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Vol. 14 No. 1 February 2009

Arizona Rangers help

17,000 at Hope Fest
The nation’s largest day of
volunteerism, National Make a
Difference Day Hope Fest offered
this year free health and food ser-
vices to a record number of people
in Tucson.
According to Ranger Capt.
Resner, Tucson Company was
placed in charge of the event in co-
operation with TPD. Over 30
Rangers from other companies
came to help this duty. Tucson Po-
lice Department estimated the Hope
Fest served 17, 000 people along
with hundreds of volunteers. Tucson Ranger Company did the honors of making Richard
Fimbres an Honorary Ranger in October. Mr. Fimbres serves
Second Capt. Harry as Director of Governor’s Office of Highway Safety. Captain
Resner has just given the Honorary Ranger plaque to Fimbres
Wheeler Shoot success
while Lt. Troutman, center, and Lt. Bruce, right, are watching.
in Tombstone
Show Low Rangers
Nine Ranger companies sent
make front page news This issue contains :
their best shooters to compete in
Over 20 Show Low Company * Arizona Ranger Museum
the Second Annual Captain
Arizona Rangers made it to a front 10th Anniversary p. 3
Wheeler Shoot in Tombstone on
page photo with local law en- * Candidates’ Profiles p.8-9
November 1st, 2008.
forcement in the White Mountain * Second Annual Capt. Harry
Great weather along with ex-
Independent newspaper on De- Wheeler Shoot p.12-13
cellent scenarios planned by
cember 23rd. * Show Low Commander
Maj.Kenn Barrett made the event
The occasion was the Ranger Don Solomon interview p.14
also exciting for spectators.
participation in the local Shop with * New Series “Women in
The Tombstone Livery Stable
a Cop-Program. The larger Show the Rangers” p. 19-20
Range was the scene of of the
Low area had twice as many chil- * Mounted Rangers growing
Shoot, that brough Cowboy Shoot-
dren and in-need families be part in number page.15
ers all the way from California.
of this year’s Shop with a Cop * The fine tradition of Grave
More on pages 12 & 13.
compared to last year. Markings continue p. 28
2 The Arizona Ranger News February 2009

From your Thank You Maj. Robert Smith

State Commander
In my previous columns I have been empha-
sizing Ethics in our lives as the Arizona Rangers. Some
people have asked me why or does it matter ?
Yes it does. And even more so, when we forget
good manners among our selves. That is when seeing
and meeting other Rangers. This is a special force with
very special history. The territorial Rangers could not
have carried on from 1901 until 1909 without clear
and ,one could even say, strict rules of ethics. The
last territorial Captain Harry Wheeler’s Orders from
1907 are a great example of ethics and order. More
or less those Rules spelled out “Treat others as You Maj. Robert Smith explaining rules and regs
wish to be treated”. to shooters at the Nov.1, 2008 Wheeler Shoot
But there’s more. We need to return other Rang-
Major Robert Smith resigned f rom the Rangers Train-
ers’ phone calls when they leave us messages. We
ing Director position this past November due to
should remember to say hello to our fellow Rangers
health issues. Maj. Smith successfully held the
when entering Ranger meetings. We need to avoid ma-
postion for four long terms and still helps training.
licious gossip about another Ranger, even if this guy
He modernized the weapons and safety train-
or gal does not please you. We should exercise even
ing for the Ranger organization. Both Robert and his
more Good Will with other Rangers than we do in
wife Jane Smith have been popular trainers with the
serving our communities.
Arizona Rangers Training Academy. Maj. Smith also
It really is Ethics that make the Arizona Rangers
leads Ranger marksmen teams to several national
a brotherhood of special value. There is no room for
shooting competitions. Thank You Maj.Smith !
malice, ill will or hurt in this small law enforcement
assist force. There are many lessons about tolerance.
Some of you are more bent to Old West traditions, The Ar izona R
Arizona ang
Rang er
some more towards modern policing, some more to News
history, some more to technology. Yet, we all are Ari- is a quar
quar ter
uart ly publication dis
erl tr
distr ib-
zona Rangers. That is the uniting factor that we should uted to the Arizona Rangers and
not forget. the communities they serve
When one of the Rangers falls ill, let’s help him Editor : Maj. Anita Korhonen, e- mail
or her. When hardship hits another Ranger from an- Communityrelations @azrangers. us
other Company, let’s support him or her in any way Assistant Editor: Maj. Kenn Barrett
we can. That is Ethics and true serving. e-mail Kennbarrett @
I want to thank all Arizona Rangers for a good
year 2008 and wish each one of you a great 2009. Advertising Director : RangerJan @

Advertising rates : Full page $ 200,

Your State Commander, 1/2 page $ 100, 1/4 page $ 50, Business card
Col. Sid Chandler size $ 25,- 10 % discount
to Rangers & families
February 2009 The Arizona Ranger News 3

Ranger Museum Celebrates 10th Anniversary

The Arizona Rangers Museum in Nogales, Ari- Levin and Major Anita Korhonen, who succeded
zona celebrated it’s 10th Anniversary on October 11th Lewin as State Historian in 2000. The Museum has
in conjunction with the 1904 Courthouse festivities for material and items from the Territorial Rangers as well
the historic Anza Trail. as a good collection of modern day Ranger badges,
When the one and only Arizona Rangers Museum awards and photos, many on long term loan basis.
opened in October of 1998, the 1904 Old Court- The deceased Santa Cruz Company Lt. Col.
house near the border in Nogales had been vacant Samuel Jones was instrumental in guarding the Mu-
for over a decade. The Rangers, along with the seum during its first five years. Most of the Ranger
Cowbelles were invited to occupy this historic build- Companies have participated in one Saturday per
ing after some restorations and reparations. The Santa month Museum duty to keep the Museum open for
Cruz County appointed Courthouse Preservation groups and visitors. The visitors have included study
Commission wanted historic organizations to start to groups, tour groups, federal employees who work at
draw people back to the Old Courthouse. the Border, gun enthusiasts, historians, researchers
The opening Ceremony on October 3, 1998 was visirtors from other states and of course Ranger fami-
attended by County dignitaries and some 50 Arizona lies. They all have found the little Ranger Museum in-
Rangers. The ribbon cutting was done by the Mayor teresting. - The Museum is yet to receive public
of Nogales and Marshall Beaty, the son of Territorial monetary support and grants to continue to maintain
Ranger Chapo Beauty. the unique displays of the Territorial and modern day
The Museum was mainly organized by Capt. Erwin Arizona Rangers open to public. A.K

Rangers and visitors wanted a piece of the Museum’s 10th Anniversary cake Oct.11,2008
4 The Arizona Ranger News February 2009

New Appointments and The Ar izona R

Arizona ang
Rang er
Life Members Companies
Coronado Company : Capt. M. Holliday
Benson Company : Capt. Kevin Rasch
Bisbee Company : Capt. John Brocavich
Douglas Company : Capt. Chuck Chambers
High Country Company: Capt. Tom
Purner 928-607-9340
Phoenix Company: Capt. Manuel Maltos
Major Kenn Barrett was sworn in Nov. Santa Cruz Company : Capt. Armando Madril
17 as the new Training Director and 520-281-8252
Director of Arizona Rangers Train ing Scottsdale Company : Capt. Mike Braten
Academy (ARTA) after Maj. Robert 602-268-2688
Smith resigned from that post. Show Low Company : Capt. Don Solomon
Sierra Vista Company:Capt. Andrew Waldman
Sonoita Company : Capt. Jerry Auriema
Superstition Company : Capt. Rowe Gilbert
Tucson Company: Capt. Eddie Resner
Verde Valley Company : Capt. Rick Roda
Yavacopa Company : Capt. Jane Smith

New Life Members voted in for their merito- Area Commanders

rious service with the Arizona Rangers are S.E Area : Maj. Carl Lawrence
Captain Rowe Gilbert from Florence (left), 520-378-1155
Maj. Carl Lawrence from Sierra Vista (sec S.W. Area : Open
ond from right) and Maj. Terry Knox from N.E. Area : Maj. Gordon Miller
Verde Valley (right). 928-600-1558
N.W. Area :Maj. Ronald Dalrymple
Cowboy Etiquette: “It’s okay to let yourself 602-809-7398
go sometimes, just make sure you can let your-
self back in.” From Texas Big Bender WWW.AZRANGERS.US
February 2009 The Arizona Ranger News 5

From Your Training Director Maj. Kenn Barrett

In this issue’s training column I want to talk about It is important that each company commander and
the subject of continuing training. Sometimes it is called training sergeant understands that the Arizona Rang-
in-service training, or advanced training, or training up- ers Training Academies are not just basic training acad-
date. emies. They also conduct advanced, in-service train-
Training is of paramount importance to the Ari- ing.
zona Rangers because of our mission. We are a law Typical continuing training classes conducted by ARTA
enforcement assistance and support organization. We are advanced handcuffing, baton refresher courses,
hold ourselves up to the law enforcement community criminal law updates, laws of arrest, control and ar-
in this state as capable of assisting them with their rest tactics, patrol procedures and tactics, de-escala-
needs. Therefore we must be trained, competent, and tion of force techniques, drug recognition, and han-
qualified to do so. dling under-the-influence suspects.
To insure the basic proficiencies of new Arizona Contact your respective ARTA Directors to have an
Rangers, the Arizona Rangers Training Academies ARTA instructor come to your company to conduct
(ARTA) conduct basic training academies. As Arizona training.
Rangers we have company training meetings once each State Training Director
a month. Each company has a training sergeant who Maj. Kenn Barrett
conducts or oversees this continuing training. Some Assistant State Training Director
companies have assistant training sergeants who are Lt. Tom Trautman
in charge of firearms qualification, or other specialized ARTA North
training areas. Capt.DonSolomon az-rangers-
Hopefully each company’s training sergeant has
expertise, or access to training expertise, to benefit his ARTA Central
company. Some companies tap into the recourses of Lt. Jack Spence
their local police and sheriff’s department for advanced (on Leave of Absence)
training. There are ten areas of training that each com- ARTA South
pany should visit during the year. Lt. Lilla DeLuca

Why be a Ranger ?
It won’t make you tall
But you will proudly stand taller. It won’t make you always
It won’t make you always right “just”
But it helps with “righteousness” But you will believe in justice.
It won’t make you big And all this will give you cause
But your heart will swell with to be an Arizona Ranger.
pride. by LAV, Arizona Ranger
6 The Arizona Ranger News February 2009

Benson Company Rangers

do not lack duties or ideas
to grow and improve
First, the company continues to grow. We currently have
15 duty Rangers, and this fall we took on seven new probies.
By the time this comes out, we should have an additional
four probies. Most of the current probies are well on their
way to Ranger status, many of them having completed ARTA
and having qualified on firearms. They are waiting out the 90
days while they sign up for duty.

