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Mens clothing General words on clothes clothes: noun [plural] items such as shirts and trousers that you

ers that you wear on your body. She was wearing her sister's clothes. to put on/take off your clothes clothing: noun [U] clothes, especially of a particular type. outdoor/protective clothing. apparel: noun [U] mainly US clothes. children's/women's apparel. indumentaria attire: noun [U] old-fashioned The clothes that you wear. atavo attired: adjective. Dressed in a particular way. suitably attired. garment: noun [C] formal A piece of clothing. Prenda de vestir gear: [U] the clothes and equipment used for a particular purpose. sports/swimming gear. I've left all my gear at home. equipo Kit: [C,U] UK a set of clothes worn for sport or military service. a football kit. equipo outfit: noun [C] a set of clothes for a particular event or activity. a cowboy outfit. I need a new outfit for the party. conjunto knitwear: noun [U] knitted clothes. gneros de punto wear: how much you wear a piece of clothing. These clothes are not for everyday wear. Outerwear Shirt: a piece of clothing worn on the top part of the body, often made of thin material like cotton and fastened with buttons down the front.

Different Types of shirts: button-down collar camisa sport collarless / grand-dad collar

open-necked shirt polo shirt: a cotton shirt with short sleeves. chomba

Parts of a shirt:

collar sleeve cuff (single or double) puo pocket (top / breast pocket) el bolsillo de pecho buttonhole seam costura

Types of collars: (not for t-shirts, but for sweaters, etc)

crew neck cuello redondo polo neck (Am E turtle neck) cuello de polera doble scooped neck turtle neck( am E mock neck) cuello de polera simple V-neck

coat: noun [C] a piece of clothing with sleeves that you wear over your other clothes, especially when you go outside. a fur/winter coat. overcoat: noun [C] a long, warm coat. raincoat: noun [C] a coat that you wear when it is raining. waistcoat: (US vest) noun [C] a piece of clothing with buttons at the front and no sleeves, that you wear over a shirt. chaleco waterproof coat impermeable a full-length coat: a long piece of clothing that reaches to your feet.

Tails/ tail coat: a formal coat that has a short front part and a long back part that is divided in two. Frac o traje de etiqueta tux: noun [C] US short for tuxedo. esmoquin tuxedo: (UK dinner jacket) noun [C] a black or white jacket that a man wears on a very formal occasion blazer: noun [C] a type of jacket, often worn as part of a school uniform. cape: noun [C] a loose coat without any sleeves that is fastened at the neck. cloak: noun [C] a loose coat without sleeves that hangs down from your shoulders. capa double-breasted: adjective A double-breasted jacket or coat has two sets of buttons to fasten at the front. Also single-breasted jacket. Saco cruzado anorak: noun [C] UK a jacket with a hood (= part that covers your head) that protects you from rain and cold. jacket: noun [C] a short coat. a leather jacket. mac: noun [C] UK a coat that you wear in the rain. impermeable mackintosh: noun [C] old-fashioned a mac. cardigan noun [C] a piece of clothing, often made of wool, that covers the top part of your body and fastens at the front. jersey: noun [C] a piece of clothing which covers the top of your body and is pulled on over your head. Suter jumper: noun [C] (UK/US sweater) a warm piece of clothing which covers the top of your body and is pulled on over your head. pullover polo neck: (US turtleneck) noun [C] a piece of clothing that covers the top part of the body and has a tube-like part covering the neck. a black polo neck sweater. polera

pullover: noun [C] a warm piece of clothing which covers the top of your body and is pulled on over your head. a black woolly pullover. sweatshirt: noun [C] a piece of clothing made of soft cotton which covers the top of your body and is pulled on over your head. buzo tee shirt: noun [C] another spelling of T-shirt (= a piece of cotton clothing for the top part of the body with short or capped sleeves and no collar) trousers (also US pants/slacks) noun [plural] a piece of clothing that covers the legs and has a separate part for each leg. a pair of trousers.

Different types of trousers: cords: noun [plural] informal trousers made from corduroy jeans: noun [plural] trousers made from denim (= a strong, usually blue, material) carpenter jeans/shorts zip-off pants desmontables adventure pants/shorts flared trousers: (Am E. Flared pants) oxford Straight trousers: (Am E. Pants) Turn-ups: (Am E. Cuffed pants) con botamanga dungarees:(US overalls) noun [plural] trousers with a part that covers your chest and straps that go over your shoulders. jardineros shorts: noun [plural] a very short pair of trousers that stop above the knees. kilt: noun [C] a traditional Scottish skirt for men, made of heavy material with close vertical folds at the back. Pollera escocesa Sports wear and swimwear

