in overcoming Illusion and destruction of its power. It is in shameless nakedness of incarnated nature of Evil and in uncompromised desecration of false foundations of the world. It is in extraction, achievement and incarnation of sin, in absolute devotion to Dark Truth. To overcome or to be overcome - that is inevitable. Other is unthinkable. Principles of Perspicacity and Art are to be achieved in belonging to Dark Side of Reality, in Great Covenant with Diabolus, in propinquity and kinship with whole diabolical root, in unity with Spirit of Satan, in ruling the shadows and resistance to light, in creation of destructive Obscurator and absorption of those bend before Him. In Killing of Illusions diabolical Truth reveals. In universal Disorder imperishable seal of Chaos codex exudes. In overthrowing of established Illusions demonic existence affirms. Reincarnation as decomplishment of human and divine. Liberation as recreation of other, foundation on the ancient root of all demonic kind.

Changing of qualities of the matter, transmutation of blood, transformation of Spirit achievement of abilities equal to Dark, Impure in flesh and Abyss. Its ruinous for divine Spirit and equal to the end of divine creation. Man accepts Hell inside himself like his mission and predestination, realizing like living Hell, coming like Hell, following the Spirit of Hell anyway. Step by step. Making every adjusted step upon sharp blades of trials. 7. There are many gates of Hell to open under the stare of Abyss and to step into the last of them, when being crowned with horns of the Beast. Hell will be opened like Gates before the chosen one, when hes overcome all trials of Diabolus of the Abyss, when changing in man have got the line, beyond which there is a need of support and wished invasion from outside. Its when borders are broken and divine obstacles are swept away by the will of tried one. Not once. Many times, as it was before. Trials are necessary to destroy human in dark blood and crystallize best and strong dark spirals, hidden and restricted by human. Liberation from the snares of depression to direct, like thought and will, to serve Diabolus, so that allowing to initiate existence of other essence originated from primordial Chaos. Taking the poison inside, like fiery wine, intoxicating with it, becoming pure poison. Black Flame within the heart and mind enlightened with shining of Darkness. All landmarks of the Way should be passed and overcome in disruption, burning and transformation of human. It should be done in right time, otherwise attempt to break on through will be vain and right time lost irretrievably. Tis the time of Great Beginning to take a chance given by Ancient Dragon, to use just one possibility along whole human life to turn to diabolical roots. And there is no second chance. Only Nahema Sinistra is loyal to the seeker. Way has no leniency. Temptation is blind and merciless. Temptation is deadly and merciless in its frankness. It makes no difference between the seekers and those dragged below against their will, decaying in streams of natural essence of life. Mind is blind in providence of spiritual, but mind is a tool to reflect and cognize the deeds of Spirit. Flesh is to get skill of overcoming and irreversible transformation of itself; its for liberation and dissolution from alien established laws, for deadly experiences and actualization of Diabolical laws. Soul is for poison of Death and implantation of essence of Hell. Spirit is for certain achievements for the benefit of Hell.

During the small circle of the Abyss it should be done Pilgrimage from alien foundations to the new beginning, hence fore and forever. Short and irreversible time for the one marked with sign of Gorgo; time measured for descending DEORSUM Pilgrimage just Eternity and moment of call of twilight soul. Time to drink the waters of Abyss and to come to the last Gates 8. Dead language shall reveal to the one looking by Spirit what is inscribed before first Gates of Hell and there will be the omen.

9. Forbidden for man, ancient, concealed paths. Human is disease, its to be cured on the paths of Satan. It is undergone a cure through methods of inhuman experiences over human. There is one Way to Diabolus the way of reincarnation and domination over human. So that preparation expects knowledge about you like about human being. It demands clearance and expiation of your humanity in Black Flame. It demands understanding of your true wishes, strong and feeble properties of your man. It demands you be ready to die so that to live no more like human being. It demands ability to make this step consciously and have no fear inside before your Dark Inclination and that diabolical Way thats coiled and hidden in