And duty has not been lacking. Benson Company was

a participant in Willcox’s Rex Allen Days parade. We took an
authentic 1800’s chuckwagon as our float. Associates John
and Wayne Wilson were the wagon wranglers. Driving the
tow vehicle was Lt. Jane Amari. Walking the parade route
were Capt. Kevin Rasch and Ranger Richard Cunningham.
The Rangers got a lot of cheers from the crowd. We are ac-
tively recruiting Willcox residents with an eye to the eventual
creation of a Willcox company. Benson Company Rangers Richard Cunningham,
Lt. Jane Amari and Associate Rangers Wayne and
The very next week was Butterfield Stage Days in John Wilson with the very popular Ranger Chuck
Benson. Benson Company worked parade security and was Wagon at the Rex Allen Days Parade this fall.
security at the park for the three-day event put on by the
Chamber of Commerce. We had the chuckwagon in the park
as part of a Ranger Camp. We were next to a pioneer reenact-
ment group, so those at the park got the full 1880s treatment. The state approved Benson Company’s proposed fundraiser
at the fall meeting. We will be holding a mounted cowboy
Benson Company also intends to field a mounted unit. shoot Feb. 14 and 15 at the Arena in Benson. The shoot is
Initially, we hope to use the mounted people for parades and being put on by Old Pueblo Peacemakers, and because it
ceremonial things and perhaps eventually progress to search comes a couple of weeks before Winter Range, there seems
and rescue. Three people interested in the unit had an initial to be a lot of interest from shooters. Any Rangers who would
meeting – with their horses – to make sure that the level of like to compete should get in touch with Lt. Amari at
horsemanship was good. In addition to the shoot, we will have
We want to recruit additional members, and the company a country band performing in the evening, and we hope to
hopes to purchase saddle pads in the near future so we can have vendors and other western-type entertainment.
participate in local events on our mounts.
The company Christmas party was Dec. 9. We brought in
Because Benson Company started in the fall, most of food and invited all Rangers and significant others. We also
the duty Rangers have been busy requalifying in the last had a raffle. Highlight of the evening was swearing in two
month or so. Sgt. Scott Ashliman, who is our firearms officer, more probies.
has been very busy. Because our shooting range is not us- In January, we will have a party to celebrate one year as
able for the moment, most of the qualifications have taken an “official” company. It’s hard to imagine that just a year
place at Lt. Amari’s ranch north of Benson. It seems that ago we were anxiously awaiting our charter.
every week Sgt. Ashliman has a couple of qualifications sched-
uled. We hope everyone had a very happy holiday season.
One great thing is that we have a new associate, Bill
Hahs, who is currently a DPS officer. He has been helping out by Jane Amari, Lt.
at qualification and we really appreciate it.
February 2009 The Arizona Ranger News 7

The Douglas Ranger Company

keeps on growing
We swore in four new Rangers in September, another
probationer in October and three more probationers in De-
cember. Sadly, Ranger Paul Cannon had to retire in Novem-
ber for medical reasons. His presence will be missed.
We continue to assist the Douglas Police Department
especially with parades. They rely solely on us for traffic
control which releases their officers for their other duties.
We were there for the July 4thHomecoming, 16th of September,
Veterans Day and Christmas light festival parades.
We also assisted the department with park patrol on
July 3rd & 4th and Sept 12th, 13th & 14th. After the homecoming
parade, we helped with crowd control at the bonfire that night.
They also requested our assistance at the rivalry football
game between Douglas and Bisbee and the downtown Hal-
loween trick or treat event.
The Douglas Rangers provided crowd control and secu-
rity at ALL the Valley Union High School (Elfrida) home foot-
ball games. Several Rangers also helped with the homecom- Douglas Captain Chuck Chambers giving
ing dance security. his report at the November 17th Board of
Other duties included helping the Bisbee Company with Governors meeting in Phoenix.
the popular Bisbee Blues Festival in September and the two
companies put in 280 hours at the Cochise County Fair later
that month.
We also joined the Bisbee company for training in “How
to deal with mental subjects” part two.
Other training included night traffic control provided by
the Douglas PD and our annual social training (Christmas
party) at the Chambers Ranch. Our guests included the Chief
of Police and some of his officers. There we presented retired
Ranger Paul Cannon with his honorable discharge and a
plaque from the company for his service.
A potluck followed with lots of great food and most of
us improved our social skills. Each Ranger brought one or
two un-wrapped gifts for a child and we delivered them to the
fire station the next day for the toys for tots campaign. One of the territorial Ranger graves already marked
Our donation almost doubled what they had collected. in Douglas is this of Sam Hayhurst. The two to be
The company has located three Territorial Ranger graves honored with a Gravemarking Ceremony this spring
in the Douglas cemetery and we are planning a grave marking
are those of James Hilburn and Luke Short.
ceremony this spring in conjunction with a state meeting.
One of the graves has no marker at all and the company
has voted to purchase a headstone for Ranger Luke Short so
that he can be properly recognized.
by Chuck Chambers, Captain Beretta 92FS
E x c el lent Condition
Next ARTA Training Camp * Sure-Fire Light
January 30 & 31, 2009 in Wickenburg * 1 mag.+ 1 extra
to register call Maj. Robert Smith * Hard-Case $ 695.00
at 928-684-4020 (leave callback info) AZ sale only
8 The Arizona Ranger News February 2009

Profiles of the Candidates

Candidates for State Adjutant :

Maj. Spud Hester

“After a lot of thought I have decided to run for the State

Adjutant. There are some things I would like to accomplish Lt.Col. Lathan Varnado
before I get too old and have to retire. “ Since I was sworn in over 10 years ago, I have served in
Some of my goals are 1. Work to get legislation passed several company positions as PRO, duty sgt. and , as State
that would enchance the Rangers in performing their mis- Chaplain for two terms and now since 2004 as your State
sions (Lights, firearms exemptions, Vehicle items etc) 2. Get Adjutant.
additional Rangers Companies started around the state. There I have defended the Rangers vigorously in the legal fights
is a need to our presence along the western border; we have against the Dark Side. We are still fighting one individual
been aproached several times to start companies along the who has been demeaning and tarnishing the Ranger name.
River. 3.Continue to work and support to get the best training That too, will be erased in due time.
for all Ranger Companies. 4. Work to generate alternative My background clearly tells you that I am a person who
funding sources to support Rangers mission.5. Work with accepts his mistakes and learns from them, but accomplishes
local agencies to enchance our relationship with Law En- all tasks required. From a H.S. drop-out to obtaining a Mas-
forcement and to provide assistance whenever possible. ters in Education, from an enlisted basic airman to a retired air
I joined the Rangers late in 1993, was Tucson Company force Captain, I have devoted my Life to the service of this
Commander for 7 years and have held the SW Area country.
Commander’s position for two full terms. If you believe that I have served the Rangers in the manner
My experience includes Certifications in five areas from and professionalism the Adjutant’s position requires, I then
NRA and over 3500 hours of DUI ride alongs.” ask for your support and vote this coming March. “

1. Candidates for State Secretary : 2. Maj. Terry Knox

Maj. Lloyd Glassbrook Home Company : Verde Valley Co.
Current position : State Legal Affairs
“ I have my experience of 30 Other merits : Life Member
years of public service to help
3. Lt. Lilla DeLuca :
the Arizona Rangers become a
better organization. Home Company : Sierra Vista Company
While serving the Rangers now Current Position : Training Director South
nine years, I have developed handbooks and instructions, 4. Lt. Lynne Holliday :
that in turn have helped professionalize the organization Home Company : Coronado Company
and to insure its integrity.
Current position : Company Secretary
I have also precluded serious personnel issues, presented
a professional image to the state government and law en-
Candidates for Life Members
During my tenure as your State Secretary for the past
1. Captain Jerry Auriema Sonoita Company
term, I developed and wrote the first annual report to the 2. Maj. Kenn Barrett, State Training Dir.
Governor and State Legistlators to keep them informed on 2. Captain M.C. Holliday Coronado Company
our accomplishments.
My other experience lies with serving as an officer with the
and Ranger of the Year 2008
Masonic Lodge and Shrine Center, University of Arizona and 1. Captain Eddie Resner , Tucson Company
California Alumni, US Army Reserve Officers and Counter 2. Captain M.C. Holliday , Coronado Company
Intelligence Officers Association.” 3. Lt. James Gooch, Sonoita Company
February 2009 The Arizona Ranger News 9

Profiles of the Candidates

Candidates for Southwest Area Commander :
Lt. Dave Bruce, Jan E. Phibbons,
State LEA Officer Tucson Company
“Since I joined theArizona
Rangers Tucson Company “ I have always brought
April 1st, 1990, my actions, 100% Plus into any task or
intentions and goal have position whether paid or
always been to enhange volunteer. In this position I
and develop the reputation would have the responsibility
and image of the Arizona of three companies. I believe
Rangers, both past and present, in the minds and thoughts it is essential to safeguard the integrity of the individual,
of the citizens, the law enforcement officers and the govern- Company and overall the Organization ensuring all three
mental officals of Arizona. achieves a win/win/win to their goals.
The Present Day Rangers have a most important and es- Demands for this position also now require regular re-
sential role in serving to enhance and protect peace, public porting and this requires many skills. Not the least of which
safety and welfare of all citizens ; and to assist and support is becoming familiar with the needs of each company and
law enforcement throughout Arizona. In my view there can using resources to help them in their endeavors. I also realize
never be too many Modern Day Arizona Rangers or Ranger that sometimes less is more, but not always.
Companies and I am offering my experience as Company His- Reporting also requires being able to document some-
torian, and State Law Enforcement Liaison since 1996 to de- times in the hardcopy format and usually via computer. I
velop the Arizona Rangers. have over 30 years experience in communicating, administra-
Also, I am offering knowledge and contacts of State Leg- tion and management. My background includes experience
islative Committee work, membership of several Ranger Com- as administrative and Research Assistant at NASA’s Goddard
mittees, becoming a Life Member in 2002 and voted in as the Space Flight Center, administrative and paralegal to two Wash-
Ranger of the Year of 1998. ington D.C. law firms, and administrative and management
My law enforcement experience dates back to 1965 and with IBM Corporation.
continues as professor of Administration of Justice at Pima Also, I truly care about the Arizona Rangers and this
Community College for over 20 years. Plus my Federal Gov- organization is a major part of my life. I want to see everyone
ernment Service includes services to the US State and every Company look their best and will ensure that our
Department’s Bureau of Diplomatic Security, a job that gave governing documents are followed as written until or unless
me background and experience in Homeland Security.” changed in the appropriate manner.”