sportswear noun [U] clothes, shoes, etc for people to wear when they play sports. a sportswear shop sweats: noun [plural] US a sweatshirt and sweatpants (= loose, comfortable trousers), often worn for exercising. Equipo de gimnasia swimming costume: (US bathing suit) noun [C] a piece of clothing that you wear to go swimming. Traje de bao swimming trunks: noun [plural] a piece of clothing that boys and men wear when they swim. Traje de bao masculino tracksuit: noun [C] UK loose, comfortable clothes, usually trousers and a top, especially worn for exercising. Equipo de gimnasia wet suit: noun [C] a piece of clothing covering the whole body that keeps you warm and dry when you are under water. Traje trmico jogging suit cycling shorts clothes associated with jobs or particular activities costume: noun PLAY [C,U] a set of clothes that someone wears to make them look like someone or something else, for example in a play. actors in costume. He arrived at the party dressed in a gorilla costume. fancy dress: noun [U] UK special clothes that people wear for a party, which make them look like a different person. a fancy dress party. fatigues: noun [plural] special clothes that soldiers wear when they are fighting or working. Traje de faena Habit: [C] a long, loose piece of clothing worn by some religious groups. a monk's habit. Hbito trait-jacket: noun [C] a special jacket used for mentally ill people that prevents them from moving their arms. Chaleco de fuerza uniform: noun [C,U] a special set of clothes that are worn by people who do a particular job or people who go to a particular

school. a school uniform. a nurse's uniform. Tom looks completely different in uniform (= wearing a uniform). overalls: noun [plural] (US coveralls) a piece of clothing that you wear over your clothes to keep them clean while you are working. apron: noun [C] a piece of clothing you wear when cooking to keep your clothes clean. The waitresss apron.

Footwear footwear noun [U] shoes, boots, and other things that you wear on your feet. a footwear company Shoes: noun [C] a strong covering for the foot, often made of leather. to put your shoes on/take your shoes off. shoelace: noun [C] a long, thin piece of material used to fasten shoes. Lace: 1 noun[C] a string used to tie shoes. to tie/untie your laces/ to tie laces in a bow 2 verb lace something up phrasal verb to fasten something with laces. He laced up his boots

Different types of shoes: Brogue zapato bajo y resistente Loafer mocasn Deck shoe zapatilla Moccasin mocasn Plimsoll (Am E sneaker) zapatilla boot: noun [C] a strong shoe that covers your foot and part of your leg. a pair of boots.

Different types of boots: Football boot: (Am E. Soccer shoe) Baseball boot: (am E. Basketball shoe) Hiking / walking boot borsegues

Wellies / wellington boots: (US rubber boots) noun [plural] large rubber boots that you wear outside when the ground is wet and dirty. Botas de goma Cowboy boot Sandal: noun [C] a light shoe with straps that you wear in warm weather. slipper: noun [C] a soft, comfortable shoe that you wear in the house. pantufla trainers: (am E. Tennis shoes): a soft sports shoe. A pair of trainers. sneaker: (UK trainer) noun [C] a soft sports shoe. flip-flop ojota espadrille alpargata Underwear

underwear: noun [U] the clothes that you wear next to your skin, under your other clothes. ropa interior Underpants: noun (pl) a piece of underwear that cover the bottom (the area between your waist and the top of your legs). In British English underpants are only worn by men or boys, but in American English they can also be worn by women and girls. calzoncillos thermal underwear: thermal clothes are made to keep you warm. Ropa interior trmica vest: noun [C] (US undershirt) a piece of underwear that you wear under a shirt. camiseta boxer shorts: noun [plural] loose underwear worn by men. Briefs: noun [plural] underwear that men or women wear on their bottoms. a pair of briefs slip sock: noun [C] something that you wear on your foot inside your shoe [usually plural] a pair of black socks. Nightwear

dressing gown: (US robe) noun [C] a piece of clothing, like a long coat, that you wear at home when you are not dressed. bata bathrobe: noun [C] a soft coat that you wear before or after a bath. Salida de bao pyjamas: (US pajamas) noun [plural] shirt and trousers that you wear in bed. a pair of blue pyjamas Headgear

helmet: a hard hat that protects your head when you ride a motorcycle. casco turban: noun [C] a long piece of cloth that men from some religions fold around their heads. turbante visor: noun [C]1 the part of a helmet (= hard hat that protects your head) that you can pull down to cover your face. 2 a hat that has a curved part above your eyes to protect them from the sun. visera brim: noun [C]the flat part around the bottom of a hat. Ala del sombrero cap: noun [C] a hat with a flat, curved part at the front. hat

Different types of caps: Beret boina Flat cap boina Mortarboard birrete Baseball cap Peaked cap gorra con visera skull cap: noun [C] a small round hat worn especially by some religious men.