Gloom for the time being. For its better to step back, than betray yourself, claiming your wished things as real, claiming imitation as real movement and finding vanity as action. For self tricked will be feeble always and find himself unable to prove his right to walk the Way, so that he is vain in his Wish. The one predestined to follow Satan and potentially able to step on fiery way and take responsibility for it completely can choose ordinary human life, but henceforth hell be foredoomed to realize his irreplaceable loss, in shame and despise to himself; or he can accept his predestination unreservedly like actuality and dare to walk that Way to Diabolus where changing completely, losing any relations with human and getting uncompromised aspects of true inner Demonism. Both perspectives one free will of Man. To walk the Way is to move along the edge of life and death, but to be constantly ready to die. But opened soul will be deadly for others and worthy of diabolical Spirit just when its sentenced human and nurtured the seeds of suffering, death, bitterness, disappointment and finally Black Faith. Only through immortal action of self-destruction and total despise of yourself as human being could be reached that special state readiness to transcend outside your inner Twilight in inner unceasing harmony with deadly charming breath of true Evil to confluence with potential of Abyss that is to be opening of External Darkness in man. The one who hopes pass just in victory shall not pass. He should be ready to walk even through dirt, even through failures and shame, but to attain. The Way is one, but there is no one single strict method how to come that way, for there is no doctrine and tradition in Black Art that could be in contradiction with main purpose of the Way or rule over its sense when allowing to choose the most simple and short path from man to Diabolus. 10. Act of renunciation from divine and human. Manifestation outside thats not for the sake of image but for the benefit of essence. Total conscious understanding of responsibility for this step and acceptation of the consequences in intuitive actual experience of first Sorcery for formal break of previous spiritual connections For it is necessary step for any Dark Beginning in human being It is your submerge into Twilight of the threshold and Bending of the Edge outside under impact of your arising Dark Spirit 1. Previously three days silence should be perfect. Total isolation is better that can close from the living world and preserve Power necessary for break saving it from its vainly expenses.

Isolation from external things and concentration on internal as on the main subject. The one whos got the insight in this moment is more vulnerable from efforts of hostile invasion from outside, for current present time of man comes to an end, and other time has not to come yet. But the most danger is within, and there is no panacea except self-immolation for the sake of forthcoming Way. Annoying surface of the world around will chase restlessly trying to break the equilibrium and confuse to take away from right destination and turn backward. It should be swept away in coldness and inner departicipation of spirit and mind in its processes, locked away with the wall of silence and scorn over and over again. In total concentration, in aspiration to Diabolus and in inner preparation to act only there in that state of spirit look of tried by himself never loose that he has to see, that is covered under human surface that can ensnare but essentially is the mask, purely external veil, behind which hostile will tries to prevent and avert transformation. When trying to expose first Illusion judge not the words and images, not those obvious everyday motives, which cause the round of the world, but configure some inner logic of events that is behind ordinary veil ensnares with obstacles. Its necessary to learn to see deeper, penetrate far, sensually transpierce over the edge, and then youll get the sight. One prepared to break on through from the snares of predestination of human life should wait troubles, failures, strikes and seductions. Diabolus will give him patronage, but not earlier than Man binds himself with Him by oath of faithfulness that allows Diabolus use His Power to give necessary protection. So be it patience and insistence and submergence in inner twilight, deep, very deep inside you, being aspired to the very last of possible limits to BRAKE it overcoming everything that makes affections, regrets, contradictions and doubts of human soul. Its when remaining and feeling again all highest joy and sorrow of past life, being provoking with it, tempted and tested, and curse it all in uncompromised renunciation. Let it be painful, but this pain shall erase the line between torments and pleasure. Let it be dreadful but you have to overcome your fear like this. For just in that moment soul gets ability to invoke Diabolus. You have to preserve your power for decisive step. So be it silence, restrained, and inexorability. First words proclamation of strong will should be pronounced in special day, in special hour, in special place and those circumstances which caused and determined this day, but not earlier. You have to come to this day hard and aspired, trying, sharpening and hardening your spirit. You have to be ready to loose everything yours before, to foredoom your soul to ruin, and it might be your flesh to untimely death, but in the same time to get the gift of hunger and furor in horrible liberation of the one aspired to break on through of human being. And its too late to think about apostasy, for his hour is already determined in Abyss and dedicated to enter in First Gates.