Candidate for State Training Director :

Maj. Kenn Barrett, State Training Dir.
“I have over 40 years of law enforcement experience in As Deputy Director of Training for ARTA-South my staff
California and Arizona. I am a black belt instructor in and I traveled all around the state conducting basic and ad-
Taekwondo and won first place at the Taekwondo World vanced training.
Championship Tournaments four times. I am a member and leader in many volunteer organizations
I am a certified instructor with the International Defen- including being a director in the Tombstone Repertory Com-
sive Tactics Institute, the International Kubotan Institute, pany, a member of the board of directors of the Tombstone
the International PR-24 Institute, and Arizona POST, as well Commerce, and Captain/Commander of the Tombstone Cav-
as being a state certified CCW instructor. I am an NRA certi- alry.
fied rifle, pistol, shotgun, and home defense instructor. One of the great honors of my life was when my mentor,
I was the training coordinator for the Cochise County Major Robert Smith, recommended me to be his replacement
Sheriff’s Department, and am a former chief of police. as State Training Director. “
I have a masters degree in management and a Ph.D. in busi-
ness and organizational psychology. I was a university pro- Candidate for SE Area
fessor in the graduate school of business and technology,
teaching graduate students in their masters degree programs. Commander: Maj. Carl Lawrence
10 The Arizona Ranger News February 2009

Verde Valley Rangers do

best PR on Mounted duties
Verde Valley Company is growing.
Currently we have three probationary rangers.
In December, we invited ranger applicants to our an-
nual Christmas Party at Bob Carlyon’s house and
gained four additional applications in the process.
Our IA officer, Al Bozzolo is pretty busy right now. In
addition, Al’s wife, Donna is an associate ranger ap-
That being said, we believe our advertising and
promotional tri-folds and posters are paying off. We
have made power point presentations to the Rotary
Clubs and the Masonic Lodge in the Sedona area.
Verde Valley Capt.Rick Rhoda on the right
We are looking to do even more presentations in the
upcoming year. Also, we have joined the Sedona cycles. The attendees were gracious and pleasant and
Chamber of Commere. seemed to gravitate toward the rangers as we walked
We have assisted Sedona Police Department among them. The only problem we had was trying to
during the Sedona Fair 08. Two rangers were on dissuade Master Sergeant Fred Shaylor from getting
horseback and two rangers manned a ranger informa- a tattoo and purchasing a “Chopper Motorcycle”
tional booth. Great public relations were displayed by drive home.
everyone especially the rangers on horseback. It seems The teamwork attitude is ever present in the
everybody wanted to take pictures of themselves with Verde Valley Company and we are looking forward
the mounted rangers. to the future to not only increase further in numbers,
We also assisted Cottonwood Police Department but to also contribute even more so in law enforce-
during the nationwide ‘Smoke-Out West” event. Over ment support and community events.
a thousand bikers attended with all makes of motor- Thanks to everyone for all you do.
by Capt. Rick Roda

Scottsdale Company News

The Scottsdale Company wishes all
rangers a safe, healthy and Happy
New Year.
Please keep in your prayers our men
and women in the armed services
and in law enforcement.

520-458-4625 or 1-800-682-3344 Semper Fidelis

Across town, across the country (Always Faithful) by Mike Braten, Captain
February 2009 The Arizona Ranger News 11

Bisbee Rangers Train Bisbee Company News

for Felony Stops Bisbee Company continues to grow with three
new members since the last edition of the Ranger
News. New probationers include Michael
Shaughnessy, a retired Army Command Sergeant
Major, Dwayne Kruse, a clinical supervisor and li-
censed therapist, and Rick Sperle.
Former Deputy Sheriff Ted White has com-
pleted his probation and was sworn in as a full Ranger.
The company continues to work closely with the
Bisbee Police department, and had a training session
on felony vehicle stops. See the article on this train-
ing by Ranger James Bond.
After being one of our founding members, our
SE Areas Commander, Major Carl Lawrence, has re-
turned to Sierra Vista Company. This still leaves 13
members to assist Bisbee PD and the populations of
Bisbee and Naco.
November 15, 2008 was my first felony We continue putting on CCW classes about
stop training with the Arizona Rangers and the Bisbee once a month and this is a good source of income for
Police Dept. us.
When one wants to be a Ranger he or she We held our Christmas party at Banditos and
should be aware of the problems that will exist while Lawmen Restaurant on December 19th. We all en-
on duty and should practice and take the classes that joyed a prime rib dinner and honored Bisbee Chief of
will protect them and their partners. Police Jim Elkins and Bisbee Company supporters
If you didn’t have the training for a felony Mr. David Greenberg and Mr. Bruce Tilden.
stop [well the Bisbee Police would not let you do a
ride along] and then any mistake could get one hurt or
worse killed. I saw Ed Nusso do the felony stop and
did not see any mistakes.
Yet when two probationers did their felony
stop and they did not follow procedures well the
felon pulled out a gun and shot them. If this happened
for real they would not be here today. Most of the
training went well and we all learned so much to pro-
tect everyone in a scene where one can get hurt.
One thing I saw on cops the other night this
officer said just ANOTHER ROUTINE STOP. The
Bisbee police officer told us there is no such thing as a
ROUTINE STOP. Bisbee Company Commander John
by Ranger James Bond 21-007 Brocavich stands in front of a historic
Bisbee Company hanging tree at the Second Annual
Wheeler Shoot in Tombstone Nov.1st.
12 The Arizona Ranger News February 2009

The Second Annual Capt. Wheeler Shoot

Cowboy and Combat Match Held in Tombstone
Major Robert Smith, Terry Caldwell, Caleb Dodge,
and Cliff Cudney Take Top Honors Maj. Kenn Barrett
a and Maj. Robert Smith
The second annual Captain Harry Wheeler Memorial Shoot, at the Second Annual
held to commemorate the 51st anniversary of the modern Ari- Capt. Harry Wheeler
zona Rangers, was a complete success. Shoot briefing early
The shooting competition took place on Saturday, Novem- morning of Nov.1, 08
ber 1st, 2008, at the Tombstone Livery Stable shooting range at the Tombstone
in historic Tombstone . Livery Stable Range.
The shooting event was divided into two categories. It was
both a cowboy action shoot and a duty handgun combat
shoot. Participants could compete in either event, and some (all fotos Ranger News)
competed in both.
The Tombstone Livery Stable shooting range, known as The cleverly crafted and historically accurate shooting sce-
“Leadville,” is located just north of “the Town Too Tough to narios were designed last year by our beloved departed Ma-
Die,” on Hwy 82, just west of Hwy 80. It will also be the site of jor Don Hall. Below is a description of each stage:
next year’s 3rd Annual Capt. Harry Wheeler Memorial Shoot. Stage 1: “Trouble at the Benson Train Depot,” or “Love Tri-
The shooting event started at 9:00 a.m. with registration, the angle.” This stage was based upon the Harry Wheeler/J.A.
flag salute, invocation, introductions, and safety discussion. Tracy gunfight in Benson, where Wheeler ran out of bullets
The entry fee of $25 included a chuck wagon lunch and tro- and had to throw rocks at Tracy . Participants had to shoot
phies for the winners. The event was open to all Arizona their six-gun dry and throw rocks at the target to stop the
Rangers, prospective members, and family and friends. timer.
Participants in the cowboy event needed a single-action six- Stage 2: “Riot at the Naco Train Station,” or “Don’t Bring a
gun, a lever action rifle, and a pre-1900 era shotgun. For the Knife to a Gunfight.” This scenario was based upon the 1906
combat match participants needed a duty sidearm worn in a shooting incident involving Arizona Rangers Jeff Kidder and
holster, two extra magazines or speedloaders, and 100 rounds Sgt. Bill Sparks. Sparks had to shoot a man who tried to stab
of ammunition. Kidder.
In the spirit of the Arizona Rangers’ brotherhood, Rangers Stage 3: “Death in the Palace Saloon,” or “Don’t Go in There!”
helped each other out by loaning guns, ammo and equipment Based on the October 23rd, 1904, gunfight involving Harry
to those who wanted to participate but did not have the Wheeler in Tucson ’s Palace Saloon.
needed items. Stage 4: “Last of the Willcox Badmen,” or “Don’t Match Your
This year, as last, distinguished guests at the event included Speed Against Ranger Billy Speed.” This stage was based
Pam Hamlett, the granddaughter of Captain Harry Wheeler, on the 1908 shootout in Willcox involving Arizona Ranger
her son Nick (Capt. Wheeler’s great-grandson), and David Billy Speed.
DeSoucy, who is the author of the recent book on the historic Stage 5: “Appointment with Destiny in Tombstone ,” or “You
and modern Arizona Rangers. Had Better Shoot O.K. at the Corral.” This stage was based
Proving that “sure shootin’” is in the blood, Wheeler dece- upon the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, an event which prompted
dents Pam and Nick Hamlett both participated in the shoot- the formation of the 1882 Arizona Rangers in Tombstone .
ing event and received trophies in their respective classifica- Stage 6: “Train Robbery in Fairbank: Five Against One,” or
tions. “No Fair-play in Fairbank.” Based upon the 1900 attempted
Scoring for the cowboy shoot was done by timing each stage holdup of the Wells Fargo express railroad car in Fairbank.
of the six-stage shooting event. A five-second penalty was Capt. Burt Mossman would lead one of the perpetrators into
added for each missed target. Low times were the winners. Mexico to capture notorious badman Augustine Chacon.
Each stage of the cowboy match placed the shooter in an Trophy winners for the cowboy shoot were as follows:
historic setting and situation faced by the 1901-1909 Arizona 1st place: Terry Caldwell of Tucson Company; 2nd place: M.
Rangers. Each participant had to “shoot his way” out of the David DeSoucy.
situation, or in some cases, come to the aid of a famous Ranger, 1st place female: Pam Hamlett, Capt. Harry Wheeler’s Grand-
such as Harry Wheeler, Jeff Kidder, or Billy Speed, who actu- daughter; 2nd place female: Katherine Cudney (wife of Sgt.
ally participated in the shooting. Cliff Cudney of Sonoita Company). 1st place Senior: Terry
Schonert of Sonoita Company. 1st place kids: Loftin Cudney
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February 2009 The Arizona Ranger News 13
Wheeler Shoot continued
(son of Sgt. Cliff Cudney of Sonoita Company); 2nd place
kids: Nick Hamlett (Capt. Harry Wheelers great-grandson).
Both kid winners were 10-years-old.
This year Major Robert Smith designed three entirely new
combat courses for the shoot. He also provided metal reac-
tion targets which added to the fun and sped up scoring.
Winners were as follows:
1st place: Major Robert Smith of Yavacopa Company; 2nd place:
Lt. Ed Nusso of Bisbee Company. Top female shooter was
Ranger Jan Phibbons of Tucson Company.
Many shooters competed in both the cowboy and combat
matches. The overall winners who shot both courses of fire
1st place: Caleb Dodge of Coronado Company, and 2nd place: From left Bisbee Captain John Brocavich, Ranger Jan
Sgt. Cliff Cudney of Sonoita Company. Phibbons of Tucson Company, Maj. Robert Smith and
In all, ten Companies of Arizona Rangers participated in the Wheeler granddaughter Pamela Hamlett at righ. Both
event. As was the case with last year’s shoot, spectators far ladies did remarkably well in the shooting competition.
outnumbered shooters, which points out that this activity is
a great spectator sport.
The Captain Harry Wheeler Memorial Shoot was conceived
by Major Anita Korhonen, State Director of Community Re-
The shoot was made all the more special by the presence of
Capt. Wheeler’s family members. Captain Harry Wheeler, for
whom the shooting match is named, was the third commander
of the original 1901-1909 Arizona Rangers, following Cap-
tains Burt Mossman and Tom Rynning.
A special thanks goes to those who helped run the matches,
including Major Robert Smith, Lt. Ed Nusso, Major Carl
Lawrence, Lt. Lilla DeLuca, Capt. John Brocavich, Lt. Dave
Bruce, and Ranger Jan Phibbons.
by L.D Author David DeSoucy, white shirt, drove all the way
from California to participate in the Wheeler Shoot. He
is a veteran marksman and competitor.