Different types of hats: Bowler hat: (Am E. Derby): a round, hard, black hat worn by men, especially in the past

Panama Hat Top hat: a tall, black or grey hat worn by men on some formal occasions Hard hat Stetson Sombrero

Clothes - Other Related Words handkerchief glasses cravat pauelo de cuello pin glove: noun [C] a piece of clothing which covers your fingers and hand. umbrella: noun [C] a thing that you hold above your head to keep yourself dry when it is raining. bow tie: noun [C]a piece of cloth around the neck in the shape of a bow that men sometimes wear, especially at formal events. moo scarf: noun [C] plural scarves or scarfs. a piece of cloth that you wear around your neck, head, or shoulders to keep warm or for decoration. tie: noun [C] a long, thin piece of cloth that a man wears around his neck with a shirt. Cufflinks gemelos watch belt: A long, thin piece of leather, cloth, or plastic that you wear around your waist. buckle: a metal object used to fasten the ends of a belt or strap. A silver buckle. hebilla braces tiradores purse (Am E wallet / billfold / change purse) suitcase

briefcase rucksack (Am E backpack) duffel bag satchel hold all (Am E carryall) toilet bag (Am E shaving bag)


1 Coat 2 Waterproof jacket 3 Sweatshirt 4 Jumper 5 Scarf 6 Shoe 7 Jacket 8 Jeans 9 Waistcoat 10 Underpants 11 Boxer 12 Trunks 13 Cap 14 Belt 15 Trainers 16 Buckle

Babies wear Babygro/ jumpsuit: a piece of clothing for a baby that covers their hole body. Bootie Bathing wrap a kind of towel with a hood to wrap and dry the baby after being washed. Bib babero Pram Am E baby buggy cochecito

Pushchair Am E stroller sillita de paseo, cochecito Baby walker: a frame on wheels used to support a baby while it is learning to walk. Baby bottle mamadera Dummy Am E pacifier chupete Nappy Am E diaper paal Long sleeved body suit Footed coverall One piece Cardigans Kimono lap: plastic snap closure. batita Velcro sneakers Slip-on sneakers

Idioms with clothes

wear the trousers British, American & Australian, humorous, American & Australian, humorous wear the pants
to be the person in a relationship who makes all the important decisions I don't think there's any doubt about who wears the trousers in their house.

cut your coat according to your cloth, cut your cloth according to your means
to only buy what you have enough money to pay for Of course we'd love a huge expensive house, but you have to cut your coat according to your cloth.

on sb's coat-tails
if you achieve something on someone's coat-tails, you only achieve it because of their help or influence She'd risen to fame on the coat-tails of her half-sister.

have an ace up your sleeve

to have an advantage that other people do not know about The new game show has an ace up its sleeve. It will allow viewers to play from home and win prizes.

wear your heart on your sleeve

to make your feelings and opinions obvious to other people John's always worn his heart on his sleeve, so there's no doubt who he'll be supporting.

be laughing up your sleeve

to laugh at someone secretly, often in an unkind way He persuaded people to believe in him and all the time he was laughing up his sleeve at them. [often + at]

have sth up your sleeve

to have a secret idea or plan If this trip doesn't work out I've still got a few ideas up my sleeve.

have sth burning a hole in your pocket humorous

if someone has money burning a hole in their pocket, they want to spend it as soon as possible I had a fifty dollar bill that was burning a hole in my pocket, so I figured I'd go out and have a really good time.

put your hand in your pocket

to give money to charity organizations that collect money to give to poor people, ill people etc. People are more inclined to put their hands in their pockets to help children.

be out of pocket
to have less money than you should have I'll give you the money for my ticket now, so you won't be out of pocket.

dig/dip into your pocket

to use your own money to pay for something Parents of young children have to dig deep into their pockets at Christmas-time.

be in sb's pocket
if you are in someone's pocket, you do everything that they want you to do The school governors are completely in the head teacher's pocket.

pick sb's pocket

to steal money from someone's pocket or bag You'd think you'd feel something if someone tried to pick your pocket.

To put your shirt on something

To risk all your money on something

To have the shirt off somebodys back

To take everything somebody owes you without showing any sympathy

Stuffed shirt
Somebody who behaves in a very formal way and thinks they are very important

Black tie (adj)

A black tie party is one at which people wear evening dress (special formal clothes) Ivan and George are having a party- its a black tie party.

To give somebody a sock

To hit somebody or sth very hard, especially with your hands closed

To pull your socks up

To make an effort to improve your behaviour or your work If you dont pull your socks up, youll fain the exam.

To put a sock in it
Used to tell somebody in a jocking way to stop talking

To know somebodys socks off American English

To surprise somebody very much When I saw all the people there, it knocked my socks off!