12. In a day of Gorgo ascending from the depths Black Pilgrimage should be initiated. Sharing your intention with no one of people, keeping your body and thoughts clear, being clear from desecration of any kind of narcotic, hear the Call and act at your own fear and risk at First Moon of November, for first step is to have special power this time. And Diabolus shall give a sign to the one standing at the threshold. 13. Place is chosen beforehand Place keeps the memory of everything thats happened. Any place possesses similar power thats possessed it whenever. Places, distant far from people, bloodstained and satiated with death; soil, fed with dead bodies is also able to be fertile and fruitful with ugly children of her rough inner side. Those places are sowed with seeds of infernal and they can not reject it, just spiting out of their wombs some ugly distorted creatures fruits of this union of tellurian and infernal. They are restless. They are gnawed by Evil They could be roused to growth spelling litanies, but they could not be extinguished. These places could not be abandoned, for anyway they will take the one who seeks them. Power thats found exit through there distorts the form and infects with essence. Its restrained just with temporary counteraction. So there are too horrible places lest living man come there without significant reason. They are not of Evil, but these places have their natural aura of baneful Evil that inspires anxiety inside human soul and rises to dark catharsis of feelings. It is like medium assisting to pass over the edge and like the doors from outside. Contiguous, screaming, torn sphere, where barrier is too thin to be not torn by the one aspired to pass it over. It is evililized multitude of similar places, areas of worship of distorted aspects of Hecate threshold face, forsaken shrines of dust and death, and areas of Diabolical Shadows intersections, where nature of alien invasion is revealed primely and made its mark. And its calling to submerge into Voiceless shadows of true boundary twilight. Places, where time is unsteady and some other times appear driving mad. Those places mark everything happening there and their influence is continued trough their path without obstructions. Their visible and true image can be superposed in one point of time and space for action thats to be directed trough them to the gates, and then they can work like medium tracts to some other far distant malicious areas where their ruinous essence gives no mercy to pathfinders, but just tries them over and over again. That accidental invasion of Shadow and the will of Fate bear those cursed places. Dont be confused with breath of life, for its illusion and senseless game of time. True essence wont be covered from seeing eyes, and to behold it is to be closer to get the power over material Illusions of the world.

Summoned to those places and seeing the essence behind the forms should have certain essence within. And fulfilling the rules in choice of temper and natural feature of place allows to make no mistakes in future. As for the rest relevant things he should trust his own flair. Such a place is to be found and chosen for act, whenever by the places inhabitant by humans. Place can assist well to that is happening there. For the first act crossroad of abandoned paths is to be chosen. When time and place are determined event is predetermined. 14. Transcend of the soul over the edge. You have to learn how to appreciate every single moment of it, for this moment is Eternity. Eternity of Satan. Time of the earth becomes slow, even viscous, and it pressures with special weight around those whos given themselves to Satan. And it causes things around get old untimely and disrupted. Everything material becomes unsteady and decrepit when being touched with their time right when their souls come in infinity through viscous mist across the sea of Gloom. And there is neither pas, no future. Just Eternity of Curse Thats to be to feel Black Breath of Abyss, for times are not homogenous, and there are beginning and the end and points of break, but they are called as Time generally. Any previous deeds during Black Pilgrimage, any undertakings under his patronage, with help or in the name of Diabolus now and in future to its best time and its necessary period. Rules are simple and clear. Take on the Full Moon, Release on the Black. Come from Apex to Apex along the ascending coil of Abyss to culmination, to the Great Covenant. And further wherever the will of Diabolus leads you. Annual cycle of Black Pilgrimage, initiated and complete in certain time, is conform to small circle of Abyss. Expanding dynamically in its original movement. Small annual cycle of movement on dark side is divided on periods uneven in correlation with earthly time. And the last period is the first for next cycle. Dark Ancient Power ascends in