Maj. Kenn Barrett shows to young participants

Loftin Cudney and Nick Hamlett how to use a The Rangers NW Area Commander Maj. Gordon
lever action rifle. Both junior competitors said Miller and wife Lt. Suzie Miller drove from Flaggstaff
they will be back next year ! to spend a couple of days in Tombstone and to
participate in the Wheeler Shoot.
14 The Arizona Ranger News February 2009

at Glance
Captain Don Solomon is the busy Commander of the
Show Low Ranger Company.
His experience lies with strategic leadership and field
service.The Captain modestly mentions the Maricopa County
Sheriff’s Posse since 2000 and many trainings with PDs.
One of Capt. Solomon’s big achievements is getting the
Arizona Rangers officially registered with the NRA Law En-
forcement Division. That means if we shoot the qualifica-
tions they prove it warrants NRA’s Certificates. It matters
should the Rangers enter a legal challenge.
Captain Solomon answered our questions as follows :
Capt. Don Solomon, left, explains Show Low
1.Q. When and how did you join the Rangers ?
A: “ About five years ago I moved to Show Low from the
Parade details to a citizen September 27, 2008
Phoenix area. I was at the city park for Show Low Days, saw
a group of Arizona Rangers and introduced myself to Cap- A. “ Free time !!! ??? - I run a Log Homes business, that
tain Rex Lee. It was not untill a year later I actually joined encompasses all aspects of building, maintaining every-
Show Low Ranger Company.” thing you can think of that has to do with Log Homes.
Free time is when I do not charge for my services.”
2. Q. What Ranger Companies have you been with and what
positions have you held ? 7.Q Who cooks in your house and what is your favorite
A : “ Show Low Company 7 has been my only home. I be- food ?
came their Training Sgt. shortly after I joined because of my A :”My wife generally handles the cooking unless it is out
previous experience being a Field Training Officer with Sher- of grill. Then I do my best. Annie is a great cook and I
iff Joe’s Posse in the valley.” always look forward to trying new things she comes up
3.Q: Where were you born and where did you go to school ? 8. Q: Last book you read and last concert you attended ?
A : “ I was born in Oakland California and graduated from A : “Last book was “Arizona Rangers” and last concert
High School in Sioux City, Iowa.” was on Channel 8. Show Low does not have the life style
that Phoenix has. Outside Channel 8, H.S concerts are the
4. Q : What is your profession or expertise ? limit.”
A : “ I became employed by the AT & T in December 1961.It 9. Q. Who is your role model in Life ?
was called the green bell days. The original logo for AT & T A : “ I want to be just like Col. Sid Chandler when I grow
was a green bell. Thirty three years went working for “Ma up ! The original 26 men laid the ground work.Now all I
Bell” ! have to do is to keep up the good work they started.”
5. Q : What is best for you in the Ranger organization ? Q.10. How would you improve the Ranger organization ?
A :” The best for me is providing training to the Rangers, A: “ The Arizona Rangers are constantly undergoing
whether it is done by me or an outside expert. Continuous change and improving because of the performance by each
training is what keeps us on the top and able to support of us. Keeping the organization moving to right direction is
ourselves and the law enforcement agencies that request our accomplished when each of us Rangers does our duty and
assistance. provides support to our Companies.
I derive my satisfaction from seeing the Rangers success- Our leadership provides the navigation necessary for the
fully complete their assignments . That professionalism shines Rangers to stay on course, and when companies support
upon all Arizona Rangers.” each other the organization moves ahead as one. The
6. Q :How do you spend your free time ? Three Musketeers said it : “One for all and All for One”.
February 2008 The Arizona Ranger News 15

Mounted News
from Ranger State Equine Director
Mounted greetings to all Arizona Rangers
from snowy Show Low. We continue to ride
and promote our mounted duties.
This coming spring Show Low Company 7
will be working with the Show Low P.D.
patrolling some of the big parks on horseback.
That will continue also in the summer.
The Chief of Police in Show Low has now
given permission to at least two of his officers to
attend the Arizona Mounted Officers Academy
training next August. One of our Rangers will
attend that, too, just to be able later join our Ranger Equine Dir. Lt.Connie Wilkins &Toby
Mounted Duties.
The Show Low Chamber of Commerce has been
working with our Mounted Ranger Unit. We are hop- In 2009 I would like to offer my services to any
ing to put on several sensory clinics before next July Ranger Company that wants to raise money to sup-
4th Parade. This is due to horse and rider problems port a Mounted Unit.
they had this past year at the Parade. Putting on a Sensory/ Bomb proofing Clinic for
Verde Valley Company is experiencing a few prob- the local horsemen is a good way to make money.
lems due to loss of their Mounted Unit members. But Any company interested, please contact me by e-
with their strong new Rangers they hope to have at mail at wilkinshorseshoe @ or by phone
least three new mounted individuals attending the at ( 928)-273-7211.
AMOA next August. Again, it is possible that your Ranger Company
Benson Ranger Company 20 and Sonoita Com- is just not interested in any kind of mounted patrol or
pany 15 are still working on gaining more members. duty possibilities. I understand that too.
My goal is to get the many Rangers who are rid-
ers together for the many Parades in Arizona. It is
great PR and reminds us of our historic background.
We need, as Arizona Rangers, all the exposure we
can get. Just think how wonderful it would be to have
a Mounted Ranger Color Guard at your local parade
followed by other mounted Rangers.
Talk about it in your Company meetings.
Then of course, we could do horse camping and
trailriding afterwards.
Lets bring some more fun into owning horses and
being members of the Arizona Rangers.