To be in somebodys shoes
To be in somebodys else situation, especially a bad one Im glad Im not in his shoes with all those debts to pay off

To step into/fill somebodys shoes

To do a job that somebopdy else used to do and do it as well as they did Itll be hard to find somebody to fill Peters shoes.

Patterns Plain Am solid: not mixed with other colors, substances, etc a plain blue carpet Spotted Am polka-dot: pattern with a small, round mark which is a different colour to the surface it is on a blue shirt with white spots Batik Pinstriped Zigzag: pattern like a zigzag

Striped: with a pattern of stripes Check Am checked: a pattern of squares of different colours Tartan Am plaid : cloth with a pattern of different coloured squares and crossing lines a tartan kilt Patterned Am print: a design of lines, shapes, colours, etc Flowery: also flowered flowery dress decorated with a pattern of flowers a

Speckled: covered in a pattern of very small spots Dotted Am polka dot: having a regular pattern of small, round spots a polka-dot bikini Spot: a small, round mark or spot; a pattern of blue and green dots

Acrylic Alpaca Angora Batiste Boucle Brocade brocado Camel's Hair Cashmere cachemir Chiffon gaza Corduroy Cotton Crepe-back Satin Denim jean Donegal Tweed Embossing (relieve) Embroidery (bordado) Felt (fieltro) Flannel (franela) Flax (lino) Foulard Gabardine gabardina Gauze (gaza) Gingham Heather (brezo) Hemp (caamo) Jute (yute) Lam Linen Matelass Mesh (red) Nap (lanilla) Net Nylon Organza Pann Velvet Percale Pliss Polyester Quilting (pique) Rip-stop Nylon Sailcloth (lona) Satin Weave Silk Taffeta Terry Cloth Tweed Velour Velvet

Wool Wrinkle Recovery Worsted Fabric Yarn Elasticity The ability of a fiber or fabric to return to its original length, shape, or size immediately after the removal of stress. Findings Any extra items attached to a garment during the manufacturing process. This can include trims, buttons, hooks, snaps, or embellishments. Batiste A medium-weight, plain weave fabric, usually made of cotton or cotton blends. End-uses include blouses and dresses. Crepe-back Satin A satin fabric in which highly twisted yarns are used in the filling direction. The floating yarns are made with low twist and may be of either high or low luster. If the crepe effect is the right side of the fabric, the fabric is called satin-back crepe. Donegal Tweed A medium to heavy of plain or twill weave fabric in which colorful yarn slubs are woven into the fabric. The name originally applied to a hand-woven woolen tweed fabric made in Donegal, Ireland. End-uses include winter coats and suits. Foulard A lightweight twill-weave fabric, made from filament yarns like silk, acetate, polyester, with a small all-over print pattern on a solid background. The fabric is often used in men's ties. Foulard A lightweight twill-weave fabric, made from filament yarns like silk, acetate, polyester, with a small all-over print pattern on a solid background. The fabric is often used in men's ties. Lam A woven fabric using flat silver or gold metal threads to create either the design or the background in the fabric. Gingham A medium weight, plain weave fabric with a plaid or check pattern. End-uses include dresses, shirts, and curtains. Terry Cloth A typical uncut pile weave fabric. This fabric is formed by using two sets of warp yarns. One set of warp yarns is under very little tension; when the filling yarns are packed into place, these loose yarns are pushed backward along with the filling yarns, and loops are formed. Typical uses include towels, robes, and apparel. Tweed A medium to heavy weight, fluffy, woolen, twill weave fabric containing colored slubbed yarns. Common end-uses include coats and suits.

Velour A medium weight, closely woven fabric with a thick pile. It can be made using either a plain weave or a satin weave construction. It resembles velvet, but has a lower cut pile. End uses include apparel, upholstery, and drapes. Velvet A medium weight cut-pile constructed fabric in which the cut pile stands up very straight. It is woven using two sets of warp yarns; the extra set creates the pile. Velvet, a luxurious fabric, is commonly made with a filament fiber for high luster and smooth hand. Waterproof A term applied to fabrics whose pores have been closed, and therefore, will not allow water or air to pass through them. Wool Usually associated with fiber or fabric made from the fleece of sheep or lamb. However, the term "wool" can also apply to all animal hair fibers, including the hair of the Cashmere or Angora goat or the specialty hair fibers of the camel, alpaca, llama, or vicuna. Worsted Fabric A tightly woven fabric made by using only long staple, combed wool or wool-blend yarns. The fabric has a hard, smooth surface. Gabardine is an example of a worsted fabric. A common end use is men's tailored suits. Wrinkle Recovery Similar to resiliency. It is the ability of a fabric to bounce back after it has been twisted, wrinkled, or distorted in any way. Yarn A continuous strand of textile fibers created when a cluster of individual fibers are twisted together. These long yarns are used to create fabrics, either by knitting or weaving.