Apexes and measures the beginning and the end. And when It let you in It will not release you and make you come over and over again till everything necessary is happened and done. Dark Ancient Power is present in earthly days, piercing and tearing earthly time with currents like blades of the diadem of Abaddon, overriding time on six days before the Apex and six days after. Every day is special and well for special Sorcery. And only in days similar to when Tarheim is close with Samhain mysteries of entirely absorbing interaction consecrated by Darkness are to be actualized. This key of Abyss is inscribed in Time. Small and great cycles have fatal meaning in life of whole generations, man and Eternity. Dead, they are forming in coils of dark energy of growth and dying, changing and death. They are strictly taken on consideration in Sorcery, and its impossible to ignore them, for there are the power and superiority in knowledge about them. When they are close or when the power of dark attraction is gaining it is necessary to know when certain time of certain deed has come, when something is possible in fate of one man, whole generation or even whole universe, and to be spiritually beyond time in flesh and able to exert influence through spirit when acting through the flesh. It is necessary to be attentive and careful moving forward, distribute power and assign actions in deep correspondence to knowledge about days and in clear understanding of potential. Gain Power act by act. Identify days when 7 are in power and avoid those days in your actions, and find counteraction against days of times of 7. Face to Cold and Sundown feel and perceive days of Abaddon. Never ignore any of His days. Black days, well for connection with Diabolus and Demogorgon, for liberation of Dark Power in earthly matters. When the hand of Abyss is spread above time there gaping jaws of Gates of Abaddon is multiplying in earthly space and Evil rises in the world without obstructions. It organizes well time for beginning of the Sorcery and any Act for the benefit of Hell. When the edge is violently made thin under onslaught of Evil those harmful groaning and howling Moons crossings under the sign of Lilith appeal to destructive incarnations. And then the will of man is able to invoke Diabolus to come into this world. 15. There is no need to haste when the way into Eternity of Diabolus is in prospect, but dont be late, for the Gates might be found closed. Little cycle is complete and fell in time. This time is well. First Full Moon of Black Pilgrimage shines changing the future of man in fatal shining. The one ordained in other sanctity is to be marked with Breath blowing from outside human limits.

A crossroad contracts time and absorbs space around, so that it becomes the place no way to leave, but just then intension is actualized. There the edge between the areas or reality is to be revealed, and fate gets fatal strike from the outside. Spirit is remote from mundane and becomes exclusive point beyond time and space able to invoke over the Limits. Aim of first step in Black Pilgrimage spill first blood and give the oath by soul to take the Blessing form Diabolus, so that begin transformation on the way to Doom. Stepping over the edge in Black Pilgrimage, in solitude of twilight soul to the heights of decomplishment of divine and foundation of demonic. 16. To feel secret but inevitably intensifying presence of Darkness. And to begin breathe one common breathing with Darkness. Eyes of the soul should be opened wide before everything thats to be reached. And soul should be naked and completely sincere before diabolical presence. Senses heightened to the limit. Everything that can assist it naturally is to be approved. Choice belongs to man. Significant and effective is everything personal that man builds like a bridge from his side to diabolical. Everything thats to be seen clear in progressing approximation is to be accepted without doubts, for it is to be like Revelation. Movements of united body, thought and soul get some special meaning in liberated and free state of appeal over the edge. And thoughts become dark and feelings get that primordial state of cleanness and liberty breaking earthly limits in image of human being. Condition awakes all hidden mechanisms of psyche to accomplish like instrument of influence upon its awakening. Condition is to be forced by man himself, initially draped in black and colour of the night. Black colour allows to see deeper behind visible surfaces. It erases established contours and breaks usual forms, split earthly actuality to incoherent, dissociated fragments and invites to enter outer cold and dark infinity of Abyss through hollows in inert space. Appointments of the Ritual are modest. Just that is necessary to act and get revelation. Nothing unnecessary. Fatal certainty of conscious necessity shall tilt the balance to presence and interaction. Currents of act, being coloured black by the will, coloured in all shadows of the night, saturated with Darkness and strengthened with sinister imagination of man, will wake hidden powers. Darkest creative fantasy best condition for dark side of the soul. It has the power to become real. It appeals from human essence outside, tearing the skin and smashing well composed harmonious concepts of mind, appealing to that possesses the keys from Dark side of Reality. Like furious torches of Hecate it helps to overcome exclusive human perception and enlightens uncovered crossroads in time of highest pleasure and activity of twilight soul. 17. Ritual. Come after sunset and finish preparation till Midnight to invoke Diabolus at Witching hour.