Happy Mounted New Year to All

from Connie Wilkins, Lt.
Lt. Connie Wilkins training with Toby
16 The Arizona Ranger News February 2009
A Phoenix Incident Report
Phoenix Company News On 8-7-08 at approx.2130 hours, I, Ranger Albert Cortez #14091,
December 2008 Ranger with the Phoenix Company , was driving eastbound
on McDowell Rd towards Miller in Scottsdale. The weather
was stormy, lightning and pouring rain. I noticed a Valley
Metro Bus, stopped at the bus stop with an elderly woman
on a motorized wheelchair sitting under the bus stop.
It appeared that she may have needed some assis-
tance of sort. I stopped to see if they needed some assis-
tance. I showed the drenched woman and the bus driver
(Jose Reyes) my Az. Ranger credentials since I was in plain
clothes and off duty and just wanted to assist if necessary.
They had notified local police for assistance but their
response time was going to be somewhat lengthy due to
high volume of storm related calls and seemed pleased and
grateful that someone was able to assist. The driver notified
police and advised them to disregard the call since an Ari-
Phoenix Company Captain Maltos donating a zona Ranger stopped to assist. But because the woman’s
check in honor of fallen officers to help families wheelchair had shorted out due to the rain water, it had be-
come inoperable. The bus driver was having a difficult time
Although he had been complaining of headaches in disengaging the wheels for freewheel mode on the chair to
the hours before the match, Phoenix Police Officer Barry Scott, get her on the bus. (My mother has a similar chair and I was
22, went into the ring to compete against a Chandler firefighter familiar with the mechanisms of the chair), so I was able to
in the Guns ‘n Hoses charity boxing match. The September disengage the wheels and assisted the driver in pushing the
12, 2008 event was held to raise money for the “100 Club of woman into the bus.
Arizona” which helps to support families of officers or The other predicament the woman had, was getting to
firefighters killed or seriously injured in the line of duty. He her apartment when she would arrive to the destination bus
never imagined that his family would become the next recipi- stop. I suggested that I could follow the bus and I would
ents. Officer Scott died four days later on September 16th, the push her to her apartment from the bus stop through the rain.
result of a blow to the head during the match, leaving behind They felt that was not a problem. I then followed the
his young wife and infant daughter. bus, and the bus driver went beyond the scope of his route
Although a fund had been set up with Bank of America and decided to drive the woman to the nearest point to her
to help his family deal financially with their loss, Officer Scott’s apartment. We then pushed the woman approx. 100 yards to
fellow officers of the Phoenix Police Department wanted to her apartment.
do more. On Friday, October 24th at the F.O.P. Lodge 2 they I then gave her Captain Maltos’ info to verify my em-
held a breakfast, lunch and dinner fundraiser with all of the ployment status with the Arizona Rangers since there had
proceeds going directly to his family. From 6:00 am until 9:00 been a recent number of Police Impersonators in the valley.
that night, it was often standing room only as fellow law The following day she gave me a call to extend her ap-
enforcement, firefighters and the general public lined up for preciation for the service and assistance I provided to her,
the opportunity to give and offer their prayers. and that she had previously contacted my Captain and left
Arizona Rangers Phoenix Company deeply felt the him a voicemail regarding the service.
loss of this young officer, as well, and poured out support for
End of report.
his family. In addition to attending the fundraiser, the Phoe-
nix Company also donated a check for $1,000.00. This act of Ranger Albert Cortez #14091
kindness did not go unnoticed among the Phoenix Police Phoenix Company Arizona Rangers
Department heads, who offered their heartfelt thanks to Ma-
jor Ron Dalrymple, Capt. Manuel Maltos and Lt. Vernon Lewis Cowboy Etiquette
who represented the Company in delivering the check. “Knowing which fork to use
Other Phoenix Company Rangers who attended the
isn’t nearly as important as
fundraiser were Ranger David Kadlubowski and Ranger Sylvia
Kadlubowski. being good company “
Ranger Sylvia Kadlubowski #124 from Texas Big Bender
Phoenix Company
February 2009 The Arizona Ranger News 17
Tucson Company doing Great
From the State Adjutant’s Desk
Our Code ;
“ Every man is a guardian of the honor and reputation
not only of himself , but the entire organization “
General Order # 2, Ranger Capt. Harry Wheeler 1907

This well known quote is still true today, as it was when

it was written over 100 years ago. Honor and reputation is
what integrity is based upon. Integrity again is what you
have and show when nobody else is around. It simply says
I’m doing the right thing because it is the right thing to do !
Sadly, such universal, yet simple values are too often lack-
ing in many societies groups, organizations, individuals and
even governments. In todays world rules and regulations, Tucson Ranger display was seen by
by-laws and other formal documents are there to spell out hundreds of interested people this fall
these truths rather than them being a natural and integral part Again Tucson Company has been very busy this past
of citizens, the individuals.People from every walk have to be fall and Christmas time. Our Duty Sgt.Bob Heacock
told, reminded and sometimes taken up on their failure to deserves a Big Thank You for keeping us posted of duties.
abide by what should have always been easily understood In September we attended a funeral Mass for our beloved
as doing the right thing. Ranger Mark Cavendish. He was on medical LOA. Mark
Arizona Rangers, as any other group, have a few and was Tucson Company Historian for several years and al-
fortunately only very few, who either do not have “to do ways kept us laughing with his historic remarks at Company
the right thing- Gene” ors imply do not care about the very meetings. He is greatly missed. -
meaning of having personal honor, a code, or integrity or In October we participated in a Safety Fair at the Desert
self ethics. Yet they believe they are good persons. Diamond Casino. Many people stopped to take a look at our
While these few malcontents tend to be less challenged, display, photo above, that shows Arizona Rangers history
less satisfied, they are spreading rumors and gossip and ver- since 1901. We also were in charge of crowd control of the
bally attacking fellow Rangers. Their sole purpose seems to gigantic Hope Fest at Tucson Electric Park. There were close
be to make themselves more important and greater than those to 20 000 people in attendance . We thank other Ranger Com-
whose names they slander with half truths or even outright panies who helped and we thank especially State Commander
falsehoods, sometimes innocently not thinking about hurt Col. Chandler who drove down from busy Show Low duty
they cause or ethics they violate. season to help us with our major commitment.
Fortunately, it is the Arizona Rangers way of living, op- In October Tucson Company Rangers were invited to a
erating and manners that respect the internal Code. That natu- MADD (Mothers Against Drunken Driving) Thank You Din-
rally diminishes poor behavior. ner. Others invited came from law enforcement from all over
Any time you have a group of people there always is the the state. MADD appreciates our help in keeping Arizona
potential and possibility of dark forces of lower morals and safer.
negative behavior. Fortunately, they are few and will Then there was Cop and Rodders Car Show, where Tuc-
disappear soon. Mendacity cannot exist, nor breathe with an son Rangers provided law enforcement support. The fine
atmosphere of honest duties, honor and our Code. antique show displayed about 500 cars. It was held at High
Selfishness and pride at the cost of others will rapidly Corbett Field -At the same time the John Walker memorial
slide away into the darkness. At the same time truth, hon- Rodeo took place at Tucson Rodeo Grounds for 2 days. - Our
esty, and integrity continue to be real choices. numerous other duties have included El Tour deTucson with
I encourage every Arizona Ranger to think about that 9000 registered bicyclists, operation Shop with a Cop, con-
“What is popular is not always right, and what is right is tinuous DUI task force duties, Polar Holiday Express event
not always popular”. at Tucson Train Depot and a wonderful Company Christmas
We as Rangers have to do the right thing simply because Party at Pinnacle Peak.
it is the right thing to do. Our Company made two individuals Honorary Rangers;
Author David DeSoucy from California and Arizona HighWay
from your State Adjutant, Director Richard Fimbres. Both appreciated their nomina-
Lt. Col. Lathan Varnado tions. - It has been a good fall for Tucson Rangers. We wish
all other Ranger Companies a Safe and Joyous New Year.
by Mary Tindall, Sgt. PRO
18 The Arizona Ranger News February 2009

Women in the Arizona Rangers

In this new and re-occurring column we will profile the fe- They enjoyed the theater and travel. The globetrotting
male members of the Arizona Rangers. In this issue we focus couple took trips to Broadway and London to see stage
on the new Deputy Director of Training for the Arizona Rang- plays, and their travels included Las Vegas , the East Coast,
ers Training Academy-South, Lt. Lilla DeLuca. Europe, Mexico, and Hawaii .
Although all were originally from Los Angeles , over a
ten year span Kenn’s entire family, including parents, brother,
and sister, moved to Arizona . While on a family visit to the
Phoenix area, Kenn and Lilla took a side trip to Tombstone .
That trip would change the rest of their lives.
Once Kenn retired from the police department, he and
Lilla began visiting Tombstone more and more often. They
made the 1200 mile round trip sometimes two or three times a
month. On one trip to the Town Too Tough to Die, they met
several Arizona Rangers, including our beloved Major Don
Hall. They were so impressed with Major Hall and the other
Rangers they met that upon their return home Lilla began
Lt. Lilla DeLuca has an extensive academic, investigative, researching the history of the past and present Arizona Rang-
law enforcement, public speaking and teaching background. ers.
She was born and raised in the small rural Western Mas- One evening, as they sat on their beach home’s balcony
sachusetts town of Pittsfield . At age 18 she struck out for the watching the sun set into the Pacific Ocean , Lilla announced
lights of the big cities in America . She moved to San Fran- to Kenn, “I want to be an Arizona Ranger.”
cisco , where she graduated from Golden Gate University Visits to Arizona Rangers websites furthered her resolve
with a degree in communications. She acquired her first law to become a part of the history, traditions, and work of our
enforcement experience while working for Crocker National organization. There seemed to be only one thing stopping
Bank in asset recovery. her. She and Kenn lived in California !
Returning to the East Coast to further her academic cre- Several months later Lilla and Kenn were in Tombstone
dential, she moved to Boston and graduated from Harvard when a shopkeeper said to them, “You two are constantly
University . Later she lived and worked in New Hampshire coming here. You must spend a fortune on travel and motel
and earned her doctorate in psychology. expenses. Why don’t you just move to Tombstone ?” Their
In 1996 she moved to Southern California, where she reaction was to just stand there and look at each other. Then
worked as an investigator for Los Angeles County and wrote they both smiled.
her department’s investigative policies and procedures That started a six month search for the perfect Tomb-
manual. She also worked for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s stone lifestyle home for them. On one of their many excur-
Department as a staff psychologist in the Los Angeles County sions to the areas in and around Tombstone they discovered
Jail twin towers correctional facility, working with mentally ill, the town of Cemetery Hill. It was a restored Old West town
substance abusing prisoners. She was a special counselor to and ranch just outside of Tombstone . And it was for sale!
police departments, worked as a forensic psychologist and a The purchase was made, the beach house was leased
therapist at psychiatric hospitals. out, and the move to Tombstone was completed. Lilla be-
While working as a children’s social worker, Lilla’s de- came a state investigator, the then director of psychological
partment sponsored a luncheon as part of a law enforcement services for the Cochise County Sheriff’s Department. Kenn
appreciation day program. Police in the Los Angeles area became the Marshal of Tombstone, and later, when he joined
were invited to attend. First in line (of course) for the free the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office as training coordinator,
lunch was a certain police detective named Kenn Barrett. he and Lilla were once again working together.
Lilla and Kenn spotted each other across the room. They At a Tombstone event, Lilla and Kenn met Major Carl
exchanged business cards, and found that they were assigned Lawrence, at that time the recruiting sergeant for the Sierra
to similar cases in the West Los Angeles area. They began Vista Company. Their previous inquiries about the Rangers
working sex crimes investigations and juvenile diversion pro- had gone unanswered. But Major Lawrence followed through
grams together, and the rest, as they say, is history. with information and the California transplants became mem-
Lilla found that she enjoyed Kenn’s hobbies, and when bers of Sierra Vista Company.
they were not working, teaching, or going to school, they continued on next page
spent their weekends skiing and snowboarding. They also
became avid cowboy action shooters and began to increase
Kenn’s already impressive gun collection.
February 2009 The Arizona Ranger News 19
Sonoita Company reaps rewards
Lilla DeLuca continued
. Upon completion of their probationary period, Major
Don Hall appointed Lilla and Kenn to his Arizona Rangers
Training Acad emy-South instruction staff. Kenn then
replaced Major Hall as Deputy Training Director for ARTA-
South, when Major Hall became SE Area Commander.
Upon her appointment to the academy staff, Lilla’s first mis-
sion was to establish and head the Arizona Rangers Critical
Incident Debriefing Team. Law enforcement and fire depart-
ments in Cochise County repeatedly called upon Lilla and Sonoita Sgt. Cliff Cudney talking to Nick
her staff to address their needs. and Pam Hamlett at the Wheeler Shoot
Kenn and Lilla traveled around the state, putting on
ARTA basic training classes and advanced courses. When First I have to thank Maj.. Kenn Barrett for another
ARTA-Central was established, they conducted the first of GREAT “Harry Wheeler Memorial Shoot”.
those classes. It was a blast (so to speak) and how he accomplishes it all
When he was appointed State Training Director, re- is mind boggling! Not only is the shooting competition chal-
placing Major Robert Smith, Kenn appointed Lilla to be his lenging and fun but the camaraderie and socializing is unsur-
replacement as Deputy Director for ARTA-South. After all, passed. If you missed it this year, don’t miss the next one!!
she had been on his training staff for four years, and had Sonoita Company has had another great year! We are
accompanied him and taught ARTA classes throughout the very fortunate to be as busy as we are each year which en-
state. There was no doubt that she had the academic, profes- ables us to contribute to the youth in our area and to see the
sional, and experiential background to take over the adminis- results of these contributions.
tration of the Arizona Rangers’ most active training unit. Once in a while we get a chance to observe these ben-
She is an NRA certified rifle, pistol, shotgun, and home efits first hand. One of the many groups we assisted finan-
defense instructor, and an Arizona state CCW instructor. She cially was the 4-H Mustangs, a sub group of the San Rafael 4-
is also a Monadnock certified expandable baton instructor. H Club. They are a shooting sports club and have three basic
When the Bisbee Company was being formed, she joined areas they teach and compete in: archery (long bow, recurve
that company to help it through its infancy. and compound), air gun (air pistol and air rifle) and shotgun
She continues to work in her chosen profession, and is now (trap, skeet and sporting clays). Usually these sub clubs are
a clinical supervisor in the mental health field. local but because this is the only “shooting sports” club
they have members from all over Santa Cruz County. Our
assistance helped them purchase some of the equipment they
needed to run a well organized, SAFE club.
NOW YOU CAN I was able to see this first hand because my ten year old
advertise in the Ranger News son joined the club and competed in all three venues. Thanks
for USED uniform for sale, ANTIQUE gun to great volunteer 4-H instructors, coaches and team leaders
holsters wanted, horseTRAILER or TRAINER the Mustangs went all the way to the state competition and
did extremely well. I will post the complete standings and
some pictures later. I will say that the sub-junior category, my
stone mining cabin for rent son Loftin’s category, shot in two venues: archery on Satur-
or your gold mining day and shotgun on Sunday. His team placed first in archery
rights leased !!! and he placed third personally, his team also placed first in
Your ad reaches shotgun (trap, skeet and sporting clays) while he placed a
personal fourth. Of course this made me proud but the most
a large readership,
amazing part of this entire weekend was to observe the abili-
that deals with law ties, manners, respect and most of all, the tremendous re-
enforcement, Old West and tourism. sponsibility these young people from all over the state of
Arizona exhibited! It made me proud to know that the Arizona
Next Ranger News will be out April 2009. Rangers played a part in accomplishing this and that I am a
part of this organization.
See our low advertising rates on page 2.
I must add thanks to the other Companies that helped
us during the year, we are a good organization!
By Sgt. Cliff Cudney 15-547, PRO
20 The Arizona Ranger News February 2009

