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The Future of Power System Engineering & Operation Today

Innovation Automation Collaboration

ETAP 12 release is the latest upgrade of the market-leading electrical power system design and operation software. The new analysis features and enhanced capabilities effectively enable optimized design, increasing safety, quality, and productivity. ETAP 12 Faster Than Real-TimeTM solution provides for better decision making, improved operations management, cost saving, and compliancy. As the industrys market leader, ETAP delivers the future of power systems engineering and operation - today.

New Features & Capabilities

Elements & Database

Automatic equipment connection mode Automated selection of available pins Auto connection to closest highlighted element Auto Disconnect & Reconnect

Analysis Modules
Interharmonic modeling & simulation Perform voltage flicker limitation studies Interharmonic distortion indices: IEC 61000-4-7 Handling of harmonics up to 250th order Automatic interharmonic frequency generation Auto harmonic spectrum generation: IEEE 519 Adjustable harmonic current base Adaptive Newtown-Raphson method


Photovoltaic (PV) Panels

Switching Device Interlock Enforcer

Auto enforcement of switching interlock logics Automatic pre & post switching logic verification Interlock based on circuit breaker positions or meter readings Automatic interlock conflict checking Ability to model cascade control of switching devices Active monitoring of switching interlock violations Switching plan validation against hazardous actions Integrated operation with Switching Sequence Management


Discrete DC PV panel element Constant current source modeling Model individual PV panels Detailed modeling considers string cables & combiner boxes AC & DC system analysis Extensive Manufacturer / Model library Modeling based on P-V & I-V curves


License Borrowing

Network license checkout License Borrowing Manager Flexible License Borrowing duration License Configuration Utility


Open Phase Fault

Series fault or open phase condition modeling


Load Flow

Polyline Textbox

Freehand polyline shapes & styles Graphically define revision boundaries Dynamic textbox object Save with OLV Templates


Adaptive Newton-Raphson method Fast convergence for systems with negligible impedance Handling of transmission series compensation


Data Exchange - DataX

Cable Manager

Batch cable management Customizable cable reports Multi-cable sizing & shock protection evaluation Intelligent search / filtering


Legacy program conversion to ETAP Automatic one-line creation Protective device library mapping Convert using native file formats Built-in conversions for SKM Dapper & Captor, PSSE, EasyPower


AC Arc Flash Analysis

Cable System

Automatic cable sequence impedance calculation Cable Constants Cable Armor thermal calculation Cable Sheath thermal calculation Calculations based on BS 5467, BS 7671 & IEC 60364s


Project Merge

Multi-user project management Parallel ETAP project development Self contained snapshots of the parent & branch projects Merge Base & Revision Data Merge TCCs Views


3 & 1-Phase Arc Flash Sequence-of-Operation Graphical display of protective device trip sequence Verification of device duty prior to arc flash calculations Enhanced source protective device capability Enhanced Arc Flash result analyzer User-defined incident energy correction factor Enhanced display of results on the one-line diagram


DC Arc Flash Analysis


Multiple Language Support

Interface & Help File in six languages: - English - Chinese - Portuguese - Japanese - Russian - Spanish Output reports in seven languages: - English - Chinese - Portuguese - Japanese - Russian - Spanish - German

2W & 3W buried Delta transformer Calculation of zero sequence based on test data Core & Shell type construction 3L, 4L & 5L models


Maximum power method Stokes & Oppenlander method Paukert method Determine incident energy Assess arc flash protection boundary Customize arc flash labels DC Arc Flash result analyzer


ETAP Real-Time


Power System Monitoring & Simulation

Predictive simulation from web clients Dynamic alarm notification Enhanced web dashboards Geospatial HMI views with real-time data

Engineering Libraries

New Verified & Validated library data 4,800 newly added library devices: - Circuit Breakers - Relays - Trip Devices - Fuses - Cables - Harmonic Source


Unified Architecture

Web-based visualization & control Thin client support via IEC 62541 standards Secured communication for web clients
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