Man is to be awaited, if he is welcomed, to accept his blood and himself, tearing and splitting the scales of earthly substance before his eyes. Extinguishing divine influence by reverse of sacred ceremony, by sacrilege, blocking and sweeping away, incidentally exiting and disturbing space around, intensifying sensitivity of you and spheres around. By chain of blood traces mark the circle on the crossroad coming against the sun wheel and draw the figure of Covenant upon the ground marking it with lime. Appoint the tops of triangle with bowls of fire. Triangle is directed to north. Step on the crossroad inside the circle before triangle. Iron spike used to perform consecration in fire should be placed by your left hand; by your right hand blade for blood letting. Appealing face to Cold initiate Flame of Evil sacred fire of invocation to Diabolus, made of withered human bones and aspen. Its to be set in the center of triangle. Invoke to the essences of Baalberit and Astaroth asking Their assistance and witness. One of Them is Diabolus of Covenant, other one Piercing the Spheres like Mercury. Azazel is third one to invoke, for He is relevant to Oaths and Guard of Gates. First words of three earthly days should be pronounced right here and now, and they should come from the depths of your heart entirely. Only your personal words are precious in invocation to Diabolus when they are born in this moment and come from the depth of your soul. Cover the head with black cloth and begin invocation of Diabolus Supreme. 18

19. You should not be captured by fear of that is scours predatory in gloom around ant thats may be seen and sensed in this hour. Many names of many nameless things around are forgotten by man. Cursed, which are roaming in different appearance of the wind, in shadows and in perfect gloom, come in delusions that is just gates to their essences and relief or gaping impression of them upon the earthly plan. You should not retreat before fear, but accept them, for they will come inevitably. Theyll make no harm for the one intended to the Highest, and just fulfill their duty. Demons of the crossroads, demons of the winds, demons of the swamps and evaporations. Their purpose is to make true crossroad among many false paths or to take someone away to the swamp. They have to open, to be guides and mediums to other area thats physical space before, and as many of Lilin, whose narrow jaws are to tear the souls away from human bodies, they exist to guard the borders. They are around, at the edges of actuality distorted in violence. Smell of blood wakes them up, and power can make them visible. Wild unrestrained nature is more close to their merciless temper, as their previous form, but it is able to accept and incarnate their spirit just for a moment being just display of intensive, exited, destructive and hunger power.

Their look can be horrible and dreadful. They can drive mad and make the mind obscured. They bring hysterics and fear. Or internally they assist to overcome that is able to accept liberation of the mind. Usually their look is not expressed in stable established forms and contours of normal state, for they are merged in shadows and dusks, being not associated in harmony and integrity of visible form, so that they are beyond ordinary human perception, but actual, obvious and effective. Metamorphic. They are unsteady unreal attraction, expression of cursed side or reality, reflection of the other side. The one whos come should have no fear and stay surrounded by them. 20. Invocation to Satan. You have to invoke Him thrice and call Him as you Master three times. You have to ask Him about kindness and favour to make Covenant, expressing your aim and asking His blessing. Sign of His presence is obvious and indubitable. Whatever it be appearance of Black Man, feeling of unbearable pain of thats called soul, cold or sound sign will be given sufficiently so that man can understand it. Make the sign on your body with fire and blade right under your heart. Gather your blood on the shred of your cloths and pierced it with spike transmit it through the flames in order from left bottom corner to the right and then to north. Finish it burning the shred in the Flame of Evil. Accepting Diabolus give yourself to Him by your soul and body. Some part of your soul will burn in fire with your blood. Its like the promises and pledge of your forthcoming Service. Brand the wound and take your Way with oath never betray it. This first blood is the pledge and promises to Diabolus. Henceforth there is no way back, but just forward to the doom or triumph It is Examination and promises. It is the Black Oath. Blessing from Diabolus upon the Deeds and initiation of the Way to Him. Thats to be done by those who are going to accomplish Black Pilgrimage.