Joe Pearce Arizona Ranger A Ranger turns his life around

and Wife Minnie The Ranger’s name is Mike Dennis. He has been
( this ballad was heard at the Pearce an Arizona Ranger for years, earned his Life Mem-
Gravemarking September 28, in Eagar) bership, his Lt.Col. bars and made himself known as
a fine Ranger not only in his hometown Sierra Vista,
“ I have heard stories about about my but all over in this state.
Grandpa Joe, Sierra Vista Herald published an extensive article
About how he had a run-in with some on Mike Dennis Friday September 5, 2008.
Outlaws, along time ago. The article, written by Herald writer Pat Wick, is
You see, he was an Arizona Ranger, mainly about how our Lt.Col. Mike Dennis turned
So to this sort of thing he was his life around from a weak cancer victim to a kick
Really no stranger. boxing champion.
He packed a big iron on his hip,
And them outlaws knew better than
To give him a lip.
He would round those outlaws, and
Bring ‘em in ;
Most of the time before they even
had a chance to get a shot at him.
Many a night he had to hold these
Outlaws in his own home.
Where his wife would sit guard, he knew better
than to leave these kind of hombres alone. Lt.Col. Mike Dennis (right) kick boxing
She would sit there the long night through, Mike Dennis’ attitude could be an example to all of
she knew she couln’t go to sleep, us; his health became top priority. Mike’s kick boxing
she had a job to do. exercises brought him back to Life.
So, in her lap she kept a loaded gun The 68 year old Sierra Vista real estate magnate
And let Joe get some sleep, until he Mike Dennis , who got out of the Army about 25 years
woke with the morning sun. ago told Sierra Vista Herald, that he has not felt this
Then he would saddle up and leave Eagar good in a long time. And that we can see also from
headed to St.Johns, to the county jail ; the photo below, where Mike proudly poses with a
Because he knew darn well that their beauty queen again this past fall. -
friends were hot on his trail.
Now I would like to say thanks to his man
and woman of the Old West;
to this Arizona Ranger and his wife
who gave their best.”

by Neal (Buzz) Pearce

November 4, 1994
The Arizona Ranger News February 2009 21

How Coronado Rangers helped VOLUNTEERISM ALIVE AND WELL

elderly victim recover from con men IN GREENLEE COUNTY
The Eastern Arizona Courier reported that last
January 8th, an elderly woman on Eighth Avenue was
conned out of 650dollars in phony roof repairs after
two men posing as roofers from HD Roofing came to
her door offering to fix her roof. The con men quoted
her a price and gave her a hundred dollar discount Coronado and Show Low Rangers training with
because she was elderly. The woman told them she the Greenlee County Sheriff for field experience
could pay half now and half later. They agreed and
took a check for 650.00. The victim said that one The Arizona Rangers, Greenlee County Search and Rescue,
man got on the roof and was up there for about forty and the American Legion shared the responsibilities of hon-
oring, long time resident Dick Hill in a memorial held in the
five minutes, then man that had identified himself to Park in Duncan on October 20, as an estimated crowd of 150
her as, Tony Walker, came back to the door and said to 200 friends, family and coworkers gathered to pay their
she needed to stay in the house for about an hour be- respects to Dick Hill and the Hill family.
cause of the chemicals on the roof. Later the woman Dick Hill was a remarkable man. He was a gentleman,
became suspicious and called HD Roofing. a cowboy, a hard worker. He had the fighting spirit of a wild
mustang and he didn’t know the meaning of the word “quit.”
Dean Hillman, the owner of the roofing company He took care of his own family and he took care of his neigh-
that the con man claimed he represented, told the bors and his friends. At the memorial there were several men
woman that none of his men had done the work on that knew Dick Hill from when he had served in the Korea
her house. He agreed to come inspect her roof. When War. They had traveled across the country just to tell his
he arrived he discovered that no repairs had been done family in their own words what Dick meant to them. One man
stated that even when Dick Hill was shot he did not give up
on her roof at all. and lay down. He continued standing and kept fighting. He
The woman went straight to the bank; however, even helped other wounded soldiers out of harm’s way. The
the check had already cleared the bank so she could American Legion was proud to pay tribute to him.
not stop payment. After Dick returned to the states, he didn’t forget his
Hillman then called the police and reported the brothers that had fought alongside him. Nor did he forget the
value of standing up for others in need of assistance. Dick
crime. Not only was this elderly woman conned out of was a long time member of the Greenlee County Search and
money but someone was using the HD Roofing name Rescue. The men and women of the Greenlee County Search
that did not have the authority to do so. and Rescue were proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with
Dean Hillman is also an Arizona Ranger. At lunch the American Legion to honor this courageous man.
with a group of the Coronado Company Rangers he Dick Hill was not an Arizona Ranger but he greatly
respected the spirit of the Arizona Rangers, particularly the
told them about the woman’s plight. The Ranger’s Coronado Company based in Greenlee and Graham County.
dipped into their own pockets and came up with half Dick told his good friend Captain M.C. Holliday that the Ari-
of the money for materials. Dean paid for the other zona Rangers represented all that was great about Arizona.
half of the materials and Wesley Lemons and John “We have to look after each other.” “It was a sad day when
Ingram did the work for free. The woman now has a we lost this man. The community is going to miss his greatly”,
Captain Holliday said, “That is why it’s such a great
safe and sealed roof. honor for Coronado Company of the Arizona Rangers to be
The elderly woman was 90 years old next month asked to stand with the American Legion, and Greenlee
and had a happier birthday thanks to the Rangers. County Search and Rescue. Dick was right; we need to look
out for each other. That is what all of these groups do. We
by Terri Dodge, Coronado Company need more people like Dick Hill to step up, stand up, and keep
by Terri Dodge, Coronado Company
22 The Arizona Ranger News February 2009