21. The rest, who wish to buy the goods and profit of mundane by the fee of their own souls, dedicate their souls to Diabolus simply. Its enough to compose document there they express their will and give their soul forever and without claims to return for fulfillment of reasonable wishes of goods. They just have to sign the pact with their on blood and transmit it on the crossroad any day Full Moon ascends. And Diabolus accept their souls easy, when their souls are useful for Them. Figure of Covenant, as little circle of covenants. Invocation to certain Diabolus with which the pact is wished to be concluded. Blood from little finger of left hand to sign the pact. Transmission is to be performed through the flames of corner bowls and then into the center. Only sincere and pure pact will be accepted when true intention is to fulfill it. For the one who wishes to get assistance from Diabolus for luck in certain deed can get it, but no one can possess that his own will and efforts wont be aspired to. And their personal price can not be high. So that is the way to make a pact for those who wish just precious things of the earth. Sometimes exceptions happen when undoubtedly more noble motives make people to appeal Diabolus asking help, such as to save the life of some other man, restitute justice or vengeance. That is possible, but its to be understood that one soul can not expiate other soul. It is impossible to pay with one soul for salvation of other soul. It wont be acceptable for any Diabolus. It contradicts to the rules of recompense. And soul should decide to whom its to belong when it is about the soul free in choice. Diabolus can fulfill the vengeance or give assistance in punishment or salvation of flesh, but will require the tribute thats to be paid by the soul of the one whos as the result meant to get benefit. Or Hell take other full price of Doom of the soul when it is about dedication of man to Diabolus as sacrifice. 22. There is third dangerous and effective way for some ones, whom neither first, not second way is for. It concludes all most horrible aspects of Black Art foundations. It is for those mature and tried with many done before, who return by that way. Its to be told especially 23. Appearance of Black Man. Sign of Sabbat in providential halo of break of actuality. Certain sensation and cruel reality of Diabolical Shadow invasion. This is not external phantom, not empty games of imagination. True image thats been accepted and kept immutable during long centuries of concords of man and Diabolus. Fatal and certain sign of presence or fatal kindness for those who meet it on the crossroads of their fate.

In period of highest intensity of feelings and in special circumstances it is given actually in mystical revelation of obsession like a gift of prophetical Vision that can give an assistance or lead to doom. Both sides of infernal Mirror have equal basis to be entire reality imagined and visible. Visible is not true certainly, and delusion is not to be meant as delusion in that moment. There is no domination of one over other, but domination of Diabolus over actuality of man on both sides of the mirror determines reality of each side. And when come to one side of the Mirror you can come back from other side or to return being other yourself bearing the mirror of Diabolus within, becoming reflection of Diabolus here a shadow continuing presence of Satan 24. Keep the silence after the Ritual till the dawn. Coming back from the crossroad is as important and significant, as everything happened that day. It is necessary to make everything right when leaving the place, for too many things stay there forever. Accept thats happened and leave the place and dont look back. Some unknown person on the meets has some physiological defect or abnormality, deviation of behaviour obscure, but fatal sign of changing in the world around and actuality of man. Raving animals. Accompanying signs along the way back from the Ritual. 666. People on the meets whose sensitiveness is sharp will be able to see the mark of thats happened upon the one who was under the shadow of Satan for short moment. The rest just can feel faint breathing of it and see it like their personal discomfort and confusion. Hour of dawn comes like a point of transition. Change of times close period and at dawn that night comes to Eternity of Diabolus. In hour when the power of twilight is changed to dawn soul will be in pain and resistance, and finally then it will find the area of its dwelling place clearly. It is necessary to restrain its resistance and live with Darkness within it marked by Diabolus. 25. From the moment when promises are given and obligations are taken invasion of that is called supernatural and out of this world will be intensifying steady by the measure of overcoming of new levels and making next infernal steps. Suddenly, whole immense Abyss will be opened before the eyes for short time till protective power of human mind will cover it for now protecting unsteady reason from madness. It is to be happened exit from measured routine of human predestination and searching for other foundations of existence in human world. Exfoliation of actuality and liberation from powers usually dominating over human will uncover the pain of human vulnerability. From that moment man stays on the border line thats burning in fire of cruel fight between two antagonistic beginnings like flesh, spirit, soul and mind. And only dark beginning should