Learning Defensive Tactics

Defensive Tactics Class Graduates

As Arizona Rangers we are required to attend even though I’m a 24 year veteran of handling fire-
our monthly 2 hour training meetings. Yet, many Rang- arms, I learned a few new things.
ers are looking to other opportunities to receive certi- Everyone who attended this class improved their
fied training relative to our mission. knowledge of handling firearms through group and per-
In Tucson’s Pima Community College, we have sonal instruction. This was such a valuable experience
had 12 week defensive tactics classes with hands-on that the instructor and I put our heads together and
training as well as many other administrative of justice came up with an “Arizona Ranger Blitz – 4 Hour In-
courses. We also have a local range, The Marksman, termediate Handgun Defense Course”.
that has been very supportive of the Arizona Rangers. Anyone interested, contact Jim Stover at the
They have provided discounted annual passes as Marksman (520-747-8657) to sign up. There will be
well as opening up their range early for individual a class held January 21, 2009 and there are only a
qualification shoots when necessary. few spaces left as classes must be kept to a minimum.
Recently, I attended their standard “Intermediate You will receive a certificate upon completing the
Handgun Defense Course” that runs one night a week final qualification shoot. The cost is $60 per Ranger
for a month. and if you decide you want to enroll in the month long
That’s our graduating class in the picture with class, that $60 will count toward that cost of that
our instructor, Mr. Jim Stover, front and center. All of extended class!
us graduated and received a nice certificate to frame The extended 4 week class fee is $100, so your
for the occasion. Mr. Stover is the Markman’s Edu- cost after the 4 hour blitz would only be $40.
cational Director and has more certifications than I If you are a Probationary Ranger or Regular Ranger
can list for you here. looking to ensure your best at your annual day or night
As a result of his certifications, any course con- qualification, then I assure you that these courses will
ducted by him may be added to your personal Ari- more than prepare you to pass.
zona Ranger training file. Many Happy Trails,
I was greatly impressed with this course and by Jan Phibbons, Ranger
The Arizona Ranger News February 2009 23

Rangers, do protect
Rangers in the Press
your computers !
While the average home windows/xp computer with spyware
and firewall protections may contain hundreds of computer
problems, it may just slow your system down a little. Most of
today’s protection software fail to properly protect your com-
puter because crooks are always one step ahead of software
manufacturers. Many programs are running in the background
and when your computer is in idle mode. In addition, you
may need many different types of software to fully protect
your system. This is an all in one protection program against
ALL attacks. This is Russian designed.
There is a new software suite that offers ALL the protec-
tion from all types of malware and sypware. It it based upon
a new technology that utilizes very little computer resources
while offering realtime protection. It is available on a 30 day
free trial. After 30 days, it will continue to protect but will not Arizona Daily Star ran the above photo in their
update its database of new attacks. Dec.11th newspaper of Tucson Company Shop with
The cost for one computer (as of this writing) is $30 for
3 computers for one year’s of protection.
a Cop. - Arizona Republic portrayed Phoenix Com-
Try before you buy. Buy from pany Rangers in their December 18th issue during
When you buy, just enter the serial number – no need to re- operation “Miles for Smiles”.
install the software. Sorry, but you cannot use a one user Phoenix Company donated bicycles to young
program on more that one computer – you will need a 3 or 5 students Peoria Sundance School and more than 200
users version.
To use this program, you will need to download the trial
toys to other schildren. Superstition Ranger Com-
version for free If you are using other pany also was mentioned in the Press for their partici-
protection like AVG antivirus, you will also need to download pation in local Christmas duties.Good PR to all !
a AVG remover/uninstaller. Make sure that you secure these
before you do anything else. Next, unplug your internet cable/
Hat Facts *
connection from your computer. Your may create a restore
- “ Little Miss Sure Shot” Annie Oakley, Buffalo Bill,
point if you like – not required. Calamity Jane and Wild Bill Hickock all wore Stetsons.
Un-install ALL protection programs from windows add/re- - The more beaver, the lighter the hat.
move menu. Run the remover/uninstaller. If you do not use a - A Western Derby Hat was worn by Bat Masterson.So
remover/uninstaller then your new software will not install. did a lot of gamblers, piano players, bobwire
(Windows add/remove programs alone may not work) Re- salesmen and non-cowboys, and some preachers !
boot then install your new software. Re-connect your internet
cable, update your software, do a full scan – approx 1-2 hours. From Texas Big Bender booklet “Hats”
Notice that you will find a significant number of prob-
lems – select the fix button.
From this point, your malware protection system will be
in the automatic maintenance mode. Even with current system protection, you may not be
If you are ever on the internet and you receive a popup fully protected because they are based upon old technology.
indication that there is a free virus protection program or free Yes, there is such a thing from to down-
scan download, do not click on ok, cancel or try to close the load a free trial version or purchase. Install and do a scan –
windows – it will download a trojan. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL notice hundreds of software issues will pop up. It will auto-
and close/end the internet explorer session. matically scan and fix your computer weekly. This is German
How about a mechanic in a box that repairs and maintains design with automatic computer protection maintenance.
your computer all the time ? One program for protection against attacks and the other for
repairs and maintenance.
Happy and Safe Computing from
Your Ranger Computer Guru S.N.
24 The Arizona Ranger News February 2009

Integrity and the Spirit by Maj. Lloyd Glassbrook

of Public Service
When we joined the Arizona Rangers we all took an Oath of cation during the appointment process. Probationary Rang-
Office, not unlike public officials who hold elected and ap- ers are frequently not educated on how the Ranger organiza-
pointed office in Arizona. Again, when a Ranger is elected to tion functions, its core values, goals and objectives and how
command or management position, he/she takes a second individual Rangers participate in and make the organization
Oath of Office which binds the Ranger by a second tie the function. All of this can result in “good people with old
Ranger Organization, making a promise to perform the duties habits” inappropriately leading, following and communicat-
which he or she has sought by election or received by ap- ing. As a result, coordination is awkward and contentious,
pointment. We have pledged to ourselves, our fellow Rang- and dampens our power of execution. Organizational integ-
ers, our communities and our Deity that we will practice hon- rity is present when Rangers openly discuss and adopt ethi-
esty in all our personal and public endeavors. Such oaths of cal strategies, as well as clearly articulate and expect ethical
office are meaningless, if we do not possess both personal standards of behavior to achieve organizational success.
and organizational integrity.
The continued ability of a Ranger to engage in self-regula-
Integrity matters because it is at the core of being an Arizona tion and to exercise discretion depends on the maintenance
Ranger. We are not a commercial enterprise or a political of community trust in the integrity of the entire Ranger force.
committee, but a volunteer public service. Without integrity, This is not a task to be shouldered by Commanders alone.
we can not engender trust in the communities we serve. With- Nor is it a matter to be resolved by the Board of Directors or
out integrity, our accomplishments are almost meaningless. the Board of Governors. The integrity of the Ranger service
Without integrity our service as Arizona Rangers is hollow. is nothing more than an amalgam of the integrity of indi-
Most people know right from wrong, whether it is telling the vidual Rangers.
truth, following the Golden Rule, not cheating in sports or
playing it straight on our personal tax returns. But while per- By-Laws, Regulations and Policies are boundaries and guides,
sonal integrity is fairly straightforward and understood, or- but no amount of rules and regulations, no amount of techni-
ganizational integrity is less clear and almost never discussed. cal expertise, no amount of formal training will give rise to the
The Arizona Rangers are an organizations of diverse people virtues that must be found in an Arizona Ranger. To speak of
working together to achieve common goals and objectives “acting in the spirit of public service” will be to utter mere
that would be very difficult if not impossible to be accom- words unless the obligation can be translated into action.
plished alone. People will only apply principles that they understand and
which they feel really inclined to support. In short, they must
Whether we are talking about a two Ranger detail, a Ranger be the kind of people who want to do what is right for its own
company or the entire Ranger Service, the ethics of working sake, and not just because the rules say so, or for fear of
together apply. Rangers sometimes don’t recognize or un- punishment. In another time, we might have spoken of such
derstand the unique agreements they made when they de- people as being virtuous.
cided to join the Arizona Rangers. On joining, a Probationary
Ranger agrees to adopt a set of “working agreements”; a When it comes to Arizona Rangers, I believe that a serious
higher level of public trust and ethical behavior than they commitment to professionalism calls forth a primary virtue. I
may have previously been exposed to or expected to follow. speak of moral courage - the ability to stand up for what is
Significant problems can and will occur, when these agree- right, even when to do so involves significant personal cost.
ments go unnoticed and un-discussed during the probation- Physical threats tend to be immediate and intense. Because
ary period. Unstated rules, old habits, and policies and pro- of this, the corresponding type of courage is sometimes
cedures brought from other experiences can conflict with the treated as if more ‘real’. But both are equally important and
particular requirements of volunteer public service. These both give rise to heroes. Some think that heroes are forged in
misconceptions and misunderstandings can easily develop the caldron of the dangerous moment. But there is another
and create serious problems in organizational behavior. kind of hero, the person of quiet decency whose achieve-
ment is only built over years of service. We are struck by the
If not openly stated, unstated rules could not only prove to intensity of a lighting bolt, but fail to mention the thunder
be embarrassing, but also result in wasted time, resources that rolls on into the distance long after the bolt has struck.
and financial strength. As an example, we sometimes forget The spectacular is only made possible by the patient and
to talk about vertical and horizontal teamwork and communi mundane.
The Arizona Ranger News February 2009 25

Superstition Rangers remain busy

On October fifth, Superstition Company
hosted a memorial luncheon for Katherine Lantz, Mrs.
Melvin (Corkey) Lantz. Corkey was a much loved
and appreciated member of our company for his en-
thusiasm for the Ranger’s traditions, and we were able
to convey what Corkey meant to each of us to his
wife. Tom Lowe read Corkey’s obituary and we were
all saddened by these words.
On November eleventh the Company grew
by two, when Richard Barton and Carl Genco, both
Captain Rowe Gilbert gave his dad, Leon E. retired Pinal County Sheriffs officers, were sworn in
Gilbert a big send off in Prince Frederick, as probationary Rangers. We welcomed both as very
Missouri.. Leon Gilbert . ,91, died October 11, positive additions to the Company.
a Purple Heart holder from World War II, a November sixteenth was Range Qualification
grandfather to 24 and great grandfather to 42 once again. I would like to preface this story by say-
children. The fine funeral escort above. ing that it was an extremely windy day. That said, it
turns out that two of our lady Rangers were able to
Integrity and the Spirit ...continued from previous page out-shoot all of the men. I will also say that everyone
qualified once again.
Our state needs a Ranger service made up of professional On December seventh, Superstition Company
Rangers who are capable of both types of heroism - people welcomed two more probationary Rangers, Andy
who have the courage to act in a spirit of public service,
whatever the demands may be. I can understand why cyni-
Ashmore and Whitney Ashmore. The addition of two
cism, frustration and alienation can build to levels such that young people into the Company was seen an affirma-
Rangers surrender themselves to the voice of those who tive r eflection on today’s youth.
hold that being an Arizona Ranger is “just another volunteer
job”. But there is nothing inevitable about such surrender. It
is always a matter of choice.

It is leadership’s responsibility to provide a clear, ethical di-

rection for the Ranger organization, at both company and
state level – a direction that is also well thought out and
viable for the organization’s purpose. This must be clearly
stated and supported by clear rules and regulations. As a
part of providing ethical direction, leadership must ensure an
environment where there is an opportunity to create, grow
and develop – one where self-expression, responsibility, in-
tegrity, respect, diversity and service to community are not
only encouraged, but strongly reinforced. Self motivation is
key to the success of volunteer organizations. Each Ranger
has a responsibility to understand organizational functions, December we did a duty at the Indian Market at
to work diligently to understand its direction and implemen- South Mountain Park in Phoenix and our annual Christ-
tation plans and to ask for further clarification if they are not mas distribution of food and toys to needy families,
clear. It is also the Ranger’s responsibility to provide feed- but more about that in the next letter.
back and input on the direction and plans to ensure that the
direction chosen truly reflects the best the organization can
By John Spencer, Sgt. PRO
26 The Arizona Ranger News February 2009

True or False clarification to answers from

September 2008 Ranger News page 7 ls. The key is “objective legal reasonableness.” Whether the
force you use is constitutionally permissible is determined
Q # .1 There are constitutional limits to the types of by the facts and circumstances existing and known to you at
weapons and tactics you can use on the street. the very moment the force is used. Your ill will and or malice
True or False ? toward the suspect will not taint an otherwise appropriate
Q # 2 : Your intent and state of mind at the time you use use of force. The reverse is also true. The lack of any ill will or
f orce can be important... True or False ? malice on your part will not save an otherwise objectively
Q # 3 : You must always retreat if possible, before using unreasonable use of force. Your motivation and state of mind
deadly force. True or False ? simply are not considered as a factor.
Q # 4 : You must first see a suspect’s weapon before If you believed (your state of mind) that your life was in
you can use force. True or False jeopardy you could act accordingly.
Q # 5 : You must always use the least amount of force If your intent was to strike the muscle in the arm of the
possible to gain control of a person. True or False ? assailant with your baton and this person ducked and you
Q # 6 and # 7 explained in answers were then to strike the head
Q # 8 ; question is with the answer -your intent had not changed - however the target changed
Q # 9, Question is with the answer as did the consequences.
Q # 10 Question is with the answer Question 3: You must always retreat if possible before us-
———————————————————— ing deadly force.
Question 1: There are constitutional limits on the False. There is no constitutional duty to retreat before using
types of weapons and tactics you can use on the deadly force.
street. There may be good tactical reasons to do so-to help in con-
False. No court has ever flat out banned any specific tactic, tainment, to gain a tactical advantage, to wait for backup,
weapon, technique, or equipment. The closest was the case etc.-but it’s not constitutionally required.
of City of Los Angeles v. Lyons [461 U.S. 95 (1983)], which Question 4: You must first see a suspect’s weapon before
involved the so-called “choke hold.” There had been a num- you can use force.
ber of deaths/injuries attributed to its use by the Los Ange- False. Often expert witnesses for plaintiffs will try to con-
les Police Department. Plaintiffs sought an injunction to pro- vince a judge or jury that the force used was improper be-
hibit its use, alleging it was unconstitutional excessive force. cause the officer did not first see any weapon in possession
Federal district and appellate courts granted the injunction, of the suspect. In reality, there is no constitutional require-
ruling that the tactic was “unreasonable” when neither death ment that you must first see a weapon in a suspect’s
nor serious injury was threatened. By the time the case got to hands before you can use force.
the Supreme Court, LAPD had modified its policies. The Su- You will be judged on what you knew or reasonably per-
preme Court reversed the finding of the lower courts, explain- ceived to be the facts at the very moment you used force.
ing that there now was no need to consider the matter be- Question 5: You must always use the least amount of force
cause use of the challenged tactic was not likely to be re- possible to gain control of a person.
peated. False. Normally the degree of force you use does not have
The type of weapon or tactic used may play a role in deter- to be the least intrusive option. As the Supreme Court has
mining whether the nature and extent of the force you em- pointed out in Graham vs. Connor Connor [490 U.S. 386
ployed was reasonable under the unique factual circum- (1989)], tactical situations on the street are “rapidly evolv-
stances of the situation. But it is not the weapon or tactic ing.. You are not going to have the luxury of consulting some
standing alone which causes any legal difficulty. use-of-force matrix, or taking a recess to consider alterna-
For example, if a suspect is struggling with you and trying to tives. Determining the least intrusive alternative is inherently
get your weapon out of your holster, and the only thing subjective.
available to you to prevent the risk of serious injury or death Requiring you to do so could possibly deter you from
to yourself is a nearby brick applied to the suspect’s head, acting promptly when safety is at sake, and would put courts
that would likely be a permissible use of force. Hitting him and juries in the position of endlessly second-guessing. It is
with a brick to get him to stop mouthing off to you would not the extigencies of the situation that govern. Allowance is
be deadly force. made for you to decide with reasonable latitude what to do in
Question 2: You r intent and your state of mind at the time tense situations.
you use force can be important factors in determining if
your guilt. False or True. Most uses of force on the street Question 6: You cannot lawfully shoot a fleeing felon. True
are analyzed under the Fourth Amendment. of False?
The Arizona Ranger News February 2009 27

Surprise! The answer to this question is both true and This is a tactic frequently used by plaintiffs’ expert witnesses,
false. You may lawfully shoot a fleeing felon if certain condi- trying to
tions are met: Do you have probable cause to believe that a convince judges and juries that there were lesser, more hu-
felony has been committed and that the fleeing person did it? mane methods that could have been employed instead of the
Is it a felony that involves violence or the threat level of force you used. But in Graham, the Supreme Court
of violence? Does the suspect present a danger of violence made clear that perfection is not expected and is not the
or the threat of violence to the public and/or other officers if standard to be applied. You are not expected to evaluate all
not stopped? Was a warning given, if practical? Did the sus- possible alternatives, only to do what a “reasonable” officer
pect ignore or refuse to follow direction from you, if it was “reasonably trained” would have done in the same circum-
practical to attempt verbal compliance? See Tennessee v. stances.
Garner [471 U.S. 1 (1985)]. Where the circumstances do not fit Question 10: Your uses of force in prior incidents can be
these conditions, you may not use deadly force to stop a considered in court in evaluating whether your use of force
fleeing felon. The involvement of violence, threatened or ac- in the current situation was legally proper. True of False?
tual, is key. For example, some thefts may be felonies. But False. Each use of force is measured only by its own
theft usually does not involve the suspect’s threat or use of unique facts. The mere fact that you have used force in prior
violent force. Thus a fleeing thief is usually not fair game for incidents-even constitutionally impermissible force-does not
deadly force. mean that your use of force in the current incident was im-
Question 7: You may not use force to temporarily detain proper. The only time that past uses of force may play a role
someone fo purposes of a Terry stop. True or False? is when an agency (as opposed to an individual officer) is a
False. A reasonable amount of force may be used for defendant and there is a claim that the agency failed to prop-
purposes of a Terry stop [Terry v. Ohio, 392 U.S. 1 (1968)]. erly manage, train, discipline, or supervise its officers. Such a
Most frequently this involves the handcuffing of a suspect, “policy” claim against the agency is much different from the
sometimes forcibly. Remember that such a stop must be based claim against an individual officer for using unconstitutional
on a reasonable suspicion that the subject is about to or has force.
recently engaged in some criminal activity and you are tem- By Maj. Carl Lawrence 520 378-1155
porarily detaining him or her so you can check it out. Such a SE Area Commander Arizona Rangers
stop can last no longer than reasonably necessary for you to
dispel your suspicion or determine probable cause to make
an arrest.
Question 8: Information you discover after force was used
can be a factor in determining if the force you used was
legally justified. True of False?
False. What is discovered after you use force simply
cannot be considered in determining its justification. What
counts are the circumstances as they were known or reason-
ably believed to be at the very moment you used force.
The classic example is where you shoot someone because
you have a reason to believe that the person is making a
threatening move toward a firearm. After the shooting, no “ At a party, start slow and taper off”
gun is found or the presumed weapon turns out to be an
innocuous object, like a cell phone. Does that discovery alone “It’s better to have worked
make your shooting improper? No. for your dinner than to
Question 9: Courts and juries are permitted to evaluate your
have dressed for it “
use of force by considering what you could have done differ-
ently. True of False?
False. Your use of force cannot be measured by what “Women always go first unless you’re
you could have done differently. In Graham v. Conner, the going down stairs or falling off a log”
Supreme Court said your use of force must be evaluated by a
judge and/or jury putting themselves in your shoes at the From “Texas Big Bender”
scene at the moment the force was used. The Court specifi- Cowboy Etiquette, Utah
cally cautioned against applying “the 20/20 vision of hind-
sight.” After the fact you (and others) can always think of
something you could have done differently.
28 The Arizona Ranger News February 2009
Honoring the Territorial Arizona Rangers
The Arizona Rangers honor their
history by holding Grave Mark-
ing Ceremonies for their prede-
cessors, the Territorial Rangers.
A double Grave marking Cer-
emony took place at the end of
September in St.Johns and
Eagar. The old graves marked
were those of Duane Hamblin
( Ranger 1901-02) and Joseph
Pierce (Ranger 1903-05).
Coronado Ranger Company
provided the fine Color Guard
for both ceremonies, left.

Col.Phil Hanson, white hat

front row left, was instrumen-
tal in getting this group of Joe
Pierce relatives to attend the
RangerGrave Marking Cer-
emony in Eagar 9.28.2008.
Territorial RangerJoe Pearce’s
grandson and great grand
daughter gave speeches and
Show Low Company Sgt. Loye
Wilkins sang the famous west-
ern Ranger ballad “Big Iron”.

The Grave Marking Ceremonies

are planned by the State Histo-
rian & Community Relations Of-
ficer Anita K., in white uniform,
and attended by Ranger State
Officers,such as the State Com-
mander, Col.Sid Chandler, sec-
ond from left and Lt. Tom
Troutman, far right. The invo-
cations in St.John and Eagar
were given by State Chaplain Lt.
Fields, left. Also sharing historic
notes at the occasion was Col.
Hanson, white hat.