dominate in him totally and be realized though him. Return to beginning of light is already impossible, but there is a risk to be ruined and not get the aim, for accepted promise and previous concord is not enough. You have to can give you soul completely, staying alive in human flesh and come to Great Covenant and Union when being forged worthy for Him. Pact and promises can be accepted on condition or period of probation. When its expired, contract is in force and effect, but it wont be uncovered as its a part of test. One year, period of probation, getting skill in Black Art and preparation of the soul to complete transcend under the power of Satan. 26. It will be necessary to live like predator in confidence with Diabolus to come to the end of transitional human stage. Man can change himself by his own efforts only. Be relied only upon yourself and Diabolus. Efforts of others can support and advice, but nothing more. Diabolus can save man from everything except stupidity that man makes. And He will require from man independent movement on diabolical Way. Diabolical crafts help him always. Dark Art that man must enrich with his personal experience. Following the rules of sorcery, so that result will be adequate to the efforts. It wont be easy under the patronage of Diabolus, for it is unacceptable to facilitate the task of anybody. Trial and severity. Immediately responsibility for mistakes. But Diabolus reveals possibility thats the rest deprived of. He is stern Teacher and He will help to the one who endeavours hard. Man will take and accept only that is deserved by him, but he will take it on diabolical way. He will get intellect and sensitivity to pass by barriers and he will get power to break them. And he will get wisdom to see when it is time to puss by or to break. It is not departure from actuality, but chance to try its steadiness for the sake to break it to spread in flesh other reality diabolical. Black Magic sovereign dominions of Diabolus. And there is no way to possess it without concord with Diabolus. To learn from Diabolus and fulfill, getting more freedom through confidence of Diabolus, becoming new independent bearer of His Spirit. This is the essence of diabolical relations. To deserve special attitude and confidence of Diabolus by deeds, wishes, inner changes, understanding of personal responsibility for every independent step, to find yourself in perfect harmony with diabolical essence. 27. In hearth of Dark Art strongest will survive, or the one whos become strong in process of mastering the Art. For it is the Way of human temptation and omnipermission before impartial eye of infernal exactingness. It is the Way of choice, total freedom and merciless responsibility for the slightest mistake on this Way.

There is no place for a game, but to live and to die by the laws of Art. Only through experiences of deadly violence over the soul the way is to be revealed, and also understanding of what to be in union with Diabolus means. Otherwise youll become changed, but human nevertheless. For there is no method to come the way if not through overcoming the human, through the gates, which are too narrow for human pretending for something higher, and immense fro man falling down to the dirt and worthless. To accept dangerous gifts of Igneous Way inside to take as the basis strongest and worthiest qualities of Man in foundation of pure demonic essence. It is spiritually-irrational submerge through destroyed human I, chaovolent return to Black Sabbat in the core of which there is a Breath of dead soul getting birth and maturing. It is infernally inescapable and persistently breaking all laws of time and man. And it accepts no compromises with nature and notorious predestination of human existence. It is diabolical skeletal Pneuma, denying light prosperity of life of divine man, joy and warmth of artificial completeness, light of emasculated spiritual conciliation, denying their essential origins, but using distortion of their schemes to spread its essence. Creating their grotesque likeness and used to live earthly life it gives them malicious godless aspects of infernal phantom of life, restlessly feeding excomplished forces of demonic incarnation. 28. 29. 30. This is how the first step on the way to Great Covenant to be done. It is necessary to understand and care about your responsibility. To come forward and act. For any act is trial of Spirit and Experience of mind